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Monday, May 29, 2000

Roy won his big poker hand, but when he went to pick up his winnings, the loser refused to allow it, protesting that Roy had been cheating. Before a fight broke out, the bartender made the loser hand over the winnings, and he left. The game broke up, and Roy and Bobbie decided to ask the bartender if he could arrange a private plane for them. He was reluctant, but Bobbie gave him some story about their passports and everything being stolen, and he relented and said he could arrange it. Later, they met with the pilot, gave him money, and agreed to meet at the airstrip at sundown tomorrow for the trip back to Port Charles. Bobbie and Roy rented a room above the bar for the night, and talked about their plans to start a new life together.

Jax was on the phone with Tony, who explained that the experimental drugs for Chloe were unavailable. Jax hung up as Chloe came in, and vowed to her to get the drugs somehow. She turned the conversation to the ELQ takeover, again explaining that she was unhappy with Jax 's business dealings. They talked a bit about their relationship, and Jax said that her pressure concerning ELQ felt like emotional blackmail. Helena arrived at the door, stating that she could hear them arguing out in the hall, and asked if there were trouble in paradise? Chloe promptly went out for a walk, and Jax tried to get rid of Helena. She thoughtfully touched his face and invited him to call her any time, adding as she left that he'd be calling her sooner than he thought. Later, Chloe returned from her walk and apologized. She explained that she understood that the business between Edward and Jax was "a guy thing" involving territorial imperative, and since Lila doesn't get involved, neither will she. They made love (probably a ploy on his part to get her out of that hideous outfit), and she fell asleep and dreamt that Jax was threatening to her. She awoke with a start, but when Jax asked her about her dream said only that someone was threatening her..

Carly and Michael snuggled on the sofa and chatted quietly while Michael finished his bottle. Carly put him to bed, then slowly walked into the nursery. She was shocked to see that it was completely bare, sank to the floor and began to cry..

AJ apologized to Sonny for his part in Carly's accident, but Sonny was absolutely still and hostile. He said that AJ was drunk and took the life of Sonny's child, but because of AJ's child, AJ's actions will go unpunished. . He said that AJ was not a man, had no pride or honor, and that AJ owes his life to Michael. Sonny said that he does not want the blood of Michael's father on his hands, but warned AJ never to come near him or his family. AJ scooted away as Luke arrived on the scene and asked Sonny what that was all about. Sonny told Luke about losing the baby, and explained about Michael when Luke asked why he didn't just kill AJ. Luke was extremely sympathetic, and Sonny tried to say that it wasn't the same for him as it had been for Luke, as he hadn't known his son as a person, but his heart wasn't in what he was saying, and he left..

At Kelly's, Nikolas, Emily and Liz were surprised and dismayed when Lucky bolted the dinner, saying that he couldn't handle it. Liz followed him outside and explained what it had been like for her the night of the fire and the following year. Lucky was listening when Laura showed up, and he immediately assumed Liz had staged the meeting. He started to leave and Liz jumped on his case, saying that walking away is his answer to everything. He turned to Laura and said that he didn't want anything to do with her, and Liz remarked that she didn't understand how he could be so cruel, then denied setting up the meeting. Lucky again said that he thought she had set him up to meet Laura, and that everything had changed. This time Liz agreed - maybe they didn't have anything left if he couldn't believe she was being honest with him. This seemed to reach Lucky, and he apologized for hurting her, but explained that that was why he thought they shouldn't see each other at all. He left, and Liz told Laura about the dinner. Laura advised her to hang in there where Lucky was concerned, then Liz went back into the diner. Nikolas left to go look for Lucky, and Liz and Emily rehashed the dinner. Liz decided that maybe Lucky really doesn't love her anymore, but Emily was reassuring..

Lucky ran into Luke on the docks and accused his father of lying in ambush for him. Luke tried to deny it, asserting that not everything is about Lucky, but Lucky wasn't buying. He went into his speech about plotting parents and lies, and how he wishes they would leave him alone, and Luke replied that he'd gotten that message but wondered if underneath it all Lucky really wanted him to keep after him. Lucky was starting to reply when Nikolas showed up, and so he complained to Nikolas instead, saying that at least Nikolas was someone he could trust. Luke suggested that Lucky was perhaps a bit paranoid and asked him again what had changed. Lucky replied that he had "finally wised up", and Luke shrugged it off and left. Nikolas and Lucky talked about the dinner and Lucky asked Nikolas to tell Liz to leave him alone..

At the penthouse, Sonny came in to find Carly in the nursery. She demanded that he return the nursery things, and asked if he were trying to pretend the baby never existed. He tried to explain that he thought it would be easier for her not to be reminded, but she shouted that maybe it was just easier for him, and asked if he had moved on? He told her he had not, and admitted giving the baby things to a children's shelter where it could go to a child who needs it. Carly screamed that she needed the things, and demanded again that Sonny or Johnny go and get them back. Sonny miserably explained that he couldn't do that as Carly cried over and over, "How could you?" A minute later, huddled on the floor once again, Carly quietly apologized to Sonny, adding that she knew he missed the baby, too, and asked if they could start over. There was no answer, and Carly turned to see that Sonny had gone. Downstairs, Sonny poured himself a drink, looked at it and started to shake, dropping the glass, then stared miserably at his reflection in the mirror..

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Liz is trying to man the continuous phones ringing at L & B. She is having a hard time because they are ringing off the hook. Nik comes downstairs and looks sorry for her. Ned and Alexis come in and they are in the middle of a conversation. Ned wants no more Eddie Maine. It was a one-time deal and it is over. Alexis cannot believe this, especially since flowers keep arriving from adoring fans. Nik comes over to tell the duo that he has some potential people interested in Eddie Maine after his performance. Ned tells Nik to push Juan and all the other talent, but not him. He is not doing Eddie Maine anymore. Alexis wants to know why he can't continue. Ned says the receipts were great for the show and it was a real profitable deal, but that is it. Alexis tells Ned that maybe Lois wanted a rock star all the time but she doesn't. He says he can't be both people. Alexis reminds him that they are the same people. She tells Ned to be true to who he is and let himself doing something he loves and excels at. As flowers continue to arrive, Ned and Alexis continue to go around about this topic. Em walks in and wants to know from her super talented cousin when he will get Juan more local gigs. Juan comes in and Ned informs him that he will be the opening act for a traveling boy band and will be fronting Super Nova. Ned and Alexis leave to go over some contracts. Juan and Emily are elated. They embrace and Juan tells Emily she is the best girlfriend and all his dreams are coming true. Juan continues to tell his girl that if it weren't for her he wouldn't have been able to get on stage. Nik comes down and Juan says he has office work to do. Nik congratulates Juan on his performance and success. He also tells Juan that they are hiring someone else to do administrative stuff. Juan is talent now and needs to be in the studio. They shake hands and Em and Juan head upstairs. Liz comes out of one of the offices and wants to know what happened after Nik caught up with Lucky. Nik tells Liz that Lucky does love her, but needs more space. He tells Liz just to give it more time. Liz hugs Nik and tells him she doesn't know what she would do without him. He tells her he would do anything for her.

Jax opens the door of his penthouse to Tony. Tony tells Jax the news is good. He is now convinced that if they get Chloe that wonder drug in conjunction with her radiation therapy that she could beat the illness. The only problem is the clinical trial is closed. Jax tells Tony he will do whatever he has to do to ensure Chloe gets this drug. After Tony leaves, Jax makes a phone call to determine how he can get Chloe this drug. He wants to try to buy the company that distributes the drug. He slams the phone down frustrated at not being able to do more. Jax receives another call and continues to be put off by this drug company deal. He tells the person on the other end that he will purchase the whole conglomerate if he has to. Chloe comes home and tells Jax she owes him an apology. She fills him in on what she overheard. He says there are no hard feelings and that he loves her and that will never change. They kiss.

Outside of Kelly's, Chloe comes across Emily. They hug and Emily says she needs to talk to Chloe and it is about Lila. She tells Chloe that Lila is fine, but after all that has gone on she has nobody to confide to. Em says she thinks that Lila might feel responsible for Carly losing her baby. She goes on to explain to Chloe that Carly was there to see Lila when she fell. She also adds insult to injury when she points out the whole Jax takeover ELQ thing. Em further tells Chloe that although nobody is personally mad at Jax, they all secretly harbor we hope Edward gets what he deserves feelings. Chloe says she will go right over to the Q's and check on Lila. They share another hug and leave. Later, Mike arrives and looks completely spent. Tammy is waiting at the bar and senses the anguish. Mike fills her in that his grandson died when Carly fell. Although Tammy is sorry for Sonny and Carly she expresses true sadness for Mike. Just then AJ walks in. Mike turns around and says, "Well, if it isn't the babykiller." AJ looks miffed. He comes forward and apologizes to Mike. Mike lets him have it. He should have known better and how could he do that. AJ pleads his case and tells Mike that Carly provoked him and he is sorry and he didn't push her. Mike tells AJ he should just run his car into another tree. Just then, Alan walks in and tells Mike to stop. Mike storms out with Tammy in tow. Alan asks AJ why he continues to act as if he has a death wish. First Sonny and now Mike? He tells his son that he knows the lectures get old, but he is worried and AJ has to get sober. AJ says he has been down that path and it isn't for him. Later on the docks, Tammy confronts a grief stricken Mike. Mike tells Tammy that he found out about his grandson's death after going to the penthouse to invite Sonny and Michael to the park. He tells her that when he looked in Sonny's eyes it looked like he was drowning and Sonny wouldn't take his hand. Mike cries and wants to know why his son has to hurt so much. Tammy tries to comfort her man, but has no answers.

Back at the Q ranch, Ed is on the phone trying leave a voice message for Sonny regarding the upcoming ELQ board meeting. He is telling Sonny that he doesn't expect him to be there and he hopes that Sonny will vote with the Q's and to please call him immediately. Alan walks in and tells Ed he must be desperate to think that Sonny will vote with him. Monica and Lila come in and don't sound to positive either. Monica and Alan continue to tell Ed he will get his. When they leave, Ed confides to Lila that he is a little worried. Lila tells him that he has her love and it is unconditional, no matter what happens. Jax arrives at the Q's and tells Ed he has to postpone the board meeting. Ed wants to know why. Jax tells Ed he has pressing matters. Chloe is outside eavesdropping. Ed taunts Jax that it is because he doesn't have enough votes. Jax tells Ed that by Friday, ELQ will be his. Jax leaves as Reginald comes in. Reg has figured out that the board meeting has been cancelled. Ed says he has outsmarted Jax because he is distracted and consumed with poor Chloe's illness. Just then, Chloe bursts in wanting to know how heartless Ed can be. Chloe goes on to tell Ed that she has been defending him all this time, but no more. Now she knows he will hurt anyone to get what he wants. She is through defending him. She storms out and Ed looks hurt.

Hannah is in the park preparing for her run when AJ comes along. She wants to know how he is doing. He replies alive and starts to fill her in on his conversation with Sonny at the docks. She wants AJ to know about Sonny's temper and reminds him he threw a FBI agent through a glass window. AJ says it is okay because Sonny will keep Michael since AJ took his son. Hannah asks why AJ doesn't fight. He says that Sonny has something over him. Hannah says she doesn't want to know because as an agent she might have to pursue it and she would rather be his friend. AJ says he didn't know that is what they were. She reminds him that she wouldn't have wasted her time if she weren't. He tells Hannah that Michael was never really his to give up. He was Jason's and then he never warmed up to AJ. He tells her that sometimes he even avoided Michael even though he loved him. AJ goes on to tell her that the day Carly fell he had walked up on the trio at the park. He said Michael was looking at Sonny like he was Santa Clause. The way Michael used to look at Jason.

Helena is on the docks when Lucky comes up. He wants to finish where they left off because Stefan interrupted them before. He tells her he will be leaving Port Charles soon. Helena asks about his sister and brother. Lucky says he can't continue to hurt Liz. Helena says she admires Lucky's honor, but she can't allow him to leave. He responds, "What are you going to do lock me up again?" Of course, Stefan comes up to hear this. He replies, "No because she will be charged with kidnapping now that you have admitted it." Lucky tells Stefan he has it all wrong. Faison kidnapped him and Helena rescued him. Stefan tells Lucky his responses sound rehearsed. Lucky is exasperated and says he is out of there. Stefan tells his mother that Lucky is her pawn and nothing more. Stefan continues to torment his mother and she shoots back. She wonders what it must be like for his brother's widow to continue to reject him. Stefan tells his mother that he knows the only time she threatens him is when he becomes a threat. He touches the side of her cheek and walks off. Helena touches her cheek where her son's hand had been.

Later, Stefan comes across Lucky on the docks. Lucky is angry and says he has nothing to say to Stefan. He tells Lucky to ask his brother about what he thinks of Helena and her ways. Lucky tells Stefan he is sick of the Cassadine/Spencer feud. He informs Stefan that if he thinks he can get to Laura through him he is mistaken. Stefan tells Lucky that he and Laura have parted ways and it is for the best. He tells Lucky that he will help him no matter what and will ask no questions. He walks off and leaves Lucky to reflect.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Bobbie and Roy arrived at the airfield where they hired a private plan to return them to Port Charles. Bobbie was very hesitant to board the plane when she saw how small the plane was. Roy said it was their only way back. The pilot advised them that he was ready to go. Roy tried hard to keep Bobbie's mind on things other than the plane's steady rocking and shaking motion, but it was hard. Bobbie went to ask the pilot about the flight when to their surprise Larkin greeted them with a gun. Roy began to struggle with Larkin for the gun and finally knocked him out for a few minutes. Roy seized this opportunity to remove himself and Bobbie from the plane. He took the only parachute and attached it to Bobbie. He and she jumped out of the plane. On the ground, Bobbie crawled out from under the parachute calling Roy's name. Roy had fallen a few feet from her landing. They hugged each other and congratulated themselves for surviving this feat. The couple talked for a while and guessed on their location (Florida). As they fell back into each other's arms they decided to make their way to the main road in the morning.

Maxie was in rare form today. Felicia was in her normal mode trying to win back the affection of her eldest child. Felicia had asked Chloe to meet with her and Maxie to buy her a special dress. Maxie informed her mother that she could not be bribed by a Chloe Morgan original. Maxie continued to blasted her mom in from of Chloe and her grandmother, Mariah. She strongly refused to look at any of the dresses that Chloe had sketched and said she did not want to have anything to do with her mom. Mariah interjected and offered to take Maxie home.

Felicia became even more flustered by Maxie's actions. She sighed to Chloe and said does she see what she is up against. Chloe responded and said she could understand Maxie's point of view. Chloe, too, was a product of divorced parents. Felicia asked Chloe for help and what can she possibly do to win her daughter back. Chloe told her to keep loving the girls. Felicia also admitted that she has feelings for Luke Spencer. She does not understand why or what happened to their friendship, but she definitely has feelings for him. Felicia said that she does not know how to chose between Luke and Mac because she feels that choosing Luke would be like losing the girls. Chloe reiterated the same words that everyone seems to be saying to Felicia daily. You need to make a decision about exactly what you want in your life, then continue to love your daughters and never stop showing them you will always love them; they will eventually come around.

Hannah came across AJ at Kelley's and she informed him that he maybe arrested because Dara and Taggert are at Sonny's Penthouse checking into Carly's fall. Hannah continued to talk with AJ to help him in any way. Dara and Taggert arrived at Kelley's too to get coffee. Dara, of course, is irritated by the sight of Hannah and especially because she is with AJ. Dara told AJ that neither Sonny nor Carly filed charges against him. Then Dara asked Hannah exactly what she was talking to AJ about. Taggert interrupted and asked Dara to get him some coffee. Once Dara was inside, Taggert also expressed his disappointment in Hannah for warning AJ. Hannah still proclaimed that she believed that AJ was innocent in this instance.

Mariah dropped Maxie and Georgie with Mac to have dinner at Kelley's. While they were waiting for dinner Felicia arrived to buy take-out for the girls at home. She informed them that she did not know that they were out with Mac. Mac extended the dinner invitation to Felicia and she accepted.

Carly thanked Sonny for getting Michael to sleep. She said that he always does that so well. Then Carly asked Sonny when did he think that Michael will stop asking about the baby. She had tried to explain the loss to him, but Michael was still not grasping the concept. Sonny replied that maybe Michael is having a difficult time because they are still struggling with the issue as well.

Dara and Taggert arrived at the Penthouse and questioned Sonny and Carly about the fall. The paramedics reported to the police that Carly may have been pushed. Taggert asked Carly if she would like to press charges. Sonny answered for her and said that the fall was an accident. Carly then confirmed that it was an accident and she had lost her balance. Dara and Taggert excused themselves and left.

Sonny, being his protective self, asked Carly to get something to eat to keep up her strength. He had run an errand and would be back shortly. Sonny went to Lilly's grave. It was the anniversary of Lilly and his first child's death. Sonny informed Lilly that there was a new baby in heaven and she should look after him too. Juan showed up at the grave too and bought flowers. Sonny congratulated Juan on him being the opening act for Eddie Mane. Juan said it was the best time in his life. Afterwards Juan gave his condolences to Sonny for his loss. Sonny told Juan that he hoped that everything good in life will come to him. Then, Sonny left to give Juan time with his mom.

Emily visited Carly at the Penthouse to offer her sympathy for the loss of her baby. At first Carly was skeptical, but soon she realized that Emily was serious in her compassion. Emily even said that maybe she and Carly should work harder to get along for Michael's sake. Carly extended an open invitation for Emily to visit Michael. They ended in a very nice place.

Mike showed up at the Penthouse and cut Emily's visit with Carly short. Mike stated that he is there to see Sonny and will wait for him. Emily left and Mike started in on Carly. Mike advised Carly that today was the anniversary of Lilly's death and the loss of his first child. Mike went on about how this baby meant everything to Sonny and that Carly disregarded the importance of this baby to Sonny. Mike further insulted Carly by stating that she was reckless and was unable to care and protect her own baby and was not concerned with the cost to Sonny and his emotional state. Carly was in a bad place and not her normal fighting self. She cried out that she loved her baby several times. Carly screamed that she did not want to fall she did not want to hurt the baby. Sonny entered and asked Mike what the hell had he done to Carly. After seeing Carly's present condition, Sonny ordered Mike to get out. Sonny immediately tried to comfort Carly. He informed her that Mike was totally out of line for what he said to her. Carly asked Sonny if he thought that it was her fault. Carly started to sob heavily. Sonny's private line rings. It is Larkin (with a ice pack on his head) calling from the airfield. Sonny told Larkin to disappear or he would report him to his superiors at the FBI and hung up on him. Sonny returned to Carly and side that he was sorry for the interruption. He looked at Carly and said she looked exhausted and she should try to get some sleep. Carly asked Sonny about his day. He admitted to her that he went to visit Lilly's grave. Carly cried that she made his day worst. Sonny replied no and told Carly to get some rest. Carly finally agreed and headed upstairs. She looked back at Sonny, in pain, and felt awful for the anguish state he was experiencing.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Jax told Edward that he was giving up his quest to take over ELQ. He plans to go after the European conglomerate that sponsors the experimental drug that may help Chloe. He later found out that Helena Cassadine owned the conglomerate. Meanwhile, Chloe continued to experience the headaches and became increasing worried about her deteriorating condition. Alexis watched jealously as Ned talked to Lois on the phone on what would have been their fifth wedding anniversary. She wondered if Lois wants him back since Eddie Maine is making a comeback. Juan received a fan letter containing a picture of a scantily clad woman, which Emily tore up.
Mac went to pick up the girls, when he learned that Maxie was in detention for fighting. Apparently, she punched a boy who made fun of the F she received on her math test. Maxie begged Mac to let them return to Texas and insisted that they would be happier there. Mac tried to explain that Felecia cared and wanted them there in Port Charles, but she stormed off.
Tammy left for Albany to visit her girlfriends and left Luke in charge of Kelly's. After a confrontation with Luke, Lucky informed Helena that he was leaving town for good. She methodically discouraged him during a game of chess as Stefan eavesdropped. Stefan later told Laura that he was very close to finding out what his mother did to change Lucky's attitude. Laura unsuccessfully confronted Helena, in hopes of gaining information revealing why Lucky is so hostile towards Luke and her.
Luke and Felicia, who came to see Tammy, were quarantined for the day after a man with a contagious disease passed out at Kelly's.

Friday, June 2, 2000

Sonny and Carly talked about what would have been their son's favorite toy had he lived. Sonny encouraged Carly to spend some time with Michael because Michael was asking for her. Carly got angry because she felt Sonny was insinuating that she was neglecting Michael. Sonny reiterated that Carly is a good mother, he just wanted her to see Michael this morning. He added that whatever she needed him to do, he will take care of it for her. Carly realized that she was being too hard on Sonny and resolved to make a better effort to reach out to him. Roy called Sonny to inform him that they had returned and Sonny asked to speak to Bobbie. He then handed the phone to Carly, who asked Bobbie to come over. When Bobbie arrived, Carly told her that they lost the baby and explained how it happened. Bobbie comforted her daughter and then encouraged her to make a bigger effort in sharing her pain with Sonny.
Sonny meanwhile ran into Roy, who was having a reunion with his daughter at the docks. Unbeknownst to anyone, Agent Larkin had been following Hannah. Larkin heard Roy tell his daughter about his successful trip to the Grand Keys. Sonny asked him if he thought it was a good idea to be in a public place when he was still wanted man. Roy responded by saying that he had seven years worth of hard evidence in the forms of direct deposits, transfers from other accounts, possible ties to organized crime etc. He plans on being a free man pretty soon and doesn't think that anyone will notice him. Sonny then shared the pain of his loss with Roy. Roy asked Sonny if he would have taken the child without the mother. Sonny responded by saying he would have traded his life to save his son and Roy tells him that he did the only thing he could do and that was to save Carly.
Laura went to Kelly's to meet Nikolas for lunch and learned that Luke and Felicia were quarantined together. She runs into Liz and they discuss how to move on when the love is gone from a relationship. They also wondered if it was even possible do so. Mac hung up the phone on Felicia when he assumed that she lied to him about going to see Tammy. He talked to Kevin about what he considers Felicia's misplaced priorities and his frustration with her lack of focus on her family. Felicia wondered how she would explain her presence quarantined with Luke. She told Luke that he was a source of temptation that always seemed to get her in trouble. Luke urged her to throw caution to the wind and make the most of their moment together. They began flirting and dancing very intimately, when suddenly they were interrupted with news that the quarantine was lifted, and they were free to go. When Felicia got home, Kevin was a little aloof with her and she realized that Mac had told him his side of the story. When she confronted Mac, he retaliated by threatening to take the girls away from her and back to Texas.
Lucky and Helena continued their strange covert communication as she convinced him to "do what has to be done." When she took Lucky shopping, Stefan emerged from his hiding place and searched his mother's yacht. He found a picture of Lucky and Helena in what seemed to be a happy moment and he realizes that there is no way that they would be so amiable unless Lucky's mind was altered. Stefan confronted his mother saying that he knew what Helena did to Lucky and how she did it.
Meanwhile, Lucky ran into Liz at the pier and asked her to sit down for a couple of minutes. He told her that his feelings for her have changed. However, he cares for her deeply and wants her to be happy...with Nikolas.
Sonny was cooking dinner as a present arrived for Carly. When she opened it, it was the crib that Sonny had bought several weeks ago. As he apologized for the crib, Carly just put her arms around him and embraced him.

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