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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on GH
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Monday, January 6, 2003

Brenda and Sonny share a fraught moment when he comforts her after she has a nightmare. Sonny explains he is going to South America to look for clues in Alcazar's murder. Jax is determined to help Brenda and turns to Alexis to make Jason look guilty. Carly overhears Jax and Alexis and later confronts Alexis with a warning not to frame Jason. Alexis and Carly argue and Carly slaps Alexis in her anger. Jax tries to bribe Scott to frame Jason. Scott explains that they would surely be exposed and the case against Jason and Brenda would be thrown out. Scott tells Jax that the only way Brenda will go free is if she is declared insane. Jax meets with Cameron, who agrees to evaluate Brenda. Jax introduces Cameron to Brenda and explains that he wants Cameron to have her declared mentally unstable. Carly tells Courtney she is afraid they could lose both Sonny and Jason, thanks to Brenda. Taggert gets the tape of Ida's interview from Gia, who warns him that Scott is just using him to get what he wants. Jason allays Courtney's insecurities about his relationship with Brenda. Scott is thrown over Summer's resemblance to Laura. Lucky warns Summer to stay away from Scott. Cameron reminds Luke that Summer isn't really Laura. Cameron fears Summer could be the one who gets hurt in the end. Summer arrives, offering to take Luke's mind off his worries. Luke and Summer play poker and come close to sharing a kiss. Ned tells Zander that he is on a mission to destroy Sonny. Zander agrees to help Ned. Alexis is taken aback when she sees Ned and Faith in an embrace.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Relating Katherine's tale to Courtney, Carly tells her sister-in-law why she's so determined to prevent a tragic piece of history from repeating itself. Irked when Jax explains why he's brought Cameron by to meet her, Brenda curtly replies that she has no intention of pleading temporary insanity because she's committed no crime. Luke is touched when Summer reveals how she gave up a real date to spend time with him instead. Ned asks Faith to provide him with details about Carly's new club so they can begin sabotaging all of Sonny's business ventures. Standing in the old speakeasy, Carly describes for Courtney how Katherine's sad story seems to mirror their own lives with Sonny and Jason. Lucky drops by the blues club to ask his father for help with college tuition. Cameron finds Alexis crying outside Kelly's and offers her a sympathetic ear. Summer's former client presses her to renew their relationship. When she refuses, the senator roughly warns her she'll live to regret her decision. Jax rails at Brenda for going out on a limb for someone like Sonny. Alexis accidentally lets it slip to a surprised Cameron that Ned is not Kristina's father. Faith tells Carly that she is Katherine's granddaughter. Cameron's disclosure about a piece of his past reveals a close connection to another Port Charles resident.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

As Carly makes plans for her new club in the Old Speakeasy, Ric meets with Carly and begs her to help him get in touch with Sonny, but Carly refuses to contact her husband, saying only that he is engaged in important business. Ric then suggests that maybe Carly could make some of Sonny's decisions for him regarding Jason's trial. Meanwhile, Jason returns to his Penthouse and finds Jax and Brenda playing house. Jason orders Jax to get out, but Brenda protests.

Skye and Coleman meet on the Docks and discuss Ida's unfortunate demise. Skye admits that she feels that she drove Ida to suicide by demanding that Ida stick to the story they paid her to tell, but Coleman suggests that it is more likely that someone killed Ida to keep Ida from talking about something Ida had NOT talked about yet. At the same time, outside Kelly's, AJ meets with a Private Investigator and learns that Courtney has NOT been sleeping at home. AJ orders the Private Eye to follow Courtney day and night. Unfortunately, Liz overhears the conversation. Later, when the Investigator enters Kelly's, looking for Courtney, Liz pretends that she needs to call about Courtney's newest schedule before she can say when Courtney will be working again, but Liz actually tries to call Courtney to warn her and is disappointed when she only reaches the answering machine. When Courtney comes in, Liz loudly informs the investigator that Courtney may not be working until some time next week because they are revising the schedules and Courtney stays mum until the Investigator leaves. After the P.I. leaves, Liz tells Courtney that the man was a P.I., hired by AJ But, when Liz tells Courtney that the P.I. had reported to AJ that Courtney had not been sleeping at home and Liz asks Courtney where she has been, Courtney fibs that she has been worried about Mike's drinking and gambling and has been sleeping on her father's couch. However, as soon as Courtney gets a chance, Courtney calls Jason and tells him they need to meet right away. However, Courtney fibs to Liz that she just got a call from Mike and needs to rush out right away to be with her father and Liz promises to cover Courtney's shift. Later, when Courtney goes to get her coat, Mike calls Kelly's and mentions to Liz that he has NOT seen Courtney for quite a while. When Courtney leaves, a suspicious Liz follows Courtney to the apartment that Courtney shares with Jason.

As Jax, Brenda and Jason argue about Jax's presence at Jason's Penthouse, Alexis arrives and announces that Brenda is being hypnotized to see if there are any little clues that Brenda can remember from the night that Alcazar was murdered. Jax immediately objects, but Brenda, Jax and Alexis finally head for the Hospital, where Brenda meets with Cameron and is hypnotized.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Scott informs Lucky that he is free to go. When Lucky spots Laura in the interrogation room and demands to know why Laura is there, Scott informs Lucky that his new girlfriend is a hooker. When Lucky gets a chance to speak to Summer, she confirms that she WAS a hooker but got out of the life with the help of an older man. Summer then goes on to tell Lucky about her rich, powerful and very controlling former boyfriend, who was probably responsible for her arrest.

On the Docks, Skye confides to Coleman that, IF someone murdered Ida, it was probably Jason and that Skye might well be Jason's next target, but Coleman assures Skye that Coleman is pretty sure that Jason would not really have a motive for killing Ida, since everything that Ida had to say that was damaging to Jason was already a part of the record and that Ida's death while Jason was free just makes Jason look even more guilty. Coleman urges Skye to watch her back around her OTHER brother - AJ But Skye insists that, since AJ is the ONLY human being who EVER accepted Skye just as she was, Skye would NEVER betray her brother! As Coleman attempts to persuade Skye that AJ would NOT hesitate to betray Skye, AJ arrives and overhears Coleman's opinion of AJ, and AJ cooly informs Coleman that AJ and Skye no longer need Coleman. But before Coleman leaves, he warns Skye again to watch her back. After Coleman leaves, Skye confides to AJ that Coleman does NOT believe that Jason killed Ida because Jason would have nothing to gain from Ida's death. But AJ reassures his sister that IF Ida was, as Coleman suspects, murdered, Skye is in NO danger from whomever murdered Ida. AJ and Skye agree to remain partners together.

Before Jason can leave to meet Courtney, Carly arrives at the Penthouse and tries to persuade Jason to let Ric put Jason on the stand and coach Jason in the right way to answer the questions, but Jason refuses. Ric soon arrives and Jason warns Ric to never again use Carly to get to Jason, then Jason leaves. However, after Jason leaves, Carly mentions that Brenda went to the Hospital to be hypnotized and Ric rushes off to the Hospital to stop Brenda.

Georgie, Maxie and Lucas meet in Carly's Speakeasy and Georgie urges Lucas to try to convince Carly to have an occasional 'teen' night, and Lucas agrees.

At the Hospital, as Brenda is hypnotized, Brenda suddenly remembers seeing a dark haired man in a trench coat near the stairs as she rushed to leave Alcazar's suite after stabbing the arms dealer. Ric arrives at Cameron's office and, through an intercom, overhears Brenda's recollection of seeing a mysterious stranger near the stairway leading away from Alcazar's suite.

At the PCPD, Lucky tells Summer that she was released when a fax came through. After Summer leaves the PCPD, she meets her former lover on the Docks and he gloats that he sent a fax and she was arrested. And when he sent another fax, she was released. The Senator taunts Summer with the information that he can STILL pull ANY string and make her life miserable.

Carly is surprised when AJ arrives at Jason's Penthouse to see Jason. AJ informs Carly that he has a deal to offer Jason. AJ tells Carly that AJ is willing to help Jason clear himself of the legal charges pending against him in exchange for Jason leaving Courtney alone. At the same time, Jason arrives at the apartment he shares with Courtney and Liz watches from hiding as Courtney rushes into Jason's arms at the door.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Liz observes Courtney embracing Jason outside her apartment after she follows her there. Liz is very upset to learn that Courtney lied about being involved with Jason. She storms back to Kelly's and tells Zander to beware when people spend all their time secretly seeing each other and then telling everyone that they aren't involved are lying. Courtney tells Jason that AJ hired a P.I. to follow her and that if he finds them together he will tell AJ and he'll use that against them at his trial to show that Jason's marriage is a sham. She suggests they don't see each other for awhile and Jason asks her if that is what she wants. She tells him she doesn't want to stop seeing him and he agrees that he doesn't want to stop being with her either and kisses her. Meanwhile, Ned meets with Zander at Kelly's. He gives him an envelope to deliver to Alexis in person. He tells him he most likely will find her at GH or at the courthouse. Liz gets upset again when she sees Jason show up at Kelly's. He approaches her to thank her for warning Courtney about the P.I. that AJ hired to follow her. Liz tells him she doesn't want to hear it and goes off on him about getting involved with Courtney. He tells her that as far as he was concerned she told him that she couldn't be with him after she found out that Sonny wasn't really dead and he didn't tell her. Courtney comes by Kelly's. She asks Liz why she is closing Kelly's early for and then thanks her for covering her shift for her so she could go see her father. Liz confronts her about lying to her about seeing Mike. She tells her that Mike called before. Liz calls Courtney a hypocrite and a liar for pretending to be caring and sympathetic when she told her about her feelings for Jason when all along she had her sights on Jason and even probably before she married AJ Liz stuns Courtney by slapping her face as Jason sees them arguing from outside Kelly's.

Sonny arrives in South America and finds the hotel that Alcazar took Brenda to stay in on vacation while he conducted business. According to a woman who served them there as a hostess tells Sonny about how Alcazar treated Brenda like a queen but never let her see his business associates and conducted business when she was out shopping. The woman allows Sonny to look around the hotel suite. Sonny finds a secret safe behind a picture frame. He gets in the safe by using Alcazar's birthday as a code which works. Sonny digs out a bunch of passports and files to look at. Before he can really look at them, the prison warden and his guards show up to accuse Sonny of trespassing and to threaten to shoot him or put him in one of their jail cells. Sonny remains calm and informs the warden about how his associate Jason and his wife Carly were detained by him and put in a jail cell and promises to mention the warden's inhospitable and corrupt behavior to two of his business associates in South America. The warden believes Sonny's subtle threats and instantly has a change of heart toward him and agrees to bring him files of prisoners that were in his prison right before Alcazar's murder that had been released at that time. He brings him the files later. Sonny finds a picture of Jax stuck behind a framed picture of Brenda with Alcazar. He realizes that Brenda was thinking of Jax while she was with Alcazar. The warden gives him the files. One of the prisoners was released a week or so before Alcazar's murder. He tells Sonny that there is no picture in his file to help him identify the man. After the warden leaves, the hostess hands Sonny a picture she stole from the file to give to Sonny. Sonny realizes the prisoner is none other than Ric Lansing, Jason's lawyer. Sonny starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Meanwhile, Ric panics when he sees through the one way window into the hospital conference room that Brenda is being hypnotized. He puts on the intercom to overhear the session. Brenda remembers seeing a man with dark hair, wearing a dark overcoat in the corner of the hallway on Alcazar's hotel room floor. She starts to get a better look through her hypnosis. Ric barges in the room to stop the hypnosis. He tells Alexis and Jax that it isn't legally right for them to have Brenda hypnotized without Jason's approval or presence in the room and that as his lawyer, this session could go against him at trial as possible testimony. Jax tells him that the hypnosis could help his client since Brenda remembers a man in an overcoat, not Jason near the hallway. Alexis apologizes for not informing him of their plans but that it happened quite quickly that Brenda decided to go with hypnosis. Ric agrees to stay and allow the hypnosis to continue. He gets worried when Brenda gets closer to identifying the man in the hallway outside Alcazar's room (being him). Brenda can't remember at the time who the man is since she couldn't see his face well. Brenda and Jax return to the penthouse. Carly tells AJ that she would be crazy to make a deal with him concerning helping Jason. She denies that Courtney and Jason are having an affair and tells him he is paranoid. AJ vows to her that he will win in the end and Jason will go to prison. When Brenda and Jax get off the elevator, Carly questions them about how the hypnosis went. Brenda tells her that she remembered seeing a dark haired man in an overcoat near the hallway outside Alcazar's room. Brenda gets another memory flash after she tells Carly and then can't believe she forgot to tell Cameron and Alexis that she remembers the man had a shoulder holster on him which means he was carrying a gun. Carly warns Jax about Brenda going to prison and that she doesn't care what he does as long as he takes Brenda away from Port Charles after the trial is over after he makes some comment about their being no coincidence that Sonny is living on one side of the hall and he has Brenda living across the hall from him. Jason runs into AJ on the docks. He grabs his wallet out of his coat pocket and takes out the P.I.'s business card and keeps it. He tells AJ that if he doesn't stop harassing Courtney and having her followed there is going to be trouble for him. AJ storms off. Jason contacts the P.I. and meets with him on the docks. He informs the P.I. that Courtney is the sister of Sonny Corinthos and if he was smart he will stop returning AJ's calls and stop following Ms. Mathews. The P.I is scared and agrees to not help AJ anymore. Alexis starts arguing with Cameron about his defense of Ned, even though he knows Ned is not the biological father of Kristina. Cameron tells her that he understands how Ned feels since he abandoned his own child and wishes he could go back and change things with his younger son, Alexander, who took off and hid out in some of those teenage hideouts that runaways go to. She asks him why he is so far away from his original home by coming here and why his son would be here. He tells her that his parents were originally from Port Charles and he used to take his sons here to visit them and there were many happy memories here for his son. Alexis tells him that she is only tolerating him because he is helping her by agreeing to testify as an expert witness concerning Brenda's hypnosis but feels he is totally an amoral, obnoxious therapist. He argues back about her own neurotic behavior and storms out. Zander shows up soon after and gives her the package from Ned. She opens it up and gets upset and goes to find Ned at his new girlfriend Faith's hotel room to find him. He comes out of the bathroom with just a towel on. She tells him that they need to talk. Jax and Brenda share a warm cozy moment alone. He tells her that everything he has been doing has been to protect her and that he realized today when she was being hypnotized that she has been doing the same by going to Alcazar's room to warn him to stay away from him and not kill him.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Jason arrives at Kelly's and, finding the door locked, he notices Liz and Courtney arguing inside. When Courtney tells Liz that it was Liz's fault that Jason walked out of Liz's life, Liz slaps Courtney. Liz accuses Courtney of wanting Jason as soon as Courtney first saw Jason. As Liz claims that Courtney only pretended to be sympathetic while Liz confided to Courtney her feelings about Jason, Courtney protests that Courtney tried many times to get Liz and Jason reunited and Liz kept insisting that Liz could never accept Jason's criminal lifestyle. Zander arrives outside but Jason tells Zander to leave. After Zander leaves, Jason slips into Kelly's through the back way and blasts Liz for doing a jealous number on Courtney. Liz blasts Jason for moving on from his relationship with Liz to a new relationship with Courtney in the twinkling of an eye. An exasperated Liz finally tells both Jason and Courtney that they can both go to hell, and storms out.

In Faith's hotel suite, Alexis informs Faith and a partially clad Ned that Alexis believes that Ned and Faith got together to team up against Sonny but Faith and Ned deny the charge, claiming they merely felt a mutual attraction. Alexis accuses Ned of paying Kristina's medical bills in order to gain control over Kristina's life. Alexis announces that Ned can no longer see Kristina, but Ned insists that he has a legal right to see Kristina and to contribute to Kristina's welfare. Alexis reiterates her position and threatens to bring Ned's inappropriate behavior with Faith on the Pier into Family Court. Ned counters by threatening to blab Alexis's secrets in Family Court if she goes that far and Alexis backs down, assuring Ned that she does NOT want their disagreement to go that far. After Alexis leaves, Faith observes that Ned's partnership with Faith is beginning to look more like it is all about making Alexis jealous rather than getting even with Sonny. But Ned reaffirms that his prime objective is getting rid of Sonny - and making a bundle of money into the bargain. Faith assures Ned that she ENJOYS the way he uses her and they seal their mutual understanding with a kiss.

Taggert arrives at Jason's Penthouse to see Brenda and Brenda excitedly reports to Taggert about her hypnosis session and the man Brenda remembered seeing lurking at the Port Charles Hotel the night Alcazar was killed. But Taggert reminds Brenda that Jason turned off the surveillance cameras in the Hotel and looking for Brenda's mystery man would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Jax arrives and tries to persuade Taggert to look for the mysterious stranger in the REST of the Hotel's surveillance system.

As Ric torches his incriminating overcoat in the Speakeasy's furnace, Carly surprises him in the act. When Carly demands to know what Ric is doing, Ric covers by telling Carly that he was just trying to determine if the old furnace was still in working condition. Then Ric begs Carly to tell him whether or not Sonny has jumped bail and left the country. But Carly refuses to tell Ric anything about Sonny's business. However, when Leticia and Michael pay a surprise visit to Carly, Ric hears Michael innocently ask Carly when Sonny will be coming home.

Meanwhile, at Alcazar's South American Estate, the Housekeeper confides to Sonny that she and Ric were once lovers. Ric was wealthy, charming, and he worked for Alcazar. One day, Alcazar ordered Ric arrested and, when she secretly visited Ric in prison, Ric was consumed with his desire to pay Alcazar back for all that Ric had lost. Then, just as suddenly, Alcazar ordered Ric released. The housekeeper confides to Sonny that she believed that Ric killed Alcazar when she heard about Alcazar's death.

Scott meets Taggert On the Docks and Taggert tries to convince Scott to follow Brenda's new lead, but Scott refuses and tells Taggert that Taggert is off the Alcazar case. Taggert threatens to tell a Judge about all of the corners Scott has cut in his quest to make sure that Sonny and Jason pay for Alcazar's murder, and they reach a stalemate.

Back at the Speakeasy, as Ric admonishes Carly for letting Michael know Sonny was out of town when that kind of action could get Sonny's bail revoked, Ric suddenly gets a call from Sonny, demanding that they meet at the Elm Street Pier in three hours. But, when Carly asks Ric about his call, Ric covers by claiming that it was a paralegal Ric hired to research precedents for him.

When Jason and Courtney return to the apartment they share, Courtney asks about Jason's split with Robin and Jason admits that he split with Robin because Robin believed it was not right for Carly and Jason to construct an elaborate lie about Michael's paternity and Robin was the one who told AJ the truth - that AJ was really Michael's father. Jason admits that he was never able to forgive Robin for that decision.

Back at Kelly's, Zander gets Liz to open up and offers to hold her hand because the argument with Courtney obviously upset Liz but, when Zander asks if the fight had anything to do with Jason, Liz denies it and says only that Liz caught Courtney in a lie.

Meanwhile, outside Kelly's, Cameron finds a fuming Alexis and listens as Alexis pours out her frustrations with Ned's 'new' behavior.

After Liz goes upstairs and Alexis leaves the bench outside of Kelly's, Zander looks out the window and is shocked to see Cameron standing there.

After Taggert leaves the Docks, Scott gets a call that he believes is good news. Meanwhile, at Jason's Penthouse, Brenda tells Jax about a prisoner Alcazar kept tied up and beat because Alcazar believes the man had been stealing from Alcazar, using computer tricks. At the end of the beating, Alcazar pulled the hood of the prisoner's head and Brenda now realizes that the man being beaten was Ric - Jason's attorney.

Scott arrives at Sonny's Penthouse and demands to see Sonny. Carly insists that Sonny is working at his office, but Scott tells Carly that he has already checked there and Scott warns Carly that IF Sonny IS out of town, Sonny HAS jumped bail and IS a fugitive.

However, at the same time, Sonny meets Ric on the Elm Street Pier and Sonny immediately asks Ric WHY Ric kept his connection to Alcazar a secret and whether or not RIC killed Alcazar!

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