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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on GH
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Monday, January 13, 2003

When Alexis checks on Kristina at the Hospital, she tells Dr. Novarro that she wants to bar Ned from having any more visits with Kristina. Meanwhile, Ned and Faith get ready to be seen in public while one of Faith's men wrecks the plumbing in the Speakeasy under Kelly's.

As Zander watches Cameron from inside Kelly's, Cameron suddenly gets an emergency call and leaves. After Cameron is gone, Zander goes outside and has a flashback to the day that his brother was accidentally shot during a hunting expedition and Cameron accused Zander of killing his own brother. One of Zander's old drug buddies happens by and Zander leaves with him. Later, Zander takes some of the drugs his buddy has to offer.

At the same time, Scott is visiting Sonny's Penthouse, listening to Carly deny that her husband would have jumped bail and left the country. As Sonny and Carly spar, they are surprised when Faith Roscoe suddenly arrives for a visit. Scott and Carly both try to figure out what Faith is doing at Sonny's Penthouse. When Scott leaves, Faith reports to Carly that, when Faith went past Kelly's, she heard noises in the basement - like running water - or maybe restless spirits. Faith reminds Carly that Faith's family once owned the building and tells Carly a story about a book Faith read about new owners who disturbed spirits and unleashed a curse. Just then, Carly gets a call about flooding in Kelly's basement. Faith observes that, since Sonny has invested a lot of money in the new club, Faith hopes it will be nothing serious - then she leaves.

Meanwhile, across the hall at Jason's Penthouse, Brenda tells Jax and Jason that she remembers seeing Ric at Alcazar's compound in South America. Jax suggests that maybe Ric was ALSO the man Brenda saw at the Port Charles Hotel the night Alcazar fell to his death. At the same time, on the Docks, Sonny accuses Ric of being the one who killed Alcazar. Ric admits that he followed Alcazar to Port Charles and WANTED Alcazar dead, but the closest Ric got to Alcazar was seeing Alcazar fall from the balcony. Ric warns Sonny that IF Sonny demands that Ric tell all he knows to the police, it will prove to be even more disastrous for Brenda and Jason. In the meantime, Brenda tells Jax and Jason that her mystery man COULD have been Ric! Jax angrily gets ready to hunt Ric down, but Jason urges Ric to wait until they have proof before making any kind of move. But Jax refuses to listen to Jason and leaves anyway. Afterward, Jason warns Brenda: "You need to stop that idiot before he gets you put in prison!'

Back on the Docks, Ric reports to Sonny that Ric saw Alcazar fall and went into the Hotel to search Alcazar's room to remove any documents that might tie Ric to Alcazar, and Ric saw a panic-stricken Brenda running through the corridor from Alcazar's suite. Sonny accuses Ric of being the one who killed Alcazar, paid Ida and then killed Ida to prevent her from changing her story. Ric warns Sonny that, IF the Police find out about Ric's presence at the Hotel that night, it will ultimately work against Brenda and Jason.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Cameron tries to convince Alexis to let Ned have access to Kristina. When Alexis refuses to listen, Cameron warns that Alexis will one day regret her decision. At the same time, at Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to talk to Gia but Gia is too busy working on a legal project. When Nikolas finally gets Gia's attention, he informs her that he was NOT allowed to see Kristina when he was at the Hospital and Gia admits that she knew that Alexis was restricting Kristina's visitors, and apologizes for being too distracted by her new career decisions to spend quality time with Nikolas. In the meantime, Ned arrives at the Hospital to visit Kristina and hits the roof when he learns that he can NOT visit Kristina. Ned coldly orders the Nurse on duty to notify Alexis immediately that Ned demands to speak to Alexis about the youngest member of the Corinthos family!

Back On the Docks, Ric warns Sonny that IF Sonny goes to the Police with the information that Ric was at the Hotel, the ONLY thing Ric could testify to would be that AFTER Alcazar fell from the balcony, Ric saw Jason lead a panic-stricken Brenda out of the Hotel and Ric's testimony COULD convict BOTH Jason AND Brenda, since it would confirm Baldwin's theory that Jason WAS in the building and HELPED Brenda murder Alcazar and leave the scene of the crime. Sonny warns Ric NOT to testify against Brenda or Jason if he wants to remain breathing! Ric agrees, but only if Sonny reciprocates. Sonny agrees that he will NOT go to the police with his supposition, but orders Ric to cut off all ties to Sonny's family - especially Carly!

At the same time, at Jason's Penthouse, as Brenda and Jason argue about Jax, Brenda suddenly guesses that Jason has someone he cares about and begins trying to guess the identity of her husband's girlfriend. But, as Brenda gets close to the truth, they are interrupted by Sonny's arrival.

At the Hospital, Alexis reminds Ned that the REASON for their ruse about Kristina's paternity was to protect Kristina from the mob violence surrounding Sonny. And Ned's recent involvement with Mob-widow Faith COULD prove just as dangerous to Kristina as Sonny's involvement would be. Ned reminds Alexis that he has OTHER reasons to love Kristina but, IF Alexis persists in her exclusive attitude, Ned might begin to feel he NEEDS to tell Sonny the truth about Kristina's paternity. Ned warns Alexis that, IF Sonny were to learn of the mobster's connection to Kristina, Sonny would probably go to court and demand sole custody of his daughter. Ned, on the other hand, is only asking for reasonable visitation because Ned loved Alexis' sister and Kristina's aunt! Alexis finally relents and allows Ned to visit with Kristina. Once Ned is holding Kristina in his arms, he vows that he will ALWAYS be there to protect Kristina!

Ric arrives at the Speakeasy to find the place flooded. Carly arrives soon afterward and informs Ric that she believes Faith Roscoe was behind the 'accident' to the plumbing. As Carly begins to tell Ric about her plans for getting even with Faith, Ric regretfully informs Carly that Sonny believes that Ric murdered Alcazar and has ordered Ric to stay away from Sonny's family. When Carly asks Ric if he DID kill Alcazar, Ric admits that he PLANNED to kill Alcazar but never got the chance. As Carly asks Ric WHY it was so important for Ric to try to get close to Sonny that Ric stayed in town even after Alcazar's death, Jax suddenly arrives, brandishing a gun! Jax demands that Ric go to see District Attorney Baldwin with Jax and Ric reluctantly leaves with Jax, while Carly follows them.

A completely stoned Zander arrives at Faith's Hotel room and suggests to a stunned Faith that they could have a good time together.

At Jason's Penthouse, Brenda, Jason and Sonny compare notes about Brenda's recollections about Ric and what Sonny learned from talking to Ric and Sonny convinces Brenda to call Jax off before Jax gets the police involved. But Carly suddenly arrives with the news that Jax just took Ric at gunpoint to see Scott Baldwin. At the same time, Jax arrives at the Court House with Ric and demands that Scott arrest Ric for Alcazar's murder. When Scott hesitates, Jax begins to announce Ric's involvement to the press. With cameras clicking, Jax charges Scott with framing Brenda to get Jason and Sonny to take the rap for Alcazar's murder, while, all the time, Ric was the real culprit.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Mac and Taggert showed up at Jax's press conference and heard Jax's theory about Ric killing Alcazar. They and Scott took Ric to police headquarters to interrogate him. Brenda found Jax and explained that it would hurt her case to admit seeing Ric in the hallway the night of the murder. She asked Jax to trust her judgment and go along with what Sonny and Jason want her to do. Alexis arrived on scene and quickly agreed that Brenda should keep silent. At police headquarters, Sonny showed up to see Ric, but Scott would not let him. Finally, Scott got Ric alone in the interrogation room and tried to coerce Ric into being a witness for the prosecution. Ric said that he saw nothing that night, infuriating Scott. Scott decided to hold him overnight to try to change his mind.

At Kelly's, Liz and Courtney argued over Jason. Liz told Courtney that Jason wasn't as honest as he seemed and that there are parts of him we would never open up to anyone. Annoyed, Courtney left and went to see Jason. Jason told her that the news with Rick didn't mean he was off the hook but that he wanted to be with her. Courtney asked him to promise that if the trial went against him that he would run, and though she couldn't commit to going with him, that he would ask and give her the chance to.

On Faith's orders, a still-high Zander went to the club below Kelly's and starting smashing everything as he remembered his brother's death and how his father blamed him. Carly discovered him and told him he was self-destructing just like he always does. Zander left and went to Kelly's but did not enter when he saw Cameron inside.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

On the Docks, as Summer reads a note from Luke, announcing that Luke will be away for a while, Lucky suddenly appears and demands to know why Summer skipped her acting class that morning. Summer promises to explain her thinking to Lucky over a cup of coffee at Kelly's. When Lucky and Summer arrive at Kelly's, Nikolas catches up with Lucky and informs his brother that Nikolas believes that Luke is trying to rescue their mother again. Lucky also introduces Summer to Nikolas. Elsewhere at Kelly's, Maxie cautions Georgie that Lucas will never see her as anything but a pal or a kid sister. However, when Lucas arrives and overhears Georgie and Maxie talking, Georgie becomes embarrassed when Lucas wonders who she's pining for, so Georgie claims she has a crush on Nikolas.

Meanwhile, at Kelly's, as Courtney listens to the TV news about Ric's involvement in the Alcazar case, Liz informs Courtney that Jason is safe from Ric turning on him. Courtney is incredulous when she learns that Liz is friendly with Ric and Courtney warns Liz that Ric COULD be Alcazar's killer. When AJ comes in, AJ warns Liz that, if Courtney could lie to AJ she could eventually lie to Liz as well. Liz coldly orders AJ to leave but, when Courtney thanks Liz for getting rid of AJ, Liz cooly informs Courtney that Liz just didn't like AJ enough to let AJ know that she agreed with every word that AJ said.

At the same time, at the Port Charles Police Department, Ric continues to maintain that he took a short-cut through the alley by the hotel, saw Alcazar fall, recognized him as Luis Alcazar - and that he was dead. When Scott demands to know HOW Brenda saw Ric inside the Hotel when Ric failed to see Brenda, Ric has no explanation. In the meantime, Alexis tries to get a continuance for the trial. Failing to shake Ric's story, Scott orders Taggert to find someone who saw Ric in the alley when Alcazar fell.

Coleman and Skye meet in the park. Coleman grabs Skye's flask and warns Skye that she can NOT go to court drunk. Coleman takes the booze away and demands that Skye down a healthy dose of coffee. AJ meets Skye and Coleman in the Park and brings them up to speed on Ric's long-time involvement with Alcazar. Coleman suggests that the only thing they need is someone who will confirm that they saw Ric in the alley when Alcazar fell, so Ric can be eliminated as a suspect and suspicion can fall on Jason and Brenda again.

An angry Jax arrives at Jason's Penthouse, looking for Brenda. When Jason says he has no idea where Brenda would be, Jax informs Carly and Jason that Brenda is missing. When Jax suspects that, since Sonny is ALSO missing, Sonny has run off with Brenda to protect her - Carly insists that her marriage to Sonny is sound and Sonny would NEVER do something like that.

After Lucky and Summer leave the Docks to head to Kelly's, Zander meets his friendly neighborhood pusher and picks up some more drugs. Unfortunately, Gia spots Zander and lectures him about returning to his old habits. But Zander refuses to listen to Gia. Gia tells Zander that Nikolas talks to Emily by phone every week and urges Zander to give Nikolas something positive to report when Emily asks about Zander.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Monica tells Alan and Edward to stay away from the trial, although Alan insists that he SHOULD go to support his daughter Skye. As the Quartermaines argue, Reginald arrives and reports that a boat has been stolen from the boat house. Edward orders Reginald to report the theft to the police.

While Carly, Jax and Jason look for Sonny, Sonny is at the PCPD and asks Alexis to take Jason's case since Jason's attorney has turned out to have connections to Alcazar. Alexis protests that Jason does NOT need Alexis's help but Brenda does. While there, Sonny steps in and commends Ric for refusing to cooperate with Scott and Ric asks Sonny how much it will take to get Sonny to trust him. Sonny tells Ric that he is beginning to feel impressed by Ric. After Sonny leaves, Scott reminds Alexis that it was Alcazar bringing Brenda back to Port Charles that set the wheels in motion which resulted in the death of Alexis' sister.

When Sonny returns to the Penthouse and everyone realizes that Brenda is NOT with Sonny, Jax becomes even more concerned for Brenda, but Sonny accuses Jax of being such a loose cannon that Brenda split to protect herself.

When Courtney asks Liz for time off to go to the trial, Liz suggests that, since Courtney is in bed with one of the defendant's husband, it might NOT be wise for Courtney to show up in court, but Courtney refuses to listen. Later, Liz keeps a jealous eye on Lucky and Summer, sharing coffee.

Scott and Taggert are surprised when Coleman shows up at PCPD and claims that Coleman saw Ric in the alley when Alcazar fell. Taggert protests that Scott's latest witness has a history of questionable involvements, including blackmailing Courtney Matthews, but Scott insists that Coleman is a good citizen and orders Taggert to take Coleman's statement and release Ric. When Ric is released, he informs Coleman that Ric KNOWS that Coleman was NOT in the alley and asks what Coleman has to gain by clearing Ric. But Coleman tells Ric not to worry about it, and saunters off.

Lucky confides to Summer about his mother being in an institution and about his father being all torn up about it. Summer relates that Lucky's father sounds a lot like Summer's older friend, except that Summer's friend's wife is dead and he is trying to hang on to her memory by recreating some of their happier moments.

Carly arrives at Jason's Penthouse and demands he wear something that makes him look like an ordinary fellow instead of Sonny's hired killer. When Carly insists that Brenda split because Brenda does NOT care that Jason will end up taking the rap alone, Jason surprises Carly by informing her that Jason believes that Brenda DOES care.

When Ric is released, he returns to Kelly's and gets a warm welcome from Liz. Ric informs Liz that he is no longer Jason's attorney and thanks Liz for visiting him while he was in jail. When Ric admits that he seems to be having no luck in drumming up supporters, Liz reminds Ric that he has ONE friend in town.

At the Court House, Scott informs Alexis that Ric has been cleared by a witness who saw Ric in the alley when Alcazar fell. Alexis warns Scott that, IF Scott keeps pushing, Alexis will be forced to defend Jason as well. Scott asks if Alexis has EVER thought of saying 'No!' to Sonny. Later, when Coleman meets Skye and AJ at the Court House, Coleman reports that Ric has been cleared - because Colemen went to the police and 'admitted' that Coleman saw Ric in the alley WHEN Alcazar fell. AJ congratulates Coleman for a job well done, but Courtney overhears. After Skye and AJ go into the Court Room, Courtney blasts Coleman for accepting money to help Skye and AJ frame Jason. But Coleman pleads innocent. Courtney refuses to believe Coleman's rendition of events and threatens to take her suspicions to her mobster brother as she storms away. At the same time, in the Court Room, Alexis tries to tell the court that she gave Brenda and Jason the wrong information about the trial's starting time, but Scott insists that Brenda and Jason have fled the jurisdiction. Jason suddenly appears, but has no answer when the Judge demands to know where Mr. Morgan's wife is.

On the Docks, Gia and Nikolas discover a body in the water!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

The judge in the murder case asks Jason where Brenda is and is not pleased with the hold up. Jason tells him he doesn't know where his wife is. Scott calls for a warrant to be issued for the arrest of Brenda Barrett. Scott tells the judge that it isn't the first time the defendant has fled the country. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Gia are on the docks. Nikolas tells Gia it looks like a body floating in the water and dives in to rescue the person. Nikolas and Gia drag Brenda's unconscious body onto the docks. Nik calls 911 and explains that the victim isn't breathing after Gia tries to administer CPR. Later, Taggert shows up at the courthouse to announce that Brenda's been found nearly dead from being in the water and has been rushed to GH. Alexis asks the judge to call a recess and discontinue the trial until the condition of her client has been established. The judge decides to call a recess for now but wants the trial to resume at the earliest possible date. Alexis advises Jason to show up at GH and see Brenda and act like a concerned husband. Jason agrees to it. Courtney tells Sonny that she overheard Coleman talking to AJ and thinks Coleman was the one who brought in Ida after paying her to use as a witness to set up Jason and Brenda. Sonny thanks her for the information and tells her to stay out of it from now and he'll handle it from here. Coleman and AJ try to stop Skye from drinking since she is suppose to testify today. Skye tells them she won't get drunk she just needs to take the edge off. AJ gets nervous when the judge calls a recess after Brenda's incident in the water. Jax gets to the hospital and finds Brenda being rushed in. He finds her in a recovery room later and she is conscious. She whispers to him that she has a key to give him. Sonny watches Brenda give Jax something. Scott tries to stop Jason from seeing Brenda in recovery. Jason tells him he can't stop him from seeing her since he is her husband. He tries to bar Scott from going in to see her. Scott questions her about diving into the ice cold water. Brenda reveals nothing to Scott and claims she went for a swim. Scott gets frustrated with not getting any answers. Alexis shows up. Jax heads out of the hospital in a hurry but Sonny finds him and asks him what Brenda gave him just then and what he is up to. Jax tells him she only gave him her ring. Sonny doesn't believe him and follows him. Jason gets in to see Brenda alone. He asks her what she gave Jax just now and that it was brave of her to dive in the water and look for something inside Alcazar's sunk yacht. Brenda tells him she gave Jax a key to a safe-deposit box that Alcazar had. She tells him that she needed to get the key and that Jax needs to get the contents of the box before the police ceize it. Courtney refuses to listen to Carly's advice to stay out of things and not go to GH and interfere with what Jason and Sonny are doing. Courtney asks Jason about his little meeting with Brenda and comments on how close they seemed just then. Jason doesn't have an answer. She had already got into it with AJ about how he is setting up Jason without even a conscious which had led to Carly's advice to stay out of it. Jax gets to the safety-deposit box and takes out a videotape that says "The Murder" printed across it just as Sonny shows up and asks him to hand it over to him. Alexis and Scott argue about getting a postponement of the trial until Brenda recovers and can appear in court. The judge listens to them argue and warns Alexis that this little accident with Brenda isn't some sort of delay tactic to stop the trial from starting now. Alexis pleads with the judge to allow her to see her client and decide when she can appear in court. The judge doesn't like it but doesn't say anything yet.

Zander gets drunk at Jake's bar and calls Emily. He wishes her a Happy Birthday and starts to ask her about the past and begins to get upset when it appears that Emily doesn't want to be with him again. He slams the phone and breaks it and assaults the manager. He ends up arrested and sent to PCPD. Mac isn't pleased to see him and is disappointed to see that Zander is ruining his life after it looked like he was turning things around for himself for the better. Zander is still not quite sober and appears high on drugs. Mac tries to get through to him that he has two choices either he agrees to get counseling or he goes to prison and ends up ruining his life for good this time. Zander cops an attitude. He calls Alexis' cell phone but Alexis hands it to Gia at GH. Gia asks Zander what is the problem. Zander tells her he has been arrested and needs Alexis to come help him. Gia tells Alexis about it but Alexis can't help him because of the Brenda fiasco and asks Gia to go to PCPD and help Zander as much as she can. Gia shows up and asks Zander to tell her what happened to him to get him to go into a downward spiral all of a sudden. Zander tells her a little of what he did at Jake's. When Mac comes in and tells him what his choices are again, Zander refuses to listen to him and gives him an attitude. Gia talks to him about ruining his life and how prison isn't going to solve anything for him and persuades him to seek counseling. Zander tells her he has nothing to lose by going to counseling. Later, Zander with his back facing the door to the client conference room asks what Mac wants with him now and that he is doing what they want. Cameron is surprised to see Zander who turns around and is equally surprised to see Cameron. Cameron calls him "Alexander" and insists to Zander that he didn't know that Zander was the person he was suppose to counsel and tells him he will leave and get Zander reassigned to some other therapist. Zander responds "Just go ahead and turn your back on me, Dad, that is what you do best." Cameron turns around and looks at Zander with interest. Lucky agrees to go on a date with Summer after they have dinner at Kelly's. They go to Jake's to play pool. Summer runs into one of her former john's who can't take no for an answer after she informs him that she is no longer a hooker. Lucky jumps to her defense and grabs the guy by the collar and tells him to leave Summer alone and that she is with him this evening. Summer gets upset with Lucky thinking he gets off on being with a woman who he can possess for himself . Lucky tells her that is not the case and that if he is quick to come to a woman's defense when it looks like they are being attacked it is because he knows two women closely that were raped. Summer feels bad that she jumped to the wrong conclusion about him and apologizes. She asks him to escort her to her Kelly's where she left her scarf. He accepts her apology and agrees to bring her back to Kelly's.

Friday, January 17, 2003

The judge in the murder trial listen Alexis and Scott argue about postponing the trial until Brenda is out of the hospital and is alright to testify. The judge orders a live-feed to go through Brenda's hospital room so she can see what is going on in court and the jurors can see Brenda on the T.V. screen as well. Courtney asks Jason about his closeness to Brenda. Jason tells her that it is important for him to act married in public and takes off to go back to court. Courtney goes in to see Brenda. She tells her that Jason will do everything in his power to help her and that he was really defending her in court today. Brenda tells Courtney that Jason is very loyal. Brenda asks Courtney her name again and Courtney tells her that Jason is a good friend of hers. Brenda realizes that Courtney is the one that Jason is probably involved with right now. Courtney heads back to the courthouse. Brenda is given a room and is admitted. Jax comes in to see her and tell her that he found a video tape in Alcazar's safety-deposit box and that Sonny showed up demanding him to give it to him but then while they were arguing the police showed up and confiscated the tape before they could see the tape. Brenda tells him that wasn't smart of him to do that since the tape could be incriminating like she thinks it is and explains that she thinks it is a tape of her fighting with Alcazar about wanting to see Jax and Sonny and him not letting her and worries about that tape being in court. Sonny had already chastised Jax for not hiding the tape before the police showed up. A camera crew show up in her room and explain that Brenda will get a live feed of the courtroom so she can listen and see the trial from her hospital room and she will be able to see who is testifying against her and also the jurors will be able to see her on T.V. Outside the courtroom, Skye continues to drink from her flask despite continual warnings from AJ and Coleman that she can't be drunk on the stand. Skye doesn't listen to them and thinks the trial will probably be postponed today anyway until a clerk comes out to announce the trial will be resuming in 20 minutes. Edward comes out and sees Coleman with AJ and Skye and asks him what his interest in this case lies. Coleman tells him he is here for Skye. Monica comes out to talk to AJ about his testifying against Jason. AJ tries to persuade Monica to not watch the trial so she won't have to see him testifying against Jason since it upsets her so much. Monica reminds him that it was his fault for causing them to lose their Jason and that by testifying against Jason and putting him in prison will kill him again and she wishes not to see that happen. AJ tells her he is telling the truth about seeing Jason in the limo driving Alcazar to his hotel. Monica storms off in disgust. Alexis gives her opening statement as the trial resumes. AJ is the first witness that Scott calls. Earlier, Scott showed up at PCPD and Mac informed him that a tape was confiscated by the police from Alcazar's safety-deposit box. Mac reminds Scott that the videotape has already been logged into evidence and sarcastically tells Scott to be careful that the "the tape doesn't get accidentally burned." Scott doesn't appreciate Mac's remarks and takes the tape and storms off. Scott asks AJ about the night of the murder when he saw Jason driving the limo with Alcazar inside it. Alexis cross-examines him and gets him to admit that Jason is his brother and that he has had a grudge against him and his testimony is biased against Jason. AJ continues to swear that he saw Jason driving Alcazar's limo. Meanwhile, Sonny is outside the courtroom at the same time that Coleman is out there. He approaches Coleman and tells him that he knows he has been working for AJ and is probably involved with the death of Ida Warren. He tells Coleman that if Brenda and Jason get convicted he will see to him getting what is coming to him and gives him an idle threat to his life. Coleman is shaken by Sonny's threats. Sonny sees Courtney heading to the courtroom and asks her why she came back. Courtney tells him that since Carly couldn't come back because Michael didn't feel well she thought she should come and support him and make up for not being a sister to him before. Sonny appreciates it and allows her to come inside with him to sit when he realizes she is as stubborn as he is. Skye is called to the stand. She testifies to seeing Brenda try to stab Alcazar in his room that night. Alexis cross-examines her and brings up being a recovering alcoholic like AJ and what it means. It is obvious that Skye is drunk and Alexis gets her to admit her hatred of Brenda and admit she didn't actually see Brenda throw Alcazar off the balcony and that she was drunk that night and had sex with Alcazar as well and could have had a blackout in his bed. She brings up a motive for Skye to have killed Alcazar that night. Skye admits she had a motive to kill Alcazar and gets hysterical and heads over to the T.V. monitor and starts calling Brenda a whore and that she hopes she rots in prison which she deserves for stealing her husband from her. AJ has to pry her away from the T.V. and Jax talks to Skye through the t.v. and tells her to stop blaming Brenda for the murder since she is innocent. AJ takes her away and sits her down with the others. Taggert shows up with the videotape and Scott announces it as new evidence. Alexis objects to it since she had no knowledge that this new evidence existed and that she should have been privy to its contents beforehand. Scott argues that Brenda was the one who provided the tape herself and so it wasn't new evidence at all. The judge asks Brenda how the tape was found and if she provided that information to the police. She tells him that she had a key to a safety-deposit box belonging to Alcazar that she found in his yacht and that she gave it to Jax to go to the bank and the police confiscated it. Jax admits to this happening when the judge asks him. The judge overrules Alexis' objection and allows the video to be shown to the jurors. The video shows Brenda in a hotel room with Alcazar. She tells him that she wants to go back to Port Charles and see Jax and Sonny from afar and say goodbye to them and that she doesn't want to actually talk to them but see them so she can say goodbye. Alcazar refuses to let her go back to Port Charles and confronts her about having pictures of them behind a picture of them together and asks her if she had her pills today. Brenda tells him she hasn't and he tries to stop her from taking the picture of Jax. Brenda takes the letter opener and tries to stab Alcazar with it and he grabs her by the wrist to stop her. The jurors see it and it looks bad for Brenda. Scott argues that Brenda was desperate enough to get to that tape by diving into the icy cold water to retrieve before the police found it and showed it to the court since it shows that it wasn't the first time she tried to kill Alcazar. Jason shakes his head and rests his hands on his face in defeat. Alexis continues to object to the tape being shown to the jurors. Sonny tells Courtney that it is all over now. Brenda and Jax react with disappointment.

Zander has a confrontation with his father, Cameron. He asks him how his mother is and if she knows where he is. Cameron tells him he hired a P.I. to find him but had no luck. Zander tells him that was probably because his mother asked not because he wanted to find him. Zander tries to explain again that he didn't meant to shoot his brother and that he thought it was a deer. Cameron goes on the defensive and blames Zander for being a screw-up like always and admits that he wished it was Zander who died that day instead of Peter. Zander tells him he must be a lousy therapist if he can't forgive his own son for the accident. Cameron storms out and tells Mac and Gia that he can't work with Zander and that he deserves to go to prison. Gia and Mac look at him in disbelief. Mac asks him why he is dismissing Zander so soon without trying to help him. Cameron doesn't give him an answer. Mac warns Zander about going to prison if he doesn't straighten up. Zander thanks him for his concern but leaves without really listening. Gia confronts Cameron and questions him as a competent therapist. Later, Gia finds Zander outside Kelly's. She asks him what happened with Dr. Lewis back at the police station. Zander doesn't want to tell her at first but explains that Cameron is his father and that he was in a hunting accident where he accidentally shot his brother and killed him and that his father blames him for it and can't forgive him. Gia feels really bad and tells him he shouldn't be so hard on himself and that it was an accident. Zander tells her it doesn't matter to his father since the better son was killed. Gia offers him comfort but Zander tells her he will be fine. Nikolas witnesses her comforting him. Nikolas dismisses Zander's feelings and asks her why she is wasting her time with Zander and not at the courthouse. She asks him about Brenda's condition. He tells her she is doing better and is watching the trial from a live feed into her room. Gia tells him that Zander has a lot of family problems right now and needs her support right now. Nikolas tells her to stop making excuses for Zander and stay away from him. Gia looks at him with disbelief. Cameron looks at a picture of him, his ex, and his two sons during happy times. Zander scores some pills on the street from an old drug dealer friend of his. He gets high and lands in the snow and hits his head and lays there unconscious.

Summer tells Lucky that the other man in his life isn't a boyfriend or anything but a man who just lost his wife and needed a friend and companion to help him get through it. Lucky doesn't realize she is talking about Luke since Summer seems to think Luke is widowed. He walks her to her apartment and leaves her there. She walks into her apartment and her ex-lover/john the senator is inside waiting for her with a jealous mean look on his face. Lucky comes back to take her to dinner and finds her laying on the floor semiconscious. He finds out she has been beat up badly.

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