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GH Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on General Hospital
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Monday, May 31, 1999

Carly enters Jason's penthouse and when she doesn't find him at home, she lies down on the sofa and goes to sleep. In her dreams, Carly imagines that an angry AJ finds her at Jason's. AJ is furious and he tells Carly that her plan won't work. He then flaunts Hannah in her face and tells Carly that Jason is only using her. He then tells her that he intends to make the most of their marriage and reminds her that there are definite advantages to being Mrs. AJ Quartermaine. Carly agrees and starts to undress. The two sink to the floor in passion.

In another dream, Carly imagines Emily wearing her mink coat. Emily tells Carly that Jason doesn't care about her at all and when Emily motions to leave, Carly begs to be allowed to go along. Emily slams the door in her face and Carly is forced to stay at the Quartermaine mansion and listen to Alan and Monica argue about who brought Carly into the house. Carly enters the argument and threatens to leave with Michael. On her way out, she encounters AJ, who tells her how to dress properly. Edward enters the foyer and reveals a forged prenuptial agreement as Lila says that Carly should have thought of that possibility before marrying AJ As Carly tries to leave, Dr. Smithson threatens to send Carly back to Ferncliff to visit her husband, Dr. Evans. AJ then handcuffs Carly and tells her that she'll never leave.

In the next segment, Carly finds Emily playing pool in the foyer and kissing a handsome boy. The teens then leave to go to Jake's. After they have left, Carly picks up a pool cue only to be stopped by Michael, who tells her that her trashy antics have no place in the Quartermaine home. AJ then instructs Carly to call the boy Trey, short for AJ Quartermaine III. He gives Trey $1000 spending money and tells him to broaden his tie collection. When the doorbell rings, Jason enters with Hannah. The two embrace passionately before Jason announces Hannah as his fiancée. Suddenly, Hannah appears pregnant and Edward favors Hannah's child, named Michael, to Trey. Ned interrupts to inform the Quartermaines that AJ has lost the family fortune, but remarks that both he and Jason are exempt from the loss because they invested their money elsewhere. Two men then come to strip Carly of her valuables.

The next segment of Carly's dream features the Quartermaines moving to Kelly's, with Carly carrying the luggage (evidently Reginald and Laticia eloped). It is quickly revealed that Sonny is the new owner of the diner and he demands that the Quartermaines leave. Bobbie enters the restaurant, followed by Jason, Hannah, and the new Michael. Bobbie tells Carly that she adopted Hannah because she is so pretty and smart. When Carly asks Jason for a hand, he tells her to listen to Sonny. Sonny then chimes in and says that the Quartermaines can stay as long as Carly does all of the work.

The Quartermaines gobble down chili as Carly scrubs the floor. When the family goes upstairs, Sonny belittles Carly before Monica and AJ return to make fun of her. Trey enters, having been beaten up by Michael. Jason and Michael soon follow, blaming Carly for the whole situation. Jason then brings enough money to buy back the Quartermaine mansion, but he won't give Carly a cent of it. Bobbie and Hannah depart for a mother/daughter facial and Monica tells Jason that he has always been her favorite.

Next, Emily brushes past Carly on her way to Vegas. Carly then enters the den to find her drunken son. AJ comes into the den and demands to start a new family. Carly runs to the front door to find Jason and plead for help.

Just then, Carly awakens from her dream to find Jason urging her to get up. She hugs Jason when she realizes that everything was part of a dream. She tells him that she needs him and says that her situation is a disaster. Jason asks if she married AJ and Carly explains that she did, but that she couldn't bring herself to sleep with him. She asks Jason what they are going to do.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Stefan attempted to hide the details of Laura's breakdown from Lesley. Lesley insisted that Stefan tell her the truth and he explained about Laura's encounter with Helena. Lesley thought Laura would be better off with out Stefan in her life. Later, Laura told Lesley how Stefan had saved her life on the train tracks and Lesley began to see Stefan in a new light. Stefan ordered Nikolas not to tell Luke about Laura's condition. Later, Nikolas went ahead and told Luke that Laura was in the hospital. A concerned Luke went to see Laura, but left without saying a word when he saw Stefan tending to her. A wary Luke met with "Krieg" and considered his offer to become partners. Carly turned to Jason for support and admitted she might not be able to go through with her plan. Carly returned to AJ expecting the worst and made up a story about her whereabouts. Carly was then greatly relieved when AJ said he would give her some space and maintained that they needed to get to know each other better before becoming intimate.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

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Liz goes to the hospital to make her appointment with Gail and runs into Nikolas who is waiting to see how Laura is. Nikolas tells Liz that Laura is lost -- that Helena accosted her to send her over the edge -- she always finds peoples weakest point and uses it -- now Laura believes that it is her fault that Lucky is dead. Liz asks about Luke and Nikolas tells her that he already told him. Nikolas is overcome with guilt -- he feels like nothing he can do can help. She doesn't need him -- she needs Lucky. But he should know what to do. Why doesn't he know what to do?

Faison calls to check up on Lucky and says he will be staying in Port Charles for a while.

Chloe sits on the docks reviewing the plans for the renovation project. Jax watches her talk to herself about the sea cranes before interrupting. She tells him the diagram is useless - How can she make an objective decision when the plans don't show what is really out there? Jax agrees then charmingly tells her that the diagram is upside down. Jax tries to explain the docks project to Chloe. She thanks him and says that she can now make an informed decision. Jax invites her to go sailing.

Felicia tells Luke that they may be on the wrong track. These letters just show love. Luke tells her that maybe she's looking at them the wrong way. If she reads them like a romance novel she will never find out what is hidden in them. He wants to read her half of the letters and see if he can find anything. Luke thinks that maybe the secret isn't Edwards but Lila's. Felicia says that Lila would never do anything wrong. Luke asks why not? Some of the letters are missing from a three week period -- something is up. Lila might not of sent them to Eleanor so people wouldn't find out what their secret was. Felicia swears to find the truth.

Alexis brings Ned to the docks for a lunch visit. Ned says he really needs to be baby-proofing EQ from AJ. Alexis tells him that she always thought she was tied to the Cassadines but in reality all she had to do was let go -- maybe he should try to let go of his family. Why doesn't Ned write a song and perform -- seize the moment? He may not have much time before he has to came back and save ELQ. Ned agrees to call Edward's bluff. He's going to let AJ have ELQ. Alexis asks Ned if he will really be able to stay away when a big corporate raider comes to take ELQ? They are interrupted by Jax chasing Chloe down the docks -- both soaking wet from being overturned on the sail boat. Ned tells Chloe that he should have warned her about traveling with Jax. Chloe leaves to change. Ned asks Jax if he pushed Chloe to push off the opening of the docks? Of course, but she makes up her own mind - Jax responds.

Nikolas knows that he can't take Lucky's place but he feels that he should know what to do -- what to say-how to help-maybe he should have kept Helena away from her. Liz tells him that he shouldn't be blaming himself for any of this. He apologizes for dumping on Liz - she has lost so much more than he did. Liz tells him that he can't say that. She lost the love of her life but he lost a brother. They both lost a future with someone they loved. Nikolas says that maybe Laura has lost too much and he can't give her anything. He can't give her back Luke, he can't give her back all of those years his family stole from her, and most of all he can't give her back Lucky. Nikolas' eyes fill with tears and he stare emptily into space. Liz embraces him and holds his head to her - Katherine walks by to witness this display of affection. Katherine walks away. Nikolas apologizes again for relying on Liz. She tells him that the is out of the prince business and that he is allowed to act like a normal kid. She explains that the will not be able to make Laura believe anything -- but it helps if he is just there. She relates how after the rape everyone tried to help her forget and to cope, but it was her experience and she had to work through it on her own. Lesley comes over to get Nikolas for Gail. Liz makes arrangements to come play with Lou Lou.

Felicia prepares a picnic 50's style for Mac. She tells Mac that Edward and Lila have something to hide. Mac asks how they got the letters and is upset at the breaking and entering story. Felicia tells him that she needs the truth for her story and Luke needs the distraction from Lucky. But she will not write anything that will hurt anyone. Mac and Felicia sit watching the sky and Felicia tells him that she understands how Lila must have felt - worrying about Edward going off to war. She feels the same way every day that Mac goes to work. He tells her that nothing will happen to him.

Liz comes to see Luke as he is reading one of the letters. She comes to tell him that Laura is feeling better. She tells him that a lot of people are there for Laura and asks if anyone is doing anything for him? You just did -- he says. Liz reminds Luke that that she is also there for him if he needs anything. She hugs him and leaves.

Katherine runs into Nikolas and asks what happened with Laura? He tells her that she just crashed and that it was triggered by Helena. He says that he would like to get his mind off of things and get to work. Katherine says that he isn't going to work. Just as Laura tried to skip over the pain and failed, Nikolas is now trying to do the same thing. She recommends to him to sped some time on his own or with someone who knows what he needs. He agrees and decides to go horseback riding, alone. (Katherine is visibly upset at this choice).

Faison sits in his room and looks over his files of the Scorpios. He stops on Felicia and stares at her picture. Helena comes to see him. She asks if he has contacted Luke. Faison asks if the inventory is ready. Helena pulls out a handful of diamonds and says that these should be enough to occupy Luke.

Thursday, June 3

Laura broke down when Nikolas brought her a picture that LuLu had drawn of their family. Nikolas tried to convince Laura that all her children had been assured of her love and encouraged Laura to seek help from a grief counselor. Jax was surprised when Simon Prentiss arrived in Port Charles looking for "Isabella," who was actually V. In order to protect Jason, Sonny refused to give him any information about his plan to destroy Moreno and suggested that Jason place himself in front of witnesses for the evening. Jason went to Luke's and Luke demanded that Jason tell him about Sonny's plan against Moreno. Felicia convinced Luke to go with her to the Quartermaine home in Oyster Bay to search for the missing love letters. Sonny reached out to Laura and gave her insight to his own past grief.

Friday, June 4, 1999

As Laura lies in her hospital bed looking at the picture Lulu drew, Bobbie arrives for a visit. She brought Laura some dessert from the Port Charles Grill. Laura is touched by Bobbie's thoughtfulness.

At the Q's, Carly is getting Michael ready for bed. She asks Michael if he could maybe call for his Mommy in the middle of the night. She tries to explain, like a one year old could really understand, that when she married AJ she knew she would have to do certain things she didn't want to do. She asks Michael if he could help her out.

At Luke's, Luke notices that Jason has a stack of paperwork and tells Jason that it is a poor excuse for an alibi. He wants to know what is going on. Jason says that Sonny is just taking precautions. Sonny wouldn't tell him, but that is his guess. Luke refuses to believe that Jason doesn't really know. Sonny might not have told him directly, but Jason knows. Jason admits that Sonny is taking back his territory from Moreno. Luke's only comment is "at last."

At the penthouse, Sonny offers Benny a drink, but Benny declines. He thinks that Sonny should leave now so that his alibi will be undeniable. Sonny says that he wants to savor the last few minutes of his life as a coffee merchant. Benny laughs and joins Sonny in a toast.

At Luke's, Luke tells Jason that he knew it would happen. He isn't surprised that Sonny didn't trust him with the details. Jason says that that is how Sonny operates. As they continue to talk, Hannah walks up to the table and asks Luke if she can leave. When Luke tells her it's OK to go, she asks Jason if he is sure that Sonny is busy. Jason assures her that Sonny is busy and she leaves saying that she can always leave him a message. After Hannah is gone, Luke tells Jason that the first thing the police are going to ask him is if he didn't know what was going on, why did he spend the evening at Luke's doing paperwork.

At GH, Laura tells Bobbie that she started writing a letter to Lulu to try to explain what has happened. But she couldn't do it. Then she started writing down things she remembers about Lucky. Things he said when he was a little boy. Things he did. That is when she realized that that is what she can do now. She can help Lulu remember Lucky. Laura says that she feels like she has to. She doesn't want Lulu to be afraid to mention Lucky's name. Bobbie says that that is a lovely way to think about it. When BJ died, Lucas was afraid to talk about her and Bobbie unknowingly encouraged his silence where BJ was concerned. One day she discovered that Lucas had been hiding things of BJ's under his bed. She felt like she made Lucas feel like he had to sweep BJ under the bed. Losing a child is like no other pain on earth. BJ and Lucky both had amazing lives and Lulu is helping Laura see that just the way Lucas helped her. Laura tells Bobbie that Nikolas has helped her too. Poor Nikolas. He is half hers which means that he feels everything and half Cassadine which means he knows how to hide it.

At the Q's, Carly walks into the study and sees AJ. She cheerfully greets him with a hi honey, you're home. Carly asks AJ if he wants to say goodnight to Michael, but AJ says that he will check on him when he and Carly go to bed. Carly tells AJ that Michael is still settling in and they need to make him feel like the mansion is a home. AJ says that Carly must feel the same way. AJ tells Carly that it is really nice to have something to come home too. Carly acts delighted at the nicety and smiles as AJ leans in to kiss her. AJ tells her that that doesn't mean that they have to stay home. Carly is delighted at the prospect of going out and thanks AJ with another kiss. AJ starts to get a little more passionate when Chloe and V appear unexpectedly and apologize for interrupting the intimate moment. Carly is a little too ecstatic when she tells them that it is really not a problem.

As Chloe and V continue to apologize, AJ assures them that no apologies are necessary. He and Carly were just trying to decide what to do. Carly suggests Luke's club and tries to persuade Chloe and V to come along. Chloe is excited at the prospect since Felicia told her Luke's was not to be missed. V however, says that Luke's is great, but she isn't going anywhere near it tonight.

Meanwhile, Jerry is babysitting Simon and has taken him to Luke's club. Jerry is not happy to be stuck with entertaining Simon. Simon says that he would be more than happy to leave Jerry alone if he would just tell him where he can find Isabella (a.k.a. V). Jerry says that he has no intention of turning any woman towards the likes of Simon. Jerry says that he can barely stop himself from knocking Simon down before Jax can run him out of town.

Luke asks Jason if Sonny will be successful without Jason's help. Jason says that he isn't sure. He wanted to help, but Sonny wouldn't let him.

Laura is alone in her hospital room when Stefan stops by for a visit. She is very happy to see him and thanks Stefan profusely for all that he has done for her. Stefan says that he has felt helpless since the night he found her huddled up in a ball on Lucky's floor. Laura apologizes for making Stefan feel that way, but Stefan assures her that she does not need to apologize for her feelings. Her tragedy is impossible to share. There is no excepted etiquette for what she has been asked to bear.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny and Benny discuss what will happen after the takeover. Hannah arrives for an unexpected visit just as Sonny and Benny are getting ready to leave. Hannah explains that she thought that he was out and was going to leave a note for him, and some gelato. As Benny looks anxiously at his watch, Sonny tells Hannah that since she made the trip, she might as well stay for a while.

Benny tactfully reminds Sonny that they have an appointment, but Sonny tells him that Hannah is more important. He sends Benny away saying that he will see him in the morning. Once Benny is gone, Hannah confesses that she lied before. She didn't come to leave Sonny a note. She practically broke her neck to get to his penthouse after work hoping to find him at home. She hopes she wasn't just being a girl. She explains that a "girl" is someone who runs in just as the boys are about to leave and says that if he really cared, he would stay with her. If this had been a test, he would have passed. She tells Sonny that she understands if he has to leave. Sonny says that there is no place near as interesting right now. His business is taking care of itself as they speak.

Luke tells Jason that the problem is that Sonny and Jason are too close. Jason is trying to tail Sonny and Sonny is trying to keep Jason away so he looks respectable. Jason says that Sonny is his best friend and he doesn't want him to die if there is a way to stop it. Luke tells Jason that he may have to face the fact that he can't stop it. Jason's kind of blind loyalty can be suicide.

Bobbie arrives at Luke's and greets Jerry with a kiss. When Jerry fails to introduce his companion, Simon introduces himself. Bobbie tells Simon her name and Jerry immediately tells her she shouldn't have done that. Bobbie starts to protest, but Simon interrupts her. He tells her that Jerry is right to be cautious. Bobbie is a beautiful woman that Simon may feel the need to liberate from Jerry. Bobbie laughs and thanks Simon, but says that she does not need to be liberated. Simon asks Bobbie if he knows the name of the woman that Jax took to Monte Carlo. Jerry interrupts saying that Bobbie has way too much respect for "the lady's" privacy to tell Simon anything. Bobbie asks if anyone has bothered to inform "the lady" that Simon is pursuing her. Jerry says that "the lady" would be appalled. Simon insists that "the lady" has simply been misinformed of his character.

At the Q's, V explains that there is a horrible man out looking for her. AJ and Carly are shocked, but Chloe, who knows Simon, insists that Simon is not that bad. V wants to just ignore the fact that he is chasing halfway around the world looking for an Argentinian heiress who doesn't exist. She encourages everyone to go to Luke's without her. She is going to avoid public places until Jax tells her that Simon has left town. Chloe thinks that V is being ridiculous. Why would Simon be at a blues club? V would be just as likely to find Simon at a laundromat and he would be equally mystified by both. Besides, she needs someone to sit with her at the table while the newlyweds are off dancing. V reluctantly agrees to join the group.

Laura tells Stefan that she is considering grief counseling. She needs to find a better way to deal with her pain. She needs to get better for Lulu. Stefan tells Laura not to be discouraged. She will be discharged soon. Laura agrees, but is reluctant to go back to her house where there are so many memories. Stefan asks Laura to not go back. To come with him instead.

Stefan tells Laura that she needs quiet. She needs peace. She needs time to spend with her daughter and time alone to give her grief it's due. She needs retreat. Happily, he is in a position to provide one. Stefan explains to Laura that he has a house in the country, just twenty minutes from Port Charles. He offers to let her stay there with Lulu and Lesley. Stefan is delighted when Laura gratefully accepts.

At Luke's, Bobbie asks Luke if the "back room" is open. When Luke plays dumb, Bobbie laughs and explains that Jerry and Simon would like to play a few hands. Luke says that Simon looks like he could stand to lose some money. Bobbie laughs and says that Simon is harmless, if not a little deranged. Luke says that deranged is ok with him. Luke walks over to Jerry and Simons table and sends the men off saying that Jerry will explain the house rules. He also offers the warning that his dealer might be armed. Once Bobbie, Simon and Jerry are gone, Luke asks Jason to watch the club for him. He needs to get away.

Luke leaves just as Chloe, V, AJ and Carly arrive. They walk past Jason on their way to a table, but Chloe stops to introduce herself. She tells Jason that she is happy to finally meet him. She has heard so many wonderful things about him from Emily. She politely invites Jason to join them, but he just as politely declines. Chloe starts to leave but stops to ask Jason if he has an opinion on the land sea crane issue. Jason tells her that when in doubt, she should vote with Sonny. If Sonny isn't available then she should vote with Ned. Jax and AJ aren't trustworthy. Chloe laughs and thanks Jason for advice then goes to join the others. The group chats for a bit then AJ invites Carly to dance. Carly happily agrees but looks at Jason over AJ's shoulder while they dance.

At the penthouse, Hannah tells Sonny that she shouldn't have come. Sonny says that isn't what he's thinking. He asks Hannah how she knew he needed her tonight. Hannah tells Sonny that she needs him too. Sonny pulls Hannah close and then leans down to kiss her. He removes his shirt as the kiss deepens. He gently pushes Hannah backwards onto the table as they continue to kiss with increasing passion.

A musical montage....

Luke quietly enters Laura's hospital room and almost starts to cry when he sees her lying there looking so vulnerable. Laura awakens suddenly and is shocked to see Luke standing in her room. Their eyes meet and they stare at each other in silent, shared grief.

At Luke's, Jerry and Bobbie have joined Carly and AJ on the dance floor while V and Chloe laugh and talk at a table. Simon walks out of the "back room" and sees the woman he has been searching for. He is delighted and puts his hand to his heart. V notices Simon and turns away with an exasperated look on her face.

Carly pulls AJ closer to her while they dance as Jason stands at the bar drinking a beer and watching. The diamond on her finger glitters magnificently in the light as she strokes the back of AJ's neck.

At Sonny's penthouse, things are getting steamier as clothes are discarded and kisses become more urgent.

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