General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on GH
Courtney and A.J. quarreled. Zander learned that one of his friends had AIDS. Carly tried to hide her possible infertility issues from Sonny. Laura had difficulty remembering things.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 17, 2002 on GH
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Monday, June 17, 2002

Ned and Alexis were still holed up in the cottage, waiting out the storm. Alexis asked Ned not to tell Kristina about her condition, as she was afraid Kristina would blab to Sonny. Ned reminded her that nobody would have to tell Sonny she was pregnant in a few months. Then Sonny would be able to tell for himself, and he could surely count and realize he was the father.

Ned did agree with Alexis' decision not to tell Sonny about the baby. He admitted to Alexis that he loved her but only as a friend. She was glad for him and Kristina, but they didn't realize that Kristina had seen them there together.

Zander and Elizabeth were talking in Elizabeth's studio, but Jason interrupted them. Zander went to the door with Elizabeth, and Jason asked to see Elizabeth alone. They talked, and Jason warned her about Zander and how he had hurt Emily. She said nobody could tell her how to think, including Jason.

Jason asked if Elizabeth wanted to go for a ride with him, but she declined. Jason warned Zander not to hurt Elizabeth. After he left, Elizabeth changed Zander's bandage, and the two exchanged some pretty hot looks.

Carly called Dr. Meadows from Sonny's penthouse and was told she couldn't get pregnant. Sonny showed Carly the divorce papers. He had stopped the divorce before it could be finalized; they were still married. He didn't understand why Carly was all of a sudden crying. He said they could have it all, even more children.

Carly ran out of the room and upstairs, still crying. Sonny went after her and found her on the balcony outside the bedroom, getting soaked by the rain. She asked him to make love to her. She told him that she had talked to Dr. Meadows but lied and said that all systems were go to have a baby.

Later, Carly left after calling Dr. Meadows. She said she and Sonny were going to have a baby, no matter what she had to do. She ran into Alexis getting off the elevator. They looked briefly at each other.

Bobbie and Scott went to Kelly's to see if they could find Laura's engagement ring. She remembered Laura having it there. Scott found it, and Bobbie put it on, but it got stuck on her finger. She managed to get it off with some butter.

Laura showed up at the convent, wearing a nun's habit and surprising Luke. Together they were going to hunt down Helena, but the Mother Superior stopped them first. Luke managed to talk his way around her again, and they took off to search for Helena. Inside the church, Laura saw one of the nuns and stopped her, but it was the wrong one.

There was a nun snuffing out candles, and after she left, Laura followed her. Luke was right there to expose her as Helena. Helena gave them a song and dance about being a changed person, but Laura wasn't buying it. Helena said that DNA and evidence would show that Helena Cassadine was in Pentonville. Luke seemed to be agreeing with Helena, but he actually had her sent to Antarctica. Luke and Laura hugged.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Felicia showed up at Roy's apartment with a thank you gift that would transform his life. The wagon she took in was filled with cans of paint to help brighten his life. She told him to leave, and when he returned, she would be done. He let her know that he could not allow her to do it all herself.

As Roy and Felicia got things ready to paint, Felicia tried to move a lamp. Roy thought to put it in the closet but needed to move a few boxes first. He pulled them out and took two to the dumpster as he left to get paint thinner. While he was away, Felicia snooped in the other boxes. The first one she opened was filled with money.

Felicia quickly put the lid back on as Roy walked back in. He insisted that they needed to get the boxes to the dumpster before the trash man arrived, and Felicia asked if he really wanted to throw them away. When he wondered why he should not, Felicia took the lid off and showed him the money.

Nikolas and Gia were in bed, talking about her big day with the photo shoot for the magazine cover, while Lucky was on the phone, setting last-minute details for the Deception photo shoot Gia was scheduled for.

Gia was at the Tempo Magazine cover shoot, getting her makeup done and talking to the photographer. The magazine publicist approached Nikolas and mentioned that Gia was who all women wanted to be: beautiful with a fiancÚ who could pull enough strings to get them a cover. Nikolas got uncomfortable and stated that Gia had gotten the cover on her own.

The photographer announced Gia was flawless, when Lucky walked up and told all to look again. Nikolas went to Lucky to handle him. Lucky loudly exclaimed that Gia was in breech of contract. Then Gia walked over to talk to Lucky.

Lucky reminded Gia of the shoot that had been scheduled with Deception at the same time. Nikolas threw out options that he felt should work for all involved, but Lucky said Gia should honor her word. The photographer called Gia -- Lucky said if she walked away then she had cut all ties with Deception. Gia turned and walked away.

Lucky stayed for the photo shoot and overheard Nikolas talking to the publicist. Nikolas instructed her to do whatever it took to make sure Gia was the next star supermodel. The publicist agreed and walked away. Lucky walked up and asked how Gia would feel if she knew Nikolas was buying her success. Nikolas said again that Gia was talented, and it was going to work out for everyone. Lucky asked if it was better for her, for him and his mom's company, or for Nikolas, and he walked away.

Back at Deception, Lucky was shooting another model for the session Gia had missed. Sarah walked in and talked to Lucky about what was going on. Lucky admitted that, even though Gia was a pain, she was a great model.

At Kelly's, Courtney fished though her apron for money for A.J. She gave him all she had, but he needed more to take a cab to his first job interview. She let him know that was all she had and suggested that he take the bus. That did not sit well with A.J.

Before A.J. could say anything, a customer interrupted them by calling Courtney "honey buns." A.J. was upset, and he confronted the man, saying the man should address A.J.'s wife by "Ms." The man got up in A.J.'s face, but A.J. invoked the family name. The guy walked out. Courtney told A.J. that he needed to not get so angry and then wished him luck on his job interviews.

A.J. went through several interviews, sprinkled with questions about what he did, why he had left the family, and about the RICO charges. After he was done with the interviews, he returned to Kelly's and saw Jason and Courtney talking. He walked up and asked Courtney, "How come my wife is making nice with the man who threatened to kill me."

Edward was at the Port Charles Grill, doing business on the phone. Jax approached Edward and asked how he liked his last meal. As they were talking, Skye walked up and asked why she was locked out of her office. Edward told her she no longer had controlling interest or an office.

Skye grew angry and took it out on Jax. He tried to calm her down, but she threw water in his face and walked out. She ended up at the lake house and started throwing anything she could get her hands on. Jax showed up, but Skye had locked all the doors. Jax broke down the door and grabbed Skye.

Skye broke free and started to throw things again. Jax said if all she could do when she lost a few points was to throw a tantrum, then she might want to get out of the game. Skye let Jax know that it was more than a few points. ELQ had been her life and a way to prove herself to the family. Skye felt Jax had betrayed her, since she had asked him to look out for her while she was gone.

Skye said she was ready to cut her losses. Jax said he wouldn't let her. She replied that it didn't matter what he said -- they were over, and she did not want to rely on men. Jax was disappointed in Skye's words and tried to explain what had happened when she had been gone and how he was going to take down Edward, with or without help. Skye felt that Jax was just talking as a part of the game and walked away again. Jax pulled her close and kissed her.

Alan walked into to Edward's office, but Edward's new assistant, Petra, quickly stopped him. Monica walked in moments later and saw Alan getting a massage from Petra. Monica reminded him of the reason they were there, and somehow they got Petra to leave the room. As soon as she was out, the doctors Quartermaine began searching Edward's desk. Monica found a list of Jax's holdings with the top two X-ed out.

Alan and Monica said they really needed to stop Edward. Edward walked in to proclaim that no one could stop him. Alan told Edward that the heart surgery had not been as successful as hoped, and the only solution was retirement. Alan and Monica threw out suggestions, but Edward felt all he needed was power.

Alan and Monica walked out, not knowing what to do next. Monica began by telling Alan he shouldn't have gotten a massage. He explained again his reasons and asked if she had a better idea.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Carly shared her fears with Jason, but Carly refused to heed Jason's advice. A.J. painted a picture of his brother for Courtney, and A.J. chose to embellish his job prospects.

Edward fertilized Skye's seeds of doubt about Jax, and Skye resorted to old habits afterward.

Lucky leaned on Sarah, and Lucky rejected Gia's attempt to make amends. Lucky also pressed Nikolas to examine his actions, while Nikolas saw to the details of Gia's future.

Felicia informed Roy of her discovery, and the two contemplated their next move after dealing with Taggert. Meanwhile, the mystery man staked outside of Roy's home made an ominous call.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Laura asked Luke for help with their wedding plans. She couldn't seem to find an appropriate theme for the two of them, as their first wedding had been the perfect day. She asked how they could top that. They attempted to "conjure up" a scenario. Leslie arrived downstairs and found Luke and Laura reminiscing about Laura's walk down the aisle with Rick.

Leslie suggested that Rick walk with Laura again, and Laura was thrilled at her mother's generosity, considering Leslie and Rick's past history. Leslie felt it would be good for her to deal with seeing Rick, and she wanted it for Laura too. Laura immediately called Rick to make the arrangements. Rick was truly touched and agreed to do it. Luke and Laura finally felt that they were on the right track toward the best second wedding ever.

Later, Laura and Leslie looked through an old photo album, and Laura was puzzled by a staircase in one of the photos of Amy. Leslie told her the staircase was to the attic in the garage of the old house, but Laura didn't recall the staircase, and it obviously troubled her.

As Skye's suspicions grew, she and Jax discussed his taking over ELQ in approximately six months. Skye insinuated to a confused Jax that she might not "be around" to see his latest hostile takeover. After Skye left the room, Jax received a call from Celine, notifying him that she had located the necklace he wished to give his "lady friend." He agreed to fly to Paris immediately to pick up the glitter.

As Skye returned, she overheard the end of Jax's conversation. "What would I do without you, Celine?" Jax asked, which a disturbed Skye heard. Jax advised Skye that he was headed to Sydney immediately to handle some business, but Skye attempted to "catch" Jax in his fib by insisting she tag along. Jax turned her down flat and kissed her goodbye. Later, Skye received a phone call from Jax's hotel in Paris, confirming his reservation, adding fuel to the fire of Skye's suspicions and jealousy.

At Kelly's, Kristina questioned Alexis about the time Alexis and Ned had spent at the cottage. Alexis told Kristina that all Ned had done while they had been together had been to talk about how much he cared for Kristina. Alexis went on in detail, but when she mentioned feng shui within that context, Kristina knew there was more to what had happened, since Ned simply hated feng shui.

A frustrated Alexis told Kristina that Ned was over her, plain and simple, and then Alexis left, running into Ned on the way out. She briefly told Ned to be prepared for Kristina. Upon Ned's arrival, Kristina proceeded to give him the third degree, and he teased her by saying he and Alexis had made love "til [they] were cross-eyed." Later, Ned assured Kristina that she was the only woman for him.

As Elizabeth arrived at Kelly's, she spied Zander taking cash from a guy for what she assumed was another dirty job. When she confronted him about it, Zander told her to back off and stay out of his business. Elizabeth then told him she couldn't accept his gift, and she returned it to him.

Benny met Jason on the docks to deliver a cashier's check in the amount of $100,000. Benny, assuming it was a "business" transaction, questioned why Jason didn't just want cash -- he asked about the cashier's check. Jason simply said that it was to "pay off an old debt." The money was actually for Sonny's and Jason's annual contribution to the hospital in honor of the "Day of Compassion," which was in memory of Stone Cates and Robin Scorpio. In the past, Sonny and Jason had presented the money at the Nurses Ball, but there was to be no ball that year. They had decided to make the contribution, anyway, so as to keep the promise they had made to the two AIDS-stricken lovers.

Michael was thrilled to see Sonny and Carly in bed together, and he again asked for a sibling. Sonny told Michael to be patient and that he and Carly would try. After Michael left, Carly apologized to Sonny about telling Michael such a thing, but Sonny told her he was not angry and asked that they "get started on this baby ASAP." They made plans to go back to Martinique that night to renew their vows. Sonny left to get dressed.

Carly received a call from Dr. Bonds, who told Carly that her fallopian tubes each had a block, and Carly would need more tests to see if the blockages were the reason she could not conceive. The test would require hospitalization, and the only opening was that night, due to a cancellation. Otherwise, she would have to wait three weeks. Carly took the appointment and told Sonny that there was a problem at the club that required her immediate attention and that she would not be able to go to Martinique that night. He said that was fine; they would go the following week.

Elizabeth ran into Jason outside of Kelly's as he was holding the hefty check and obviously deep in thought about Robin. Elizabeth questioned Jason about the large sum of money, and Jason told her its purpose. They talked about Stone, Robin, and the Day of Compassion, and Elizabeth apologized for her behavior the other day. Jason told her they didn't need to waste any more time discussing the subject. She was envious of his ability to not "hold on to things."

Elizabeth expressed to Jason her worry for Zander. Jason didn't think it was justifiable, but Elizabeth had her own feelings. Later, Jason asked her to go with him for a ride. Initially, Elizabeth declined, but as Jason turned to leave, she called out to him.

Meanwhile, Zander arrived to handle the drug deal and was surprised to find that the dealer was an old friend and fellow dealer, Rick, whom Zander thought was clean and enjoying a new, stable, married life with a girl named Lisa. Rick told a shocked Zander that things had changed, and that Lisa had AIDS.

At the hospital, as Alexis was filling out medical history paperwork, Carly arrived for her tests. Alexis managed to dodge Carly and headed to Kelly's for her meeting with Sonny. As Alexis sat down at Sonny's table, she expressed her surprise that he would have kept their appointment, rather than be with Carly at the hospital. Naturally, Sonny was stunned and took off for the hospital. Later, as Carly was discussing the procedure with Dr. Bonds, Sonny walked through the door of her hospital room.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Liz reminded Jason why the Day of Compassion helped people to think about those who were living with HIV. Across town, Zander was startled to learn that an old friend had developed full-blown AIDS.

A.J. bristled to see Courtney getting hit on by male customers at Kelly's. In desperate need of some fast cash, A.J. stooped to stealing from his family. Skye dropped by the mansion to visit her grandmother but encountered a smirking Edward instead.

Sonny hurried to Mercy Hospital to check on Carly, who concocted a story to cover the real reason she had been admitted. Meanwhile, Alexis told Ned about her close call in the OB/GYN ward.

Laura was puzzled by an old picture in her mother's photo album.

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