General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on GH
Skye told Sonny and Carly the truth about Brenda's illness. An elated Brenda celebrated the news with Jax. The two shared a kiss as Skye watched from outside. Courtney discovered that A.J. was her stalker and ended the marriage. A.J. pressured his wife to reconsider, but she stood firm. After meeting with Jason to discuss Brenda, Sonny returned home to Carly. Alcazar left Alexis in the park, and she fell to the ground in pain, worried about the health and safety of her unborn baby. Georgie helped Lucas with his dyslexia, but he did not return her romantic feelings.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on GH
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Liz arrives at Kelly's and learns that Luke has been arrested for slugging Taggert. Courtney informs Liz that Courtney is moving to Manhattan because AJ got a good job there. Then Liz is stunned when Courtney informs Liz that Jason married Brenda while Liz was out of town.

At the Hospital, Jax quizzes Dr. Reimar and learns that Alcazar threatened Reimar and that was the reason that Reimar let Brenda continue to believe that she had inherited her mother's fatal brain disease. While Jax quizzes Reimar about how much Skye learned about the facts about Brenda's case, Skye is at the Lake House, confiding in AJ that she has learned that Brenda is NOT dying - and that Skye is inadvertently responsible for Brenda being kidnapped by Alcazar.

In the Caribbean, as Alcazar communicates with some of his men to pick him and Brenda up and get rid of Sonny, Sonny slugs Alcazar from behind. After Sonny slugs Alcazar and ties him up, Sonny uses Alcazar's phone to try to call for help, but the battery goes dead before Sonny can complete his message.

In the prison in Venezuela, Jason promises Carly that he WILL get her out of their predicament - but he does NOT know HOW - yet! A guard arrives and informs Jason and Carly that they are going to be executed. When Carly offers a bigger bribe, the warden informs his prisoners that Alcazar is too powerful for him to even consider crossing the arms dealer.

Back at Kelly's, Courtney tells Liz that Courtney believes that Jason was just trying to help Brenda when he married her, but Liz reminds Courtney that promises mean something to Jason and that would include Jason's marriage vows to Brenda.

At the Lake House, AJ urges Skye to get Jax out of town BEFORE Brenda returns with Brenda's version of events. AJ reminds Skye that Brenda hurt Jax every time Brenda ran back to Sonny. AJ admits to Skye that AJ has made a colossal mistake of his own and is hustling Courtney off to a new life in Manhattan BEFORE Courtney can learn the truth. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Jax learns from Dr. Reimar that he caught Skye at his files but believes that she had NOT had time to learn anything about Brenda's case by the time Dr. Reimar had Security escort her away. Jax demands that Dr. Reimar give Jax certified copies of accurate reports about Brenda's tests. When Jax returns to the Lake House, he is surprised to find Skye packing to leave on their honeymoon.

Courtney is surprised when Monica, Alan and Mike all arrive at Kelly's, ready for a party. AJ arrives and announces that they are celebrating AJ's new job and his impending move to Manhattan with Courtney. While Alan mutters to Monica that he is suspicious about AJ's motives for the sudden move because it looks like AJ is trying to run away from a problem, Monica expresses the opinion that moving far, far away from his family is the BEST thing that AJ could do for himself. Mike realizes that Courtney seems less excited than AJ about the prospective move, but Mike urges his daughter to go ahead, move to Manhattan and be happy with her husband. Mike promises to visit often. Monica tells AJ that she believes it is wise for AJ to be leaving Port Charles for a new life in Manhattan and AJ thanks his mother for her renewed confidence in him.

In the Venezuelan prison, Carly and Jason are plotting an escape when the warden returns and Carly threatens the warden with reprisals from Sonny Corinthos if any harm comes to either her or Jason. But the warden just laughs and informs Carly that Sonny will be dead soon. As Carly threatens the warden that Sonny Corinthos will get them all, a prisoner in a nearby cell suddenly perks up his ears at the mention of Sonny's name.

In the Caribbean jungle, Sonny tries to get Brenda to leave Sonny alone with Alcazar and Alcazar informs Brenda that that is because Sonny plans to execute Alcazar in the crazy hope that Alcazar's men will NOT carry out Alcazar's orders once they learn that their boss is dead. As Alcazar reminds Brenda of his love for her, Brenda surprises Sonny when she suddenly grabs the gun. Brenda threatens to kill Alcazar herself, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger. When Alcazar sees Brenda wavering, Alcazar urges Brenda to toss the gun into the jungle, implying that she is NOT acting like herself and that it is probably just her disease that is talking. Brenda fires into the air, then runs away, still clutching the gun. Sonny runs after her.

As the Venezuelan police drive Jason and Carly to a deserted spot in a Jeep to execute them, Jason surprises one of the guards when he hits him and Carly suddenly grabs a crowbar from under the seat and slugs the other guard. Jason and Carly make a getaway in the police Jeep.

Back at Kelly's, Liz tells Zander about her shock when she learned that Jason got married while Liz was away, helping Lucky rescue Luke. However, Zander tries to convince Liz that she has NOT lost anything with Jason's recent marriage.

At the lake House, Skye paints a happy fantasy for Jax about their prospective honeymoon. However, Jax lowers the boom and lets Skye know that JAX knows that Skye has been to Switzerland to see Brenda's doctor, Dr. Reimar! As Skye tries to explain away her trip to Switzerland to Jax, Skye inadvertently lets slip that Skye DID learn that Brenda was NOT dying while Skye was in Switzerland! When Jax blasts Skye for withholding the truth about Brenda's condition from Brenda, Skye defends herself by suggesting that maybe Brenda ALWAYS knew the truth about her illness and withheld the information herself in order to get sympathy. Jax stuns Skye when Jax replies: "Brenda did NOT need my sympathy! She had my HEART!'

After Monica, Alan, Liz and Mike leave the celebration at Kelly's, Courtney calls Jason and, finding that Jason is not at home, Courtney leaves a message about their planned move and then she thanks Jason for all the help that he has given her. AJ overhears Courtney's message to Jason and demands to know how Courtney could possibly be grateful to Jason for giving Courtney the gun that led to Coleman's shooting and Courtney's fears that followed the shooting. As AJ expresses his surprise that Courtney would have any reason to feel grateful to Jason, AJ makes a comment suggesting that maybe Courtney would prefer to stay in Port Charles, curl up on the couch and help Jason train Rosie. Courtney suddenly begins to suspect something.

Outside Kelly's, as it begins to snow, a passerby spots Liz and urges Liz to make a wish - because the first snow is early. Liz wishes for happiness - and soon! The passerby assures Liz that the fulfillment of her wish is on the way.

Jason and Carly fly to Tortola to get a boat to search the surrounding islands for Sonny and Brenda. Carly wonders if Brenda would finally be happy if Sonny ends up dead from Brenda's latest escapade. However, Jason assures Carly that they WILL find Sonny, Sonny WILL be fine and Sonny WILL be returning home with Carly, no matter what Brenda might do to wind Sonny around her little finger while they are alone in the jungle.

At the same time, in the Caribbean jungle, Sonny catches up to Brenda and convinces her that she is NOT going crazy and that Alcazar is just preying on her fears. Still holding the gun, Brenda admits that she HAS hurt everyone she ever loved. Brenda suddenly points the gun at herself and suggests that she could end it all right there. Sonny distracts Brenda with a kiss and takes the gun away from her as Brenda relaxes in his arms.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Kelly's Restaurant

Courtney questions how AJ knows about Jason and Courtney training Rosie, while AJ was in DC. AJ tap-dances and tries to turn the tables on her. AJ complains that he doesn't like Courtney spending time with Jason, or calling him even to say goodbye. AJ still maintains that Coleman was stalking her and that he didn't know. Although Courtney is glad that AJ got the new job in Manhattan, she is not enthusiastic about leaving Port Charles. Alexis enters Kelly's and sees Zander, who wanted to meet with her. Zander, it seems, finally wants to find another way to support himself other than crime. He asks Alexis to hook him up with a job. Courtney calls GH to talk to Coleman, and finds out he escaped. The police are just arriving at GH to try to locate him. Courtney puts on her jacket and goes outside. Coleman is there and abducts her. Ned arrives at the restaurant and meets Alexis, who asks him to give him a job at ELQ. Ned says he'll see what he can do.

Jax's and Skye's House

Jax is angry that Skye didn't tell him Brenda wasn't dying. Skye explains that she didn't know if Alcazar was lying to Brenda, or if Brenda knew she wasn't dying and was using this as an excuse for Jax's sympathy. Jax glorifies Brenda as a saint saying Brenda wouldn't do such a thing, but that Skye would. Skye is furious about Jax's distrust, reiterating that Brenda said she could have Jax back anytime she wanted him. Jax continues to make excuses for Brenda. Skye points out that Jax had been pushing her aside since Brenda showed up in town, and Skye is supposed to be the wife. Jax excuses his own actions, but tells Skye her actions were unconscionable. Skye wants to know why Brenda didn't find out about her own illness herself. Skye wants to know why neither Brenda nor Jax suspected Alcazar lied, but Skye did. Jax says Skye isn't the woman he married, but Skye says Jax is a hypocrite - he just wants Brenda now that she isn't dying. Skye wants to put all their problems behind the, but Jax is being selfish and uncooperative. Jax says they're over. His bags are packed and he's ready to leave. He gets a call that Brenda's plane has crashed and he's running off to find her.

On the Island

The "kiss" subsides and Sonny tells Brenda not to give up, she has too much to live for. Brenda looks like she wants to kiss again, but Sonny dodges her with a hug. When Brenda and Sonny get back to where Alcazar was tied to the tree, he is gone. The plan explodes by a remote control detonated by Alcazar. Sonny and Brenda fly several feet and land unconscious. Alcazar sneaks up from behind and grabs Brenda, telling Sonny to drop the gun or she's dead.

Undisclosed Island

Carly and Jason enter a local bar. Jason asks the bartender if he can rent the boat outside. He's directed to a man named Creed sitting at a nearby table playing cards. The boat is named the Esmerelda, but Jason is told it isn't for rent. Jason asks Creed if he wants to gamble for Jason to get the boat. Creed changes the rules by challenging Jason to a shot-to-shot drinking match - if Creed passes out first, Jason gets to use the boat. However, Carly must go up against him in the gamble, not Jason. Carly agrees with a smile, but chokes on the first shotful. Carly shoots the bull with Creed while they do a second and third shot. Jason attempts to pick up the boat keys left on another table, but a knife flies past him into the wall. A looped Carly asks Creed if she can have some rum to take back home with her. Carly tells Creed that he husband is trapped on one of the surrounding islands with a nasty, nasty little viper from her husband's past who has slithered back into their lives while trying to seduce Sonny. Carly tells him of her plans to knock Brenda down. Creed passes out, then Carly passes out and Jason carries her out of the bar while grabbing the keys. Jason plops Carly down in the boat. She says everything's rocking, and Jason replies "because you're on a boat." Carly tells Jason that he's hot, and so much nicer than Sonny and that he's really good in bed. Carly is feeling no pain as they boat towards the closest island. Jason keeps telling her to drink the coffee in the thermos. Jason spots what looks like a fire on an island. Sonny drops the gun, and he and Alcazar start fighting. Brenda runs away screaming and lands in some quicksand.

AJ and Courtney's Apartment

AJ is feverishly packing to leave for Manhattan when there's knock on the door. It's Coleman announcing he's got Courtney. Coleman wants another $250,000 for his problems - getting shot and arrested for doing AJ's dirty work. AJ admits to paying Coleman to stalk Courtney, and Courtney overhears this - she's been standing in the hall outside the apartment. Courtney is shocked and asks how AJ could do this.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

At the Quartermaine Apartment, Coleman surprises AJ while AJ is packing to leave for Manhattan. Coleman informs AJ that Coleman has AJ's wife and Coleman demands more money so that Coleman can make a get away and avoid being prosecuted for a crime that AJ got Coleman to commit. AJ informs Coleman that Coleman has already been paid for stalking Courtney and is NOT going to get any more money from AJ! Courtney suddenly appears and tells AJ that she has caught him in an open admission that it really WAS AJ who was behind the stalking! As AJ pleads that he merely paid Coleman to leave town to get him away from Courtney, Courtney slaps AJ

Meanwhile, Scott arrives at Luke's jail cell and tries to convince Luke to stay quiet during tomorrow's hearing for slugging Taggert - because the judge is known to be lenient with the mentally challenged. But Luke refuses to cooperate with Scott's plan. As Scott leaves the jail, he puts through a call to Alexis.

In the Caribbean, as Sonny and Alcazar confront each other in front of the burning plane, Sonny challenges Alcazar to go ahead and kill Sonny. However, Jason suddenly appears and informs Alcazar that the arms dealer now has TWO adversaries to contend with. Sonny and Jason quickly subdue Alcazar. Meanwhile, Brenda struggles in the quicksand and begins to call for help. Brenda is disappointed when it turns out to be CARLY who comes to her rescue! While Carly and Brenda scream insults at one another, Carly tries to hand a branch to Brenda. But, when Brenda grabs the branch, she pulls Carly into the quicksand with her!

Lucas and Georgie meet at Kelly's and Lucas asks Georgie to help him deal with his possible dyslexia, but to keep it quiet so that not even Lucas's mother learns about it. Georgie agrees to go along with the scam. But, when Georgie sees Maxie coming, she asks Lucas to hold her hand - and he does! Lucas is surprised when Maxie asks if Georgie and Lucas are on a date but Georgie is quickly disappointed when Lucas immediately assures Maxie that he and Georgie were just fooling around. As Lucas drifts away to another table with Maxie, Felicia suddenly arrives and announces that Georgie won an essay contest and has been invited to visit Oxford - but, as Felicia makes excited plans, Georgie tells Felicia that she does NOT want a trip to England to visit Oxford. Meanwhile, Georgie keeps an eye on Lucas and Maxie, having fun together. Georgie confides in her mother boys don't see Georgie as an actual 'girl,' and complains that Georgie is tired of being the brainy younger sister of Maxie. Maxie talks Felicia into letting Maxie go with Lucas to the Park, where all the kids gather at the first snowfall to throw snowballs and just have fun. But, when Lucas forgets his backpack, Georgie grabs it and rushes to catch up with him, but changes her mind when she spots Maxie and Lucas clowning around together.

Elsewhere at Kelly's, Scott meets with Alexis and gives her the name of a psychiatrist - Dr. Cameron Lewis - who works with residents of a shelter in town. Scott explains to Alexis that Scott hopes that the combined efforts of all of them will be able to convince the court that Luke has mental problems, so the Judge will recommend leniency for Luke.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, Courtney rages at AJ And AJ finally admits to Courtney that he DID come up with the plan to stalk her a little bit, so she would turn to AJ for help. But AJ did NOT realize that the situation would escalate until Courtney actually shot Coleman! But instead, whenAJ realized that Courtney went IMMEDIATELY to JASON for protection and did not even once think about going to the police, AJ let the stalking continue a little longer! AJ explains that it became obvious to AJ that Courtney WANTED Jason to be with her! AJ wonders if Courtney would have shot AJ with the gun that Courtney NEVER told AJ that she had accepted from Jason. Taggert suddenly arrives and arrests Coleman, but Courtney says that it was all a misunderstanding and that Courtney plans to drop the charges against Coleman. When Taggert asks Courtney if AJ WAS behind the stalking - as Coleman had claimed - Courtney says that she was NO victim and that Coleman merely had a crush on her and she shot Coleman by mistake. After Taggert and Coleman leave, AJ thanks Courtney for keeping mum about AJ's part in the stalking, but she informs AJ that Courtney's actions were for Coleman and NOT for AJ!

Alexis arrives at the local shelter, looking for the psychiatrist - Cameron Lewis - that Scott recommended. However, Alexis speaks to someone she believes to be a resident but, unbeknownst to Alexis, she is speaking to Dr. Cameron Lewis! When Alexis realizes her mistake, Alexis tries to explain Luke's problems to Cameron, but becomes testy when it is obvious that Cameron is more interested in psychoanalyzing Alexis than in dealing with Luke's problems. Later, Alexis and Cameron arrive at Luke's jail cell and Alexis informs Luke that the Judge has ordered a psychiatric consult for Luke BEFORE Luke shows up in court for the hearing. Cameron tries to get Luke to talk about Laura. Cameron angers Luke when Cameron accuses Luke of using the loss of Laura as an excuse to cover the kind of behavior that would have appalled Laura! When Cameron points out that without the consult, there will be NO hearing and Luke will never be able to get on with punishing himself for Laura's problems, Luke finally opens up and talks to Cameron about Laura!

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, as Carly and Brenda struggle together in the quicksand, hurling insults at each other, Sonny and Jason arrive and rescue their respective wives. After Jason and Sonny rescue Brenda and Carly, Carly discreetly tries to learn if Alcazar was with Sonny and Brenda all the time or if Brenda and Sonny had spent time alone together on the island. But Sonny waves away Carly's questions as being unimportant now.

After Coleman and Taggert leave Courtney's apartment, AJ tries to apologize to Courtney and begs her to give him another chance. Courtney tells AJ that she is finished making excuses for him. Courtney tells AJ to finish packing and get out of her apartment - for good!

As Sonny, Brenda, Carly and Jason fly Alcazar back to the mainland, Brenda thanks Carly for saving her life. As Alcazar begins to needle Carly about her husband running off to rescue another woman, Jason gets up and puts some duct tape over Alcazar's mouth.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Courtney talks to Bobbie about keeping her waitress job at Kelly's and informs Bobbie that she is separated from AJ She tells her that AJ isn't the man she thought he was. Meanwhile, Ned shows up at Kelly's to see Alexis, who is pouring over psychology books. They end up reminiscing about Kristina and how hard it is to believe that she is really gone. Ned vows to see that justice is done to Kristina's killers and mentions that he will be "starting with Sonny." Ned gets a call on his cell-phone from AJ requesting that he meet him back at the house. Ned reluctantly agrees to meet him there. When he gets there, AJ confesses to Ned what he did to Courtney out of desperation and how he needs to prove to her that he is the man she loves. He asks Ned to give him a job at ELQ so he can have the chance to prove to Courtney that he deserves a second chance with her. Ned agrees to let him work for him as long as he agrees to stay sober. Jason shows up at Kelly's while Courtney is working to tell her what he found out about Coleman's story. Courtney interrupts him and tells him that she already knows that AJ was behind the stalking. She tells him that she and Coleman got him to admit inadvertently that he was behind the stalking incidences. Jason suggests that she contact Sonny and give him a second chance at being a real brother to her now that she realizes that he wasn't lying about AJ She agrees to think about it. She is disappointed when Jason tells her that he has to go to Europe to bring Brenda back there now that her illness seems to be getting worse. Courtney uses the pay phone at Kelly's to call Sonny. She gets his voice mail and leaves a message about how she may be filing for divorce from AJ and asks him to call her back if he wants. AJ comes into Kelly's and overhears her mention divorce on the phone. He asks her hold off on filing for divorce and asks her for another chance to prove to her that he can be the man she fell in love with. Courtney has no interest in forgiving him so soon and tells him that she wants to give Sonny a chance now. AJ vows that he can change and that he doesn't want to lose her.

Brenda asks Jason to bring her back to Europe after she starts to get some really bad headaches. She tells him that the doctor said that these bad headaches are a symptom of her disease and that eventually she will start getting seizures. Jason becomes concerned about her and makes her lay down on the couch while he calls for help. He calls the Quartermaine residence. Alan answers the phone. Jason asks for Monica. Alan informs him that she is in surgery. He asks Jason if he is okay. Jason tells him about Brenda's headaches. Alan offers to come over to the penthouse and take a look at her for him. Jason accepts his offer. Alan shows up and examines Brenda. They fill him in on the plane crash in South America and that Sonny told him that Brenda was unconscious for awhile after the crash. Alan seems to think that she could be suffering from a concussion and with flying and everything that happened, it could explain the bad headaches. He recommends that she go see a neurologist at G.H. for a more accurate reading on her headaches because of her disease. Brenda agrees to go see someone if they get worse. Jason thanks Alan for coming over and helping them. Jason asks her to listen to him this time and stay home and rest. Brenda reluctantly agrees even though she is preoccupied with getting Alcazar out of her life for good. Jason promises that he will take her some place where Alcazar won't find her. Jason leaves to go make travel arrangements for them. Brenda waits until he leaves the penthouse. She goes into the closet and gets his gun case and breaks into it. She steals Jason's gun to use on Alcazar and leaves. She runs into Sonny on the docks. Sonny had just left his own penthouse after dealing with a suspicious Carly who questioned him non stop about what happened with Brenda in the plane crash with Alcazar. He told her not to listen to Alcazar since he is not trustworthy when it comes to his obsession with Brenda. Sonny tells Brenda to let Jason help her when she tells him that her symptoms are getting worse and wants to go back to Europe now. Sonny is disappointed to see her leave again. They reminisce about when they first met, which is in the same place they are talking on the docks. Brenda tells him she is sorry for everything she did to hurt him and forgives him for whatever he has done to her in the past. She tells him to "stay happy, and be blessed." Sonny gives her a hug goodbye. He returns to the penthouse in a quiet mood. Carly asks him where he went off to. Sonny tells her he ran into Brenda on the docks and that she told him that she was leaving Port Charles and that her symptoms are worse and is heading back to Europe with Jason's help. He tells her that he realized when Brenda wished him to be happy that he really is blessed with having her and Michael and that he loves her above all else. Carly is touched. Meanwhile, a maid at the Port Charles Hotel finds Alcazar tied up in a chair in his hotel room. She screams and calls the police when she sees him there all bruised up with tape on his mouth. She calls the police who rush over to investigate. Alcazar refuses to press charges against anyone and they let it go and leave. Skye shows up to see him. He accuses her of telling Sonny where he went with Brenda and ruining the plans they made. Skye tells him that she also told Jax that Brenda isn't really dying after all and that Jax will probably tell her and rush into her arms as well. Alcazar disagrees with her and tells her that Brenda seemed more interested in Sonny when they crashed in the plane and that she really doesn't have anything to worry about with Jax. Alcazar tells her she needs to come up with a way to bring Brenda back to Sonny if she plans to get Jax back. Alcazar goes to GH. and runs into Alexis who tries to avoid him. He picks up her glove, she dropped on the floor and hands it to her. She snaps it away from him and tells him it is her sister's glove. Alcazar stops her from getting on the elevator and tells her that he was not convicted of killing Kristina and she better have real evidence if she ever thinks she can convict him of it. Alexis informs him that she will do everything in her power to make him pay for killing her sister even if it means killing him herself. He tells her that her sister's death is of no consequence to him now or even then. Jason comes off the elevator and throws Alcazar against the wall, demanding to know where he took Brenda now. Meanwhile, Skye pays Sonny and Carly a visit and informs them that Alcazar bribed the doctors in Switzerland to lie to Brenda about her illness and that Brenda isn't really dying after all. Brenda visits Lily's grave and tells her about her illness and what is going on in her life. Jax finds her there and thinks she went there to kill herself. Jax had arrived at Jason's place earlier after returning from the plane crash site himself. He knocked on the door for Brenda to answer. Jason had shown up and told him to stop knocking and waking up Brenda. They go inside and find a note from Brenda telling them she is going after Alcazar herself. Jason gets a bad feeling about this and looks in his gun case to find his gun missing. Jax tells her not to do it. Brenda tells him that she isn't going to do anything and that she doesn't want to die. Jax tells her she won't be and that she isn't going to die. Brenda looks at him quizzically.

Friday, November 15, 2002

At Kelly's, AJ pleads with Courtney to give him a little time to prove that he truly loves her before she files for divorce. However, when AJ tries to tell Courtney that AJ believes that the stalking incident escalated only because AJ could see Courtney turning to Jason for help immediately - without a single thought of looking for help elsewhere - Courtney slams AJ for trying to make it sound like the whole stalking incident was Courtney's fault. AJ then tries to suggests that he and Courtney could try to reclaim the feelings they had for each other during the early days of their courtship, when Courtney was hiding out from Sonny in AJ's Hotel Suite. AJ asks Courtney if she would go out on a date with him, but Courtney replies: 'You do not even realize how bad you hurt me - how scared I was! I shot a man because of you, AJ!'

AJ: "JASON gave you that gun! Courtney - can't you see? He has hurt you as much as me - if not more!' AJ suggests that they both take some time to think things over and Courtney hesitantly agrees. Later, Courtney runs into Jason On the Docks, but they are soon joined by AJ, who says that he is NOT surprised to find the two of them together On the Docks.

In the meantime, at the Hospital, Jason finds Alcazar and demands to know where Brenda is, but Alcazar pleads ignorance. Alexis pulls Jason away from Alcazar. When Jason leaves, Alexis again accuses Alcazar of being responsible for the death of Alexis' sister, Kristina, but Alcazar refuses to accept responsibility - and walks away. When Cameron, Luke and Scott arrive for Luke's Anger Management Session, Alexis asks: "Why is it you can't put the REAL criminals in jail?'

SCOTT: "This - coming from YOU?'

When Luke enters the Anger Management session, Scott, Alexis and Cameron decide to wait outside and observe the session. As soon as Luke gets into the Anger Management group and is introduced to Dr. Logan Mayfield, Luke begins to give the leader guff, and eventually ferments a revolution amongst his fellow angry men and women. Luke finally announces to his fellow classmates that he believes there is NOT ENOUGH anger in the world - and begins to sway the rest of his class toward Luke's way of thinking.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Skye tells Carly and Sonny that Brenda is NOT dying! When Sonny tells Skye that Brenda still has headaches and nightmares, Skye agrees that Brenda may very well be crazy - but Brenda does NOT suffer from her mother's inherited mental illness.

Meanwhile, at Lily's grave, Jax informs an incredulous Brenda that she is NOT dying. Jax tells Brenda that she can now plan the rest of her life. Jax then tells Brenda that he will take her any place in the world that she wants to go, and Brenda says that what she really wants is to go home.

Jason calls Sonny to report to Sonny that Brenda is with Jax at Lily's grave and that Brenda is NOT dying. Sonny confirms that Sonny and Carly have already learned that Alcazar bribed Brenda's doctors to lie about her illness. Sonny agrees to meet Jason On the Docks. After Sonny leaves to meet Jason, Carly tells Skye point blank that Carly is wise to Skye's plan to save Skye's marriage to Jax by pitching a now-well Brenda into Sonny's lap.

When Sonny meets with Jason, Jason reports that Brenda had apparently learned that she was not really ill when she was with Jax. After Sonny leaves Jason, Sonny goes to Lily's grave, where Sonny apologizes to Lily for not bringing any flowers lately and Sonny remembers that loving Brenda nearly destroyed his life once. Sonny vows that he will NOT make that same mistake twice.

Meanwhile, Jax takes Brenda back to her cottage, which Jax has had redecorated for her. Brenda and Jax begin to kiss and Jax surprises Brenda with a romantic dinner of champagne and 'smores beside the roaring fire of the cottage.

At the same time, at the Penthouse, Carly angers Skye by pointing out that Carly believes that Jax and Brenda are probably already in bed together, so Skye's little trick of trying to push Brenda in Sonny's direction is going to be too little, too late when it comes to saving Skye's marriage. Skye rushes out to see for herself.

After Sonny speaks to Lily, he returns to the Penthouse and tells Carly that he loves her.

As Luke tries to provoke Logan into fighting Luke for control of the Anger Management group, the other members get into the spirt of things and begin swinging themselves. As Luke's other class members attack Logan and a free-for-all erupts, Luke walks calmly away from the group.

At the same time, as Alexis walks outside the Hospital, she runs into Alcazar, who taunts Alexis by telling the attorney that her sister Kristina died at SONNY'S Warehouse because Kristina was going to see Sonny Corinthos, who was Alexis's client! In Alcazar's mind, that makes ALEXIS responsible for her sister's death! Alexis warns Alcazar that Jason will eventually catch up with Alcazar and make Alcazar pay for his crimes. As Alcazar and Alexis argue, Alexis suddenly doubles over in pain and cries out that her baby is in trouble. Alexis begs Alcazar for help, but the arms dealer coldly walks away from the distressed Alexis.

As Jax and Brenda begin to make out in front of the roaring fire at the cottage, Skye arrives on the porch and sees them embracing.

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