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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on GH
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Monday, December 9, 2002

Before AJ can reach the bedroom in Courtney's apartment to confront Jason, Courtney tells AJ that it is no longer his home and that AJ has no business investigating anything. AJ deduces that he is right about Courtney having been in bed with Jason and Courtney tells AJ that who she is with is no longer any of AJ's business. But AJ tells Courtney that AJ now believes that he lied to himself when he invested himself in believing in his wide-eyed, innocent bride when she was, all the while, just an ordinary every day slut.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Brenda calls Sonny and asks him to come to the PCPD right away because there is an emergency. Sonny lies to Carly and tells his wife that he is going out to meet Ric, who has dug up some information Ric believes will be helpful to Sonny.

Meanwhile, at Scott's office, Ric offers to work with Scott to bring down Sonny and Sonny's private little fiefdom, but Scott turns down Ric's offer. Although Scott DOES gloat that he MUST be making Sonny nervous if Sonny is sending his goons around with offers to become double agents! Elsewhere at PCPD, Cameron arrives to bail Luke out of his most recent arrest - for pandering. Cameron asks if the prostitute in question had long blond hair and blue eyes and convinces Mac that Luke is chasing a phantom girl named Summer around town and believes that he is rescuing her. Luke insists that Summer is NOT a phantom and tells Cameron that Luke can produce PROOF that Summer is real - if Cameron will just accompany Luke to Wyndham's Department Store.

Meanwhile, as Skye looks at the man she just hit with her car, she realizes she hit Nikolas Cassadine. Coleman comes out of the shadows and tells Skye that he witnessed the accident. When Coleman goes to look for Skye's cell phone to call 9-1-1, he notices the open liquor bottle on the seat and Coleman realizes that Skye is drunk. When the paramedics and police arrive, Coleman surprises Skye when Coleman claims that HE was driving!

Back at Courtney's apartment, AJ tells Courtney that he WAS in love with who he THOUGHT Courtney was - a woman who loved AJ! AJ tells Courtney that he now believes she is trash , just like her mob-boss brother. AJ reminds Courtney that AJ gave up everything in his life, just for Courtney, then Courtney turned around and jumped into bed with AJ's brother the first chance she got. But, AJ confides, this is going to be the one time that COURTNEY will turn out to be the bigger loser !

AJ: "So, I really hope you enjoyed the little roll in the hay with my brother. Because it is NOT going to last long. You see - my brother has a thing for sweet, innocent, untouchable girls - GOOD girls! And you blew that the minute you jumped in to bed with him!'

AJ goes on to tell Courtney that he KNOWS Jason well enough to KNOW that: "To him, right now, you are nothing but easy sex!' And, AJ warns, when the NEXT sweet, innocent, untouchable girl comes along, Jason will walk away from Courtney without a backward glance because Jason is incapable of having feelings for anyone. Courtney is obviously shaken by what AJ has to say. After AJ slams out of the door, Courtney goes back and looks at the empty bedroom and remembers Jason's abrupt departure.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Carly tries to tease Jason about his date with Courtney but Jason bluntly tells Carly to stay out of his private life. As Jason leaves the Penthouse, Ric shows up, asking for Sonny and Carly reminds Ric that Sonny did NOT want Ric to be seen at the Penthouse. Jason suddenly grabs Ric and tells Carly to check Ric's briefcase for a gun. Carly tells Jason that Sonny hired Ric, but Carly still searches for a gun and finds nothing. Ric tells Carly that he has information Sonny needs to get right away, but Carly says that Sonny went OUT to meet Ric. When Ric pleads ignorance, Carly guesses that Sonny lied and Carly further speculates that Sonny rushed right out to rescue Brenda - again! When Jason tries to caution Carly about exploding, Carly curtly tells Jason to stay out of her private life!

Meanwhile, back at the PCPD, Scott tells Sonny that Scott has met Sonny's newest goon - who offered his services to Scott as a double agent! When Sonny and Brenda meet, Scott tries to listen in, but discovers that his bug has been removed. Mac spots Scott vainly trying to listen in and Mac informs Scott that Mac will NOT allow any more illegal eavesdropping to take place at the PCPD.

Meanwhile, at the accident site, as Nikolas is being hospitalized for observation - Nikolas insists that he is fine and that the accident occurred because Nikolas was NOT paying attention to where he was walking and crossed against the light. When the police discover that the car belongs to Skye, Coleman chimes in and explains that HE owns Jake's. Skye had a few too many to drink and, because Coleman did NOT want to get in trouble for serving an inebriated customer, Coleman had decided to drive Skye home, when Nikolas suddenly stepped out in front of their car.

Back at the PCPD, Brenda informs Sonny that Jax confessed, so Brenda plans to confess. Sonny orders Brenda to sit tight and let Sonny handle things. Sonny promises that he WILL get all three of them off the hook for Alcazar's murder. Brenda promises that she will NOT confess. Sonny tells Scott to release Brenda and Mac agrees that Brenda WILL be released, but NOT until the next morning.

Elsewhere at the PCPD, Luke tries to convince Cameron that Summer is REAL and Luke convinces Cameron to accompany Luke to Wyndham's. But, when Luke and Cameron arrive at Wyndham's, they discover that the night watchman found NO trace of anyone having been there. When Luke goes to show Cameron the table set with candles, champagne and caviar, the candles, champagne and caviar are nowhere to be found. Luke insists that they check the surveillance tapes, but the guard comes back to report that there was only ONE person on the camera - and that there is a good picture of Luke - alone - picking the lock at the Department Store. Luke claims the cleaning crew might have thrown out the champagne and caviar and that Summer might have been standing out of range of the cameras while Luke picked the lock. But Cameron fails to be impressed and continues to suggest that Luke is living in a fantasy world and that there is NO real girl named Summer.

Courtney is surprised when Jason returns to her apartment. Jason admits that he left earlier because he believed that things were moving too fast for him. Courtney tells Jason that she is glad he came back and they kiss.

When Sonny returns to the Penthouse, Sonny claims he was late because he had a lot to discuss. Sonny suddenly admits that he was with Brenda instead of with Ric and Carly admits that she KNEW that Sonny was with Brenda again. When Sonny apologizes, Carly tells him that she understands. They kiss and Carly tells Sonny that Ric told her that Ric already has information he believes Sonny should know about right away.

At the hospital, Skye arrives to visit Nikolas and hands Coleman a wad of cash and tells him that she will be happy to NEVER see him again. Skye visits Nikolas and apologizes for the accident, but Nikolas tells her NOT to beat herself up about it. Gia suddenly arrives to visit Nikolas and enthusiastically informs Nikolas that the good news is that she will be able to transfer her credits from Columbia to PCU's pre-law department! When Skye leaves Nikolas's room, she is astonished to find Coleman waiting for her, Coleman offers to drive her home, but Skye turns down Coleman's offer. Coleman hands her wad of cash back to Skye and Coleman informs Skye that she owes him a hell of a lot more than thanks - and that he plans to collect!

After Sonny leaves the PCPD, Scott pops in to speak to Brenda and tells Brenda that JAX is going to get the death penalty for a crime that BRENDA committed and Brenda will be released into SONNY'S loving arms. Then Scott goes into morbid detail as he paints a gruesome picture for Brenda of the details of Jax's death in a death penalty state - because Jax will NOT be able to claim self-defense, the way Brenda would be able to do.

On the Docks, Luke and Cameron look vainly for Summer and Luke insists that he paid for a REAL call girl to go to Wyndham's with him, to repeat a special time Luke enjoyed there with Laura. Luke insists that Cameron can talk to Luke's bartender at Luke's Place because HE saw Summer when she arrived. Cameron points out how strange it is that Luke would know a 'call' girl but NOT know of a number where she could be reached - it just seems so un-businesslike! Cameron tells Luke that Cameron will give Luke twenty-four hours to produce Summer. If Luke can NOT do that, Cameron will have no choice but to have Luke committed!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Courtney's Apartment

Courtney is napping with her head on a pillow in Jason's lap, then awakes. Courtney says she doesn't want this to stop. Jason tells her it doesn't have to. He receives a call from Sonny saying that Brenda's going to be released. Jason says he'll go get her. Courtney says she wants to know when she can see him again, even though she isn't supposed to ask. Jason says he'll be back as soon as he can, and she can ask this question. He wasn't that way with Liz. Jason reiterates that he doesn't like Brenda, and their marriage is just a sham. They kiss goodbye. Jason returns to the apartment. Courtney says she saw him and Brenda on TV.

Sonny and Carly's Penthouse

Carly questions that Jax confessing to the murder doesn't stop the problems. Carly says that Brenda will do something stupid. Sonny tries to tell Carly that everything's under control. Sonny wants to know why Ric stopped by last night, and Carly wants to know why he wants to know - he hired Ric, didn't he? Carly sees the reporters with Jason on TV and decides to leave to be with him.

Skye's Cottage

Skye awakes to the TV news announcing that Jax confessed to Alcazar's murder last nigh, and how Brenda will be released. Skye hears a knock at the door and Coleman is there to collect for last night. Skye says she appreciates what he did, but that she's busy. Skye wants to know if this is some kind of shakedown. Skye doesn't buy the blackmail attempt saying that there was no sobriety test and he's already given a statement to the police. He lets Skye know that she isn't Courtney, and she isn't falling for his stuff. She isn't going to strip like Courtney did. Coleman tells Skye that AJ was behind the stalking of Courtney. There's a knock at the door, and Coleman tells Skye to get rid of whoever it is. Coleman hides in the back. AJ's at the door playing doomsayer. AJ keeps ragging on her about the Alcazar murder and tries to get rid of AJ, but he keeps hanging around. Skye says her statement to the police about Brenda killing Alcazar was completely honest. AJ goes off on a tangent of Jason being responsible for all of his woes, and is eager for Skye to change her story to say that Jason did it. After AJ leaves, Coleman comes out of hiding and tells Skye DUI is the least of her problems - she killed Alcazar. Coleman threatens to go to the PCPD and report what AJ said. He wants to know what Skye thinks when she looks at him, and she replies "trash." Coleman says he's looking to move up and wants connections that Skye will provide.

Neonatal ICU

We now have a moving, fake baby in the incubator and Alexis coos over the baby. Cameron shows up with a peace offering of chocolate brioche and mocha cappuccino. Alexis sees the newspaper headlines that Jax has been arrested. Alexis gets on the phone to Mac, but he isn't there. Alexis tells Cameron that Jax is her best friend and ex-husband. Alexis wants Cameron to watch the baby while she runs down to the PCPD. He says he'll do it, but he gets $150 and hour. Cameron is watching the baby when Felicia stops by and wants to know who he is. Felicia notices that Cameron seems to connect with baby Kristina.

PCPD Questioning Room

Jax is put in the room with Brenda who hasn't been released yet. Jax is adamant that he's going to claim liability for the murder. Brenda tells Jax he's ruining everything by confessing. Jax is insistent on playing unneeded knight in tarnished armor just to be involved with Brenda. Jax insists that they do things "his way" no matter what Brenda thinks. She walks out of the questioning room and over to Jason. She starts to interrogate him. For some reason, Jason and Brenda have to stay married until the Alcazar fiasco is over. Scott approaches them and does his usual "everyone is going to jail" speech. As Jason and Brenda leave the hospital, reporters accost them. A reporter asks Brenda if she can ever be faithful to one man. Good question. Alexis arrives and insinuates herself into Jax's situation. Taggert mocks Scott about not being able to hear what's going on in the questioning room anymore. Taggert tells Scott he needs to locate the Jax confession tape before it "disappears" and someone accuses Scott of suppressing evidence. Alexis nags Jax about confessing to a crime that he didn't commit just to cover Brenda's crime. She is adamant about representing him. Jax acquiesces. Scott says he can't find the confession tape, and Taggert tells him to try harder. Alexis comes out and announces she's Jax's attorney. Scott claims the tape was stolen. Jax has another visitor - its Skye. She says she hates seeing Jax like this and wants to get him out of jail.


Gia, dressed like a lawyer, bumps into Zander. Gia claims she's at court for Alexis, and Zander says he's working for ELQ now. Zander wants to know why Gia is impersonating a lawyer and if Alexis approves. Gia says she's making sure that Alexis has a career to come back to when the baby crisis is over. Zander says he doesn't like it when yuppie parents threat their kids like part-time trophies. Gia complains that, once her father remarried, his new daughter replaced her.

Jason's Penthouse

Jason tells Brenda, in no uncertain words, that she's staying at his penthouse because she's supposed to be his wife. Sonny appears. Again, he says he's working on getting Jax off. Brenda says if something doesn't happen soon, she'll have to do something desperate. Brenda finally gets the picture that she needs to choose between covering for Jax, and taking Sonny and Jason down with her confession. Brenda says that Scott said Sonny wants Jax to go to jail so Sonny can have her all to himself.

Kelly's Restaurant

Carly enters and sees Ric. Ric wants to know if Sonny is home, and Carly goes off saying she doesn't know anything about anything, and that she's just the good little wife. She then tells Ric to forget all she said, that Sonny is swell. Ric has a package to be delivered to Sonny, then hides it when Scott walks in and accuses Ric of stealing something that belongs to Scott.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

On the Docks, Luke meets a blond, blue-eyed hooker and, after mistaking her for Summer, Luke asks if she has seen Summer. The hooker informs Luke that the Dock is HER territory and IF another blond was trying to work the area, the regular girls would run her off. After the hooker leaves, Summer suddenly appears. Luke tries to determine if Summer is real or just a figment of his imagination and Summer assures Luke she is VERY real. When Luke tries to convince Summer to meet him later at Kelly's so that Luke can introduce her to Cameron, Summer is at first reluctant but eventually gives in to Luke's request. However, after Luke contacts Cameron and they go to Kelly's to meet Summer, Summer does NOT show up. Cameron becomes even more convinced than ever that Summer is a figment of Luke's imagination.

After meeting with Jax at the jail, an anxious Alexis returns to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and finds Cameron letting Felicia touch Kristina. After Felicia leaves, Alexis angrily rakes Cameron over the coals for letting anyone else near the fragile Kristina, then Alexis alarms Cameron even more when she suddenly announces that she is planning to defend Jax on murder charges. Cameron later finds Felicia and asks Felicia to help Alexis investigate Jax's case, while convincing Alexis that it was Alexis's idea to ask Felicia to help with the investigation. Felicia agrees and returns to the Neonatal ICU. After Felicia shares with Alexis some of the anxious moments Felicia has felt with her own children, Alexis asks Felicia to help Alexis investigate Jax's case - and Felicia agrees.

Jason meets with Courtney to tell her that he will have to continue playing Brenda's devoted spouse until the Alcazar murder case is cleared up. But Courtney tells Jason she is not sure she can bear to be apart for that long. Jason suggests that they COULD meet in secret. Courtney agrees that she will look for a quiet, out of the way place where they could meet. However, Courtney reminds Jason that AJ has promised to make the divorce proceedings a long, painful, uphill struggle - and Courtney warns Jason to make sure that AJ does not find out, since AJ already suspects that Jason and Courtney have already consummated their relationship. When Courtney returns to Kelly's, Liz asks how Courtney's dinner with Jason went but Courtney only says that it was nice. Then Courtney adds that, since Courtney is going through a divorce and Jason is involved in Brenda's legal problems, it would be a long time before a relationship between Jason and Courtney could turn into anything serious. But Liz remains suspicious that Courtney and Jason's relationship is already no longer platonic.

When Ric runs in to Carly at Kelly's, he tells her that he has a tape that he 'found' at the District Attorney's office and that he needs to meet with Sonny to hand it over. However, as Carly and Ric talk, Scott and Taggert suddenly show up and Scott accuses Ric of having lifted something from the District Attorney's office, and Scott demands that Ric return it. Ric pretends innocence and Carly suddenly tells Scott that Scott DOES need to take Ric down to the Port Charles Police Department, because Ric has been snooping around town, asking questions about Carly's husband, and Scott needs to find out what Ric is up to. As Scott gets into an argument with Ric about legal precedents, Carly uses the distraction to shove the purloined tape in to her purse and takes off. Ric suddenly agrees to go quietly to the PCPD with Scott.

Meanwhile, at Jason's Penthouse, Brenda asks Sonny what he would do if Brenda HAD killed Alcazar. Sonny tells Brenda that he only wants to see her happy and then Sonny assures Brenda that Sonny KNOWS that Brenda did NOT kill Alcazar. When Sonny wonders out loud if Brenda is playing Sonny against Jax, Brenda denies it. By the time Sonny returns to his own Penthouse, Carly has already arrived and gives the tape to Sonny. However, when Sonny admits that he is angry that Ric involved Carly in something so risky as possibly getting caught with something stolen from the D.A.'s office, Carly insists that she only wanted to help - and she DID! Sonny confides to Carly that Sonny is STILL not sure if Ric is trustworthy. But, after Carly insists, Sonny DOES look at the tape and both Carly and Sonny realize that the tape confirms that Jax WAS at the Port Charles Hotel close to the time that Alcazar died. Sonny decides the tape IS an important piece of evidence that COULD put Jason and Sonny in the clear and Sonny heads down to the PCPD to bail Ric out. At the same time, at the PCPD, Scott accuses Ric of having already passed the tape to Sonny, but Ric denies knowing anything about the tape Scott is asking about. Scott then hints that maybe Scott COULD take Ric up on Ric's offer to work together to bring Sonny down - IF Ric returns the tape. But Sonny arrives before Ric can give Scott an answer and Sonny announces to Scott that Sonny was planning to hire Ric as an attorney. Scott releases Ric with a warning. Outside the PCPD, Ric tells Sonny that Ric believes that the tape was evidence that Scott was suppressing and that, IF Scott gets the tape back, Scott will destroy the tape because Scott does NOT want Jax to be guilty of Alcazar's murder. Sonny compliments Ric for a job well-done!

As Brenda listens to the latest news accounts about Jax's arrest, Brenda decides to go down to the PCPD and confess. But Carly spots Brenda on the way to the elevator and tries to stop her. As Brenda and Carly argue in the hallway, Jason returns and Carly immediately reports to Jason that Brenda was headed down to the PCPD to confess to Alcazar's murder. Jason takes Brenda home and angrily asks his wife: 'How many lives are you willing to destroy to save Jax?'

BRENDA: "As many as it takes!'

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Sonny calls Brenda on his cell phone and leaves a message on her machine to call him as soon as she gets his message. He tells her that it concerns what happens to Jax at his hearing today. Taggert shows up at his penthouse at his request. Sonny gives him a video-tape of Jax and tells Taggert that it shows Jax at the hotel around the time of the murder on a hotel survelience tape. Taggert reluctantly takes it but asks him where he got it. Sonny doesn't tell him who gave it to him but tells him that it helps prove Jax is telling the truth about committing the murder. Taggert takes it with him. Carly comes downstairs with the intention of going to Jax's hearing with him. Sonny tells her he doesn't want her showing up at the hearing since there is no reason for her to be there. She doesn't take it well at first especially when he tells her he wants her to stay home under guard. Carly gets upset and storms out of the penthouse. Meanwhile, Felicia goes to visit Skye and ask her about the night of Alcazar's murder. Skye insists she is telling the truth about seeing Brenda stab Alcazar with a knife and then go out to the balcony with him. Felicia tells her that it is difficult to believe that Brenda was strong enough to throw Alcazar off the balcony without him trying to stop her from hurting him further. Skye blames Brenda for Jax's predicament and that he is only confessing to save Brenda. AJ shows up and interrupts their visit. AJ asks Felicia what she wants with Skye and accuses her of coming over to try to trip Skye up and get her to say something incriminating. Felicia denies it is about Skye and leaves them alone. After she leaves, AJ lights into Skye for making bad decisions concerning talking to the police any further. Skye insists she is only trying to help Jax and get Brenda arrested. AJ advises her to stop drinking and tries to persuade her not to show up at Jax's hearing. Skye refuses to listen so AJ drives her there to keep an eye on her. While this is going on, Alexis advises Jax not to say a word at his hearing, especially not to plead guilty to Alcazar's murder and just let her do the talking. Jax agrees to listen and not say a word. Scott tells Alexis that she has nothing to worry about concerning Jax since he is on her side this time and is after Sonny. Before the hearing starts, Skye and AJ show up. Alexis asks her to leave the courtroom immediately. Skye informs her it is a public hearing and she can't make her leave. Alexis tells her that if she starts anything she will throw her out of there. AJ tells Alexis that he will make sure Skye doesn't do anything to harm Jax's case. Skye approaches Jax and pleads with him not to plead guilty and that Brenda doesn't deserve it and that she is probably with Sonny right now. Alexis sees Sonny walk into the courtroom and tells her she is wrong again. Felicia also shows up to see what happens. Alexis presents her case to why Jax should be given bail. Scott doesn't object to bail and the judge asks Jax to promise not to leave town on his own jet. Taggert barges into the courtroom and interrupts the ceremony. He tells the judge that he just got in his possession a video surveillance tape showing Jax at the hotel around the time of the murder. The judge questions where the tape came from and why it wasn't in evidence sooner. Taggert and Scott do a lot of backpedaling without placing blame or naming Sonny as the source. The judge doesn't like what they have been up to and warns them not to do this again. He denies bail to Jax because of it. Skye yells out that Jax is being set up and he didn't kill anyone. Alexis tells her never to do that again since she caused Jax to lose out on bail as well. Scott approaches Sonny later and tells him that he shouldn't be to smug since he will prove that he had Alcazar killed. Sonny dismisses his threat. Carly goes to Kelly's. She runs into Ric there and assumes Sonny sent him to be her own personal bodyguard. She jumps down his throat and tells him she doesn't need his protection. Ric manages to tell her that he came to Kelly's because he lives there. Carly tells him that Sonny would like nothing better than for her to get a job outside their home so she would be to busy to ask him about his business. Ric mentions that she probably isn't cut out to be a mob wife. Carly takes offense to that. She tells him about the club she use to manage and how she ended up losing that position. Ric tells her that she should probably do something like that again since she strikes him as a very strong and independent woman. At the penthouse later, Sonny calls Brenda's number again and gets her answering service. Brenda shows up and asks him why he gave the police the tape of Jax. Sonny tells her that he didn't give the police the tape to hurt her in any way and that he did it so that Scott would be stopped from being able to set up her and Jason for the murder now that a tape and Jax's confession seems more airtight. Brenda doesn't know whether to believe him or not but reluctantly listens to him.

Luke dresses up like Santa Clause and shows up at Kelly's giving away money and items from Kelly's to the customers. Liz tries to stop him but can't so she calls Bobbie. Lucas and Georgie show up and try to stop customers from taking items from the place. Luke approaches them and gives them money. Bobbie shows up and stops everyone from taking everything and kicks them out of Kelly's. Liz and Lucas help guard the door and put the closed sign up. Carly shows up but Bobbie doesn't have time to help her with her personal problems with Sonny. Maxie shows up and is annoyed to see that Georgie is wearing one of her tops and it is quite revealing on her. She accuses her of wearing it to get Lucas' attention. Luke shows up at the police station next to give away money. He noticed some press people from the TV news are taking a statement from Mac concerning the murder case. Luke interrupts them to get the press to put their camera on him. He hands money over to Mac to have. He announces to the camera that Mac is the finest police commissioner in town. He ends up annoying Mac who asks him to leave immediately or he will lock him up. Luke leaves by giving more money away. Meanwhile, Lucky and Cameron show up at Luke's club and see a sign that says everything is free to take. They try to scare away a bunch of the looters. Lucky gets upset when Cameron informs him that Luke is getting worse and that he is delusional about seeing some woman named Summer, who looks like Laura but no one has seen her but Luke. Lucky becomes concerned but believes Luke isn't really crazy, just in a lot of emotional pain. Cameron and Lucky leave the club and look for Luke. They find him at the park giving away money and talking to the TV cameras and telling Summer to come to the club tonight and prove to everyone that she really does exist and that he does know the difference between fantasy and reality. Cameron doesn't believe she exists and thinks Luke is talking to the press to try to convince himself that she is real when he knows she really doesn't exist other than in his mind. Lucky gets upset with Cameron for believing the worse about Luke. They find Luke at his club later watching the evening newscast with him talking. Cameron tells Luke and Lucky what he thinks Luke is really doing. Luke dismisses his opinions and Lucky warns him to leave Luke alone. Two men in white suits show up and take Luke away. Lucky tries to stop him but Cameron tells him that Luke needs help and he will be the one to give him it.

Friday, December 13, 2002

At Kelly's, Ric Lansing listens as Carly tells him how much she enjoyed getting Club 101 up and operational. Ric suggests that Carly start a new club. And Carly finally decides that Ric is right and she SHOULD start another business. Carly then invites Ric to become her business manager and, after some mild persuasion, Ric consents.

Lucky arrives at Kelly's and tells Liz that his father has been committed, so that he has now lost BOTH of his parents. Meanwhile, Cameron takes Luke to a remote cabin in the woods. After the orderlies leave, Cameron releases Luke from the straight jacket, but keeps Luke's leg irons shackled to the chair. Cameron announces that they are both going to stay there until Luke's imaginary girlfriend, Summer, shows up or Luke admits that Summer does not actually exist. At first, Luke pretends that Summer HAS arrived and talks to thin air, but Cameron does NOT buy Luke's act. Cameron decides they need some sugar for their coffee and heads out to the kitchen. While Cameron is gone, the door suddenly swings open and Luke sees Summer walk in. As Luke insists that Summer is NOT real, Summer grabs a hairpin and picks the lock on Luke's shackles and Luke and Summer leave. When Cameron returns, he finds Luke gone and the cabin door open. But, when Cameron goes to the door to look for Luke, Cameron sees only one set of footprints in the snow outside, leading away from the cabin!

At the Lake House, AJ tells Skye that he has a plan to get Jason and Brenda out of their hair for good, but, if the plan backfires, one or both of them COULD land in prison. Brenda tells AJ that she is willing to risk anything to get Brenda out of her life. Unfortunately, as AJ outlines his plan to Skye, Coleman arrives and listens in on the conspirators. When AJ leaves the Lake House, Skye hears a noise outside and Coleman enters, gleefully announcing that he has been listening in to AJ and Skye as they conspired, and Coleman heard EVERY detail of AJ's plan to get Jason and Brenda out of their hair. Skye pulls her skeet gun on Coleman, but Coleman arrogantly dares her to go ahead and shoot. As Skye and Coleman argue about her ability to pull the trigger, they suddenly end up kissing and soon hit the sheets.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Brenda accuses Sonny of giving the tape of Jax entering the Hotel the night that Luis was murdered to the court because Sonny hates Jax and is eager to pin Alcazar's murder on Jax so that Sonny and Jason can be in the clear. But Sonny insists that what handing the tape over did was slow down Scott's investigation. Sonny claims that Jax is stalling and Sonny is merely helping Jax do that. As long as Jax has confessed and the District Attorney has Jax's fingerprints on the balcony, plus Jax's confession, plus the tape, the D.A. MUST consider Jax as the primary suspect. Sonny further explains that, since Scott is DESPERATE to pin Alcazar's murder on Jason or Sonny, no one will work more diligently to prove that Jax is innocent than Scott, so Brenda has nothing to fear. When Jason arrives, Brenda angrily leaves to go to the Port Charles Police Department to visit Jax.

Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Jax and Alexis meet with Scott and a lie detector expert. Even though Alexis registers her objections, Scott challenges Jax to prove that he really IS telling the truth about killing Alcazar by taking a lie detector test. Just as Brenda arrives and insists in sitting in on the session, Scott asks Jax if he loves Brenda more than anyone else in his life and Jax truthfully answers yes. However, as Brenda, Alexis and Scott look on in horror, the lie detector also indicates that Jax is telling the truth when Jax reaffirms his statement that he DID kill Luis Alcazar.

When Jason returns to Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny tells Jason it is time for Jason to take his new bride on a nice, long honeymoon - OUT of the country. Sonny is surprised when Jason appears to be reluctant to take Brenda out of the country and spend time alone with her on one of Sonny's private islands. Sonny suspiciously asks if Jason has ANOTHER reason WHY Jason does NOT want to leave Port Charles just now - but Jason just states that spending time alone with Brenda on an island somewhere is his idea of hell. At the same time, Courtney begins calling real estate agents to find a secluded apartment where she and Jason would be able to meet in secret, away from the prying eyes of the press.

As Sonny and Jason talk at the Penthouse, Courtney suddenly arrives across the hall, looking for Jason. As Courtney is ready to leave, Carly comes up in the elevator and guesses that Courtney is trying to meet with Jason. Carly tells Courtney to stay put, then Carly goes inside her Penthouse and sends Sonny to get her a drink of water. When Sonny is out of the room, Carly signals to Jason that he is needed out in the hall. Jason is surprised to see that his visitor is Courtney, and they leave together to look at apartments that Courtney has found.

After Jason leaves Sonny's apartment, Carly outlines for Sonny her plan for a new club and Carly is thrilled when Sonny tells her that he will back her new business venture. But Sonny is shocked when he learns that Ric Lansing is going to be Carly's numbers guy and Sonny observes that it is almost as if Ric was trying to take over Sonny's life. Later, as Carly envisions the opening night for her new club, she suggests that even Jason could have a date - maybe even with Courtney. Sonny suddenly tells Carly that - IF Jason laid a finger on Sonny's sister, Sonny would have to kill him!

Meanwhile, at the Lake House, as Coleman gets dressed and gets ready to leave, he reminds Skye that AJ has a poor grasp of details and their conspiracy for getting Brenda and Jason out of their lives is doomed from the start to backfire on them. As Skye defends her brother as the only person in her life that she has found that she can depend on, Coleman tells Skye: "You are a BAD girl, Skye. You do bad things. And what you need is a partner who is your equal!'

SKYE: "You are repulsive!'

COLEMAN: "That is what they all say -- at first!'

Before Coleman leaves, Skye gets a call from Scott and leaves herself. Coleman decides to stay a while and makes himself comfortable. AJ is shocked when AJ returns to the Lake House and finds Coleman stretched out on Skye's couch, making himself right at home!

Meanwhile, Courtney and Jason find a perfect apartment that Courtney loves and the prospective landlady beams at the enthusiasm of her 'newlyweds' moving into their first apartment. But, then, the landlady recognizes Jason as Brenda's husband and mentions that she has watched Jason and his wife on some newscasts. The landlady tries to warn Courtney that Courtney is getting involved with a married man. Courtney thanks the landlady for her concern but tells her that Courtney knows what she is doing. However, Jason offers to pay double for the apartment if the landlady will keep their secret - and she agrees.

Meanwhile, back at the PCPD, Jax, Brenda and Alexis are surprised when Scott announces that he is taking them on a little field trip. They are even more surprised when Scott takes them to Alcazar's Penthouse, where Mac is waiting with a film crew. Scott informs his 'guests' that they are going to re-enact everything that happened the night that Alcazar fell to his death. Even though Alexis again objects, Jax agrees to go along with Scott's re-enactment. But, first, Scott asks Brenda to show Scott how she slashed Alcazar's hand, with Scott playing the part of Alcazar. So Brenda goes through the motions and shows Scott how she cut Alcazar's hand with the knife. When Mac asks Brenda WHEN she and Alcazar went out on the balcony, Brenda denies that she went out on the balcony - that she merely threw the knife down and ran away again. As Scott questions WHY Brenda would be willing to just run away if she hated Alcazar so much a few minutes before that she had just tried to stab him, Skye suddenly bursts out of the bedroom and calls Brenda a liar, and reminding Brenda that Skye was there and saw 'everything!' Jax insists that HE was the one who shoved Alcazar off the balcony. So Scott asks Jax to show Scott how Jax and Alcazar struggled, with Scott again playing the part of Alcazar. But, as Jax shows Scott how he struggled with Alcazar and then threw the arms dealer off the balcony, Scott shows Jax a splotch of blood on Jax's shirt and confides to his guests that Scott had Taggert pick up some movie blood, which Scott put on his hand when Brenda showed Scott how Brenda cut Alcazar's hand. Scott points out that IF Jax really HAD struggled with Alcazar in the way that Jax demonstrated to Scott and the assembled camera crew, then Jax WOULD have had blood on his clothes the night that Alcazar died. But, since the police found NO blood on ANY of Jax's clothes when they searched the Cottage, Jax could NOT have struggled with Alcazar the way that Jax just claimed he had!

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