General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on GH
Jason searched for Zander and Emily. Liz and Lucky were concerned about Lucky's trances. Chloe began to trust Stefan. Sonny confessed that he didn't think that his marriage to Carly would work out.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on GH
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Monday, September 25, 2000

Liz shook Lucky after he went into another of his trances. Helena demanded that Andreas keep a close watch of Liz because she worried that Liz was going to interfere with her plan to destroy Luke and Laura through Lucky. Scott told Luke that the only reason he was taking the case was because of Laura. Taggert lost control at the hospital and shoved AJ against the wall. Emily begged Zander to let her write to her family and he gave in, but reminded her that it couldn't be mailed. Jason got more information from the store-owner and then gave the man a bribe to ensure that he wouldn't give anyone else info about Zander or Jason. Scott tried to make Luke see reason, but Luke refused to take Scott on as his attorney. AJ tried to use the Quartermaine name to get out of trouble, but Hannah made him understand that he was being obnoxious. Gia came back to the hospital with Nikolas to give Taggert a much-needed break. Nikolas then told Gia that he would be happy to stay with her. Carly confessed to Sonny that she hated seafood, but she wanted him to have a nice meal so she ordered it for him. Sonny in turn, decided to make Carly the best hamburger ever to make up for the seafood.

While hiding at the store, Jason overheard a man come in and say that he found two teenagers hiding in his hayloft. Unfortunately, two private detectives heard the same information and ran off to find Emily and Zander. Carly asked Sonny if he wanted anything special as a wedding gift and he pulled Carly into a passionate embrace. Lucky asked Liz to walk him through what happened before he went into a trance, but she was afraid to use Helena's catchphrase in case she couldn't shake Lucky out of it. Carly told Sonny that she didn't want to move too fast because she was afraid that her physical attraction to him would lead to deeper emotions that he wouldn't return. As Zander and Emily hid in a stall, the two detectives came in--only they turned out to be Sorel's men. Gia visited her mother and they started to argue about Gia not being in school. Nikolas advised Gia to try to work out a compromise with her mother. Just as Sorel's men were about to find Zander and Emily, an explosion went off that sent the men running. Jason, who set off the explosion, found Emily's letter to the Quartermaine's, but Emily and Zander had already left.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Alexis was asked to give a lecture on women who have it all. Though honoured, she felt it prudent to refuse the offer. Carly offered to make Sonny breakfast and asked him if he could tell Jason that she wanted to see him. Sonny was concerned that Carly missed him. Nikolas filled Gia in on Lucky and Liz's trip to Albany. Gia wondered why Nikolas would allow the woman he cared about to slip away with another man. In Albany, Lucky and Liz shared a motel room and worked out the sleeping arangements. Lucky confessed that he was glad to be with Liz. Mike stopped by the Penthouse with a wedding gift for Sonny and Carly. Bobbie expressed her concern that Roy keeping things from her would ruin their relationship. Sonny was informed that Mike borrowed more money from a loan shark. Roy's old boss from the FBI offered Roy a job and then informed him that someone Roy helped put in prison was killed there. Roy refused to return to the FBI and was devastated over the murder. A livid Sonny yelled at Mike for being the same loser he always was and Mike hit him across the face. Carly tried to comfort Sonny but he wasn't ready to deal with it. Alexis read Ned a beautiful email from one of her secret admirer's and later Ned, under the alias of the admirer, sent her another letter. Bobbie went to pick up Lucas and Tony reiterated that he did not like Lucas being around Roy. Lucas admitted to Bobbie that he didn't think Roy liked him. Juan suggested to Nikolas that they release Heart and Soul early so that Emily could hear it and know that they are thinking of her.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Bobbie came to Roy's apartment to check on him after he did not return her message last night. She found Roy working out his tension on the punching bag. Roy was struggling with the guilt of being a FBI informant and betraying so many of his "friends" from his past life. Bobbie listened attentively as he revealed the story of his friend Leo that he knew in Miami, Florida. Leo was part of a gang and Roy was sent to infiltrate. But when the FBI was unable to obtain sufficient arrest they began to put pressure on the little guys and Roy had to testify against Leo. Leo was made to serve a 10-year sentence. However last month, a fellow inmate stuck a knife in Leo. Leo died one month prior to finishing his 10 sentence. Roy was beside himself with grief. As they lay together on the sofa arm in arm, Bobbie told him that we all have regrets and we all carry our past around with us. What we have to remember is that we have to keep moving forward and learn to live with our past and ourselves.

Jason went to see his grandmother and mother to share the news about Emily. First Jason greeted Lila with a big hug and kiss. She was so thrilled to see him and that he was okay. He began to tell her about Emily when Monica walked in the room. Jason immediately gave her the letter. Monica read the letter in front of the family (except Ned, Alan and AJ). She began to cry as she read the letter so Edward took over. Emily said she loved them and proclaimed that she was safe with Zander. He planned to release her once they arrived in Canada (across the border). She apologized for not telling her family about her troubles but she did not want them to be disappointed in her. Emily stated that she would be home soon and hopefully prior to them receiving the letter. By this time Edward was up in arms, but Jason tried to convince the family to stay calm. Monica backed him up and the rest of the family agreed. Then Edward asked to speak to Jason alone. Monica and Lila hesitantly left. Edward actually had his concerned side out. He asked Jason to tell him the hard facts, what exactly are the odds of him getting Emily safely back to them. Jason said he would not lie and that he would do everything in his power to return his sister home, but he cannot guarantee anything at this point. AJ walked in the room and said he had just talked to Monica and was glad Jason was able to track Emily down. Jason said he had to go. Edward in his joy to hear news about Emily continued to brag on and on about Jason and how lucky they are to have him back. This only caused AJ more self doubt and rejection. He poured himself another drink.

Mac visited Luke and questioned him about his new attorney. As anticipated, Luke rebelled and accused Mac of framing him for Stefan's death. Luke told Mac he was innocent and would be representing himself since the police department through Alexis off the case. Luke asked Mac to put all the personal stuff aside and look at the facts, surely you must know that I did not kill Stefan. Luke's statements fell on death ears. Mac started to leave and before he got to the door, he told Luke that he had to the end of today to advise him of counsel.

Felicia arranged to meet Scotty Baldwin at Kelly's. Felicia tried to convince Scott to represent Luke. Scott advised her that every woman in Port Charles has been trying to get him to represent Luke Spencer. He told her that Luke refused his services. Felicia asked if Scott would go back to see Luke and change his mind. Scott said that he was done with representing anyone that did not want him.

Mac went to Kelly's for lunch and was surprised by Felicia's appearance. She asked him to join her for lunch. He gladly accepted. He began to speak about Luke, but then asked if they could go forward with this conversation subject. Felicia said no and asked to talk about lunch because every time they talk about Luke they argue. Mac agreed. Then Felicia said she just had one thing to tell him and that is earlier she asked Scott Baldwin to represent Luke. Mac also told Felicia that he tried to get him free counsel. Mac thanked Felicia and Felicia thanked Mac for letting the other know about this. Then they went on to order lunch.

Alexis went to see Luke. She began with his defense and started in on the reasons why he has to have an attorney today and that attorney should be Scott Baldwin. Luke goes over his past with her about Scott and Laura. Alexis jokingly called him a wife stealer and told him that his past with Scott was a long time ago and is over. However his past with Felicia is not and rings very strong in Mac's ears. They need to make a move and make it fast. The trial could start as early as next week and he has to have an attorney. Scott shows up at the meeting and between him and Alexis they convince Luke to concede.

The car blew a hose and Emily and Zander look inside the hood as Zander signed relieve that the damage was only a hose and not a radiator. Zander told Emily that he would go into town and pick up a hose. In the meantime, he wants her to wait. She does not want to wait alone, but she remembers her promise to stay with Zander until they get across the border to Canada. Zander left and Emily lay in the car sleeping. A police officer arrived at the scene and questioned Emily. Emily made up a story about her and her boyfriend Billy. Then Zander arrived and hid behind the bushes. Emily waved him out of the bushes and proceeded to play the girlfriend role. The police officer did not seem suspicious of the two so he departed. Zander thanked Emily for not leaving and sticking by him. She said that she honors her promises. Then Zander went to put the hose on the car and Emily offered to help; he accepted. Emily and Zander are becoming closer at each passing moment.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Alexis delivered the bad news to Luke that the petition she filed to get the evidence against him dismissed was denied. She asked him about his alibi and Luke wouldn't tell her the truth. As she left, Roy came in. Roy deduced that Luke was with Felicia the night that Stefan was allegedly murdered. Luke refused to use Felicia as an alibi, even if he was with her. Felicia was surprised when Mac asked her to visit Luke. He wanted her to be sure that she didn't have lingering feelings for him. Gia admitted to Nikolas that she was scared for her mother to find out the truth about her actions over the summer. She was afraid that her mother would have another heart attack. Nikolas advised her to be honest with her mother. A drunken AJ taunted Jason about not finding Emily. Hannah showed up and took AJ away from the bar. Hannah tried to comfort AJ as Taggert watched them through the window at Kelly's. Taggert later told Hannah that she had to choose between him and AJ once and for all. Carly did everything she could to reach out to Sonny but he rejected her efforts and shut her out. She went to see Jason and told him that her marriage wasn't working so he lost the bet they made on her wedding night. Back at the Penthouse, Sonny confessed to Michael that he knew Carly cared and he was going to make things better for her. Stefan and Chloe swam together and Chloe later told him that she had figured out how to get them off the island. Chloe suggested that she and Stefan try to escape via the supply boat. To her surprise, Stefan agreed with her. Stefan confessed how much Helena's neglect had hurt him as a child and Chloe assured him that he was nothing like his mother. Garcia gave the Quartermaine's the news that Emily was spotted near the Canadian border. He told them that Emily seemed fine and seemed to have a good relationship with her kidnapper.

Friday, September 29, 2000

After Taggert issued an ultimatum, Hannah told him that he was the only man she wanted, not AJ She left Taggert to inform AJ of her choice, once and for all. Meanwhile at the hotel, AJ drank a shot for everyone he believed had wronged him and for the few good things in his life like Emily and Hannah. Hannah broke into AJ's hotel room and tried to wake him up but couldn't. Zander trusted Emily to stay in the car with the keys while he got them food. When he came back, she was gone, but she had just driven the car around so that they wouldn't get caught. Zander confessed to Emily that he only sold drugs to have more money and Emily told him that she didn't hate him for kidnapping her. Emily was ecstatic when she heard Heart and Soul on the radio. In Albany, Lucky and Liz danced together. In the midst of their romantic moment, Lucky almost zoned out and was frustrated when he realized he was thinking that Liz should be with Nikolas. Liz guessed that it was Helena's fault. Lucky finally told Liz that he loved her and had never stopped! Felicia visited Luke and told him that Mac wanted her to see him. She asked him if he wanted her to testify on his behalf and told him that she would do it to help him, no matter what it cost her. Luke wouldn't let her make such a sacrifice unless she was looking to get out of her marriage. Sonny confided to Jason that he hated the way he treated Carly, but he couldn't give her what she needed or be the husband she wanted him to be. Jason assured him that Carly would get used to his ways and Sonny would adjust to hers. Bobbie visited Carly and Carly surprised her by saying how grateful she was for their relationship. Just as Carly was telling Sonny that she was going to give him space, he told her that their marriage wasn't going to work.

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