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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on GH
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Monday November 22, 1999
by Nora

In his secret hideaway, Faison prepares a room for Felicia.

At Wyndemere, Stefan and Laura lie in bed after making love. They express their love and devotion to one another and Laura proclaims that her life finally feels right again. Downstairs, Nikolas waits for Stefan, but does not permit the house staff to inform his father that he is looking for him.

At Jason's, Sonny tells Jason to arrange some kind of bust of Moreno. He then tells his friend how Hannah whispered "I love you" in his ear last night when she thought he was asleep. Before they have time to continue their discussion, Hannah knocks at the door and then she and Sonny leave to go across the hall to Sonny's penthouse.

In the Brownstone, the FBI interrupts Bobbie's wedding to arrest Jerry on charges of money laundering. Lucas is frightened and upset, but Jerry insists that he is innocent. Mac takes the little boy upstairs before heading to the police station, which is where the FBI takes Jerry. Alexis steps in to act as Jerry's attorney, but the FBI takes him down to the station alone to book him. In the ensuing chaos, Luke and Felicia attempt to comfort the crying bride and then Luke offers to take Felicia home. Carly also is present to support her mother, but Bobbie makes it clear that she needs to be alone to assess the situation. Tony takes Lucas to spend the night with him, but before leaving, he tells Bobbie that he is very sorry about what happened and that he truly wished her happiness with Jerry.

At Wyndemere, Laura runs into Nikolas in a room downstairs. Nikolas informs his mother that Stefan is his really his uncle because Stavros is his father. Laura is hesitant to believe her son, asserting that this is a fabrication of Helena, but when Stefan enters the room, he confirms Nikolas' accusations. Nikolas is visibly upset and refuses to condone lying in the name of love. Laura disrupts Nikolas' rants to maintain that Stefan's love will remain steadfast despite the change in parentage. Nikolas is not comforted and leaves, offering to notify Stefan about a blood test. Stefan tells Laura that he is afraid that she will think less of him for lying about his true relationship with Nikolas, but she does not. She promises that this news will not destroy their relationship, which pleases Stefan. He tells Laura of the family that he always dreamed of, he, Laura, and Nikolas, but Laura insists that they are still a family in spite of Nikolas' parentage.

In Sonny's penthouse, Hannah tells her lover that she had an awful interview experience and that she ruined any chance she might have had to get the job. Sonny plays along with her schemes and offers to get her a brandy so that she might sleep better at night. When he returns, Hannah tells him that she is blessed to know him and that she will do whatever it takes to ensure that nothing happens to him.

At Felicia and Mac's, Luke is uncomfortable when Felicia receives a phone call from Maxie. He has difficulty with her familial relationships and declines her offer to stay for dinner.

At Jax's penthouse, Jax and Alexis inform Mr. and Mrs. Jacks that they were aware of Jerry's wrongdoings weeks ago. They apologize for not having prevented the disastrous wedding, but Jane assures them that they did nothing wrong. Chloe stops by to hear the details of the wedding, but after hearing the whole story, she is told that this is a family affair. Disappointed, she departs. After the Jacks' have left, she approaches the penthouse door, but stops before entering. Inside, Jax thanks Alexis for being so supportive and hugs her.

Carly rushes to Jason to tell him what happened at the wedding. She is very upset and explains the situation to Jason, claiming that Jerry must be innocent. Jason tells Carly that Jerry is not innocent and that he has known that Jerry has been working with Moreno for a long time. Carly is shocked that Jason would not tell either her or Bobbie, especially because he knows that Bobbie would do anything to protect Jason's best interests. Jason explains to his friend that he keeps his word, in this case to Sonny, at all costs. He tells her that she can't have it both ways: he kept her secret about Michael even though it hurt Bobbie, AJ and others, just as he kept Jerry's secret for Sonny even though it hurt Carly and Bobbie. Carly begins to come around and understand Jason's perspective and apologizes for distrusting him. Jason tells her that there is no need to apologize and pulls her in for a kiss.

At the Brownstone, Roy appears to comfort Bobbie.

Felicia thinks that she hears Mac downstairs and goes to meet him, but is accosted by Faison instead. He grabs her and orders her to shut up.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Faison held a struggling Felicia tight and told her that he admired her passion and that she was in for the journey of a lifetime. The phone rang and the answering machine picked up. As soon as they heard Luke's voice, Faison reached in his pocket and pulled out a chloroformed handkerchief (man, that stuff works fast) and Felicia blacked out. Faison said, "Good-bye, my love." Felicia came to in the frilly room wearing a white nightgown looking thing. Faison told her not to be scared and she informed him that she was not scared, she was disoriented. She called him a pervert and told him that he'd be spending time in Ferncliff for this. He again complimented her on her passion and assured her that although he had chosen what she was wearing, a female employee of his had dressed her. She told him that he'd be in for it when Luke found out that he'd kidnapped her. He wondered at how she had mentioned Luke rescuing her rather than her husband, but assured her that neither would be looking for her because she was just "doing her job." He then played a spliced tape that made it sound as though she was calling on a cell phone from a plane, about to go do research on the book about Lila. He told her that with her predisposition to taking off on a lark, no one would look for her for weeks. He promised that by then, she would not want to leave. He told her that she was his guest here and that she would grow to like it. He shackled her to the bed and told her that in the meantime, he was restraining her so that she would not hurt herself trying to escape. She said some stupid, predictable line about how he might have her body, but he'd never have her heart or soul, yadda, yadda, yadda. He assured her that one day, he would join with her and it would be at her request...that their story was written in the stars.

Carly savored Jason's kiss. When it ended she looked at him, and put her hands to her lips. She said, "You kissed me, can we agree on that?" He smiled and said that they could. She then told him that She then told him that she loved him, that she always had and that she knew that he loved her too. She said she could tell by the look in his eyes and the way he smiled at her when she was driving him crazy. She told him she just wanted to come home, could she please just come home?. Sonny interrupted them at that moment and she asked him to excuse them to finish their conversation. Jason said no, that it was OK and asked Sonny to stay. He offered to walk Carly to the elevator. Outside, she told him that just because he had not answered her question, to not this she'd forget about it. He said he knew she wouldn't. She told him to think about it and she'd ask him again. He said it wasn't like he could stop her and smiled.

Roy helped Bobbie clean up the brownstone after the wedding. Bobbie told Roy that she believed Jerry was innocent because they didn't lie to each other. She commented that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and wondered what had gone wrong. She then chastised herself for sounding like a teenager. She mentioned that it had taken her years to give the dress she was to wear at her wedding to Roy to Goodwill. He asked her if the date December 10th meant anything to her and she immediately said it was the day they were supposed to get married. He told her he had spent it looking at a guy leaning over his bed calling him James and had learned he was in a hospital under an assumed name. He had thought about where he was supposed to be and said because of that, be knew how Jerry was feeling right now. Carly came in and apologized for interrupting. Roy left and Bobbie thanked her for not saying 'I told you so'. Carly said she had never suspected Jerry of any illegal activity, she just didn't think he was good enough for Bobbie, but quickly added that because Bobbie was her mother, no one was good enough for her. Bobbie asserted that Jerry was the right one for her. She said that as soon as the charges are dropped, that she and Jerry would get married. She told Carly that she knew Jerry had done some money laundering in the past, but that he was innocent now and they had all done things in the past they were ashamed of. Carly told her that she just wanted her to be loved like she deserved and that she should always follow her heart. Bobbie told her that was the most sensible advice she'd ever given her.

Inside the penthouse, Sonny told Jason that Luke had called him and wanted to meet with him. He wondered if Jason knew what it was about. Jason told him what happened at Bobbie's wedding and Sonny knew that was it. Sonny then left to speak with Luke.

On the docks, Luke confronted Sonny for not telling him about Jerry's money laundering for Moreno. Sonny explained that he had given his word not to and Luke said, "To who? The Feds?" He told Sonny he was a bastard and Sonny tried to tell him it wasn't what he thought. They started to throw down and Roy and Jason broke up the fight. After Jason dragged Sonny away, Luke lamented to Roy that Sonny used to be his partner. Roy asked what happened and Luke told him that Sonny disappeared and when he returned, he kept leaving him out of the loop and not giving him the information he needed. He told Roy that he knew he and Sonny could no longer be friends, but didn't expect them to become enemies. Roy cautioned him to be careful, that it was hard right now to know who was doing what to whom. Luke assured his friend that Sonny knew. Roy asked Luke if he thought Jerry was innocent and Luke replied, "Do I think you are a ghost standing here talking to me?" Roy told Luke he had just come from Bobbie's and that she seemed to be handling things OK. Luke told him that he hadn't seen Bobbie in way too long and that he knew her heart was torn out. He told Roy he was going to the club to drink and invited him to come along. Roy declined.

Nikolas waited for Liz to show up at her house, then asked if she'd like to go to a movie. She told him that he looked miserable and he told her about Stavros being his father. She reminded him that regardless of the biology, that Stefan had been the father he had always wanted and that if he had to be the prince, he could do it any way he chose. He told her if he didn't assume the complete role of prince, that the family would fall into anarchy. He then suggested that Stefan was actually the best one to handle the family business. She continued to encourage him and told him that if Lucky could make it work with Luke, she was sure he could make it work with Stefan.

Jason brought Sonny back to the penthouse with Sonny fussing all the way about not needing Jason's protection. Jason told him he was just trying to prevent him from crossing a line he might not want to cross. Liz called Jason and asked if he was up for a motorcycle ride and after checking to make sure Sonny was OK, he told her he'd be right there. He asked Sonny to lock up when he left.

Chloe and Ned discussed Jerry's arrest. He asked her how Jax was doing and she told him he was devastated. Ned said he understood and knocked on the door where Jax and Alexis had been talking to the Sr Jacks about Jerry's predicament. Ned asked if they were alone and they said they were. Ned asked Jax how bad it was and he said it was as bad as it gets. Ned said that sounded like a challenge and said they should get started. Jax called Bobbie and learned that she was doing OK and the FBI were no longer around. Alexis told her three friends that they were going into this with very few bargaining chips. Chloe and Ned said that they were liquidating Chloe Morgan Designs and L&B Records to pay any fine Jerry might have. Jax wondered how they would get it back after the fine was paid and Ned said Edward would give anything to have him back at ELQ. Jax was reluctant to accept the offer. He said absolutely no on selling Chloe's company because there are two marriages and four lives tied up in it. He really didn't want to owe Ned a favor, but said he could not say no to the offer. Alexis asked Ned not to sell anything until she could talk to the Feds and arrange a deal. He agreed and he and Chloe left. Outside, Chloe informed Ned that she was selling her company anyway.

AJ found Lila sitting in the living room and kissed her goodnight. After she left, AJ asked how Bobbie was doing. Carly said she was strong, hurt and upset, but was going to make it. AJ told her he had been worried about her. She told him it had really helped being there with Bobbie and thanked him for caring. He told her he was surprised she hadn't bitten his head off. She asked if she was really that bad and apologized. She told him that he had been really good to her some of the time and that she really didn't want to fight with him. He told her that he was going to check on Michael and asked if she'd come to. She told him she was going to be alone for a while and look at the stars.

A soulful song played while we watched: Carly touch her lips, Jax looking intently at his wedding band (!), Chloe and Ned hugging warmly, Liz and Jason riding the motorcycle, Carly kissing the engagement ring Jason gave her, Sonny looking out the window, then looking totally pissed as he turned away, Roy on the docks, Bobbie crying in her apartment.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Jax comes to visit Jerry in prison first thing in the morning. Jerry wants to know about Bobbie and Lucas. Jax replies that he spoke to Bobbie on the phone and that she still believes the arrest is all a big mistake. Jerry says he should have admitted his guilt to her but that he thought he still had time to get out of the business. Jax replies that Jerry has to admit that he has a problem. Jax will see him through this time because he's his brother and loves him, but that it can't happen again. Jax says he's going to see Bobbie, and Jerry asks him to tell her that he loves her, but not to admit his guilt. He'll do that himself when she comes to visit him that afternoon.

Bobbie explains to Carly that she went to Jerry's and found the honeymoon tickets and itinerary - they were going to Paris. Bobbie states that she still believes in Jerry's innocence, and suspects a competitor set him up. She won't let Carly say anything negative about him. Bobbie gives a little speech about how precious love is (you can see Carly mentally applying the speech to her situation with Jason), they hug, and Carly leaves. Bobbie looks at her engagement ring thoughtfully.

Felicia and Faison are in the white bedroom. Felicia insists that Luke and Mac will come looking for her. Faison unlocks her handcuffs (fur, no less), and Felicia hits him in the mouth and tries to escape. The door is locked and she begins to cry. Faison goes to kiss her, but she pushes him violently away, and he tells her he will wait for her invitation. He reattaches her handcuffs and assures her that she will come around to his way of thinking and that "she will enjoy it." She calls him a freak, but he just smiles and leaves the room. He returns with a breakfast tray, explaining that he wants her to keep up her strength. She knocks the plate from his hand, but he remains calm. He plays another tape for her - this one is her voice explaining that she is in the Caribbean. He says again that she must trust him, and that she will learn to love him. He leaves the room, and once more she begins to cry.

Mac, at police headquarters, tells a patrolman to remind him to call the mayor's office about the Baldwin case, and, if Felicia calls, to get a number where she can be reached.

Jax arrives at Bobbie's, and they briefly discuss Jax' parents and Lucas. Bobbie tells Jax that she found the honeymoon tickets and assures him that everything will be straightened out soon. Jax tells Bobbie that Jerry loves her, and leaves.

Jason arrives at Bobbie's, and tells her he's sorry. He knew about what Jerry was up to, he saw the receipts, and he didn't tell her. Bobbie is stricken, realizing the truth of Jerry's guilt. Bobbie asks if Jason is the one who turned Jerry in, or if he knew Jerry was going to be arrested, and Jason assures her he did not. He explains that he had given his word not to tell and apologizes again. Bobbie, crying, reminds him that he knew about Carly and Michael, too, and didn't tell her. How long had he known about Jerry? 5 or 6 months, he replies. Jason asks if there is anything at all he can do for her, and she replies that if he loves Carly, he should tell her.

Later, Sonny and Jason are in the penthouse when flowers arrive from Mike. Sonny is telling Jason how much he dreads the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing with Hannah when Carly arrives to speak to Jason. She asks him if he's sorry (referring to the kiss), he say no, she says she isn't either and departs. Sonny asks, "What's that about" and Jason replies "Probably total disaster."

Jax is at home, leaving a message for Alexis to phone him when she hears something. Chloe arrives, and Jax tells her that Jerry has admitted his guilt but can't turn state's evidence against Moreno for fear of retaliation. Jax then apologizes for his parents' behavior towards Chloe, but she assures him that all is well and advises him to think of himself for a change. What does he need? "A miracle to help my brother." She removes his jacket, tie, and shoes and tells him to stretch out on the sofa. She begins to rub his temples, and they kiss. And kiss. He is about to carry her off to the bedroom when the phone rings - it's Dad, Mom needs to see Jax. He departs as Chloe assures him that she will be there when he returns. Jax returns later, explaining that his mother was very upset about Jerry's arrest. He's glad she stayed, they kiss some more, and then Chloe says she must leave. Jax phones someone with instructions to liquidate all his European assets.

Carly is at home with Michael, telling him in a low voice that they'll be "going home to Daddy real soon." AJ enters, and she covers with some story about how all she meant was that AJ didn't have much time for them, what with all his business affairs. The nanny comes and takes Michael for his nap. AJ begins to tell her about vacation plans he is making, but she counters, saying they need to talk: she isn't happy, and feels they should spend sometime apart. AJ asks what she has in mind - he hardly sees her as it is - and she explains that she thinks they should separate. AJ doesn't like the suggestion at all, and Carly explains that he deserves more from a marriage that she is willing to give to him. AJ states that he's sorry she's unhappy, but this is the life that she wanted, she's his wife, and "that's the way it's going to be." He threatens her with permanent loss of Michael and a return to Ferncliff, insisting "You're my wife and that's how it's going to stay!" "When hell freezes over", Carly quietly replies.

Hannah and Roy are on the docks. She needs his help - the Bureau is pulling her from Sonny's case and assigning someone else, and she wants to know if it is Roy. Roy advises Hannah to leave Port Charles. She replies that she loves Sonny, that she never thought someone in his line of work could be a good man, but Sonny is a good man and she is trying to protect him. Roy again advises her to walk away, and she begs him to promise that he will help Sonny.

Bobbie arrives at the prison to visit Jerry. They hug, and he apologizes at length. She states "I've had better wedding days." Jerry asks after Lucas, and wants to know if Bobbie still loves him. She replies that she does, but doesn't want any more lies. She says, "You're guilty, aren't you?" "Yeah, I am", he replies. She wants to know why he did this, and he tries to explain that it's the excitement, the risk. He swears it will never happen again, and asks if she will wait for him. She can't promise; she loves him, but he lied. Jerry again swears that it will never happen again, pleading, but Bobbie still refuses to promise to wait for him, and leaves. She sees Luke in the hallway, and collapses in his arms, sobbing.

Sonny and Mike are at the penthouse. Mike has a big turkey, which he insists he won in a raffle - can they use it? Can he come over and help make Thanksgiving dinner? Sonny says no at first, but then Hannah comes in and he agrees. Mike leaves, pleased. Sonny asks Hannah if she has something on her mind, but she insists everything is fine, and they hug and kiss. Over her shoulder, Sonny looks grim.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

At the Quartermaines, Monica phoned from a seminar in London to speak with Alan and Emily. Carly bowed out of the festivities by pleading a headache. Edward felt he had thwarted the annual Thanksgiving bust by buying two new ovens. Emily surprised everyone with the information that she had invited Juan to dinner. Before dinner was ready, she asked to be excused for an hour or so to visit a friend named Michael. Alan asked who this person was and Emily said that he didn't know him very well. Alan asked that she be back in time to eat her turkey or pizza before it got cold. Edward admonished Alan for being so lax with Emily and he told his father that it was about a foreign concept to him: trust. Edward said that Monica and Alan were doomed to fail as parents (AJ tossed in, "Thanks a lot!") and Alan asked Edward where he, of all people, got off telling anyone how to raise children. Edward was aghast and said he had been an ideal parent. Alan asked him to then explain Tracy. Juan and Emily return to find the Quartermaines sitting down to a pizza dinner after a mishap with the new ovens. They sang several rounds of "We Gather Together To Ask the Lord's Blessings" as Carly looked on from the door.

Luke was at the club drinking when the phone rang. It was LuLu calling to with him a Happy Thanksgiving. He continued drinking, noticed the light blinking on his answering machine and listened to the fake message from Felicia...then listened to it again. He remembered his adventures with Felicia, interlaced with scenes of them swing dancing. He ended by thinking of their kiss in Mexico. Later, Laura arrived at the club with LuLu to tell Luke Happy Thanksgiving in person. Luke was not there, so they left a note for him. We then saw Luke on the docks, looking out toward Wyndemere, then putting on a pair of dark John Lennon glasses.

Laura called Mrs. Lansbury to tell her she'd be late. She remembered the bad times with Luke, from the time he found out about her affair with Stefan (at the trial) until the present. She remembered the good times with Stefan and smiled.

Hannah told Sonny how happy she was that they had invited Mike. Sonny reminded her that Mike had invited himself. Mike showed up and he and Sonny argued about everything from rotisserie turkey cooking vs oven turkey cooking to apple vs sausage dressing to yams vs garlic potatoes. While they argued in the kitchen, Hannah remembered her happy times with Sonny since they met to the present, as well as her meetings with the FBI. Emily and Juan knocked at the door, interrupting her thoughts. (Sonny was the friend named Michael) Juan brought a loaf of bread to Sonny and wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Sonny thanked him. Hannah invited them to dinner, but they told her they had to get to the Quartermaines. After the left, Mike gave his usual eulogy glorifying Hannah.

Jax showed Ned how much cash he'd been able to come up with by liquefying his European assets. Ned boasted that he could make that in a day. Chloe and Alexis arrived and the four discussed the pros and cons of traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Jax preferred Moose and Ned was hooked on pizza by being a Quartermaine. Chloe told them "Tough," she had already ordered a dinner and all they had to do was go pick it up. Everyone but Jax left to get it and Jax remembered his times with Chloe from the day they met to the present. The song, "Head Over Heels" played. Later, the four had dinner together and Jax offered up a touching toast.

Carly played with Michael in his room and told him that they had a lot to be thankful for, but the money and the stuff wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was that they had someone who loved them and they'd be going to stay with him soon. She remembered her life with Jason from the day they met until the present.

Friday, November 26, 1999

Due to the post-Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital will not be shown.

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