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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on GH
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Monday November 9, 1998

Jax is shocked that Ned passed on the Guthrie Technologies deal, he passed on a small fortune. Ned said that he turned down one offer, and he it may be a fortune by casino winnings standards, but he has faith in Jax.

Carly is very apologetic once she realizes that her release is literally in Jason's hands. She is ecstatic when she realizes that all Jason has to do is sign it, unfortunately, she can't find a pen. Jason pulls one out of his pocket and stares at her.

Nikolas' birthday party continues, with Stefan's very touching toast about Nikolas' ascent into manhood. When he is finished the guests tease Nikolas asking for a speech. Nikolas jokingly says, in the words of another well known royal, let them eat cake. The guests laugh and do just that. Laura walks over to Stefan and compliments him on the toast. Stefan is afraid that it was too long, but Laura assures him that it was fine. Stefan suggests that if Lesley Lu has finished her nap in the study, she might like some cake. Laura agrees and goes to get her.

Luke is on the docks staring at Wyndemere. He turns and walks away with once last backward glance.

Laura goes into Stefan's study and is furious when she finds Helena with Lesley Lu. Laura rings for Mrs. Landsbury to come for Lesley Lu. Helena suggests that they all go and Laura tells her not to take another step.

Lucky asks Emily if her family has calmed down at all after the whole blackmail incident. Emily explains that she is grounded, but that they let her out tonight because they approve of Nikolas. She'll probably have to lay low for a couple of weeks, but then they will forget about it. Lucky says he wishes that Liz's grandmother could be more like that. Liz laughs as she explains that her grandmother remembers every time Lucky brings her home late. Speaking of which, they should probably go. Emily says they can't go until Nikolas makes a speech. Nikolas is reluctant, but everyone goads him until he agrees. He stands up and says that he thought his first official act as an adult should be to have his brother beheaded (everyone laughs and even Lucky looks amused), but he thinks he should thank him instead. He thinks it might be easier to do as a crowd instead of one on one. He proceeds to make a very touching speech about how everyone in the room has changed his life for the better and thanks them all. As Nikolas finishes his speech, Mrs. Landsbury comes into the room with Lesley Lu.

Meanwhile in the study, Laura tells Helena to stay away from her daughter or she will tell Stefan. She orders her to leave. Helena is amazed at how brave Laura is now that she has so many protectors. She used to tremble at the sight of Helena. Laura assures Helena that those days are long gone. Helena tells Laura that she hasn't forgotten that Laura is responsible for her being alone. She used to have a wonderful son, and now because of Laura he is gone. She tells Laura an eye for an eye. Laura tells her that if she ever lays a hand on one of her children she will make her sorry she ever left the island. Stefan interrupts Helena as she is telling her to enjoy the dream she is living right now because it will not last.

As Jason continues to taunt Carly by holding the pen in front of her, she asks him why he is doing this. He explains that he won't until he makes a few things clear. He knows that Carly and Robin aren't going to like each other any more than they ever did, but that is not Michael's problem. He tells her that she will live with him and Robin until Michael gets used to her again, but after that, she has to find her own place, not far away from the cottage. They will share custody of Michael. He has thought about it, and he can't think of a better way. Carly tries to tell Jason that she doesn't think it was fair to him that he would only get to see Michael part of the time. Upon hearing this, Jason picks up the release papers and puts them back in the envelope without signing them. Carly says that she is not trying to cause problems, but is he sure that this is the best solution. Jason accuses her of using Michael to try to manipulate him. She denies it, but Jason refuses to listen. Carly asks who has been coaching him. He tells her that no one tells him what to say. Carly accuses Jason of being a better manipulator than her because he is holding her release papers hostage until she agrees to his demands.

V is distraught because she thinks that Ned is going to hold them to Jax's offer to buy Guthrie Technologies. Ned says that he is just trying to teach them a lesson. In the Monte Carlo world, you can't make an offer you don't intend to keep. As Ned leaves, he tells them that he intends to collect the money Jax owes him. V is still upset and says that she is out of her league. She is just going to stay home.

Stefan tells Helena that he is surprised at her lack of caution. This kind of behavior usually ends in heartache. He is referring to her need to interfere. The last time this happened she ended up spending months in a sick bed. Helena says that she simply came to give Nikolas a birthday gift. Stefan tells her that when she leaves the room, it will be to leave the house. As Helena asks Stefan to give Nikolas his gift, Nikolas enters the room. He orders Helena to keep her distance from his mother. She is completely dependent on him for everything. If she ever disturbs his mother, sister or brother again, he will tell Alexis to go to the courts and revoke her income. Helena once again says that she only wanted to give him a gift. Nikolas refuses, but Helena pleads with him to accept it, it was his fathers. Nikolas looks at the medallion that Helena has given him. Helena explains that if his father had lived, he would have had one made for Nikolas. She misses Stavros every day. Noone ever loved life as much as him. She kisses Nikolas and leaves. After Nikolas leaves, Laura comments that she never knew that Helena was afraid of Nikolas. Stefan points out that Helena is afraid of Nikolas' power, as well she should be. However, she did manage to draw them all away from the party. Meanwhile, Katherine's movements are being monitored by Mrs. Landsbury.

As Lucky and Liz prepare to leave, Lucky teasingly tells Lesley Lu that if she sees any money or priceless jewels to steal them. He then asks Emily if she is coming. Emily says that she thinks she will stay and keep Lesley Lu company. Lucky tells her that she doesn't have to, but Liz suggests to him that maybe Lesley Lu needs Emily to help her find Nikolas. Lucky catches on that Emily wants to stay because Nikolas is there. Lucky and Liz leave and Emily and Lesley Lu go to watch them ride the boat.

Katherine and Robin discuss her fall from the parapet. Katherine wants to remember more. She remembers that Laura was there and she ran out to the roof and Stefan followed her. She was moving away from him and she knows that Nikolas wasn't there, but she can see him so vividly as a little boy sobbing. Robin tells her that Nikolas was the first one to get to her after she fell, and that is what she is remembering. Katherine looked skeptical. She still doesn't remember hearing that Stefan is Nikolas' father.

Carly tells Jason that she understands. She will be living with him for a little while and then they will be sharing Michael. Jason says that he always tells Michael that he has a great Mom who will do anything for him. He promised Michael that Carly would be home. Carly apologizes to Jason and gives him a hug. Dr. Evans arrives and says that he wants to discuss some changes in next weeks visiting schedule. Carly says that they want to discuss that as well. Jason signs the release and hands it to the doctor. Dr. Evans says that there is no way that Carly is going anywhere. Jason tells the Doctor that he has no choice. He has had it with his fat face and his grand attitude. These orders come from way over his head and there is nothing he can do about it. As he leaves the room, the Doctor says that they will see about that.

Lucky and Liz are at Liz's house sitting on the couch. Lucky asks Liz if she is going to call her grandmother, he kind of wants credit for getting her home time. Liz says that she will call her, but half an hour one way or the other doesn't matter. It's when she doesn't come home at all that her grandmother gets upset. Lucky asks what her grandmother thinks they're doing, then they both get kind of embarrassed and laugh when they realize what her grandmother must think! Liz says sometimes her grandmother seems more worried than others. Right now she is pretty upset that Liz didn't tell her about the whole Tom thing, not that she could have helped. She gets this feeling that her grandmother still thinks that she is wild and uncontrollable and she is so not like that anymore. The thing she probably likes the best is sitting in the house with Lucky. Lucky agrees, especially when it is just the two of them. Not that he'd do anything real different, it's just... Liz knows what he means. When they are alone it seems like it's their house. Lucky agrees and they smile at each other and snuggle close. As they cuddle on the couch Lucky teasingly tells her that he is offended that she doesn't wear the bracelet he gave her every minute. She had it on earlier at Wyndemere, but not now. Liz looks at her wrist in horror when she realizes the bracelet is gone. As Liz frantically looks under the couch cushions and on the floor, Lucky asks her if she didn't take the bracelet off. She says no, you'd have to cut my hand off. She knows that she had it when they were on the launch because she noticed how the moonlight made it sparkle. She is frantic when she thinks that it might have fallen into the water. Lucky tells her not to worry, he can get her another one. Liz says that it was a birthday present from him, there isn't another one. They discuss it and come to the conclusion that she must have lost it somewhere between the docks and home. Lucky offers to go find it for her, as long as she will be ok alone. She tells him that she is fine, Tom is in jail, she just wants her bracelet back. Lucky laughs as she pushes him out the door telling him to hurry before someone else finds it. As she slams the door behind him, she realizes that he might need a flashlight. She opens the door to stop him and he is standing there waiting for her. He takes her in his arms and gives her a kiss. She smiles and hands him the flashlight. Liz shuts the door and leans against it smiling. Lucky smiles too as he leaves to go look for the bracelet.

Alexis is on the docks nursing a broken heel on her shoe when Ned arrives. She is very happy to see him. She laughs and says that she can't get off a boat gracefully. She doesn't know why Jax thinks she can teach V anything. Ned laughs and says that Jax thinks everyone needs lessons in something, but himself of course. But he managed to take him down a peg or two tonight. Alexis asks Ned is he has a scheme to steal Jax's Monte Carlo winnings. Ned laughs and says she knows him so well.

V is ready to give up the whole Monte Carlo idea after Ned's "lesson". Jax convinces her to go by telling her that she is just nervous about what Alexis said about them needing to look like they are romantically involved. They decide to set up some rules so that they can appear to be intimate friends without being uncomfortable.

Dr. Evans returns and is very angry because he has discovered that Jason is right. He can't prevent Carly's release. He won't be surprised if she murders someone before the year is out. Carly is ecstatic.

While Lucky is searching for Liz's bracelet, Lt. Taggert pays Liz a visit. He is sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the DA won't try Tom for rape due to lack of evidence. Liz is shocked since Tom confessed to her. Taggert is very apologetic, but her word against Tom's isn't enough to convince a jury. Liz tells him that she understands, it isn't his fault. He lets himself out. Liz stands alone in her living room looking very upset.

As Lucky finds Liz's bracelet on the dock, Luke comes up behind him and asks him if he lost something. Lucky has a shocked look on his face when he looks up and sees Luke standing there.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

Bobbie stops by for a visit to tuck Michael in and to find out how things went with Carly. Jason tells her how Carly is going to be released this Friday and explains the "living arrangements." Carly will stay with them for a while so that Michael will get used to her again and then Jason will buy her a house close by and they will share custody of the baby. Half a week with Carly; half a week with him and Robin. Bobbie is very supportive of Jason and his decision. Just then Robin comes home from Nikolas' party and Bobbie immediately tells Robin "the good news." Carly's coming home! Robin's not too excited. After Bobbie leaves Robin rips into Jason about not telling her that he knew last night and didn't tell her. Robin tells Jason that she doesn't want Carly staying with them. She finally backs down once Jason explains that Carly won't stay with them very long and then she'll be out on her own and they will still have Michael part of the time. Jason admits that he's happy that Carly is getting released but it's only for Michael's sake; he hates what all this is going to do to their life. Later, Michael wakes up and Jason tells him that Mommy is coming home and tries to explain to Michael that he will always love him and be there for him, whether he is with Jason or with Carly.

Luke shows up on the dock while Lucky is searching for Liz's bracelet and confronts him. Luke tells Lucky that they are finally going to have it out. Enough is enough. They are going to go somewhere and settle things between them and Lucky can either come with him willingly or Luke will knock him out and take him. Lucky's not happy with given an ultimatum and tells Luke that this is typical of him. "Threaten with violence." And that the war between the Cassadines and the Spencers is another generation and not his. They snipe back and forth for a bit and eventually Lucky gives in to go for a drive with Luke but warns him that this is the last. Lucky doesn't want to be a part of Luke or his life. During the drive, Luke makes it clear to Lucky that although he has been out of town, he still knows what has been going on. He knows that Lucky now works at the garage with Jason and lives in the apartment about it.

Luke takes Lucky to a cabin that they've never been to before. Luke tells him he's tired of being punished for the man that he was when he raped Laura. That he's through paying for a crime he didn't commit -- he didn't rape Liz. He is also tired of being punished because Lucky can't find the man that raped Liz. Lucky tells him they caught the rapist but it doesn't change his feelings toward Luke. Lucky tells Luke about catching Tom; how Nikolas helped him and they worked together in finding Emily's blackmailer who turned out to also be Liz's rapist. He refers to Nikolas as his brother and Luke is not at all pleased with that! Lucky says, well, that's what he is since the day he was born. It's a biological fact. He also praises Nikolas for all that he did.

When Lucky wants to leave, Luke stops him. Lucky is worried about Liz, but Luke reassures him that Liz will soon find out that he is with him because he left a message on Laura's answering machine. (Quick cut to Laura's and we see Leslie Lou playing with the answering machine, listens to the message from Luke and erases it!) Luke tells him to sit back and relax, he's staying there all night. Lucky calls Luke pathetic, but Luke says he not pathetic just desperate. Desperately counting on Lucky still being his son.

Liz freaks when Lucky doesn't come back from looking for her bracelet. She calls Nikolas who promises to go out and look for him. They both end up at the docks and search with no luck. When they return to Liz/Audrey's Bobbie is there. Bobbie hasn't seen Lucky either and decides to call the police. They also decide to call the hospitals but decide not to alarm Laura yet. After they've tried everything they can do to find Lucky, Bobbie decides to go home and Nikolas stays overnight with Liz. Liz tells Nikolas about Tom not being charged for her rape. Nikolas tries to console and reassure her that everything will be OK and they'll find Lucky. Lucky can take care of himself.

Felicia decides to "pack it up"; all of her writing, computer and hanging pyramid when Mac walks in. She announces that she won't be working at home anymore, she's rented an office to work out of. Mac figures it out that she plans to move to Cortland Avenue and *forbids* her from doing that. Of course, Felicia doesn't take that well. She won't be treated like some pet dog - told what to do! Felicia insists that she needs to be in that type of environment to be able to write an authentic story. She needs to be there to do her research and to interview the right people. Mac still says no way. He tells her to surf the web if she wants information. Both are stubborn and stand the justifiable grounds. Felicia is adamant that she is going and Mac is not to interfere. When she leaves the room, Mac phones Lt. Taggert to put him on "surveillance detail" of Felicia.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Felicia has rented a room on Cortland Street. As she sets up her computer and her pyramid, she hears a knock on the door. She asks who it is and then opens the door when the person identifies himself as the manager. Mac barges in dressed in a stocking cap and a leather jacket. He is angry with her for letting him in even though she didn't know who he really was. He understands that she needs to be in this atmosphere to write her book, but now that he has seen it, there is no way he is letting her stay there.

Jerry arrives at Stefan's office via the secret passage wearing Luke's mask from the masked ball. Stefan asks where it came from and Jerry explains that he found it in a locked Luke Spencer's office.

Laura comes into the room and finds Lesley Lu playing with the answering machine. Laura chastises a guilty looking Lesley Lu for touching the answering machine. She reminds her that she isn't supposed to touch it because she might hit the wrong button and make Laura miss an important message. (Like we know, but Laura doesn't that she already did!)

Nikolas is watching out the window of Liz's house when he notices someone coming. Liz asks if it is Lucky, but Nikolas can't tell. Nikolas opens the door to Lt. Taggert. Lt. Taggert assures Liz that Tom is still safely behind bars. Liz asks about Lucky: they reported him missing last night. Lt. Taggert says he knows, that's why he is there.

Luke is asleep and Lucky is getting ready to sneak out. As he starts to open the door, Luke looks up and tells him that it's rigged. Believing him, Lucky stops and asks if he rigged it with a shotgun like the old days. Luke tells him to step aside and he will show him. He grabs a log and opens the door. He tells Lucky he is going to love this. He asks if he is ready and then opens the door and throws the log out. When nothing happens, Lucky figures out that Luke was bluffing. Luke laughs and says he didn't even have to open his eyes to fool him. He tells Lucky that he fell for it not just because he is nostalgic for the old days when dear old Dad always had a shotgun handy, but because of the image lording over the room, the constant threat, the danger, the steel jaws of unrelenting, inhuman unpredictability just ready to (he claps his hands in front of Lucky's face). Anything could happen. Lucky tells him that the only reason he was fooled is because he is too hungry to see straight. Luke says that they can't have that. If they are going to have a good game of wits, Lucky needs to be in top form. He asks Lucky if he wants some breakfast. Lucky says yes, unless Luke was planning to starve him into submission. Luke says that he thought about it. Luke walks to the pantry and starts listing off Lucky's choices for breakfast. Lucky follows him asking if he has beef jerky. As Luke walks into the pantry, Lucky slams the door and locks him in with a padlock and whispers, "jerk".

Lt. Taggert tells Liz and Nikolas that Lucky has a history of taking off. It would be premature to launch a search. Liz says that if Lucky were OK, he would have called her by now. She can't believe that they aren't going to do anything. Taggert says that he checked the docks and no one has seen him and that he went to Lucky's room and there was no sign of a struggle. Nikolas asks if Lucky's backpack was still in his room. Liz asks about his guitar. Taggert says that both things were still there. Nikolas points out that Lucky most likely wouldn't leave town voluntarily without them. Taggert says that maybe it just means that he was planning on coming back. Liz is furious saying that Lucky went to look for her bracelet, which should have taken 40 minutes at most and he has been gone for 12 hours. She thinks that that is reason enough to be concerned. Taggert can't disagree, but he says that Lucky won't be considered officially missing until 36 hours have passed. Until then, there is nothing he can do. He promises to call them right away if he hears anything. He tells Liz that she has been through a lot this week, she should go easy on herself and try not to worry. Liz says that someone she cares about is missing. She asks Taggert if he wants to tell her how she is supposed to try to remain cool about that. After Taggert leaves, Liz tells Nikolas that they have to try to do something. Nikolas agrees and they decide that he will go and talk to Laura. Liz is going to stay home in case Lucky calls.

Felicia once again tells Mac that she needs to be where she is for the sake of her novel. Mac reluctantly agrees to trust her. Felicia jokingly points out the high points of her new "office". All of the sudden she screams and jumps on to Mac's back. Mac asks what is wrong and she keeps screaming, is that a mouse, is that a mouse. Mac looks down and says no, of course it isn't a mouse. It's a cockroach. He offers to kill it, but Felicia says no, the bug was here first. Mac tells Felicia that she is the most beautiful, sexiest, stubborn woman he knows. He promises that he wasn't spying on her, he just wants to protect her. Felicia assures him that she will be fine and promises not to take any unnecessary chances. Mac tries to get romantic, but Felicia laughs and tells him that she doesn't seduce him at the office. As Mac goes, he asks her once again to please be careful. He kisses Felicia and walks out the door.

Taggert runs up to Mac just as he is leaving Felicia's room. He apologizes for being late explaining that he had to stop at the Hardy's. Mac asks why and Taggert tells him that Lucky is missing. Mac asks if they are on top of it and Taggert says not officially, but that he is keeping his eyes open. Mac warns Taggert to be discreet when watching Felicia because she used to be a private investigator and she might catch on.

As Mac leaves and Taggert hides, Alan walks out of his room. Tony arrives and gives him some paperwork to fill out before he starts at the clinic. Alan thanks Tony again for the job saying he still isn't sure of Tony's motives, it is probably better if he doesn't examine them too closely. Tony reminds him that he thinks Alan deserves a second chance. Alan says he knows, but he still can't help but think there may be another reason, like trying to get on Monica's good side so he can get reinstated at GH. Tony says that he would be happy to give the job to someone else. Alan says no, he still wants the job. Felicia opens the door of her room and discovers Alan and Tony talking in the hall. She asks why they are there. Tony tells Felicia that Alan lives there. She invites them into her room and explains that she is doing some research. Alan offers to help, but Felicia declines saying she has to honor the privacy of her client. Alan assures her that her secret is safe with him.

Stefan identifies the mask as a death mask and comments on how appropriate that is. He asks for Jerry's assurances that the safecracking will not be traced and Jerry says that he made sure it looked like a robbery. Stefan says that now they need a witness. He shows Jerry the letter opener found in his desk that was used to loosen the railing on the parapet. It was also used by the police as evidence against Stefan in Katherine's murder trial. Stefan is certain that Luke Spencer is responsible. Jerry thinks that Luke is too crafty to have been seen coming or going. Stefan says that if anyone saw Luke enter the study wearing the mask, that would be sufficient evidence. He tells Jerry that the secret entrance to the study was locked the night of the ball so Luke would have had to come through the door. He gives Jerry a list of people who attended the ball and tells him not to contact him until he has found a witness.

Nikolas arrives at Laura's just as she is getting ready to leave. He tells her that he needs to talk to her and says that he left her a message, didn't she get it. She says no, realizing that Lesley Lu must have erased it. He asks if she has heard from Lucky since the party last night. Laura says no and asks what happened. Nikolas tells her that Lucky is missing.

After locking Luke in the pantry, Lucky uses Luke's cell phone to call Liz. She is relieved to hear that Lucky is OK and asks what happened. He explains that his Dad is back in town and wanted to spend some time together. Let's just say he persuaded him. She asks if he is OK and he tells her that he is fine, just the same old stuff. He apologizes for not calling her sooner, he knows that she must have been worried. Liz says that she was terrified. He asks if anyone else knows that he is gone. She tells him that Bobbie knows and the police, who were useless. As they talk, Luke is in the background pounding on the pantry door and screaming for Lucky to let him out. Liz hears him yelling and asks what the noise is. Lucky says that it is Luke and Liz says that he sounds furious. Lucky tells her that Luke is just having a little trouble adjusting to his situation (being locked in the pantry). Liz is relieved when Lucky tells her that he and his Dad aren't fighting. She asks where he is, but Lucky interrupts her to tell her that he found her bracelet on the docks. It was just sitting there waiting for him to find it. Liz is very happy that he found the bracelet and asks again where he is. All of the sudden they are cut off. She dials *69 and waits.

Luke has finally broken down the door to the pantry. He tells Lucky that was a smooth move and that his pathetic old man must have taught him a thing or two after all. He grabs the cell phone from Lucky, turns it off and throws it on the bed. Lucky tells him that anything he learned that has any value or substance he didn't learn from Luke. Luke tells Lucky that he is glad to see that he missed him. When Lucky says that he is crazy, Luke points out that he had the chance to leave when Luke was locked in the pantry. Lucky said that he had to make a phone call first. Luke points out that it is a cell phone and that Lucky could have called from the road. Luke tells him that he wants to be there even if he won't admit it even to himself.

Laura tells Nikolas that from everything he has told her, it doesn't sound like Lucky is hurt or in trouble with the police. And if he had gone anywhere, he would definitely have called Liz to let her know. They come to the conclusion that Lucky must have been taken against his will and that it was most likely someone he knows. Laura points out that Lucky has very good instincts for danger and it would be difficult for a stranger to sneak up on him. Laura has a gut feeling that it was someone Lucky knew. Nikolas introduces the possibility that it could somehow connected to Tom. One of Tom's friends maybe since Tom is still in jail. Laura points out that if that were true, then Nikolas, Emily and Liz would also be in danger. Laura decides to call Jason to see if he can help. Nikolas is amazed that Laura is so calm. He has never seen her like this before, so incisive and focused. Most parents would be freaking out. Laura says that she is freaking out, but she has had years of practice. This is what a mother does when one of her kids is in trouble. Liz shows up and tells them that she has heard from Lucky and that he is with his father. Upon hearing the news, Laura looks as if that totally makes sense and says of course.

Liz tells Laura that Lucky said he was alright and that his father came back to town and wanted company or something. Nikolas asks if Lucky told her where he was. Liz says that he was about to, but then there was a big crash and the line went dead. Laura asks if Luke was there. Liz says that she could hear him yelling in the background. She tried *69 to call him back, but there was no answer. Liz asks if Luke might hurt Lucky, but Laura says that Luke did not come back to town to fight with his son. Nikolas points out that Luke was pretty angry when he left. Laura says that Luke was angry at her, not Lucky. Liz says that Lucky has a lot of resentment towards his father. Lucky might provoke Luke into hurting him even if Luke didn't want to. Nikolas agrees that all Lucky would have to do is tell Luke how they all attended Nikolas' birthday party and Luke would go nuts. Liz and Nikolas want to call Lt. Taggert and have him start searching for Lucky immediately. Laura tells them that Luke would never harm his own son under any circumstances. There is no risk. Nikolas still thinks they should do everything they can to get Lucky away from Luke. Laura reluctantly agrees, but doesn't want the police involved. This is a family matter. Laura suggests that Nikolas call Taggert and tell him that Lucky has been found. Nikolas agrees and offers Liz a ride home. She declines. As he turns to leave, Laura thanks him for helping his brother. Nikolas says that he has a feeling Lucky would do the same thing for him. After he goes, Laura tells Liz to stop worrying, Lucky is going to be fine. Liz says she doesn't know if she can. Laura tells her that she can, and she will tell her why.

Lucky tells Luke that the only reason he made the call is because he knew someone was worrying about him and he wanted to explain what happened. It's called caring about what the other person thinks. He asks Luke if he has ever heard of it. Luke says yea he's heard of it. Lucky says that he could have fooled him. Luke split. What happens if Lulu misses her father, or Laura gets lonely, or Bobbie needs help. Luke satisfies himself first, worries about the rest later. Luke asks if it is always going to come back to this. Lucky says yes, but unlike Luke, Lucky isn't going to allow himself to forget, ever. Luke pulls a chair in front of the door and sits down. He explains that he was busy taking care of personal business for the last two months and he didn't really think of all of this, but when he did, all he could think of was Lucky. All he could think about over and over was why some fossilized jurrasic crime he committed a million years ago against the only woman he ever really loved, why did that have to be dug up and reexamined and why did his son have to do the digging and why did it hurt him so much. So much that even now, after Lucky has tortured him and his mother with stuff that they really didn't need to remember, why can't Lucky let it go. Lucky says that Luke and Laura think that telling him about it makes it ok. They didn't tell him about it until he found out from someone else and telling him doesn't make it ok. Luke agrees that it wasn't ok, it was an ugly, terrible, terrible thing and he will always regret it, but the pain he caused belongs to Laura and him and not to Lucky. Lucky says that Luke made his own life a lie and he can't live it with him. Luke says he understands, but that Lucky has to let go of this, this much hatred. Luke doesn't care what Lucky says, it is hatred, and it will only end up hurting him. Lucky says that Luke would like that, if he was all doubled up in pain from finding out that his father was a rapist and a liar. Well he isn't hurting, not anymore. He has a life he loves, it just doesn't include Luke. Luke tells Lucky to let it go. He doesn't know what he is doing. All this anger, all this rage is tying him closer to Luke.

As Tony leaves, he reminds Felicia to watch her back and tells Alan not to be late to work the next day. Once he is gone, Alan asks Felicia if someone hired her to keep an eye on him. Felicia assures him that she isn't watching him and asks why he thinks she might be. He confesses his addiction to pain killers to Felicia, but says that it isn't a serious one. He is in the process of trying to stop and if his family was supporting him instead of judging him , he wouldn't have to live across the hall. Felicia is surprised that his family knows where he is, but Alan assures her that it was his idea. He needed a period of isolation. And that is also why he is working with Tony instead of at Mercy. Felicia thinks that working with Tony will be good for Alan. Alan assures her that he is only doing administrative work, in case she was worried. Felicia assures him that she knows what kind of person he is and that he would never let his personal problems affect his work. He thanks her for her support and tells her that she can help him if she wants to. Felicia says that she will do anything to help him with his recovery. Alan asks only that she respect his privacy and not tell anyone he is there. As Alan leaves via the stairs, Taggert walks into the hall and watches him go.

Nikolas arrives at Wyndemere and tells Stefan about Luke being back and kidnapping Lucky. Stefan asks how he knows and Nikolas explains that Lucky called Liz, but that they got cut off before Lucky could tell her where he is. Stefan tells Nikolas to stay out of it because Luke is violent and unpredictable. Nikolas agrees saying that is what worries him. Laura wants to keep it a family matter and refuses to involve the police. Nikolas doesn't understand how Laura can remain loyal to Luke after he kidnapped her son. Stefan too, continues to be amazed at Laura's loyalty to Luke. Nikolas asks Stefan for help, but he refuses saying that he will not interfere in Laura's marriage.

Laura continues to try to reassure Liz that Lucky is safe with his father. She explains that her marriage to Luke has been romantic, adventurous and even lonely sometimes. Noone can make her laugh like Luke, or cry for that matter. And even after all these years of marriage, he has still managed to surprise her. But she does know with a certainty that Luke would never harm her or any one of his children. Liz is surprised that Laura trusts Luke so much. Laura tells Liz to think about how she feels about Lucky, how it seems like he is always protecting her even when he isn't around. Think about the kind of self confidence that gives her, the peace of mind. Laura tells Liz to multiply that feeling by almost two decades of marriage, two children, 1,000 adventures and moments of incredible love. Liz says the she understands that. Laura says that she thought she would. She tells Liz that she doesn't have to worry. Lucky is going to fine. Luke would die before he would hurt his own son.

Luke continues to sit in a chair in front of the door while Lucky is pacing around the cabin. Luke asks him if he is planning on leaving. Lucky tells him to get out of the way and find out. Luke tells him no, not until they settle this thing. Lucky tells him that there is nothing left to settle and he is fed up with Luke hassling him about it. Luke tells Lucky that he made him a hero. Luke let him, he even encouraged it because Lucky is his son and it is important to him that he respect and admire him, but Lucky made him the hero. It was in Lucky's eyes that that myth was born and he knew one day he would fall off the pedestal that Lucky had him on. He just never imagined that the fall would be so far and so hard. Luke apologizes to Lucky. He says that he is nobody's hero, he never was. He has done despicable things, unforgivable things. But he has also tried to... He is just a man. If Lucky can't see or accept that then they have lost something precious to both of them. Lucky just stares silently as Luke finishes talking.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Stefan is in his study looking at the pictures from the masked ball when Nikolas arrives. Stefan comments that Nikolas has started his day early. Nikolas replies that he is looking for any place that Luke might have taken Lucky, without success. Stefan is not surprised. Luke Spencer has a gift for disappearing. Nikolas thinks that since his uncle knows Luke so well, he should try to help. Stefan again refuses saying that he will not interfere in what should be a private matter between Luke, Laura and their son. Stefan wants to know why Nikolas is so concerned. Nikolas says that Lucky is his brother and that unlike his mother, he thinks that Luke could hurt Lucky. Lucky hates his father right now and they know how Luke responds to hate. Nikolas knows that Stefan could find them, all he would have to do is call their people. Stefan again refuses saying it is not their business, it is a Spencer problem to solve. Nikolas points out that that has never stopped Stefan before. He tells Stefan to be honest, he is refusing to help because he is glad it happened.

The Q's are gathering for breakfast. As Monica finishes reading the newspaper she sarcastically comments that the coast is clear. She wonders how many other families read the paper praying they aren't in it. Lila smiles and tells her not to worry, with what's on the front page these days, no one will notice them. Emily comes in and pulls AJ aside to ask him to help her convince the family to let her start modeling again. AJ thinks it will be a hard sell. Emily doesn't understand why, nothing happened. The pictures never even made it on the internet. As they are talking, Monica overhears and tells Emily that modeling is out of the question. Edward comes into the room and tells Emily that it is good to see her looking like the old sweet Emily once again, instead of Lady Godiva. Emily gives Edward a nasty look and leaves the room. Bobbie arrives to tell Monica that Carly is coming home.

Alan is on the phone to his dealer saying that he started a new job and he needs a little pick me up. As he hangs up the phone, he hears a knock on the door across the hall. He opens his door a crack and looks out to see Tony knocking on Felicia's door. Felicia is surprised to see Tony and asks why he is there. He tells her that he just wanted to stop by on his way to work. She lets him in and tells him that this is not the time or place for a social call. She knows he means well, but she is on an assignment and she doesn't want to blow her cover. She opens her door and peeks into the hall to make sure that no one is around. She hangs the do not disturb sign on the door knob and closes the door. As the door shuts, Taggert walks into the hallway.

Jax is sitting on his couch organizing his briefcase. He picks up the check from Brenda's estate and looks at it. He then walks over to the desk and opens a jewel case. He takes out a bracelet and stares at it. He remembers when he gave the bracelet to Brenda. She had won it Atlantic City and then pawned it. Jax found it and bought it back for her. It just seemed right for her to have it. There is something about bright rubies and dark eyes that were meant to be. As he puts the bracelet away, there is a knock on the door. Ned has arrived. He walks in and sarcastically says that he can see Jax hasn't chopped up the furniture for firewood, that's a good sign. Jax tells him that when he went broke, he thought that would mean fewer visitors. Ned says that he just wants to keep track of potential business rivals. Jax is relieved, he was worried that they might actually becoming friends or something. Ned comments on Jax only having three pieces of luggage, that's traveling light even for a pauper. Jax says that he has everything he needs. Ned says not quite and hands Jax a manila envelope. Jax opens the envelope and finds an assortment of fake identifications and credit cards for V as the South American heiress, Isabella Castille. Jax thanks Ned and says that he is glad he made V South American. He thinks it will stop the Europeans from asking too many questions. And besides, Isabella Castille has such a nice ring to it. Ned thinks that the real Isabella Castille would probably agree. Jax is not happy to discover that he has stumbled across a name that is attached to an authentic South American heiress. What if she shows up. Ned assures him that the real heiress is under wraps in Gestaad recovering from plastic surgery. She will be out of commission for the next few weeks. Jax is not reassured. Ned agrees that there is a risk, but a minimal one. And the bonus is that if they run credit check in Monte Carlo, his "patroness" will pass muster. Jax asks Ned why he went to the trouble, is it to keep him in his debt, or is it for Brenda. Ned says he is just trying to settle a few of Brenda's debts. Brenda thought she owed Jax a lot. When Sonny walked out on her, noone could reach her except Jax. Jax gave Brenda back her life. If Brenda were...well Ned just thought he would do what he could. Jax says that despite how it seems sometimes, he does appreciate it. V arrives announcing one South American heiress reporting for duty.

Nikolas tells Stefan that he knows he enjoyed having Laura and Lesley Lu there for his birthday party, he did too. He hopes they come again, but there are some things he will not do to make that happen. One of those things is getting between Laura and Luke. Stefan asks if he has done any such thing. Nikolas agrees that he hasn't, but he knows the Stefan wouldn't mind trouble in Laura's other family. That is why he won't help find Lucky. Stefan agrees. He is far from displeased with the latest turn of events. For years, Luke Spencer has peddled an image to the world of part jester, part daring rogue, all fraud. In truth, the man is a criminal devoid of honor or shame. If this latest escapade serves to open people's eyes to that, then everyone benefits. Nikolas asks Stefan if he wants to open people's eyes or Laura's eyes. Stefan says that Laura deserves to know the truth. Nikolas asks what Stefan hopes will happen when Laura does know the truth. Stefan says that he tries to hope as little as possible, but even Laura's capacity for forgiveness must have its limits. If she cannot find it in her heart to overlook this latest outrage against her, then Stefan is under no obligation to help the jester fool her once again. Nikolas points out that it would especially benefit Stefan if Laura turned to him. When Stefan does not respond, Nikolas starts to say that if anything happens to Lucky, but Stefan angrily interrupts him saying that if anything happens to Lucky it will not be because of anything he did or did not do. Luke is the author of his own doom. Any fair minded person can see that, even his own nephew. Nikolas says that he is not blaming Stefan, he is just worried about Lucky. If Luke can rape and kidnap the people he claims to love, who knows what he'll do now. Stefan is concerned as well and hopes that Lucky is unharmed, but says that they must respect Laura's wishes and not become involved and trust that she will finally see Luke as he truly is.

When Monica looks less than thrilled at Bobbies news, Bobbies tells her that she didn't expect her to be ecstatic, but at least now Carly, Jason and Robin can begin to untangle their lives. Isn't that what they all want, for Michael's sake. Monica asks why Bobbie made a special trip to tell her about Carly when she could have told her when she saw her at the hospital. Katherine enters the room and announces that she is going to Wyndemere. Edward asks her if she hasn't tempted fate enough just by going to Nikolas' birthday party. That dreadful place nearly killed her twice. What does Wyndemere have that the Q's house doesn't. Katherine says her past and leaves. Edward is exasperated and says that the people who should be staying are going away and (looking at Bobbie) the people who should be staying away are coming back. Bobbie says that she thought it might be a good idea to sit down and discuss what would be best for everyone. She suggests that the Q's stay away from Michael and the cottage until things settle down. There is going to be a lot of tension at first. AJ asks why Bobbie thinks that they would add to the tension. Bobbie points out how AJ's visit to Ferncliff nearly ruined Carly's chances for release. And it is no secret that certain members of the Q family are trying to take Michael away. Bobbie would really like to spare Carly the aggravation until she is able to roll with the punches again. Monica laughs and says that the Carly they know can not only roll with the punches, but can throw a few. Bobbie asks if she is really making that unreasonable of a request. Monica asks if the ban on visiting the cottage applies to Bobbie too. When Bobbie says of course not, Michael is her grandson, Monica points out that Michael is her grandson too. Monica is more than a little annoyed that Bobbie has free reign to visit Michael and she doesn't. Bobbie says that she is sorry that Monica has to pay for the other members of the Q family trying to take Michael, but after all the time that Carly has been kept away from her son, the last thing she needs is another raid. Monica says that Carly doesn't love Michael, she just cares about money. Bobbie says if that were true, then Michael would be living with the Q's right now.

Tony apologizes to Felicia for intruding on her investigation. He says that he would never blow her cover and asks her to extend him the same consideration. He doesn't want anyone to know that he has been seen on Cortland St. He is hoping that his GH privileges might be reinstated and he doesn't want anything to jeopardize that chance. He also doesn't want Bobbie to find out because he is sure that if she knew, the judge would also soon know. Felicia thinks that what Tony is doing for Alan is very nice and she thinks it would be wonderful if they both turned their lives around. Meanwhile, Alan is in his room across the hall anxiously waiting for his dealer. He is cursing Tony's timing for a visit to Felicia. He opens the door and notices Taggert in the hall. He angrily opens the door and asks Taggert when he is going to leave him alone. Taggert tries to quiet him down saying that he is working on another case, but Felicia overhears Alan and opens her door. She says that she would also like to know why Taggert is there.

Ned asks V if she really thinks her outfit is what a well dressed heiress is wearing. V sarcastically thanks him for the pat on the back. Jax says that she looks fine and tells her to familiarize herself with the fake ID's Ned provided. As Ned leaves, he tells V that she has learned her lessons well and he wishes them luck. He tells Jax to come back a millionaire because he needs someone to take Guthrie Technologies off his hands. As V looks at her fake ID's she comments that two months ago she was a cop and now she is a perp. Jax says that they aren't breaking any serious laws and asks if she is ready to go to the airport. V asks what if she really doesn't look like an heiress. Jax tells her that she will, after this. He takes her hand and leads her to where her new luggage is waiting. V is shocked and surprised. She opens the suitcases and finds a wardrobe befitting an heiress. When V expresses concern over how Jax can't afford this, he tells her not to worry, they will win back the cost in Monte Carlo.

Katherine has arrived at Wyndemere and is standing on the parapet. She remembers a conversation she had with Helena. Katherine knows that something important happened that night. Helena says that any secret of Stefan's could be the key to bringing him down. She suggests that Katherine returned to the scene of the crime, but cautions her to be careful of old feelings resurfacing along with the old memories. Katherine says that after what Stefan did to her, those feelings don't matter or even exist. She continues to walk around the parapet stopping at the railing. As she remembers the fall and turns away, she sees Stefan standing on the parapet behind her. Stefan tells her not to be frightened. Katherine says that she isn't. After dying once, there is nothing left to fear. Katherine is surprised that noon stopped her from going to the parapet. Stefan tells her that there are standing instructions never to turn her away. Katherine says that that is a nice gesture, but they both know she is a stranger there now. Stefan asks what brought her back. Katherine says that she lost memories there and she is trying to find them. Stefan remembers when Katherine realized that he was Nikolas father and asks Katherine precisely what she is trying to remember. Katherine says that she doesn't know. Stefan points out the appalling irony that he has been trying to forget the events of that night for months while she is trying to remember. He says that he can still see her just inches beyond his reach stepping into nothing. He can hear the sound of her body striking the courtyard below and feel his terror as he raced to her side. He can feel his hope as he felt her breath against her cheek and the final goodbye in the hospital. Only to be followed by the horror of being named her murderer. Katherine asks if there wasn't someone there to comfort him. Stefan says that there was, and it was her, it was Katherine.

Monica tells Bobbie that she has never defended the idiotic behavior of the men in her family towards her grandson, but that is not the only reason she can't see Michael. Carly will not try to get Jason to mend fences with his family, but family values aren't really Carly's strong suit. AJ reminds Bobbie what Carly did to him, which Bobbie defends. She thinks that everyone is entitled to forgiveness. Monica thinks that Bobbie's proposal ensures that Michael will never be close to the Q's. Bobbie says that it wouldn't be permanent, just give Carly some time, and Jason. Ned walks in saying that that makes sense to him. Edward says that Ned's comment just proves that rock and roll music makes you feeble minded. AJ points out that the best thing in Michael's life is Robin and Carly will drive her out just like the Q's. Monica asks if Bobbie can't use her influence to bring both families together. Bobbie says she didn't see Monica being concerned with anyone else's family when she asked for help with Tony.

Felicia asks why Taggert is in her hall. Taggert says that Alan being there is reason enough for him to be suspicious. Alan says Taggert is welcome to search his room if he wants. Felicia accuses Taggert of harrassment. She tells Taggert to just leave Alan alone. Unable to come up with a better explanation for why he is there he leaves. Tony comes out and reminds Alan that he is late for work. Alan tells Tony that he is on the way, but needs to have a quick word with Felicia. Felicia says she just saw a man down the hall who ran away when he saw Taggert. She asks Alan if it is a friend of his. Alan says no and hurries off.

V is overwhelmed by the wardrobe Jax has provided. She appreciates his faith in her and she would like to give a little back. She hands him an envelope full of money, $4,900 to be exact. V confesses that it is her entire savings and she wants to give it to Jax because every dollar helps. Jax is surprised that she is willing to take the risk. V says that's why she only has $4,900.00 and Jax is taking a risk on her by letting her play the heiress. She thinks it's about time she took a bet on herself. Jax agrees to take the money, even though he hasn't taken money from anyone else, only if she lets him pay her back, with interest. If she is sure, is she is willing to roll the dice with him, then he doesn't have the right to say no. Jax tells her to change into one of the outfits and they will be on their way.

Monica is outraged that Bobbie would bring up Tony. She only has Michael's best interests at heart. The two continue to argue about what is best for Michael. Edward interrupts saying that considering Bobbie's rather exotic background, she is on very shaky ground questioning the Quartermaine's moral authority. As Edward finishes talking, Emily runs into the room in tears saying that the fake nude picture of her is all over the internet.

Stefan and Katherine are still on the parapet. Stefan tells Katherine that even after her death, she never really left him. He would see her, hear her voice, giving him her strength, understanding and even her forgiveness, which he needed most. Somehow, in the midst of despair, she gave him hope. It was so like her to do that despite her own pain. It was only when she came back that he knew he had truly lost her. Katherine says that he lost her when he lied to her. Then she thanks him for finally showing her something that she could believe in, his grief. He is a proud man and sorrow humbles him. Not many people get to hear how they were mourned. Stefan tells her that she was mourned so completely. Katherine tells him that when he takes his walls down and lets himself care, he reminds him of a man she loved very much. As they move closer together and stare into each other's eyes Stefan says that they came so close to having this. Katherine says as close as this. They almost kiss and then at the last minute Stefan turns away. Katherine apologizes for coming to Wyndemere and upsetting Stefan. Stefan says that he isn't upset that she came to Wyndemere, he is upset with her reasons for coming. He wishes that, for her own sake, she could put behind her what happened that night. Katherine wishes that she could too.

Emily is distraught over finding her picture on the internet. She can't believe this is happening to her. All she wanted to do was model, was that so bad. Ned assures her that she didn't do anything wrong. She just had the misfortune to cross paths with a very evil man. Emily is not taking comfort from Ned's comments. Now everyone can see her naked, no one will know that it is a forgery. Who cares how it happened, what is she going to do now. Monica comforts her and Bobbie tells her to hang in there as she leaves.

V is dressed in her new clothes and ready to take Monte Carlo by storm. As the bellhop takes their luggage to the car, Jax tells "Isabella" that she looks stunning (and she does!). V/Isabella wants to go, she can't wait to get back to civilization.

Friday, November 13

Jax and V's charade was almost ruined by a bellman at the hotel who accuses V of not being the real Isabella, because every one knows Isabella is supposed to be at a Spa. V covers perfectly and manages to convince him that the spa story was planted as a dodge for her husband. The bellman apologizes and Jax tips the man and sends him on his way. Jax is pleased and V passes her first test in Monte Carlo with flying colors, but afterwards panics to think she was almost unmasked as an imposter by a mere bellhop. Jax convinces her everything is going to be okay. She dresses for dinner and looks smashing. In the casino, Jax is surprised to find Julia on the arm of a friend. She in turn is surprised to see Jax there with V.

Bobbie stops by to see if Carly has made it home yet and Robin tells her that Jason went to go get her. Bobbie and Robin spoke about Carly's release and living situation. Bobbie suggested that Robin leave for a few hours to let Carly get settled in. Robin told Bobbie that she lives here with Jason and that Carly would have to get use to that and them trying to walk around on egg shells would not help Carly in the long run. Bobbie agreed with what Robin was saying, but Robin later contemplated what Bobbie had said. Bobbie soon realized that she had to get back to the hospital and could no longer wait for Carly so she left.

Jason goes to Ferncliff to get Carly released, but Dr. Evans tries to stop it by suggesting that Carly might not be ready to be released. Carly becomes unglued when her release is unexpectedly delayed at the last possible minute. Jason tells Dr. Evans that he can try to do whatever he wants, but Carly is leaving today. Dr. Evans says he is going to go call the judge and Jason tells him to go ahead and call him. Meanwhile, Carly was near the boiling point thinking that Dr. Evans might be able to possibly do something to delay her from being released. Jason tried to calm Carly by telling her there is nothing Dr. Evans can do to stop her from going home. After calling the judge, Dr. Evans returns and is grudgingly forced to sign the paperwork and let Carly go home. Outside Ferncliff, an ecstatic Carly heads home on the back of Jason's motorcycle.

Luke and Lucky keep going rounds, to which Luke thinks is getting them no where. Lucky suggested to Luke that they go to a therapist to try to work out their problems. However, Luke knew that Lucky was bluffing and tells him no way does he need to talk to Scott Baldwin's momma. He did suggest to Lucky that they talk it out between them. Lucky tells his dad that he thinks he is a liar and that he cannot trust him anymore. He furthermore tells his dad that he thinks Luke didn't leave Port Charles to give him some space, but left because he found out about Laura and Stefan Cassadine. He also tells his dad that everything he wanted him to believe about Nikolas is not true and that Luke doesn't want his son back, he wants an ally. Luke tried to break through to Lucky, but it's no use. Luke then realized his plan to get through to Lucky was going nowhere and he gave Lucky the keys to the car and said he was free to go. As Lucky leaves, an angry Luke throws a chair across the room and then accidentally gets his foot caught in a bear trap. As he cries out in agony, Lucky started the car and was unaware that Luke had stepped into the bear trap and was screaming out in pain inside the cabin.

Katherine shows back up at Wyndemere to asks Stefan how he felt about her last visit there. Stefan isn't quite sure what she is referring to and before they can discuss it any further, Helena calls to warn Katherine not to let any residual feelings she may have for Stefan get in the way of their plan. She hangs up and Stefan wants to know what is she referring to. Katherine asks a surprised Stefan if there's any chance that they might pick up where they left off before their engagement party ended so tragic!

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