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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on GH
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Monday December 21, 1998

As Nikolas arrives at Katherine's door, his cell phone begins to ring. Stefan is trying to reach him. Katherine opens the door and grabs the cell phone out of Nikolas' hand and tells the person on the other end of the line that the party he is trying to reach is unavailable. She throws the phone on the bed and pulls Nikolas into the room. They start kissing passionately. Meanwhile, Stefan is clearly confused by what he just heard and Luke is in the hall outside of Katherine's hotel room smiling wickedly

It is nighttime and Lucky and Liz are sitting outside of Liz's front door talking. Lucky asks Liz if he has told her that he is incredibly impressed. When Liz looks skeptical, Lucky says that she is a talented artist, a painter, and a photographer. Liz says that he may not think so when the pictures come back. Lucky says that he can tell they will be amazing just by her attitude when she was taking them. He thinks she is going to be the next Diane Arbis. Liz points out that Diane Arbis mostly took pictures of freaks. Lucky asks what could be freakier than him and Nikolas and Lulu in the same family photo. Liz thinks they looked adorable, but Lucky still thinks it's weird. Liz says that it is a good weird, like a unicorn. Lucky says that unicorns don't exist, but Liz says that neither did a picture of Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas until tonight. The group portrait of the children of Laura Spencer. A rare and magical sight. Lucky still thinks it isn't in the same category as Unicorns. He Nikolas and Lulu together are much more bizarre. Liz laughs and says that they are like a trio of unicorns. Lucky says that they are a herd of unicorns, all with three eyes. Liz laughs again and teasingly tells him that he is in insane. Lucky says that she is the one taking pictures of three eyed unicorns, which makes Liz laugh even harder. She tells Lucky to stop or they are going to wake up her grandmother. Lucky tells her that one day, the work of Liz Webber is going to hang in the museum of the strange. Liz points out that he will be immortalized and Lucky tells her that he is counting on it. She is his ticket to fame. Liz asks if he is using her for her celebrity. Lucky says that and her fortune, and this...he leans closer and they start to kiss. Suddenly Audrey opens the front door and sees Lucky and Liz sitting outside. She does not look happy.

Alan thanks Mac for all of his help and then asks Felicia if he can talk to her a moment. They walk away leaving Mac and Robin alone. As Robin comments that Alan deserved a second chance, the window behind the bar shatters and shots ring out. Mac grabs Robin and throws her to the floor and everyone else dives for cover. When the shooting stops, Felicia crawls over to Mac who is bleeding profusely. She starts crying hysterically while everyone else looks on in horror.

As V calls for 911, Felicia begs Alan for help. At first, Alan looks like he is shock, but then he springs into action. He determines that Mac has a wound to the thoracic region. He instructs Robin where to put her hands and to how apply pressure. They have to stop the bleeding or Mac will go into hemoragic shock. As Robin continues to apply pressure, Felicia holds Macs hand and tearfully begs him to stay with her.

Liz and Lucky are inside Liz's house being grilled by Audrey. Liz tells her grandmother that she was only an hour late. Lucky points out that it was really only 40 minutes since they were on the porch for a while. Audrey tells Liz that she specifically asked her to call if she was going to be late. This isn't the first time Liz has ignored that request. She asks if Liz is trying to tell her something. Maybe they should get it out in the open. Liz says that they just lost track of time and she doesn't understand what Audrey is accusing her of. Audrey says that she thinks Liz is trying to send her the message that she is going to live by her own rules and pay no attention to Audrey's. Liz denies the accusation and Lucky defends her saying that they really did lose track of the time. Audrey turns to Lucky and tells him that he doesn't have to answer to anyone and it isn't her place to approve or disapprove of that. Liz's situation is different. Her parents entrusted her to Audrey's care. Liz can't understand why Audrey is making such a big deal. Audrey says that she is concerned for Liz's safety. Liz says that she was with Lucky. Audrey tells her that Lucky is a teenage boy, not Superman. He couldn't keep her from getting attacked in the park. Audrey's comment makes Liz angry and she is quick to point out that nothing could have prevented the attack including all of Audrey's rules. Lucky tries to calm Liz down telling her that Audrey has a right to be concerned. Audrey asks Liz if she thinks that she likes being forced into the role of the overwrought shrew pointing her gnarled finger. Audrey turns to Lucky again and asks him if she hasn't made him welcome. She even invited him to live with them for a while. She is concerned about his choices and she doesn't begrudge him the time he spends with Liz. She isn't angry, she is just confused and worried. The more leeway she gives Liz, the more Liz seems to withdraw. She feels like Liz isn't a part of her family anymore. Liz and Lucky are in their own universe. She asks what has happened to make them shut themselves off from the rest of the world.

Mrs. Landsbury comes into Stefan's study and tells him about the incident at the Outback. Stefan is concerned that Nikolas is unprotected. He makes arrangements to go to the mainland.

Luke is sitting outside of Katherine's hotel room waiting for Stefan to show up. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Katherine are inside the room. They make a pretense of talking about the fundraiser while they undress each other. A shirtless Nikolas says between kisses that working with Katherine has aroused some sort of passion in him. He thinks he is going to make fund raising an ongoing event in his life. Katherine says that they should keep their goals in mind, the GH fundraiser. As Nikolas pushes Katherine down on the bed, he says that he agrees that planning the fundraiser will take a lot of time.

Mac is being taken out of the Outback on a stretcher. The paramedics are alerting GH that Mac is on the way. Felicia is still in tears, but tells Mac that she knows that he is tough. He won't leave her like this. She and Maxie and Georgie and Robin need him. She knows that Mac will come back to them strong. She cries as she tells Mac that she loves him and that he is going to be all right. As they wheel the stretcher out, Felicia begs Mac to fight and not to leave her. Meanwhile, Robin is on the phone with Carly explaining what has happened. She tells Carly that she isn't hurt, but Mac was shot. Carly is concerned for her safety and Michael's since the cottage is so isolated. She asks if she should take Michael and run. Robin tells her not to go outside. Stay in the house and lock all the doors and draw the drapes. Stay down and away from the windows. Don't go in the basement because there is only one way out and she could get trapped. Carly wants Robin to contact Jason, but Robin says that she can't. Robin says that she is going to the hospital to be with Mac. She hangs up the phone and turns to Alan. She thanks him for everything and tells him that he probably saved Mac's life. As Robin is getting ready to go to the hospital, Lt. Taggert arrives. He wants to question Robin, but she is too upset and leaves for the hospital. Taggert asks V if she saw anything, but she explains that she was upstairs, but from what she could gather, it came from nowhere. Taggert is sure that it was Moreno.

Liz asks Audrey if they have to do this now. She thinks it is totally inappropriate. Why can't they wait until they are alone. Audrey points out that they rarely are alone since Liz spends all of her time with Lucky. Lucky offers to leave, but Liz doesn't want him to. She asks if Audrey is trying to drive Lucky away. Audrey says that she isn't, but that there is a pattern emerging that she can no longer ignore. When Lucky and Liz go off together, they completely disregard Audrey's rules. Liz is very angry and tells Audrey to just say it. She thinks that Lucky and Liz are having sex. Isn't that what's bothering her? Lucky looks a little uncomfortable and tries to get Liz to stop, but she won't. She tells Audrey that if she really wants to know the deep dark reason they forgot to call, it's pictures. They were taking pictures of Lulu, Nikolas and Lucky for Laura's birthday. If Audrey doesn't believe her, she can ask Nikolas or Emily. Audrey tells Liz to stop right now. She accuses of Liz standing there in her house, quivering with indignation that she would have the nerve to be concerned that her teenage granddaughter is running around at all hours of the day and night unsupervised with her teenage boyfriend. Audrey says that there are all kinds of ways that Liz can get into trouble, and Lucky is certainly one of them. Liz says that she and Lucky aren't having sex. Lucky takes this opportunity to speak up. He tells Audrey that Liz means the world to him and he would never pressure her or put her in an awkward position. He would never take advantage...Liz stops him and tells him that he shouldn't have to apologize for something he didn't even do. She turns to Audrey and says that she and Lucky aren't doing anything wrong. They spend a lot of time together because they like to. If that isn't a good enough answer, then she can just go out her bedroom window any time.

Emily is in her room writing in her journal. She thinks that the picture is going to be great. Lesley Lu looked so happy between her two big brothers. Nikolas and Lucky looked happy too. It's strange to think of a time when Nikolas and Lucky couldn't even be in the same room together without fighting. Liz has changed Lucky. Made him gentler maybe, not as quick to fight. Emily likes to think that she is changing Nikolas too. He doesn't act so formal and adult anymore. He acts more like a regular person. Well, not regular maybe. Nikolas would be amazing even if he weren't a prince. Emily's thoughts are interrupted by a knock on her bedroom door. She asks who it is and then asks Edward to wait a minute while she puts her journal away. Edward comes into the room and good naturedly asks Emily if she was buying time until that Cassadine fellow could scamper out the window. Emily points out that Nikolas dropped her off at the front door an hour ago. She asks Edward if he remembers that, after all her was the one spying out the window. Edward says that it is important to realize that people are checking up on her. And people her age are not known for their good judgment. Edward is worried that they have been neglecting her. She says that she is doing fine. Edward points out that her father is a drug addict. Emily defends Alan saying that he is an ex-drug addict. Edward agrees, but points out that Alan is barely in recovery. Not to mention the fact that Emily was blackmailed and she had to testify at Tom's trial. Her parents have been too wrapped up in their own problems to notice her, but Edward and Lila notice. And they want to make sure that she is all right.

Luke is still posted in the hall outside Katherine's room. Stefan arrives and is about to knock on the door. He stops when he hears Nikolas and Katherine inside. Their conversation is clearly not about business. Nikolas and Katherine fall to the floor inside the room and continue their lovemaking while Stefan listens on the other side of the door.

Emily is sitting on her bed next to Edward holding his hand. She tells him that things aren't perfect, but they are a lot better. Tom is in prison and Alan is on the road to recovery. She tells Edward about her visit to Alan in jail. Edward says that he is happy for her. He also was concerned about Alan, but Alan is an adult. Emily is still growing up and he doesn't want her to do it by herself. He doesn't want her to think that they have forgotten about her. Emily says that she knows they care. And she is very glad that they trust her enough to let her handle things on her own. Not the blackmail of course, but with friends and stuff. She is happy that they trust her enough to let her pick people that they all know are good for her. Lucky, Liz and Nikolas are good for her. Edward asks what they did tonight. Emily says that they went to Lucky's apartment to take pictures of Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu for Laura's birthday. She laughs and says that it was fun to watch because it reminded her of when the Q's had a photographer come to the house in an attempt to get a family photo. It was six months after she came to live with them and it was the first time she really realized that she was part of the family. Even now when she looks at that picture, she is so glad that she has something to remind her that she has brothers. What she is trying to say is that she is a Quartermaine. And she is ok. She knows that they love her. She and Edward hug.

Audrey tells Liz that when she was a girl, defying authority figures held a broad range of negative repercussions. Bullying them was inexcusable. Liz says that she isn't bullying Audrey. Audrey agrees but says that Liz is trying her very best. Audrey says that there are times that she wishes she had been less lenient and more of a disciplinarian. Like it or not, she is in charge. If Liz can't live with that there will have to be some changes and they will not involve her bedroom window. They will involve a call to her parents. Liz is upset and asks Audrey if she wants her to leave. Lucky tries to calm Liz down and says that Audrey is just saying that next time Liz should call. He promises Audrey that they will. Audrey apologizes to Lucky saying she had no intention of attacking him. She knows that he cares for Liz and that he worries about her too. Audrey says that she needs to know where Liz is. If it is late, she needs Liz to be home. Lucky is welcome to accompany her. Audrey has no intention of intruding on their visits, but she will not be ignored or manipulated. Lucky looks at Liz, waiting for her to say something. She tells Audrey that she is sorry for over reacting. And she is sorry for not calling and for that window thing. Lucky promises that they won't make her worry again. Audrey says that she thinks that that would be best. She wishes them both goodnight and goes upstairs.

V and Taggert are discussing the shooting. V thought that Robin had been hit because she had so much of Mac's blood on her. Taggert points out that Robin may have been the target considering Jason's former mob connections. He asks one of the police officers to go pick up Jason Morgan, but V tells him that Jason is out of town and unreachable. Taggert thinks it is kind of suspicious that Jason has left so close to Christmas. Taggert tells the police officer to pick up Sonny's father, but Dara steps in and tells him that he may want to rethink that.

Felicia is at the hospital with Robin and is close to hysterical because she hasn't heard anything about Mac's condition. She sees Bobbie and begs her for information. Bobbie explains that Mac has lost a lot of blood, but the major concern is that a bullet has punctured his lung. The doctor was able to inflate the lung and insert a chest tube, but Mac is going to need surgery immediately. As Bobbie leaves to prep for surgery Monica arrives. She confirms what Bobbie has already said and reassures Felicia that they have a first rate surgical team. Felicia is somewhat relieved and says thank God for Alan. Monica is surprised to hear that Alan was there. Alan arrives and Felicia runs over to him and thanks him profusely for everything he did. She says that she will never forget everything he did for their family, as long as she lives. Monica watches as Felicia continues to thank Alan. Felicia tells Alan that the paramedics said that Mac would have bled to death if it weren't for him. Alan modestly tells Felicia that she was just as instrumental in Mac's survival by being there and holding his hand. Monica is impressed that Alan was able to take control in a life or death situation and Alan agrees that it felt good to be able to help.

Taggert is surprised that Dara has interfered. Dara says that if Taggert pulls Mike Corbin in without probable cause he will be jeopardizing his career. She tells him to do it by the book. Nobody is better at what they do then he is. Don't get sidelined now. Dara says that she wants Taggert to nail Moreno, but he can't do it if he is benched. She asks him to do them all a favor and send for Mike Corbin in the morning. Tagget agrees, but tells Dara to remember this conversation if Mike Corbin is dead in the morning.

As Nikolas and Katherine are getting dressed, someone knocks on the door. Nikolas wants Katherine to ignore whoever it is, but Katherine thinks that would be suspicious. She asks who it is and is somewhat relieved to find out that it is room service. She forgot to sign the bill earlier. She sends Nikolas to hide in the bathroom and answers the door, looking a little disheveled since her shirt is buttoned all wrong. The hotel employee thanks her saying that the night manager is a stickler. After the bellhop goes, Katherine hands Nikolas his watch and suggests that it might be time for him to get home. Nikolas reluctantly agrees saying that he doesn't want to have to answer too many questions from his Uncle. He kisses Katherine goodbye. He smiles and says that maybe his uncle is asleep. Katherine says that even if Stefan is asleep, he would have one eye open watching for Nikolas. Nikolas laughs and kisses her one last time before he goes.

Audrey has gone to bed and Lucky and Liz are in Audrey's living room. Liz is wondering what tonight was all about. She is home, she is here, but that doesn't make Audrey happy. She has to go out of her way to be horrible. Liz sits on the couch next to Lucky and asks how he can be so reasonable. Audrey makes her want to scream. Liz says that it's almost like it bothers Audrey that she and Lucky are happy. Lucky is the best thing in her life, the best thing ever. She just can't stand to have Audrey messing with that. Lucky tells her that Audrey can't mess them up. Nobody can. They're solid. He leans over and takes Liz into his arms and hugs her reassuringly.

Nikolas has arrived at Wyndemere. He finds Stefan in his study waiting for him. He tells Nikolas about the shooting at the Outback and says that he was concerned about Nikolas. He is relieved that Nikolas is home safely. Nikolas tells him that there is nothing to worry about. Stefan says that he is worried with the hours Nikolas has been keeping and his working companion. Katherine is not the woman she used to be. Nikolas seems to have forgotten that Katherine has an agenda with their family. Nikolas defends Katherine saying that her only agenda is the bachelor's auction. He is really enjoying his work and he plans to continue his fund raising efforts with Katherine even when the auction is over. Stefan is clearly not pleased with this news. Nikolas wishes him goodnight and leaves. Once he has gone, Stefan makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end of the line that he needs to see him/her immediately. It's about Katherine Bell.

Luke is alone in his office. He pours himself a drink. He is laughing hysterically as he toasts romance. Long may she wave.

Against V's advice, Taggert has gone to the hospital to try to question Robin. He wants to know if Jason is back in the organization. Robin refuses to answer questions and leaves when Bobbie shows up. Bobbie tells Felicia and Robin that Mac's first procedure is completed and now they just have to wait.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

It's Laura's birthday and Stefan has sent her a bouquet of daisies. Nikolas and Lucky drop by to help her celebrate. They give Laura her birthday present - a photo of the three of them. Laura loves it and starts to cry. They boys play ball with Loulou and notice the flowers. Nikolas asks who they are from and Laura tells him that Stefan sent them. The boys don't stay long. They leave together and Laura longingly looks at the photo they gave her which is beside the photo of her and Luke.

Mac made it through surgery last night and Bobbie tells Felicia and Robin that he needs one more surgery. Bobbie reassures them that he has the best surgical team and that she will be there with him. Jax shows up to see how Robin is doing. He asks where Jason is and Robin tells him that he had to go out of town and doesn't even know about the shooting. She is unable to reach him but she is sure that he will be calling the cottage and Carly will tell him, but she can't worry about that right now. She's too worried about her uncle. Jerry shows up and Jax lights into him. Jerry spent the night taking care of Lucas while Bobbie was assisting in Mac's surgery. Jax points out Felicia and Robin and tells Jerry that he is a partly responsible for what has happened to Mac because he used to work for the mob laundering their money. Jerry admits that he used to be involved and it never bothered him but he has recently taken a look at himself and his life's actions and doesn't like the person that he was. He no longer wants to be involved in that kind of life.

Felicia worries that she should have seen Mac before he went back into surgery. She tells Robin how much her and the girls love Mac. She tells her she wishes she had never heard of Moreno. Robin tries to take on the blame by saying she is the one that made Jason retire and when he did, he sold the territory to Moreno. If she hadn't made Jason retire, Moreno wouldn't be a problem. And Mac would be safe. Felicia tells Robin that she can't be blamed for Moreno's actions. She was right in getting Jason to quit. Moreno is just a bad man.

V has been staying with Felicia's girls while Felicia is at the hospital. V brings Maxie to the hospital to see Felicia. Maxie saw the news on TV and heard about Mac. She tells Felicia that she turned the TV off before Georgie saw it and won't let Georgie watch cartoons or listen to the radio so that she won't get scared. Felicia hugs her and tells her what a big girl she is. Maxie gives Felicia her teddy bear that she had with her when she was in the hospital years ago getting a heart transplant. She tells Felicia she knows it won't heal Mac but maybe it will give him the comfort that it gave her. After Maxie leaves, Felicia breaks down and cries with Robin.

Bobbie joins Felicia and Robin. Mac is out of surgery. He is still critical and is in ICU. Felicia begs to see him for a few minutes. Bobbie lets her go in. Felicia sits by Mac's bed holding his hand and tells him to keep breathing. If he concentrates on his breathing, then he'll live. She tells him how much they all need him - Robin, Maxie, Georgie and she. Felicia gives Mac the teddy bear. She tells him how much her girls love him and depend on him and how much she loves him.

Lucky comes to the hospital to see Audrey at her request. Audrey is very sweet and cordial and invites him to have Christmas dinner with her and Liz. Lucky graciously accepts. As he is leaving, he runs into Luke. Luke invites the little cowboy to a cup of coffee, but Lucky tells him he is off to see his mother. Luke remembers that it's Laura's birthday. Lucky asks him if he is going to stop by. Luke asked if there is a party and Lucky says it's just going to be him, Loulou and Nikolas. Luke decides to pass on the invitation.

Luke is at the hospital getting a check up on his leg. He stops by to see Robin and Felicia. He asks them if there is anything that he can do and Felicia asks him that if he hears anything about the shooting that links Moreno to please tell the police. Luke agrees.

Robin is left behind with Jax while Felicia visits Mac. He encourages Robin to walk away for it all (meaning Jason and the mob). But if she does, she needs to leave everything behind including Jason.

Jason is reviewing Sonny's casino records. The manager tells Jason that they have too much money on the premises - more than they are insured for - and that a transfer hasn't been made in days. He says that Sonny usually oversees the transfers himself but has been interested in the business lately. As Jason is making the preparations for a transfer, Sonny comes into the room and overhears Jason giving the manager orders. He gets mad at Jason. Jason fights back that Sonny hasn't been paying enough attention to his business and that he doesn't even know what is going on anymore including the dealers that are skimming the profits. They get into another nasty yelling match and Sonny orders Jason to leave. Jason refuses to leave his friend. Sonny finally calms down and apologizes. They talk about what Jason's doing in Port Charles. Jason tells Sonny that Maria is the one that called him. She is afraid that Sonny's losing his mind. Sonny admits, maybe he is. He remembers Brenda telling him about how she felt when she thought she was losing her mind and he feels the same way. Jason tells him that he will stay there as long as it takes for Sonny to get his act together again even if that means bringing Robin, Michael and Carly to the island. And if Sonny thinks he's crazy, wait until he meets Carly!

Carly starts to freak out on Johnny who was keeping guard. She wants to leave with Michael to go to Jason where she'll feel safe. Jason calls Carly and Carly fills him in on the shooting of Mac. He tells her to stay put and to listen to Johnny. He promises to return to PC asap. Jason hangs up and tells Sonny about the hit on Mac and how it was Moreno. Sonny asks Jason is he's considered a counter move. Jason said he did after Moreno sent Justus over one time but he doesn't want to get back into it. Jason tells him that he thought Moreno wouldn't see him as a threat anymore because Moreno thinks Jason is stupid. Jason gave up his territory to work in a bike garage, which proves how stupid he is. Jason thinks that his coming to see Sonny is what set Moreno into action. Sonny tells him, then go home. Jason tells Sonny that that is not the solution - Sonny is the solution. Jason quit the business because of his family. Sonny tells him to neutralize Moreno. Jason argues that he can't without Sonny. He tells Sonny that he doesn't want to live like Sonny does - in hiding with is family. Sonny hates it and so would Jason. Jason tries to convince Sonny to come back to PC and help him. He hates this life on the island, so why doesn't he come back to PC and is with those that love him. Sonny says he can't go back to PC because that's where he loved Brenda and there are too many memories. Jason pleads his case, he can't take care of Sonny if he's on this island and Jason can't leave PC where Michael has always lived. He tells Sonny that he is making him choose between him and his family and de doesn't want to do that. He doesn't want to fail Sonny - he'd rather die than fail Sonny, yet he would have to choose his son over Sonny. Jason gets ready to leave the island. Before he leaves, Sonny tells him that if he hadn't done right by his kid, then he would have failed him. Jason tells him he is coming back and that the next time he leaves, Sonny will be leaving with him.

Lt. Taggert brings Mike Corbin to the Outback to show him what Moreno did. He tries to get mike to tell him if Jason went off to get Sonny. He jumps his case about Jason, Sonny and Moreno - tells him that this was a big-time hit. "When you go after the Commissioner, you got every cop after you." Mike doesn't get where Taggert's thoughts are going because Jason and Sonny are out of the business. Mike tells Taggert off and ends by telling him to just do his job - arrest Moreno. As Mike leaves, Justus shows up. Taggert asks him why his boss tried to take out the Commissioner. Justus denies working for the mob.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Laura is hanging a Christmas wreath on her front door when Stefan arrives. He has stopped by to bring Laura a gift. It's just something he wanted her to have, not really a Christmas gift. He hands her the gift and turns to go, but Laura invites him to stay. Stefan agrees and they go inside together.

Luke drops by Bobbie's and finds Jerry instead. Jerry offers to give Bobbie a message. Luke suggests that Jerry tell Bobbie that he is working for her ex-husband, not the one that used to carry around the little doctor bag, the one with the fangs.

Felicia is pacing around Mac's hospital room when Bobbie comes into the room. She asks Bobbie about Mac's condition and asks why he won't wake up. Bobbie assures her that Mac is on his own schedule and will wake up when he is ready. After Bobbie has gone, Felicia sits on the bed next to Mac. She tells Mac that she doesn't think there is one poinsettia left in the state of New York. Everyone has been sending them to Mac, the mayor, the DA and a lot of the detectives. There were so many that Felicia told the nurses to take the extras to the rooms without any flowers and say they were from Santa. She tells him that he is Santa. He is the one everyone is waiting for. In tears, she lays her head on his chest and begs him not to make them have Christmas without Santa Claus.

Jason arrives home and Carly greets him with a big hug. She assures Jason that she did everything he said. Jason thanks her and tells her that he needs her help once again. He asks her to pack for herself as well as Robin and Michael. They aren't safe in the cottage so they are moving back to the penthouse. Carly says that it is about time!

Jason asks how Michael is doing. Carly tells him that Leticia has been spending the night. She explains that Michael has been crying so hard at night that she didn't know what else to do. Jason asks if Robin is at the hospital. Carly says that she is. She has been either there or at Mac's house since the shooting. Carly hasn't seen her. She tells Jason to go see Robin, she knows that he wants to. Jason tells Carly that things are going to change. Carly needs to know how because it affects her and Michael. Sonny is going to come back to Port Charles. He needs to be around people who get him and he needs to do work that he knows how to do. Carly points out that it's the work Jason used to do. Jason says that he doesn't know how it will fall out, but he will be helping, but nobody else. Carly says that she will do whatever he needs. She know the drill, she will be fine. Jason thanks her and tells her that she is good in a crisis. Carly laughs and says she is good in a crisis, when she's not causing one. She tells Jason to go and leave her alone. She has things to do. She runs up the stairs calling to Leticia saying that they are going home.

Jerry tells Luke that he has him at a disadvantage. He asks how many ex-husbands Bobbie had. Luke says that Jerry should be able to narrow it down by the last man to give him a chunk of money. The name rhymes with asinine. Jerry acts like he finally understands and says Cassadine. Jerry asks how Luke found out that he and Jax were trying to take over one of the Cassadine companies. Luke is not fooled by Jerry's lie. He won't let Jerry lie at the expense of his little sister. Luke says that he has done a lot of things over the years to try to keep Bobbie's life pleasant, but he has done it one too many times. So he isn't going to do it anymore. He will definitely tell her this, but since she isn't here, Jerry has a chance to tell her himself. If Luke tells her, Jerry will loose her for sure. If Jerry tells her, he may have a chance.

Laura is showing Stefan the picture of Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas. She thanks him and tells him that he made it possible. Stefan disagrees, but Laura says that Stefan is responsible for raising Nikolas to be the generous and patient and forgiving young man that he is. And for bringing them all together. Stefan says that what he brought her may be a little redundant. Laura opens the gift and finds a picture of Nikolas as a child. She thanks Stefan for the picture and for the flowers he sent for her birthday. She apologizes for not having a gift for Stefan, but Stefan assures her that she gave him Nikolas and Nikolas is his life. Laura asks Stefan if he would take Nikolas' gifts to Wyndemere. Stefan says that he had hoped that Laura would bring them to Wyndemere herself. He knows that Nikolas would love to see Laura and Lesley Lu on Christmas day. Laura declines the invitation saying that she just can't do it. Stefan says that he will have Nikolas stop by to see Laura then. As Stefan prepares to leave, Laura tells him that there is so much that she owes him for. Not a day passes that she doesn't remember that.

Jason arrives at the hospital to find Robin asleep in a chair with Mike watching over her. Jason wakes her up and gives her a big hug. He asks if Robin is ok and then asks how Mac is. Robin explains that Macs' lung was punctured and that they had to repair an artery. He got out of surgery this morning, but he is still unconscious. Mike asks how Sonny is doing. Jason tells Mike that Sonny needs someone to be with him and asks Mike to go. He instructs Mike on how to get to Sonny and tells him that Sonny will be mad. Mike tells Jason to be careful because Lt. Taggert is determined to make this shooting Jason's fault. After Mike leaves, Jason turns to Robin and tells her he has a lot to tell her. He has had to make some decisions. Robin tells him that she thought he might.

Felicia is still with Mac. The nurse has just removed Mac's ventilator. Felicia tearfully keeps up her one sided conversation. She tells Mac about the Christmas decorations and how V has been taking such good care of the girls so that Felicia can spend all of her time with Mac. As Felicia continues to talk, Mac slowly reaches over and touches her hand. Felicia feels the touch and looks down. When she realizes that Mac moved, she asks if he can hear her. She looks up as Mac nods. She starts crying even harder, but now has a smile on her face. She kisses Mac and tells him not to ever do that to her again. He scared her to death.

Jason explains to Robin that Sonny isn't doing so great and needs to come home. It's nice where he is, but nice is no use to him. Robin agrees. What happened to Mac can't happen if Sonny is there. Jason says that when Sonny comes home, he will need him. He is all that is left of the life Sonny walked away from. Robin says that they need a solution and she guesses that this is the best one. Jason tells her that they have to move back to the penthouse, the cottage is too exposed. Robin is not thrilled, but laughs when Jason tells her that Carly is packing for everyone. Jason says that Carly loves the penthouse, but he can't see Carly and Sonny as roommates. Robin says that she guesses every cloud has a silver lining. She is going to miss the cottage, the bike shop, everything. They were really happy for a while.

Laura is wrapping Christmas gifts when Luke walks in the front door carrying a suitcase. Laura looks happy to see him. Laura explains that the gift she is wrapping is for him. She took Lulu shopping and she picked it out for Daddy. Luke says that Lulu will always be his daughter. Laura looks a little confused and says that of course Lulu will always be his daughter. She asks Luke to please tell her that he has come home. Luke says that he came home to say goodbye.

Laura asks if Luke is going away again. Luke asks if she has a better idea. Laura tells him that he can put the bag down and stay there. She and Lulu are waiting for him. Luke says that she would win the faithfulness award, but then what. Laura says that they would find a way to go on. Luke says that they have already tried to go on the way they have, pretending that it's ok, lying to each other, lying to their kids. Laura says that she isn't asking him to lie to anybody, but Luke tells her to give herself thirty seconds. Luke says that he is just following in his son's footsteps. It has come full circle. Lucky's who he wants to be when he grows up. He wants his purity. He wants Lucky's passion to spit in the eye of anything less than the unbeautiful truth. He wants to be like Lucky and refuse to step over the rotting corpse of their marriage every time he walks through the door. Laura says that they aren't freaks, they are not liars or monsters. They are good people who are stuck with choices they didn't make and consequences they don't like twenty years after the long-stemmed roses and chocolate hearts. She can accept that. Can't Luke? Luke asks if anyone in their right mind would have ever imagine that he and Laura could be in the same universe, let alone the same house and the same marriage. Luke asks if Laura remembers how people used to look at them when they were new? Does she remember the whispers and how people said they were making a colossal mistake? Neither of them thought about what twenty years would bring. If people keep telling them they are drunk, maybe they should just stop singing and get off the table. Laura asks what about love? She has always loved him. She still does and she knows that he still loves her. Luke says that love is the only thing in this whole deal that was all it's cracked up to be, but it's soft in the head. If it hits something hard, it cracks it's skull. With tears running down her face, Laura insists that they are not a mistake, but if he has made up his mind to walk out on her, she guesses there is nothing she can do to stop him. But that is what he is doing. So if he wants to look the truth in the eye, just skip all the rationalizations and sour grapes and go. As he turns to go, Laura stops him and says that she needs to know what he is going to do, about everything. Luke correctly guesses that she means Nikolas. Laura says that it is better for everyone involved if Nikolas goes on believing that Stavros is his father. Luke says that it is better for Laura and Stefan. Laura demands that Luke not take out his anger towards her on a child. Luke points out that Nikolas is no longer a child and he's also not a prince and he should know that. Luke sees no reason for the whole world not to know the truth. Laura asks what about what it will do to Nikolas psychologically and what about Helena. Luke says he tried to do his part by pitching Helena off the roof, but almost doesn't count. It's up to a father to protect his son so Laura should go tell Count Vlad to pull out his saber and shield from the crypt. Besides, Helena has been threatening them for years. Luke has a real severe case of death threat fatigue from that woman. It's true that her curse is the only wedding gift that has stood the test of time. It's been twenty years and they are still here. Luke can guarantee that in another twenty years they will still be around and Helena won't. Laura asks what about their children. What about Lucky? Luke knows how Lucky will react to this. Luke says that she doesn't have to worry about Lucky, he doesn't live there anymore. Laura says that Lucky and Nikolas and Lesley Lu are finally learning how to live together. The war that has claimed so many casualties, and now apparently their marriage, is something that Lucky, Nikolas and Lesley Lu are willing to end. Laura asks Luke to please let them end it. Don't let it take the toll on them that it has taken on her and Luke.

The doctor is examining Mac. He tells Mac that the good news is the worst pain is from the chest tube. The bad news is that the tube has to stay in at least for the next few days. Otherwise, things look good. After the doctor leaves, Mac asks about Robin. Felicia says that she is right outside and offers to go get her. Mac says that he wants to see Taggert first. Felicia tells him that Taggert is heading up the investigation and that he knows everything he needs to know. It's Christmas and Mac's only job is to get well and come home to them.

Bobbie arrives home to find a pile of Christmas presents under her tree. She looks around for Jerry, nut doesn't see him right away. As she stares at the tree, Jerry walks into the room and asks about Mac. Bobbie gives Jerry an update on Mac's condition and then comments on how there weren't so many presents under the tree when she left. Jerry says that he couldn't help himself. It's one of his many flaws, making the same mistake over and over. Jerry confesses to Bobbie that his "consulting" job was for Stefan Cassadine. He goes on to say that his assignment was two-fold. He was supposed to embezzle money from Nikolas' trust fund and to find out who was responsible for Katherine's fall. He then tells Bobbie that it was Luke and that he told Stefan and in the process made himself a moderately wealthy man.

Bobbie asks if Stefan is trying to frame her brother. Jerry denies it saying that Luke did indeed loosen the parapet railing and that he doubts that Katherine was the intended target. Jerry confesses that the only reason he has come clean with Bobbie is because Luke threatened to tell. Jerry says that he did it for the money. He had no other prospects and Cassadine came to him out of the blue. He needed the money, so he took the job and he prayed that it wouldn't cost him Bobbie. He asks her if it has.

Luke sees the picture of Lulu, Nikolas and Lucky on the mantle and comments that it is new. Laura explains that the children gave it to her for her birthday. Luke also comments on the picture that Stefan gave to Laura of Nikolas as a boy. Luke says that he sees no reason why Nikolas shouldn't know what devoted parents he has. And please don't beg mercy for the sake of the children. Lucky is obsessed with the truth and he would stand with Luke on this one. Laura begs Luke to please punish her another way. Luke asks if Stefan gets to steal his wife, destroy his home and drive his son away while he gets to turn the other cheek. Luke asks what about what his son was going to inherit. Why didn't Laura fight for that? What about all the love that was thrown back in their faces and the lives that they planned? What about all the good times they will never have and the places they will never see? Did Stefan and her precious Nikolas think of that before they told Lucky that Luke was everything they had taught him to despise? Does Laura think that Luke has reached some sort of Zen state where none of this matters to him? Qh who the hell does she think he is? Laura apologizes to Luke and then tells him to go ahead and tell the truth of Nikolas' paternity. She can't stop him and she can't think of any other reasons for him not to, but if he crosses that line with her, there won't be any turning back. Luke says that they already crossed that line. They just didn't see it because they were going too fast. Laura asks if he is leaving her, she just wants to be clear. Luke asks if she needs permission to do something she needs to do? Laura says that she needs to know what to tell Lulu when she is old enough to ask. Luke says to tell her that her Daddy loved her, but that he was crazy, from the first moment that he laid eyes on Laura. There is really nothing else to say. As Luke walks out the door, Laura dissolves into tears.

Robin visits Mac who teasingly tells her that she needs 8 hours of sleep. Robin says that she can honestly say she never felt better in her life. Mac says he can't believe that they all thought he was going to die. He finally has everything he wants. Robin thanks Mac for saving her life, but Mac says that is what uncles are for. Robin says that Uncles are nice, but he is so much more. He is so cool. Mac says if he is so cool, why didn't he finish his Christmas shopping?

Carly is clearly ecstatic as she wheels Michael's stroller into the penthouse wearing her new fur coat. She tells Jason that she knows it isn't the happiest of circumstances, but it feels good to be home.

Bobbie picks up a gift from under the Christmas tree and asks what is in it. Jerry promises that it is nothing extravagant. Bobbie says that it can be a test. If she opens the box and it is a necklace or the deed to a platinum mine, she will know never to believe him. If it is a garage door opener, maybe they have a chance. Jerry takes the box away from her and tells her to stop. He is not going to bet their relationship on the contents of a box. He takes a lot more risks than most people, but he never risks something he can't live without. And he doesn't think he can live without her. Bobbie says that she knows he isn't perfect, but trust is a bare minimum. If she can't believe what he says to her, then she doesn't know how to take the next step. Luke and Laura have loved each other as long and as hard as two people can and now they are tearing each other apart because they don't have any faith left in each other anymore. Jerry promises to do better and hands the box back to Bobbie. She opens the lid and pulls out a jewelry box. She starts to accuse him of being dishonest, but he stops her and tells her to open the box. She opens the box and laughs when she finds licorice. Jerry promises again to do better. He is very motivated. Bobbie leans in and they kiss.

Luke stops by Alexis' room on his way out of town. When she opens the door, he hands her a small box and tells her it is just what she always wanted.

Stefan is alone at Wyndemere when he hears a knock on the door. He invites whoever is knocking to come in. He looks startled when the door opens and Laura and Lesley Lu walk in. Laura looks at Stefan with a smile and says Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Carly walks into the penthouse living room saying that Michael is so happy to be home. Jason says that Michael is happy because he is around people who love him. Carly disagrees saying that Michael is happy because he is in his own room. Jason tells her not to get to comfortable because she knows that this is temporary. Carly sighs in exasperation and moves on to a new subject. She suggests that they take Michael to the GH Christmas party.

Tony is trying to convince Monica to let him play Santa. Monica refuses saying that the hospital board would have her head examined if she let Tony play Santa. Tony asks who she can get to replace him. Right on cue, Edward arrives demanding to know why Monica has called him out of a very important meeting. Tony says that Edward is Santa, he is scrooge. Monica drags Edward off telling him they need to talk.

Bobbie and Jerry arrive for the party and are surprised to see Tony. Bobbie decides not to make a scene this once.

Ned and V arrive at GH with a reluctant Jax in tow. Ned and V tell Jax that it's Christmas Eve, it won't kill him to hear the Christmas story and join the party.

Monica returns from her "talk" with Edward to find Tony waiting for her. He wants to know when his privileges at GH will be reinstated. Monica says she wished she knew just so she could get Tony off her back. She tells him that she wrote the letter, now it is just waiting for Stefan's signature. She tells Tony that if he wants to bug somebody, bug Stefan! As Tony walks away, Alan arrives. Monica tells him that she is glad to see him. She asks Alan if he would be willing to read the Christmas story.

Felicia is in Mac's hospital room fussing over him. Mac asks her if she doesn't have a present to buy or wrap or something. Felicia says her place is with her husband. Felicia assures Mac that it is going to be a great Christmas, even if Mac is in the hospital. Mac asks Felicia to promise her that the girls won't miss out on any Christmas stuff because Felicia is camping out all night with him. Felicia promises that they won't miss a thing.

Lucky and Liz are in Lucky's apartment exchanging Christmas gifts. Liz excitedly hands Lucky a package. As he starts to neatly unwrap it, Liz tells him not be one of "those people" and helps him rip the paper off. Liz has given Lucky an oil painting that she has done of the boxcar. There are musical notes coming out of the door and chords written on the side. Lucky is amazed that Liz has painted it and says that it is magnificent. He can't believe how talented she is. Liz says maybe as a sneak. He would not believe how hard it was for her to paint without him finding out. She couldn't do it in her room because she was afraid that he would come through the window any minute so she painted in the living room with the curtains closed. Liz explains that the chords are the first bar of the song that he wrote for her. She played the tape for the music teacher who helped her transcribe the music. She assures Lucky that she stopped the tape before he started singing. Lucky is completely blown away with the picture. He then tells Liz that he has something for her as well, but it is nothing like the picture she has given him. He hands her a small box telling her that if she doesn't like it, they can take it back and get something else. Lucky watches nervously as Liz opens the gift and pulls out a small jewelry box. She opens the box and looks totally surprised when she sees a ring. Lucky says that he knows it's simple, but that's what he liked about it. He told the guy at the jewelry store that it was for simply the most beautiful girl in the world. Liz smiles and says that it is perfect.

Laura apologizes for arriving unannounced but says that Lulu wanted to give her brother his gifts. Stefan assures her that they are always welcome. Nikolas comes downstairs and is pleasantly surprised when he sees Laura and Lesley Lu. He tells Laura that it is a nice surprise and wishes her a Merry Christmas. AS Lulu and Nikolas go to find her presents under the tree, Laura pulls Stefan aside. She tells him that they have to tell Nikolas the truth, before Luke does.

Luke walks into Alexis' and says season greetings hot lips. Luke hands Alexis a box and urges her to open it. It is something she always wanted. Alexis opens the box and pulls out an old fashioned key with a tassle on it. She looks at Luke and asks what it is. Luke tells her that it is the key to the kingdom.

Stefan asks Laura if she is certain. Laura assures him that Luke told her to her face that he would tell someone. They have run out of time. Nikolas interrupts them to tell Laura that he has plans with Lucky, Liz and Emily, but that he will be back later. He asks Laura to stay for dinner. When Stefan also urges her to stay, Laura reluctantly agrees. After Nikolas goes, taking Lesley Lu to the kitchen on the way, Laura begs Stefan to tell Nikolas right now. Stefan wants to wait until after Christmas. He wants Nikolas to have one Christmas with his mother before they face the anger and recrimination Nikolas is bound to feel when he finds out the secret they have been keeping. Laura says that it is a disaster in the making. Luke could have left her and gone directly to Helena or he could be lying in wait for Nikolas as soon as he steps off the launch. Stefan thinks that Nikolas will be furious when he finds out.. Nikolas interrupts to say goodbye on his way out. After the door shuts behind him, Laura turns to Stefan and says that Nikolas may walk back through that door knowing everything. Stefan says that Nikolas has never had a Christmas with the feeling of a complete family. If he can preserve that for at least the next 24 hours, it is worth the risk. Laura agrees but says that they have to tell him tomorrow. Stefan agrees.

Alexis asks what key to what kingdom. Luke says that whole Cassadine nut if she has the crackers to snap it open. That rusty old key opens a rusty old war chest. Alexis says to just say what he has to say or to take his rusty old key and go. Luke says ok. He tells Alexis that Stefan has worked her over yet again. The little prince, isn't the heir or even a prince. It turns out he is just Stefan's lowly bastard son. A mistake made with Luke's wife. Which means he is entitled to nothing but his mother's tears. Alexis says that of all the ridiculous things he has said, this one really wins blue ribbon. She asks if he has been confabbing with Helena or if he is just conspiring. She asks if Luke is serious. He says yes. She has been cheated. Nikolas isn't entitled to anything. The whole Cassadine empire is up for grabs and she is entitled. He wishes her a Feliz Navidad and leaves.

Liz takes the ring out of the box and asks how he could think for even a second that she wouldn't love this. It's the most beautiful thing she has ever owned. Lucky tells that he knows they agreed not to see other people a while ago, but he just wanted to make it official. He wanted her to have something she could wear that says, that tells her that they belong together. Something that she could look at any time of the night or day that would remind her how much she has changed his life. And how much he loves her. As Lucky says that he loves her, Liz looks up with wide eyes like she isn't sure she heard him correctly. She says you just said that you loved me. Lucky says he knows, but she doesn't have to say it back. She doesn't even have to love him back. She can consider this just an ordinary best friends ring. He just thought she should know. Liz says that she thought he already knew. She is in love with him and she has been all along.

Lucky looks at Liz and says you just said you loved me. Liz says that she does. She has wanted to tell him that for a long time, she just didn't know how. Lucky walks over to Liz and gently touches her face. He looks into her eyes and tells her softly that he loves her. Liz looks into his eyes and says that she loves him too. Lucky takes the ring from Liz and puts in on to her finger. He takes her hands and says that he wants her to know something so that she will never have to question it. There will never be another girl for him, ever. Liz asks if Lucky remember when they first met and he said his name was Lucky. Lucky laughs and says yea and you said we'll see. Liz tells him that it turns out that she is the one who is lucky. She walks over and kisses Lucky. Their moment is interrupted by a knock on the door. Lucky says that they have guests. Liz smiles says that she supposes that they should let them in. Emily and Nikolas walk in carrying bags of gifts. Emily says that they have to hurry because Edward is going to play Santa and they don't want to miss it. Before Emily can pass out the gifts, Liz holds up her hand and excitedly shows Emily what Lucky gave her. Lucky looks a little embarrassed as Emily gushes over the ring, but smiles when Liz looks over and gives him a tender look. As the girls exchange gifts, Lucky says that he is going to help things along. They can say the mushy stuff in the car on the way to the hospital. He asks if Nikolas brought the jag. When Nikolas says yes, Lucky suggests that he and Liz ride in front for once, he can drive and that will cover them for the next year. After Emily and Liz finish exchanging gifts, the girls tell the guys it is there turn. Lucky and Nikolas look at each other and say that they didn't buy gifts. Liz says to wait. She hands Nikolas a gift and says that Lucky did get him something. Emily hands Lucky a gift saying that Nikolas got him something too. The guys look surprised and the girls look pleased with themselves.

Carly tells Jason to get real. They would never let Tony Jones anywhere near children, much less let him play Santa Claus. Carly continues to beg Jason to take her and Michael to GH for the Christmas party. He finally relents, but tells Carly not to think that she doesn't know what this is really about. She just wants to show off her new coat.

Robin is at the hospital with Jax and Ned. Ned leaves to talk to Lila and Jax asks Robin how things are going. Robin tells Jax that Jason brought the body guards back and has moved everyone back to the penthouse. She is going to miss the cottage. She loved it for all of the same reasons that Brenda did. She was really happy there until Miss Carly showed up. Jax agrees that the cottage isn't safe. Robin wonders if any place will be.

Taggert and Dara are at GH discussing the shooting when Justus arrives. After Taggert excuses himself to go check on Mac, Justus surprises Dara with a gift. He gives her a pen. A spare to keep in her purse since she can never seem to find one. Dara laughs saying that she is surprised that he remembered that. Justus tells her that he hasn't stopped caring about her and he will always consider her a good friend.

Audrey is talking to Bobbie about the wonder of Christmas. She still can't get used to not hearing Steve's voice. She still can't believe that he is gone.

The Q's are at GH and are actually being civil to one another. They are all gathered around Lila when Alan comes over to say Merry Christmas. Monica explains that she asked Alan to read the Christmas story at the party again this year. Lila is delighted and says that the story is about hope coming into their lives. She tells Alan not to just read it, but to abide by it. Monica then invites Alan to spend Christmas eve at the house with the family.

Felicia surprises Mac in his hospital by sneaking Maxie and Georgie into the room for a little private Christmas party.

Lucky, Nikolas, Emily and Liz have finished exchanging gifts. Emily is very touched by Nikolas' gift of a music box that plays the music they danced to at the Bacchanalia. As Emily and Liz set the camera up for a group photo, Nikolas and Lucky uncomfortably thank each other for the gifts. Lucky thinks the new guitar strings are appropriate and he and Nikolas share a laugh over what Stefan would think if Nikolas wore his ELQ baseball cap around the house. Lucky says that this is one for the books. He and Nikolas spending Christmas eve together. Nikolas invites Lucky and Liz to spend the evening at Wyndemere telling him that Laura and Lesley Lu are already there, but Lucky declines. He looks over to where Liz is playing with the camera and tells Nikolas that he has plans for a smaller celebration. Nikolas smiles and says that he doesn't blame him. Emily and Liz have finally got the camera ready so they all sit on the bed while for a group picture.

As Amy pumps Katherine for information about the bachelor auction, Dave Koz arrives. Amy greets him enthusiastically (as usual) and offers to help him put his things away. Katherine says that she will do it and takes Dave away.

As Emily, Nikolas, Lucky and Liz arrive at GH, they run into Luke. Luke says hello to everyone but Nikolas and then asks Lucky if he can talk to him alone for a minute. Emily, Nikolas and Liz go to the party saying that they will save Lucky a spot. Once they are alone, Luke wishes Lucky Merry Christmas and tells him that he loves him. Lucky says that it sounds like Luke is leaving again. Luke confirms that he is leaving and asks Lucky to keep an eye on Lulu. Lucky says that he will, and Mom too.

As Dave Koz finishes playing the sax, Alan steps up and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas on behalf of everyone at GH. He then sits down to read the Christmas story. As everyone is listening to the reading, Luke sneaks into the room and gets Bobbie's attention. He motions her to join him outside. Once outside, he tells her that he is leaving. He hugs her good bye and tells her to go back to the party and have some fun. He wishes her a Merry Christmas and leaves.

Bobbie walks back into the room as Alan finishes reading the Christmas story. Edward/Santa jumps up and says that he has presents for all the good little girls and boys. As the children rush to get their gifts, Alan looks and Monica with a smile and mouths the words "Merry Christmas".

The Q's, including Alan are in the living room quietly celebrating Christmas Eve. Emily is sitting on the couch smiling while she fingers the music box that Nikolas gave her.

Alexis is alone in her room looking like she is still in shock when she hears a knock on the door. Ned enters and holds a bundle of mistletoe over his head. She smiles and kisses him.

Mac and Felicia are happily decorating a tree in Mac's hospital room with the girls while Robin looks on sadly. Meanwhile, Jason is at home with Carly and Michael.

Sonny is drinking alone in his tropical hideaway when Mike arrives.

Luke is on the docks alone staring across the water at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Laura, Lesley Lu, Nikolas and Stefan are enjoying a Christmas eve dinner. Stefan and Nikolas look very happy, but Laura looks sad.

Lucky and Liz are alone in Lucky's apartment. The are cuddling together happily while they admire their Christmas tree.

Friday, December 25

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air. The show will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded. .

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