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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 15, 1999 on GH
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Monday, February 15, 1999

Bobbie and Tammy are at Kelly's working on the chili recipe. Tammy has helped Bobbie discover that the secret ingredient in Ruby's chili is peanut butter. Felicia arrives and is surprised to find Bobbie and Tammy all chummy like they are friends. She formally introduces Tammy to Bobbie and then they sit down at a table to start work on Felicia's book. Tammy has nowhere to go since Valentine's Day is the slowest day of the year in her profession.

Nikolas arrives at Katherine's door, but is reluctant to come in. He thins it's wrong since Katherine was almost his stepmother. Katherine invites him in to discuss it in private. Once Nikolas is in Katherine's room, she points out that nothing has changed since the last time they made love. The difference is that Nikolas knows about it. Katherine doesn't believe that she was ever of any importance to Stefan so why should the fact that she was almost Nikolas' stepmother make a difference now. She accuses Nikolas of looking for any reason for them not to be together because it is easier than trying to figure out how he really feels. Nikolas tells Katherine that before they ever made love, he loved her. Now he doesn;t even trust her.

Lucky watches in awe as Liz comes down the stairs. As she reaches the bottom, Liz asks Lucky what he thinks. Lucky tells her that she looks incredible. Liz laughs and says thanks, but she really wanted to know what he thought of her surprise. How does he like the decorations? Lucky says that everything looks great, but he wonders why she went to all the work. Liz explains that last year she didn't have the guts to come straight out and ask him to take her to the dance so he ended up going with Sarah. And then she was too afraid to show up by herself and see if he would dance with her anyway. But she has discovered that she is a lot braver than she thought and he is the one person she doesn't have to worry about making a fool of herself in front of. She turns on the stereo and asks Lucky if he will dance with her. Lucky takes Liz tenderly into his arms and they share a very romantic dance.

Alexis suggests to Stefan that it is not too late to fix things. All that is required for Nikolas to keep most of his inheritance is for them to argue in court that as Mikos Cassadine's sole grandchild, Nikolas is entitled to the bulk of his grandfather's estate. Any judge can endorse that provided that Mikos' living children make that argument together. Stefan asks what she wants in exchange. Alexis proposes that she, Stefan and Nikolas manage Cassadine Industries jointly. A real sharing of power. Stefan tells Alexis that she is very much deluded if she thinks that a judges gavel can once again make them a happy family. Stefan rejects Alexis' plan and tells her that he no longer considers her his sister, but his enemy.

Sonny asks Carly if she really thought she could pull this off without him hearing about it. Carly threatens to call the Q's but Sonny calls her bluff. He would love to set them straight. Carly asks if Jason is back. She needs to see him. Sonny says that when Jason said she would do stupid things, he was taking his talent for understatement to new heights. He asks what Carly thinks Jason would want with her anyway. Carly says that Jason would know that what she was doing was not what it looks like. Sonny asks how long Carly thinks it will take Edward to find a way to get Carly hospitalized or arrested once Michael is under his roof. Carly insists that noone can take her son away, but Sonny tells her that in the eyes of the world, Jason already has. Sonny asks if it has ever occurred to her that she may have kissed her child for the last time. When Jason finds out... Carly insists that Jason would never do that to her. Sonny suggests that she kill the crocodile tears and shut her trap. So when this is all over and she is looking around for a new meal ticket, there may be a street pimp around somewhere that hasn't been warned not to touch her with a ten foot pole.

As Felicia and Tammy discuss Felicia's novel, Alan arrives. As the threesome talks, Bobbie comes over and asks Alan if she can get him something. She suggests the chili since Tammy, her chili consultant, helped her figure out the recipe. Excited that Tammy is an excellent cook, Alan suggests that she manage Kelly's. Felicia also thinks it is a great idea, but Tammy tells them all to stop.

Stefan says that Alexis' complete indifference to his son's life will not be justified or excused. She has exposed Nikolas to the threat of assassination from Helena. Alexis insists that she loves Nikolas and that Helena would have found out anyway, if she didn't know all along. Stefan's insistence on silencing her was so that he could control the family wealth. What irks him is that she is no longer his. Sad though it may be, he isn't alone because there is a part of her that wants to throw herself at his feet and take it all back. To her, Stefan is all she ever needed to know a family. And now that is gone. It was never real. He can't have understood her very well if he thinks that she would have so little regard for Nikolas life. Stefan says that given the regard she had for Katherine's life the night she fell from the parapet, she is the one who is deluded.

Alexis is angry that Stefan has thrown Katherine's near death experience in her face. This is the second time that he has taunted her about that night. He knows that she intended to hurt Helena, not Katherine. Stefan accuses her of being self serving. No wonder Katherine hates everything Cassadine. Alexis and her carelessness unleashed Katherine on them like a plague. If Alexis wanted Helena dead, she should have come to him. He might not have assisted, but he might not have opposed her either. It is so typical of her to imagine that she had no other recourse than to murder Helena outright. Like him, why couldn't she fashion a life for herself in which Helena didn't matter. Alexis says that she couldn't do that because Stefan took everything with him. She was raised by a woman who wished her dead and kept in ignorance of her birth right. What were her choices? Stefan tells Alexis that she is more dangerous than Helena because she has no self control. She is the slave of every childish impulse, every narcissistic emotion, every vengeful suggestion Luke Spencer whispers in her ear. And when called to account she flees to the ultimate refuge of the weak by blaming everyone else for what she has wrought. At least Helena spares them the spectacle of her regret. Alexis says that Helena doesn't feel regret. She admits to Stefan that it was a mistake to invite him over, but since he is here, she is going to say what she planned anyway. She doesn't begrudge him his triumph. In fact, she marvels at it, she celebrates it. He put an imposter in their midst and in less than 20 years he upended their world. What could be more fitting. But the small matter of her remains. When she found out the truth, she wanted to strike back, but since then she has found another way. But Stefan said no. He can't exclude her by blood so now he is saying that her character disqualifies her. Stefan tells Alexis that she is a weakling and a murderess and any bargain made with her is a fools bargain. She has broken faith with him the last time. As Stefan storms out the door, Alexis says, "may the best Cassadine win!"

As the song ends and Lucky and Liz reluctantly pull away from each other. They reminisce about their terrible experiences at their first school dances as they drink punch together. Lucky remembers hanging out near the wall desperately trying to look cool. Liz remembers going outside to smoke. It was either that or hanging out near the wall watching her sister dance by with one cute boy after another. As she watched Sarah dance she thought to herself that there really was a guy out there that wanted to dance with her. She didn't know who he was, maybe because he was shy, or maybe he stayed home, or maybe she didn't know him yet. But she knew, if she gave him a chance, he would never want to look at another girl again. And he would take her in his arms and never let go. Lucky pulls Liz close and kisses her. Then he tells her that he is sorry that he didn't know her yet.

Bobbie tells Tammy that they really are looking for someone to run the place. When Alan again encourages Tammy to take the job, Tammy gets angry and walks out. Alan follows saying that he can't let her walk home alone. After they go, Felicia tells Bobbie that Tammy may have a change of heart. Bobbie understands that it is hard for someone like Tammy to start over. When Felicia acts confused by Bobbie's comment, Bobbie tells her that it takes one to know one.

Edward arrives at Carly's room to tell her that he has organized the TV deal, but is surprised to see Carly with her coat on ready to leave. Carly explains that she had a fight with Bobbie and she wants to make up before the storm gets too bad. Edward understands that she has to leave, but tells her that Reginald will take her. And there is no sense in arguing with her. Carly thanks him and they leave together.

Sonny is preparing to go to Jason and is unpleasantly surprised to see Mike waiting for him at the penthouse. Sonny tells Mike that he is going to warn Jason to take off with Michael and never come back. Mike is surprised to learn that Sonny overheard Carly telling AJ that she was afraid of Jason and that Jason kept her and Michael as a prisoner. Carly used Michael to get what she wanted from Jason and now the Q's. Except, now the Q's aren't going to get what they want. Jason doesn't need this berg anyway. Mike asks what Sonny needs with this berg. Sonny assures Mike that he is coming back.

Katherine had hoped that Nikolas was coming over for a romantic evening. She is sorry that she was wrong. Most men wait until after sex to show their contempt. Nikolas tells Katherine that most woman attract men with sex and try to keep them with love, but she has done just the opposite. Katherine says that she is the only person who has always told Nikolas the truth. She didn't do it to hurt him. She asks if he is sorry to be just Nikolas instead of Prince Nikolas? It was a lot of effort. Now he can be the man behind the title. The man that she saw.

As Liz is putting on her boots in preparation for going out in the storm, teasingly tells her that the boots look a little more comfortable for dancing. Liz asks if they are going dancing, but Lucky still wants to keep his plan a surprise. Lucky helps Liz on with her coat and they get her scarf (the one Lucky brought her from Canada) out of the closet. Now she is ready for anything. With that, they head out into the snow.

Nikolas asks Katherine if she is so attracted to the man behind the title, why did it take until now for them. He wanted her before she met Stefan and the difference in their ages hasn't changed. He could have had her then. Katherine is a little offended by Nikolas' comment and suggests that if he can't make up his mind she will do it for him. She opens the door and he walks out. After a moment, Nikolas walks back into the room and he and Katherine fall into a passionate kiss.

Carly sneaks into Sonny's apartment and starts searching for the number where Jason is.

Alexis is thinking about her conversation with Stefan and she drives in the storm. She is visibly upset and not paying attention to the road. She suddenly loses control of her car and starts to scream.

Carly finds Sonny's cell phone and pushes redial hoping it is the number where Jason is. As the phone starts to ring, Carly hears the door to the penthouse open. She turns to see Sonny who has just caught her red handed.

As Katherine and Nikolas are getting hot and heavy on the bed, Nikolas pulls away and asks where this is leading. Katherine asks why it matters. Nikolas asks if being wanted is everything to her. Katherine laughs and says that she is human. As Nikolas gets up, Katherine asks if human isn't good enough. Without answering, Nikolas picks up his coat and scarf and walks out.

Lucky and Liz have arrived at a church. Liz is blindfolded with her scarf so she can't see where they are going. As they step inside, Lucky tells her to wait a minute because he has to take care of something, set a few things up. Liz is anxious to know where they are and jokes about being at the edge of a cliff and sharing a bungee jump for Valentine's Day. She isn't amused when Lucky says that she is sort of right, but Lucky says that he would jump off of a cliff for her. Liz says that she smells matches and asks if they are having a cook out. Lucky says that the rest of the world is having a white out and they are having... He removes the blind fold from Liz's eyes and she sees that they are inside a small church which is illuminated with lots and lots of candelabras. Liz turns to Lucky with a questioning look.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Bobbie is about to close up Kelly's but Jax is still there. He is about to go to a dinner that Bobbie has "guilt-tripped" him into with V, Alexis and Ned. Bobbie tells him that she releases him from his promise if he really doesn't want to go but Jax decides to go through with it and leaves. As Bobbie waits for Jerry, Stefan arrives. He claims that he can't drive any further that the roads are being closed and the conditions are too bad for traveling even to the Port Charles Hotel. Bobbie doesn't like the idea of being stranded with him. Of all men to be stranded with on Valentine's Day. They sit down to talk. Bobbie serves Stefan a bowl of chili, not telling him that it is extremely spicy hot. Stefan tries it (he's never had chili before) and practically gags. Bobbie finds this amusing. She asks about Nikolas and how he is taking the news of Stefan being his real father and that he really isn't a prince. Stefan says that Nikolas has surprised him by being happy about the whole thing except the part that they lied to him. But even that, he understands their reasons and accepts it. Bobbie compliments him by saying it's due to Stefan raising him to be such a fine young man. Stefan accepts the compliment although it comes from a Spencer. They talk about how Stefan raised Nik to be a prince, but for what? There is no kingdom to oversee. Stefan asks Bobbie, then how should he have raised Nik, to just be ordinary? Bobbie comes back with, how about just raising him to be happy. Stefan says she hasn't seen Nikolas lately, because that is exactly how he is. Happy. Bobbie then asks him why did he marry her? He answers that she was a means to an end and on some level, she delighted and intrigued him. If she had asked him this questions a year ago, he would have said his target was Luke, to get back at him, but now, he realizes it was for Laura. To get to Laura. Stefan turns the table around and ask, shy did she marry him? Bobbie admits that she has always been attracted to "bad guys" and Stefan was the "baddest" in Port Charles. Plus, it was impeccable timing. She had just left a marriage and was vulnerable. Someone she considered a friend was sleeping with her husband and had destroyed her life.

We see Alexis in the car, passed out from the accident in the snowstorm. Jax pulls up behind her car and finds her unconscious. He takes her in his 4-wheel jeep to the cabin that Jerry and Bobbie was supposed to be using for the Valentine's Day getaway. As he's starting a fire in the hearth, Alexis awakes. Jax explains how he found her and brought her there, the closest place. They're going to have to wait out the storm there. He tells Alexis that she needs to stay awake because she may have a concussion. He asks her if she sings, and she drowsily says no. Well, he doesn't either, so their have to find another way to keep her occupied. He takes off his coat. Alexis bolts awake at the sound of that!

Sonny comes back to the penthouse and finds Carly trying to use the phone. He tells her that hitting the redial is not going to reach Jason. He then tells her that if he has anything to do with it, she will never speak to Jason again. Carly tries to "explain" to Sonny that her intent to worm her way into the Quartermaines is not what Sonny thinks. She is only scamming AJ. If she can get his trust, the other Q's will follow. Once she has their trust, they will leave Michael alone and she can decide who will see Michael and who will not. And of course, it's Jason that she will let Michael be with, not AJ. Sonny tells her that her "stories" don't work with him, he sees right through her. He calls her a tramp. She spins a good story but he knows a liar and manipulator when he sees one. Jason gave everything up - his work, his woman, his life to help her and what does she do in return? She feeds him to his worst enemy. Carly retaliates by saying she knows what this is all about - Robin. Sonny loves Robin and Jason chose Carly over Robin. He informs her that Jason never chose her. She's delusional - Jason chose Michael. Carly makes the mistake of calling Robin a tramp and implies that maybe Sonny and Robin had something going on on the side. He thinks just like Robin did and uses Jason just like Robin did. She claims that they both use Jason like he is their puppet. They got him when he was brand new and made him into whatever they wanted him to be. Well, she has news for him, Jason is a grown man and can think on his own. He can make his own decisions without Sonny or Robin telling him what to do. Sonny walks to the door and tells Johnny to get the car and get Ms. Benson the hell out of here. Johnny calls Sonny from the garage to tell him that they can't leave. The police have the entrance blocked and won't let anyone pass. Sonny tells Carly to get her coat, she's leaving. She can walk to the PC Hotel. Carly refuses to leave and they wrestle at the door. The lights go off from the storm.

Lucky and Liz are at the church that Lucky has romantically decorated with candles. He explains why he brought her to a church. He has been thinking about their future and the promises they have made to each other; now he wants to make those promises in front of God. Liz is overwhelmed by Lucky's gesture and his love. They go to the alter and Lucky makes a loving, beautiful speech of hwo he has fallen so deeply in love with her and can't remember the person he was before she came into his heart. Liz reciprocates by telling Lucky what he has done for her this past year after he rape. They pledge themselves to each other - today and forever.

Emily is sitting in the lobby of the Port Charles Hotel when Nikolas is leaving Katherine's room. He sees Emily and stops to ask her if she is stuck. She explains how she was suppose to meet her grandparents for dinner but with the storm, they can't make it so she has gotten a room. Nikolas looks outside at the storm and suggests that maybe he should do the same. He checks in and comes back to sit and talk with Emily. He tries to explain how he never meant to hurt Emily by sending her mixed messages. He considers her to be a very special friend. Emily graciously lets him off the hook by saying that some people get what they want and some don't. They both agree they have missed each other's friendship and missed the four (Liz and Lucky) of them hanging out together. Emily ties to get Nikolas to tell her what Lucky's plans are for Liz tonight on Valentines Day but Nikolas says he's not telling.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Renee Mundy

The snowstorm well under way finds Lucky and Liz locked in a church. A Valentines' Day surprise for Liz filled with candles and flowers. Lucky calls Nikolas on the cell phone but doesn't get a chance to tell him they are stranded.

Luke is at the club trying to make the best of things when Felicia arrives looking like a frozen pop. Jax is still tending to Alexis who is recovering from her accident in the storm. They discuss Alexis having second thoughts about Stefan. The storm also traps an unlikely pair....Carly and Sonny. They waste no time getting on each other's nerves. Carly suggests an agreement over Michael. Implying a situation in which everybody wins. Sonny has a look of disinterest. She goes on to say they were supposed to be friends. She paints a fairytale that didn't pan out. She tells him the best thing for Jason and Sonny would be for her to keep Michael at the Quartermaines. It would keep Jason out of the courts. Sonny says "you mean after he serves time for babysnatching"

Carly thinks it won't come to that. She says its best for Sonny for security reasons. Jason won't have to be a full-time Dad so he won't need all the guards. Inferring they'll have more time to do whatever it is they do best. She tells Sonny when the phones are back on he can call Jason and let her speak with him in private and she'll explain everything. Sonny smiles at her smugly.

Alexis tells Jax she had cold feet and called Stefan. She recants the deal she offered to him and how he threw it back in her face. You can still see the hurt in her eyes. She says she wants what is rightfully hers AND revenge. She asks Jax can she have both. V and Ned are climbing the walls without phone power. Both are wondering about the whereabouts of Jax and Alexis.

Luke tries to call Mac to inform him of Felicia's locale. Naturally his phone is dead as well. A knock at the door and Tammy falls into Luke's arms. They joke about her being a hooker in the cold. Felicia wonders aloud about her happiness in being a hooker. She now has options. She can run the diner. Luke and Felicia try to persuade her to give up the life. Tammy doesn't want to lose her independence. She tells them she doesn't want the customers coming in to find a ex-hooker behind the counter. Luke wryly says "they always did."

Nikolas and Emily try to drive back in the storm in a truck from the hotel. She asks if Liz and Lucky got married? Nikolas tells her no, they just wanted to say things to each other in a church. She thinks Liz and Lucky will be together forever. They also speak about what Emily saw in Katherine's bedroom. Nikolas tells her she means a great deal to him. They reach an understanding about Emily's' true feelings for Nikolas. She isn't sorry for the way she feels but she knows those feelings aren't reciprocated. Nikolas asks is she O.K. with this. She answers yes. Carly tries the phone again, but its' still dead. She asks if Sonny is going to call Jason when the phone comes back on. Sonny wants to know why Jason won't be arrested when he comes back. Carly claims she won't press charges, and she'll say it was a big misunderstanding. Will she then bring Michael back to the Quartermaines asks Sonny. Her lips say yes, her eyes say no. She says Jason will see it's for the best. Sonny has his doubts. Carly says Michael will miss his Dad and the Quartermaines will have no choice but to let Jason see him. Carly thinks she has Sonny convinced. Sonny asks her to go upstairs and Carly wonders what to do about the candles. He then says we can do it right here and she sheepishly tells him no. Sonny tells her she is busted. She wanted to sleep with him. He tells her she would have sold her body just like she sold her kid. She tries to strike him and he grabs her arms. She claims she never wanted to sleep with him. Yeah right. Sonny tells her she mistook Jason's loyalty and compassion for weakness. Carly tells Sonny he is a pig for hitting on her while Jason is away. He correctly tells her Jason doesn't care anything about her, she is just an obligation. He is going to tell Jason everything she has done and said since he has been gone. Carly shouts he doesn't know anything about her. He is going to tell how she offered herself to him. Carly says she doesn't care because Jason will never believe him over her. Sonny strongly disagrees. He wonders aloud what is going to disgust Jason the most, the fact that she lied to the Q's and the cops. Or that she is angling for his cooperation to jerk Jason around. Carly insists she was giving Sonny a line. Sonny angrily tells her Jason will never forgive her for using Michael's pain and tears to get what she wants. Of course she says she would never do that and Jason knows that. Hah!!! Sonny tells her Jason was the best thing she ever had, the truest friend. She has made a big mistake. Sonny then leaves her to her crocodile tears. She is frantic and screams to Sonny "you know nothing about me."

Jax examines Alexis' eyes. He says he thinks she'll be fine. They joke about the deal she tried to make with Stefan which would have cut Jax out of the deal. Jax is not worried about this. He just doesn't want Sonny to use her.

Jax and Sonny despise one another. Sonny has retained Alexis to handle a custody dispute and Jax correctly guesses its' Jason. He advises her Sonny is just using her to get to him. Alexis takes offense to this and says she is a good attorney. She feels obligated to help. Alexis says she can handle herself and not to worry. Jax tells her he will walk out on the deal if Sonny has anything to do with it.

Emily and Nikolas arrive at the church to help Liz and Lucky. Emily offers them refuge in her room back at the hotel. Emily admires the beauty of the church and her flowers.

Luke offers all in attendance a drink at the diner. He tells Tammy of Ruby's past life as a Madame. Luke tells Tammy she should consider his offer. She agrees to give it a try. Felicia is quietly getting smashed. Luke and Felicia tell Tammy the story of how Lucy Coe auctioned off her clothes for charity and they each bought a shoe. The reason the shoe is hanging from the bar.

Ned and V enjoy a bite to eat. A slight flirtation seems to be emanating from Ned. She thanks him for her Valentines' meal. Nikolas and the gang run into Katherine at the Hotel. Emily is visibly disturbed. Katherine attempts to make small talk with Nikolas. It goes unanswered.

Felicia continues to get smashed at Luke's club. Mac comes to take his tipsy wife home. He throws her over his shoulder and leaves. Alexis and Jax finally arrive to meet with V and Ned.

Sonny tells his guard to wait three hours and then take Carly wherever she wants to go. Carly screams at him as he leaves the penthouse, saying Jason will never believe him. After the door shuts she cries (again) praying that Jason doesn't believe Sonny.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

Mac is in his office when a very hungover Felicia arrives sporting sunglasses and looking a little grim. Mac wants to know what she is doing there. He bribed Maxie and Georgie to let her sleep in. Felicia explains that the girls tried, but they were redecorating their doll house and it was just so loud. She is distressed by the empty aspirin bottle and in desperation runs her finger along the inside hoping to find some residual. Mac asks if Felicia remembers him carrying her out of Luke's. Felicia smiles and says that it wasn't a dream. She cringes as she takes off her sunglasses and Mac teases her again about being hung over. Tony arrives in Mac's office to report the theft of his auto.

Bobbie is at Kelly's getting ready to open when Jerry arrives. He apologizes for standing her up, but his car got stuck in a snow drift. He even offers her the number of the tow truck driver for proof. He asks Bobbie to forgive him and to sympathize with his pain. Stefan walks down the stairs as Jerry asks if Bobbie was stuck at Kelly's all night.

Amy and Laura are cleaning up the mess from Lulu's Valentine's Day party. As Amy rambles on about Valentine memories, Laura is completely ignoring her and has a far away look on her face. Laura is surprised when Amy angrily says that she is going to leave.

Jason and Michael are shocked when Sonny arrives at their island hide away. Jason notes that Sonny is alone and asks what happened with Carly. Sonny says that the bitch double crossed him.

Tony explains to Mac that Jerry arranged to have his car towed. He is furious and wants Mac to do something. He thinks that Jerry hot wired his car and moved it to a handicap zone and then reported it to the police. Felicia laughs saying that it sounds like a fraternity prank. Mac wants to know why Jerry would go to all that trouble. Tony explains that he is petitioning the court for visitation rights and Jerry is trying to harass him. Mac still doesn't see where Jerry fits in, but offers to dust the car for fingerprints. Tony says that he just wants it on record that Jerry is after him in case anything strange happens.

Jerry isn't too thrilled to learn that Bobbie and Stefan were stranded together. Stefan is talking to someone at Wyndemere on his cell phone. After he hangs up, he offers to pay Bobbie for the cost of the room. He and Bobbie share a flirtatious exchange regarding the over night service and Ruby's chili recipe. After Bobbie leaves to write down the recipe, Jerry sarcastically comments that Stefan never struck him as the chili type. Stefan says that it never struck him that Jerry would be so indiscreet as to allow Luke Spencer to trace the embezzled funds. Jerry defends himself saying that Luke has been studying the Cassadines forever. It couldn't have been any surprise to Stefan that Luke has mastered his game. Jerry offers to return his commission, but Stefan tells him that he will need it when his latest endeavor fails. Jerry feigns ignorance, but Stefan tells him that he is aware the little plot that Jerry, Jax and Alexis are thinking up. He assures Jerry that they are wasting their time. After Stefan leaves, thanking Bobbie for her kindness, Jerry sarcastically asks how kind Bobbie was. Bobbie asks Jerry if he is jealous.

Amy tells Laura that is has probably been at least six months since they have had a real conversation. The kind where Laura actually tells her what is going on with her life. She was thrilled when Laura invited her to spend the night. Finally a chance to talk to her sister. But she is invisible to Laura as the air. Laura gets upset and asks why Amy is trying to fight with her. Everyone is wants to fight with her. Her son, her husband. Laura begs Amy to stop it. She feels like she is in some kind of time warp where everyone is racing each other to the door to get away from her. Amy tries to comfort her as she dissolves onto the couch in tears.

Laura apologizes to Amy saying that she knows she has been distant lately. She asks Amy not to leave. She has never been so alone. Luke has left her. And this time it is really different. He doesn't live there anymore. This time it is really over. Amy tries to reassure Laura saying that she knows that isn't true. She knows that they are going through a rough time, but that's how relationships work. Laura says that the scariest part of all of this is that she doesn't know who she is without Luke. She has spent her entire adult life as Luke's wife and partner. She let herself be defined by that. Now he is gone. And he isn't coming back. Amy asks Laura if this is all about Stefan. She tells Laura that she knows about Stefan being Nikolas' father. It's all over the hospital. Laura confirms to Amy that Stefan is Nikolas' father and says that she refuses to be ashamed by that. Amy assures Laura that noone thinks she should be ashamed. Luke is jealous because he hates Stefan. But he loves Laura more and he will get over this. Amy asks Laura if she still has feelings for Stefan. Laura says that she does. Stefan has been solid. Nonjudgmental, loving. He has been everything Luke hasn't. They have a son together. Why wouldn't she respond to him?

Jerry is lamenting the night he and Bobbie missed at the cabin. All of his carefully laid plans were wasted. He tries to convince Bobbie to close Kelly's and come away with him now to make up for him. Bobbie won't do it because it wouldn't be good for Kelly's. As they talk, Tammy arrives. Bobbie is surprised to see her, but Tammy explains that while she was stranded at Luke's club during the storm Luke and Felicia finally convinced her to try her hand at running Kelly's. Jerry is ecstatic that Tammy is there and Bobbie can leave. Bobbie and Jerry can't get out of Kelly's fast enough, shouting last minute instructions to Tammy as they go. Tammy laughs and says that improvising is what she does best.

Mac insists that there is no reason to suspect Jerry Jacks of anything. Felicia agrees that if Tony does something stupid, it will only make Bobbie resentful. Mac says that Tony can file any charge he wants, but his advice is to walk away from this one. A public fight with Jerry won't accomplish anything. As Felicia sinks back onto the couch in a feeble attempt to nurse her hang over, Taggert rushes into Mac's office with the news that Sonny managed to lose their tail.

Sonny explains to Jason that Carly reported him for kidnapping. And she went to the Q's and told them that Jason fought her when she wanted to tell AJ the truth. Jason is angry. He pounds his fist on the table in rage and demands to know when Carly changed her mind. When he left Carly meant to come after him and something happened. Sonny explains that AJ arrived right before Carly was supposed to leave. Jason wants to know if AJ mentioned Ferncliff. Sonny insists that AJ did nothing. Carly decided that Michael is the only way to get more money from the Q's than she would from Jason. Carly sold Jason out and if Jason comes back to Port Charles, he will lose Michael forever.

Jason insists that he is Michael's legal father. Sonny tells Jason that, according to Alexis, he has almost no chance of retaining custody if both of Michael's biological parents are against him. Alexis doesn't think that the kidnapping charges will stick, but if Jason brings Michael back, the courts will take him away permanently. Sonny tells Jason that he can't go back, but Jason says that he has to.

Mike arrives at Kelly's and strikes up a conversation with Tammy. He notes that she is new and asks if she has been in the diner business long. Tammy laughs and says that she used to be in public relations. Mike orders egg salad and Tammy charmingly convinces him to have tuna. Luke arrives, moving a little slowly, and is very happy to see Tammy behind the counter.

Laura says that what she and Luke had is over. Amy asks Laura if she still loves Luke. Laura says that it doesn't matter because she doesn't want to be in love by herself. Amy says that maybe it isn't such a bad thing for Laura to be by herself for a while. She had a really bad year. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes. It gives you time and space to listen to your heart and kind of make your decisions accordingly. If Stefan makes her happy, that's great, but right now Laura is too vulnerable and too connected to Luke to know if she really has feelings for Stefan. Laura smiles at that and tells Amy that that is really good advice. The two sisters hug.

Taggert and Mac have a little fun teasing Felicia about her hang over. All Felicia wants is the ever elusive aspirin. Taggert tells Felicia that he will make her a sure fire cure. Taggert slams the door on his way out and Felicia tells Mac to shoot the next person who does that.

Bobbie and Jerry arrive at the cabin to find that someone has beat them to it. Jerry surmises that Jax must have been the culprit and threatens to grill him. Bobbie asks if he has anything better to do than delve into Jax's personal life and proceeds to distract him with a kiss.

At Kelly's Luke gingerly sips a cup of coffee and asks Mike about Sonny. Mike explains that Sonny is out of town for a couple of days. Mike leaves, saying goodbye to Tammy. After he goes, Tammy asks if Mike is Sonny's father and if Sonny is taking over again. Luke says that it could happen. Tammy says that the working girls would be glad because Sonny always left them alone. Luke tells Tammy not to get any ideas about returning to her old profession. He has had one too many losses lately.

Jason insists that Carly loves Michael and that he can't disappear without giving Carly a chance to explain. Sonny doesn't think that Carly deserves that chance. She lied and said that Jason abused her threatened her life physically. Sonny heard her say it to AJ when he went to visit her at the Q's. When he told Carly that he was going to tell Jason, Carly came to the penthouse to try to make a deal with Sonny. He says that Carly would have done him on the penthouse floor. Jason owes her nothing. Jason says that he still wants to hear Carly tell him why she did it. Sonny thinks that Jason is crazy. The Q's will take Michael away. Jason says that he is Michael's father because he loves him, not because he slept with Carly. Someday he was going to have to explain that to Michael and pray that he understood. If he doesn't go back now, he will have to explain to Michael why he took him from his mother because he didn't like the way she fought to keep him. That he has another name and another life and Michael will hate him. He can't do that to him. He won't make Michael's life a lie. Not if there is any other way.

Tony is ecstatic to see Tammy behind the counter at Kelly's. When Tammy greets Tony as Garth, Luke realizes that Tony is one of Tammy's former clients. Tony says that now he has a friendly place to eat. Luke sarcastically comments that it is also a place where they greet you by your alias. He suggests that they all change their names. Today he will be Billy Jo Bart out of Tennessee. Tony explains that he is looking for Bobbie to arrange a hearing date. He is petitioning the court for visitation rights. Luke warns Tony that he had better not reopen the custody battle.

Bobbie and Jerry are finally enjoying their romantic. They sip champagne and then things get steamy.

Felicia drinks Taggert's magical hang over cure and is surprised that it has actually seemed to help. Taggert than asks what to do about Sonny. Mac suggests that they get a search warrant for the coffee warehouse on the docks since the owners have mysteriously disappeared.

Sonny tells Jason that he misses his child even though it was never than a possibility, he can't imagine the hurt that Michael would feel if he lost Jason. Michael needs Jason more than he will ever need anybody. As Sonny leaves, he tells Jason that he will miss him, but not to come back.

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Laura asks Luke where she stands with him
Jason returns to Port Charles with Michael
Carly's lies are starting to catch up with her

Friday, February 19

Laura gets Lesley Lu ready to go play with friends at DayCare. A woman arrives to get her and she sends Lulu on her way. Alone in the house, she looks at a picture of Luke, her and their family from their early days. She then calls the club to find out if Luke is at his place. After hanging up, she grabs her coat and leaves. Shortly afterwards, Lucky and Liz show up to visit and wonder where she is. Since they see she is not there, they decide to stick around and hang out a while. Liz bugs him to help with her school project. While Lucky gets into a posing position, Liz is teasing him about how nervous he is about posing for her sketch. Lucky playfully tells her he is going to go get foster to pose for her instead. (Yeah, where is that Dog?) She tells him that he wrote a song about her and the least he could do is pose for her, adding that a portrait of him would be done of love, and would show off her talent. Lucky gives in and Liz reminds him that their ticket to the future could be riding on this. As Liz works on her portrait, she jokes that Lucky may be the only model she will ever use. He asks to see her portrait. She shows him a stick figure drawing. Lucky jokingly tells Liz that she is a genius for drawing so well and then starts chasing her around the house. After catching up to her, she finally agrees to show him the real portrait that she made. Lucky looks it over and tells her that he likes it and says that she should submit it to the art school. Liz tells him that they won't let her in without her model. Liz and Lucky continued to dream about their future together in New York City. Afterwards, they got tired of waiting for Laura to return and head out to Kelly's Diner.

Luke is in his office when he receives a phone call from Sonny. Luke tells Sonny that Moreno seems to be making moves around town and warns him a surprise attack from Moreno might be coming. Sonny tells him to watch his back and then hangs up. Laura comes by and tells Luke that they need to talk. Luke tells her he is listening. She talks about their estrangement and tells him that Lucky is old enough to understand, but Lulu must be confused as much as she is. Laura then tells Luke that he needs to clarify exactly where she stands with him and where are they going. Luke looks at her like he doesn't like this line of questioning. Laura continues by saying that Amy came by and they talked and as they talked, she heard herself saying that he had left her. She then tells him that saying the words made them feel very real, but then Amy pointed out that he had left before, but had always come back. As Luke continues to listen, Laura tells him that they have both done wrong, and she'll admit that, but wants to know if there is anyway they can fix it? Luke looks at her and tells her that he doesn't trust her. She asks if she can fix that, because she needs to know. A suspicious Luke asks her why now? Is it because the father of one of your sons is putting the squeeze on you? Laura angrily tells him this is not about Stefan, it's about them. They are here now trying to find a way to connect. Luke says that she is still there, but they are not connecting. Laura says that she can't tell what he is feeling anymore, but can't, he won't let her in. He yells its because he doesn't trust her. She cries, "I can't do this" and gets up to leave. Laura says they have one thing in common. "I hate our house as much as you do. We bought it as a symbol of our love and future. But now it's full of ghosts. I see you everywhere in it. Playing with the kids, making me happy. All those memories are there and I am tripping over them. Laura then tearfully reminds Luke she loves him, then expresses a hope that he still has enough feelings for her to try to work through their recent difficulties. Luke rubs his chin, but doesn't answer. Luke says that he doesn't like living like this. He has no off switch to loving her. But what does she expect him to do? Laura tells him to accept her for who she is, the mother of 3 children. Luke says "it's that third child that is so important to you, and all that baggage that comes with it. I was on my way to accepting that third child. Luke then informs Laura that although he still loves her he can't get past her seemingly connection to Stefan, adding that he didn't sign on for that. Laura gulps down her tears, saying that she has her answer. Luke says, "I guess we both do." She puts on her coat and gets ready to leave. Before leaving, Luke says, it's a nice day for a boat ride, if that's where you are headed. Laura tells him that's not where she is headed and then leaves. Luke sinks back down into his chair. In the end, Luke and Laura were unable to reconnect. Later, Luke gets a call from Lucky who asks him if he would like to go out with him and Lulu and if he knows where she is. Luke says that he doesn't know where Lulu is, but if he sees her, to give her his love. Lucky agrees and they end their call.

Sonny returns to Port Charles and checks in with Luke. He then quickly hangs up when he sees Alexis walking toward him on the dock. She asks him where Jason is. He then informs Alexis that Jason is back. Alexis then asks Sonny if Jason has Michael with him. Sonny says that he will take her to see Jason so she can explain his options to him, like what the judge will look at and see what is the best route for Jason. Alexis tells Sonny she wonders what Jason's reaction to her being his lawyer is gonna be. Sonny tells her they can only see. She then reminds Sonny that if the judge thinks there new business is illegitimate, then Jason has no hope in hell of keeping Michael with him. Sonny assures a wary Alexis that the coffee business he shares with her new client (meaning Jason) is strictly legit.

Jason slips into the Brownstone with Michael and explains to Bobbie how he and Carly originally planned to flee the country together. Bobbie tells Jason that she knew Carly was lying. Disappointed in her daughter, Bobbie wonders if money really means that much to Carly and also wonders why Carly would lie deliberately? Jason tells Bobbie that it's Carly's way of reacting when she is panicked. Bobbie can't believe Jason is defending her and Jason tells her he isn't. Bobbie then tells Jason that Carly is doing all of this for herself, not Michael. She then adds that Carly's way of dealing with things is going to get Jason put in prison. Jason says that he is Michael's father by love, he has always taken care of Michael. Bobbie tells Jason that may very well be, but if Carly sticks to this kidnapping story, he is lost. She then tells him if this goes to court, he better line up all the friends he's got. She then asks Jason what is he planning to do. Before Jason can answer her, Sonny arrives with Alexis and Johnny in tow. Jason thanks her for coming, but makes it clear that he doesn't want Alexis speaking for him and doesn't need Alexis. Sonny says that he needs a criminal lawyer, not a family lawyer. Sonny figures out that it's because of her representing Tony. Bobbie pulls Jason aside, saying that he does need a lawyer, and Alexis is it. Jason asks Alexis for one good reason why he should trust her. Alexis says that she is not without ethics. She was intimidated to represent Tony by Helena, and now would never go near a person who would make a child suffer. Representing you would allow me to make amends. Alexis says that she doesn't think she can get him custody, but will offer her opinions. "Your legal rights are limited. No court will give a child to the custodial parent over the biological parent. Especially because of your last line of work." She says that all the Q's have to do is show that they can give a good home and the best he can do is to get regular visits with Michael. Jason says what is best for Michael is to stay with him. Alexis warns him that it'll get ugly and adds for what it is worth, she thinks he is the better parent. Sonny offers to drive Alexis home. After Alexis explains that she'd like to make amends for how she handled Dr. Jones' case and gives Jason pointers on his chances in court, Jason asks her if she is sure that this is the job she wants. She tells him it's a job she would love. Jason agrees to work with her. He then says that he is now going to go talk to Carly. Alexis offers to go with him as his legal representative, but Jason tells her Carly will be straight with him if no one else is with him. Jason then asks Bobbie to watch Michael, and asks her to swear not to call Carly. Bobbie agrees and Sonny, Jason and Johnny leave. Alexis stays behind and she and Bobbie talk. Bobbie tells Alexis that she loves her daughter, but doesn't agree with her methods. She then tells Alexis whatever Alexis has to do to keep Michael with Jason, to please do it.

Returning home alone, a weeping Laura looks up, and sees the pictures of her and Luke on the mantle. She goes over, takes down the picture of her and Luke and puts it in a drawer. She then removes her wedding ring from her finger and sets it on the table. A weeping Laura then heads up to her room.

Sonny, Jason and Johnny are on the docks. They run into Moreno, who tells Sonny he should have stayed away. He then tells Sonny that Port Charles is his town now and Sonny had better watch out. Sonny laughs his threats off and tells him that he imports coffee now and would like to brew Moreno a cup to go.

Carly is in the living room sitting around like she owns the place when Monica comes in, looking disapproving. Carly tries to look all innocent when she asks Monica if there is a problem with her being here. Monica doesn't answer that, but tells Carly now that she has her here, there are a couple of questions she would like to asks her. Monica says that she wants to discuss her latest conversation with Jason. Carly looks at her like she doesn't know what Monica is talking about. An seething, untrusting Monica accuses Carly of being in contact with Jason, while Carly continues to claim that she has no idea where Jason is hiding. All she did was get stuck in a snowdrift last night. Monica asks how Carly got home last night then, because she knows she wasn't over Bobbie's because she has spoke to her. Carly still doesn't come clean and Monica threatens to call Sonny Corinthos herself, because she knows that Carly came home in one of Sonny's limousine. So if you were with Sonny, ergo, you know where Jason is. When is he coming back, Monica demands. Carly says that if she knew, the police would know too. Monica tells her that she would know where Jason is, and is therefore lying. Carly says that she went to see Sonny, to beg him to let her talk to Jason. She tells Monica that Sonny told her that she would never see Michael again. She says that she is desperate, and scared that she will never see her son again. Because I told Jason that AJ had a right to see his son. She wonders whose side Monica is on. AJ comes in and asks what is going on. She tells him what she just told Monica, that Sonny told her that they would never see their son again. AJ says that Sonny is wrong, they will see Michael again. AJ hugs her as Monica looks on disapprovingly. AJ tells Monica that he wants her to be better with Carly. Turn down the heat, she is desperate to be with her son. Monica says her son, you mean her free ride! The only thing Carly fears is that we will find out about her little plan. AJ says that may be right. If anyone knows how low Carly can go, it's him. For a year she claimed that his son was Jason's and whatever Carly is doing now is because Jason has frightened her into it. He then tells his mom not to blame Carly, blame Jason. Later, Jason arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. Carly turns around to find Jason and is surprised to see him..........

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