General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on GH
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Taggert interrupts Sonny's vows to Carly with a search warrant, and flaring tempers lead to Carly and Sonny's arrest. Alexis orchestrates Carly and Sonny's release, leaving Carly and Sonny free to complete the renewal of their vows. Jason helps Sonny cement a future with Carly after conveying his concern about Liz and Zander. Scott saves Lesley Lu from the fire, but Luke remains wary of Scott. Mac reveals that an arsonist set the fire in the attic, and Mac reprimands Maxie for putting Lesley Lu in danger. Skye remains hurt by Jax's apparent lies, and she seems willing to exact revenge by partnering with Edward. Meanwhile, Monica angers Alan by flirting with Rick, who has returned to town.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Announcing that he's landed another interview, AJ balks when his wife urges him to use her wages to buy back the antique dish he stole from the Quartermaines. Lucky admits to an irked Sarah how worried he is about Liz not returning his phone calls. Meanwhile, inside the crypt, a fearful Liz wonders why her captor has stopped coming by to check on her. Skye presses Jax for details about his "business" trip and is deflated when he continues to lie through his teeth. Sarah urges Lucky to let go of his guilt and let Liz make her own choices from now on. Jason asks his grandfather for a print-out of all the ELQ facilities within a fifty mile radius of Port Charles.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Jason almost beats Lucky up at the docks, because he thought he was someone else. Lucky questions him about Liz's disappearance. Jason tells the truth; that he doesn't know. Nikolas shows up to break up the fight and defend his brother (surprise, surprise). After Jason runs off, Lucky tells Nikolas and Gia of the situation. While discussing the possibilities, for example: Liz may have just gone off to take a break. Sarah shows up and encourages everyone to believe that Liz is probably fine and that she is perfectly capable of faking a disappearance to get attention. Gia suggests that Sarah and Lucky join her and Nikolas at Club 101 where she is meeting with the press. Once there, Gia pulls Lucky into the limelight saying that he is the person that makes her beautiful.

At Alexis' pent house, Kristina helps Alexis pack her things for her move to Manhattan. Instead of packing herself, Alexis runs off to do some final work for Sonny. She serves Taggert with long-promised papers suing the PCPD for all of the false accusations they have brought upon her client. She gets a power rush from doing it and Taggert can see it. Alexis then begins to question why she gets such a thrill from standing up for a mob boss. She then pays another visit to Dr. Bonds, who tells her that it is important to avoid as much stress as possible. She encourages Alexis to reconsider moving until after the baby is born. With her stress factor to ponder, Alexis goes back to her pent house to find Ned there, helping with the packing. Kristina makes a prompt exit and heads off to pick up some carry out and Ned makes Alexis sit down so that they can have a talk. Alexis decides that she isn't going to move to Manhattan. She won't stay in her pent house, but she will stay in Port Charles. Ned questions her on what she plans to do when Sonny finds out she's pregnant and she admits that she has no clue.

The entire Quartermaine family gathers at the mansion; some invited and others, like Courtney and AJ, not. Everyone is curious as to what this gathering is all about. When Jason shows up, Lila requests to speak in private with her grandson. Knowing that he wouldn't come to the Quartermaine mansion willingly she asks him if Edward had blackmailed him. He says yes and Lila tells him that she's going to bed and doesn't want to be a part of Edward's blackmail. Jason goes back to where the rest of the family is and AJ begins acting like himself. He gets upset with the entire family for never questioning Jason's shady behavior and the fact that Jason is a hitman. He then proceeds to take out the dish that he stole from the family and throw it at the wall. He breaks a few more things and then takes a swig of Vodka; trying to encourage his family to call the cops. Obviously, AJ has lost his mind if he truly believes that his reckless and idiotic behavior will earn the family's praise. He leaves with Courtney after almost taking one of the family cars. Tired of being at the mansion, Jason demands that Edward give him the information he requested. When denied, Jason reaches inside Edward's jacket, takes it, and leaves.

Carly takes Sonny to Club 101 for a romantic evening but is interrupted by Jax and Skye. Skye takes Sonny aside to distract him while Jax lays into Carly about her taking $100,000 from the Club 101 account. He asks her about why she took it, but she tells him that it was just a loan that she plans on repaying in full. Jax tells her not to worry about. Confused, Carly asks why and is informed that it was a small price to pay. He had no intension of ever working with Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. He no longer wants to be her partner and requests her resignation on his desk the next morning. Meanwhile, Skye makes up a stupid topic to distract Sonny with. She claims she wants him to pass a message on to Jason; that she wants to make amends.

Jax offers Skye Carly's old manager job at Club 101. Will she except?

Alexis informs Sonny that she is staying in Port Charles, but she is not going to continue working as his lawyer. He tells her that when he gets her bill, he'll pay it in full.

Felicia and Roy are investigating the money that was found in Roy's closet. They look to several suspects, including Sonny and Jax, but come up empty handed.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Carly tries masking her troubles at the club by informing Sonny that she quit to spend more time with him, but Sonny remains convinced that Carly is keeping the truth from him. Sonny tries to enlist Alexis' help, and Alexis stuns Sonny when she reveals the conflict of interest is due to her new client, Jax. Sonny confronts Jax, and Jax spills the shocking truth. Jason approaches Taggert for help after growing increasingly concerned about Liz and Zander, and Carly offers Jason a clue. Meanwhile in the crypt, Zander charms Liz with admissions about his past. Alan lashes out at Monica for her flirtatious behavior with Rick in response to her accusations regarding AJ. Rick stands up for Monica when AJ verbally assaults her. AJ continues his downward spiral, and AJ proceeds to break Courtney's heart in the process. Skye grows increasingly apprehensive about her decision to team with Edward as Jax defends Skye to Edward's face, and Felicia approaches Edward with an investment proposal. At the same time, Nikolas orchestrates a holiday for Gia.

Friday, July 5, 2002

Courtney finds AJ's flask on the pier and knows what happened. She sees him in the bushes but leaves without letting his know. After she leaves, AJ comes out and picks up his flask. Courtney comes out from behind the wall and walks down to the pier and watches him leave. She's crying. AJ ends up at the 4th of July carnival on a park bench and continues drinking. He eventually passes out and drops his bottle. Courtney finds him there. She throws her jacket at him and he wakes up startled. He jumps on her and asks if she's there to gloat. He tells her he's a mess, a screw up and this is her chance to get out. She continues to tell him she loves him but he tells her to shut up and leaves. He gets into a car and Courtney joins him. He tells her to leave him alone and that she's worried about him. She doesn't want him to hurt himself and that he can't drive like this. She wants to take him home and sleep it off. He tells her to stop trying to save him, no one can. He tells her to get out. She refuses and he starts the car. They are driving down the road and Courtney keeps trying to get him to stop the car but he's tells her to quit nagging and takes his eyes off the road. Suddenly, she screams and he looks up and slams on the brakes. Everything happens in slow motion and there are sounds of a crash.

Edward chats up Skye about AJ's drinking and the choice she made to double cross Jax to get to ELQ. He tells her he can trust her to be strong and follow through since she has her eye on the big picture and will do whatever it takes. She tells Edward about Jax's idea to have her manage his nightclub. Skye doesn't want to do it but Edward tells her she has too. He keeps twisting the knife about the other women in the picture from Paris that he showed Skye of Jax. He tells her she needs to get revenge. Hello, people, she's an alcoholic. Working in a nightclub isn't the smartest idea. Whatever, Edward keeps feeding her insecurities.

Sonny refuses to believe that Carly embezzled money from the club. He thinks Jax set her up. Alexis tries to convince him it's true but to no avail. Jax tells him he's paranoid and that this has nothing to do with Sonny. Jax drives home the message that this is what happens to women who get close to Sonny. They give and he takes. Sonny turns to Alexis and knows that something has changed. Alexis tells him that Jax has proof. Jax says Sonny should thank him for not sending Carly to jail. Sonny pulls out his checkbook and gives Jax back the money and says he never wants to hear about it again. Jax rips up the check. Alexis disses Sonny and refuses to agree with him that Jax is wrong and Sonny leaves. Jax refuses to give Carly another chance. He says she can't get away from Sonny. He tells Alexis he's thinking about giving Skye the whole club. Alexis can't believe it. Jax says he has no illusions of Skye but he cares about her. He says she's finally opening up to him but tests him sometimes. Alexis realizes that he really does care for her. She tells him she wants him to be happy but worries about him putting his heart on his sleeve. They hug and Skye walks in. She tells him she's been thinking out his offer and asks if he really knows her so well. She agrees to manage the club. She likes to be in charge and wants him to make love to her right there in the office. Meanwhile, Alexis is in the park on the phone. She got her old boss to admit that Carly gave him the $100,000. She says she's an old friend and means well but it's that consideration that is making her consider staying in P.C. She wants to return the favor to Carly.

Jason still can't get any info on Liz's whereabouts. Carly tries to throw Taggert out but Jason stops her. Taggert needs more info on who grabbed Liz because he's getting nowhere. Carly can't keep her mouth shut and tries to make this about Sonny. Carly tells Jason not to trust Taggert. Jason is stuck between wanting desperately to find Liz and telling Taggert private information. He thinks the ELQ is someone's initials not relating to his family. Taggert wants to know what the dead men said before they died. Jason won't give it up. He won't tell what the ransom demand was. Taggert keeps pushing and Jason tells him to go to hell. He tells him he'll find Liz without him. Taggert says he didn't ask him to role over on Sonny and that he'll get his men on his list. Sonny walks in and tells Jason this better be worth it. Carly hugs Sonny and asks if his day was better than hers. Sonny asks why Carly embezzled money from Jax. Carly gets defensive and asks why he jumps to conclusions and believes others over her. Sonny tells her to tell the truth and trust him to be ok with it. She says she did it for him. She says she loves him and wants to be able to have the life they dreamed of. She tells him she knows how much he wants a child so she's been going to the doctor and taking tests. She lies and says that she took the money because she's taking fertility tests.

Zander and Liz meanwhile, are kissing in the crypt. She tells him not to stop. What a hussy! She's so fickle. They start taking off their clothes and lay down on the ground. Zander gets the light to come on. They notice a crack in the wall and decide to try to break through (yeah right). Suddenly the cement wall breaks free in pieces and Zander continues to scratch at it. They find water pipes but the pipe is empty. Zander figures out that it's a gas line they broke open. Zander tries to plug it. He turns around and finds Liz passed out on the floor. He picks her up and carries her to the door. He's starting to feel the gas too but keeps trying to fix the leak. He eventually passes out as well.

Nikolas and Gia are at the 4th of July carnival. Gia wants to do the kissing booth when she notices that all of the funds are going to the 9-11 Fund and no one is manning the booth. Nikolas isn't liking this idea and jumps ahead of the line. The others are getting anxious now and wave their money around. Nikolas says he's just getting warmed up. He holds up the closed sign and Gia says there were other people waiting. Nikolas gets a call and tells Gia that it was a guy who is throwing a party tonight and that he can help her career. There will be TV and magazine people.

Jason meets with Benny on the docks. He doesn't have any info for him. Benny tells him about the Quinns. They were a mob family but are dead and buried. Jason wants to know about the Quinn's. He wants to know where they are buried. Benny says St. Anne's cemetery and Jason takes off.

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