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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on GH
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Monday, March 26, 2001

Sonny told Jason they had to take care of Sorel and Jason was the only one he trusted with the job; unless he didn't want the job. Jason said to tell him what the job was. "Sorel is desperate, which makes him dangerous," Sonny told him. He went to see Sorel in jail and things got out of control. They had to shut Sorel down, they couldn't count on the courts to do it.

Alexis and Ned caught Zander going back to her place. She asked where his bodyguard was and he said he didn't need a bodyguard all the time. "You deliberately put yourself in danger," Alexis said. "You promised you would stay under Sonny's protection until the trial," she continued. Zander said he made sure he wasn't followed. Alexis told him the only reason he wasn't in a safehouse was because she promised Sonny she would keep him safe. He said he would be careful. She was going to go home with him, then changed her mind. Ned said they could follow him, it was a beautiful night for a walk. "Giving up on me that easily?" Alexis asked. She thought they were there to work things out. "Is that why we're here?" Ned asked. Alexis thought that's what the night was about. Ned said he wanted to see her, no other agenda. He needed an Alexis fix. She said he was a lot braver than her. He said he loved her but she didn't say it back, not yet. She told him she thought about her mother a lot and thinks she had never gotten over being left alone like that. She said she had a tendency to drive people away who care about her before they have a chance to leave her too. Ned said he wasn't an easy person to drive away. She had noticed. "Have you noticed I have a problem with commitment too?" Ned asked. He said his track record speaks for itself. "Not with us, it doesn't," Alexis disagreed. He said maybe they need a new game plan; maybe their love was not the walking down the aisle kind of love. He hoped she saw a much wiser Ned Ashton than the one she loved. "Love," she said. She never had stopped loving him she told him. He said the same. They made plans for the rest of the evening and night but were sidetracked by Sonny. He told Alexis he had to talk to her, it was important. She told him not tonight, she had plans. He insisted it had to be tonight. She told him she had a life, she was busy. Ned stopped them both and suggested a compromise. He asked Sonny if he needed Alexis for long and Sonny said an hour at the most. Ned told Alexis he would go home, pack a bag and meet at her place in an hour; how did that sound. She said it was unbelievably reasonable. Sonny told Alexis that Sorel was going to make a move on Zander tonight. They raced off to her place to try to stop Sorel's men. They were too late, Zander was gone.

Unknown location:
Someone ripped what looked like a pillowcase off Zander's head and Zander looked and said, "you".

Helena's yacht:
Helena was mad that the discs weren't the right ones. She told Andreas that Luke had stolen them and she wanted them back, tonight.
She didn't care what she had to do to get them back. "It's over for you, Luke," she threatened.
Later she was on the phone instructing someone to get the discs back. She was authorizing them to do whatever it took to get them back. Andreas came in and disconnected the phone. She demanded to know what he was doing. He told her Luke would be expecting her to try to get them back. He doesn't know what's on the discs, can't decipher the code. They should wait, have the element of surprise. He apologized if he was stepping out of line. She agreed that's the better way to go. This had to be done carefully.

Luke's room:
Luke had some kind of weird dream about running down corridors, screaming out Lucky and Lulu's names. He woke up screaming to find Felicia there. She asked if he was okay. He said he was okay and asked what time it was. She said it was about 8:00 p.m.. He asked how she got in and she said she knocked but he didn't answer. She heard him scream so picked the lock. "Good for you, my favorite little Private Eye," he said affectionately. He went and got cleaned up and when he came back Felicia had made him some tea to relax. He said she wouldn't find that stuff at his place. She said she carried it around for emergencies. She had her hands held out to him and it triggered a memory of the dream. He abruptly stood up, spilling the tea. She asked what was wrong with him, he just looked at her. He told her that before Lucky was presumed dead they had fixed things between them, now Lucky was back to hating him. Felicia put on a record and told Luke to put himself in her hands.

Sorel told his lawyer Sonny tried to kill him, he tried to choke the life out of him. His lawyer said it was his word against Sonny's and who would the judge believe; Sonny, who was on the outside, or Sorel who was in jail. Sorel told him he better get better security in there or he won't make it to trial. His lawyer said it would be sooner than he thought as Alexis had the trial date moved up. He was more concerned about Zander Smith. Sorel told him Zander Smith was being taken care of as they spoke. Later, his lawyer told him he had a message that said the package was being picked up.

Laura's house:
Laura was reading to Lesley Lu and was losing her voice. She told her she had to stop and told her to go brush her teeth. Lulu asked if her daddy was coming tonight. Laura said no but he loved her and was thinking of her.
Laura was turning off lights and locking up when she heard a noise outside. She kind of ignored it and turned away when she heard it again. She looked out and saw Lulu's bike. She had picked up a fireplace poker and took it outside with her to pick up the bike. She heard a noise and swung the poker. It turned out to be Scott.
She took him inside and brought him some ice for his head, apologizing profusely. He said she just grazed him. She asked why he was walking around outside her house in the dark, he scared her half to death. "I'm the one who got clubbed," he protested. She asked why he didn't just ring the doorbell like a normal person. He said there were no lights on and he was going to go around to the kitchen to see if she was there. He was leaving when the porch light came on. She asked him to phone next time. He said he had left messages and thought maybe she was ducking him, so came to see what was up. She told him she had a bad day, telling him about Jason and Lucky. She said things from the past had crept up and weren't letting go. Laura told him that the Jason, Lucky and Liz situation reminded her of Scott, Luke and herself. She said she had betrayed him, Scott, destroying what they had. She was crying. She was sorry for what she had done. Scott suggested they go slow. She admitted to him that when he had kissed her the other day, she went weak in the knees. That pleased him. They kissed again and he asked her how her knees were.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Alan, Monica, and Emily had a family dinner together. All went well until Emily discovered that Monica had not told Alan about her biopsy. Emily urged Monica to let the ones that love her stand by her through this trying time. Emily told her that she loves her and so does the rest of the family. Give us the chance to show you and support you through the good and the bad. Monica seriously contemplated Emily's suggestion. She seemed almost ready to tell Alan, but the hospital called and she had to go for an emergency.

Carly was upset with Sonny for spending so much time with Alexis. She needed someone to talk to so she went the hospital to visit her mom. Bobbie greeted Carly with open arms and asked her to listen to her story. Bobbie confided in Carly about the Roy and Melissa situation (unfortunately Bobbie did not mention Melissa's name). She told Carly that she doubted Roy unfairly when he did nothing to deserve her doubts. Now this woman has moved to Port Charles and complicated their lives. Bobbie said she talked to Luke and he convinced her to trust Roy, because he deserved it, and continue to love him. Bobbie asked Carly not to make the same mistake with Sonny. Just continue to love him and don't ask him to give something he cannot give. Carly said her situation was a little different, but nevertheless she appreciated her mom's advice. After Bobbie went back to work, Melissa sneaked over to Carly quickly. She flattered Carly by asking if she had seen her in the society page of the paper. Carly was hooked onto Melissa at this point. Melissa got her to tell her the name of the club where Roy worked and then went back to work. Bobbie returned and informed Carly that she had to cover and would be working until midnight. Carly offered to buy her mom some coffee so off they went. Melissa however was plotting her outing to Luke's. Later on in the evening, Melissa arrived at Luke's all dressed up in a purple sparkly outfit and surprised Roy. She played coy.

Sonny tried his best to calm Alexis. She was inconsolable really. It seemed that she genuinely had begun to care for Zander. Sonny told her she needed to relax and let him do his job. Alexis flat out told Sonny she did not believe him about Sorel wanting to keep Zander alive. Sonny continued to try to let Alexis work out her worries. Jason called Sonny and confirmed that he had taken Zander and was at the safe house. Sonny was visibly more confident after this call. Emily knocked on the door and inquired about Zander. Sonny and Alexis told her that Zander had been kidnapped and that Sonny was doing everything in his power to find Zander and keep him alive. Alexis backed up Sonny in order to keep Emily from panicking. Emily asked Sonny to call her the moment that hears anything and he agreed. After she left, Alexis said that she went along with his plan in order not to upset Emily, but in reality Sonny better be doing everything possible to bring Zander back for Emily and for her. At that moment when they were speaking Carly walked in the door to find them in close proximity. She was not pleased.

Zander was hot and even worst to discover that Jason was the person who kidnapped him. Zander demanded his release. Jason, his normal rock self, told Zander that he has dug his own grave and will be at the safe house until the trial. It is your fault for not following Sonny's rules. Zander pleaded over and over tried to use Emily's feelings as a reason. Jason was not moved. He told Zander that his is where is will be until the trial so get use to it

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Carly snarls at Sonny and Alexis after finding them with their heads together again at the penthouse. Later, Alexis faces disapproval from Ned as she realizes she missed their rendezvous for the romantic getaway he planned. Alan is devastated to discover that his wife's cancer may have returned. Hanging around the blues club, a morose AJ strikes up a conversation with a woman at the bar but his gloomy demeanor quickly drives her away. Roy tells Melissa how he and his business partner have recently suffered a reversal of fortune. AJ returns to the mansion and is taken aback to see Edward comforting a badly shaken Alan. Scott appeals to Bobbie for help after he accidentally runs over Lulu's pet bunny rabbit. Edward reminds AJ how much both of his parents will need him in future weeks. Alexis regretfully tells an angry Ned that she cannot leave town just now. Close to hysterics, Carly accuses Sonny of sleeping with his attorney, then bitterly wonders aloud how long it will be before she and Michael fall victim to another car bombing. Realizing too late she's gone too far, Carly attempts to backpedal but Sonny roars at her to shut up.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Helena salivates at the thought of making Luke pay for his crimes. Meanwhile, Lucky apologizes to his surprised father for the harsh remarks he made earlier. Gia persuades a reluctant Nikolas to escort her to the blues club, where he finally explains why he has nothing but bad memories of the place. Though Zander tries to rationalize away his actions, Sonny angrily reminds the boy how his reckless behavior was endangering not only his own existence but the lives of others. Bobbie is taken aback to find Roy tickling the ivories with Melissa as his adoring audience of one. Luke is touched when Lucky offers to help him out with his money troubles. Liz hisses at Gia that she won't let Nikolas get hurt by his blackmailing roommate. Frantic with worry about her missing client, Alexis appeals to Roy for help. At the safe house, Sonny fills Jason in on how Carly leapt to conclusions about his relationship with his attorney. Luke is forced to fight off two of Helena's goons after they jump him in his back room. Worried that he's losing his grip, Sonny asks Jason to let him know if he spots anything out of whack. Later, Zander blurts out to Jason that his mother has cancer.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Quartermaine Mansion (gardens):
Monica was in the garden where Alan found her and commented on her not eating any breakfast, the first real breakfast they've had in a while. She said she had to tell him something, but he held up her bracelet and said he knew. She asked if he told anyone else and he said AJ She said he might as well have taken out an ad. He figured Emily must know and she said Emily found out by accident. He said they weren't doing this the same as before; she was going to lean on him this time.
They hugged.

Inside the mansion:
Emily found AJ in Michael's old room. He told Emily that Michael had been gone almost a year; he belongs in this house. Emily said she wasn't sure of that. "Then he belongs with me," AJ said. Emily asked what made him think of this all of a sudden. He said he had forgotten how important family was for awhile. They talked about their mother, being there for her at this time.

Zander's hiding spot:
Sonny told Jason he found Roy in the garage. He didn't think Alexis suspected they had Zander, but figured Roy was suspicious. He said they just have to keep Zander safe till the trial. Jason asked if Carly was still upset. Sonny said he didn't know, he left early. He said they fight and don't always resolve things. He didn't want Michael growing up like that. Jason said that Zander told him Monica was sick and he wanted to go see for himself. Sonny said he would get Johnny to watch Zander. Zander came out of the bathroom and asked if Sonny had brought Emily. He said she was upset about her mother. Sonny said Jason would take care of that. Zander kicked at the furniture. Sonny warned if he did that in front of the judge, Emily would be seeing him in jail during visiting hours, if he lived that long.

Carly was asking Johnny about Sonny but not getting the answer she wanted, she hung up. The phone rang and Carly asked the person where the ad campaign was and if it had been sent over that morning why wasn't it on her desk. It had been delivered but was on Elton's desk. Sonny showed up with a big bouquet of flowers and was about to go into Carly's office when she opened her door and they literally ran into each other, the flowers falling to the ground. Sonny caught hold of one and held it up to her. They laughed. In her office, they both apologized for what happened the night before. She thanked him for the flowers, they reminded her of Martinique. He said that was the idea. Sonny said how he grew up where there was fighting, he didn't want that for them. He said a man that couldn't control his anger around women and children wasn't much of a man.
Laura showed up and asked Elton if Mrs. Corinthos deigned to show her presence. Elton said she was in her office. Laura was going to go in but he said there was a wonderful surprise in her office. "A wonderful surprise beats Carly anyday," she said. She went into her office, taking the mail with her. She threw it on her desk. She saw Lucky there, her surprise. She was happy to see him. He told her he had seen Luke the night before and he was having financial troubles. She said he still kept up his child support payments. He said Luke would dig ditches to make sure that got paid. Laura told Lucky if he didn't want his father to worry about him, don't worry about his father. She said it was always feast or famine with him.
Laura was sitting at her desk when Carly came in. Carly knew the ad campaign had been delivered and Elton had put it in Laura's office. She was giving Laura this big song and dance about working together better; that she, Carly should do better. She had her eye on the folder; she didn't want Laura opening it.

Dara and Alexis were arguing as usual, even if they were supposedly on the same side for once. Alexis wanted a continuance and Dara was arguing that they had just moved the trial date up for her. Dara said if she didn't know better, she would say Alexis was having witness problems. Alexis said Zander would be there to testify. Roy came to tell Alexis he had run into Sonny. She said they were in trouble unless he had found Zander. He said he hadn't but talked to Sonny. He started to say something when they saw Sorel with his lawyer. Roy asked who the suit was. Alexis said he was the senior partner of the defense team, Daniel Webster. Sorel pointed out Alexis as the one that had been to see him. He said she thought they had Zander Smith and the lawyer said to keep it that way.

Emily and Liz argued about Jason. Emily wouldn't believe that Jason would attack Lucky without being provoked. She told Liz to find Jason so he could see Monica. Later, Sonny was in the park with Michael. He was sitting with him in the sandbox, talking to him, when Alexis found him. She told Sonny the trial was tomorrow, but no Zander. Sonny said Zander would be there. She told him she went to see Sorel. He asked if she told him that Zander was missing. She said why not let him know when it was Sorel's men who took him. Sonny kept looking back to make sure Michael was okay, not knowing AJ was watching from behind the trees. He told Alexis she put herself in danger. He had looked away again and when he turned around, no Michael.

Jason went to see Monica. She told him it was just a biopsy, a simple procedure. She said her chances weren't good if it was cancer again, but she was going to fight. She said he would know about fighting since he wasn't expected to live after his accident. She said she had so much to live for. Jason left and he ran into Emily. They talked about their mother and he asked if she wanted Liz to come be with her. She said Liz was acting strange, thinking he would beat up Lucky.

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