General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on GH
Luke and Laura rejected Stefan's offer to help them find Lucky. Later, Laura spurned Stefan's declarations of love. Chloe and Jax learned that she might lose her sight. Sorel told Sonny that he would set Bobbie free if Sonny ran drugs for him. Felicia overheard Helena's plans for Luke and Laura and was torn between keeping her promise to Mac to never see Luke again and telling Luke and Laura what she had heard.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on GH
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Monday, March 20, 2000

Chloe and Jax got the news from Tony that her brain tumor was benign but could still cause her to lose her vision. Surgery was not an option because of the location of the tumor, and Tony recommended a drug therapy. They discussed the treatment, including possible additional effects from the tumor, including blurred vision, vivid dreams, and headaches, and Tony asked her to keep a diary. Jax and Chloe went back to his home to drink a toast, but while Jax was getting the supplies, Chloe fell asleep and dreamed of the hit-and-run.

At the Port Charles Grill, A.J. ordered a drink at the bar, but Ned arrived and canceled the order. A.J. again began to try to justify his arson, this time by comparing his actions to some of Ned's, Alexis', and Jason's dealings. Ned wasn't having any, though, and pointed out that A.J. was right back were it had all begun -- at the bar. A.J. continued to feel sorry for himself and stormed off, vowing to get his son back. Alexis entered as he left, and she and Ned discussed A.J.'s drinking and Sonny's character, about which they agreed to disagree. Chloe phoned Ned with her report and prognosis, and Alexis and Ned were relieved.

A.J. turned up next in Tony's office, rifling his files in hopes of getting something on Sonny from the time he had been admitted to the hospital with a heroin overdose. Tony walked in and caught him, demanding to know just who A.J. thought he was -- "I'm you, Tony, two years later. Carly's latest road kill." A.J. updated Tony on the divorce and custody and asked Tony to help him, but Tony declined, pointing out that there was no need to punish Carly and Sonny, since for them to be together would be punishment enough.

Alan entered and scolded A.J., who fled. Alan explained to Tony that one minute A.J. had been the CEO of ELQ and a happy family man, and the next he was an unemployed drunk. Tony left as Monica entered, and Alan filled her in on A.J.'s behavior. She vowed to do whatever it took to save him.

At Mac's office, Dara entered, and Mac told her about his reconciliation with Felicia, and then he called Felicia to tell her he'd be home soon, but she wasn't there to answer the phone. She was down on the docks, where she overheard Helena and Mrs. Lansbury talking. Mrs. Lansbury had no message from Stefan about where he'd gone or when he'd be back, but she had intercepted a message from Stefan's pilot indicating that he'd gone to the Indian Ocean and had a seaplane.

Helena was pleased that Stefan had gone exactly where she'd pointed him and reasoned that when he got to the yacht, he'd remember only his father, not any of Luke and Laura's history there, and he would thus be unable to guess her next move. Helena added that Mrs. Lansbury was to report any more information about Stefan and gave her a small wad of money. Felicia, witnessing all of it, hurried to Mac's office to report that Helena was in town and insisted that he take her in. Mac did not look pleased.

Luke held his gun on Stefan as Stefan said again that he only wanted to help them find Lucky. Stefan argued that they needed his help, since he was able to track Helena, and he refused to leave when his help was turned down. Luke aimed the gun at Stefan and said that the only way he could stop Stefan would be to shoot him, but as that might upset Laura, he'd settle for slowing him down a little. The gun went off, inflicting no damage, and Luke locked Stefan in the closet.

Luke proposed that he and Laura go over the yacht one more time and then leave, and all the while, Stefan was in the background, calling Laura to let him out. Laura was unsure but agreed to leave with Luke. She returned alone a minute later, and Stefan talked to her through the door, reminding her of how he had rescued her from the train tracks; he knew her pain, he loved her, and he couldn't see how she could doubt him. Laura wavered, and Luke arrived to ask whether she was just checking to see if Stefan were locked up tight or if she were about to make a big mistake.

Laura explained that she didn't trust Stefan, but she didn't want to hurt him. She planned to call the authorities to let him out as soon as she and Luke were safely away. Luke replied that he hoped she had a cell phone, as he was not going to stop to make any calls, and, naturally, she had one. They left with Stefan still entreating Laura not to leave him in there.

Roy regained consciousness on the floor of the warehouse. He remembered what had happened and called for Bobbie, but he was alone.

Carly and Sonny arrived home, and Sonny instructed Johnny to find Roy and take him there. Carly began to phone the police, but Sonny convinced her that doing so would get Bobbie killed. Carly was scared, and after pleading with Sonny to promise her that Bobbie would be all right, she and Sonny had a long, comforting hug. He sent her upstairs to get some rest as Johnny entered with Roy. Roy was angry but told Sonny that he'd found Bobbie, and she was all right -- so far.

Sonny wanted to know about the meeting, and Roy told him that Sorel wanted Sonny to move his product. Sonny replied that that wasn't going to happen, and Carly walked down the stairs in time to hear it. She misinterpreted his remark as a refusal to help Bobbie and stated that they had to do whatever Sorel wanted. Sonny told her to calm down and pointed out that Roy had seen her mother, and she was not hurt. Carly went to patch up Roy's injuries, and while she was getting the supplies, Sonny cautioned Roy against upsetting Carly.

Sonny was mainly interested in how Bobbie could have found out where the meeting was being held, and Roy insisted that it had not been from him or Benny. Roy said he hadn't been followed and thought perhaps Bobbie had been there before he'd arrived. Sonny thought about the note in the desk and remembered Bobbie had dropped by before they'd left for the Dominican Republic. He began to ask questions, and Carly caved in, admitting that she'd unlocked "that stupid desk," given Bobbie the address, and "told you living together wasn't a good idea."

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Napping at Jax's penthouse on the chaise lounge, Chloe had a nightmare about the accident. He gently woke her, and they talked about it. He said that she was remembering it, and that was good. She told him that in her dream, it was she who had been driving the car that had hit her.

Chloe told Jax that she had to get to L&B to do some work, and he asked her if it could wait. She regretfully told him it could not. He said that if they lived together, they wouldn't have to say goodbye nearly as much. She at first thought he was hovering over her and refused, but after he vowed his love for her and said he couldn't waste one moment they could spend together, she agreed to move in that night.

Felicia begged Mac to take Helena in for questioning, and he angrily told her not to tell him how to do his job. He accused her of using the news about Helena to stay close to Luke. She told him if that was so, she would have told Luke about Helena, not him. They bantered back and forth with Mac continuing to insist that she should not have involved herself in the case. There was an APB out on Helena, and they would catch her.

Felicia did her best to reassure Mac that he was the one she loved and that being with him and the girls was what she wanted most. She promised that she would stay away from Luke and out of anything involving him. He told her not to make any promises she couldn't keep.

On the yacht, Luke held a gun on Stefan as Stefan begged them to let him help find Lucky. Luke forced him into a closet and locked him inside. As Stefan beat on the door, he begged Laura to help him. She glanced quickly at Luke, and they both headed out the door. When she returned for her bag, Stefan told her he knew she was there because he could feel her.

Laura started to move toward the door, and Luke returned, asking her if she was checking to make sure it was nice and secure or making a big mistake. She left with him again. Later, Stefan was able to find a knife in the closet, which he used to jimmy the door of the closet open.

Roy, Sonny, and Carly anxiously awaited contact from Sorel. Sonny fumed over Carly giving Bobbie the key, and she apologized. He admonished Roy for not waiting for him, saying that his botched rescue of Bobbie meant they didn't have a clue where she was and that Sorel would have heavy security around her.

Finally, Sorel called, and he told Sonny that he had a shipment he wanted moved. Sonny put him off, and Sorel said that it was the only way Sonny would get what Sorel had that Sonny wanted. After the call, he told Carly that the call had been casino business and sent her upstairs. Roy rightly guessed that the call had been Sorel, and Sonny informed him that Sorel wanted Sonny to move drugs, which he never did. Roy said that he'd better be ready to do whatever Sorel asked then left.

Later, Carly asked Sonny if they would ever be able to get back to where they had been before all that had happened. She apologized again for giving Bobbie the key to his desk and asked if it had been so long since he had loved anyone that he'd forgotten what it was like when he would do anything for them.

On the docks, Roy ran into Hannah, who was shocked and worried when she saw that he'd been beaten. He told her what was going on and that he had gone to the FBI for help, only to be turned down. She was surprised by that, and he told her they had not cared about Bobbie at all, only that Sonny might do something illegal to get her back. Just then, his cell phone rang, and Sonny said he was ready to do what Sorel was asking. Roy told him to just let Roy know what to do and when.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

The Quartermaines were prolonging breakfast to see if A.J. would show up. Alan reprimanded Monica for saying she was grateful that the police had not called. A.J. finally showed up, and everyone stared at him as if he were a new species. Frustrated with their scrutiny, he served himself a bowl of cold cereal, dumped vodka all over it, and ate it, much to their disgust. Edward lashed out at A.J. again, despite Alan's protests. Alan told A.J. he was going to an early A.A. meeting and asked if A.J. would like to join him. A.J. refused, saying he already knew he was powerless over alcohol and didn't care.

Ned and Alexis tried to find a way to save L&B from going under. Ned reminded her that Edward had offered to underwrite all of L&B's expenses if Ned would just return to ELQ. Alexis asked if Ned really believed him. Ned pointed out that Edward was desperate, and Alexis retorted that they were always desperate. She suggested that Eddie Maine go on tour because it was easy money, and he could run the company on the road with faxes, email, and a cell phone. He refused, saying that Eddie Maine was retired.

Luke and Laura annoyed a flight reservation clerk until he told them that Helena's plane had gone to Argentina. Luke tried to bamboozle the pilots of the plane and offered to triple their pay if they'd fly him to Argentina. They sensed that something was wrong, suspected he was a smuggler, and handcuffed him. Laura saved the day by pretending to be Agent Drever of the FAA and lambasting their security on the plane and in the airport.

She demanded that they release "Agent Spitz" but not until after he convinced her to only give them a verbal warning. Later, they prepared to board their flight, and she told him Lulu had lifted the badge from a forest ranger, and she'd kept it, at Lulu's request, to show Luke. Luke said he'd act surprised when she did.

Helena took Lucky into Mikkos' old office on Ice Princess Island. Lucky was impressed with the plans for the weather machine and what was left of the machine itself. She told him what a visionary Mikkos was, a genius, and that but for his parents, Mikkos would have created a utopia on earth. She sadly told him that there would be no deserts, rain forests everywhere, and no more hunger or floods.

Alan and Monica argued about how to best help A.J. Monica wanted to throw him out, saying that paying his bills and keeping him warm and safe was not going to help him get better. Alan didn't really have a better plan but argued that A.J. needed them and that since Monica had already lost one son, she should be careful, or she'd lose another.

A.J. ran into Hannah on the docks and apologized for his bad behavior. She admitted that love could make people do stupid things. Taggert misinterpreted his intent and threatened him until Hannah intervened. After A.J. left, Hannah told Taggert she didn't need him to protect her.

Hannah and Taggert chatted for a while, and she told him she was still considering leaving the FBI. He said that she should do whatever worked for her. She told him she'd miss working for him, and he asked her if it was because he was pretty good for a local boy. She said, "No, because you're cute," and walked away. He beamed and said, "She finally noticed!"

Thursday, March 23, 2000

At the diner, Tammy wondered why Liz was working so frantically, and Liz explained that she had to keep her mind off Lucky -- her nerves were frayed, she couldn't stop thinking about him, and it was hard for her to think positively. Tammy advised her to just remember the good times, be grateful for the time they'd had together, and not get ahead of herself wondering about his return. Mike entered with flowers, and Tammy left to change for their date. Mike sat down with Liz. He told her that life was full of surprises and advised her to hold on, as love could happen more than once. Liz went to put the flowers in water and agreed to lock up as Mike and Tammy happily left for their date.

Mac and Felicia were walking home after dinner and went to the place on the docks where Felicia had gone to think about Luke. Mac explained that he wanted to "reclaim" the spot, and they were kissing when Mac's phone rang -- Taggert wanted his help interrogating a jewel robber. Mac left after agreeing to meet Felicia at Kelly's, and Felicia was on her way when she saw Andreas and Mrs. Lansbury. She hid and eavesdropped on their conversation.

Andreas explained to Mrs. Lansbury that Helena wanted to know what Stefan was up to and admitted that she planned to lure Luke and Laura to Ice Princess Island and trap them there. Mrs. Lansbury wanted no part of that and told Andreas that if Mrs. Cassadine wanted to speak to her, she would have to contact her personally. After Andreas and Mrs. Lansbury left, Felicia sat and thought over what she'd heard. Eventually Mac returned and explained that he wouldn't be able to go to Kelly's, after all, as the interrogation was taking longer than expected, promising instead to meet Felicia at home as soon as possible.

Felicia was on her way home when Liz stopped by. Liz expressed all her fears about Lucky, and Felicia did her best to reassure Liz that it had, indeed, been Lucky she had seen. Felicia advised Liz not to jump to conclusions about why the rescue was taking so long and told her to call if she needed to. Liz went off to the studio to be alone, and Felicia fretted some more about her new information. She phoned Claude, but he was unwilling or unable to tell her how to reach Luke. She remembered her vow to Mac about never speaking to Luke again then softly said, "Sorry, Mac," as she set off.

Jax and Chloe moved in together and joked about her many possessions and his lack of kitchen supplies. Alexis arrived with the divorce papers, and Chloe tactfully exited to retrieve something forgotten at her suite. Jax, ever the gentleman, and Alexis disagreed about who would file against whom, and it was decided that Alexis would file against Jax. Alexis expressed concerns that Jax was moving Chloe in too soon, stating that Jax loved deeply and got his heart broken when life happened.

Alexis wanted Jax to take care of himself, but Jax insisted that loving Chloe was doing just that. They spent some time discussing what true friends they were to one another and agreed that they would miss being married. Alexis, with tears in her eyes, blew a kiss as she left, and Jax thoughtfully removed his wedding ring and slipped it in his pocket. He was shuffling some of Chloe's boxes around when she returned.

Jax and Chloe joked about his being "back on the market" then she showed him the figurine she'd retrieved from her suite. Her mother had given it to her, telling Chloe that if she took it wherever she lived, it would make the place her home. Jax put the figurine on the mantelpiece and declared, "You are home, Chloe."

At the penthouse, Carly was anxious and demanded to know if Sonny had had any word about Bobbie. He hadn't, so Carly started to go to the police, but Sonny convinced her that doing so would get Bobbie killed and insisted that she just let him handle everything. Roy arrived as Sonny and Carly argued over who was to blame for Bobbie's kidnapping. Sonny maintained that if Carly hadn't given Bobbie the key to the desk, she wouldn't have found the meeting, but Carly insisted that she had needed to help Bobbie, as she had been sick with worry over Roy. The argument wound down, and Roy told Sonny he had "the merchandise."

Sonny left to make a phone call, and Carly started in on Roy. He told her he didn't want to get into it with her, but she explained that she just wanted to help and then told Roy that he had no idea how much Bobbie loved him. She talked about how Bobbie's eyes lit up whenever Roy was mentioned and said that was the reason she'd had to help Bobbie find the meeting. Roy tried to reassure her that Sonny had things under control, but Carly believed that Sonny would sacrifice Bobbie in a second to stay in power.

Carly begged Roy to promise that Bobbie would be all right, and he agreed to do anything necessary to get her home safely. Carly accepted that then pointed out that "You're just a guy who unloads coffee," but Roy stood firm -- "Nobody hurts Bobbie, not Sorel, not Sonny. I'll do whatever it takes, no matter what I have to do." Sonny returned and told Carly he'd call in a couple hours, and he and Roy walked to the door. Carly quietly told Sonny to be careful, and he considered her remark for a moment then agreed.

Bobbie and Sorel sat in the car, waiting. Bobbie wanted to know how Roy had fared in the beating, worried that he might even be dead, but Sorel was unconcerned and pointed out that Bobbie might do better to worry about her own skin.

Carly fidgeted, too anxious to read. Bobbie and Sorel sat in the car, waiting silently. Sonny and another man placed a suitcase on the wall. Carly got her coat, but Johnny prevented her from leaving. Carly tried different tactics to talk Johnny into letting her leave, but Johnny refused them all. Sorel took Bobbie to trade for the suitcase.

Sorel decided he had to see for himself that the suitcase contained what Sonny said it did, but wanting no witnesses, ordered Bobbie thrust back into the back seat of the car. He was satisfied with the contents, but when Sonny demanded Bobbie in exchange, Sorel refused. He wanted to keep Bobbie to ensure Sonny's further cooperation, and when Sonny said it was a one-time deal, Sorel said that it was a shame; since he had no further use for Bobbie, he would have to dispose of her.

Just then, while Bobbie sat in the back seat, crying and worrying, a man rolled the front seat partition down. He inquired "Where to, ma'am?" and turned -- it was Roy.

Friday, March 24, 2000

Helena and Lucky looked over a severely neglected Ice Princess Island hideout, complete with a chess set. Helena began spouting the genius of Mikkos, her late husband, as Lucky agreed. She asked Lucky if he had accepted his parents' inadequacies. She found Lucky fascinating. He had triumphed over a lot. She wondered aloud how he had survived such an upbringing -- and the chaos. Lucky replied with a big grin that it had been cool.

When all of the other "regular people" were actually missing out, Lucky and Helena continued with their chess game. They laughed as Lucky advanced on the game. She told Lucky that due to his victory, he got another question answered. Helena told Lucky that he actually had a choice. She asked if he wanted to remain on the island a little longer or go back home to Port Charles.

Luke and Laura were on Ice Princess Island. They bickered fondly about where they would pitch their tents for the night. Laura insisted they needed to move on in search of Lucky, and they had no time to wait. Although Luke agreed, without the sun to guide him, it was probably better if they called it a night. Laura wanted to know about his constellation concept. He suggested they stay there for the night. Laura agreed and observed how ironic it was that they should end up almost exactly where they had started, Ice Princess Island.

As Luke roasted marshmallows for him and Laura, Laura continued to remember their time on the island. She said that although a maniac, Mikkos, had run the island, it was still a Garden of Eden. Luke remembered aloud the vision of Laura in a sarong, with her golden hair. She had been so distracting, he continued, that he almost hadn't saved the world. She reminded Luke they'd had a little help from Robert Scorpio. He told Laura that he thought Robert had interrupted their lovemaking more than anyone they knew had. They shared a laugh.

Luke and Laura continued to remember their time on the island. Laura wanted to know what had happened to the carefree girl she had been. Luke told her "kids." She said she hadn't had plans or a future, just staying alive. Luke agreed.

Laura reminded Luke that before, all she had needed was him. She had never been scared and had felt they were invincible and they were magic. She said although she remembered all of that, she did like who or what she had become . She said, though, that there were days that she wished she could "fly" again. She told that Luke some days, if he just extended his hand and said nothing, she would go.

Suddenly, Luke and Laura heard a noise. They wondered what it was. As they began to prepare for the invader, Laura picked up a huge log. A disguised Felicia, in all black, wrestled with an unsuspecting Luke. Laura readied the club.

Roy, as the chauffeur of Sorel's limousine, surprised Bobbie, both by being alive and as the driver. She was relieved and told him she had thought he was dead. He told her he was not so easy to kill. He told her to fasten her seatbelt; they were going for a ride.

Sonny told Sorel that his bargaining chip, Bobbie, was getting away. The sound of a car peeling out sounded in the background. Just then, another one of Sonny's goons pulled a gun on Sorel. Sorel told Sonny he had made a big mistake. Sonny asked if it was his final answer and said Sorel had no more lifelines.

Sonny reiterated that he did not transport drugs. He asked if Sorel liked chocolate mousse because the entire "product" in the briefcase was powdered sugar. Sorel seemed semi-panicked and commented that his suppliers would love that. Sonny told Sorel to pick up the case and turn around. Bravely, Sorel asked why and if it was so he could be shot in the back. Sonny assured Sorel if he were going to shoot him, he wouldn't tell him.

Sorel turned around with the case, and Sonny shouted, "Bam," and then said, "Just kidding." He told Sorel to walk home and that he had a long time to go. Sorel took off, and Sonny told his goon that they should send Sorel's car back to him in pieces. They chuckled and moved on.

Edward arrived at Sonny's penthouse and demanded Johnny let him in. Johnny said Edward wasn't welcome, and he'd better go. Edward assured Johnny that for no other reason than Carly's perverse curiosity, Johnny should announce him. Johnny caved in and knocked. Initially Carly said she had nothing to say, and Edward begged, elegantly, as a favor to him, that she had nothing to lose. She said it was okay to enter.

As Edward and Carly shared tea at the table at Sonny's, he told her it was nice to see that she hadn't lost all her class. She reminded Edward that it didn't stop at the Quartermaine gate. She said that she liked being away from A.J. He tried to bribe her with promises of more independence, her own place, money, and just a few visits from Michael, of her specifications of course. Carly tried to tell Edward that she truly was happy and only had one person to answer to in Sonny, instead of an entire family.

Sonny walked in and wanted to know what was happening. He threatened Edward and said Edward wasn't welcome there. If he returned or if he wanted A.J. doing 20 to life, that was not a problem. Edward told Sonny that there was no reason for that. Sonny reminded Edward that Michael was happy, and Carly could speak for herself. Sonny said only Lila and Emily were welcome there. Edward left and vowed that he would continue to pursue Michael.

After Edward left, Sonny told Carly that Bobbie was with Roy. "Great," Carly said, "at the bottom of some lake?" Sonny tried to reassure her. Just then, Bobbie and Roy entered as a thrilled Carly ran and hugged her mother. Sonny smiled at Bobbie as they embraced. Bobbie called Tony to check on Lucas and tell him she was okay. Roy and Sonny were having a drink, and Roy thanked Sonny. Sonny afforded Roy the compliment of a good job. Roy expressed concern over Sorel, and Sonny said that Sorel was neutralized "for now."

Bobbie said she was worried about Carly as Carly tried to tend to her mom. Sonny asked Roy what had happened to Sorel's limo, and Roy replied that it had ended up off Pier 17. Bobbie thanked Sonny and refused food or shelter from Carly. She wanted to go home to her own bed. Sonny told Carly that Johnny would take her home. Roy agreed to tag along. Roy told Bobbie that he just wanted to see her safe and sound.

Once inside the brownstone, Bobbie told Roy she was only safe, not sound. They got closer and kissed passionately. Bobbie told Roy that she had always loved Roy and always would. He told Bobbie that he had been lying and that he really didn't work for Sonny but was a snitch for the FBI. A shocked Bobbie looked into his eyes.

Carly told Sonny, after Bobbie and Roy left, that she would never stop thanking Sonny for what he had done for her mom. He said that he had told her that he would get her mom back. She told Sonny that she was very sorry, and she thought they had both made a mistake in their judgments of each other. Sonny agreed but said the only mistake he had made was sitting in front of him. She was a slip-up he could not afford.

Carly conveyed her gratitude again and said that Sonny had had to deal with scum before. Sonny wanted Carly to know what it cost him to do something like that. Carly explained that she had only done it because she loved her mother, and her mother loved Roy. Sonny reminded Carly that he had saved her and her kid, and all he wanted in return was a little respect.

Carly asked Sonny what he would do if some similar situation arose for him with his father, Mike. Sonny reminded Carly that he protected Mike and didn't tell him much on purpose. Carly said she was sorry again. Sonny told her the only thing she had accomplished was to make Sonny not trust her again.

Andreas met Stefan on the docks. He told Stefan, for the hundredth time, that Helena would kill him if she found out he was giving information. Stefan told him he needed to know where Helena had taken Lucky. Andreas told Stefan to an island, Ice Princess Island. Andreas left, and Stefan made a call to his pilot. He wanted the plane ready. Just then, Taggert walked up and told Stefan that he had an appointment with the Port Charles Police Department. Stefan said that was impossible; he had places to be. Taggert told him he was under arrest.

Mac arrived home and immediately ran upstairs. There was a note on the desk from Felicia with his name on it. When Mac walked back down the stairs, he read Felicia's note. She loved him, but when she had gone to meet Mac at the pier, she had overhead Helena again. She told Mac in the note that Luke and Laura were walking into a trap.

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