General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on GH
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Monday, June 3, 2002

The party for Carly continued. Carly and Alexis argued outside about Sonny. Carly told Alexis that Sonny didn't need her and Alexis tried to walk away. Carly grabbed her arm and Alexis, while trying to get away from her, fell. Sonny came out and Ned and Kristina ran over to her, concerned. Alexis said she was okay, she slipped and fell. They all looked at Carly and she denied doing anything, that she didn't push Alexis. Alexis told everyone she was okay, don't fuss. Jax asked to escort Carly inside to her party and Carly refused at first, looking at Sonny. Sonny said to go ahead, it was her party. She went inside and Sonny hovered over Alexis. Finally he went in and Alexis told Kristina and Ned that she needed to see a doctor, she just hadn't wanted to make a fuss. Inside Carly and Bobbie hugged. Maxie was all pouts because of her mom and Lucky. She had seen Lucky and Sarah go into Lucky's room. Liz came over to talk to her and they talked about sisters and Maxie told her that Lucky and Sarah were together. Liz had to go see for herself and went upstairs.
She opened up the door to find them in bed together. She went out and Lucky tried to talk to her but she was mad. She told Sarah that she had told her what it would do to her to see her and Lucky together, but she said she was okay. Lucky said something and she slapped him. Downstairs Maxie was ignoring her mother. Roy was watching them and Felicia asked him how it had been with Hannah. He said she was an angel, but he was smiling. He asked if she wanted to dance and she said yes. Jason was there and he asked Carly if she had told Sonny about faking her death and she said no. He told her that Sonny wanted him investigating where she was while she was missing. She said things were going so well. Nikolas and Gia showed up and were talking outside when Taggert came by. Nikolas was telling Gia that Taggert wouldn't do anything to her and she asked how he could say that. Taggert said he would like to know that too. Gia said she wasn't giving Nikolas up and Taggert left and said to stay there, he would be back. The party was breaking up and Carly and Sonny left. Skye showed up and Jax took her off somewhere. Liz was all upset and broke a dish. She asked Bobbie if she could leave and Bobbie said okay. She was leaving as Jason was coming in and she asked if he could take her away. Felicia went to get Maxie to go home. She was being a brat. Taggert did come by again and laid something on the table, saying he had made his decision.

Canadian border:
Luke and Laura were trying to get away from some bar but the car wouldn't start. Luke was trying to see what was wrong and Laura was asking him about the wedding. He didn't sound interested enough for Laura and she asked if he really wanted to get married because he didn't seem too interested when she brought it up. He was interested. He told her to let him know when and where and he would show up. She told him to wiggle some little wire and he wouldn't, of course. He went to try to start the car again. He didn't see Laura wiggle the wire and the car started great. He was thrilled and when he came around he asked if she had wiggled the wire and she said yes. He asked where they were and she said the Canadian border. They were close to Niagara Falls. He asked why couldn't they honeymoon there and she said she would prefer a wedding before the honeymoon. She clued in that he meant for them to elope. They agreed it would be a good idea.

Kristina and Ned were with Alexis at the hospital. They waited for the Doctor and when one came in, Alexis shooed them out. The Doctor mentioned taking x-rays to see what she hurt and she said she couldn't be x-rayed, she was pregnant. He examined her and assured her the baby was okay, but asked that see an ob-gyn as soon as possible. She said she had already made an appointment.

Alexis' penthouse:
Kristina and Ned were with Alexis and Kristina gave Alexis a glass of wine to relax her. She didn't want to drink it, of course, so she asked Ned to put on some music and while his back was turned, watered the plant with it. He came back over and she showed him the empty glass. After they left Alexis sat by the fire and was telling her baby that they would be okay by themselves.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny and Carly were back together. Carly said she still didn't like the idea that he slept with Alexis. Sonny told her that it was only once and it wouldn't happen again. He said that Alexis was his friend, though, and to treat her with respect. Little did he know that he had another baby on the way.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Liz is still upset about seeing Lucky and Sarah as she and Jason enter her studio. She starts throwing things around and voicing her frustration. Jason offers her support, but Liz cannot stop feeling bad for how much she wasted on Lucky. She says she wishes things would have ended long ago so she could have something else she wanted-him. Liz pulls Jason in for a kiss. Coats and clothes start coming off, but Liz suddenly stops. She tells Jason she is using him to get back at Lucky. Jason informs her that he understands and it is okay. This makes Liz feel worse. She admits that she cares for Jason and does not want to do anything that would hurt that. Jason says okay, but if she changes her mind, he is okay with that too.

As Courtney is playing with her new dog, Rosie, in the hotel room, AJ walks out to let her know that he cannot sleep without her. He expresses to Courtney that he was thankful that she stood up to his family and that she is his only family now. At this time, there is a knock on the door. Edward requests to talk to AJ alone, because he is worried for the two of them after what happened earlier and because he is on AJ's side. Courtney calls Edward a liar, but AJ agrees to give Edward 10 minutes. Edward reminds AJ of the plan to get Michael back, but AJ just asks him to leave. Edward informs AJ that he will regret this decision to leave the family. When Edward is gone, Courtney goes to AJ to see what happened. After revealing Edward's plan, Courtney compliments AJ for his always believing in her. AJ stops her to say that she is not the man he thinks he is. He goes on to say that he wants to get back at Edward by taking over ELQ, for then everything will be okay.

Skye and Jax arrive home after the night at the arcade. She starts unbuttoning his shirt as she is saying her thank you to him. He stops her, which makes Skye feel rejected. Jax explains that she does not "owe" him sex for the things he does for her. Skye stops to realize and internalize Jax's words. She then kisses him gently. Next we see Jax walking in from the back, putting his shirt on before opening his door to Edward. Edward is there to ask Jax for help. Edward wants Skye to not interfere with what he is about to do to AJ. Jax and Edward come to an agreement, which Skye overhears. As soon as Edward is out of the room, sky walks in to tell Jax she is angry with him. Jax explains his intentions with Edward, and that he still on her side. Skye gets overwhelmed with Jax's never ending kindness. Jax asks Skye to trust him.

Edward is seen outside a door on the phone, instructing someone to off AJ entirely.

Luke and Laura are in Niagara Falls and while there they get the idea to get remarried. As they are filling out the paperwork Laura notices a young couple that does not look happy. She tells Luke that they must talk to the kids and heads of to the girl. Laura counsels the girl about what she wants in a wedding. During this, Laura realized her response to the same question. When the young couple is called, they let the Judge know they changed their minds. When Luke and Laura were called, Laura tells him that this is not what she wants. He agrees and they head outside to find an empty hotel room.

Outside Kelly's, Taggert approaches Nikolas and Gia about his decision. He conveys that he is not going to arrest Gia but is there for Nikolas. Taggert shows Gia the envelop with the money. She demands an answer from Nikolas, who replies "no comment." He walks away and Gia starts talking to her brother about her options. When Taggert leaves and Nikolas comes back, Gia tells him her brother was right about him. Nik tries to explain his reasons, saying, "no one takes anything away from me." Gia comes back with, "you sound just like your father. Nik asks if they can talk more about this at home. Gia agreed but said she would find her own where there.

Taggert is at the hospital with Sharifa where he tells her he let Gia go. This upsets Sharifa who informs Taggert of his duties and how she is not willing to let this go. Taggert reminds Sharifa that she owes him from what happened at the Academy and that she is being transferred back to Brooklyn.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

AJ pleases Courtney with his talk of seeing the world together. Alexis has her first prenatal appointment with Dr. Meadows, who wonders how her patient really feels about her unplanned pregnancy. Revealing that she's decided not to tell the baby's father, Alexis admits she still isn't sure how she'll handle being a single mom. At the penthouse, Carly revels in Sonny's full and passionate attention once again. Marcus informs a sputtering AJ that all of his assets have been frozen by the feds in the wake of racketeering charges. Jason assures Liz that the previous night's events did nothing to damage their friendship. Edward threatens to disinherit AJ

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Edward contacted his people to confirm that AJ was completely ousted from the family fortune. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, AJ realized the ramifications of poverty as his credit card was declined and he couldn't pay for his and Courtney's breakfast. As AJ returned to their table outside, he explained the situation to Courtney, and the two discussed their predicament. Courtney wanted to hock her wedding ring, but AJ wouldn't hear of it, and he told Courtney he'd be right back - he had to take care of some things. Shortly thereafter, Mike arrived and Courtney made him well aware of what was going on with the Q's. He assured her that he meant what he said about sticking by her no matter what, and he offered to share his home with the homeless couple. Mike also told Courtney that he was going to check in with a guy who owed him some money (a lie), and he would give the money to Courtney and AJ in order to "tide them over." Courtney resisted at first, saying that AJ would surely provide for the both of them (and Rosie), but Mike was persistent, and Courtney seemed happy to have "Daddy" in her corner for a change.

After leaving Kelly's, AJ made a b-line to Janine's, telling her about his and Courtney's latest misfortune and demanding cash. After a long conversation, Janine was shocked, realizing that AJ was truly in love with Courtney, and she asked AJ to leave. "You're a loser." After AJ left, Edward walked in and told Janine she did a great "job." Janine was obviously tormented by Edward's bribery. Edward told her not to fret and that she would get her chance to mother Courtney by comforting her through her divorce. Later, after their initial defeat, the newlyweds agreed to stay at Mike's.

At L&B, Kristina was irritated that Ned had Alexis on his mind. Ned asked Kristina to find out what was going on with Alexis, as he was sure she was lying about something. Kristina was adamant about not butting into her sister's life again. A frustrated Ned finally gave up on the campaign and left in a huff.

Back at Alexis's penthouse, a clueless Sonny expressed his concern about the soon-to-be mom. Alexis told Sonny to stop hovering and asked him to leave, but Sonny saw through her denial and persisted to find out what was going on.

Meanwhile, Zander secretly witnessed Carly and Jason in an embrace at Sonny's apartment and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Zander barged in, "You know, you're really something!" Zander continued by going off on Carly and Jason, and Jason came right back at him, "You've always had a big mouth." Alexis and Sonny couldn't help but hear the loud argument across the hall, and Sonny rushed over to intervene. A clueless Zander demanded that Sonny recognize that Jason was stabbing Sonny in the back by getting it on with Carly. Sonny was angry that Zander always reacts before thinking, and said that Zander was a liability - he immediately fired Zander, advising him to forget what he had "learned" about Sonny's business, and hot-headed Zander left. Carly tried to plead with Sonny to let Zander cool off, but Jason cut her off, saying, "Zander knew enough to back off, and he chose not to." Basically, Sonny and Jason let Carly know that they were done discussing the Zander situation, that it was best that Zander was gone, and a frustrated Carly left the penthouse to find Zander.

As Zander left Sonny's, he ran into Alexis. She was unsuccessful at calming him, and Zander actually put doubts in her vulnerable mind about Sonny's integrity before he headed out in a rage.

Shortly thereafter, Zander ran into Carly. The two argued about what had happened, and finally Zander asked Carly what it would be like if he "wasn't on Sonny's side." Neither Carly nor Zander realized that Jason was watching and hearing the entire conversation. Jason interrupted Carly and Zander, and things got ugly. Jason was well aware of what Zander was referring to. Finally, an angry Zander blurted out, "Hope you had a lot more fun with her than I did." After Zander left, Carly and Jason talked about what had happened, etc. Later, Carly confessed that she was thinking of having another baby with Sonny, and she thanked Jason for allowing the Corinthos Family to be happy - finally.

Mike showed up at Sonny's about Courtney. Mike told Sonny about the Courtney/AJ situation and asked Sonny for money. Sonny was surprised by Mike's request for cash, as he had already given Mike money. It didn't take long for Sonny to find out about Mike's latest "investment," which infuriated Sonny! Sonny realized that Mike was being set up by Edward, and Sonny sent Mike walking.

Shortly thereafter, Sonny arrived at Alexis's door regarding "business", and Alexis confirmed that Courtney no longer had any money via the Q's. Sonny gave Alexis a check for a substantial sum of money to support Courtney and AJ, "no strings attached," making it clear to Alexis that Sonny has sincere loyalties toward family, regardless of the badness associated with its members.

Friday, June 7, 2002

Nikolas overhears Lucky encouraging Gia to free herself from his brother's orbit while she still can. Liz snipes at her sister when a sheepish Sarah shows up at Kelly's. Courtney decides to look for a job to keep body and soul together until her husband gets back on his feet. Zander's protectiveness surprises Liz, who icily reminds him that she doesn't require rescuing. Ned frets about Alexis as it becomes more and more obvious that his friend is in some kind of trouble. Liz apologizes to Zander for snapping at him, then explains why she's been in such a foul mood. Jason warns Sonny that an old nemesis is preparing to make another move against him.

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