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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on GH
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Monday November 2, 1998

Jax comes home to a dark apartment and finds a plate of cookies and an open Nancy Drew book. When he turns on the light, he sees Julia waking up on the couch. I thought you were Brenda and had come home, he tells her. She apologizes for not being in touch sooner and tells him she just heard about his financial situation. Julia tries to offer Jax a $2 million check, but he refuses it both as a gift and a loan. He tells her that he's got a plan that should hopefully work. She tries offering him a job, but he tells her that he only thing he knows how to do anymore is love Brenda. She agrees to leave things be, and they reminisce about Brenda's fondness for "magic" lamps. After Julia leaves, Jax pulls out the lamp he once gave Brenda and stares out the window.

Carly tells AJ that he and the Quartermaine's are the reason she's stuck in Fern Cliff. Jason will take care of me and Michael, she says. AJ questions Jason's capabilities now that he's out of the organization. He offers to pull some strings for her. She tells him that she's learned from her past mistakes. I get you, AJ, Carly says. The way you take things is by stealing what doesn't belong to you--Jason is the one I'll call. AJ suggests she do just that. In fact, AJ says, I'm going to work with Jason on getting you released. Carly freaks and tells him not to say anything to Jason. I don't want him to think I told you to do that, she says. Dr. Evans interrupts them and cuts off the visit after seeing how upset Carly is. AJ leaves and Carly realizes what she's done. She tries to call Jason, but Dr. Evans returns and reprimands her behavior. The doctor leaves and Carly paces.

Meanwhile, at the cottage, Jason tries to rationalize Carly's behavior to Robin. When she suggests that he call Carly, he tells her he won't because it is exactly what Carly wants him to do. He tells her that he won't be pulled into any of Carly's schemes to use him. They cuddle for a while and give candy to trick-or-treaters. AJ shows up at the door.

Laura tells Stefan that she won't be ambushed again, even if the event is Nikolas' birthday. He suggests having a large party, so she won't feel uncomfortable. Stefan tells her stories of Nik's previous birthdays and how Nik used to stare at her portrait every year. She excuses herself and bursts into tears. Stefan finds her and tries to comfort her by saying that he and Nikolas no longer blame her for the past. We're free to be together again, he says. You can name the terms. She admits that she once loved him and that they never ended things between them when she left, but that it's not easy for her to hear how much he still loves her. I think we can still be happy, he says. She turns away. He respects her need to be alone, but before leaving, brings her coat to her and drapes it over her shoulders. They stare at each other.

Not a word, Tom says to Liz as she starts asking questions. She stares in horror at him as he admits that he was the one who raped her in the park. She tries to run away, but he catches her and throws her in the darkroom with Emily. Liz tells Emily that Tom was the one behind everything. They try to escape, but the door is locked. Liz goes into a trance in the corner, crying and muttering to herself. Lucky and Nikolas sneak into the studio and are about to leave when they hear Emily pounding on the door. They unlock the door and Emily rushes out. She tells them about Tom and points to Liz in the corner. Lucky carries her out of the darkroom as she tells him that Tom raped her. The four of them start to leave, but Tom shows up--with a gun. He makes Emily get his keys and tells them all to get back in the darkroom. Lucky refuses and starts taunting Tom about how weak he is, preying on young girls. Nikolas offers Tom $50,000 to leave, but Tom refuses. It's too late for that now, he says. You should've paid me when you had the chance. Lucky jumps on Tom, knocking the gun out of his hand. Nikolas and Lucky are wrestling Tom on the ground when Liz picks up the gun. She points it at Tom's head. Lucky and Emily try to rationalize with Liz, telling her he's not worth killing. Liz starts railing on Tom. That was a night of filth, she says. You aren't a man. He's a man and he's a man [she points at Lucky and Nik], but you aren't. I want people to know what you did. I want you to go to jail. Then maybe you'll discover something about rape, she says. Nikolas hands her Tom's cell phone. She dials. This is Liz Webber, and I'd like you to pick up a rapist, she says. Taggert arrives and takes Tom away.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Liz is asleep in Lucky's bed. As she slowly wakes up and looks around for Lucky, he comes through the door carrying a brownie with a candle in it. He smiles and wishes her a happy birthday.

Alan has cleaned himself up and is dressed in a suit. Tammy arrives with a bag full of groceries. Alan asks her how he looks and she asks what the occasion is. Alan tells her that he is going to try to find a job. Tammy wishes him luck and he thanks her, for everything.

The Q's are having breakfast. Edward and Katherine enter the room with Edward grumbling that he cannot find his morning paper. Meanwhile, Emily has swiped the paper and is looking for any mention of the events of the night before. She doesn't want the family to know about the blackmail because they would never let her model again. Once she has satisfied herself that there is nothing in the newspaper, she carries the paper into the room where the rest of the family has gathered. Edward sees the paper and asks her why she has it, did she get a parakeet? Emily says that he would be surprised to know that she likes to keep up on her current events. Monica says she is surprised, since when. Emily asks if she isn't allowed to develop new interests. Monica says certainly, as long as those interests don't keep her out past curfew. She would like an explanation. Emily looks uncomfortable as she apologizes and explains that she was just out with friends, it was nothing.

Nikolas knocks on his uncle's study door and offers to explain why he was late last night. Stefan asks if that explanation will also clarify his new designation of Lucky Spencer as his brother. Nikolas says that nothing has changed, Lucky has always been his brother. Stefan comments that Nikolas has never referred to him as such and asks why the sudden change. Nikolas replies that he and Lucky made a decision to not let their families dictate how they relate to each other. Stefan notices a cut on Nikolas' lip and ask if it has anything to do with his new found harmony with Lucky. Nikolas says no, that it goes back to why he was late. Emily was in trouble and he helped her get out. Stefan requests details. Nikolas explains that Emily has been modeling and some pervert put her face on another woman's nude body and threatened to post the picture on the internet if Emily didn't pay. Emily came to him for help and together they went to Lucky and Liz. Stefan asks if it ever occurred to Nikolas to come to him. Nikolas says that it did, but he was afraid that Stefan would go to the Quartermaine's and Emily didn't want her family to know because she was afraid that they would make her stop modeling. Stefan reminds Nikolas that their arrangement was that he would not have Nikolas guarded as long as he promised to stay out of danger. Nikolas replies that he didn't think there was any danger. Emily was being blackmailed, not kidnapped. Stefan says that anyone who would extort money from a teenage girl is by definition a threat. Nikolas explains that he wasn't violent until they discovered another model in New York who he also blackmailed. Lucky tracked her down and they went to speak to her. They discovered an assistant who had worked at the other model's agency as well as Emily. They wanted to observe the assistant so Lucky and Liz worked as interns at Emily's agency and Nikolas pretended to be interested in a modeling career. Stefan is shocked that Nikolas represented himself as wanting money for having his picture taken. Nikolas explains that it was only to distract the agent so Lucky could get into his office. Stefan says of course, that should have been obvious. Nikolas says that the good news is that they found out that the blackmailer is Emily's photographer, they called the police and now he is in jail. Stefan congratulates Nikolas who says that he is just glad it's over. Stefan replies that this is far from over.

Lucky sits down on the bed next to Liz and tells her to make a wish. She asks him to hold her hand and then she closes her eyes, makes a wish and blows out the candle. Lucky tells her that she aced it, one wish coming true. Liz says that she feels like it's already on the way. She breaks the brownie in half and gives some to Lucky. She tells him that she knows that they still have to go to the police station and give their statements and she'll probably have to ID Tom as her rapist, but in spite of all that, she has this feeling that today is going to be a wonderful day. Lucky tells her that birthdays are like that. Liz tells him that it could be the person she is sharing it with. Lucky suggests that they test that theory and leans in to kiss her. Just as they are about to kiss, the phone rings. Bobbie is calling to talk to Liz. Her HIV test results are in and Bobbie thought she might want to know. Liz asks what they are, but Bobbie says that she didn't open them, they are for Liz's eyes only. Liz says that she will come get them right away, but Bobbie offers to drop them off at Lucky's. As she hangs up the phone, Lucky asks if something is wrong. Liz says she hopes not, and that there is something she didn't tell him.

Mac and Felicia are discussing the whole blackmail/rape. Mac tells Felicia that the kids seem to be all right. He thinks they all, including the fearless Lucky Spencer, are counting their blessings and feeling fortunate to be alive. Felicia is surprised that the news didn't make the paper. Mac says that he asked the press to keep it under wraps until the kids had a chance to talk to their parents. Besides, it was so late when everything got sorted out that he decided to wait until today to take the statements. Felicia rushes off to meet with her editor and Mac leaves to go the police station. They agree to meet later after Felicia's meeting.

Alan visits Tony at the clinic. He tells him that he has something he would like to discuss. Tony sarcastically says that Alan is standing so it can't be cardiac arrest, and he isn't shaky so he must not need a prescription. He asks what Alan wants. Alan says a job. Tony asks what kind of job. Alan says that he still has his medical license. Tony laughs and asks if he is joking or if he is just so stoned that he doesn't know what he is doing anymore. Alan says his life is in ruins and he needs to try to rebuild. Tony points to the door and tells him not to leave his resume on the way out. Alan says that all he needs is someone to believe in him. Tony tells him that those are the exact same words he used when he begged Alan not to fire him from GH. He tells Alan to go self destruct somewhere else. The clinic deserves better.

As the Q's continue their breakfast, Mac Scorpio arrives. Everyone is surprised to see him, except Emily who is horrified. Monica immediately assumes that something has happened to Alan, but Mac says that he is there to see Emily. When Edward asks why, Mac is surprised that Emily hasn't told them everything yet. Everyone looks expectantly at Emily who reluctantly tells everyone not to go ballistic, but there have been some crazy things going on in her life lately. It all started with an envelope with no return address. Inside was a picture of her supposedly naked. The family gasps collectively as she relays the events.

Stefan is furious with Nikolas' involvement in the scheme to find Emily's blackmailer. Nikolas defends his actions saying he was helping a friend as Stefan has raised him to do. Stefan says if he wanted to offer assistance, he should have hired a professional. Nikolas says that he wouldn't rely on a professional when it comes to people he cares about. Stefan asks if he is deliberately being obtuse. He has no experience with degenerates. He could have been killed. Adopting Lucky's brand of misplaced arrogance will get him in trouble every time. Nikolas asks him to please drop it. They caught the guy, it's over. Everyone is safe and the guy is in jail. Stefan says that he needs Nikolas' assurance that there will not be another occurrence. Nikolas angrily accuses Stefan of being most angry that Lucky was involved. He isn't worried about Nikolas, just his ridiculous feud with Luke Spencer. How would Laura feel if she knew that Stefan's hatred of Lucky is greater than his love for Nikolas. Stefan says that he doesn't hate Lucky and he doesn't hate anyone, including Luke Spencer, more than he loves Nikolas.

Lucky and Liz are sitting on Lucky's bed. Liz explains that she knew Lucky would worry so she took the HIV test and didn't tell him. She asks if he is mad. He says hardly, but he hates the thought of this hanging over her head with no one to ease it for her. Liz says that with everything going on lately, it wasn't that hard not to think about. But now, what if it is bad news. Lucky says that he knows she is scared, but since it is out of their hands, there isn't any point in anticipating the worst. Liz asks what she will do if she is HIV positive. Lucky tells her to remember that she won't be alone. He won't abandon her no matter what, not ever. The first thing they would do is talk to Robin Scorpio, she's been there. She could help them out, give them guidelines. They'll handle this, he swears. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Bobbie has arrived with the test results. As she walks in, Liz tells her that she told Lucky. As she hands Liz the envelope, Bobbie says that she expected she would. Liz opens the envelope and pulls out a sheet of paper. She looks at it and then asks Bobbie what it means. Bobbie looks at the paper and tells her that it is negative. They all breathe a sigh of relief and Lucky walks over and gives Liz a big hug. Liz asks why Bobbie didn't want her to come to the hospital. Bobbie says that she knew it was Liz's birthday and she figured the last place she would want to be is GH. Two more negative tests and at least the medical part of Liz's ordeal will be over. Liz and Lucky then tell Bobbie about finding Liz's rapist.

Emily continues to explain how the blackmailer was caught. Suddenly Tom showed up with a gun. Lucky and Nikolas started a fight with him and it fell out of his hands. Liz picked up the gun and they called the police. Katherine asks if Nikolas is all right. Mac explains that they would have taken their statements last night, but he thought it would be better if they discussed it privately with their families first. Edward says that this is what happens when you flaunt your body in public. Emily angrily says that this has nothing to do with her modeling career. They should be happy that the picture never got on the internet. Monica says that they are happy and they are also happy that Emily is alive to tell about it. Emily tells Edward that she owes Nikolas $5,000 for the ransom. Edward says if Nikolas was stupid enough to squander his uncle's money, it isn't their job to compensate him. Lila asks why Emily didn't come to them in the first place. Emily explains that she didn't want to worry them because everyone was so stressed already about Alan. Edward says that he warned them this would happen. AJ agrees with Edward that if Emily hadn't been modeling, this never would have happened. Lila interrupts pointing out that no one has asked Emily how she is. Emily says she is fine and that she is ready to give her statement. Monica says that they can do it in the living room. Emily tells Monica that she would rather do it alone. Monica asks why now that they know the whole story. Mac explains that they don't know the whole story, the blackmailer has also been accused of rape.

Nikolas asks Stefan if the ethical behavior that he has learned since he was a child was all just theoretical. Stefan says that Nikolas could have been killed and that is unacceptable. Nikolas says that all he did was help a friend and that as far as Lucky is concerned, he just wants to include him in his life like Laura and Lulu. Stefan points out that Luke has gone to great lengths to exclude Nikolas from his family with Laura and he will not duplicate that mistake. He reminds Nikolas to remember who he is. Nikolas assures him he won't and then excuses himself to go to the police station. Stefan offers to accompany him, but Nikolas says he can handle it. Stefan agrees, after all, Nikolas is nearly a man. He tells Nikolas that he has been making arrangements for his birthday celebration. A dinner party at Wyndemere. He took the liberty of inviting Laura and Lulu. Nikolas asks Stefan to add Liz, Emily and Robin to the list. Stefan agrees saying that it is Nikolas' party and he can invite whoever he wants. Nikolas says, in that case, add Lucky to the list too. He then leaves to go give his statement to the police.

Tony arrives at Wyndemere to discuss reinstating his privileges at GH. Stefan reminds him that without Monica's support, any recommendation he gives will be worthless.

Tammy comes to Alan's room to celebrate his new job. When she finds out that Tony turned Alan down, she tells him to save the cider for later and to not use this as an excuse to pop pills. As she leaves for a "date", Monica arrives. Alan asks why she is there. She says that she is there about Emily and she just thought Alan should know what was going on. She explains the whole sordid affair with the blackmailer and points out that Emily was too afraid to come to her family because she didn't want to upset them further after everything that was going on with Alan. Alan wants to see Emily, but Monica refuses. He chose an addiction over his daughter and she will not let him show some hypocritical concern for her now. She tells him to think about that next time he pops a pill. She tells him that until he is clean and sober, she really doesn't want to have anything to do with him. After she leaves, Alan sits on the bed and picks up a pill bottle.

Liz and Lucky finish telling Bobbie how they caught the rapist. Liz tells her how she had the gun pointed at Tom and she kept hearing him admit that he raped her. She thought here was her chance to hurt him the way he hurt her. Bobbie asked why she didn't. Liz said that she was his victim once, and that was enough. Bobbie says thank goodness she had the self control to stop before she crossed the line. Liz says that she could never kill anyone and now she gets to face her attacker in court and put him in jail for what he did to her. As Bobbie prepares to leave, Liz comments that between her HIV results and catching her rapist, this is one of the best birthday she has ever had. Bobbie wishes her a happy birthday and tells Lucky to make sure Liz enjoys her special day. Liz says that before they go to the police station, she has to do one thing, finish her brownie. She tells Lucky that all of the sudden, everything feels different. Like the first warm day after a really cold winter.

Nikolas arrives home from the police station to find Katherine waiting for him. She heard what happened and she just wanted to see for herself that he was OK. Katherine comments that Emily didn't mention that he was cut. She touches his lip and asks if it hurts. Nikolas says not anymore. Katherine asks if there are any plans for his birthday. Nikolas tells her that his uncle is hosting a dinner in his honor. Katherine jokingly says that her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Nikolas explains that they are keeping it small. Katherine asks if they can have lunch next week, a celebration of their own. Nikolas agrees and Katherine says that she will call him next week.

As Alan angrily shoves the pill bottle into the drawer, Tony arrives at his apartment. Tony tells him that if he is still interested in working at the clinic, he can start tomorrow. Alan asks why he changed his mind. Tony explains that he has asked for second chances before and it would be hypocritical of him not to give Alan one. They drink the cider to celebrate.

After Emily completes her statement, she comes to Monica and apologizes for everything. Monica says that she knows Emily is sorry, but the question is how to prevent this from happening again. Edward interrupts saying that a decision has already been made. Emily must quit her modeling immediately. Emily protests, but Monica agrees. Edward says that the decision has been made and some day Emily will thank them. AJ tells her that he knows how she feels. Emily says obviously he doesn't. Emily walks over to Ned and tells him that she is good at modeling and she loves it. Ned says he knows, but there are other things she will be good at. Emily turns to Monica and says that this is exactly what she was trying to avoid. Monica says she knows and tries to hug Emily, but Emily shrugs her off and angrily leaves the room.

Felicia arrives at Mac's office and tells her that her editor hated her book. The only parts she liked were the romantic ones. The only thing her editor thinks she is good at writing about is sex, and frankly, she thinks she is offended. Mac says that she can take that as a compliment. Mac tells her that she can regroup if she has to. Felicia says that he is right, she isn't going to give up.

As Lucky and Liz prepare to leave for the police station, Lucky stops Liz and tells her that he got her something else for her birthday, because he wasn't sure that the brownie would be enough. Liz smiles as he hands her a small box. Liz opens the box and pulls out a charm bracelet. Lucky explains that the charm is to symbolize her future as a painter. Liz tells Lucky that she loves it. She thanks him and tells him it was very thoughtful. As she hands the bracelet to Lucky so he can put it on her wrist, he asks if she is sure, because he could have gotten her a more expensive gift, but... Liz interrupts him and tells him that he doesn't have to buy her expensive gifts. Just being with him is the best present she ever had. As he puts the bracelet on her wrist, we hear Lucky singing Liz and we flash back to the boxcar when he serenaded Liz. The flashbacks continue. Liz cooking the awful dinner for Lucky, Lucky and Liz waltzing in the garden at Wyndemere, Lucky giving Liz her bear when they were living under the docks, Liz plugging in the blender and splattering Lucky with brownie mix while they were hiding out in the department store, Liz and Lucky getting into a paint fight in the boxcar, Liz and Lucky dancing in the photo studio, Liz tripping into Lucky's arms while climbing down from the boxcar, the first kiss, Liz and Lucky dancing at the No Name. Back in the present Liz and Lucky kiss as the song ends.

Thursday, November 5, 1998

Felicia is sitting under her pyramid working on her novel. She tells Mac that she has writer's block ever since her meeting with her editor. Every time she tries to start writing again she keeps seeing her editor's face telling her to write what she knows. Mac suggests she change her novel into a romance novel. Felicia gets angry and tells Mac that if people want to read about sex, all they have to do is pick up the newspaper and she wants to write a witty urban detective novel because that what she wants to write. She tells Mac he is helping her again and not to do that.

Ned arrives at Jax's asking when they are going to Monte Carlo. He wants Jax to divert V because she keeps following him around trying to get him to become Eddie Maine again. Jax teasingly asks if that isn't that the whole point of being a rock star, so woman will follow you around. Ned says that he is not a rock star, he is a CEO. Ned begs Jax to keep her busy. Use his imagination. Have her practice baccarat, find the missing letters in her name, whatever, just do something. V knocks on the door and as Jax lets her in she sees Ned and immediately demands that he hold still a minute so she can make him a star.

Bobbie arrives at the garage to talk to Jason. She tells Jason that she has watched him with Michael since the day he was born. He is very careful with him. Some people might even say he is over protective. She just knows that he would never set him out in the middle of the night unless he felt that Michael was in some kind of danger or about to overhear something he shouldn't. Jason says that he doesn't want Michael when he and AJ are fighting. Bobbie says she understands, but she thinks he is not only mad at AJ, but mad at Carly. Jason says that he isn't angry at Carly. Bobbie is surprised that Jason is not upset that Carly wanted to see AJ. Jason says that he knew as soon as AJ asked to visit, that Carly would see him. Carly is going to use whoever she can to get out of Ferncliff. This is her way of threatening Jason. She is saying get me out of here or I'll go to the Quartermaines, but he knows she won't because she knows that the only way the Q's will help her is if they get custody of Michael. She is doing what she always does, you just have to know how to stop her.

Tony goes to GH to see Monica. He inquires about Emily and says he is sorry to hear about all of the trouble she had at the modeling agency. Monica says that she is sorry that he knows about it and asks where he heard. Tony takes great pleasure in telling her that he heard it from Alan when he visited him at his new place. He tells Monica that he gave Alan a job at the clinic because everyone deserves a second chance. Monica is shocked that Tony offered a job in a medical facility to a drug addict. Tony points out that Alan's responsibilities and patient contact will be limited. Tony sensed a desperate man when Alan came to see him. Monica can't help wondering what's in it for Tony. Tony says he makes no secret of his wish to be reinstated at GH. And Monica can't fault him for trying to rehabilitate himself. In fact, Stefan Cassadine said that he would support Tony if Monica agreed. Monica asks why she would ever agree. Tony replies that he is going to prove to her that he is still a good doctor by curing the sickest man he knows, Alan.

Bobbie asks Jason to explain to her how Carly thinks, because he is the only person on earth who seems to understand. Jason says that Carly thinks about herself and she wants what she wants. There's nothing wrong with that except that she does a lot of damage to get what she's after. That's what happened with Dr. Jones. He always treated her like a jerk, and Carly knew it, but it was important to her to be in love with Dr. Jones. Bobbie asks when Carly told Jason about her. Jason says when Carly left Tony and came to him. Bobbie says that she came to ask Jason to be patient with Carly, but instead Jason is explaining her daughter to her. She wishes that she could accept Carly the way Jason does. Jason tells Bobbie that Carly loves her. When he visited her at Ferncliff, Carly told him that Bobbie told her she loved her and she is starting to believe it. Bobbie says that that is progress. Jason agree, especially since when Bobbie found out Carly was her daughter she said that she would never see Carly or Michael again. Jason says that he never acts without thinking. He is going to get Carly released and back to Michael. Bobbie says that Carly is lucky to have Jason and she might even realize it. Jason says he will let Bobbie know how his visit goes.

V asks if Ned wants L&B to succeed. He says of course he does, he owns it. V asks how without a viable recording artist. Ned tells her to go find one. V says to be reasonable, she has a studio full of musicians waiting for him. She turns to Jax and asks what business Ned has with him, she didn't see his name on Ned's calendar and she should know because she cleared it. Jax admits that he has no business with Ned and that Ned came over to get away from V. Ned sarcastically thanks Jax and offers to put a knife in his back whenever. Ned reluctantly agrees to do the demo if Jax and V agree to join him and Alexis at the "countess's" next trial run at dinner tomorrow night. They agree and Robin arrives as V is dragging Ned off to the recording session. Robin asks Jax if he is interested in lunch. Jax comments that Robin remembered too, the anniversary of his and Brenda's second wedding.

Liz, Lucky, Emily and Nikolas are together at the police station. Liz and Lucky have just finished giving their statements and they are all preparing to leave. Liz comments that giving her statement felt good. Now Tom is one step closer to going on trial. Lucky tells Liz that she was great in there, solid, very believable. Liz says that she was very nervous, but Emily tells her that nobody could tell. Nikolas agrees that they were both pretty brave. Liz says that she hates to keep repeating herself, but she can't thank them all enough for being so endlessly supportive. Emily tells them she is really grateful for all the help in tracking down her blackmailer. Lucky points out that if Nikolas and Emily hadn't come to him and Liz for help, they never would have found out that Tom was also Liz's rapist. Nikolas says that it was his pleasure and that they can return the favor by attending a birthday party that his uncle is throwing for him tomorrow night, all of them. Lucky looks up with surprise and asks if that includes him. Nikolas casually says why not, Lesley Lu will be there so you might as well be too. Lucky says well if Lulu is going to be there then why not. As Emily and Nikolas leave, Liz turns to Lucky and says she thinks that that deserves a "wow". She asks if Lucky is actually going to go to Nikolas' party. Lucky says yes, unless she is prepared to offer a better suggestion. No, No, Liz thinks it would be great, surprising, but definitely great. Lucky says that Nikolas didn't let his pride get in the way of asking him for help, working with him could have been worse, and if Nikolas wants him at his dumb party, he might as well suck it up and go. Liz smiles and tells Lucky that she really likes him. Lucky asks if she wants to count the ways, he has time. They smile at each other as they leave.

Felicia apologizes to Mac for biting his head off earlier. She should be taking this out on her editor, that is the real source of her frustration. She asks what made her editor think that she doesn't know anything about con men or criminals or the greedy side of town. Mac teases telling her that maybe it's the world's greatest mom sticker on her briefcase. She reminds Mac of all of her escapades as a private detective. She can use those experiences to write a great novel. She just needs to put herself into the proper milieu, so to speak. Felicia wants to get an office on the meanest street in Port Charles. Mac doesn't want her to put herself in danger, but Felicia tells him to relax, she isn't going to murder anybody. And besides, if she does, Mac will be right there to arrest her.

Emily goes to the garage to talk to Jason. She asks him to please listen without getting mad. She tells him all about the blackmail and how she, Nikolas, Lucky and Liz tracked down the man responsible. She then tells him that the blackmailer turned out to be Tom Baker, a photographer that she had worked with. She thought he was a nice guy, but it turns out that he is crazy. She tells Jason that Tom raped Liz in the park on Valentine's day. Jason asks if Tom hurt her. Emily says no, he just threw her in the darkroom. Liz is the one that Tom hurt. She explains how they caught him and that he is now in jail. She tells Jason that she wanted him to hear it from her first and she just wanted to make sure that Jason wasn't going to kill Tom.

Edward asks Katherine if there isn't a way he can buy back every picture of Emily ever taken. Katherine tells him that that would be 1000's of photographs, and the only thing harder than getting your face before the public is trying to get it back. Emily can't be blamed for what happened, but someone in authority should have been watching out for her. Edward agrees. Reginald enters leading Jerry Jacks. Edward asks him what he is doing, does he realize what having a Jacks in the house will do to his theft insurance. Reginald tells him that turn about is fair play. Edward asks him what he means. Reginald tells him that Edward let Katherine in. Edward asks Jerry what he wants and Jerry tells him that he is there to see Katherine.

Monica tells Tony that, as much as it pains her to say it, she thinks he is dreaming if he thinks he can pull Alan out of the gutter. She couldn't do it and neither could the combined efforts of the Quartermaine family. However, if Tony and Alan do manage to demonstrate some sort of miraculous turn around, any fair person would have to reevaluate them. She reminds him that that is not a promise. As Tony turns to leave, a nurse stops him and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he is checking out office space since he expects to be moving back in soon. Bobbie overhears and tells him that he shouldn't count on that. She asks for an explanation. Tony says that his return to GH is in the works, and he would love it if she was the last to know. Bobbie says that she can't see Monica ever agreeing to it. Tony asks what their son is going to think if Mommy is the one stopping Daddy from getting well.

Jax thanks Robin for visiting him, she was just who he needed to be with. Before she arrived, he was just remembering his and Brenda's second wedding, the whole bizarre day. They were so in love, so eager to get married. He had loved Brenda all along, but loving him was a whole new thought to Brenda. She came to him right before the wedding and told him that she was crazy in old fashioned love with him. It was the best, the happiest moment of his life. Until Sonny showed up with Miranda and set them back a year and a half. Robin reminds him that he and Brenda did have that time in the end and that is what matters. What they had, not what they lost. Robin hopes that even though Brenda is gone, she hopes that he can find something to believe in and to be excited about. Jax says that he is working on it in a way that he thinks Brenda would appreciate. Robin says that she too, is trying to honor Brenda's life by going on with hers. Jax asks if he should be expecting a wedding invitation soon. Robin says things are kind of crazy right now. Jax correctly guesses that the something crazy is Carly. Robin says that she and Jason have to get Carly out of Ferncliff and settled somewhere before they can even think about getting married.

Jason asks Emily if the blackmail was why she came to the penthouse that day. Emily says that she was going to ask him for help, but she knew that he would hurt whoever was doing it and she didn't want him to get into trouble. Jason points out that his job used to be taking care of things and not getting into trouble. Emily says that she didn't want him to do anything bad for her, she still doesn't. If anything happens to Tom, the police will know that Jason was responsible. Then Jason would get arrested and the Q's would use that as an excuse to try to take Michael. Tom has already been caught, he is going to prison. If Jason does anything now, it will be her fault. If he really wants to do something for her, just promise to stay out of it. Jason agrees, if that is what she really wants. Emily asks Jason to please not say anything about Liz, because she doesn't want the news of her rape to get out. Jason says no problem. He tells Emily to come to him next time. He asks if the Q's know. She says yes and that they told her she can't model anymore. Jason asks why. She says she doesn't know. Maybe she will just keep modeling behind their backs. They never look at magazines, they would never know. Except Katherine who would probably rat her out. Jason asks why she just doesn't tell Edward to her face. Emily says that since she is a minor and Edward would probably try to sue her or something. While their talking, Jason gets a phone call and has to rush off. Before he goes, he tells Emily that he can maybe help her with the modeling thing if Ned won't. Emily thanks him as he goes to take care of his business.

Jerry tells Katherine that while he was in jail, he read up on Stefan's trial for her murder. Fascinating reading. He was particularly interested in her will leaving everything to Stefan. He did have a few questions about it. She asks why on earth she should answer his questions. Jerry says that some say he is a bad man and some say he isn't a bad man to know. When he gets back on top again, he will be available for favors. The documents used against him were forged, just like her will. He would like to know how it was done. Katherine says that she can't help him after all because her will wasn't forged. Jerry tells her that the prosecution's case against Stefan was built entirely around her will. The defense proved that the will was a forgery decorated with Helena's fingerprints. Katherine says that her will did leave everything to Stefan, the forgery was of a different kind. Jerry asks why anyone would create a phony will to implicate Stefan. Maybe the idea all along was to implicate Helena and let Stefan off the hook, but who could have pulled it off. Katherine points out that Helena has many enemies, including Stefan. Jerry doesn't think that Stefan would take the risk of the scheme going sour, and besides, no one hates their mother like that. Katherine says that Stefan does, but she never told him about the will. The only person who knew was her lawyer, and she did mention it to Luke Spencer.

Bobbie tracks down Monica and asks her if she promised Tony his old job back. Monica says of course not. Bobbie tells her that she can't, no matter how much he wants it. Monica says that she is tough, but fair. Bobbie asks how she could even consider it. And then she realizes that it has something to do with Alan. She accuses Monica of letting Tony use Alan to pressure her. Monica says that she doesn't respond to pressure. Bobbie tells her not to make a deal with one criminal to protect another. Monica tells her that if she wants someone to bury Tony, it won't be her.

Felicia is searching the classifieds for a room to rent on Cortland St.

Jerry arrives at GH to visit Bobbie. He asks her to lunch, but Bobbie declines saying she doesn't have much of an appetite. Jerry asks what is wrong. Bobbie tells him that Stefan is actually considering supporting Tony in his bid to be reinstated at GH. Jerry tells her to stop worrying. He has this funny feeling that everything is going to work out for the best.

Jax remembers the vows that he and Brenda spoke to each other on their wedding day.

Robin goes to see Jason at the garage and he tells her about Emily's blackmail. Robin says she heard already from Nikolas when he called her to invite her to his birthday party tomorrow night. She jokingly asks if Jason will be jealous if she goes to Nikolas' party alone. Jason says that he would rather be interrogated than go to a party at Wyndemere, and besides he has to go visit Carly tomorrow night. Robin says she knows, but this afternoon, he is all hers. Jason says that he is always hers and they kiss.

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