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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on GH
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Monday, June 14, 1999

At Jax's penthouse, Simon proposes to an angry V while Jax and Chloe urge the suave European bachelor to slow his pace. On a fluke, Simon guesses that V's name must be Venus because Venus was the goddess of love. When V does not react well, Jax accuses his two friends of being too emotional and insists that there some room for negotiation. Jax and Chloe, acting on behalf of V and Simon, arrange for the four to reconvene at the Nurses Ball.

Outside Kelly's, Hannah tells Sonny that she is glad that she renewed their relationship. They kiss as a strange young man watches from the bushes. Sonny invites Hannah to attend the Nurses Ball with him and she readily accepts.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lila wants to know what Edward is trying to hide and after she gently prods him, he reluctantly admits that Luke and Felicia have been snooping around Oyster Bay. Edward then reveals that Jennings Jr. burned Lila's letters, which delights Lila.

Meanwhile, Luke and Felicia are indeed at the Quartermaine property at Oyster Bay, reading portions of one of Lila's burned letters. Upon discovering a clue about a cemetery, Luke and Felicia decide to take their investigation a step further and the pair heads over to the cemetery. Poking around the Quartermaine mausoleum, Felicia uncovers the grave of a Baby Jennings. She abruptly decides that the investigation has reached its conclusion, which shocks Luke. When he is unwilling to wrap things up so neatly and hastily, Felecia tells him that she does not have any intention of hurting Lila. Luke is saddened by the reminder of a lost child as he struggles to understand the complexities of heaven.

Sonny returns to his penthouse to find Mike waiting for him. Mike apologizes for his behavior the other day and promises to try to mind his own business. As Mike leaves, the stranger from Kelly's appears outside Sonny's door, pretending to have the wrong floor.

At Kelly's, Hannah tells Tammy that she went back to Sonny, which does not surprise the waitress. They discuss the Nurses Ball and what a good man Sonny is.

In the Quartermaine den, Emily works on her video. Edward offers his financial support before Chloe enters the room. She confesses that she spent the evening at Jax's, much to Edward's chagrin.

At Jax's, Jax admonishes Simon for scaring V and demands that he consider her concerns.

Outside Kelly's, the strange young man evades the police.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Nikolas, Liz and Laura
Nikolas & Liz visit Laura and give her a Nurses Ball T-shirt. Liz takes Lulu up to the house so Nikolas and Laura can talk. Nikolas tells his mother that he is very happy to see her doing so well. She tells him that his father is taking really good care of her, making her feel safe and protected and although she has told him how she felt before she thinks she will do it again. She tells him that she overloaded with grief about Lucky's death and she will never be over is, but is now seeing Gail Baldwin to help her deal with it. Laura says she is surprised at how gentle and protective he is of Liz and he tells her he is just doing and treating her like Lucky did. Liz tells Nikolas that being with Lucky's family helps her and that she hopes that they do not grow apart as his death gets further behind them. She remembers the first time that she and Lucky came there, that Lucky thought Nikolas was so bad and that she drove into a ditch.

Lucy & Tony
Lucy tells Tony she is dropping him from performing at the ball. She tells him that the reason is because as soon as people found out he had a number her phone was ringing off the hook. People telling her that because of what happened last year they thought he should not be able to even buy a ticket let alone perform. He tells her that he has changed so much since last year and he just wants a chance and she of all people should understand that. Although Emily interviewed him for the video she is making he will still be part of the ball but he wanted to do more than that. She tells him that she will not cave into the pressure and that she will let him perform at the ball.

Carly & AJ
AJ shows Carly the designs for a new dress for her to wear at the Nurses Ball. He tells her it will be the first time they are out in public and he wants it to be perfect. AJ wants Carly to meet him for lunch but she tells him she is too busy cracking the books. He tells her about their number for the Nurses Ball saying it is going to be the best one and that Alan, Ned and Edward are okay performers, and he turns them out from anything other than that. He leaves to go to rehersal and as soon as he is out the door Carly calls for a cab to go to Jason's. Carly comes back and AJ tells her he was looking for her, she said she needed a break and went for a walk by the lake. AJ tells her that he had a talk with Edward and that the announcement about him being CEO will be made soon. Carly tells him that not everyone in the family will be as happy for him as she is and that she will always stand behind him and defend him to anyone. They kiss and hug and we see a look on her face that she cannot stand for AJ to touch her.

Emily & Jason
Emily tries to get Jason to talk about Robin and living with AIDS for the video she is making. Jason tells her about Robin and how she opened up her heart and show it at a previous Nurses Ball and he doesn't understand how come people have to see pain to give money. Emily tells him that it is not that they have to see pain, it is that they have to care. Although she cannot get him to do the video she does talk him into being her date for the ball, he tells her that she owes him a big one.

Lucy, Amy and Bobbie
Lucy tries to get Amy to be her dresser for the ball. She tells her that she has had so many volunteers but she would give it to Amy if she wants it. Amy tells her no and that she will not even be a back up. Lucy then spots Bobbie walking by on her way to rounds and stops her. She thanks Bobbie for making her Mistress of ceremonies for the ball this year and Bobbie tells her that she had nothing to do with it, the decision was made with a coin toss. Lucy then goes on about trying to think up a way to thank Bobbie and tries to get Bobbie to be her dresser as the thank you. Bobbie laughs at her and says no. We see Amy coming back and her trying to get away from Lucy.

Emily, Tony & the tape
Emily calls Tony for the tape he has of the interview he gave her. He says that he will watch it right now and will be done by the time she gets there. He puts the tape in to watch it and the phone rings. Bobbie is asking him about a patient, he turns away to deal with that and we see 2 people making out in the background on the tape. Tony leaves to deal with Bobbie and the patient, when he comes back the tape is over, he takes it out of the machine and Emily comes in. He gives it to her and tells her he is not going to hold her up any longer and he trusts it is accurate even though he has not seen it yet.

Carly & Jason
As Emily is leaving Jason's Carly arrives and they trade insults. Carly tells her she came to see her son if she didn't mind. Emily tells her she doesn't mind at all but Michael likely does. Emily leaves and Carly turns her attention to Jason. She has come for the diamonds so she can wear them to the ball. She asks if he remembers the night he gave them to that people would not look down on her and he remembers the night because she started a dock strike. She tells him that she loves to wear the diamonds because they are expensive and people's jaws drop when they look at them...but the biggest reason is because he gave them to her. Jason tells Carly to go easy on Emily, that she is trying but it is hard for her. She says she is surprised that Jason is taking Emily to the ball...because the only reason he ever had anything to do with the ball is because of Robin. She tells him it will help her having him there.

Edward and AJ
Edward is telling AJ that his dancing needs polish that he is half a beat behind the others. AJ turns the conversation around to when he is going to be appointed CEO again. He says he wants the date and time it is going to happen. Edward tells him that he is not backing out of the agreement, that he sees AJ will make a great CEO but he has to trust him. The announcement will be made when the time and place is right. Edward asks AJ to get some papers for him and he says that those papers are on their way over now. He makes a comment about that is what he was talking about earlier about him being a great CEO.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

At Kelly's, Lucy voiced her sympathies over Lucky to Luke and also told Luke that she was engaged to marry Scott Baldwin. Luke told Lucy that his marriage to Laura was over and that he had decided to move on. Meanwhile, Laura admitted to Amy that being with Stefan had helped her manage her grief. Laura ran into Scott and they reminisced about the past. Chloe suggested that Jax and Ned go into business together, but both men stubbornly refused. Jax blasted Ned over the possibility of AJ becoming CEO of ELQ. Tammy agreed to accompany Tony to the Nurses Ball. Alan admitted that he was reluctant to perform at the Nurses Ball after the fiasco the year before, but Tammy supported his decision to get back up on the stage.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Luke declined Bobbie's invitation to the Nurses Ball to save himself from being haunted by memories of Lucky. Emily decided not to use Tony's tape, which unbeknownst to her contained the footage of Bobbie and Jerry's lovemaking, in her documentary. At Kelly's, Emily saw Juan picking at leftover food and offered to buy him lunch. Emily and Juan got acquainted and Emily learned that Juan was from Puerto Rico and needed a job, but he refused to take charity from her. After seeing Emily talking with Sonny, Juan asked Emily to help him get a job at the Port Charles Hotel. Later, Juan spied on Sonny and Hannah. Laura told Stefan that it was time for her to return to her life in Port Charles and said she planned on attending the Nurses Ball. Stefan urged Laura to reconsider and thought she was pushing herself too far too fast. Sonny and Hannah agreed to call a truce regarding Hannah. Liz accepted Nikolas' invitation to the Nurses Ball. Alan sensed that Lucy was upset over the prospect that she might not be able to have children, but Lucy explained her plan to adopt a baby.

Friday, June 18, 1999

The Nurses Ball has begun!

Edward goes to find Emily, but discovers an empty room which looks like a bomb hit it. He is not happy when Monica explains that Emily is at Jason's. Edward notices a video tape on Emily's dresser, and thinking he is being helpful, picks up the tape to take with him.

As usual, Lucy is frantic as final preparations for the ball are made. Jerry and Bobbie make a quick get a way as Kat and Lucy fight over the final check.

Sonny arrives (and he is looking F-I-N-E fine in his tuxedo) at Kelly's to pick up Hannah. Tammy is there dressed and ready to go (waiting for Tony). Hannah makes a grand entrance looking very nice in the dress Sonny provided. She pretends to want to pay him back, but readily agrees to except the dress as a gift.

As Sonny and Hannah leave, Tony arrives full of compliments for Tammy's appearance. As they start to leave, the phone at Kelly's begins to ring. Tammy ignores it, saying that Kelly's is closed for the night, but the mystery girly on the other end of the line is begging Tammy to answer. Tammy and Tony leave as the phone continues to ring.

At the PC Hotel, Lucy is still frantic. Hilarious scenes from Lucy when she is trying to track down Amy, who has VERY reluctantly agreed to be Lucy's dresser.

Liz is unsure about the scenery, but Nik tells her that it is too late to change anything and that it looks fine. Liz has a sad look as she says that she guesses she should go get dressed. It feels weird to her though.

Lucy finally finds Amy and immediately starts chastising her for being MIA. Amy sarcastically suggests that Lucy be nice to her since she, at least for the night, is the most important person in Lucy's life. Lucy does a complete 180 and starts sucking up to Amy.

At the Q's, everyone is dressed and waiting in the foyer, except Carly and Chloe. Reginald and Leticia (who is looking particularly nice for a nanny) are included in the family outing. Edward is not pleased with their inclusion and is even more exasperated when Jax arrives to pick up Chloe. Jax is charming despite Edward's feistiness. Chloe makes a grand entrance in a stunning gown apologizing for being late and insisting that she is thrown together. After Jax and Chloe leave, Carly makes her grand entrance. She looks wonderful in her seafoam green gown. Edward is pleased and tells her that she looks every inch the Quartermaine tonight, but AJ angrily tells her to lose the diamonds.

Carly is a little stunned at AJ's comment, but is shocked when AJ presents her with new diamonds to replace the ones she was wearing. She happily accepts the gift and exchanges her jewelry. Edward rushes everyone out of the house in his usual blustering manner while Carly thanks AJ with a kiss for his gift.

Simon has arrived at Jax's to pick up V, who looks amazing in another "Chloe creation." Simon tells her that she looks just like Isabella. V accepts the compliment, but says that tomorrow she will be V in sweats going for a run. Jax and Chloe arrive at the penthouse as Simon and V settle onto the couch to chat. Jax and Chloe are somewhat surprised to see Simon and V talking and not fighting. Ned and Alexis arrive soon after and the pre-party begins with a champagne toast by Chloe "to Blizzards in Hell" (a play on Jax's comment that he will perform at the NB when there is a Blizzard in Hell)

Downstairs, Amy is helping Lucy dress (choking her with her necklace) while Felicia talks to Lucy about her number with Eve. Lucy assures her that everything will be fine and Felicia leaves to get ready and pick up Mac. As she leaves, she teasingly tells Lucy to try to keep her clothes on. Lucy insists that she will be damned if she does the finale in her panties this year.

As Felicia leaves, she walks past Kat and Eve who are plotting on how to ruin Lucy's finale.

As Lucy practices her opening speech, Scott arrives to wish her luck. He offers her much needed words of encouragement and gives her a kiss as she leaves to put on her first gown.

During a musical montage to the Stray Cats "Rock This Town", we see everyone getting ready to go to the ball.

Felicia and Mac leave and the girls immediately start jumping up and down on the couch.

At the Q's everyone is frantically rushing out the door. Carly gives AJ one more kiss as they follow the rest of the family to the waiting Limo.

Emily is anxiously waiting for Jason to come downstairs.

The group at Jax's penthouse makes their way out the door.

Nik checks his watch as he waits for Liz.

Jason finally comes down stairs and Emily spins for his approval. Jason puts on his jacket and they leave together.

Liz comes out of the hotel room looking beautiful in a purple gown with matching gauntlets. She spins for Nikolas who smiles his approval. She takes a deep breath and then takes his arm as they make their way downstairs.

Everyone has arrived and Lucy opens the ball with another moving speech about the progress made in the fight against AIDS.

Lucy introduces Emily and tells about the documentary that Emily has prepared for the ball. Lucy also announces that Amanda Barrington has made a $500,000 contribution this year. And that another large contribution has been made in the name of Robin Scorpio by an anonymous donor. Funny moment as Lucy introduces Kat, but refuses to give her the microphone. They struggle a little, but Lucy wins and introduces the opening act.

AJ, Ned, Edward and Alan are on stage dressed in tuxedos. They start to sing an opera tune, but suddenly rip off their white shirts and ties to reveal blue satin shirts under their jackets. They all don sunglasses and start to sing "I feel Good." It's pretty hilarious to see Edward and Alan spinning their microphones around like rock stars. They are joined by scantily clad woman who dance with them. Ned is the only one who can really carry this off, but the whole thing is great and the audience loves it!

After the Q men are finished, Monica comes onstage and introduces the Emily's video. The video has very moving testimonies of young people with AIDS along with comments from Lucy about why she initially got involved in the Nurses Ball. We only see a portion of it, with a promise that more will be shown throughout the night.

After the video, everyone takes a break to mingle and bid on the silent auction items. Edward takes this opportunity to announce that he is making AJ CEO of ELQ. At the same time, Amanda Barrington is extolling the virtues of the ballroom dance team that will be performing. She is so pleased.

As Sonny and Hannah share a private conversation and a kiss, Juan looks on suspiciously. As Sonny and Hannah walk away, Juan walks over to put down some water glasses. Emily comes up to him and he thanks her for the job. They chat briefly and then Emily leaves to rejoin her family.

The mystery girl (Janelle) has managed to track Tammy down at the hotel and insists that she needs to see her right away. She tells Tammy that she will be right there.

Lucy has tracked down Chloe and Jax and can't say enough nice things about the dresses Chloe has designed. As they are talking, Lucy gets the news that her ballroom dance team won't be able to perform. As Lucy runs off, Chloe smiles and tells Jax that she thinks she just heard the strangest weather report. She heard that they are predicting a blizzard in hell. Jax asks if she is implying what he thinks she is implying. Chloe smiles and tells him to close his eyes and think gazebo.

Janelle arrives at the PC Hotel with a baby in tow. As the attendant tries to stop her, she tells him that someone is expecting him. She spots Tammy and says that the baby belongs to her.

Lucy explains to the crowd that Jax and Chloe have stepped in to replace the injured dance team. I haven't really noticed much chemistry between Jax and Chloe so far, but let me tell you, this dance is amazing! Chemistry all over the place. I'm beginning to think that this couple has real possibilities! I've never been a huge Jax fan, but if he looked at me like he looked at Chloe...all I can say is WOW. I hope you get a chance to see for yourself! He can dance cheek to cheek with me any time! From the looks of it, Chloe feels the same way. .

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