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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on GH
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Monday, November 13, 2000

After catching Lucky with his towel down, Liz was kind of embarrassed. Lucky tried to explain that he got locked out and he guessed his towel wasn't tied good enough. Liz offered to get the pass key. She came back to let him in but was having a little trouble finding the right key. She asked if at least he had a good shower? He said yes and he liked the fact there was room for two. "Now I have to try to get that image out of my mind" she replied. She finally got the door opened and he went in. Later she came by with a picture she had painted as a room warming present. They kissed but then she broke it off before things went too far. A knock came on his window much later and Lucky saw Liz. She got locked out, she said.

Ned and Alexis managed to get away without being followed. Their plan worked. Alexis mentioned that she thought being on the web in her underwear was bad, but if she got caught in this coat it would ruin her reputation. Ned asked when was the last time she had a good excuse to act like a teenager? Just imagine that you don't have a care in the world. They proceeded to act like teenagers on their first date. They went to a motel and she told him she didn't go to second base on their first date. Later, lying in bed, she mentioned that they had to book a church. He told her he had booked St. Timothy's. Alexis was concerned. Wasn't that the same church that a few brides had got left at the altar. Was he going to dump her? He assured he wasn't going to.

Hannah was going over a play for AJ's football team. He wasn't really paying attention, just wanted to listen to her. After asking her to repeat it a couple of times, she got wise to him. Just then Taggert came over. He asked what they were doing. Hannah told him about the play she was advising AJ on. He disagreed, then they took over discussing strategies. AJ finally got fed up, took the book, and said he would run their ideas by the coach. Roy came by to pick up Bobbie but she wasn't ready. He saw Hannah and AJ and asked what was going on. Bobbie told him what she thought. He told he would meet her later as he wanted to talk to Hannah. He went and interrupted them and asked Hannah if she was leading AJ on. She said she wasn't. Later she went back to Kelly's to find AJ there and told him it had to stop. She knew she was sending him mixed signals, but she wasn't interested. She was with Taggert.

Carly was nearly hysterical in her search for Michael. She ran back inside Kelly's and asked if anyone had seen him. Tammy said she would check in the kitchen. Carly went back outside and ran calling his name. She ran to the docks and found him with Laura. Laura asked if this was her little guy. Carly went and grabbed him and scolded him for running off, he scared her to death. She told Laura she had just turned her back for a minute. Laura tried to calm her down; she told her this happened to mothers at least once. She told her Lucky had given her some bad moments when he was small. Carly begged her not to tell Sonny, he would think she was a bad mother. This had happened before, where she turned her back and Michael was kidnapped. Sonny showed up and asked if Carly had brought Michael to see the boats? She didn't deny it and Laura didn't say anything to the contrary. He asked Laura if they had been discussing Deception. She said no, they had been discussing motherhood. She still hadn't come to any decision about Deception. She told Michael it was nice to meet him and left. Later, at the Penthouse, Sonny was telling Michael a story. Carly asked if he wanted to order something in. He asked her what was wrong. He could tell she was upset about something. She finally told him what had happened earlier.

Emily and Nikolas got back to Kelly's after drawing the media away from Alexis and Ned and then ditching them. Emily commented on his bad driving, running over a garbage can. Gia showed up and they asked if Ned and Alexis had gotten away. "Apparently", she said. She commented that she still didn't think Emily could pass for Alexis. They were sitting down in Kelly's when two reporters rushed in and started to take their picture, then realized it wasn't who they wanted. "You switched", they accused. They asked where they were but Nikolas and Emily refused to tell them. "I guess I do look like Alexis", Emily taunted Gia. Lucky came down to get a hammer and Nikolas called him over to ask if he had moved in. Yes he had and asked them if they wanted to come up. Nikolas refused as he didn't want to get roped in moving furniture. He asked Lucky what room he was in and Lucky said the one next to Liz. He left and Gia asked Nikolas how he felt about his brother practically living with Liz. Nikolas didn't dignify that with an answer. Emily left and Gia asked Nikolas how, after all their efforts on her behalf during the summer, could Emily defend Zander now. Nikolas told her they couldn't control who they had feelings for. She said not a drug dealer. He remarked about blackmailers, and she said she supposed he wouldn't ever let her forget. "No", he said.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Felicia came by Luke's with information on bank accounts. A real page turner he told her. She said they would need to get into Helena's bank accounts to get at her assets. They would have to pass as bank inspectors. Luke commented on the lady who made chocolate chip cookies giving advice on embezzling and who was this we, he asked. She told him she wanted to help him but only from a distance. She couldn't do the field work anymore. She could get a lot of information on the internet. She could help with his disguise. Bobbie was watching them and was worried about Felicia getting her heart broken by Luke.

Chloe was practicing chess and told Stefan she would beat him before they got off the island. He told her as a beginner she would need a mentor and she asked him if he knew of anyone. They were playing later and he asked her if she could see the opening he gave her. "Can you read my mind, is it tattooed across my forehead"? she asked. "I wish I could" he told her. She told him he didn't have to worry about her having any "aha" moves. He said maybe he had a move of his own, then bent down and kissed her. She told him she still loved Jax and wanted to be just friends. She didn't want things to be awkward when they got back to Port Charles. He agreed they could be friends.

Liz showed up at Lucky's window. He opened it and let her in. He held her and said how icy cold she was. Not for long, she told him. She asked if he knew how to unstuck a window. They kissed and finally Liz pulled away. Have things changed, she wondered. Not really, but he couldn't stay away from her. They kissed again and he asked her what she had been doing outside anyway? She told him she liked to go out on the balcony and wish on the stars. He pulled back the blankets on his bed and told he would tuck her in temporarily and he would go get the pass key to get her back in her room. He went downstairs and Tammy made a comment about needing the passkey again. Maxie was there with Mac and was staring at Lucky. She still had a crush on him. He saw her and told her how nice she looked.

AJ and Hannah argued about her feelings for Taggert. She told him she would not leave Taggert for him. "You just aren't listening to me," she said. "I hear the things you don't say" he replied. If they couldn't just be friends, she would have to write him off, she told him. Later he came by with a team jacket to give her. Taggert was there and told AJ he would give it to her.

Ned and Alexis were discussing her concerns about what she figured was a jinx on couples who tried to get married at St. Timothy's church. They got that straightened out and then couldn't agree on where they were going to live after they were married. She thought the penthouse, but Ned wanted a house with a big yard where they could have a horse and plenty of room for Brook Lynn to play when she visited. Later, they wound up in front of the fire, eating popcorn and were okay for the moment.

Carly was explaining to Sonny what happened with Michael. She told him she had lost him. He could have been hit by a car or snatched. Luckily she found him with Laura. She didn't want to tell him because she knew he would be mad so she lied. Sonny surprised her by being supportive and assuring her accidents happen and she was being too hard on herself. They ended up the evening on a happy and passionate note.


Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Liz stopped by Lucky's room to surprise him with a gift. She gave him a key to her room. Then Lucky told Liz that they must be on the same wavelength because he had a copy made of his key too. You know why, just in case one or the other gets locked out of their room again. Lucky was lifting weights when Liz arrived and was shirt-less. She tried not to see him and his large chest, but it was difficult. The two ending up kissing, but Liz pulled away and told Lucky her shift started in about 90 seconds.

Outside of Kelly's, Ari informed Helena that Stefan had left Nikolas well over a million dollars separate from the Cassadine monies. She was not happy with this fact, since she was using control of the Cassadine money to take control of Nikolas' life. Well as you can guess, Helena was not at Kelly's for the food. She was there to meet Florence and discuss the living arrangements between Gia and Nikolas. Helena took pride when she informed Florence that Nikolas was in no way broke and had over a million dollar inheritance. Florence was outraged and this sent her immediately over to the cottage. Once she got in the door, she took no time to tell Gia that Nikolas had lied to her and had been using her for who knows what. Nikolas tried to deny her accusations, but he was guilty about not telling Gia about his newfound inheritance. Gia held strong to her guns and told her mom that she would not leave and move in with her. Florence became more upset and left. Gia was furious with Nikolas and would not let him tell his side of the story. Gia was determined to leave. She told Nikolas that he was the only one in this lousy town that she trusted and who would not lie to her. Nikolas tried to plea his case, but to deaf ears. Lucky showed up at the cottage. Right away he saw that Nikolas was not happy. He tried to explain to Nikolas how it feels to be a regular person and by him pretending to be poor or just normal was an insult to Gia. Lucky's motive for visiting his brother however was to talk about Liz. Lucky first asked Nikolas was the topic okay for him and Nikolas agreed. Lucky explained to Nikolas why he and Liz were waiting and not making love right away. Nikolas offered his support and told him that if he and Liz felt mutual about the decision then it should be fine. Lucky still was scared that he could hurt Liz again in some way like when he first came back to Port Charles. Just then a limo drove up to the cottage. It was Helena to visit. Nikolas was prepared and ready to do battle. First he invited her in kindly and then started to pour on the insults. He promptly told her that he wanted nothing to do with her and wanted her out of his life. Helena was upset as normal, but this time she left and threatened Nikolas. Gia over heard the argument and came down stairs to inform Nikolas that she was staying to help protect him from his crazy grandmother. Nikolas was relieved by Gia's remarks.

It was raining again at the villa. Stefan was looking for Chloe and had become very worried when she did not return prior to the storm becoming worst. He instructed the guards to locate Chloe and do not return without her. As he looked around he remembered their kiss. Just then Chloe snuck through the double doors. First Stefan began to yell at her, and then he calmed down and put a blanket on her. He later apologized. After Chloe was dry and cleaned up, she realized that she had missed dinner. Stefan offered to whip something up for her and she accepted. Chloe laid down and began to dream. This time she dreamt she heard Helena's voice. When Stefan returned he noticed that she had been dreaming. She told him that Helena was arguing with Nikolas and Lucky was present. She said Nikolas stood his ground and was strong, but Helena had a totally different tone that usual. After that comment, Stefan revealed to Chloe that there has to be a way off this island.

Bobbie was working on the accounting at Kelly's when she was paid a visit. She was served papers from the State Tax Collector. It appeared as though she had not paid the property taxes for Kelly's. Bobbie becomes very irritated by this news. She confides to Roy that something is really wrong with her because lately she had been forgetting so many things and making mistakes.

Juan visited Zander and got up in his face about Emily. Juan stated in no uncertain terms that Zander must stay away from his girlfriend. Zander replied and said that he does not control Emily and she is doing what she wants. Sorel paid the guard and was able to interrupt Juan and Zander. Sorel politely reminded Juan of his past incident, which was enough to send Juan out the door. Then Sorel proceeded to remind Zander about any unwise decisions and untrueful allegations. Sorel left but told Zander that he regretted the unpleasant outcome of their relationship. In the hallway Sorel ran into Emily and asked her about her health. He also told her he was glad that she returned unharmed and hoped she could stay that way. Emily goes in to see Zander and informed him about crossing paths with Sorel. Zander, being the protector, tells Emily that he cannot testify against Sorel. It would be too dangerous for her. He said he had already lost his life and was not going to lose hers too. Emily rebutted and told Zander testifying is what you have to do. You have to put guys like Sorel away for a long time otherwise they will continue to harm others.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Gia was placing a grocery order on the computer when Nikolas came home. She asked his preferences for hot chocolate or cheese and he asked her what she was doing. She told him she just orders the groceries using a credit card and they'll bring the groceries right to the door. He looked at her list and saw four bottles of Dom Perignon. He told her as long as she was paying for it. "You're the one with the million dollars in the bank", she said. He told her he wasn't touching it. He accidentally hit a key and wiped the whole order out. Or was it accidentally?

Florence saw Monica when she went to General Hospital and asked where Human Resources was as she was applying for a job. Gia refused to leave Port Charles and she was liking the city more and more. She has a degree in hospital administration she told Monica. They talked about their daughters and Monica told Florence that she would give her resume to her husband Alan as he was Chief of Staff.

Luke was in his office at Luke's when Scott came in. He told him to get out and if he was there to collect his padded fee for defending him to go see Alexis as she had hired him. Scott told him he was there on Laura's behalf-he's representing her in their divorce. He had papers about the property division that he wanted Luke to sign. After trading a few barbs, Luke finally signed the papers. Later he ran into Laura at Kelly's and asked if she knew what today was. "Our anniversary", she told him. "I think I will go and celebrate," she added.

Hannah was on her way to General Hospital with a parcel when she ran into AJ She told him she was taking the jacket he had given her to a kid at the hospital who liked his football team. He told her he could always give her another one, and she told him she would give it away too. Then she told him she did want to see him about his sister because she was worried about her going to see Zander just about every afternoon. AJ was concerned and went and talked to his family. They were having their usual battles but told him to see if Emily would listen to him.

Laura was at Kelly's working on Deception when Carly came in to see Tammy. After giving the waitress her list for the shower she was having for Alexis, she saw Laura and came and thanked her again for her help with Michael. She did tell Sonny about what happened and he was understanding. Laura told her she thought he would be. Carly asked if she was working on Deception? She told Laura that Sonny really did want to invest in her company and she herself didn't have to be involved. She would talk to him. Laura told her it wasn't that she didn't want her, she just wanted to do it herself. Carly insisted she would talk to Sonny. Later, when Scott came to see her, Laura told him that she might be able to work with Carly after all. Scott still didn't like the idea of her taking Sonny's money. She asked why he came by and he finally told her about the property division papers; he got Luke to sign and gave them to her to sign.

Tammy went to see Sonny to plea on Mike's behalf. She told him Mike was back in town and living on Courtland Street. She wouldn't have known but Carly told her. Carly has been trying to help Mike. He was broke. Sonny was cold and unsympathetic when it came to his father. Later, Emily came by to ask Sonny to help Zander. Sonny told her Zander was going to jail, if not for murder, then kidnapping and drug dealing. He didn't help kidnappers and cop killers, he told her. She told him of all people should understand because Zander is a lot like him. After she left, Sonny called Benny and asked him to follow Carly and let him know if she goes anywhere near Courtland Street.

Carly met Mike and gave him some money and tried to talk him into going to see Sonny. Sonny saw her there and called her on it later at the penthouse. She told him she had been giving Mike money and she would continue to do so, but she wouldn't lie anymore. She was doing it for Sonny because she knew he would never forgive himself if anything happened to Mike.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Lucky was sitting on his bed and could hear the sounds from next door. He heard a thump and went next door to see if Liz was okay. She answered dressed only in a towel. They were awkward with each other, while the air was charged with electricity. She told him she was okay. Later she told Emily that living this close to each other makes her want Lucky more than ever. They went to Alexis' bridal shower, each having bought her a toaster, but ducked out early after trading insults with Carly and Gia.

Alexis went to see Zander and told him she wasn't expecting to be there but she had an unsettling call from Dara Jensen, the assistant District Attorney. She asked if it was true he wasn't going to testify against Sorel. He said he would rather die by lethal injection than get beaten to death in jail. Then, Emily would be safe. Alexis told him she was trying to help him; that he would have to get another attorney; then left saying she was late for her bridal shower.

Laura came to the penthouse to see Sonny but he wasn't there. Carly told her she hadn't talked to Sonny yet about Deception but she would. Laura told her not to rush into it. Carly asked if she wanted to stay for the shower but Laura refused saying her and Alexis didn't exactly get along. Later she did run into Sonny and told him if his offer still stood, she would accept on his terms. They shook hands on the deal.

Alexis and Ned showed up at the penthouse for the shower. Alexis thanked Carly for having the shower and Carly told them to help themselves to the food. The Wedding Planner showed up and told them the press wanted to be there for the shower. They came to an agreement on a photographer and a reporter and came to terms about what they could ask and take pictures of. Lila, Monica, Emily, Gia, Liz and Tammy were the only guests that came. Alexis was opening gifts and opened the one from Carly before she could warn her. It was a teddy which the photographer immediately took pictures of.

Sonny went to see Zander and told him what he thought of his actions regarding Emily. He said this was the thanks they all got for helping him get to Canada; he came back and pestered Emily again. Zander told him he only wanted himself to get Sorel out of Sonny's way. Sonny told him Emily was under his protection and to call Sorel's bluff. He wouldn't do anything to Jason's sister. Fight him and the system at the same time. When asked if that's what he would do, he said yes. Later when Emily came to visit him he told her would testify against Sorel and he wouldn't change his mind again. Emily kissed him.

Felicia met Mac at Kelly's and asked if he was coming to Bobbie's for Thanksgiving? He said he was and what about Christmas. She was hoping he would come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He said he wouldn't stay overnight but be there for the stockings and then come back the next day. They discussed Maxie's crush on Lucky and agreed she needed both parents right now. They left together and Felicia came back later to find Luke was doing the cooking at Kelly's which spelled disaster on all fronts. No one would eat his cooking and he had the kitchen smoking. He told Felicia he had a new plan regarding Helena.

Hannah and Taggert were at his apartment and she roped him into helping her bake bread; they started a flour fight and ended up kissing. Later when she went to Kelly's she was handed an invitation to AJ's birthday party.

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