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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on GH
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Monday, December 2, 2002

After learning that she is a high-priced call girl, Luke gives Summer $2,000 for a date. Later, Luke takes Summer to Luke's place and announces to all of the customers that they will have to leave because Luke is closing the place down for the night. After Luke treats Summer to a sumptuous dinner before the roaring fireplace, Luke offers Summer his friendship. But Summer bluntly tells Luke that she does NOT want to be his friend - that he is merely a job to her. However, after dinner, Luke coaxes Summer into dancing with him.

As Jax waits impatiently at the airport for Brenda, a uniformed police officer arrives and informs Jax that he is wanted at the District Attorney's office for questioning about the death of Luis Alcazar. At the same time, at the Port Charles Police Department, Scott tells Brenda that she can plead self-defense if she will just say that, after Brenda killed Alcazar, Jason arrived on the scene and would NOT let her call 9 - 1 - 1! Meanwhile, Carly and Jason's old cell mate from Venezuela arrives at Sonny's Penthouse and tells Carly that he has an important letter for Sonny. Carly does NOT recognize her former cell mate and tells the Stranger that he will have to wait. The Stranger elects to stand in the hallway outside Sonny's door, and Carly puts in a call to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Sonny is at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, asking Alexis for legal referrals for Brenda's case, when an alarm goes off for Kristina. As Kristina is rushed out for emergency care, Alexis becomes hysterical and blames Sonny for Kristina's sudden turn for the worst. Ned arrives, finds Alexis hysterical and orders Sonny to leave.

Outside Kelly's, when Courtney tells Jason that she believes that AJ blew the whistle on Jason because AJ was jealous of Jason's relationship with Courtney, Jason assures Courtney that the police would have got around to arresting Jason sooner or later and that Courtney had nothing to do with it. When Courtney asks WHY Jason would be willing to go to prison for a crime he did not commit, just to protect Brenda because Sonny wanted Brenda protected, Jason replies by telling Courtney some of the details of his life after his accident, when he did NOT remember ANY one who had been close to him. Jason tells Courtney that Sonny offered Jason friendship without judging him following the accident and Jason would do whatever Sonny asked Jason to do in gratitude for that one action. As Jason and Courtney talk, Jason receives a call from Sonny, who informs Jason that Brenda has been arrested and that Sonny wants to stay clear of the Police. So Jason heads to the PCPD to help extricate Jason's wife from Police clutches.

Meanwhile, as Scott badgers Brenda about her hatred of Alcazar, Brenda reacts violently and almost attacks Scott. Scott points out that Brenda's reaction is proof enough that Brenda had the strength to send Alcazar hurtling to his death.

As Ned and Alexis await word of Kristina at the Neonatal ICU, Dr. Navarro arrives and informs them that Kristina has VSD, which is starving her for air, and that she needs immediate surgery. Ned agrees to the surgery, while Alexis remains silent. After the doctor leaves, Alexis tells Ned that, since Ned made the decision to go ahead with surgery when Alexis did NOT agree to it, Alexis will hold Ned responsible if anything happens to Kristina.

Meanwhile, at Scott's office, Scott finally takes time to see Jax. Jax informs Baldwin that Jax was with Brenda at the cottage all night the night of Alcazar's death. But Scott informs Jax that BOTH forensics AND an eye-witness can put Brenda INSIDE Alcazar's Penthouse on the night of the arms dealer's death. Jax is shocked to learn that SKYE is Scott's eye-witness! Meanwhile, Taggert plays 'good cop' with Brenda and tries to convince Brenda that there ARE judges and juries who would sympathize with her if she pleads self defense. But Jason bursts in and accuses Taggert of violating Brenda's rights because Brenda asked to see a lawyer but the Police had not yet allowed Brenda to try to find an attorney. Jason accuses Taggert of trying to railroad Brenda and announces that Jason will NOT allow that to happen.

Meanwhile, Ned runs into Felicia at the Hospital and Ned soon finds himself confiding to Felicia about his growing concern for Alexis' state of mind. Felicia assures Ned that he did the right thing in agreeing to surgery and - one day - Alexis will also realize that Ned did the right thing. Meanwhile, Cameron arrives at the Hospital and Bobbie tells Cameron that Alexis is flipping out over her baby's condition in the Neonatal ICU - and that the rest of the staff refuses to go near Alexis until she has had a psychiatric evaluation! When Cameron finds Alexis at the NICU, Cameron informs Alexis that, if Alexis can NOT get her emotions under control, Cameron will be forced to sedate her and the hospital will refuse to allow Alexis to stay in NICU with Kristina. As they talk, Alexis confesses to Cameron that she has had visions of her dead sister. Cameron urges Alexis to see the visions of Kristina as a message for Alexis to move on and not allow her hatred of Alcazar's crime destroy the bright future Alexis should be looking forward to with her daughter.

Sonny finally returns to his Penthouse and finds Carly talking to the Venezuelan Stranger. After Carly leaves, Sonny lambastes the Stranger for hanging around outside Sonny's door and giving Sonny's wife cause for concern. The Stranger begs Sonny's forgiveness for his thoughtless action and hands Sonny a letter from Octavo Morales, Sonny's business partner in Puerto Rico. It is a letter of recommendation from Octavo to Sonny, recommending Ric (the Stranger) to Sonny. Ric asks Sonny for a job and Sonny discusses Ric's credentials as a lawyer. Sonny informs Ric that Sonny does NOT need a lawyer and then Sonny asks what Ric has been doing since the year 2000. Ric claims that he was attending business school at Stamford and can get copies of the transcripts for Sonny. Sonny tells Ric not to bother, and Ric leaves.

Meanwhile, Taggert informs Jason that they have Brenda's fingerprints on the murder weapon. Taggert informs Jason that it looks like Jason arrived at the Port Charles Hotel, intending to kill Alcazar, but Brenda beat Jason to it and Jason removed Brenda from the scene. When Jason demands to speak to Brenda alone, Taggert warns Jason that Brenda is NOT a professional and does NOT kill people for a living - the way that Jason does. So, Taggert prophesies, if Brenda DID kill Alcazar, the guilt will soon eat her up. When they are alone, Brenda confides to Jason that she has told the police nothing and Jason advises Brenda to continue to refuse to speak to the police. Jason tries to convince Brenda that they BOTH need to trust each other enough to tell the other the truth. Jason admits to Brenda that Jason WAS at the Port Charles Hotel with the specific intent of killing Alcazar. Brenda finally admits to Jason that Jax WAS at the Penthouse.

Meanwhile, when Carly informs Sonny that Carly has learned that Brenda has been arrested, Sonny tells Carly that Alcazar deserved to die and that Brenda will NOT go to prison for snuffing out the arms dealer.

However, at PCPD, when Brenda admits that Jax WAS at the Penthouse and removed Brenda's bracelet in order to protect Brenda, Jason suggests that it was JAX who killed Alcazar and THAT is the reason that Jax was so eager to leave the country with Brenda. However, Brenda informs her husband that Brenda will confess to Alcazar's murder and claim that Jason helped her RATHER than let Jax take the rap. In the meantime, Scott tells Taggert that Scott hopes that Jason and Brenda do NOT cooperate with the police - because THAT will make it easier for Scott to get convictions for Murder One! As Jason and Brenda talk, Jason suddenly announces to Brenda that Jason KNOWS who DID kill Alcazar.

At the same time, Jax returns to the Lake House and orders Skye to retract her statement to the police which incriminates Brenda. Skye replies: "No way in hell!'

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Luke's Place

Luke and Summer/Laura are still dancing to "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." Next they dance to "My Girl." Laura/Summer kisses Luke, and he steps back. Laura/Summer wants to know what's wrong. Luke says he was playing a shadow game, pretending he was with someone else.

GH Neonatal ICU

Alexis is pacing. Ned is outside looking in. Monica sees Ned and tells him that Alexis is stressing out the staff and the other parents. The head of Neonatal is threatening to throw Alexis out. Ned says he'll try to talk to Alexis. Alexis says she's still waiting to see if Kristina survived the surgery that Ned authorized. Ned relays that the other parents are complaining about Alexis in the NICU. He tries to get her out of the room, but she questions his motives. Alexis refuses to leave. He tells her she isn't the only parent in the room who loves their child. Alexis claims that no one call feel for Kristina what she feels. Cameron shows up and bogarts his way into the Alexis/Ned conversation saying that, as a psychiatrist, he has a duty to guard everyone's mental health, or words to that effect. Alexis says she won't leave because she's afraid if she does, something will happen to the baby. Cameron tells her he doesn't think that's crazy at all. Alexis asks if Cameron thinks she's being a problem for the others, and he says "possibly." Cameron relays that he had a child that he couldn't save once. Alexis finally admits that, even though she was told to avoid stress, she didn't do it. Monica arrives and says the surgery was a complete success. Alexis hugs Ned and apologizes to him.

Skye's/Jax's Cottage

Jax tells Skye to tell the police she lied about Brenda killing Alcazar. Skye says she won't, that she saw Brenda kill Alcazar because she was in Al's bedroom - they had just had sex. Skye tells Jax she peeked out the bedroom door and saw Brenda lunge at Alcazar with a knife cutting his hand, then they moved out to the balcony where Brenda killed him. Jax tries unsuccessfully to convince Skye that she was in a drunken state and he testimony isn't credible, but Skye doesn't buy it. Jax threatens to stop Skye anyway he can, but he's interrupted by AJ showing up. Jax leaves and gets a call from Brenda, who wants him to promise her he won't come to the PCPD. Brenda has to remind Jax that they're both married to other people. Jax tells her that Skye is the one who told the police Brenda killed Al. AJ says he knows that Skye lied to the police, and so do the police. AJ says he suspects Skye slept with Alcazar because they have forensic evidence. She says she did, to get back at Jax. AJ says that Skye needs to stick to the story she told the police, and they'll get the revenge against Jason and Brenda that they've been waiting for. Jason barges in and accuses Skye of lying. He accuses Skye of killing Alcazar.

PCPD Questioning Room

Brenda is upset to find out that Skye was in Al's room and heard everything that went on that night. Jason is still coaching Brenda not to say anything to anyone. Scott goes into the room to talk to Brenda. He whips up a "self-defense" motive to loosen Brenda up. He wants Brenda to testify against Sonny/ Jax. If she does, he'll make sure all she gets is community service and involuntary manslaughter. Brenda claims to Scott that she only cut Alcazar, but didn't kill him. Scott tells her that she just confessed to killing Alcazar. Brenda, now in the habit of throwing fits, throws the chair across the Questioning Room. Sonny arrives and Brenda tells him that Scott tried to get her to testify against her, and that she told Scott everything and he got it on tape.


Scott has a report that says that Alcazar had sex an hour before he died. AJ shows up and tells Scott that Jason was in the limo so he killed Alcazar. Scott tells AJ that Skye claims she was there and Brenda killed Alcazar. Scott thinks that Skye did more than drink and pass-out that night - that there was hanky panky. Scott thinks maybe Skye could have killed Alcazar and is trying to frame Brenda (but Brenda's prints are on the knife). Scott says he wants Sonny, Jason and Brenda in jail. Jason says that Skye is a liar and that she has a grudge against Brenda. Scott dismisses it as a failed murder attempt by Jason with Brenda being in the way. Taggert tells Scott that they don't have one credible witness against Brenda, and aside from the prints on the knife, not one piece of forensic evidence. Carly arrives at the PCPD and sees Sonny and Brenda in the questioning room together. Scott goads Carly about them being together.

Sonny's/Carly's Penthouse

Sonny still doesn't believe Brenda killed Alcazar. He thinks the police believe Brenda killed Al and that Jason was an accomplice. Carly wants to know why, when Jason was arrested, he was on his own, but now that Brenda is arrested, Jason and Sonny are leaping to her defense. Jason shows up and Carly tells him she doesn't want him to take the rap for Brenda. Sonny wants Jason to tell him exactly what happened that night. Jason recounts the events. Jason says that Brenda told him Jax was at Alcazar's that night and that he picked up the bracelet that Brenda dropped. Sonny tells Jason to try to calm Carly down - that Carly is convinced that Sonny is going to order Jason to take the fall for Brenda.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Alexis and Ned are thrilled when Kristina's surgery is pronounced successful. Waiting for Kristina to be returned to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Alexis tearfully thanks Ned for taking the initiative with approving the surgery that saved Kristina's life. Later, Alexis urges Ned to be the first to hold Baby Kristina. Nikolas and Gia arrive to check on Kristina's surgery and to rejoice at the optimistic prognosis the baby's doctors have given. Gia tries to tell Alexis that the barrister's legal clients are becoming irate and finding new representation since they have NOT received any return calls from Alexis. But Alexis dreamily informs Gia that - from now on - baby Kristina is going to be Alexis' Number One priority. When Gia heads out to return to Alexis's office, Nikolas stays to ask Ned's advice about Nikolas's relationship with Gia. Nikolas explains that he has been engaged to Gia for more than a year and the wedding has been postponed and re-planned many times. Ned advises Nikolas to forget the wedding and elope - as soon as possible! Nikolas prepared to take Ned's advice. Meanwhile, however, Gia learns that one of Alexis's irate clients is a homeless shelter on Courtland Street which is about to be evicted unless the proper papers are filed on time. Gia goes ahead and files the proper papers to get the eviction stopped. Gia is so thrilled by her success that, when she meets Nikolas later at Kelly's, Gia announces that she has decided that she IS a 'natural' as a lawyer and that Gia plans to return to law school - JUST AS Nikolas planned to ask Gia to elope with him that night. Nikolas sadly puts his plans for an elopement on hold.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Sonny assures Brenda that he WILL get her off the hook, but she needs to stay strong. Brenda admits to Sonny that she TRIED to set Scott straight about what really happened the night that Luis Alcazar died, and that Scott taped Brenda's statement and is probably planning to twist the information to convict Brenda, Jason and Sonny. Sonny again reassures Brenda NOT to worry. BUT, Scott makes sure that Carly sees Brenda and Sonny with their heads together and urges Carly to get Brenda OUT of Carly's marriage by confiding to Scott whatever dirt Carly knows about Brenda. Pretending to be about to divulge a hot, inside tip, Carly whispers that Sonny and Jason KNOW for a FACT that Brenda did NOT kill Alcazar. Scott suggests that, IF Sonny and Jason are THAT positive that Brenda did NOT kill Alcazar, perhaps it is because Sonny and Jason already know who DID kill Alcazar. Carly whispers that Sonny and Jason believe that SCOTT killed Alcazar because Alcazar humiliated Scott in court!

Liz takes a package to Ric's room above Kelly's, but finds the new boarder is NOT at home. Letting herself in to deposit the package, Liz notices that Ric is keeping quite a file of news clippings, documents and photos - all about Sonny. Ric returns unexpectedly and jumps down Liz's throat for snooping in his room. Later, when Liz sees Carly at Kelly's, Liz tells Carly about Ric's file. Carly sees Ric leaving Kelly's, and stops Ric to quiz him about the file. Ric claims that the file was research that he used to produce a five-year plan for Sonny's business, which Ric planned to drop off at Sonny's Penthouse, to go along with the resume that Ric left earlier. And Ric shows Carly the five-year plan to prove his point. Carly warns Ric that if he plans any false moves against Sonny, Ric will end up at the bottom of the river. As Carly turns to leave, she slips on the ice and Ric offers to help her get home.

Jason arrives at the Lake House and informs Skye that JASON believes that it was SKYE who killed Alcazar. And - if Skye had just said nothing - NO ONE would have had to take the fall for Alcazar's death. When Skye refuses to change the testimony she has given to the police, Jason reminds Skye that Sonny has the resources to manufacture any kind of evidence Sonny wants - including evidence that would implicate Skye. Reminding his sister that she means nothing to him, Jason warns Skye that Sonny could even produce eye-witnesses who would swear that they saw SKYE shove Alcazar off the balcony.

At Kelly's, Georgie helps Lucas study by giving him a book on tape to help him read an assigned book and Georgie again assures Lucas that she will help him keep his dyslexia a secret. When Maxie wonders what kind of secret Lucas and Georgie are whispering about, Georgie claims that Lucas was helping her with her math.

Sonny and Jason meet On the Docks and Sonny informs Jason that Scott has already tricked Brenda into making an unofficial statement, which Scott taped. Jason warns Sonny to stay away from Brenda, because the Police are keeping a record of Brenda's visitors. As Brenda's husband, Jason is an acceptable visitor, but too many visits from Sonny could enable the Prosecution to claim that Sonny, Jason and Brenda conspired together to kill Alcazar. Courtney arrives On the Docks and overhears Sonny and Jason talking but, when Jason later asks WHAT she overheard, Courtney claims that she actually heard nothing - just noticed that they were talking. Jason walks Courtney home and Courtney invites Jason to have dinner with her the following evening.

Unnerved by Jason's visit, Skye arrives at PCPD and admits to Scott that she just remembered that she had had sex with Alcazar on the night that he died - and Skye tries to cover by telling Scott that, sometimes, when Skye drinks too much - she forgets some things and does NOT remember them until MUCH later. Scott assures Skye that the issue of Alcazar's bedroom gymnastics will NEVER come up in court. When Skye worries about Sonny and/or Jason manufacturing evidence to implicate Skye, Scott reminds his nervous witness that TWO can play at THAT game! When Skye worries about reports that have already been made which document Alcazar's sexual experience, Scott reminds Skye that documents turn up missing at the PCPD all the time - even IMPORTANT documents!

Sonny is angry when he returns to the Penthouse and finds Carly on the couch with her ankle propped up - AND RIC in the Penthouse! Carly explains that Ric helped her home after she slipped on the ice, but Sonny remains angry. Sonny shoves some money at Ric to pay for helping his wife home, but Ric turns the money down, telling Sonny that he will wait until he earns it before accepting money from Sonny. After Sonny orders Ric to get out of his home, Carly gives Sonny Ric's five-year plan for Sonny's businesses and admits that it looks pretty good to her. But Sonny says that there is something not right about Ric and that Ric is too good to be true - and Sonny burns the plan in the fireplace. Later that night, Ric awakens from a nightmare about an explosion.

As Skye leaves the PCPD, she runs in to Brenda, in prison denim and headed to lock-up. Skye smugly informs Brenda that Brenda will be going to prison for life. But, after Skye leaves, Brenda says: "I'll see about that!'

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Lucky shows up at Luke's club to check up on Luke's progress. He is happy to see Luke in a great mood working at the bar. He gets concerned that Luke seems in too good of a mood and asks him what the cause of it is. Luke doesn't go into detail with him about why he is in a better frame of mind lately. Lucky doesn't push it and he leaves on good terms with Luke. Summer shows up later for their 2nd date. He asks her how she feels about breaking and entering. He takes her to Wyndams department store and he breaks in after closing hours. Summer goes along with it but worries about getting caught and arrested for B&E. Luke reassures her they won't get caught. Luke finds a gown for her to wear. Summer doesn't realize what he is doing and tries to find another dress to wear. Luke snaps at her and tells her to put on the gown he picked out for her. She goes along with it but is nervous about how he is acting with her. She puts on the gown and Luke puts on a tuxedo. He finds a radio near the check out counter and puts it on a classical station. He asks her to dance. Summer goes along and dances since he is paying for their date. They sip champagne he brought and asks her to repeat what he tells her to say to him. She doesn't say it quite right and Luke yells at her to listen and say what he asks her to say. She starts to get scared but Luke settles down and they start their toast over. Meanwhile, Lucky goes to Kelly's and tells Liz about Luke's sudden behavior change. Lucky meets the new tenant, Ric, at Kelly's. Liz tells him that there is a package that arrived for him and snaps at him when he accuses her of snooping in his room again. She gets the package to him from behind the counter. Liz is confused when Ric thanks her for telling Carly about his research on Sonny. He tells her that he wrote up a business plan for Sonny's organization and hopes that Sonny will hire him soon. Liz warns him about trying anything concerning Sonny, since he is a friend of hers. Ric gets a call from Sonny, asking him to meet him in an hour at the penthouse. Ric goes over there and Carly gets the wrong idea and asks him not to come to her home or Sonny won't hire him at all. Sonny shows up and asks Carly to leave the room so they can talk business. Sonny informs Ric that he may have a job for him after all.

Earlier, Sonny asked Jason to do something for him that evening but Jason tells him he has plans tonight but will get someone else to do it for him. Sonny is understanding and tells him not to worry about it right now. Later, Sonny leaves. Carly asks Jason to fix one of Michael's toys for him and uses that as an excuse to question him about what he is doing tonight and with whom. Jason doesn't tell her much. Meanwhile, Courtney borrows some supplies from Kelly's to use to make a dinner for her and Jason. Liz pretends it doesn't bother her that Courtney and Jason have become such close friends lately. She tells her that she has no problem if Courtney decides to start seeing Jason. Courtney tells her that she is cooking dinner for Jason as a thank you for all the help and safety he has given to her. As she is leaving Kelly's, AJ walks in and tries to get her to forgive him and not divorce him. Courtney listens to him but doesn't believe she can trust him anymore. She tells him to sign the divorce papers and let her move on with her life. She gets all nervous preparing dinner and Jason arrives. She spills wine on the carpet and then on him later while they are eating. She goes to clean the wine off his shirt and Jason leans in and kisses her. Courtney kisses him back. Sonny has a run-in with Jax on the docks. They play the blame game concerning Brenda's arrest. Jax tells him that it is because of him and Jason that Scott is going after Brenda so he can charge them with conspiracy to commit murder. Sonny blames Jax for Brenda's predicament since he broke his wedding vows and Skye decided to get revenge on Brenda and him because of it. Jax shows up at PCPD. Brenda asks him not to do anything and let Jason handle this since he is good at it. Jax talks to the lawyer he hired for Brenda. The lawyer feels that they should plea bargain the case since all the evidence points to Brenda. Jax refuses to let him do that. Jax goes to Scott and confesses to killing Alcazar himself after Scott insists on using Skye's false statement against Brenda. Taggert gives Scott an update on what the police found at the hotel. Taggert tells him that the police have a video tape of Jax entering the 14th floor of the hotel at the time of the murder as well. Scott takes the tape and pretends that he is going to take a look at it later. Taggert feels that they can't ignore Jax as a suspect now but Scott dismisses it anyway and pockets the tape without watching it.

Friday, December 6, 2002

After breaking in to Wyndham's Department Store with Summer, Luke tries to recreate his night there with Laura many years ago, but finds that Summer is having a hard time following the script. Luke angrily reminds the girl that he has paid her $2,000 to go through this reenactment with him. Luke finally admits to Summer that Luke IS trying to recreate his youth with Laura. But Summer wisely suggests to Luke that walking through the 'right' words will NOT bring Laura back to him. Luke begins to confide in Summer all of Luke's memories of Laura, but Summer falls asleep as she listens to Luke.

As Jason and Courtney meet for dinner at Courtney's apartment, they suddenly find themselves kissing and soon hit the sheets. In the meantime, AJ is shocked when Skye arrives drunk at the Port Charles Police Department to give her statement about Alcazar's death. AJ plies his sister with coffee but AJ and Skye receive another shock when they learn that neither AJ NOR Scott will be with Skye when she gives her statement to Mac Scorpio.

Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny tells Ric that Sonny wants Ric to dig up dirt on Scott that will be bad enough to convince Scott to play ball with Sonny. But Sonny warns Ric that IF Ric gets caught, Sonny will claim that Sonny knows nothing about Ric. Ric accepts the assignment. But, as Rick prepares to leave, Michael and Carly return and Michael meets Ric and asks Ric where he came from. Ric tells Michael that he grew up in Europe.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Scott is annoyed when Jax suddenly confesses that HE is the one who killed Alcazar and Taggert reports to Scott that the police forensics team found Jax's fingerprints on the balcony railing of Alcazar's Penthouse suite. Jax tells Scott that Jax confronted Alcazar and Alcazar gloated that Alcazar would have Brenda back and would amuse himself with Jax's wife in the meantime. Jax also tells Scott that Alcazar told Jax that Jax's wife was in the next room and that they had just hit the sheets together. Jax says that he and Alcazar fought and Alcazar fell over the railing, then Jax left. Scott suspiciously asks WHY Jax did NOT get his wife out of there if Jax KNEW that Skye was in the arms dealer's bedroom and that Alcazar had just died. But Jax merely shrugs and admits that it was NOT one of his finer moments.

Meanwhile, in another room, Skye tells Mac that Skye SAW Brenda push Alcazar off the terrace. However, Mac suspiciously asks if Skye has ever blacked out when she is drinking heavily and if it might be possible that she blacked out that night, but Skye insists that she did NOT black out, but admits that she DID pass out.

When Ric leaves the penthouse, Carly tries to get Sonny to tell her what Ric's assignment is - but Sonny tells Carly that Sonny does NOT want Carly to know WHAT Ric is doing, but DOES admit that, even if it goes haywire, Sonny will be safe, because Ric is expendable. Sonny admits that he had Ric investigated and that all of Ric's involvements appear to be clean - but Sonny still has a feeling that Ric is too good to be true.

Later, Ric arrives at Kelly's and begins asking Liz questions about Scott. Liz suggests that Ric talk to Bobbie if he wants the lowdown on Scott. When Bobbie comes in, Ric offers to buy her a cup of coffee and Bobbie gladly tells Ric about the way that Scott tried to send Bobbie's brother up the river even when Scott KNEW that Luke was innocent. Bobbie states that she believes that Scott is a liar, a fraud and probably even a crook as well.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Taggert confides to Scott that the police detective feels confident that Jax DID kill Alcazar, but Scott orders Jax released, telling Taggert that Scott wants Taggert to put his men to work PROVING that Jax did NOT kill Alcazar and is only confessing to take the heat off of Brenda. Scott tells Taggert to have Jax locked up while they investigate his story but, as Skye sees that Jax is being locked up, she bursts out of Mac's Office and, when Skye learns that Jax has confessed to Alcazar's murder, Skye tearfully announces to Scott that Jax is lying to protect Brenda. Skye begs Jax to change his statement and save himself from a life in prison and Skye begs Scott NOT to believe a word of Jax's 'confession.' Scott assures Skye that Scott KNOWS that Jax is lying, but Skye continues to go to pieces. AJ overhears most of Skye's outburst and finally gets his sister to take a walk with him outside so she can pull herself together. Outside, Skye confides to AJ that she is stunned that Jax would go so far as to lie and confess to a crime he did NOT commit, just in order to protect Brenda - a woman who has frequently thrown Jax over for other men! AJ reminds Skye that Scott DID say that Scott also believes that Jax is lying, and AJ warns his sister that she can NOT keep falling apart like that - or Jax WILL end up in prison for life! When AJ suggests they take in an A.A. meeting together, Skye wails that that will NOT help her and Skye refuses AJ's offer of help and storms away from the PCPD.

Meanwhile, Courtney is stunned and hurt when Jason seems to curtly dismiss her after they have hit the sheets and Jason gets out of bed and leaves, without a backward glance. Later, AJ stops by to discuss the divorce and Courtney rushes to the door, believing that Jason has returned - and Courtney is obviously crestfallen when she finds that it is only her husband at the door. AJ tries to get Courtney to accept SOME kind of settlement, asserting that he wants her to have enough money to realize some of the dreams she talked about. But Courtney angrily insists that she wants NOTHING from AJ Then AJ notices the festive dinner table and reminds Courtney that Courtney and Liz had told AJ that Courtney was helping out with a Church bake sale tonight! AJ suddenly guesses that Courtney has already hit the sheets with someone new. Then AJ asks in horror if it was his brother, Jason. But, when AJ heads to the bedroom to confront Jason, Courtney stops him.

Later, as Jason returns to the Penthouse, Carly stops him with questions about his 'date.' However, before Jason can give Carly any answers, Sonny interrupts to talk business with Jason.

Back at the PCPD, when Jax informs Brenda that she is being released because Jax has confessed to killing Alcazar, Scott is listening in, hoping that Jax will confide to his wife that he did NOT kill Alcazar but invented the story in order to have Brenda released. Even as Taggert voices his disapproval of the fact that Scott is illegally listening in to Brenda and Jax's conversation, Scott is disappointed when Jax tells Brenda that Jax DID kill Alcazar, just as Brenda had suspected earlier. Scott goes ahead and orders Taggert to read Jax his rights and have Jax arrested for Alcazar's murder. When Scott returns to his office, he is surprised to find Ric, sitting in the District Attorney's chair!

Summer leaves Wyndham's, declaring that she is headed to her next date. When Luke offers her a lift, Summer and refuses to let Luke drive her home. Later, as Luke is walking on the Docks, Luke sees a woman who resembles Summer, being hassled by a man, so Luke interferes and the woman runs off without Luke catching a good view of her face. When the man angrily asks if Luke is interfering because Luke is the woman's pimp, Luke agrees that Luke IS her pimp. Luke suddenly finds himself placed under arrest, because the man who accosted the woman on the docks is an undercover cop!

After leaving the PCPD, Skye lurches through traffic, crying and still taking swigs from the flask beside her - until she suddenly hears a thump and notices a body on the hood of her car!

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