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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on GH
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Monday January 4, 1999

As Jason enters the living room, Carly starts asking him about renovations to the penthouse. Jason angrily tells her that she knows Sonny is coming home and she has to leave. They are going house hunting today.

Alexis and Jax run into each other on the docks. They discuss their respective "dates" at the bachelor auction. Alexis tells Jax that AJ thinks that the weak should inherit the earth. Jax says that AJ is always close, but not quite there. It is the meek, not the weak. The meek are patient and the other is a one word description of AJ. Jax notices the key that Alexis has and comments on it's unusual appearance. He jokingly asks if it opens a strange door at Wyndemere. As Alexis turns to go, Jax wishes her a happy new year and thanks her for all of her help last year. Before Alexis leaves, she asks Jax if he still specializes in hostile takeovers. She knows of an empire that may be ripe for raiding soon. Jax asks if it might be Cassadine industries. Alexis doesn't confirm or deny, but says that she has a better understanding of what he went through last year. Jax watches her thoughtfully as she goes.

Stefan calls Laura and tells her that it is imperative that he speak with her soon regarding Nikolas. Nikolas is all right, but Stefan needs to speak with Laura ASAP.

Lucky arrives home and finds Nikolas eating a bowl of cereal. He comments that Nikolas is back and jokingly asks if he checked the cereal for bugs. Nikolas starts to put the cereal down, but Lucky tells him he was kidding. Lucky asks where Nikolas went so early in the morning. As Nikolas explains that he went for an early morning run, Lucky sits down at the table and starts to take apart the answering machine. Nikolas asks what is wrong and Lucky says that the machine gets "cranky." Lucky asks Nikolas how the floor was. Nikolas says it was hard as a rock, but appreciated. Lucky comments that as a prince, he probably doesn't get much occasion to sleep on floors. He probably hasn't ever camped out either or staked out a place in a department store to get a good night's sleep. When Nikolas confirms that he has never done any of those things Lucky asks if Nikolas has ever thought about how limiting being a price is. All the stuff he misses out on. He asks what the most out there thing he has ever done is. Nikolas says that he isn't a prince, he is a bastard, just like Luke always said. Lucky looks up with a confused look as Nikolas continues to explain. It turns out that he isn't the eldest son of the eldest son after all. His uncle is his father. Lucky doesn't think he heard right and asks Nikolas to come again. Nikolas says that Stavros Cassadine isn't his father, Stefan is.

Jason is ready to go, but Carly is reluctant. She tries to talk Jason out of finding her a new place to live, by saying that it wouldn't be good for Michael. Michael is going to feel like they are playing musical houses. Jason tells her that it is time. The penthouse is Sonny's place and he isn't going to want Carly there. Sonny's temper isn't the greatest right now. Sonny and Jason don't want Michael to get upset. It's better if Carly and Michael aren't there. He and Robin will be leaving too. Once Sonny gets back, things are going to start moving fast. Everybody needs to be in place before Moreno can make a move. Carly reminds Jason that Michael cried the whole time he was gone helping Sonny. She doesn't want Michael to be second fiddle to Sonny. She doesn't want Michael to feel abandoned. She knows what that is like. Jason finally agrees to get an apartment for the three of them. They are going to get Michael used to the joint custody arrangement.

Stefan is leaving another message for Alexis. He tells her there are things she needs to be aware of. Legal issues that may arise with regards to Nikolas and she needs to be prepared. He hopes that impresses upon her the urgency of getting back to him. He angrily hangs up the phone.

Lucky is shocked to say the least. He can't believe that Nikolas just found out. He asks Nikolas to start from the top. Nikolas explains that this is why he wanted to stay with Lucky and asks Lucky to please keep this to himself. This pretty much changes his life and he doesn't want it to get out until he decides what to do. Naturally, Lucky understands and gives Nikolas his word that he won't say a word. Nikolas says that someone, who he doesn't want to name, found out and passed the information along to him. Lucky asks if this person has proof. Nikolas says that the person didn't, but that he confronted Stefan and Stefan admitted it. Nikolas didn't stick around for long explanations. Lucky asks if Nikolas has spoken to Laura. Nikolas says that he hasn't, but he plans to as soon as possible. He tells Lucky that when he heard the words, "I'm your father"... Lucky stops him and says everything shifted and you knew your world would never be the same. Nikolas nods in agreement.

As Jerry arrives, Jax tells him that it is against his better judgment to agree to this meeting and he chastises Jerry for being late. Jerry asks what Bobbie said when she had dinner with Jax on New Year's Eve. Jax laughs and says he can't believe it. Jerry assures him that he is on the level. Jax smiles and says that Jerry has really fallen in love this time.

Jason is on the phone talking to the realtor about new Penthouses when Bobbie arrives. Bobbie asks what is going on and Carly vaguely gives her a story about Sonny maybe coming back. Bobbie is concerned for Carly and Michael's safety, but Carly assures her that Michael is safe with Jason. Moreno knows that if anything happens to Michael, everyone will think it was him. So it is in everyone's best interest to leave Michael alone. Bobbie asks who will be living in the new penthouse. Carly happily tells her that it will be her and Michael and Jason. She is not so happy when she says that she is sure Robin will show up eventually, she always does. She tells Bobbie what they really need is a good bell tower or an attic to keep Robin in. Bobbie just shakes her head and then suddenly comes up with an idea. She suggests that Carly and Michael move to the empty apartment at the top of the Brownstone. Carly hates the idea, but Bobbie assures her that the apartment is perfect. Bobbie starts to tell Jason, but Carly stops her.

Lucky asks Nikolas if he has any idea what he is going to do. Nikolas says that he doesn't. Lucky cautiously asks what happens to the inheritance. Nikolas explains that the law, which goes back 500 hundred years, says that the eldest son of the eldest son is the only one who can inherit. Every generation, until now, has produced an eldest son. Since there isn't an heir, the Cassadine holdings are up for grabs to be divided between anyone who can prove they have Cassadine blood. Lucky asks how many people have proof. Nikolas tells him that there are enough people to destroy the Cassadine dynasty and power. Nikolas tells Lucky that Helena has always treated him with respect because he was the heir and Stavros' son. Now that he isn't either of those things, being around him could be kind of dangerous. Lucky thanks him for the warning but assures Nikolas he can handle it. He has been on Helena's hit list since the day he was born. Nikolas asks Lucky what he thinks about Laura. Lucky states the obvious, that Laura lied. Again. He doesn't think there is anything else to say. Maybe Laura and Luke weren't meant for each other. He doesn't think it should be a shock to either of them. He and Nikolas were both there when Laura was at Wyndemere barefoot and wearing a new dress. They both thought the same thing. Nikolas asks if Lucky thinks there is still something going on between Laura and Stefan. Lucky says that he doesn't know and trying to figure out Laura is a full time job. He has better things to do. Nikolas asks if Lucky thinks Luke knows. Lucky is sure that he does. Nikolas reminds Lucky of when Laura testified at Stefan's trial. He remembers that Laura testified that she and Stefan had never had physical relations, but somehow Luke must have known. Lucky tells Nikolas that he went to his parent's house that day and he didn't hear, but her could tell they were fighting. They both agree that that must be when Luke found out. Nikolas can't believe that it never occurred to him that Stefan was really his father. He always thought that noone could be a better father to him that Stefan had been. There were clues everywhere. They weren't even subtle. He can't believe he missed it. Lucky understands why. Nikolas wanted to believe what he had been told.

Stefan is alone in his study when Laura arrives saying she came as soon as she got his message. When she sees the look on Stefan's face, she asks if Nikolas knows. Stefan confirms that Nikolas does indeed know. Laura asks if Nikolas is there and Stefan tells her that Nikolas is gone.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he has been conditioned to think of himself as a prince his whole life, the Cassadine heir, the end result of a 500-year-old legacy. Now he's just what? Lucky says he is Nikolas, whoever that is. Nikolas is the only one who can tell Nikolas who he is. Nikolas says that he will have to get back to Lucky on that. As Nikolas prepares to leave, Lucky asks if he is going to see Laura. Nikolas says that he has a few more questions for Stefan first and asks Lucky to not tell Stefan where he is if he calls.

Stefan explains to Laura that Nikolas confronted him and he didn't deny it. Then Nikolas left. He knows that Nikolas is staying with Lucky, which concerns him considering what happened to Mac. He has two guards watching the garage just in case. Laura asks if Nikolas found out from Luke, but Stefan doesn't know. He tells Laura how Nikolas came in and unexpectedly confronted him. It was the moment he had both feared and wanted Nikolas' entire life. He came in and was direct. Stefan simply said yes he is Nikolas' father. Laura asks if Nikolas was angry. Stefan thinks that he was because he didn't ask any questions. Nikolas seemed disturbed because he thought Stefan lied all these years to protect the inheritance. Laura can't believe that Nikolas would think that. Stefan says that he doesn't know what Nikolas thinks, because he left. He went upstairs, packed a small valise and said he was going into town. Stefan tells Laura that she was right. They should have told Nikolas on Christmas Eve. They should have been the ones to tell him. He should have listened to her.

Jax teases Jerry about being in love. Jerry gets defensive and says that he just wants to know what Bobbie said at dinner. Jax points out that Jerry has never cared before what a woman said about him. Jerry confesses that whatever he feels just sort of snuck up on him. One day he was putting the moves on her and the next...he doesn't know what happened. Jax says that he got the feeling that Bobbie has a lot of faith in Jerry. He hopes it isn't misplaced. Jerry assures Jax that he is trying to be honest with Bobbie. He almost got into trouble by not telling her the whole truth about his dealings with Stefan Cassadine. Jax is somewhat surprised when he finds out that Jerry told Bobbie himself about his work for the Cassadines. Jax asks if Jerry found out anything interesting about the Cassadine holdings, and how clean is the mother ship.

Bobbie asks Carly what is wrong with the Brownstone. Carly says that she just got out of the mental hospital, she doesn't want to move in with her mother. Bobbie tells Carly that she knows what she is doing and she doesn't like it. She doesn't want to let go of Jason. Bobbie still thinks that the Brownstone is a good idea. If Carly and Michael lived there, they would have a support system. Michael is never going to get used to not having Jason around if Jason is always there. She isn't going to stand around and let Carly use Michael to get to Jason.

Carly says that she loves Michael. Bobbie tells her if that is true, then she should move into the Brownstone. Carly says that Jason is concerned about safety. Jason wants the penthouse, not her. Bobbie laughs and says that they can make the place safe after Carly moves in. And Jason will have guards no matter what. Jason walks in and asks what the guards are for. Bobbie tells Jason about the apartment at the Brownstone. Jason says no and Carly looks pleased.

Jerry and Jax agree, as strictly a business arrangement, to work together against the Cassadines. It has nothing to do with where they stand personally. As the two brothers stare across the water at Wyndemere, Jerry asks if Jax has a plan. Jax says that he is getting one. Cassadine won't know what hit him.

Stefan tells Laura that up until now, he has made every decision regarding Nikolas' life himself. Now he is asking for her help. His instinct is to find Nikolas and make him come back. He is emotional and feeling off balance. He asks Laura what she thinks. Laura says that she and Luke chose to let Lucky go and she knows that there is a part of him they will never get back. She wouldn't do it that way again. She thinks that there are things Nikolas needs to hear from them. He needs to hear their side. The sooner the better. Stefan answers the phone and learns that Nikolas just caught the launch to Wyndemere.

As Liz arrives, Lucky explains that Nikolas had some business to attend to. Liz notices that Lucky is disassembling the answering machine and asks what he is doing. He explains that he is trying to fix it. Liz sits down at the table with him holding a sketch pad. She is very excited about showing him a sketch of her idea for the next mural in his room. He continues to work on fixing his answering machine while Liz explains that she normally wouldn't show him until it was done, but she really likes this one so she wants him to see a preview. She shows him the sketch and explains that she is designing it so that the painting she did for him for Christmas will hang in the middle and fit into the mural. Lucky thinks it's brilliant, but seems distracted as he goes back to fiddling with the answering machine. He distractedly says that he had better get cracking on stripping the wallpaper so she can get started, but Liz says there isn't any rush. She doesn't mind just sitting there watching him. Liz can't help but notice that something is bothering Lucky and asks him what is wrong. She thinks maybe he had a fight with Nikolas and is relieved when Lucky tells her it was just the opposite. Lucky stops what he is doing and tells her that it seems to be Nikolas' turn to get a pile of family garbage dumped on him. Liz understands when Lucky tells her that Nikolas asked him not to say anything and is glad that Nikolas was able to discuss it with Lucky. Liz asks if there is anything she can do. Lucky tells her to give Nikolas the benefit of the doubt if he starts acting weird. He says that it's funny. Just when you think that your family can't hurt you again, that all the lies are out, that you know everything, BAM. You're blind sided. What he can't figure out is why it keeps mattering. Liz says it matters because they are his family.

Jason says that Carly is right. Michael isn't ready to do the shared custody thing yet. Carly says that Bobbie is right too. Michael will never get used to Jason not being around if he is always there. She doesn't know. Maybe they should try it. Jason says that the point is that Michael is already confused. The only thing that has been consistent in Michael's life is him. Bobbie agrees, but again points out that Michael will be around people he is familiar with. Lucas will be there and Jerry Jax is great with kids. Jason is adamant that Michael never be left alone with Jerry Jax. He thanks Bobbie, but says that he wouldn't be comfortable at the Brownstone. And Michael isn't ready to be without him. For now, the move has to be the three of them.

Liz asks Lucky if he's been thinking about his Mom and Dad. Lucky says that he grew up knowing one thing was true. His parents loved each other. Not like other people, but bigger and deeper. And then it just popped, like it had a life of it's own. Lucky says that ironically, he got the instinct to protect Liz from his father. Everything his parents did had a history. They couldn't cook fish without cracking up about some story about two fish named Frick and Frack. And then they would start kissing. They would dance anywhere. He tells Liz about the diner they used to run in Canada. There was this juke box. And there were certain songs, that, no matter what was going on, they would dance to if someone played them. He would hear the song and just put his head in his hands because he knew that his parents would start dancing. All he can figure is it's the lies and the secrets that started changing everything. Nikolas showed up and Luke had to wrap his head around why Laura never told him. Lucky looks back and he just sees the whole thing breaking apart. Liz asks if he thinks his Mom started all of this. Lucky says no. That isn't what he's saying. He doesn't know what he's saying. It's complicated. Maybe it started with the rape. Or maybe it started with the whole Nikolas thing or when Laura lied to her first husband. Lucky isn't sure. The point is, that his parents seem to have become people who are better at keeping secrets than telling the truth. And he was raised by all that. Liz assures Lucky that he isn't like that. Lucky looks at Liz and tells her that no matter what, if one of them realizes that they have made a mistake, or if a lie slips out, they have to clean it up. Liz agrees saying that they will do it before they go to bed. Lucky says that it would be best if they just don't lie because lies destroy and they have to make sure that doesn't happen to them. Liz assures him that it won't. Lucky tells Liz that he thinks things are going to heat up again in the Spencer/Cassadine war so they have to be careful. Liz asks why. Lucky explains that people have died, and been in car crashes. All he is saying is that they have to hold themselves separate. Liz realizes that Lucky is really scared. Lucky gently touches her face and says that he just doesn't want to lose her. It's important that they stay absolutely straight with each other. Liz says that they will. She moves next to Lucky on the bed and he holds her close.

Jax asks to see Jerry's list of vulnerable Cassadine holdings. Jerry explains that it is in his safe and asks why Jax thinks Cassadine industries is susceptible. Is something about to break? Does Jax have a hunch or did he get a tip. Jax smiles, but refuses to comment. Jerry interprets that to mean tip, and comments that that is like money in the bank. He asks how much time they have to prepare. Jax says that his "hunch" is that things will be happening soon. Jerry assures him that they will be ready.

Helena is dining alone when Alexis arrives. Alexis tells Helena to enjoy it while it lasts because her tour of duty is just about over.

Stefan nervously explains to Laura that Nikolas is on his way in. He tells her that he promised Nikolas answers to all of his questions. Suddenly he has nothing. He is afraid that they are going to lose Nikolas. Laura hugs Stefan and reassures him that everything will be all right. They won't lose Nikolas. Nikolas walks in and interrupts them. He looks at Laura and simply says that he didn't think she would be there.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Jason tries to explain to Bobbie and Carly why Carly and Michael can not move into the brownstone. Carly pretends to be in agreement with Bobbie. She tells Jason to stop postponing the inevitable. The three of them are not always going to be together, so do it now, put them out of their misery. Bobbie reassures Jason that children are very adaptable when showered with enough love and attention and this Michael will certainly have at the brownstone. Jason finally relents but tells Carly to do it tonight.

Jason goes up stairs to prepare Michael while Bobbie and Carly pack. As they are packing and talking, Bobbie accuses Carly of trying to manipulate Jason by agreeing to move in with her and Lucas. She tells Carly she knows exactly what she's doing - she's pulling Jason's heartstrings. She warns Carly that she knows her well - "daughter of mine." Jason brings Michael downstairs and explains the situation to him; he'll be living part of the time with Carly and part of the time with him. He hands the baby over to Carly. It looks like Jason wants to cry. Carly says that this is not goodbye, they are going to be seeing each other all of the time. Jason is Michael's father, forever. Carly, Michael and Bobbie leave.

Robin comes home shortly after. Jason fills her in on Carly and Michael moving out. She tries to offer Jason comfort but Jason tells her there is nothing anyone can do. He just wants the day to be over. He goes upstairs alone to go to bed.

Alexis is in the restaurant with Helena. She brings up the past, her mother, and the verbal abuse she endured while growing up. Alexis tells Helena that she agrees with Helena, knowledge equals power. When Helena finally asks what it that Alexis knows, Alexis answers that her mother will finally have her revenge. Alexis leaves.

Nikolas comes back to Wyndemere to find his mother hugging his father. He confronts the two of them about his paternity. He questions Laura about the reason she kept quiet all of these years. Laura admits that when she left Nikolas in Greece as a baby, she knew there was a strong possibility that Stefan was the father but couldn't tell anyone. She kept silent to protect him and herself. She explained that her and Stefan were in love when he was born. When she first found out that she was pregnant, Stefan was the first one she told. And he never questioned the paternity, just said "You and your child will always have my loyalty." He sacrificed everything for the love of his child, to protect her and Nikolas. Nikolas argues that after Stavroes died nothing changed, the danger was over. But Laura and Stefan claim that there was still Helena, who was dangerous. Nikolas wants to know when exactly did Stefan know that he was his child, because knowing Stefan, he would want concrete proof. Stefan tells shim he got the blood results the day Stavroes died. Nikolas gets angrier and more frustrated with Laura Stefan and their "pat" answers to everything. He continues to barrage Stefan with questions until they breakdown, cry and hug. As Stefan holds onto to Nikolas, cooing "my son", Laura discreetly leaves.

When they finally pull themselves together, Stefan tries to once again control Nikolas and the situation by telling Nikolas that nothing has changed. No one outside of this can know that Stefan is Nikolas' father. Nik tells him it's too late, it's already out. And another thing, he doesn't want to be a prince. He wants the whole world to know that Stefan is his real father. They argue again about the inheritance, the title and the Cassadine family lineage. Nik finally gets through to Stefan. Nikolas agrees to keep it a secret for a short time, until Stefan can get protection and he agrees to move back to Wyndemere.

Nikolas goes back to Lucky's to get his things. He waits at the docs for the boat shuttle and Helena shows up. She quietly says "Goodnight Sweet Prince."

Carly and Bobbie get Michael settled in and asleep. They sit downstairs with the baby monitor talking and laughing. Carly admits to be a nervous mother. Bobbie reassures Carly that she is wonderful around Michael and that she just needs to relax and have more practice. Jason is better at parenting because he has been doing it longer than Carly. Now it is Carly's turn to learn. Bobbie then asks Carly what her goals are for the future. Carly admits that she doesn't have any except to have Jason. That is her primary and secondary goal. Bobbie tries to reason with her saying Carly had her chance with Jason. Carly says when? Bobbie says during the time she was getting pregnant by Jason. Carly smoothly says that even then Robin was in the way. She was always in Jason's mind.

Next we see Bobbie getting ready to leave the house on an ER call. Carly doesn't take it very well that Bobbie has to leave her alone with Michael. She argues that apparently this wasn't a good idea, moving in with Bobbie if Bobbie was going to be there. And that Bobbie needs to get her priorities straight. Bobbie tells Carly that she will do fine, Michael is sleeping and if he wakes up and she has trouble, there is a list of phone numbers Carly can call. Felicia, Laura and her beeper number are on the list.

Jason comes back downstairs as Robin is packing the rest of Carly things. He can't sleep. Robin realizes that it's the time that Michael usually wakes up for a bottle and a story. The phone rings. It's Carly wanting Jason. Jason asks Carly if something is wrong. Carly weakly assures Jason that the baby is OK, she just needed the comforting. Jason can hear Michael crying in the background (Carly has the baby monitor on, doesn't even have Michael in the room). Carly tells Jason that she is sure that nothing is wrong with Michael, he just misses his Daddy. He's been saying Da Da a lot while crying. Jason says that he'll be right over. Carly pretends to protest, saying that Jason doesn't have to come over, but Jason says that if Michael is calling for him, then he needs to come. Carly hangs up the phone with a wicked smile on her face and Jason leaves Robin to go over to the brownstone. You can see that Robin sees through Carly's ruse and doesn't approve, but she keeps it to herself. She just lets Jason leave.

Alexis pays a visit to Wyndemere where she finds Stefan in his study. Stefan asks her what's on her mind. She says what's fair and what is hers.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Jason is at the Brownstone with Carly and Michael. He is sitting on the couch with Michael in his lap reading from the "Africa" book. Carly can't believe how happy Michael is now that Jason is there. He was crying so hard when she called. Carly says that she thinks she was so wrong not to listen to Jason. It really is too soon for Michael to be away from Jason. Michael still needs his Daddy.

Lucky and Liz come back to Lucky's apartment to look for a report that Liz misplaced. Lucky checks the answering machine and hears a message from Nikolas explaining that he has moved back to Wyndemere. As the message ends, there is a knock on the door. He opens the door and is surprised to see Katherine. She asks if Nikolas is there. She heard his voice as she was walking up.

Helena arrives on the docks while Nikolas is waiting for the launch to Wyndemere. Nikolas is not too happy to see her. He tells her he is busy so to make her threat and go away. Helena comments that he is upset. She knows why. She apologizes for greeting him as sweet prince. Hamlet is such a morbid play with all those twisted family loyalties. Nikolas asks what she knows about family loyalty since she's never been loyal to anyone but herself. Helena wonders if Stefan has ever told him anything that was true. Noone has ever questioned her allegiance to Stavros and her husband. And she has always been loyal to Nikolas. Nikolas says that she was so loyal to him she sent her lieutenant to break him.

Stefan notices that Alexis is on edge and says that he feels the same since she has been so reluctant to return his calls. He asks where she has been. Alexis says that she has been collecting all sorts of interesting information. Stefan says that it is obvious that she knows that Nikolas is his son.

Alexis asks if Nikolas knows. Stefan explains that he and Laura talked to him. Stefan asks when Luke told her. Alexis says that this is between her and Stefan. She is his corporate right hand, chief legal counsel, and by the way, his sister. Stefan says that he was trying to protect his family. Alexis tearfully tells him that she is his family.

Nikolas tells Helena that she is slipping. Her covert plan isn't so covert. Helena asks what evil she has supposedly affected now. Nikolas says that he knows that she and Katherine are working together to ruin his uncle. That's why Helena saved Katherine's life. Katherine is nothing more than a weapon to her. Nikolas says that Helena is nothing more than a vulture to him. She has been circling him since the day he was born., just waiting to exploit him. Nikolas assures her that it isn't going to happen and leaves her standing on the docks.

Katherine writes a note for Nikolas and asks Lucky to give it to him when he returns. She asks for an envelope, but Lucky says she won't need it because he is just going to read the note to Nikolas when he calls. Katherine thinks that the note may sound geeky if it's read over the phone. She would rather Lucky wait and give the note to Nikolas in person. Lucky explains that Nikolas have moved back home. When Katherine hears this, she decides not to leave the note after all. She asks Lucky to just tell Nikolas that she stopped by. She leaves, thanking Liz and Lucky again for helping her on New Year's Eve. After she is gone, Liz asks what that was all about. Lucky says that something tells him Katherine is right in the middle of Nikolas' problem with his family.

Michael has gone to bed and Carly brings hot chocolate to Jason. She asks him if he can stay a little while. She is worried that Michael might wake up again. She apologizes to Jason for having to call for help on her first night away from home. She just didn't know what to do because Michael wouldn't stop crying. She felt so bad for him and she just doesn't seem to have the same touch that Jason does with him. Jason assures Carly that she will get there, she just needs some time. Carly jokes that poor Michael will have a raspy voice because he cried so much when he was a baby. And Bobbie wasn't even there to help. She understands if Jason has to go. Jason assures her that he can stay a little longer just in case. Carly starts rambling on about how Michael was fine when she put him down and then he started crying and crying and she just didn't know what to do. It's like Jason said at the penthouse. Michael only feels safe with Jason. Jason tells Carly that he will sleep on the couch tonight and leave in the morning. Carly is delighted and says that she will even try to make coffee in the morning. Jason tells her that she knows she will sleep late like she always does. As Jason leaves to call Robin, Carly sits on the couch with an extremely pleased look on her face.

Jason is asleep on the couch when Bobbie gets home. Bobbie is surprised to see him and asks what happened. Jason explains that Michael wouldn't stop crying and Carly called for help. Jason hears Michael on the monitor and leaves to check on him.

Liz and Lucky are sitting on his bed doing homework together. Liz asks Lucky if he thinks they should call Nikolas to let him know that Katherine is looking for him, but Lucky says no. Katherine knows where Nikolas is. Liz wonders if maybe Nikolas and Katherine had a fight about something. Lucky thinks that's a definite possibility. Liz says that she always thought it was weird that Nikolas would volunteer to help Katherine with the charity auction, considering everything that went on between Katherine and Stefan. Lucky is frustrated because he wants to tell Liz about Nikolas. Liz understands that he can't tell, but Lucky says that he needs to talk to someone about it. Since Nikolas said on his message that things were better, Lucky doesn't think Nikolas would mind if he told Liz, as long as they kept in between them. Liz promises not to tell, but insists that Lucky doesn't need to tell her if he doesn't think he should. Lucky says that what is going on with Nikolas has to do with him, a little, and he needs to make sense of it. The only way he can do that is with someone he trusts. Liz is the only one he trusts. He asks Liz if she remembers how he said that it was Nikolas' turn to get the family garbage dumped on him. Well Nikolas has been lied to by everyone. Nikolas' whole life has been one big scam and he didn't have a clue. Nikolas just found out that the major couple from way back wasn't Laura and Stavros. It was Laura and Stefan.

Stefan tells Alexis, that long before he knew she was his sister, he was her childhood companion and protector. He recognized her extraordinary mind. He sent her to the finest university and the finest law school. And then he gave her power second only to his. Alexis says that her inheritance should have been the same as his. Stefan didn't give he took. Stefan disagrees. He saw to it that their lifestyles exceeded what they otherwise would have had. Alexis knows she should be grateful, but she isn't. She asks if Stefan can begin to comprehend how it made her feel to always have to play servant to his master. She asks why he lied. Stefan says that Alexis has done nothing but lie to him. She told him that Katherine was his long lost sister Natasha. She continually conspires with Luke Spencer, his sworn enemy. Alexis says that it all worked out for the best, unless he'd rather be married to Katherine right now. Katherine may have been a casualty of war, but it was a war against Helena. If it had worked out as planned, Stefan would be thanking her. Stefan angrily tells Alexis that because of her war, the Cassadine empire is in the greatest jeopardy it has ever faced. Alexis is furious. She tells Stefan that the reason the Cassadine empire is in jeopardy because he slept with his brother's wife. There is no eldest son of the eldest son and she has a right to what he has hoarded. All he had to do was trust her. All he had to do was treat her with the same respect with which she has treated him. Instead, he cheated her. She will not be ignored by the Cassadine family any more.

Alexis says that this is about her feeling like nothing, like nobody. Stefan says that he tried to make her feel like somebody. Alexis is quick to point out that she was somebody. She had a mother and a father like everyone else. Stefan's father in fact. Her blood is as blue as Stefan's. He knew it when he purposely kept the truth from her, and what was hers by law. This is about her identity. She wants it. She claims it. She is demanding it. Stefan apologizes for Alexis feeling slighted but says that when Nikolas was born, he had to fight for his life. Helena and Stavros never would have let the child of Laura and Stefan live. As Stavros' son, Nikolas would not be touched. Alexis points out that Stavros has been dead for years. Instead of one heir, they could have all joined together against Helena. Stefan says that Alexis has deceived him, plotted against him and allowed Helena to play her like a puppet. Why would he trust her with a secret that could mean life or death to Nikolas? Alexis assures Stefan that she would never do anything to harm Nikolas. Stefan points out that he had good reason to doubt her loyalties. Alexis says that his reasons are very clear. He doesn't think she is worthy of her share of the inheritance. He thinks she is just poor little Alexis who became a Cassadine by accident. And a girl even. She has a good heart, she just isn't good enough. Stefan assures her that she is good enough. Which is why, when she thinks this through without anger, she will see that spreading this information to every member of the family will destroy the Cassadine power base, and herself in the process. Stefan asks Alexis not to let her anger bring down the family and to let Nikolas lead and to follow with her conscience. Alexis warns Stefan that if she is provoked, she can be as ruthless as any Cassadine before her. She is after all, her father's daughter.

Liz is as shocked when she realizes what Lucky has just said, that Stefan is really Nikolas' father. She asks how Nikolas found out and if he is sure. Lucky doesn't know how Nikolas found out, but assures Liz that it is the truth. Which means that this whole prince charade is a big scam that has been forced on Nikolas. Nikolas could have grown up an ordinary kid, except that everyone lied to him. Lucky doesn't see how Nikolas can be so cool with everything so fast. Unless Nikolas has a brilliant system of recovery, or if fantasies are just OK with him. Liz asks how Lucky is doing with it. Lucky says that he is holding on.

Bobbie offers Jason some tea as he comes back downstairs. Jason explains that Michael sometimes just makes noises and will go right back to sleep if he pats his back. Bobbie is confused that Michael was crying so hard because when she left for work, Michael was asleep. Jason says that Michael always wakes up once and he just reads to him and he goes right back to sleep. Carly tried, but couldn't get through to Michael so she called Jason. Bobbie says that Michael was probably crying because he doesn't have the language skills to say he wants his Daddy. Carly needs to teach Michael that he has a Mommy too. Bobbie points out that all Michael learned tonight is that it takes 20 minutes for his Daddy to come running. If Carly had been able to keep her cool, it wouldn't have been fun, but Michael would have learned that Mommy's arms are OK too. Instead, all he learned was that crying works. Jason doesn't want Michael to cry. Bobbie points out that Michael was only crying because he didn't get what he wants. Jason and Carly need to tough it out for a week until Michael learns that Mommy will be there sometimes too. It's the parents who have to be strong. Jason knows that Bobbie is right, but isn't ready. If Michael needs him, he wants to be there. Bobbie asks if Robin knows how he feels.

Katherine meets Helena on the docks. Helena is concerned, after her confrontation with Nikolas, that he knows more than her should. She thinks that Katherine has told Nikolas something about their plan to get Stefan. She wants to know how Nikolas found out. Katherine explains that Nikolas overheard a conversation between her and Helena. She should have mentioned it, but she honestly thought everything was under control. Helena is skeptical and accuses Katherine of withholding something. If Katherine knows of something that has made Nikolas doubt Stefan, Helena demands to be told.

Nikolas is speaking with Stefan in his study. He is not concerned that Alexis knows the truth. He has said from the beginning that he wants everyone to know the truth. Stefan is not happy that Nikolas would choose to sacrifice his inheritance, but his main concern is that Luke is the one who told Alexis about Stefan being Nikolas' father. Nikolas agrees that Luke figured it out at the trial and that is why he left town. Stefan says that he knows that Nikolas learned the truth from Katherine.

Lucky tells Liz that what his Mom did, and still does, with Stefan Cassadine isn't his problem. He can still go to the house and spend time with Lulu and wave hello and goodbye to his mother. That's as much as he wants. Liz tells him that she knows he cares and not to act like he doesn't. Lucky insists that he doesn't care. His Mom lies. He and Nikolas talked about it this morning. If he got bogged down every time his Mom lied, he may as well call it quits on getting anything else done in his life. Lying is what Laura does. So she was faking being afraid of Stefan when he first came to town, so they were lovers, so they still are, so what? Liz asks Lucky if he remembers the promise they made to always keep things honest between them and to clear up any mistakes up before they went to bed. When he says yes, she asks if she is going to be getting a call before she falls asleep tonight. Does Lucky still think that something is going on between Laura and Stefan? Lucky reminds Liz of the night he and Nikolas found Laura barefoot at Wyndemere. If anything ticks him off about that night, it's that he half-way believed Laura. He and Nikolas were saying this morning that the clues are all there once their eyes were opened. Stefan's trial, the way Laura came to his rescue. When Laura snuck back into town the night of the masked ball and didn't bother to let Luke know she was there. When Lucky first found about that Luke raped Laura, he wanted to punish him. But now he almost feels sorry for Luke. Lucky doesn't understand how his Mom could have spent all those years with Luke and still want to be with Stefan. Liz thinks that Laura must want to be with Luke. Or maybe Laura doesn't know. Maybe she loves Luke and Stefan. Lucky asks Liz if she thinks that's possible. Liz says that she couldn't, but she can't speak for Laura. Lucky thinks maybe Laura just stopped loving Luke and that is why Luke left.

Jason remembers when Michael was born and Robin was in Paris. He didn't think Robin would come back, but she did and he has been so happy. But Michael has to come first. Somehow he let this mess happen. He loves Michael and Robin and something isn't working right. It's not Michael's fault and he doesn't want Michael to have to pay for it. Bobbie reminds Jason that Carly hasn't been straight about Michael from the beginning. It's time for Carly to pick up some of her responsibilities. Jason understands what Bobbie is saying, but he can't let Michael down. Bobbie asks if he is willing to lose Robin.

Bobbie asks where Robin was when Carly called. When she learns that Robin was at the penthouse, she asks how she felt when Jason came to the Brownstone. Bobbie can tell from Jason's expression that Robin was not happy. She tells Jason that it isn't going to get any better. It isn't Robin's fault. The only mistake Robin has made is being in love with a man who has a baby with another woman. Robin has got to be close to the breaking point and one or two more late night trips to the Brownstone might just do the trick. Bobbie thinks that Jason is headed for disaster and Carly knows it. Jason tells Bobbie that Carly thinks she is working him, but she isn't. He came over because he misses Michael and Michael was scared. He knows what Carly is trying to do, but he isn't going to let Michael suffer while he and Carly figure it out.

Liz tells Lucky that Laura loves Luke, not loved. Liz can see it all over Laura's face when she mentions Luke or when she looks at him. Lucky points out that Laura lies to Luke. Liz asks herself why Laura lied. She asks Lucky what Laura would say if he asked her why. Lucky says that Laura would say she lied to protect Nikolas because once it gets out that he isn't the prince he is in a lot of danger. Especially from Helena. Liz can't believe that Nikolas could be in danger from his own grandmother. Lucky says that Helena isn't really a grandmother. She is a witch. More like a vampire. She gets strength drinking other people's blood, especially if it's someone in her own clan. Liz thinks Lucky is exaggerating, but Lucky says that it isn't good to underestimate Helena. He asks Liz if she hasn't noticed that the Cassadines are a bizarre family. Legend has it that Helena put a curse on Luke and Laura's wedding day. Lucky laughs and says that maybe that is the problem. Liz tries to make sense of it all. Laura lied to protect Nikolas, even from Luke because he hates the Cassadines and couldn't be trusted to keep a secret that would keep Nikolas safe from his own Grandmother. Liz points out that Laura was in a pretty tough spot. She lies to her husband to protect her child or she is honest and something terrible happens to her son by another man. Even the fact that Laura didn't tell Lucky about the rape, that was Laura's way of protecting Lucky and her family. The minute Lucky found out, he left. Maybe Laura knew that would happen. Lucky says that he left because his parents lied. Lies don't work. Little voices in your head fool you into thinking that they do, but they don't. Lucky tells Liz that they have to do things different. If the first lie is never said, then it won't become a habit. Lucky admits that maybe he was lying earlier when he said that the stuff with Stefan and his mother doesn't matter to him. Maybe he was lying to himself. Either way, he is sorry and he is glad that Liz called him on it. What he and Liz have is more important than his family mess. Lucky smiles and tells Liz that she is a keeper because she keeps making him love her. They share a tender kiss and Lucky tells her that he will take her home.

Katherine says that if Helena is picking up an uncertainty, it is because Katherine doesn't know where Nikolas stands with Stefan at the moment. Katherine assures Helena that Nikolas has not lost faith in her. She promises to visit Nikolas tomorrow and to report back. Helena demands to know exactly what happens.

Stefan explains to Nikolas how he and Katherine were on the parapet arguing about Laura's portrait when Laura arrived looking for Nikolas. Laura's timing was uncanny. When Katherine saw Laura and Stefan together, her intuition led her to the truth. Stefan knew that Katherine could remember that moment at any time. Nikolas says that Katherine used him. She pretended to be something that she wasn't to hurt Stefan. Nikolas was just a tool in that. Stefan warned him and he was right. Nikolas guesses it was just a lesson he needed to learn first hand. Nikolas hugs Stefan and assures him that Katherine can't do anything to turn him against him.

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Jason asks Sonny to come back to Port Charles
Bobbie talks to Robin about the living arrangements
Edward and AJ plot another attempt at bringing Michael into the Quartermaine fold

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Audrey welcomes Tony back to GH. Alan arrives to speak to Tony. Tony questions him about setting a broken ankle at the clinic.

Justus finds out from Moreno that he wants him to run for DA because the current one is resigning.

Mike tries to get Sonny out of his mood. Jason arrives at Sonny's

Bobbie goes to the penthouse and speaks to Robin. Robin tells Bobbie that Carly is out of control, and she needs Bobbie to control her, because she is the only one who can. Bobbie tells Robin that Jason knows what Carly is doing, but he wants what is best for Michael. She tells Robin that if Jason's 1st priority is Michael, then Robin may need to step back.

Sonny blasts Jason for leaving Mike there. Jason tells Sonny he needs him to come home.

Moreno reminds Justus of their "agreement" for him to run for DA. He tells him he has to run, or suffer the consequences. He lays out his plan for Justus' campaign. Justus agrees to run, but tells Moreno to stay away.

Alan explains the patient needed immediate attention, and Tony wasn't there. He reminds Alan that if word got out that a recovering drug addict was treating patients, they may lose their license. He tells Alan that he can assist in diagnosing and treating only in an emergency. Monica overhears, and praises Alan for his progress, and tells him she can't wait until he comes home.

AJ and Edward are discussing Michael. AJ feels that Robin doesn't have as much influence over Jason as she used to. AJ thinks Carly is succeeding at driving a wedge between Robin and Jason.

Alan thanks Monica for her support, but tells her she is not quite ready to move back home. He says his sobriety is the most important thing. He tells her that after he gets his life together, if she still wants him, he would be happy to try to put their relationship back together.

Jason tells Sonny he made a mistake by letting Moreno take control. He says Port Charles is out of control, and he still isn't free. He tells Sonny he needs to take his territory back. He also tells him he has obligations he can't walk away from. Sonny tells Jason that he walked away from Brenda. He tells her that he actually went back to watch her. He saw her crumble, and saw Jason take her inside. Jason reminds Sonny that he said he wanted to finish with honor.

Bobbie asks Robin to look at the situation objectively. Robin tells Bobbie that she doesn't have to compete for Jason's affections. She says she is not going to give up. Bobbie tells her that when Robin was gone, she saw Carly, Jason and Michael interact very well as a family. Robin tells her she will not let Carly take Jason away from her. Bobbie asks her if she will still fight at Michael's expense. Robin asks her if what she is saying is that if she loves Jason , she is supposed to let him go.

AJ tells Edward that Carly is very insecure, and that respect means a lot to her. He says the way to Carly is to give her the one thing she doesn't have; respectability. Jason can give her everything else but that.

Monica tells Alan that she understands he has to recover on his own. But she is sad that he shut her out, and wouldn't let her help. She tells him she knows how he felt when she shut him out during her cancer and treatment. She says that when she came back, he was there, and she will wait for as long as it takes, for him.

AJ tells Edward he has a plan, that he will put into motion when the time is right. He places a call to the penthouse, looking for Carly, and finds out she is living at the Brownstone with Michael. AJ asks her if that is a permanent situation, then congratulates her for getting her way. Edward thinks this is a good thing. AJ doesn't understand why Robin isn't happier about Carly being gone.

Alan meets Tami in the park. She tells him she saw him talking to Monica. He thanks Tami for her help. He invites her to dinner. She tells him she has to "work" but asks for a raincheck.

Monica stops Tony and asks for a consult. Tony tells her not too long ago, he would have been performing the surgery. She says when his hand is better, he can, but until then, she needs a list of candidates. Monica tells him she respects him professionally, but does not condone what he's done to Bobbie.

Bobbie tells Jerry what she discussed with Robin. He asks her if she really believes that Robin stepping aside is really the answer. She says "yes" but she doesn't think it's going to happen. Bobbie tells Jerry that Jason loves Michael more than anything, even Robin. He asks her what she would do if she were in Robin's position.

Dara runs into Justus having a drink. They find out that they will be running against each other for DA.

Jerry tells Bobbie that her staying with Tony would hurt Lucas because they don't get along, whereas Jason and Carly being together might be better for Michael.

Robin is reflecting on when she and Jason first fell in love. She remembers when Jason told her he would always love her. Jason, Sonny and Mike arrive. Robin hugs Sonny, and gives Jason a forlorn look.

Friday, January 8

Stefan is on the phone conducting business when Nikolas comes in and asks him if he is busy. Stefan tells him he is finished for today, but has been securing the Cassadine Empire's holdings around the globe before word leaks out about Nikolas not being the true Heir to the throne. He then asks Nikolas if he is understands why he is doing this. Nikolas says he assumes to strengthen the Cassadine Industries before word gets out that he's Stefan's son. Stefan tells Nikolas that once they announce that he is not the Heir, there should be chaos as the estate is divided and the Cassadine holdings must be strong before that happens. Nikolas asks how long will it take and Stefan tells him 2 or 3 weeks at the most, but he knows Nikolas is eager to announce that he is Stefan's son. Nikolas tells him that very well may be, but he understands the need to keep it a secret a little while longer and tells Stefan if he needs him, he is there to help. Stefan asks him if he would consider reconciling with Katherine for a little while and then warns his son that Helena is extremely dangerous and will undoubtedly try to kill him out of spite once she learns of his real parentage. He then tells Nikolas that he will protect him, but the more time he has to prepare, the better his chances are to neutralize Helena. Nikolas tells Stefan that the only thing he is missing out on in not being the Prince, is the joy he'll have in disinheriting Helena. Stefan tells him that he understands, but like he say Helena is extremely dangerous and now that Katherine is her ally, he is assuming that Katherine has kept it a secret about his paternity. He then tells Nikolas that if he continues to reject Katherine, then there is nothing stopping her from going to Helena, but if he feigns forgiveness and makes up with Katherine it'll by them some more time. Nikolas tells Stefan that even though he hates lying as much as he hates being lied to, he'll do it and make up with Katherine in order to keep her from spilling the beans to Helena. Stefan says that he knows he is asking a lot and Katherine's betrayal must have been very painful for him. Nikolas says only in a moment, but now that he knows she was just using him all he feels for her is contempt. Stefan tells Nikolas that it is possible that he'll see Katherine and remember old feelings, but Nikolas says all that he'll remember is the laughter in Katherine's voice when Helena told her that their relationship would turn Nikolas against Stefan and how Katherine was only using him as a pawn in a game against Stefan. Nikolas then admitted to Stefan that he had been having an affair with Katherine and Stefan shocked Nikolas when he said he already knew. Nikolas asks Stefan how he found out and Stefan tells him he was lured to the Port Charles Hotel one night by someone claiming to work there. He now suspects it was Luke Spencer and did feel betrayed, but not by Nikolas. Nikolas apologizes and tells Stefan that he warned him about Katherine. Stefan tells him water under the bridge. Nikolas then told Stefan he would head over to Katherine's to put there plan into action and left.

Jax approaches Katherine with a business proposition. The two chitchat about the Jax's help in the Charity Auction Ball. Jax tells Katherine he was happy to help out, but his reasons for wanting to see her have to do with wanting Katherine's help. Katherine asks him how can she help him. Jax tells her that she made an interest a while back in wanting to do business with him. Katherine thinks he is talking about ELQ, but Jax tells her he has his eyes on another regional enterprise and he's gonna need something from her if he is gonna be able to pull it off. Katherine tells him with his capital he can get what he needs from other sources. Jax tells her that the information he needs he can only get from her and any information she can give will be very profitable for her. Katherine catches on quickly that the local company that Jax is interested in is Cassadine Industries. Katherine tells Jax that she'll admit that there is no love lost between her and Stefan and she would like to see him lose some money, but Nikolas is different and made it clear that she didn't want Nikolas to get hurt. Jax tells her he is a corporate raider, not a swindler and isn't interest in acquiring all of the Cassadine holdings, but assures her that Nikolas's inheritance is worth billions and nothing he can do will put a dent in it. She then asks him why he is interested in Cassadine Industries any way and he tells her because it's there and it's a family business that is vulnerable and most family businesses are. Katherine agreed with Jax and told him she was in, and then gave him some information about the Cassadine business. She then tells Jax that she looks forward to hearing about what develops and bids Jax good day.

At Another Table, Mac and Felicia are dining and bickering over Felicia thinking it is too soon for Mac to be out on the town. Mac tells her he is fine and she needs to stop worrying. Felicia tells him that it's not everyday that your husband recovers from bullet wombs. As the two of them continue to disagree about who's right and who's wrong, Katherine walks up and asks if she can join them. Felicia tells her they were just leaving, but Mac tells her no they weren't and invites Katherine to sit down. At first, Felicia isn't too happy about Katherine sitting down, but once Katherine agrees with Felicia about Mac needing to go home and rest, Felicia warms to Katherine's visit. Katherine tells Mac that she is glad to see that he is doing better and that's all she wanted to say. She then tells them to enjoy their evening and leaves. Once she's gone, the Scorpios continue to argue about Mac's health. Felicia wins this war, Mac gives up and they leave and head home.

Sonny's back and Robin is glad to see him as the two embrace and greet each other. As Robin and Sonny chitchat and catch up on the goings on in Port Charles, Robin asks Sonny if he has eaten. Sonny tells her no and they make plans to go dine at the Port Charles Grill. Jason tells them he will meet them there and Robin asks him if he is going to see Michael. Jason tells her yes and then gets ready to leave. After he is gone, Sonny and Robin make small talk, but he can sense that something is bothering her and calls her on it. Robin told Sonny that she feared she was losing Jason and hoped that Sonny could help her. Sonny did his best to convince Robin that Jason still loves her and would make sure that Jason knows what kind of a jewel he has in Robin. The two of them then head out to go dine at the Port Charles Grill.

Bobbie gets a call telling her about the vacancy they now have for a program she's been trying to get Lucas in. As Jerry stands beside her, she tells the person on the phone that she and Lucas will be flying out tonight, thanks them and then hangs up. Jerry asks her what that was all about and Bobbie tells him that she and Lucas are going out of town to look into a juvenile diabetes program that she has been trying to get Lucas into. Jerry pulls Bobbie into a hug and tells her that he is going to miss her. The two start kissing passionately, when Carly walks in with Leticia and the baby. Carly apologizes, but Bobbie tells her that it's okay. Jerry excuses himself to go help with Lucas's luggage. Carly sees Bobbie's luggage by the door and asks if somebody is going somewhere. Bobbie tells Carly she and Lucas have to go out of town for a few weeks to join a pilot program at the Juvenile Diabetes Center. Bobbie then apologizes to Carly for leaving town. Carly tells Bobbie that she understands and that if it where Michael, she would be doing the same thing. They hug and Bobbie tells Carly she will be alright alone with Michael, but Carly is not so sure and is glad Leticia is there with her. Bobbie doesn't like the idea of Carly letting everyone else deal with Michael instead of her, but doesn't have time to get into it with Carly right now. Jerry tells Bobbie that everything is in the car and he's ready to leave when she is. Bobbie tells him she will be right out, but before she leaves, Bobbie encourages Carly to use this opportunity to spend time alone with Michael. After Bobbie leaves, Jason shows up and he and Carly talk about her day with Michael. While complaining that her mother has deserted her, Carly told Jason that she needed his help and is thrilled when Jason offers to spend nights at the brownstone until Bobbie comes back. Jason tells Carly that he has to leave to meet Robin and Sonny at the Port Charles Grill. Carly is shocked that Sonny is back and asks if she can come along too, but Jason vetoes the idea and tells her that he'll be back by the time Michael wakes up from his second nap and then leaves.

Up in Katherine's room, Nikolas went to see Katherine to reconcile with her. He knocked on her bedroom window and came crawling threw. Katherine told Nikolas that she is surprised to see him here. Nikolas tells her that he knows he has said some terrible things to her, but now that he has some time to think it over he knows who lied to him and who didn't. Katherine tells him he had a right to say those things he was only confused. Nikolas then tells her that she has always tried to be truthful with him and the one that he has called Uncle all these years is the one who has lied. Katherine tells Nikolas that she knows he was hurt and why doesn't he try to let her help him. Nikolas tells her that he wishes she could help him and that he wishes things could be the way they were before, but he doesn't know what he is going to do right now. Katherine tells Nikolas that she has never lied to him, Helena yes, she told whatever she wanted to make her happy and she lied to Stefan to get back at all the lies he told her, but never to Nikolas. She then kisses Nikolas, but he tells her don't do that. She asks him why and he tells her that he already told her that he believed her she doesn't have to convince him by kissing him. Katherine says since when does she need a reason to kiss him, accept that she wants to. Nikolas angrily tells her that he wanted her along time ago, but she never wanted him until she started working for Helena. Before Katherine can answer, Helena crawls threw her window as well and witnesses the tension between Nikolas and Katherine and tells them don't let her interrupt them.

Jerry meets up with Jax and Jax shares the information that Katherine gave him with Jerry. Jerry was as interested in doing a Jacks' brother raid on the Cassadine Industries as Jax was and told him that he would look into it. Jerry then tells Jax about Carly living at the brownstone and the security that Jason has there to look over her and Michael. This sets Jax off who is not to fond of Jason and his Mob ties. Jax told Jerry that people like Sonny and Jason kept on hurting people without paying for their crimes. He then added that for once he would like to see them foot the bill. As they are talking, Sonny and Jason are sitting at the bar having a drink. Jax spies them and Jerry interested in what his brother is looking at, turns his head and sees them as well. Jax gets up from his table and goes over there with Jerry in tow. Jason and Sonny both look up and Jax tells Sonny that he's got a lot of nerve showing his face in town...... .

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