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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on GH
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Monday December 28, 1998

Emily is trying to sneak out of the Q mansion with a gift, but is stopped by the rest of the family. She tries to keep them from seeing the present, but to no avail. AJ asks who the present is for and Monica asks if they are still exchanging gifts. Edward notices that Emily clearly does not want them to know who the gift is for and teasingly tries to get it away from her. Emily resists, but Edward gets a hold of the gift. The tag reads happy birthday Michael. Emily's secret is out.

Carly and Bobbie are at the penthouse decorating for Michael's birthday party. Carly is very excited to be celebrating Michael's first birthday. She says that it is kind of like a house warming. She doesn't want Jason to feel like he is admitting defeat by coming back to the penthouse. Suddenly, Robin and Jason arrive. Carly pastes on a fake smile at the sight of Robin and says she was afraid that they were going to miss the party.

Mike is with Sonny who still won't talk to him. Mike brings Sonny a tray of food and urges Sonny to eat, but Sonny refuses. He tells Mike that he didn't ask for him and he didn't ask for lunch. He asks Mike why the only time he won't leave is when noone wants him around.

Laura and Stefan are at Wyndemere getting ready to tell Nikolas the truth. Stefan has sent a servant to tell Nikolas that he and Laura would like to speak with him. While they wait, Stefan and Laura discuss what is about to happen. Stefan says that there is no way to prepare Nikolas for this. He wishes there were a way they could wait until Nikolas is of age. Laura says that they were lucky they had Christmas. They can't possibly wait another day. Luke is going to tell. Stefan asks Laura for her help. Nikolas will be angry, but he will also feel betrayed. Nikolas has lived with Stefan every day of his life and Stefan knows him. Nikolas will blame Stefan for the deception. He will perceive the lie about Stavros to be Stefan's since he heard it from him. Everything he ever taught Nikolas will be called into question. Stefan is concerned that Nikolas will despise him. Laura tries to reassure Stefan saying that there may be some harsh words, but she thinks in time... Stefan says that he is depending on Laura, he is asking her to be his advocate. Nikolas may want to turn away from him. Laura assures Stefan that she will be there for Nikolas. Stefan held their son and comforted him when Laura couldn't. If it is her turn to do that now, she will do it with pleasure. If Nikolas tries to forget everything Stefan has done for him, Laura will be there to remind him. The servant returns and tells Stefan and Laura that Nikolas left the island early that morning.

Helena comes upon Katherine who is waiting on the docks. She asks Katherine who she is waiting for and comments that she certainly hasn't made herself pretty for Helena. Is she perhaps waiting for Nikolas.

Emily explains that she is invited to Michael's party because she is the Godmother. Monica points out that she is Michael's grandmother and AJ adds that he is Michael's uncle. Emily says that Carly is only inviting a few people, it's not even really like a party. She knew they wouldn't understand. Now they know why she is always sneaking out of the house. Monica asks who is going to be there and is not happy to hear that Bobbie is on the guest list. Emily asks what they expect, they all hate Carly. Edward says that Carly has an obligation to them as a family, but Lila says that that is nonsense. Even Jason doesn't feel an obligation towards them as a family. She tells Emily to go and to have a good time. Edward starts making plans to accidentally happen to be near the cottage. Emily tells him to go ahead, Jason doesn't live there anymore! Emily explains that Jason is sending a car for her and she leaves. After she is gone, Edward turns to Lila and starts to say something, but she stops him. Lila tells Edward not to insult her by asking her to take a little nap. She tells him that when Jason throws him out to please ask if the snowsuit she sent for Michael fits.

Jason offers to get Robin something to eat, but Carly is quick to say that Robin probably wants to lay down. Robin says that she just wants to take a shower and change. She doesn't want to miss Michael's party. Robin apologizes to Carly for not being more help in the whole move back to the penthouse. Carly graciously says that it is OK. Robin had other things on her mind. After Jason takes Robin upstairs to change her clothes for the party, Bobbie tells Carly that it was very nice to see her making an effort with Robin. Carly sarcastically says that they practically had to give Robin the heimlich maneuver so she could choke out the words Thank You. Wouldn't it be nice to have the poor suffering little martyr at the party to talk about her uncle so everyone can all feel sorry for her. Bobbie points out that Robin can't win with Carly. If Robin had chosen to stay at the hospital, Carly would have said that she was turning her nose up at Michael's birthday. Carly acts outraged and says that she won't have sympathy for Robin. Bobbie says that she can't blame Robin or Carly. No woman could handle the situation they are in. She is just glad that Carly is moving out soon. Carly changes the subject and asks Bobbie what Sonny is like. After Bobbie tells her about Sonny, Carly does another about face and says that the bottom line is that she won't be the one moving out. Michael isn't ready.

Mike tells Sonny that he didn't volunteer for the job, he was drafted. Sonny says that he has to give Jason credit. If he wants him back in Port Charles, sending Mike to see him certainly makes him want to change his address. Mike asks if Sonny has been thinking about coming home. Sonny says that if it means Mike will leave, then yes he has thought about it. Mike gets angry and tells Sonny to give it a rest. Has he even asked once about Mike, what he had to go through when Brenda died. Sonny tells Mike to go to hell. Mike tells Sonny that there isn't any room since Sonny has taken up all the space. Sonny says that there is no such thing as letting a sleeping dog lie with Mike. He goes out for a quart of milk is gone for twenty-five years and he still thinks that Sonny's life is about him. Mike says that he thought that he and Sonny had reached some sort of understanding before he left town. Sonny said that they did and the way he understood it, he wouldn't have to look at Mike anymore. He wouldn't have to listen to him tell him about Brenda. Mike knew that Brenda would always be there to stick up for him. Sonny says that Brenda isn't around for Mike to hide behind anymore so he doesn't have to put up with him. Mike says that Sonny is right. Brenda is gone and that is probably why he is here. He asks what they have left. Mike asks if they can be father and son or if they are just two guys that a woman they loved kept from killing each other.

Katherine reminds Helena that she and Nikolas have been working together on the fund raiser. She is meeting Nikolas on the docks to go over what they worked on that morning. She asks if that is acceptable to Helena. Helena tells Katherine not to take that tone with her. She accuses Katherine of neglecting their partnership. Katherine seems to have forgotten the goal that they share. Katherine insists that she hasn't forgotten. Helena asks why she is running around with fundraising activities. Causes are all well and good, but personal satisfaction is important too. The satisfaction of making Stefan regret betraying both of them. Katherine couldn't agree with Helena more. Helena fears that Katherine is beginning to weaken. She thinks that Katherine is using Nikolas to get back into Stefan's good graces. Katherine assures Helena that nothing could be farther from the truth. Of course she is using Nikolas, he is the only thing that matters to Stefan. Why wouldn't she do anything in her power to drive a wedge between them. Unbeknownst to Helena and Katherine, Nikolas has arrived on the docks and has overheard Katherine's last declaration.

Mike tells Sonny that he doesn't care what he does, but to be a man. Be someone who takes charge of his life, someone who finds a way to deal with the death of a loved one instead of giving up. Now Mike remembers, there is a way that Sonny uses him. Sonny uses him to compare himself to because he always feels so good in comparison. Mike agrees that he is scum. He deserted his family, but he is here now and that works in his favor. Sonny deserted the world to sit in his room drunk scaring dogs and showgirls. Mike thinks he stacks up pretty good next to that. Mike points out that Sonny hurt Brenda badly. Almost as bad as Mike hurt Sonny's mother. Sonny saw her get through it and he saw her be happy after she got through it. Her blood is not on Sonny's hands. Sonny says that he knew what would happen with Jax. Sonny says that when Jax was growing up, he was the kind of kid who always wanted a new one. It didn't matter what, a new bike, a new watch, whatever. Once he got it, he lost it, broke it, but he always got a new one. Mike says that this was not Jax's fault, but Sonny angrily tells him not to defend Jax and then storms out of the room.

Bobbie is taking pictures of the party guests when the Q's arrive bearing gifts. Emily apologized to Jason saying that she had no idea they would do this. Edward smiles and starts to walk into the room, but Robin tells him to stop right there.

Stefan explains to Laura that Nikolas told the launch pilot that he would be back some time in the afternoon. Laura says that she can stay. Lesley Lu is with a neighbor for the day. She knew that she would have to be there for a while. Stefan notices a change in Laura's demeanor and asks if she thinks that they are doing the wrong thing. Laura says no, she was just remembering how all of this began. And how that day led to this one. She asks if Stefan believed that she was going to return to him and Nikolas the day she left the island. Stefan says yes, but when she saw Luke... Laura stops Stefan saying that that isn't true. When she saw Luke that day she ran away, but Luke ran after her. He caught her and begged her not to go. He picked her up and carried her back into the house. That is when it all began. All the lies. And then Stavros came after them. And then Helena's order to stay away. Laura asks Stefan if he knew that Luke didn't kill Stavros. Stefan says that it is best they don't speak of that. Laura asks why. She wouldn't feel bad if she had been the one to kill him. He terrorized her. Laura says that Stefan must have thought that life would have been better for them if Stavros didn't exist. Stefan says that once Laura left the island and left Nikolas with him, he had already procured the poison.

As Nikolas continues to listen, Katherine assures Helena that she is still on her side. Hasn't she always been Helena's ally in wanting to see Stefan punished. Helena agrees that they talked about alienating Stefan by befriending Nikolas, but she isn't sure that she likes Katherine's plan of enticing him. Katherine asks with what? Understanding, acceptance, the emotional support that he never had from his uncle? Helena still isn't sure. She doesn't want Nikolas to be led on. Nikolas should feel betrayed by Stefan, not her or Katherine. She tells Katherine not to be so secretive in the future. If Katherine were in touch more often, Helena wouldn't be so prone to misgivings. It's not good for anyone if she has misgivings. After Helena leaves, Nikolas comes out of his hiding place and walks up to Katherine. She greets him, not knowing that he has overheard most of her exchange with Helena, and asks how things went at the printers. Nikolas says what, no kiss. Katherine says that she thinks it wouldn't be wise. Nikolas says probably not, but she is so enticing. Katherine comments that that is an odd choice of words. Nikolas asks why. Enticements are good. They are right there within reach. And she offers him so many things. Understanding, acceptance, emotional support he never had, and of course her body.

Katherine apologizes when she realizes that Nikolas overheard what she said to Helena. She isn't proud of what she said, but he has to know that it was a lie. Nikolas asks if she was lying to him or Helena. Katherine insists that she was lying to Helena. He knows what she is like, she is a terrifying woman. Nikolas points out that Katherine has always called Helena her friend. Katherine says that she should have listened to Nikolas and Stefan. By the time she realized what Helena was, she was already in her debt. Nikolas must know that it is easier to tell Helena what she wants to hear. Nikolas says that he hasn't had to do that since he was seven and had his uncle to keep him safe. Katherine says that it is her turn to warn Nikolas. Stefan is not the person he appears to be.

Stefan tells Laura that from the moment she told him she was pregnant, it plagued him. Of all the indignities he had endured at the hands of his brother, this was one he did not think he could bear. To watch his brother raise the child that he and Laura had made out of love. If it was his son... Laura comments that he was sure enough to get the poison. Stefan says that he knows now that he wouldn't have done it. Stavros was his brother. Once the possibility that the baby could be his took hold in his mind, he started to research it. The day Nikolas was born, Stefan took the doctor aside and explained that the family had begun to whisper about the closeness of Laura and one of the servants. It was imperative to confirm Stavro's was the father. He asked the doctor to discreetly run the paternity tests. Stefan told the doctor that he would have Helena's doctor find a reason to draw Stavros blood. He then supplied his own blood in place of Stavros'. The day Stavros died, the doctor called to confirm that Stavros was indeed Nikolas' father. Which really meant Stefan. He couldn't sleep imagining Laura's face when he told her, wondering if he should tell her, she never came back. Laura says that she wishes Stefan had told Nikolas everything when he was a child. Stefan disagrees saying that Nikolas deserves to be a prince because he is certainly the best of them. He thought that Nikolas had more to gain from his heritage than his parentage. Laura tells him that he was so wrong. The phone rings interrupting Laura and Stefan's conversation. He speaks briefly to the person on the other end of the line and then hands the phone to Laura. He tells her that her neighbor is on the phone and there is a police car at her house.

Robin tells the Q's that this is a birthday party, but that they were not invited. Edward asks why they weren't invited. Emily is furious and asks why they are doing this to her. Why are they trying to ruin everything. AJ asks Carly what she thinks. Carly diplomatically defers to what Jason wants. Robin turns to Jason and points out that the Q's clearly not leaving, why don't they just let them stay for something to try to salvage the day. Jason says that he doesn't want them here. Carly asks when Robin got to start making the rules. Robin says that she is just trying to find a way for Michael to still have a good birthday. Robin says that it is Michael's day. So if someone has to win this battle before they go on, her vote is for whoever can end it the fastest. From the door, AJ says with a sly smile that if it is a question of staying for cake or gifts, they are much better with gifts.

Nikolas tells Katherine to give up. She will never drive a wedge between him and his uncle. Katherine says that she was just trying to humor Helena and be a goof friend to Nikolas. She knows that there was no pretending going on between them. Her feelings are real. Nikolas says that would make him the third person she has had "real" feelings for in the short time that he has known her. Nikolas says that maybe Katherine isn't capable of feeling anything more for a human being than she does for a blouse. Katherine says that Nikolas made her believe in them together. Don't let Helena make them throw it all away. Nikolas angrily tells her not to blame this on Helena. At least Helena had the decency to be repulsed by the thought of Katherine enticing him. Katherine will never convince him that she isn't plotting right along with Helena to get back at Stefan. Helean may be a psychopath, but she isn't stupid. Katherine says that it is ironic that Nikolas has chosen to trust the one person who has lied to him his whole life.

Carly is opening Michael's gifts. Edward's gift is a gold frame and a letter accepting Michael to an exclusive prep school. Carly is thrilled with the gift, but Jason still looks angry that the Q's have crashed the party. Edward explains that it is a family tradition and Ned adds that the school is very exclusive. AJ laughs and says that they let him in. There is an uncomfortable moment when AJ says that Michael will be following in his father's footsteps. When he gets several funny looks, AJ explains that he and Jason attended the same school. The Q's take their leave once the gifts have been opened and invite Emily to come with them. Emily declines saying she will be home in a little while.

Sonny returns and tells Mike that he is sick of paradise, but he can't go back. Brenda would be with him every minute. Mike understands saying that Brenda isn't here.

The guests are gone and Jason, Carly, Robin and Michael are playing with his new toys. Carly suggests that Robin go to bed and Robin agrees. She is exhausted. Once she has gone, Carly asks if Jason is sure that he doesn't want Michael to go his old school. Jason says that some school won't make Michael special. He wants Michael growing up thinking he is special and that isn't what that school teaches if AJ went there. Carly says that AJ isn't so bad, for a weasel. But the best present Michael ever got was Jason as his father.

Sonny says that it isn't just about Brenda. Jason has got himself in the middle of a muddle, and then there is Mike always getting on his nerves. Mike says that those are the cons, what about the pros. Mike leaves the room telling Sonny to sleep on it.

Laura is on the phone making arrangements to go to North Carolina. She is buying a ticket with an open-ended return because of a medical emergency. Stefan comes into the room saying that he couldn't get much information from the hospital. He knows that Laura's mother has been admitted, but she isn't in intensive care. Laura is still concerned since Leslie couldn't call her herself. He tells Laura that he will wait until she returns to tell Nikolas the truth. Laura isn't sure that it is wise considering Luke is out there somewhere just waiting to tell Nikolas that Stefan is his father. Stefan assures her that the secret will keep for a few more days. He even considers it somewhat of a reprieve.

Katherine and Nikolas continue their heated discussion. They are both shouting now. Nikolas angrily tells Katherine that he will never take her word over Stefan's. Katherine says that Nikolas means more to him then some fortune and that is all he is to Stefan. Nikolas is furious saying that Helena has brainwashed her. He knew he shouldn't have gotten involved with her. He should have listened to Stefan when he said that Katherine was someone they didn't want to know anymore. Katherine says that Stefan thinks she is someone who knows too much. Stefan is afraid that Katherine will tell Nikolas that he isn't his uncle he is his father.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

The Q's are assembled in the mansion's living room and try to apologize to Emily about showing up at Michael's party. Emily doesn't except their excuses or reasons; she tells the whole family off. She ends it by saying that she will do what every Quartermaine has learned to do - LIE! If they don't want her to lie, then don't question her about her whereabouts or going-ons. She storms out and eventually the family gathering breaks, leaving AJ and Edward alone. Edwards tells AJ that he found the afternoon quite illuminating and he thinks Michael is half way home to them. They should start preparing the wing for him and Carly. Edward asks AJ which one trusts you more? Robin or Carly. Difficult decision for AJ but answers, Robin may trust him more, but Carly likes him better. They think the end of the Robin, Jason, Carly triangle is coming to an end, which will result in Jason choosing Robin. This means Carly will be on her as a single mother and she will not last long.

Jax shows up at L&B Records (Ned's gatehouse cottage) where V is working. He's upset because Ned has screwed up the deal they made on the sprocket company. There were changes to the proposal/contract and Ned failed to initial all of the changes so that the record would be filed in the courts today. Ned is still up at the main house, but V tries to calm Jax down. Apparently the papers aren't the only things that has Jax twisted. He received an invitation from Katherine to be a bachelor that will be auctioned off at the Stone Cates Aids Foundation Night. Alexis shows up; then Ned. Ned initials the documents but Jax claims that there will be a penalty for not getting the documents filed in court on time. Ned will have to make it up by taking Jax's place at Katherine's Bachelor Auction. Ned complains that he will not spend his New Year's Eve in the company of Katherine Bell. But it's all for naught, because Ned has also been requisitioned to be a bachelor for auction. Alexis and V have a brief discussion about past blind dates. They decide that if they were to buy a bachelor, they would be much better off, because the bachelor will have to do as they say. They tell Ned and Jax that they are going to do some bidding on the bachelors themselves. Ned and Jax agree to be the bachelors if the girls promise to buy them.

Tony pays a visit to Wyndemere to get Stefan to sign his reinstatement papers. He offers to take care of Katherine Bell for Stefan as part of the deal. He tries to guess what Stefan has in mind for Katherine, what his part will be. Does Tony have to kill Katherine? Sleep with her? Spy on her?

We next see Tony at GH. He delivers to Monica the reinstatement signed by Stefan while Bobbie and Jerry listen on. Apparently he struck some kind of deal with Stefan.

Later back at the Q's, Emily gets a phone call from Alan. They banter about the Q's and Edward in particular while Edward and AJ listen on. Alan seems to be back on track. He tells Emily that he has already worked a 6-hour shift at the clinic, went to 2 meetings (drug rehab) and is now visiting a friend at GH. Alan visits Mac in the hospital. Mac tells him that he is the person he wants to see. He thanks Alan for all that he has done for the Scorpio's - taking care of Robin when she discovered her HIV, and saving him at the club from bleeding to death. Alan tries to brush off the compliment by saying that any medical person would have done all of those things, but Mac tells him that he owes Alan his life.

Bobbie interrupts Mac and Felicia playing. She has good news; they will be releasing Mac. Mac is excited to be released and wants to get back to work immediately but Felicia doesn't want him too. Mac insists that he is OK and doesn't need to be pampered.

Alan leaves Mac and Felicia. He runs into Monica who has a few encouraging words for him also. She tells him that Tony just got reinstated and that if Tony can come back he can too. She is only keeping the Chief of Staff seat warm for Alan.

Katherine is still on the docks with Nikolas. She tries to smooth over the conversation Nik overheard between her and Helena and her blurting out that Stefan is not Nikolas' uncle, but his father. Nikolas is having none of it. He tells her that her shocking news is really no news to him. He has been waiting for someone to bring it up, but he just didn't expect it to be her. He figured the trashy tabloids or Helena would do the damage and not her. She tries to explain but again Nikolas doesn't want to hear it. He tells her she will never turn him against his uncle. He tells her to leave. Katherine gets all teary and says she's sorry and leaves.

Katherine goes back to the Q mansion. She talks to AJ and Edward about the Bachelor Auction. She wants Edward to also be auctioned off. Edward says no; he's not a bachelor. But Katherine is ready for that. She tells him that she has already gotten Lila's permission.

Nikolas goes home to Wyndemere where he encounters Stefan. He bluntly asks him, "Are you my father?" Stefan breaks down and says, "Yes, I am your father. We planned to tell you but it was Christmas and then today Laura got called away." Nikolas wants to know about Stavroes. He says that one time Laura had said that she once saw something in his father, but then, she wasn't talking about Stavroes, was she? Stefan begs Nik not to blame Laura. She feared Stavroes. He then paints a black picture of the real Stavroes; he was a mean drunk but he didn't want Nik to know this because he wanted Nik to grow up loving and respecting his father. He knows that they handled the birthright all wrong, but he thought that this way was the safest for Nikolas. Nikolas doesn't agree and argues about his inheritance. It is not rightfully his. He doesn't deserve it. Stefan starts to panic and begs Nik not to tell anyone that he is not the real prince. For his own safety no one must know the truth. Helena hates Stefan and knows how much he loves Nikolas. Stefan is afraid that if Helena knows that Nikolas is not the heir, she will use him as a weapon against Stefan.

Nikolas decides to leave Wyndemere. Stefan begs him not to leave; he will leave instead. But Nikolas says sorry uncle, then catches himself. See, he doesn't even know what to call him anymore.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Robin tells Jason she will miss him as she gets ready for the charity bachelor auction. Carly interrupts their private moment to blast Robin for going somewhere that didn't want Jason anywhere nearby.

Ned prods Jax to go to the charity auction despite his feelings of sadness during the holidays, due to his loss of Brenda. Ned offers to make excuses for him so he doesn't have to go.

Liz and Lucky discuss their New Year's plans. Nikolas arrives to tell them that they have plans.

Katherine pays a visit to Stefan to ask him to participate in the bachelor charity auction. Stefan agrees to participate if it will help a good cause. They discuss how hard Nikolas has worked to make the benefit a success. Stefan tells Katherine that Nikolas is not at home, and sends her on her way.

Nikolas asks Lucky if he can stay with him for a while. Liz calls Emily to see if she is on her way, so they can hear Nikolas' New Year's Eve Plans.

Felicia is trying to keep Mac in his wheelchair. Monica threatens to keep him in the hospital if he won't stay seated. Felicia thanks Bobbie and Monica for helping save Mac. They leave for home to celebrate New Year's on their own. Monica and Bobbie discuss Alan's recovery, and their relationship, due to Carly and Michael.

Back to Jax and Ned. Jax declines Ned's offer to get him out of the auction. He says he wants to do it. It is for a good cause, and it can potentially help Robin and people like her. If he couldn't help Stone, at least he can do his part.

Robin tells Carly the auction is not about Jason, it is for a good cause. Jason tells Carly to go to the auction so he can donate under an assumed name. He asks her to please help. She says she will go if it is what Jason wants. Robin tells Jason he is "chivalrous" because now she can have a good time at the auction w/o worrying about him home alone w/Carly!

Nikolas declines to discuss "why" he wants to stay w/Lucky. Lucky asks why he doesn't stay at the Port Charles Hotel. Nikolas tells him he wants to be unreachable. Stefan calls looking for Nikolas. Lucky lies for him. Liz asks what is going on...Emily arrives before he can get into it. She has suitcases in her hand. She asks what they are for...

Robin gets ready to leave for the benefit. She tells Jason she doesn't want to ride w/Carly. They discuss how Stone would feel knowing how everyone was getting together in his honor on New Year's Eve. They discuss New Year's resolutions. Jason says his would be to keep the people he loved safe. Robin says hers would be to keep things simple, and to remind herself about the things that really matter They discuss his "birthday" and she says she want to celebrate the day he became Jason Morgan.

Tony arrives at Stefan's house. He asks what he summoned him for

Carly comes down in her finery asking for an opinion on her looks. They talk about the night he gave her the diamonds. He tells her the only time he gets angry is when he tries to hurt Robin.

Nikolas invites them to attend the charity auction. He bought tickets for the girls. He put his and Lucky's names in for the auction. They decide to go. Nikolas buys Lucky a tux to wear for the event!

Stefan asks Tony to be a "bachelor" at the auction.

Jax reflects on his time with Brenda last New Year's Eve.

The Q's gather in the usual room to "hash" out the outcome of the auction before it begins. Lila declines to go w/the family, opting for a quiet New Year's at home. Ned trades garbs with AJ. Monica tells Ned AJ is the most eligible bachelor in Port Charles. Nikolas arrives to pick up Emily. Nikolas thanks everyone for participating in the auction.

Liz and Lucky see each other in the "party clothes" and compliment each other. They talk about the possibility of spending New Year's with other people when they get their "auction" dates. Liz says it will never happen

Robin and Katherine meet up at the auction. Katherine asks about Mac. Robin thanks Katherine for putting on the benefit. Katherine asks if she has seen Nikolas.

Jason and Carly talk about their New Year's plans. Jason thanks Carly for Michael. They wish each other a Happy New Year. After Jason leaves the room. Carly tells Michael this is going to be the year that his mommy and "daddy" get together for good.

At the benefit...Katherine is thanks he bachelors for donating their time, as they arrive. She takes a dig at Reginald, who gives it right back to her. Monica and Katherine trade insults.

Robin thanks Jax for coming. Liz and Lucky and Nikolas and Emily discuss how they can end up with the dates they want. The boys are skeptical. The girls are optimistic.

Katherine issues a warning to Tony if he tries to spoil the evening.

Carly arrives, and she and Katherine spar , while Robin tries to keep the peace.

Nikolas and Katherine come face to face. Robin interrupts before they can have words. It's time to begin the auction. Katherine opens up the auction by thanking everyone for participating/attending. She gives a special thank-you to Nikolas for helping her co-chair the event. She introduces all the "bachelors" up for auction!

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Katherine begins the auction by introducing the host, Stefan Cassadine. Stefan thanks Katherine for her efforts. Bobbie is the 1st benefactress. Her date is Jax. The rest of the bachelors are paired off. Katherine ends up with Tony Jones, and Emily ends up with Nikolas. Lucky and Liz do not end up together. Lila arrives with a bid of $50,000 for the bachelor of her choice!

Katherine and Tony begin their dinner. Tony assures her he will not create a scene. Katherine talks about how much her life has changed since the fall. Tony asks if he can take a cat-scan and X-rays to compare to the night she fell. He is interested for neurological reasons. He wants to write a paper about it to benefit people in similar situations. Katherine says she will think about it!

Emily tells Nikolas how thrilled she is to be his "date". She offers to switch if he would rather be with someone else. She asks if she can help him with his problem. He thanks her, but tells her he is going through some stuff with his uncle. He tells Emily he realizes he and Lucky are more alike than he realized. He thanks her for being a good friend.

Helena and Jerry Jax are enjoying their dinner together. He asks her why she is not head of the Cassadine "empire" She blames it on Starvros' death and Stefan's weakness. She laments the fact that Stefan will not let her help in adding to Nikolas' fortune with her business acumen. They talk about the night of Katherine's accident. Helena implies how "odd" it would be if she found out if Jerry was Stefan's investigator into Katherine's fall. He thanks her for a lovely evening, and tells her he doesn't plan on doing any business with her.

V tells Ned he and Jax are exactly alike. They give tons of money to charity, and then deny it. Ned told her he hired V to make himself look good. They talk about Eddie Maine performing soon. She makes Ned promise he won't flake out. Ned tells her she has some Isabella in her. He tells her the games they taught her in Monte Carlo can be applied anywhere.

Bobbie tells Jax about her Christmas with Lucas and Jerry. They talk about who is suffering more, Katherine of Jerry! She tells Jax that Jerry has been patient with him. She tells him Jerry misses Jax. Bobbie says that Jerry is truly remorseful. Jax agrees Jerry is not all bad, much better in fact since he hooked up with Bobbie.

Taggert is Monica's date. He asks her if she hates him. She asks him to give her a reason not to. He tries to apologize, but she tells him too little too late. He tells her he doesn't always like what he has to do to get the job done. He compares it to her having to save a drug dealer on the operating table. He doesn't always like it, but he has to do it. Monica blasts him for continuing to ride Jason, since he has gone "legit"

Justus and Robin enjoy their evening. He tells her that if he couldn't eat with Lila, she is the next best thing. Justus asks why they moved back to the Penthouse. Robin tells him Jason wanted to stay at the cottage for her, but there were some security issues. Robin tells Justus she was releaved when he "got out"

AJ dines with Alexis. He asks her if last year when he proposed her for counsel for ELQ, and Ned fought it, if it was all a set up. Alexis tells him he should spend less time worrying about what Ned is doing, and more time on himself. He tells her Ned has always taken what belonged to him. He says Ned needs to be in charge, and he needs AJ to be weak. AJ tells Alexis to let Ned know that the weak are about to "inherit the Earth"

Lucky and Tammy end up dining together. Tammy tells Lucky a friend paid her way in case his date didn't work out. They talk about Liz. Lucky tells Tammy that he started out trying to help her, and Liz has ended up giving him so much. He said he started to realize how serious he felt about Liz when he came to see Tammy. Tammy offers to trade places with Liz so she and Lucky can dine together.

Edward tells Liz she has spent the whole night watching Lucky. He tells her to make Liz to make Lucky come to her. He tells her she is so charming, it almost makes up for Lila's betrayal. They discuss how Edward and Lila met, and how long they have been together, and when he knew Lila was the one for him. Edward tells Liz that Lila completes him.

Carly and Reginald discuss the "help". She asks him why he stays with such a crazy bunch. He says there are "his" crazy people, and of course, for Lila. They talk about Jason Quartermaine and how much he was loved by the whole Q clan, and now Jason Morgan, how he is so different. He says the whole Jason left will never be filled. That is why they want Michael so badly. He warns her to be wary of the Q's. They will try to get him through her. He tells her to keep her son away from the Quartermaines, if she loves her son at all.

The benefit is rounding down. The guests are mingling with each other after dinner. Jax is outside, remembering last New Year's with Brenda. He says Happy New Year to Brenda. The guests inside count down to the New Year and being to celebrate.

Lila is shown with Jason and Michael. She went over to the garage to spend her New Year's with them. He tells her he wants to teach Michael to be what he wants, like he taught her. Lila says the looks on the faces of the men at the auction was worth it.

Friday, January 1

Due to the New Year's holiday, General Hospital did not air. The show will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded. .

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