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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on GH
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Monday January 11, 1999

AJ has gone to visit Carly who is suspicious as to his motives for visiting. She asks what he wants and AJ says her immortal soul. Carly says maybe her first born. He does have that certain Rumplestilskin quality. AJ tells Carly that he never figured her for Brownstone life. He always pictured her for a big house on a hill, with lots of glass... Carly assures AJ that her living situation is only temporary. AJ goes to the door and brings out a big box, telling her he is bringing her some splendor. Carly tells him that she can't be bought and to take his box and leave.

As Helena walks into Katherine's room, Katherine explains to Helena that she isn't alone. Nikolas says that she will be alone if she doesn't tell Helena to leave. He tells Katherine that it is him or Helena.

Lucky goes to see Laura. He asks Laura if Lulu is in bed. When Laura says that Lulu is spending the night with a friend, Lucky says good. He tells Laura that there is stuff they need to deal with and it is better if they do it one on one. Lucky asks if she is going to tell him what he is here about. Laura suggest that he tell her. Lucky says that she wants to keep him in the dark a little longer in case he hasn't been hit with the ground breaking news. Lucky tells Laura that he knows that Stefan is Nikolas' father. He asks if they ever would have known the truth if they hadn't found out from an outside source. Laura asks if the "they" is him and Nikolas. Lucky says yes, he and the mystery brother she failed to mention for over a decade. Laura says that if he is there to berate her, she can't take it tonight. Lucky says he isn't there to berate her. He's way beyond that. He is this close to being in awe. She must be tougher than he is because personally he would snap from the strain. He asks how she does it. Year after year, how does she keep from breaking? All this crap she is carrying around. Her whole life is lies.

Jax sees Sonny sitting at the bar with Jason. He tells him that he looks well oiled and polished. Life's been generous to him. Drink, laugh and be merry, toast to his blindly devoted friends. All he needs now is a band for his dance on Brenda's grave. Sonny says that Brenda doesn't have a grave. There is nothing left of Brenda. Sonny tells Jax that he was crazy to give Brenda to him. He thought Jax would take care of her. He asks if Jax is just plain dumb or if he lost interest in her. Is that why he let Brenda die? Jax lunges towards Sonny, but Robin steps in, clearly appalled at their behavior. She looks at Jax and Sonny and asks if this is how they honor Brenda.

Robin chastises Sonny for saying that there is nothing left of Brenda. He of all people should know better. Brenda is in their hearts. She will always be with them as long as the people she loved are here. Whether Sonny likes it or not, Brenda loved Jax and Jax made her happy and strong. She turns to Jax and tells him that he knows Brenda loved Sonny. What would Brenda do if she saw the hatred between them? If they can't be kind to each other, than leave each other in peace. Jax says not to expect peace with Sonny in town. He wants Sonny to do what he does best and disappear. Jax points out that Sonny left Brenda at the altar with a hole in her heart. Sonny says that at least he left her alive. Jax says that she was barely alive. She was ravaged. While Brenda lay in a mental hospital, Sonny was under a rock. Jax suggest that he go back to that rock. After Jax walks away, Jason suggests to Sonny that they leave. Sonny is reluctant saying that he came for dinner. Jason points out that Robin did too and now she is hurting. Even if Sonny and Jax don't have another fight, Robin will be worrying about it the whole time. It wouldn't be dinner, it would be like work. Sonny agrees, for Robin, and he and Jason leave. Robin promises to be along in a minute. After Sonny and Jason leave, Robin goes to talk to Jax. She points out that he and Sonny were bound to run into each other. She apologizes for not telling Jax that Sonny was back in town. She doesn't know what she was thinking. Jax says that she can't afford to think or she would see where her life is headed. Jason and Sonny are aligned again and the writing is on the wall. Robin tells him to stop right there, but Jax refuses. Robin will never be ok if she gets sucked back into Sonny and Jason's way of life. Every minute she spends with them takes her further away from the life she deserves. Jax asks her to stay and have dinner with him and Jerry and then they will take her to Mac's. Robin asks Jax if anything could stop him if Brenda was outside waiting for him. When he doesn't answer, she tells him not to fight with Sonny again. She knows that Sonny started it, but somebody has to pull back here. After Robin leaves, Jerry says that he thought he was the loose canon in the family.

Carly breaks down and opens the gift from AJ. He has given her a CD player and a selection of CD's. She makes a sarcastic comment about an Opera CD, but AJ tells her that opera is a way of life that goes along with Sable coats, significant jewelry and most importantly, the right kind of people. The kind of people Michael should know. Carly will be in charge of the cultural things where Michael is concerned. He tells Carly that he was 5 or 6 when his grandmother introduced him to opera. He was so proud to be going somewhere with such a grand lady and he wants the same thing for Michael. Carly has all the makings to be the same kind of grand lady.

Nikolas offers to leave, but Helena says that she will go. She has no desire to inflict her company on someone who despises her. After she goes, Nikolas turns to Katherine and tells her that he hates the way he feels and the things he has said to her. He hates hurting her, but he doesn't think he can stop. He will understand if she throws him out. He doesn't understand why she hasn't already.

Laura asks Lucky if he thinks he is in a position to judge her entire life. Lucky says no, only the part he's been told so far and he has a queasy feeling that there is a lot he doesn't know. Lucky says that Laura is like an optical illusion. She looks like one thing, but she is something else. She looks like clear, clean snow after it has just come down. And he wants to jump in it. Shake his limbs around and make a snow angel. He'd be sitting there looking at the sky and humming. All of the sudden, snap, he is sucked into the cold hell. He's not making snow angels anymore. He's going down for the third time. Surprise surprise, the ground wasn't solid, he fell through the cracks in the ice. Laura apologizes. She knows that every kid wants his parents to be a safe place. She knows he must be disillusioned right now. Lucky says that disillusioned doesn't quite cut it. He asks what you do when you are drowning. Sit around and ponder your illusions or swim like hell for the shore. Lucky says he felt like get me out of her. That's how he felt every time. He says that that was how Nikolas felt too. That's why he left and stayed with Lucky. Laura is surprised to learn that Nikolas turned to Lucky. Lucky says that was one of the pluses. Brothers united by shocks from their parents. Another plus, he feels lucky. He actually knows who is parents are. Laura says that she lied to protect her family. Lucky tells her to just admit it, she lied to protect herself.

Laura tells Lucky that it is easy at his age to pass judgment on adults. Life seems very simple at his age. Everything looks black and white. Right or wrong. Good or bad. He looks at the adults and asks how they could have made such a mess. They must be stupid or corrupt. Those things could never happen to him Lucky says that it seems to him life is just simpler when you tell the truth. Laura agrees, but says that sometimes simple isn't always possible. Sometimes it isn't even right or fair. Life will teach him that. Lucky says that he doesn't want any part of life lessons that teach him it is better to lie. Laura says that nobody does, that is her point. Does Lucky think that she wanted to lie or that she was eager abandon her first born son. Does Lucky think she got some sort of perverse charge out of pretending Nikolas didn't exist for all those years. Does he think that when she thought Luke was dead and she was being held captive that she was glad that her only solace came from... Lucky stops her and tells her he doesn't want to go there, but Laura says that she didn't want to go there either. You don't always get what you want. Things happen in life, we make choices and some of them are bound to be wrong. She tells Lucky to take a look around. She is paying for her mistakes. Her husband has left her. Isn't that enough? Or should she be burned at the stake? For Gods sakes, she is his mother and she promises him that she has loved him since the moment he was conceived. Doesn't that count for something or is she just the sum of her mistakes?

Katherine asks Nikolas if he is still in shock. Nikolas says that he is angry, confused and shut down. Katherine says that she opened her mouth in a desperate impulse and blew his life apart. Nikolas says that he needs someone to believe in. Katherine says that she cares and he needs her to prove it. Nikolas says that he doesn't want anyone to know that Stefan is his father until he decides it's time. Katherine agrees not to say anything. She gives Nikolas her word, for whatever that is worth to him. She kisses him, but he pulls away. He walks out, leaving Katherine alone.

Jerry compliments Jax on the way he treated Sonny. He is surprised though since hand to hand combat is more his style than Jax's. Jax says that Sonny's vanity meant more than Brenda's life. Sonny picks up his life where he left it and Brenda's is gone for good. He asks when Sonny pays up for the misery he caused and the time he stole. If Sonny is smart, he will stay out of Jax's way.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny angrily asks if he missed the part where Jax bought the Port Charles hotel. Since when does Jax get to decide where he goes? Robin tries to explain Jax's actions by saying that he is still grieving. That makes Sonny angrier and he tells Robin not to talk to him about how great Jax is. Jax is a spoiled punk who grabs whatever he wants. Everyone kept telling him that Jax was like the second coming. Brenda's chance at a straight life. Where is Brenda's future? Robin points out that Brenda is dead because her crazy mother drove her off a cliff. It is not Jax's fault. Sonny gets very angry and yells at Robin not to do that. Brenda was Jax's responsibility. Sonny insists that it was Jax's fault. After Sonny stops yelling, Jason says that he is going to have Johnny take her to Mac's. Sonny insists that he is fine and Robin says that she wants to stay. As Jason leaves he tells Robin that she should probably leave if Sonny asks her to go. Robins assures Jason that she will be fine. After Jason leaves, Sonny apologizes for ruining her night. He will work on making sure it doesn't happen again. Robin says that she loves him no matter what.

Robin has packed a bag to take with her to Mac's. Before she goes, she says that she wants to try to explain something to Sonny. Robin tells Sonny that Jax treasured Brenda. He would have done anything for her. He would have died for her. Sonny says that he doesn't want to hear about how wonderful Jax is. He shuts down when he hears it and he doesn't want to tune her out. Robin says that she has changed her mind, she is going to stay. Sonny assures her that he will be fine alone. Yes, it is dark in his head and he has to deal with it. He will never be able to catch a glimpse of Brenda in a crowd or hear he laughter, but it's a process and he needs a little space. Sonny says that he loves having Robin around. She is the best thing. Robin and Jason are the best part of his life. With that, Robin goes leaving Sonny alone with his thoughts.

AJ is trying to hook up Carly's new CD player. Carly teases him about taking forever to do it. If she needed the CD player for a party, AJ would be fired. AJ teases back saying that if she was having a party, she would hire an orchestra. They continue to talk about the fictitious party they are going to have when Jason arrives and does not look very happy

Laura begs Lucky to listen to her. It was as much Stefan's decision as hers because they both knew that Helena would stop at nothing to punish them. Lucky says that he gets it, as much as he can. He isn't her. He can't spend his whole life pretending. Laura asks if that is what he thinks of her. That he can't trust anything she says. Lucky says not completely. He doesn't say that to hurt her. He doesn't lie to people he loves. Laura says that she hopes that he never has to. She hopes his life is that chaos free. She hopes that he can keep this clarity and purity he has forever. And that he finds perfect trust with someone. Not many people do, but she has to believe that he will. Probably because he wants it so badly. She wants him to have the happiness he deserves. No matter how much distance he puts between them he is with her everyday in her heart. Lucky says that he knows that about her, but he keeps finding stuff out and it seems like there is no end. Laura asks if he would believe her if she said that this was the end. When Lucky doesn't answer, she asks what he needs to hear. He says that he just needs to hear the truth, that's it. Laura tells him that he knows it all now, there isn't anymore. She asks if he believes her. Lucky says that he doesn't know. As Lucky turns to go, a tearful Laura stops him and asks where they are right now. How much ground have they lost? Is she the enemy, someone he is going to avoid? Lucky quietly says that he doesn't know. Laura breaks down in sobs as she watches Lucky walk out the door.

AJ looks at Jason and says here we go again with the steely eyed stare. AJ suggest that they mix things up this time. Why doesn't Jason ask him why he is there. He promises that it isn't to attempt another kidnapping. Carly assures him that Michael has been upstairs the whole time. AJ didn't even ask to see him. Jason asks AJ if he knows what he is doing? AJ assures him that he does, but Jason points out that he has done the whole thing backwards. AJ laughs and says that maybe it is time to go. After he leaves, Carly thanks Jason for not making a scene. Jason says that AJ can bring her a present every day as long as he knows it isn't a trade. Carly says that she made that clear. She always does. She asks if everything is OK at the penthouse. Jason says that Sonny is a man and Michael is a baby. The Brownstone is where he needs to be.

Stefan has arrived to talk to Laura. He asks what happened. Laura says that her whole life has completely unraveled. It didn't just happen tonight. It has taken many many years. She thought she was holding everything together until she took a look around. Noone is here. Her family was always everything to her. It was her whole life, but she destroyed it. She doesn't know how or when, but she did.

Lucky and Liz are together on the docks. Lucky is staring at the water and Liz is watching Lucky. Liz tells Lucky that she can hear him thinking, but she can't make out the exact words. Lucky apologizes saying he was missing in action again. Liz asks if he wants company wherever he is or if it's a private thing. Lucky says that he saw his Mom. Liz is surprised and asks if it was on purpose. Lucky tells her that he needed to hear his Mom's side. Liz asks how it went. Lucky says when he is older, whatever that means, he will figure out that life basically sucks and that most of the choices are bad ones. Liz asks if Laura actually said that. Lucky says that his mother made it sound like lying is necessary. You love someone, you lie to keep them happy, to keep them safe. You lie to make sure that the world keeps spinning. She hopes that his life defies the odds, but it won't. She hopes that he finds the perfect love, the kind that doesn't exist. Liz says that it sounds sort of depressing. Lucky thanks Liz for seeing his side and says that the sick thing is that Laura doesn't even see it. Liz says that maybe Laura is just in a bad place right now. Lucky agrees that it is a very bad place, her life. Liz points out that Laura has had it kind of tough lately. She thinks that maybe he should give Laura a break. Lucky thinks it's sad that his Mom has completely skipped over the basic stuff. You can't make everyone happy. He wonders why Laura never figured that out. Find what you want and stick to it. Decide who or what is important. For him, that is Liz. That's not confusing or complicated. Everything else is secondary. Liz agrees. She feels the same way about Lucky. Lucky says that they work then and Liz agrees. They hold each other close.

While a song that asks have you ever loved somebody plays in the background:

Carly and Jason are playing happily together with Michael, looking like quite the little family.

Sonny is alone in the penthouse staring into the fire.

Jax is sitting alone at a table in the restaurant staring off into space.

Katherine is alone in her room watching some candles burn while the fire flickers in the fireplace.

Nikolas is alone on the docks staring at the water.

Lucky and Liz are cuddled together on a bench on the docks.

Laura tearfully tells Stefan that they are gone. They are all gone. She doesn't have a family anymore. Stefan takes her into his arms and tells her that she is wrong. She has a family. Not the one she expected, but a family none the less. He and Nikolas are waiting. All she has to do is come home.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Jax visits Mac at home but finds Mac is not home but Robin is. He and Robin have a heart-to-heart. He tries to make Robin see how her life is so parallel to how Brenda's had been. Brenda was strong and independent once she dealt with the destruction caused by Sonny. Toward the end of her life, she had her own life back. She made her decisions based on what she wanted and not dependent upon Jax or Sonny. Robin used to be like that. At one time, Robin knew who she was and what she wanted and was living her life according to that. Now her decisions are made upon Jason. Jax asked her what became of her determination to be a doctor? He also stressed that with Sonny back in town, that puts Jason back in the business. Is she ready for that kind of life again? At first Robin argues that Sonny being back hopefully will help her situation with Jason. Sonny will help Jason see what Carly is doing. She continues to defend Sonny - he is her friend. Jax argues that Robin may love Jason but does Jason love Robin in the same way? What kind of love and respect does he give her by putting Michael, Carly, Sonny and his job first? He tells her where she can live, do what he says, go everywhere under guard, etc. And Robin just goes along with it all. However, she puts Jason first in everything that she does. Is this the kind of life she has always dreamed of having? Robin agrees that she has become this desperate type of person, but tries to put the blame on Carly. Its Carly's fault that her and Jason's life is the way it is. Robin but eventually Robin starts to see the points that Jax is making and becomes more upset. She is crying when Mac returns home with Felicia.

Robin goes outside to help Felicia bring in the groceries. Felicia notices that Robin has been crying and asks if she is okay. Robin answers that she doesn't know anymore. They sit out on the patio and talk about Robin's situation with Jason, Michael and Carly. Felicia tells Robin that if Jason continues to be the father of Michael, then Carly will also be a part of the equation. Felicia tells Robin she needs to listen to that little voice inside of her no matter if it's telling her to stay with Jason or to move on. Robin tells Felicia that lately she has been missing her Mom a lot. Felicia asks Robin what she thinks her Mom, Anna, would tell her. Robin says that Anna would have said to meet this head on; lay down the law; make a decision; force Jason to make a decision and that no matter what his decision, stick to her guns. Don't slide her choice over because it didn't go her way. Felicia agrees. She tells Robin that one thing that Anna had was a backbone.

Jax talks to Mac about Sonny. He wants to know what Mac is going to do about Sonny. He knows the word out is that Port Charles is better off with Sonny than with Moreno and since Moreno is the one responsible for Mac being shot, is Mac going to side with Sonny. Mac assures Jax that if Sonny breaks the law, he will go after him. Jax isn't satisfied with Mac's answer and tells him he will go after Sonny and deal with him in his own way.

Jason stops by the penthouse. He asks if Robin had come by? Sonny gets perturbed with Jason about Robin and berates him about his lack of communication with Robin of late. Sonny tires to get Jason to see how much he has changed lately. Jason doesn't think it's him who has changed - it's Robin who's changed. He feels as if he is walking a tightrope, always afraid that if he does or says the wrong thing, it will hurt Robin's feelings and Robin will leave, again. He admits that at one time he could talk to Robin about anything and shared everything with her. Now, he just stays quiet. Sonny lays it out to Jason that Robin may have changed some, but so has Jason. Jason now has a son that takes priority, not Robin. All of his decisions are related to Michael and not to Robin as they once were. He didn't quit the business because of Robin; he quit because of Michael. And Sonny points out that the main problem here is Carly. Why doesn't Jason just give her $5 Million dollars and get her out of town? Jason says Carly won't settle for $5 Million when she knows that Jason has more. Sonny can't understand how Jason can put up with Carly. Sonny tells Jason that being a parent means making sacrifices. And the big sacrifice is that Jason is going to lose Robin. And he may never, ever, find another woman like Robin, so he better be sure of what he is doing.

Lucky and Liz are studying together on the docks prior to school. When Liz gets ready to leave, Lucky tells her he has something important to do. Something that will help them in the future. He tells her how his Dad taught him to always be prepared to be on the run. He explains how they always had backpacks readied at a moment's notice. These backpacks were loaded with enough cash to hold them over for a period of time and new identities. With the tense situation building again with the Cassadines, Lucky feels that he needs to be prepared for the both of them. He is including Liz because Liz is a part of his future now. So he needs to get his hands on a significant amount of cash, just in case.

Lucky goes to the penthouse to approach Jason for additional work. He finds Sonny there with Jason. Jason tells Lucky that he doesn't have anything extra than what he is already doing for him, but Sonny offers him a job. The job is to deliver a package of confidential documents to Canada. Lucky accepts. He meets Liz back at the docks to let her know that he has to make this run to Canada. He assures her that it is nothing dangerous and that it's safe, legal work. He asks her to contact Laura and let her know he'll be in contact with her in a couple of days.

After Lucky leaves the penthouse, Jason and Sonny talk a bit about business. They know he cops will be all over them and so will ax and Moreno. They decide to wait Moreno out until he makes his mistake.

Nikolas meets with Stefan and relays what went on between his and Katherine's meeting earlier. He assures Stefan that Katherine believed him when told his reason for reconciling was that she is the only one that has been honest with him and that he can now trust. Stefan offers that if it's too difficult for Nikolas to continue the deception, he can back out. Nikolas doesn't want to back off. He tells Stefan about Helena showing up at Katherine's while he was there which strengthens his resolve to continue with the deception. Katherine deserves to be used, as she used him.

Katherine is back home at the Quartermaine mansion. She tries to butter-up Emily to extract any information Emily may have regarding Nikolas and his current state of feelings. Emily doesn't fall for Katherine's manipulations and tells her that Nikolas is a very private person. When Katherine doesn't get anywhere with Emily, she decides to go see Nikolas at Wyndemere.

She presents herself to Stefan and Nikolas on the pretense of having the final figures on the charity event they worked on together. As soon as Stefan leaves the two alone to discuss charity business. Katherine tries to cuddle up to Nikolas but he stops her saying that Stefan could come back into the room at any time. Nikolas continues his deception with her, getting her to believe him more and more that she is the only one he can trust. As Katherine is about to leave, Nikolas kisses her.

Stefan returns and Nikolas fills him in. Stefan tells Nikolas that after this, he won't have to lie anymore to protect his legacy. Nikolas is anxious for all of it to be over so he can tell the world how proud he is that Stefan is his fatherRecap --->

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Tony goes to visit Felicia at home. He politely inquires about Mac and Felicia, in turn, inquires about Lucas. Tony explains to Felicia that he is putting together an appeal to get his visitation rights back. He asks Felicia to sign his petition, but she refuses.

Taggert joins Dara at a table in a restaurant. Dara acts surprised when Taggert tells her that the current DA is resigning and there will be a special election to replace him. Taggert offers to drive Dara to city hall to sign up, but Dara laughs and says that she has already thrown her hat in the ring. She says that she is glad that there is a special election because she thinks she would lose her nerve if she had to wait until next November. Justus sits down and interrupts Taggert and Dara to announce that he is also running for DA. Dara is pleased to inform him that she filed first.

Robin and Sonny are having breakfast together when Jason arrives home with Michael. Robin and Jason greet each other rather coolly. Jason says that he thought he would bring Michael by to see Sonny. Sonny talks to Michael and tells him about how when he saw him last he didn't say a word, kind of like his Dad. Robin laughs and says that that has changed. Michael doesn't stop talking now and every other word is Dada. Jason asks if Robin was OK last night. Robin said she was fine and inquires about Michael and whether he is getting used to the Brownstone. Jason says that things are pretty much the same. He then excuses himself saying that he and Michael are going to the bike shop. Robin is surprised that Michael isn't going to be staying with Carly, but Jason makes excuses for her. Jason and Sonny arrange to meet at the docks for lunch, but Robin begs off saying that she has a class she can't miss. After Jason leaves with Michael, Sonny comments that Jason and Michael are good together. Robin agrees and points out that Carly knows that too and won't miss a chance to use it. Carly has all the power because Jason is so totally committed to Michael. Robin is shocked when Sonny says that Jason is committed to Michael even though he isn't the biological father. She asks when Jason told him. Sonny says that Jason didn't have to tell him. He knows Jason and Jason would never be unfaithful to Robin. Robin tells Sonny that for all these months, noone understood why she stayed with Jason and she couldn't explain. Sonny hugs her and tells her that she can now.

Dara tells Justus that beating him could become habit forming. Justus points out that he is by six as he recalls and he won't miss an opportunity to point that out to the voters. Dara says that she will point out that his last job was as a lawyer for the mob, not to mention that he lives next door to Sonny Corinthos. Justus makes an eloquent speech, as though he is speaking to the voters, asking his voters if it is a sin to forgive. If so, then he is guilty. Yes his cousin walked in darkness, but he led him to the light. Dara laughs and says that he has his father's gift for oratory, but she doesn't think anyone in Port Charles will believe that crap. Justus says that she would be surprised what people are willing to overlook when you are a winner. Taggert, who has remained silent through the exchange between Dara and Justus, asks if Justus thinks that people will overlook murder. He points out that Justus murdered Damien Smith and let an innocent woman stand trial. Taggert thinks that that sounds like a campaign issue. Justus says that it will only be an issue if Dara brings it up. Taggert says that he can't wait until Dara does.

Felicia apologizes to Tony, but says that she can't sign his petition. She knows that isn't the answer he wanted. Tony says that it is also not the answer he expected. He asks if Felicia believes that he has changed his life. When she says yes, he points out that she knows that Lucas misses him. He asks if Felicia is reluctant because of her loyalty to Bobbie. Felicia says that she won't sign the petition for herself. She thinks the game Tony and Bobbie are playing is the wrong way to settle their differences. She suggests that Bobbie and Tony sit down like civilized people and work things out. Tony says that he would be willing to do that, but Bobbie is the one with the all or nothing approach. Felicia agrees, but say that the way Tony treats a favorable sign from a judge as a military victory is enough to scare anybody. Tony angrily tells Felicia that he will get enough signatures without her. He will stop at nothing to see Lucas. Mac walks in just as Tony finishes his tirade and asks if that includes kidnapping.

Mac tells Tony not to threaten his wife. Someday he might have to take him seriously. Felicia suggests that Tony leave and he agrees. Before he goes, Mac tells him that his welcome in their home ended when he locked Robin in a storage room and almost let her die of pneumonia. After Tony leaves, Felicia tries to explain his actions saying that he was disappointed because she wouldn't sign his custody petition. Mac points out that Tony has disappointed a lot of people himself lately, but Felicia continues to defend him saying that he is like family. Tony saved Maxie's life and Felicia can't ever forget that. Mac asks if he is supposed to forget that Tony almost let Robin die. Robin stood by Tony long after he deserved it and he thanks her by putting her life on the line. Mac asks why men are always putting Robin's life on the line. Felicia asks if they are still talking about Tony. Mac agrees that Tony is not a threat to Robin. It's Sonny who has Mac all worked up. Felicia asks how much worse Port Charles would be if Sonny was back in charge. Mac says that in order to take charge, Sonny will have to fight his way back. Until he does, Sonny is a target and so is everyone around him including Robin. Mac wants Jason and Sonny to know that. Mac is thrilled when Felicia tells him that things are pretty rocky between Robin and Jason.

Justus expresses disbelief that Taggert and Dara would be willing to play the Damien Smith card. He agrees that they hold his fate in their hands and vice versa. Taggert points out that Justus is the only murderer, but Justus reminds Dara and Taggert that they covered it up. If she reveals his crime, she and Taggert will both lose their jobs. Dara excuses herself saying she is due in court. After she goes, Taggert asks Justus how he plans to raise his campaign funds. He suggests that Moreno is Justus' campaign backer, but Justus won't confirm or deny. Taggert gives Justus a warning. He is watching him, especially his fundraising. The minute funds from Moreno hit his campaign, Taggert is going to show up at Justus' campaign headquarters with a warrant for his arrest. Dara's first case as DA will be the state of New York against Justus Ward. After Taggert leaves, Edward Quartermaine enters the restaurant and sits down at Justus' table. Edward tells Justus that he looks like a man in need of a campaign contribution.

Robin is in the penthouse. She is sitting on the couch thinking. She remembers Jason telling her that he would understand if she wanted to leave since he hasn't been able to fix things with Carly. She also remembers telling Jason that leaving wouldn't solve anything. Sonny tells Robin that he only knows Jason's side of the story. Carly was alone and Jason let her stay with him. Sonny can't understand why Jason lied about being the father. Robin explains that Carly has a way of getting Jason to do things. Jason thinks that he has to rescue Carly or something. And now she has given him Michael. Robin tells Sonny that she was with Jason the night Michael came home from the hospital. Jason had never even held a baby. Michael was premature and just a week out of surgery. His mother had run out on him and he didn't even have a name, but he had Jason. Jason didn't care about anything except that baby. Jason didn't care if people thought that he cheated on Robin. Everyone was like, poor Robin. So in love with Jason while he was sleeping around behind her back. Everyone looked at her like she was blind or a fool, but she didn't care. She was with Jason and they loved each other. That was the only thing that mattered. Michael wasn't a problem. Robin loves watching Jason with him. Sonny agrees that Jason is a great father. Robin hates that Carly has a hold over Jason. She could use that at any second to break Jason's heart. And she will as soon as she thinks it's to her advantage. Robin has tried to warn Jason. She has tried blowing up at Carly, but nothing works. Carly has Jason right where she wants him and she reels him in a little every day. Sonny tells Robin that Jason is on to Carly. Loving Michael hasn't made Jason dumb. Sure he goes to the Brownstone for Michael, and sure Carly eats it up, but Carly isn't the woman in his life. Robin is. Robin asks for how long. Sonny tells her that it is forever unless Robin figures out a way to split them up. He asks how long Michael will be into travel books at midnight. Sonny doesn't think it is half as long as Jason will love Robin. Robin says that hearing it from Sonny, she believes it. Sonny is the only one who can make it stop.

Robin begs Sonny to talk to Jason and tell him that he has to learn to separate himself from Michael. Robin just wants him to understand that Carly is using Michael. It won't stop until Carly realizes that it won't work. Then Carly loses her power over Jason. Sonny won't talk to Jason. He explains that he grew up knowing his Dad walked out on him. His Dad is in his life now, but there are things between them that will never be right. He can't ask Jason to be anything other than the father he wants to be. Robin says that she is going to lose Jason. Sonny is the only one that can change this. If he tells Jason that joint custody will work, he will listen. She is watching the man she loves slip away a little bit every day. Sonny says that Robin doesn't need an interpreter. She needs to tell Jason exactly what she just told him.

Mac and Felicia are discussing Robin and Jason. Mac is not unhappy that things are rocky. Robin is not safe with Jason. Felicia tells him to go ahead and rage at her, but not to say anything to Robin. What Robin needs right now is a safe place with no pointed fingers. Mac kisses her and asks her to stop being right all the time. He says that he loves Robin and he has to believe that she will figure out that leaving Jason means saving herself one day.

Edward tells Justus that he just heard that he has entered the race for DA. He congratulates Justus saying it would be nice to have a Quartermaine in public office. Justus asks what Edward wants. Edward says he just wants to help with Justus' campaign. He wouldn't dream of telling Justus how to run his race, he just wants to give him a donation. Justus doesn't want Edward's money. He has cut his ties to the Q's. Edward agrees. His family is coming back together slowly and he doesn't want to risk alienating Justus further.

Meanwhile, Monica and Alan are sharing a meal at the same restaurant. Alan apologizes that he could only meet for breakfast, he has just been so busy at the clinic. Monica understands and tries to cover the awkwardness of the moment together. She tells Alan that maybe they should try to make small talk like strangers and politely inquires about his work at the clinic. Alan tells her that he has actually been able to see a few patients. He is very grateful for the work because he is starting to feel like he is in control of himself again. Alan asks how GH is adjusting to Tony's return. Monica says that everyone has accepted him readily, but that everyone is still waiting for Alan's return. Monica has tried to hold down the fort, but Alan is the chief of staff.

Robin and Felicia are talking. Robin asks how Mac is doing and Felicia says he is fine when he doesn't think about work. Felicia can tell that Robin is distracted and asks if she is thinking about Jason. Robin says that she isn't jealous of Michael, but she hates that Carly is using him to run Jason's life. Felicia thinks that that sounds reasonable. Robin says that she knows Carly thinks she should just step aside and asks if Felicia thinks the same thing. Felicia says that Robin is in an intolerable situation and that if Jason doesn't make a move, Robin is going to have to do something.

Jason and Sonny are on the docks. Jason asks if Robin is OK. Jason is frustrated because he still loves Robin, but Robin doesn't seem to believe it anymore. Sonny disagrees saying that Robin knows that Jason loves her, she just hates the way Carly is controlling his life. Jason says that Carly isn't controlling anything. Michael needs him and the joint custody arrangement just isn't working. As they are talking, Taggert walks up. He tells them that the law says no trash allowed on the docks so they had better be moving on.

Monica assures Alan that he was a wonderful chief of staff and that he will be again. Alan says that he misses his job and he wants it back, but not before he is ready. Monica asks if there is anything she can do. Alan tells her that he isn't ready to come home yet. He knows about Emily because he talks to her. He asks how AJ is doing. Monica tells him that AJ is doing well and is getting closer to Edward everyday. Alan doesn't blame AJ for looking for a father figure. Edward interrupts their conversation and tells Alan that it is nice to see him looking so well. He is glad that the family is finally getting itself on track.

Felicia suggests that they lay out Robin's options. The problems are Jason, Michael and Carly. Robin says that she could bury her head under a pillow until it goes away. Felicia suggests that Robin move out of the penthouse and to the top floor of the Brownstone. Robin laughs and says that she could bother Carly all day long. Robin suggests a winter vacation. Felicia thinks it is a good idea as long as she isn't running away. Robin says that she could give Jason a vacation. Felicia says that she could give Jason an ultimatum, but Robin isn't sure about that. Felicia says that Robin has to choose her own course of action. She can't depend on Jason or Carly. Whatever she decides, she is going to feel a lot better. Robin thanks Felicia for the advice. She says that she has to feel better because things can't really be worse than they are right now.

Taggert tells Sonny that he knew he would be back. How could he pass up the opportunity of a street war. Taggert is glad that Sonny cut his "extended vacation" short. Now he can send him on a real extended vacation at the government's expense. He tells Jason that he will pack his bags too and do his little girlfriend a favor. Sonny sarcastically says that he is reopening his little import/export business to give something back to the community that gave so much for him. Taggert laughs and says sure and Justus Ward is running for DA to take a bite out of crime. Taggert says it won't matter to him if one their own is downtown, he is still going to nail them. After he goes, Sonny asks if Justus is really working for Moreno. He thinks that at DA working for Moreno could spell trouble. Jason confirms and says that Justus called him this morning to tell him that he is moving out of his penthouse. Jason is going to move Carly and Michael in because it is safer and easier for the guards. Sonny asks what about Robin. Jason says that he doesn't know.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Nikolas and Stefan meet on the docks. Stefan tells Nikolas that he has to go sort out some things at the bank, which will be tedious, but he intends to invite Laura to go on a walk through the park after. He invites Nikolas to join them, but Nikolas declines saying that he and Liz are going shopping for Emily's birthday present. Stefan says that Laura will be disappointed. Nikolas asks if Stefan is disappointed or relieved that he won't be able to join them. Nikolas says that Stefan doesn't have to use him as an excuse to be alone with Laura anymore. Nikolas suggests that if Stefan wants to be alone with Laura, he should just come out and say it.

Liz has gone to visit Laura. Laura is happy to see Liz, they haven't had a visit in a long time. Liz inquires about Lesley Lu and is disappointed when Laura tells her that she is asleep. Laura teases Liz saying that the only reason she came over was to see Lesley Lu. Liz says that actually, she came over for a very specific reason. She tells Laura that Lucky is going to be out of town for a couple of days. She explains that Lucky asked her to let Laura know. Laura doesn't want to pry, but she asks Liz if Lucky is in some kind of trouble.

AJ has come to visit Carly, once again bearing gifts. He has brought her more CD and an invitation to brunch at the Port Charles Grill. He just stopped by to see how she is doing and how she was liking her new sound system. Carly says that Michael liked it and admits that she may have even danced around a little, played some air guitar.

Robin returns to the penthouse and finds Sonny. He asks why she didn't come home last night. She explains that she was helping Maxie and Georgie cook dinner for Mac and Felicia. She also did some thinking. She has realized that avoidance isn't the best way to live her life and that is what she has been doing. Trying not to fight with Jason and refusing to make a decision. She thought when Sonny came home that she wouldn't have to make a decision because he could fix everything for her. He was right to turn her down this time. Sonny says that there is nothing in the whole world he wouldn't do for her or Jason. Sonny tells Robin that she and Jason should try not to hurt each other. As Sonny leaves, Jason arrives. Jason and Robin make polite conversation about a warehouse Sonny and Jason are purchasing together. Jason tells Robin that Carly and Michael are not safe at the Brownstone. Robin says that it doesn't matter where Carly and Michael live. What matters is that Jason goes to them every night. It isn't fair to her or Carly of Michael and it has to stop. Jason agrees.

Robin starts to say that she knows it will be hard for Jason to be away from Michael, but Jason stops her saying that that isn't what he meant. Jason explains that Justus is moving out of his penthouse and he is going to suggest to Carly that she and Michael live there. Wherever Carly and Michael are, Jason will be with them. He and Carly have to stay together until Michael is old enough to understand that they love him but not each other. He can't leave until Michael is old enough to tell him what is wrong. Robin says that no child is ever old enough to understand that his parents don't love each other. Jason never even gave the joint custody arrangement a chance. He went to the Brownstone every night. Robin says that Carly is using Jason and Michael. It is so obvious to everyone but him. Jason says that he knows what Carly is doing, but Michael needs them to be together. Robin is angry and asks what about her. Doesn't she matter to Jason anymore?

Carly tells AJ that the PC Hotel isn't exactly her favorite place since that was where Tony kidnapped Michael. She asks if the Port Charles Grill still serves champagne with brunch. When AJ says yes, she says that that would be really hard to pass up. She just doesn't understand how AJ thinks this will get him closer to Michael. AJ expresses disappointment that Carly still thinks so little of him. He tells Carly that the only identity she has left is Michael's mother. Whatever happened to the fun Carly. The one who used to laugh all the time and let herself go. Has Jason convinced her that that person doesn't exist. Carly agrees that what he is saying makes sense, but she doesn't agree with any of it. AJ says that the point he is trying to make is that he appreciates her for who she is. Is that such a terrible thing?

Stefan confesses to Nikolas that he relishes the opportunity to be alone with Laura. He has had precious few occasions to be alone with her since he came to Port Charles and most of them were under circumstances he would rather forget. His intentions today are to put all that behind them and simply enjoy each other's company. They are going to watch the ice skaters since he knows that that is something that Laura enjoys. Nikolas teases Stefan telling him not to stay out past curfew. Stefan is glad that Nikolas finds this amusing. Nikolas is aware of the sacrifices Stefan has made and he just wants him to enjoy his life. Stefan appreciates the sentiment, but says that he would do everything the same all over again. Nikolas says that he sometimes wonders what his life would have been like if he had known that Stefan was his father from the start. Stefan knows, but says that they must focus on this moment and their future. He leaves telling Nikolas to enjoy his morning.

Liz assures Laura that Lucky is not in any trouble. He took a job because he needed money. Laura asks about school, but Liz tells her that Lucky already aced all of his tests and that there is no school for the rest of the week. Laura asks why Lucky needs the money. Liz explains that Lucky just wants to be able to support himself. He is pretty independent. Laura asks herself how the time has gone by so quickly. Liz says that she thinks that time is what Laura's sons needed. As incredible as it seems, Lucky and Nikolas have become pretty good friends. They have finally realized that they are both terrific guys. Laura is pleased that they are still getting along. Liz laughs and says that they still disagree all the time, but now it is more like the way friends disagree. Nikolas will make a suggestion and then Lucky will make a different suggestion and then Nikolas will make fun of him. They are constantly teasing each other and making jokes about each other, but underneath it all, Liz can see a respect and affection. Laura is thrilled when Liz tells her how Lucky and Nikolas' relationship has changed. Liz says that they have overcome a lot. She thinks that Laura should be proud of them. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. Laura is very happy to see Sonny on her doorstep. She invites him in and introduces him to Liz, Lucky's girlfriend. Liz cautiously shakes Sonny's hand but doesn't say anything. Laura tells Sonny that if he wants to see Luke, he isn't there. Sonny says he know that Luke is out of town and asks if she is all right. Laura says that she is fine except that she is constantly losing track of her family. Sonny tells her that maybe he can help, he has seen Lucky.

Laura asks what about Lucky. Liz asks if he is in trouble. Sonny says no, Lucky just told him that he was going out of town. Laura says that she already knows. Lucky told Liz and Liz told her. She wants to know how Sonny knows. Sonny explains that he knows Lucky is out of town because he is the one who gave him the job. He assures Laura that it is strictly legal. Laura thanks him for telling her. Liz excuses herself saying that she is meeting Nikolas. They are going to buy a birthday present for Emily. She tells Mr. Corinthos that it was nice to meet him. Sonny tells her next time to call him Sonny. After Liz leaves, Laura grills Sonny about the job he gave Lucky. Once again Sonny assures her that everything is on the up and up. He wouldn't lie to her. Laura apologizes, but says that she had to ask. She asks how it feels to be back home. Sonny says that he is still adjusting. Laura asks if Lucky told him anything else about her. When Sonny asks what there is to tell, Laura says that Luke left her.

Carly finally agrees to go to brunch with AJ. He suggests she change into something that goes better with sable. Carly laughs and says that it is nice to be around someone who actually cares what she wears. Jason never does. AJ says that Jason doesn't have Carly's feel for the more subtle aspects of human interaction. Carly says that Jason has a lot of other qualities like loyalty and compassion. Carly leaves to change, but tells AJ that he can't go near Michael if Leticia should happen to return before she is through.

Jason says that he did this. He put them there. Jason tells Robin that he loves her so much, but it's not a good pain. It's not the ache that comes when your heart is too full. It's a sick feeling because he knows that everything he says and every choice he makes is going to hurt her. He would rather die than hurt her and that is all he ever does anymore. He asks how many times she has come close to dying because of him. He can see it in her eyes. She is sad. When they first met on the bridge, she was crying and he made her smile. That was the first thing that ever felt good to him. She was smiling because of him. Now he is the one making her cry. He has hurt her more than anyone. Robin says that she loves him and she knows that he didn't want to hurt her, but he has. She asks if Jason remembers when they used to try to fix things together. They would try to talk through whatever was wrong. She asks if they could try that again. Have enough faith in each other to decide together what they are going to do. Jason says that he will always have faith in her.

Robin asks what Jason would want if he could have anything, if there was some magic way to arrange his life. Jason says that he would want Robin to be with him forever. She would go to school and become a doctor and grow old. Michael would grow up safe and happy. He and Carly would stay together until Michael didn't need them and everyone would be ok with that. He would see Robin all the time and he wouldn't hurt anybody. Robin asks Jason if he can't see a future without Carly because she is Michael's mother. When Jason agrees, Robin says that Carly has won. Jason says that it wasn't a fight, but Robin says that it was to her. She can't wait for him. It would be like dating a married man. Sharing a part of his heart that wasn't with his family. They've tried that and it doesn't work. She needs them to be able to have a life together and he can't give her that. Jason says that he is so sorry, but Robin tells him not to be. They loved each other and they tried the best that they could. Jason couldn't have done anything different. He is always so perfectly true to himself. He knows in his heart that Michael needs him and Carly. Robin remembers when Jason first brought Michael home from the hospital. He was so small and fragile. She remembers the way Jason held him. Jason was the only thing Michael had. Robin knows that even though Jason may not have realized it at the time, that is when he pledged his soul never to fail Michael. There is no way that Jason can be with Robin and not fail Michael. Jason agrees that he can't see a way right now. Robin says that it hurt so bad to leave him the last time that she didn't think she could ever do it again, but she has to. In tears, she takes the ring Jason gave her off of her finger and hands it to Jason. Jason wants her to keep it, but she says that she can't. Jason doesn't understand why, she kept Stone's ring. Robin explains that Stone died. She can't keep something as a reminder of the life that she and Jason could have had. She can't hold on to something that will never happen. Robin places the ring in Jason's hand and tearfully tells him that she will always remember his face when he gave it to her. She will always remember everything that he gave her. He made her love her life. Jason says that she made him want to live. They are both in tears as they kiss goodbye. Robin asks Jason to do something for her. She asks him to please go. She knows that she is the one leaving, but she doesn't think that she is strong enough yet. Jason agrees. He holds up the ring and says that it is icing on the cake. The night he gave it to her she said that it meant better than the best. He tells her that that is what she is. Actually it is every day that he had with her.

Liz meets Nikolas on the docks and apologizes for being late. She asks if he is ready to shop until he drops. Nikolas says that the problem is that he has no idea what to get for Emily. Liz says that the hard part will be keeping it down to one present. Nikolas suggests that Liz pick out something that she knows that Emily will love and Nikolas will pay. Liz says that she would feel like she was taking advantage of him. Liz suggests that she help Nikolas select a present on his budget and that she will buy a present that fits into her budget. Nikolas agrees, but only under the condition, that Liz agrees to have lunch with him when they are done shopping. He then invites Liz to go horseback riding after lunch. They can ride all afternoon and maybe she can stay for dinner. Liz laughs and says that she gets it. He is trying to do everything he can to keep her from missing Lucky. Nikolas asks if it is working. Liz says no, but thanks Nikolas for trying. Nikolas asks how long Lucky will be gone. Liz says only for a couple of days, but it already feels like forever.

Sonny suggests that Luke and Laura have been together for so many years that maybe a little space will be good. Laura hopes so. Sonny says that he just came by to tell her about Lucky. He tells Laura to just ask if she needs anything. As Sonny starts to go, Lulu comes downstairs. While Sonny is admiring Lulu, Stefan arrives at Laura's. He says that he has come to take her to watch the ice skaters in the park. He is not too pleased to find Sonny standing in Laura's living room. Sonny leaves telling Laura not to hesitate to call. He bids Stefan a cordial, yet cool goodbye. After Sonny leave, Stefan demands to know what he wanted.

Laura explains that Sonny merely came over to reassure her about Lucky. Stefan says that if Lucky is involved with Sonny, he is already in trouble. People around Sonny get hurt. He reminds Laura that Nikolas go shot outside of the club that Luke owns with Sonny. Laura says that Sonny had nothing to do with the shooting. She diplomatically tells Stefan that they both have people in their lives who the other may not approve of. It doesn't mean that either of them are wrong. Stefan says that from now on he will try to trust the people that Laura trusts.

Liz and Nikolas are on the docks. Nikolas asks if she has heard from Lucky and she says only about eight times a day. Nikolas teases Liz telling her that their relationship is disproportionate because she didn't call Lucky at all when she was in Florida. Liz laughs and reminds Nikolas that there were no phones and Lucky knew that. Nikolas says that that didn't mean that Lucky liked it. Poor guy. He feels so terrible for him. Liz says enough already, Lucky didn't miss her anymore than she misses him, even with all the phone calls. Nikolas says that he thought she was trying to keep busy. Liz says that she is, but it isn't working. She walks into a room and he isn't there and she misses him. She sees cheese fries on the menu and she misses him. She hears the doorbell ring and she hopes it him even though she knows he is away. Nikolas says that if she told all that to Lucky, he might never want to leave town again. Liz says that the last thing she wants to do is stop Lucky from living his life, especially since he told her the reason why he needs the extra money. Nikolas asks if Liz wants him to ask what the reason is. Liz coyly tells him that he can ask if he wants. Nikolas obliges and Liz happily tells him that is for their future. Her and Lucky's future together. She guesses that that's why, in spite of how much she misses him, having Lucky go away has kind of been a wonderful thing. Not the fact that they are separated, because that is just painful, but to know that there is someone planning their future, someone who can keep her up at night and she just keeps thinking about the next time she is going to see him. Deep down inside, it is a really amazing feeling.

Carly comes downstairs all decked out for her brunch date with AJ. AJ teases her telling her that she looks like a woman who wouldn't settle for anything less than the best. And for at least an afternoon, he is going to make sure she gets it. As they are about to leave, Jason arrives and says that he needs to speak to Carly. Carly immediately tells AJ that they will have to do brunch another time and asks him to leave. She turns to Jason and asks what is wrong.

Robin is still at the penthouse when Sonny comes in. She takes one look at him and starts crying even harder than she already was and runs into his arms.

Laura has bundled up Lesley Lu for their trip to see the skaters. After Lesley Lu runs off to find her mittens, Laura smiles and tells Stefan that he has a wonderful memory. She can't believe that he remembers that she said a long time ago that she enjoyed watching skaters. They were on the island and she was telling him how much she missed Port Charles. Stefan says that he remembers it like it was yesterday, as he does every moment they have spent together.

Robin breaks away from Sonny's embrace. She explains that Jason is going to live with Carly and she can't wait around for him. The longer she stays, the more they will hurt each other. Robin still loves him, but it isn't enough anymore. She has to let him go. Sonny thinks maybe it is better this way. They walk away still loving each other. Robin says that Carly is going to hurt Jason. She is going to take Michael away from him. Robin says that she wanted to protect Jason from Carly. She didn't want him to get hurt. Sonny says that nothing will hurt Jason more than losing Robin.

Jason tells Carly that he, Carly and Michael are moving to Justus' old penthouse. When he explains that he and Robin broke up, Carly expresses what looks like genuine remorse. She apologizes saying that this wouldn't have happened if she never would have said that Jason was Michael's father. Jason says that he will never be sorry for being Michael's father. Carly promises to make it up to Jason, no matter what it takes.

Friday, January 15

As the Quartermaines prepare for Emily's birthday party, Katherine is pleased to learn that Nikolas will be among the guests arriving at the mansion that evening. Katherine and Edward chit chat for a bit and then Katherine goes upstairs to her room to get ready for the party and Nikolas. Emily comes home dressed in her new leather jacket and helmet and freaks Edward out. Edward complains about Jason's gifts and tells Emily that she looks like she's dressed to be shot out of a cannon. She laughs and takes her helmet off and asks Edward if Nikolas has shown up yet (little does she know he's upstairs at Katherine's). Edward tells her it would be bad taste for Nikolas to show up this early. He then praises her, how well she has grown up, saying that she is wonderful etc, and has great common sense. He says that she has been great for the family. He apologizes for the kidnapping incident at her birthday last year, and will try to make it up to her. Emily accepts his apologies, but asks that Edward to be nice to Jason. She also tells him to be nice to Nikolas, and not to talk about intentions. Edward will make no promises, but says that its his obligation to make sure she has suitable suitors. Emily adjourns to her bedroom to get ready for her party. Soon after she is gone, AJ shows up to give Edward the latest news on the Carly situation. He informs Edward of Carly's new living arrangements and says that he can't see them living happily ever after. Jason can't give her what she wants, and she will go looking for a strong shoulder to cry on, meaning him. Edward says that Carly is resourceful, and relatively attractive and the more she and Jason live together, the less chance they have of getting Michael. He then tells AJ that he needs to step in and stop this and if he has to step in, all bets are off. He gets up to go get ready for Emily's party and tells AJ not to be late for it. After Edward has gone upstairs, Robin calls the Quartermaines. AJ answers the phone and Robin asks him to meet her on the docks, right away. AJ looks surprised, but agrees.

Nikolas is at Katherine's bedroom door. He apologizes for running off on her with the fund-raising, but says that he will be around more. Katherine tells Nikolas to come in so they can talk. He tells her he wants to go let Emily know that he is there and they will have plenty of time to talk later. Katherine says that she doubts that, so Nikolas decides to come in for a minute. Katherine changes into her party dress and asks Nikolas to zip up her dress for her. She then tells him about the perfume that she has gotten for Emily. He compliments her on her fragrance and she says that she isn't wearing any. He pulls her close and they kiss deeply and then start to undress each other.

Alan brings Emily a new big teddy bear for her birthday because it symbolizes something they share together. He says that he is doing well, and has a job. He talks about going to NA meetings, and is surprised to be asked advice by some of the teenagers there. He says that he still has a long way to go to recovery. He then wishes her well and tells her he will leave her to get ready for her party. He then tells her he loves her, and leaves. She goes over to her dresser and looks at the picture of the her, Nikolas, Liz and Lucky and smiles. Monica visits Emily in her room now, and gives her a gift of pearls for her birthday. Ones that Gail Baldwin gave her on her 18th birthday. She tells Emily that when she first wore them it was like a transition from girl to woman. Emily says that is exactly how she feels, and wonders if anyone will notice. Picking up the hint, Monica says like Nikolas Cassadine? Emily says that she is goofy around him, but is still in awe of him. Monica asks Emily if she has told Nikolas about these feelings. Emily tells her no, they are good friends, and they hang out with Liz and Lucky, who are a couple and that makes them kind of a couple too. She then tells Monica that she hopes that Monica won't object to Nikolas, since he is older. Monica says that she won't object to anyone who makes Emily happy. Emily is all dressed up and looks very pretty and chic. She remembers that Katherine has a bracelet that would match her outfit perfectly and goes to see if she could borrow it from her. She knocks on Katherine's door, then comes in, not waiting for an answer. Emily is then horrified to walk in on Katherine and Nikolas making love. Who are as horrified that she has caught them.

AJ meets up with Robin and wonders what has happened. Before Robin can begin, he tells her that he heard about her breakup with Jason, Carly told him. She asks him if Carly was crowing or jumping for joy? AJ says that she wasn't at all misty eyed about it. Robin says we know her AJ don't we. AJ agrees that they know her in a way that even Tony Jones doesn't know her. She talks about their fears, her of losing someone she loves, and AJ's fear of the alcohol taking over his life again and how they let those fears control their lives and how Carly took advantage of their fears. She then wonders how Jason can let Carly use him like she has, because he doesn't have a weakness. AJ says well there is Michael and that when he sees Jason with Michael it is all that he sees left of the brother that he once had. Robin tells AJ there is more and that Carly taught Jason how to lie. He wouldn't lie for her or Sonny, only for Carly and it started as just one lie. AJ asks what lie there is. She talks about Carly showing up on Jason's doorstep pregnant, soaking wet with no place to go and how Carly loves to tell this part of the story because it makes Jason seem like he's some sort of savior. What it really tells you, if you know Jason at all is that he really didn't have a choice. AJ doesn't understand and says Carly showed up at Jason's door pregnant? Robin tells him she is so sorry. He says sorry for what Robin, what one lie and what are you trying to say? Robin says about Michael. AJ then figures out that Michael isn't Jason's son and Robin tells a stunned AJ that Michael is his biological son...... .

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