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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on GH
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Monday December 7, 1998

Laura and Stefan are continuing their lunch. Laura is concerned that Nikolas might think she would disappear from his life again. Stefan says that that is one matter of her heart on which she has made herself unmista.k.ably clear. Stefan astutely comments that it seems Laura needs more assurance than Nikolas. He worries about how she is feeling. He knows the guilt she carries for leaving Nikolas, but he wishes she would accept that no one blames her anymore. Of late, she has been consistent where Nikolas is concerned. Nikolas loves her. Building that relationship without shared history was a challenge and a tremendous achievement. Laura can't help but feel that the relationship is a little bit fragile, but Stefan assures here that the bond will strengthen in time as long as no one conspires to undo it. Laura insists that Luke will never again keep her from her son. Stefan accepts her word and asks why she feels an urgency to see Nikolas right away. Laura says that she feels afraid, like she is going to lose him somehow. Like someone is going to say something or he will see something and misinterpret. She just has a bad feeling. She feels like she needs to run interference, make preemptive strikes. She and Stefan need to be careful not to give Nikolas unrealistic expectations. She worries that Stefan is giving Nikolas false hope that she may someday be at Wyndemere on a more permanent basis. Stefan says that if reality encourages Nikolas, he can hardly be held responsible. Laura says, regardless, she would just like to see Nikolas to reassure him. She asks why Nikolas is upstairs. Stefan explains that Nikolas is helping Katherine with a fundraiser and that her office is being redecorated so they are using a hotel suite. Laura asks if that is OK with him. Stefan says that Katherine and Nikolas have always been friends, but he is concerned with the amount of time they are spending together. Katherine cannot be trusted now that she has an alliance with Helena, but telling Nikolas he can't see her will only convince Nikolas that Katherine is a victim and will make him want to see her more. Laura is impressed with Stefan's rational thinking and comments that she is the complete opposite, much more emotional. Stefan assures Laura that it would be OK to go upstairs and see Nikolas. He is sure that Nikolas and Katherine aren't doing anything that can't be interrupted. Laura asks Stefan to go with her and they leave the restaurant together.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Nikolas clearly DO NOT want to be interrupted as they finally give in to their passions.

Felicia has convinced Tammy that it is OK to stay in her room on Courtland St.. She offers Tammy food or water, but Tammy says that she has done enough. Felicia assures Tammy that she will be all right soon enough and tells her that she can stay in her room as long as she likes. Tammy is grateful, but is still concerned that she will never be safe. Felicia decides to call someone for help and assures Tammy that it isn't Mac or the cops!

Jason is massaging Carly's injured foot and Carly is moaning in pleasure. Jax arrives at the cottage and lets himself in with his key when no one answers his knock. He hears Carly's moans. As Jason continues to tend to Carly's foot, Jax calls out asking if everything is all right. Jason is surprised to hear Jax and says that he will be right down. Jax explains that he spoke with Robin who said it wouldn't be a problem for him to drop by and look for a necklace of Brenda's. Robin said that it wouldn't be a problem if he let himself in, but then again, she probably didn't know that Jason would be "busy". Jason ignores the comment and asks where the necklace would be. Jax explains that it would be in the bedroom and Jason tells him to go ahead and look.

Felicia and Tammy are waiting for Alan to arrive. They discuss how sad his situation is. Tammy thinks there is a part of Alan that still can't believe where he is, he still wears his old life. Tammy says that she has gotten to know Alan well enough to feel sorry for him and she doesn't let that happen very often. Suddenly, Tammy thinks she hears a noise outside and is afraid. Felicia offers to go check but doesn't see anything. Tammy says that she doesn't want to make trouble for Felicia and wants to go wait in Alan's room, but Felicia won't let her. It's too dangerous since people know that Tammy hangs out in Alan's room. Meanwhile, the drug dealer is on the street watching the window. He says that he knows who she is and she has a special delivery. Unbeknownst to the dealer, Moreno's man has followed him and is reporting to Moreno on his status.

Nikolas and Katherine are basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Nikolas teases Katherine telling her that he knows he can't rig the bachelor auction so that she ends up with him, but he wonders what she is doing after the dinner. Katherine laughs and tells him that they will play it by ear. Nikolas asks if she is getting a nosebleed from him moving so fast, but Katherine assures him that she has no complaints so far.

Jason takes Jax upstairs to look for Brenda's necklace. Carly is not unhappy that Jax has "caught" her in Jason and Robin's bedroom. Jax explains that he is looking for something of Brenda's. Carly says that she thought all of Brenda's stuff was gone. Jax points out that it was Brenda's house and so was most of the furniture. He gave it to Robin and it is hers to keep, but he came to look for a necklace that belonged to Brenda. Carly asks if it ever occurred to him to call before he came barging into their house. Jax says that it is Robin's house and that he is here with her permission. Carly's objections are not his concern. Nikolas asks Katherine if anyone has ever told her how beautiful she is. Katherine asks if this is a trick question. Nikolas explains that her physical beauty is obvious, but he is referring to the parts on the inside that not everyone gets to see. That is the most beautiful part of her. Katherine is appropriately flattered and rewards Nikolas with another kiss. As things start to heat up again, the phone rings. Katherine is surprised when she answers the phone and hears Stefan's voice. He asks if Nikolas is still there and how things are going. Katherine replies that Nikolas is right here beside her and they are making great progress.

Alan finally arrives at Felicia's room is horrified when he finds Tammy unconscious in bed with a dead drug dealer. Meanwhile, Mac is anxiously waiting for Felicia at the Port Charles Grill where they are supposed to be having dinner together.

On the phone, Stefan explains to Nikolas that he and Laura are about to have dinner downstairs and invites him to join them. Nikolas says that he is a little busy at the moment, but that he will wrap things up and be right down. Nikolas apologizes to Katherine, saying he thought it would be awkward if he said no. He offers to bring her something, but she declines. He reluctantly climbs out of Katherine's bed and prepares to leave.

Laura tells Stefan that she thinks inviting Nikolas to dinner was a better idea than showing up unannounced at Katherine's door like an over protective mother keeping tabs on her son. Stefan says that Nikolas' quick acceptance of their invitation should please her. Laura agrees but notices that Stefan seems concerned. Maybe he isn't as rational about Nikolas and Katherine spending time together as he thought. Stefan agrees that he is concerned.

Jax has found the necklace and Carly rudely tells him that he can go. Jax says that he went along with Jason and Robin living together because he knew it would make Brenda happy, but he never agreed to any other arrangement. Jason says that it isn't up to Jax. Jax tells Jason that Brenda was never his biggest fan, but that she thought he loved Robin and that somehow redeemed him in her eyes. Jax is quick to point out that obviously Brenda was wrong. Robin is just what Brenda was to Sonny, convenient. When Robin finally realizes that, Jason will lose her. After he leaves, Carly states the obvious, that Jax thought she and Jason were sleeping together. Jason, as usual, doesn't care what anyone else thinks and continues to take care of Carly's foot. Carly wants to call Jax to try to explain, but Jason says that it isn't necessary. If Jax tells Robin, she won't believe him. She knows that Jason won't sleep with Carly. And if Robin asks, Jason will tell her the truth, but she won't because she knows that Jason and Carly are just friends. Carly begs to differ and starts ranting about how Jax has some nerve. Accusing Jason of using Robin, what has Robin ever done for Jason except desert him and jerk him around. Robin treats him like dirt. Jason calls Carly to task for bad mouthing Robin. He loves Robin and nothing Carly can say will change that. It will just make him mad and he doesn't want to be mad at Carly. Carly apologizes and says that she isn't trying to make trouble, she just doesn't want to see Jason get hurt. Jason says that he believes her, she just has a strange way of showing it.

Alan is trying to wake Tammy who remains unresponsive. He thinks that Tammy killed the drug dealer and is very upset. He asks her to try to help him. How did this dead guy get in bed with her. He asks if Felicia was there when it happened, but Tammy still does not respond. He tells Tammy not to worry, he is going to take care of everything. Meanwhile, a police officer arrives at the Port Charles Grill with news for Mac, they have found his wife.

Stefan admits that Katherine is actively trying to remember what happened on the parapet that night. Laura asks if he thinks Katherine is just trying to use Nikolas. Stefan thinks that it is likely, but he and Laura agree that saying anything would just push him further in her direction. Laura comments that at least Nikolas is getting involved in a worthy cause.

Carly and Jason are in the living room with Michael. Carly is still milking the sprained ankle for all it's worth and tries to convince Jason that he should stay home tomorrow to help her with Michael. She is worried that Michael isn't comfortable with her yet. She doesn't think that he will be ready to move out by the time Robin gets home. Jason says that Robin loves Michael and they will make it work if he isn't ready to leave.

Jax is alone in his apartment deep in his thoughts. "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith is playing in the background as he holds up Brenda's necklace and remembers one of their many intimate moments. The words to the song are particularly appropriate as he remembers their special moment..."I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you're far away and dreaming, I could spend my life in this sweet surrender, I could stay lost in this moment forever , every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure... I still miss you baby and I don't wanna miss a thing... In the present, Jax puts the necklace in a box and places the box on the mantle.

At last, Nikolas joins Stefan and Laura for dinner. Stefan comments that they thought he might have changed his mind, but Nikolas explains that he was just in the middle of something that he couldn't put down. When Stefan asks how the project with Katherine is proceeding, Nikolas replies that she is making great headway.

Felicia has finally joined Mac explaining that she had a flat tire. Felicia says that she tried to call, but that she couldn't get through because Mac was on the line calling the SWAT team, the Canadian Mounties or whatever. She accuses Mac of being overprotective and says that he would probably have stormed her room on Courtland St. if the police officer hadn't found her. Mac says that he would do anything to protect his wife if he thought she was in danger. Felicia says that she knows Mac thinks it is too dangerous for her to be down there and she admits (in a very soft voice) that he was right. Mac is shocked, but pleased that Felicia is finally seeing things his way.

As Alan tries to decide what to do with the dead drug dealer, Taggert arrives. He tells Alan that he hopes he has a good explanationRecap --->

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

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Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Robin finally gets a hold of Jason. Carly walks in and overhears the end of their phone conversation. She looks a little guilty, but acts innocent as she asks if Robin finally got a hold of him. She did tell Jason that Robin called didn't she? Jason says no. Luke is staring a picture of Laura on his desk when he hears a knock at the door. Tammy walks in wearing sunglasses and says that she hopes to God that Luke remembers her and if he doesn't can he please pretend. She says that she is in an awful mess and, no pressure, but she has no place else to go. Luke reaches up and removes Tammy's sunglasses. He looks shocked when he sees her face.

In the courtroom, Tom's attorney continues his cross examination of Emily. He accuses her of getting exactly what she wanted, just what she asked for. Upon hearing this, Liz jumps up and yells that Emily didn't ask for anything. She points to Tom and says that he is a rapist. That he raped her in the park on Valentine's Day. Lucky is telling her to be quiet and is trying to drag her out the door, but she is fighting him. Tom's attorney is outraged and says that Liz's outburst is just further proof that the four teens concocted the whole scheme. He starts demanding a mistrial. When Liz hears this she screams NO as Lucky and Nikolas finally succeed in dragging her out of the courtroom. Outside the courtroom, Lucky is trying to calm Liz down, but she is hysterical. She thinks Tom is going to go free. She heard the attorney, he said the trial was over. Nikolas says that the trial is not over, the attorney's are just going through the motions. Lucky and Nikolas assure Liz that the worst case scenario is that they have to start the trial all over, but Tom is not going to get off. Liz is still very upset because she thinks Tom is going to walk. She says that she can't believe it is all over and that Tom has won.

Tom's attorney makes his case for a mistrial saying that Liz's outburst is reasonable cause. Dara objects saying that if every spontaneous shout in a courtroom resulted in a mistrial, no criminal proceeding would ever reach the judgment phase. The judge instructs the jury to disregard Liz's outburst and tells Tom's attorney to continue with his cross examination. He assures him that he will rule on the mistrial but insists that he continue for the time being. Tom's attorney agrees and resumes his cross examination. He turns to Emily and asks her when she took a dislike Tom Baker. Emily says that she doesn't understand so he asks what made her decide to besmirch his client's reputation. Did he criticize her professionalism, question her work ethic, or did he dare to suggest that she lacked the maturity to function as a model? Dara objects saying that he is badgering the witness. Tom's attorney offers to rephrase the question and asks when Emily and her friends honed in on Tom Baker as the root of all of their problems? Emily says that she thought Tom was a great guy until he trapped her in his studio, locked her in his darkroom and pulled a gun on her and her friends.

Liz is sitting on a bench outside the courtroom beating herself up for ruining the trial. She is very upset. She can't believe how she lets herself be Tom's little robot. She plays right into his hand. If there is a way to make it easier for Tom, trust her to find it every time. Starting with when Lucky and Bobbie wanted her to go to the hospital to get physical evidence to press rape charges. That would have been the smart thing to do. Lucky asks how smart she thinks most people are right after they have been raped. Liz says that Lt. Taggert warned her not to listen to anything Tom had to say and Lucky practically begged her not to go see Tom. But she insisted on seeing him and let him play with her mind. Dara didn't want to hear from her in the courtroom and Lucky knew that she would blow it. Lucky says that she didn't blow anything and he just didn't want to see her upset. Liz says that naturally she had to open her big fat mouth and wreck the prosecution's case. Lucky tells her to stop doing Tom's dirty work. Quit taking all the blame. Liz says that Tom is going to continue to hurt people, rape, extortion, whatever. They were so close to nailing him and now he is going to get off.

Carly tries to explain that Robin called and she just forgot to tell him. Jason says that she didn't forget, she chose not to tell him. He asks how she thought it would play out. Carly says that they were just having so much fun together, the three of them. She just wanted some family time. Jason says that he is so used to her games, and Robin will get used to them too. He doesn't understand why she continues to play them, because they cost her more than they get her, like the "accident" with the ladder. Michael is too little to understand what she is doing. If she messes with Michael's head, or his safety, or his life, he will get angry and he will come after her. Carly assures Jason that she loves Michael. She asks why Jason didn't say anything about the ladder. As Jason prepares to leave, he says that if she wants to sprain her ankle on purpose, that's her business. He tells Carly that he has to go check on Johnny, who just opened a restaurant. After he goes, Carly tells Michael that the best thing in the whole world is unconditional love. When someone knows exactly who you are and likes you anyway. Like his Daddy. He isn't put off by Mommys little ploys. Unless Mommy does something really stupid. Daddy can't ever find out that Mommy turned her back on Michael at the park.

Upon seeing Tammy's battered face, Luke asks if she has considered a safer profession. Tammy explains that she was beat up by a pimp who was trying to "recruit" her. Luke asks what he can do to help. She asks Luke if he has noticed the changes since Moreno took over. Luke says that he hasn't talked to Jason Morgan, but he finds the whole idea of his retirement hard to believe. Tammy says that she doesn't consider it a positive development. She doesn't care who is in charge as long as they leave her alone. The guys that are out there now are scary. She tells Luke how she went to crash with a friend after she got beat up, but he wasn't home. So she stayed with a nice lady across the hall. The lady really wanted to help, but she had to leave. When Tammy was alone, she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and then everything went black for a while. She woke up with a monster hangover, the kind you get from really serious drugs. The friend who wasn't home has been arrested for a murder that happened while she was in a drugged out haze. Luke is shocked to hear that Alan Quartermaine is Tammy's friend who has been arrested for murder.

Tammy knows that Alan is a friend of Luke's and she thought he could help. Tammy explains how she met Alan at Luke's place a while back. She has been spending a lot of time with him lately and she doesn't think he is the right frame of mind to murder anyone. Tammy is also sure that the lady across the hall isn't responsible. Luke asks if Tammy is afraid that she killed the dealer. She said herself that she was pretty out of it. Tammy says that she would need a pretty good reason to kill someone and she can't think of one off the top of her head. And besides, she thinks she would remember if she murdered someone. Luke is still suspicious of the "lady across the hall", but Tammy is positive that she is not involved. She can't remember anything. She just has a murky vision of Alan hovering over her. Luke asks is Tammy would recognize the lady across the hall. Tammy says that this is where the story gets really weird. The lady is the police commissioner's wife. Luke is not at all surprised to hear that the mysterious good samaritan lady is Felicia. He says that he has known her for years and she has a natural instinct for disaster. He assures Tammy that he believes her and they decide that the next step is to call Felicia.

AJ arrives at Jason's to visit Carly. Carly asks good naturedly if he is there to kidnap Michael again. She assures him that she and Leticia will not let that happen. AJ says that she was a lot more hospitable the last time he was there. Jason must have got to her. Carly reminds him that his family's track record where Michael is concerned is not good. They tried to kidnap him the night of Emily's birthday, and when Jason's plane crashed. AJ says that he knows that Michael is off limits, but he is there to visit her. Carly laughs and says that if he isn't after Michael, what else does she have that he wants.

Tom's attorney has finished questioning Emily and the judge says that he will hear the arguments for and against a mistrial in his chambers in fifteen minutes. Emily walks over to Nikolas and asks if Liz is all right. Nikolas assures her that Liz is better, Lucky is calming her down. Nikolas tells her she was amazing on the stand. She was incredible, focused and confident. Emily just hopes that she made a dent. Alexis assures her that she was very compelling. Ned agrees saying that Tom's attorney tried to break her and she didn't crack. Alexis was watching the jury and she is sure that every person believed what Emily had to say. Nikolas is concerned that the judge will declare a mistrial. Alexis is sure that if Emily has to give her testimony again, she will be just as convincing. Emily is still concerned that Tom will get off, but Alexis is sure that Dara Jensen will not let that happen. Dara overhears and says that if they have to start over, they will. Ned thinks that that is asking a lot of Emily, opening herself up to another attack. Emily says that she wasn't attacked, she was challenged. Liz was the one who was attacked. And they both have the truth on their side, Liz just can't tell, but Emily can. It doesn't matter to her how many times she has to get up on the stand, she will do whatever it takes to put Tom Baker in jail. Ned offers Emily a ride home, but she declines saying that she is going to ride home with Nikolas, and besides, she wants to check on Liz. She and Nikolas walk out of the courtroom and find Liz and Lucky sitting on the bench. Liz jumps up and asks what happened, is there a mistrial? Emily tells her not yet. Nikolas explains that the judge is going to hear arguments. Emily says not to worry because if this trial ends another one will begin. Miss Jensen isn't going to back down. Nikolas tells them that Emily was completely unflappable on the stand. Liz apologizes to Emily, but Emily tells her she is the last person who should be apologizing. The important thing is that eventually Tom is going to prison. As they are talking, a bailiff walks by leading none other than Tom. Tom stops when he sees them and makes a comment about four musketeers. The bailiff tries to move him along, but he stops and looks at Liz. He tells her that he hopes she has a better Valentine's Day next year. Unable to control his anger, Lucky lunges towards Tom. He calls him a bastard and puts his hands around Tom's throat. As Nikolas tries to pull him off, Lucky takes a swing at Tom. Taggert jumps in and he and Nikolas pull them apart. Tom is laughing and says that Lucky is completely unhinged. Lucky asks Taggert if he heard what Tom said to Liz. Tom tells Taggert to arrest the little jerk for assault. Lucky is still ready to take Tom on, but Nikolas holds him back and tells him that he is doing exactly what Tom wants. Taggert is furious with the bailiff and tells him that he should take Tom through the basement. He isn't to have contact with anyone. Tom is outraged and asks Taggert is he missed the fact that he was just attacked. Taggert says he must have turned away. He asks if Tom has any bruises or scratches. Taggert announces that the prisoner claims he was assaulted. He asks if anyone saw what happened. Nikolas says that he may have bumped into him by accident and apologizes. Taggert says that no harm was done and instructs the bailiff to take Tom back to his cell. After Tom is gone, Lucky says that he came so close to telling Liz that he was the one who raped her. Liz agrees saying that it was just like the day she spoke to him in jail. Taggert says that when Tom talks, they have to pretend they are deaf. He is a sociopath who gets off on making people crazy. What if one of the witnesses had spoken up about Lucky attacking Tom. Taggert would have had no choice but to arrest Lucky. How would that have looked for their side? Teenage witness charged with courtroom assault. Lucky asks if Tom not only gets away with raping Liz, but he gets to gloat on top of that. Taggert says that they can't fight Tom with words or fists. They have to shut it off and let the law take over. He wishes he cold speed up the process, but he can't. He turns to Liz and tells her that she has had a hell of a day. He apologizes for everything that she has gone through and tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. Why doesn't she do herself a favor next time and stay home. Liz tells him that he is right.

Meanwhile, in the courtroom, Dara tells Tom's attorney that his client is guilty and everyone knows it. Even if they have a new jury, her witnesses will be just as convincing. Emily Quartermaine. Face of an angel, but a steel rod in her spine. Does he really want to take that chance. She offers him a deal.

Felicia arrives at Luke's and is relieved to see Tammy alive and well. Felicia knows about Alan's dealer being killed, but thinks that Tammy is Alan's alibi. Tammy says that Alan didn't kill the dealer. Luke puts two and two together and realizes that whoever killed the dealer thought that Tammy was Felicia. Whoever did this was trying to set up Felicia to get to Mac. Felicia is horrified when she realizes that Luke is right.

AJ assures Carly that he doesn't have a secret agenda. Carly asks him who he thinks he is kidding. She tells him that he is incredibly transparent. AJ says that maybe he is looking for a little inspiration. She doesn't give up and that is a quality he admires. He gave up drinking, but then he froze. Now he is back at Quartermaine central. Carly jokingly offers to write him a recommendation to Ferncliff. AJ laughs and says that at least her father wasn't arrested for murder. Carly is shocked when AJ explains about Alan being a drug addict and now being held for murder. AJ says that between Alan's drug problem and Emily's blackmail mess, the court wouldn't award the Q's a puppy. She doesn't have anything to worry about where Michael's custody is concerned. Carly is sorry to hear about Alan, but AJ assures her that he didn't come there for her sympathy. Carly always knows what she wants, and for some reason, AJ wants to help her get it. He offers to help Carly find a house, front her the money, whatever. He doesn't know how she can stand living in Robin's little haven in the woods. Isn't she dying for a place of her own? Before Carly can answer, Jason walks in and does not look happy to see AJ sitting in his living room. Jason tells AJ that it is time to go. AJ assures him that he hasn't even laid eyes on Michael, but Jason orders him to leave. After AJ leaves, Carly looks at Jason and realizes that something else is wrong. Jason tells her that Moreno's men jumped Johnny and beat him up pretty good.

Luke explains to Felicia and Tammy how a drugged up police commissioner's wife in bed with a dead drug dealer would be a pretty good bargaining chip for Moreno. Tammy can't figure out why Alan would take the rap for the murder. Then she realizes that Alan thought that she did it and was trying to protect her. Tammy wonders how a decent guy like Alan finds himself in a mess like this. Felicia thinks that they should tell Mac, but Tammy wants to go see Alan first. Of course she can't let Alan take the fall for her. Felicia says that she can arrange for Tammy to see Alan, but it may take some time. Luke offers to let Tammy stay at the club but warns her that his track record for protection isn't so good. He also points out that Moreno probably won't hit the same place twice. Tammy agrees and decides to hide out in Felicia's room on Courtland St. until she can arrange to see Alan. They thank Luke for figuring everything out.

Liz and Lucky are back in Lucky's room sitting on his bed. Lucky tells Liz that when they were in the courtroom, he felt her start to tremble and he read the look on her face, he knew that she was remembering that night and he didn't know how to stop her. Liz says that she thinks she has stopped. Something sort of clicked in her mind when she saw Lucky attack Tom. Lucky says that he shouldn't have done that. Tom wanted them to react. Liz says that that is the point. Tom is good at pushing buttons. Today she saw him push Lucky's. Tom makes himself the focus and that puts him in control. As long as she keeps reacting to Tom, she will never be free of him. If he can make her angry or sad, it's almost like he is still forcing himself on her. She has to take that power away from him. Lucky agrees. It's like Taggert says, she has to shut him down in her mind. Liz laughs and asks how long Lucky has been telling her that. Lucky points out that saying it is easier than actually doing it. Liz says that it isn't just her. Tom did it to Lucky. She saw it. She watched him work. It was like a bell went off. This is what Tom does. Don't let him do it again. And, she doesn't know why, but at that moment, she could almost feel herself disengage. She was here and then she was there. She just doesn't know why it took her so long. Lucky says that it didn't take all that long. Liz says that the trial can go on without her. Stop, start, whatever. She thinks that she is finally getting to a place where Tom Baker can't reach anymore. She smiles and she and Lucky hug.

Jason comes back home to find Carly resting on the couch. Carly says that she was going to go looking for him, but she didn't know where to start. Jason says that he went to Michael's tree. Carly is surprised that he went that far and asks if he feels any better. Carly tells him that she wants to help. Whatever he needs. She can listen or whatever. Jason explains that Moreno went after Johnny to see how he would react. If he does nothing, then he is retired. If he strikes back, then he is back in the business for good. His priority is Michael. He doesn't want to put him in danger. Carly assures him that Michael will always be safe with him, no matter what. She tells Jason that he is who he is. He can't be someone else. Jason says that he is Michael's father and his job is to keep Michael safe. Carly says that there are lots of ways to be safe in the world and a million ways to get hurt, like having a frustrated Dad.

Ned and Alexis are having dinner. As Ned is telling Alexis that he feels somewhat responsible for Emily's predicament since he supported her modeling, Emily and Nikolas arrive. Emily asks Ned about things at home and her tells her that nothing has changed. Alexis invites them to join her and Ned, but Emily politely declines. Alexis congratulates Emily again and tells her she deserves a nine-course meal. Emily laughs and says please, I'm a model. Emily and Nikolas leave to sit at their own table. After they go, Alexis says that Emily is a very impressive young woman. Ned says that that is pretty high praise from the most impressive woman he knows.

At their own table, Nikolas tells Emily that he is surprised that she can remain focused considering all the things happening at home. Emily says that as soon as Liz exploded in the courtroom, she looked at Tom and he had this hateful smirk. She just wanted to wipe it off his face. Nikolas raises his glass and they toast to wiping the smirk off of Tom's face.

The phone is ringing in Lucky's apartment, but noone is there. Dara Jensen leaves a message on the machine saying that they made a deal with Tom. He has plead guilty to third degree larceny and he is on his way to prison.

Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky are in the park. Lucky asks if Liz is cold, but she says no. She loves this, when everything is sprinkled with fresh snow. It's like the world is immaculate. And the stars, look at them. Isn't it great. Lucky is watching Liz look at the stars and says that they are beautiful. Liz agrees that they really are beautiful. She never thought that she would see that again, but she does. Lucky smiles and walks over to Liz. He takes her hand and kisses her. Liz puts her arms on Lucky's as they continue to kiss.

Thursday, December 10, 1998

The Q's are gathered in the living room looking very solemn. They are all dressed in black and looking at a picture of Alan. Monica picks up the photograph and tells everyone that this is how they will remember Alan. The whole family walks into the next room where a coffin is sitting covered with flowers. As they look sadly at the coffin, Alan's voice is heard saying that he is still alive. Suddenly, Alan sits up on his cot in his jail cell and starts screaming. He was dreaming. The guard comes and tells him to be quiet. He has a visitor.

Edward and Monica are in the Q's living room. Edward says that he heard Emily talking to Lila and he wonders why she isn't at school. Monica explains that Emily's vice principal called earlier and practically begged her to keep Emily home. Apparently the school is not equipped to deal with swarms of news vans and reporters. Edward angrily says that it is all because of those nude photos. He asks if this thing will ever die. Monica points out that Emily is handling the whole situation with more grace and aplomb than Edward is. Emily enters the room pushing Lila in her wheelchair. Lila says that she and Emily have a question. Emily says that they were kind of wondering when Edward and Monica were planning on telling them the truth about what happened with Alan. Jason is at the garage talking to Leticia on the phone. As he finishes his conversation, Felicia arrives. She asks Jason what he knows about a man named Moreno.

Alexis arrives at Jax's. When he answers the door promptly at her knock, she teasingly tells him that it isn't good to be so needy this early in their relationship. Next time, count to ten. Jax says that to save face he has no choice but to leave for a business trip to Singapore. Alexis tells him that she knows a short cut to the airport that will save hour in traffic. Jax asks her what he is going to do with this hour that she is going to save him. Alexis tells him that he will discover the wonder and the glory that is her.

Nikolas is in the park teaching Lesley Lu to play soccer. Luke is watching from the bushes. As Lesley Lu chases after the ball, Luke emerges from the bushes and angrily says that if Nikolas is the babysitter, he is fired. Nikolas says, no. He is the brother and the son of the father that Luke killed on this day years ago.

Luke offers to give an accurate eye witness account of how Stavros died. He was there, but out of the blackness of his heart, he isn't going to tell. Lesley Lu sees Luke and runs up to give him a hug. Luke gives Lesley Lu a stuffed toy as a present. A woman arrives in the park and immediately recognizes Nikolas. She says that her daughter Peggy wants to know if Lesley Lu can play on the swings. Lesley Lu runs off with Peggy and her mother. Nikolas tells Luke that the woman is his new neighbor. If Luke still had a home or any connection to the people who live in it, she would live two doors down. She knows him and Lucky and she seems to really like Laura, but she never mentions Lesley Lu's father. Probably because when there is something ugly or unhappy in a family people tend to sense it and step away from it. They don't want to cause pain. He'd be surprised if Laura ever heard Luke's name anymore. Luke tells Nikolas not to stop there. Tell him everything. Lets' hear the state of life and parenthood according to the littlest Cassadine.

The guard takes Alan to the visitor's room and he is surprised to see Tammy waiting for him. He is very happy to see her. She tells him that he looks like hell. Alan tells her that she shouldn't have come. He asks if she used her real name when she signed in. Tammy tells him that she didn't kill that man any more than he did. She asks Alan to tell her what happened. Alan is surprised that she doesn't know. Tammy explains that she was out cold, she thinks it was chloroform. Alan asks about the bruises. Tammy says that they weren't from the dealer, they were from before. That is why she was staying at Felicia's. Felicia called him at the clinic for her. Alan explains that he came home and knocked on Felicia's door. It was open so he went in. There was stuff thrown all over the place and then he saw her in bed with the dealer and he was dead. He didn't want them to find the dealer with Tammy so he took the body out and told the cops he did it. Tammy asks why he did it. What is she that he would do a thing like this for her? Alan says that he did it because she is good and kind. She was there for him when nobody else was. This is not her kind of life, he knows that. She is young and smart. She is going to move on and do better things. He is done and finished. He had a great life and he threw it all away. It's only by the grace of God that he is still alive. He just thought it would be less of a waste if he did this for her. Tammy asks how many lives he saved as a doctor. When Alan says probably none, she says that now he saved hers.

Jason tells Felicia that she came to the wrong guy. If some other blonde lady got into trouble instead of her, she should go to her husband, the police commissioner. Felicia says that Mac is out of town. And it gets worse. Tammy wasn't the one who got arrested. Alan was and now he is sitting in a jail cell being held for murder. Jason says that Alan is a junkie, he is capable of anything. Felicia explains that she called Alan to help Tammy and that he had no idea what he was getting into and neither did she. Jason asks if the dealer knew who she was. Felicia says that he didn't let on, but he must have. She and Luke think that Moreno must have been trying to set her up to blackmail Mac. Jason suggests that Felicia and Mac are Robin's family. Felicia asks if he thinks that Moreno is daring Jason to do something. Why would he, Jason is no threat is he. She puts two and two together and asks Jason if Moreno wants a showdown.

When Jason doesn't answer, Felicia suggests that he call Robin and tell her not to come home. Jason says that Robin is not threat, and when she comes home Jason has everything he wants and Moreno isn't going to pull him into anything. Felicia thanks him for his help. Carly arrives and is wearing a new Russian Sable coat. Felicia is surprised when she learns that the coat was a gift from Jason. She says life must be good for Carly, and she hears that it is going to get even better when Robin comes home and Carly gets her own place.

Edward and Monica have come clean about Alan to Lila and Emily. They explain that the DA is adamantly opposed to bail. Lila says that it isn't up to the DA, but Monica points out that the judge agreed. Emily says that she should have said something. She is probably the only one who knew how bad it was for so long. Alan had a lot of secrets and she kept some of them for him. Like Monica's diamond bracelet. Katherine didn't steal it, Alan did and sold it for drugs. By the time Emily found out, Alan had already spent the money and Emily had to give him her allowance. He said it was for groceries, but Emily thinks it was for those pills. She can't understand what he gets out of them because when he gave some to her, all they did was make her dizzy and sick to her stomach. Monica is appalled that Alan gave her the painkillers. Emily asks if they remember when she hurt her neck. She explains that she didn't really hurt her neck in gym class, she was in a car accident with Alan. He gave her the pills in case she needed them, but he ended up taking them back. She is sorry she lied, but she only did it because...she stops because she is too choked up to speak. Lila finishes her sentence for her saying she did it because he is her father and she loves him. Emily says that she remembers once when they told her that is hard to know how to show someone that you love them. Now she knows what they meant. When she had all of her drug problems, they were so supportive. They tried to understand. With Alan, they lied for him, they yelled at him, they locked him out of the house. She tells them that she wants Reginald to take her somewhere, alone. Monica protests, knowing that she wants to see Alan. Emily says that if they are worried about her, Reginald can wait outside, but please don't tell her not to go because she doesn't want to disobey them.

Nikolas tells Luke that some things have changed since he's been gone. He left his family to manage without him and guess what they did? Laura decided not to be alone and Lucky decided not to hate everyone. If it was a mistake for Luke to leave than it was a mistake for him to come back. He destroyed everything he had here and all the Cassadine's had to do was watch. Damn, why didn't they think of that before? Luke says that they are a pretty slow crowd. But this bright rosy picture he paints of the inhabitants of the Spoon Island spa and resort is nice. The Cassadines and the Spencers all in hand knit sweaters riding ponies off into the sunset. There is his daughter with her tight-lipped nanny and his son sharing Nikolas' tutor. There is his wife snuggling up to man that Nikolas calls Uncle who raised him like a Father. Luke tells Nikolas that he is pathetic. He never questioned Stefan. Who is the man that Nikolas calls Uncle?

Nikolas tells Luke to go ahead. Take his best shot. Does his Uncle have some dark secret? What did he do? Sleep with a chorus girl? Forget to return some library books? What? I'm sure there is no end to his villainry? Luke says that the temptation to fire on him is great considering that he has become more arrogant and irritating than ever, but he thinks he will wait. It would be like squirrel hunting with a scud missile. Noisy, messy, not much of a pelt left. He can get bigger bang for his buck. Nikolas says that that is just like him. It doesn't matter that he ends up hurting the people he is supposed to care about. Laura, Lesley Lu and even Lucky. The neighbor returns with Lesley Lu. She apologizes because Lesley Lu lost her stuffed animal. Nikolas leaves to take her home leaving Luke alone in the park.

Emily has arrived to visit Alan. She tells him that Monica told her everything. Alan apologizes for Monica having to be with him instead of with her in court yesterday. He said that he read in the newspaper that she was great. Emily is surprised that he gets the paper. Alan explains that they think he is a big deal here. He asked them to help him out and they got him the article about her from the front page. He is sorry that he wasn't around to protect her. Emily asks how he can even think about her considering where he is. He tells that he is still her father and she is still her girl. Emily says that she is only his girl because he loved her first. He is the reason that she is a Quartermaine. She starts to cry and says that she was really angry when her Mom died. She felt stupid and ugly and alone. She thought that no one could ever love her again. Until Alan convinced her that he did. That is when she knew that she loved him too. Alan says that he took her precious heart and broke it again and again. He asks how Emily can ever forgive him? How can anyone?

Monica tells Edward that Emily was right. When Emily had her drug problem, Monica never felt wounded or betrayed or abused. She just wanted to help her daughter. When it was Alan, all she could feel was anger and denial. Edward asks Monica when it is time to put the problems are in God's hands because theirs are too small to hold them anymore. There are very few problems that are simple enough to pay someone by the hour to solve. It worked with Emily, but hers was a different crisis. She didn't know who she was to them. She needed to know that she was theirs and that they would love her no matter what. Alan had everything that a man could need. He had talent, money, good looks, an education. He had a wise, loving and beautiful wife. What else could a man need? It is possible to reach a point of utter exhaustion. Monica asks if that is when you give up? Are they there? Alexis is trying to convince Jax to sell Acme sprockets, but he is just toying with her. Alexis says that she came because Jax doesn't like Ned and she is an innocent observer. She has no idea what a sprocket is. She does understand that the big cranes that unload the ships were designed to use sprockets with certain specifications. It would take 18 months to find a new source. And the port loses money every day it can't unload ships. Jax says that she is appealing to his civic pride. Alexis asks if that isn't good? Jax says that when a man has been arrested, stripped of everything he owns and coerced into ruining his own reputation, one should wait at least six months before calling upon him to act like an upstanding citizen. Jax writes a number down on a piece of paper and tells Alexis that that is what he paid for Acme Sprockets. He tells her to multiply by 4 and that is where the bidding starts.

Alexis says that she forgot her calculator and writes a new number down. She says that that is the number she has been authorized to offer with one third in cash. Of course, giving him their final offer first takes the suspense out of it, but she knows that he has a plane to catch. Jax crosses out Alexis' number and writes down a new one. He says too bad that was her final offer, because they could be uncorking champagne as they speak if she gives him the new number all in cash and wire transfers it to his Swiss bank account today. Alexis points out that it is past the close of business in Zurich and says that she can do it by 10 AM tomorrow. Jax says that would be fine except that now he has missed his plane. Her airport shortcut is of no use to him. He will have to take his jet. Oh, did he say his jet? He meant the ELQ jet. Alexis says she can't do that. Jax tells her to think of the 18 months as an opportunity. Alexis says that she can give him use of the jet for 24 hours. Jax says 30 days. Alexis agrees, but Jax is responsible for refueling. They shake on the deal and Alexis says that he wasn't the sultan of sprockets for long, but they were good to him. Jax says that he was born lucky, that is what he always told Brenda. After Alexis leaves. Jax pulls Brenda's bracelet from his pocket. He looks at it and tells Brenda to stay with him. She is what he has instead of luck. Alan tells Emily that he is so ashamed for the things he has done. How he has hurt her. In tears, Emily tells him to stop. She has food to eat, clothes on her back and a place to live, a name and a family. All because of him. She doesn't care that he is a drug addict. She loves him, like no one else in the world. When she falls in love and gets married he will still be the perfect man to her. He is gentle and funny and he finds things in her that no one else can find. Nobody is going to take that away from her. She isn't done loving him yet and she wants him back. Alan says that she makes him want to make 100 promises, but he knows he shouldn't. Alan asks if he needs someone to look up to, is it ok if he looks up to her? Emily is crying so hard that she is unable to answer. She hangs up the phone and she lays her head down on the table.

Carly is on the phone with Leticia and Jason and Felicia are still talking about what happened. Jason tells Felicia that if Moreno killed the dealer, they will never find a murder weapon. Another thing about Moreno, he keeps coming back. If he's convinced that Mac is in the way, he will be back again. Carly hangs up the phone and says that she has to go home. Felicia offers to help her house hunt, but Carly tells her that she is too busy and it will have to wait until next week. Felicia asks if that isn't a little long to wait since Robin is coming home, but Carly blows her off.

Felicia runs into to Tammy on Courtland St.. Tammy tells Felicia that she went to see Alan. She thinks he is crazy because he still wants to take the blame. Felicia says that she knows that Tammy wants to help Alan, but they shouldn't do anything yet. She says that it is going to get worse before it gets better. If she is going to shield Tammy, she is going to have to tell Mac everything. Felicia assures Tammy that she will be safe and she is sure that the Q's will look out for Alan. Emily arrives home and finds Monica in the living room. She tells Monica that Alan wasn't himself, but he was a little better. Monica points out that his pill supply has been temporarily cut off. Emily says that Alan loves them, but he is having a hard time finding his way home. She remembers what that felt like. She knows that Monica doesn't trust him, but, with tears in her eyes, she begs her not to think it's impossible that Alan can change and become the old Alan again. Because if Monica thinks it's impossible, then it is. She doesn't have to believe it, just try to think it and maybe it will happen. Monica promises that she will try.

Alan is alone in his cell rocking back and forth and mumbling to himself in a monotone voice. I lost my job. I put my patients in danger. I robbed my wife. I gave my daughter drugs. I spent her allowance on pills. I stole a gun. I threatened a life...

Carly suggests to Jason that they not go home. She wants to show off her new coat. Michael is safe with Leticia, so why not? As Luke finds Lesley Lu's toy in the park, Stefan walks up. He says what a coincidence, I was just chatting with your wife. Luke says what a coincidence, I was just chatting with your son.

Friday, December 11

Carly drags Jason to Jake's, the seedy pool hall where they used to hang out. Carly tells Jason she wants to sit at their usual table. Carly was determined to have a good time and does her best to remind Jason of the good old days, but he's not the nostalgic type. Carly asks Jason to dance. He wonders about her hurt ankle. Another guy comes over and asks Carly to dance. She accepts and dances sexy to try to make Jason jealous, however it doesn't work. Jason is watching them. After Carly finishes dancing, the guy tries to come onto Carly. She informs him who her date is, and the guy leaves her alone. Carly returns to her table and complains to Jason about how he is ignoring her. Jason amusingly tells her that he can see that she was busy. She tells him that the guy had his hands all over her and asked if Jason even noticed. He tells her he did notice, but didn't see a problem with it since Carly was the one who put the guys hands there. She then wonders why he's not jealous when another man looks at her. Jason tells Carly he is happy with Robin and doesn't think of other women. He also tells her that he has no ties to her and if she wants a guy and likes him, who is he to stop her. Carly is disappointed by his answer, but still continues her cat and mouse game. While Jason is busy eating, Carly brings up the topic of sex and says she doesn't see the big deal in discussing two friends who had sex. Jason corrects her and says, no two strangers who had sex. Carly says whatever, but wonders why Jason now finds the topic morally objectionable. Jason tells her it's like the long distance people who keep calling, he's happy with his current provider, meaning Robin. (I thought Robin & Jason weren't having sex, because of her HIV status?) Carly tells him that he should consider her his ex-lover. She explains to Jason that when you've had a relationship with another person, you sometimes feel certain things. He corrects her again and says "felt certain things", but she says feel, like in the present. She continues by saying that they want the other person to be happy in their new relationship, but there is still a part of them that wants things to be back the way they were. She says that there will always be an attraction to the other person, a physical desire. She pushes him into complimenting her appearance by putting herself down. He does and she gets happy and invites him to dance, but Jason would rather play pool. As they continue to play pool, Jason has won a few games in a row. He suggests that she could play better with her coat off. She just wants to show it off. He says that she looks hot, then explains that it must be a warm coat. She goads him into dancing with her again. Jason takes the bait and leads her to the small dance floor. She flings off her coat and tells him to come here because she is hot. She holds him close while they dance with a big smile on her face and then starts kissing his neck. She says that she still has the key to the room upstairs that he gave her. He asks her why she saved it. She says that if he hadn't have given her the key, there wouldn't have been no Michael and if she would have never met him, she thinks she would have probably ended up dead or something. She then wonders who lives there now. Jason says that the bartender says that no one does. She then tells him that she used to like when he would say "would you like to go upstairs?" Jason says nothing and then Carly asks him if he wants to go upstairs.

Stefan runs into Luke at the park and the two men engage in their usual insults of one another. Luke taunts Stefan with the fact that he knows that Nikolas is actually his son, not his nephew. Stefan asks Luke what did he say to Nikolas. Luke tells Stefan that the poker face won't work any more because the cows are out of the barn, the cat's out of the bag, the steam is off the clams, and ain't it a shame. He then tells Stefan that he was so close he could almost taste it, just a couple of more years and the pretender...Nikolas, would be handed and empire that wasn't his and certainly isn't Stefan's. He then ask Stefan what about the others, Helena, Alexis and all the other inbreeds, the joke would be on them wouldn't it. He continues to taunt Stefan by telling him that it should have worked and it could have worked, but Stefan blew it because he couldn't stay away from the boys mother could he? Stefan tells Luke that nothing he says, can he prove because DNA testing was not available at the time of his brother's death. He then tells Luke that the results of Stavros' gene and blood type test are on record at General Hospital and will certainly be compatible with Nikolas's. Luke tells him that the only thing that proves is that Stefan has been diddling around with the GH mainframe. Luke then says that people don't need scientific proof these days, they might believe what is told and if they are like him, all they have to do is think about it and then they will know it's true. Stefan tells him perhaps if they heard from someone other than Luke Spencer, but if it comes from him the malice intended will be obvious. The grand announcement will be dismissed as a lie, a paranoid historical fantasy. Luke asks Stefan if he wants to go find Niky and test his theory. Stefan then asks Luke if it ever embarrasses him when he makes himself seem clownish and impotent. He then says that Luke will say nothing to Nikolas and they both know it. He says he would no more tell Nikolas that he slept with Laura than he would tell him that he sleeps with a bottle of Bourbon, his pride won't let him. Stefan then says that he sees nothing to stop Nikolas from claiming the family legacy. Luke counters by telling Stefan that people have told him before that he should really try to assuage his clownish impotent pride and embrace humility, but it would be too much of a pleasure to see him lose the key to the kingdom and to watch his son spit in his face. He then tells Stefan that he knows how kids react when they walk into the closet and see the skeletons in there that belong to their father. Stefan counters back by telling Luke there's a big difference between learning that your father is alive, at his side and always has been, than learning that he is a rapist. Luke tells Stefan that Stefan worships him, he has filled ever inch of his lonely miserable brain with graven images of him and in a way it's really flattering to be the concept and icon that has kept Stefan going and trying to do better than Luke Spencer came in handy after Stefan's big brother went to his award, didn't it.

Luke then tells Stefan ever since he found out about that night between him and Laura 20 years ago, he's been like a man holding on to a life raft. He's taken that knowledge out and looked at it and let it's splendor feel the room and hoarded it like money and then he made his move and thought that by having Lucky call him a rapist was going to destroy him, but he's only partially bruised. He then tells Stefan let's see what happens when his son calls him father. A name that would make most men proud, but in Stefan's case, it's a curse, because as soon as he calls Stefan father the whole house of unsent father's day cards will come falling down and Stefan will lose everything, including the son in question. Stefan tries to confidently tell Luke that Nikolas will not turn against him. Luke says oh really, if his son felt betrayed, how does he think Nikolas is going to feel. Lucky felt betrayed because of one hour that happened along time ago that was none of his business, but Nikolas is going to have to deal with a whole lifetime of Stefan spoon feeding him fantasy and of Stefan feeling his veins of fake blood and making him celebrate bogus high holy days like this one. He then tells Stefan that of course Nikolas will hate his guts, but he can take comfort in the fact that knowing that his life expectancy will go way down as soon as Helena finds out that the kid she's been kowtowing to all these years is not her precious Stavros' son, he's none other than Stefan's spawn.

Jerry sets up a romantic dinner for Bobbie, but plans get ruined when Tony decides to crash the situation by showing up. Jerry calls Tony a stalker. Jerry apologizes to Bobbie for Tony being there. Bobbie tells Jerry that's okay she's use to this, she's Tony's inspiration and he just can't seem to get enough of her. Tony tells Bobbie he was actually on his way down to Richmond Avenue, when he just happened to notice Jerry pulling extension cords and charcoal from a catering fan. So he thought he take a look, thinking naturally that another warehouse was about to go up in flames, but then he realized the only thing Jerry was burning was dinner. So then he took a couple of shrimp kabobs, because after all it is his child support money that is paying for all of this. Bobbie tells Tony don't be ridiculous. Tony tells her it's a matter of public record that Jerry doesn't have a dime. Bobbie tells Tony that Jerry is working as a consultant and if Tony can get a job, any one can. Tony makes cruel comments about most people who say they are consulting are usually using people, laundering money etc. Tony then says that Jerry can explain his financial dealings to the judge in the new custody hearing. Jerry wonders what it will take to get rid of Tony. What would get you out of Bobbie's life? Bobbie congratulates Tony on doing his community service so well. She remembers what kind of man he used to be. But you are not that man anymore. To be a father is a full time job. She reminds him that he threatened to take Lucas and just disappear. She won't live without Lucas, and he can't expect her to forget that threat. Tony then tells Bobbie about his new Job and that a custody hearing to lift her lawsuit against him is closer than she thinks and with any luck, maybe he'll be able to hand Lucas his Christmas gift in person with the consent of the law. Tony says that he is done ruining their dinner, even though he has ruined Bobbie's life. Jerry offers to take Bobbie home. Bobbie says that Jerry must be wondering why he ever got involved with him. Jerry tells her he just wishes he had met her before Tony did. They sit and have there dinner and Jerry is spinning tales to Bobbie, about his invisible tattoo. Luke shows up at Bobbie and Jerry's dinner, and tells Bobbie that he just had an extended conversation with her ex-husband Stefan Cassadine and he wants her to be careful and stay away from the whole crowd including Nikolas. Bobbie asks Luke what is he going to do and Luke tells her that he is taking him down, all the way down. While Jerry sits there amused

Nikolas is at the Spencer house with Lucky. He reminds Lucky that it was 18 years ago today that Luke killed Stavros. Nikolas tells Lucky about Luke's threats and Lucky agrees with Nikolas that Laura, Stefan and Luke are all headed for a disaster. Lucky and Nikolas agreed to distance themselves from Luke and Stefan's feud. Lucky then reveals to Nikolas that Liz is in Florida with her grandmother. Lucky then tells Nikolas about Tom's sentence. They make awkward good-byes and Nikolas apologizes for saying what he did about their parents, they only know the versions that they were told, they didn't see it first hand. Nikolas hopes that it won't change the friendship they now have together. Lucky says why would it and then comments about how Nikolas has changed since he has grown. Nikolas corrects him jokingly that Lucky is the one who has changed. Nikolas then asks Lucky to say bye to Lesley Lu for him and makes a B-line to Katherine's. Shortly after he is gone, Laura comes bursting through the door calling out for Nikolas, Lucky asks her what did Luke do now.

Up in Katherine's room, Katherine tells the hotel doorman that she doesn't feel like moving back into her offices, and will stay at the hotel for a while. She then makes up her bed and thinks of Nikolas. Soon after, she hears his keys turning in the door and rushes to the desk like she has been there working. Nikolas comes in and Katherine asks him about ideas for the charity event, but he just starts kissing her and they start making love. Afterward, Nikolas tells Katherine that today is the anniversary of the day when Luke killed his father, Stavros and his mother had no choice but to pretend he didn't exist. Nikolas apologizes to Katherine for talking about such a depressing topic, and says that he shouldn't complain. He has had the best in life, but he never even knew his father. Katherine says that she always knew Avery, but never knew him to be her father. He asks what it was like to find out. She bypasses the answer by asking what Helena thought of Stavros. Nikolas says that Helena's stories were always about Stavros' triumphs in the social circles, but he could only imagine his uncle. Stefan did everything a father could have done for me, and even has given me my mother back. At that moment, Katherine flashes back to the masquerade ball and running into Laura while Laura handed her a note that Stefan wrote to Laura saying that he was finally giving Nikolas the mother he deserves. Katherine comes out of her memory flashback and Nikolas goes into the bathroom to clean up. Alone sitting on the bed, Katherine has total recall about the night of the masquerade ball and her falling from the parapet. Katherine then remembered back to her conversation with Stefan on the parapet on the night she fell and privately realized that Stefan was Nikolas' father. As she comes out of her memory flashback and the realization of that night, she knocks over something on the night stand and is somewhat in a catatonic state. Nikolas comes out of the bathroom and asks her what is wrong, but all Katherine can do is just look at him...... .

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