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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on GH
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Monday, March 3, 2003

Despite Scott's protests, Taggert inserted the videotape of Alexis and began watching it. Scott caught Alexis glimpse straight at the camera right before Kristina emerged. He insisted that she was faking, but Taggert told him that he would have a hard time proving that to a jury.

Cameron presented Alexis with her notes about legal cases involving Disassociative Identity Disorder. Alexis denied ever seeing them before. "Kristina" appeared and told Cameron that she had researched the cases and that Alexis knew nothing about it. Unconvinced, Cameron insisted that Alexis was faking the whole thing and did not have DID. He threatened to go tell Scott. He pulled out a knife and challenged Kristina to emerge and use it to stop him. When she did not, Alexis finally broke down and admitted killing Alcazar in full mental capacity. She explained that she had just snapped seeing her daughter struggle for her life while the man who caused her premature birth walked around free. She told Cameron that she had gone to Alcazar's hotel suite and that he had hit her, knocking her to the floor. She saw the knife Brenda had cut him with on the floor, so she grabbed it and cut him as he went to attack her again. They struggled out onto the balcony and she struck him in the stomach as he lunged at her, causing him to stumble over the balcony railing. Cameron asked her why she didn't go to the police since it was clearly self-defense, but Alexis maintained that she had too much motive and would not have been able to convince the police it was self-defense, so she created the alter ego. Alexis begged him not to tell, fearful that she would lose her daughter and telling Cameron that he knew what it was like to lose a child. Cameron left determined to tell Scott the truth, but when he arrived at the D.A.'s office he told Scott that the tape clearly demonstrated her illness.

Sonny asked Carly if her dizziness could indicate that she was pregnant. Delighted at first, Carly soon realized that it could be Rick's, and resisted Sonny's offers to take her to the hospital for a pregnancy test. She asked to wait a few days, and they argued about it until they were interrupted by Carly's cell phone. Carly found out that something had happened at the club. Carly and Sonny went there immediately. Carly was devastated to learn that Catherine had died. Sonny approached Faith and expressed suspicion at her apparent lack of surprise and grief. When Faith asked Sonny if he cried when he saw Lily blown to pieces, Carly broke in and told her to leave. Faith remarked that it was a dangerous place Carly had bought. Back at the penthouse, Sonny and Carly found Rick waiting in the hallway. He said he had heard about Catherine's death and took the liberty of looking into it. Sonny told him to back off and said he would put a tail on Faith. After Sonny went inside, Rick thanked Carly for helping him convince Sonny to let him get Jason out. Carly snapped at Rick that she only did it because he had forced her to.

Faith played the grief-stricken granddaughter as they took Catherine's lifeless body away from the club. Ned arrived and accused Faith of killing her so she could finish off Sonny without breaking her promise. Faith told Ned she was hurt he would think such a thing of her. Not convinced, Ned went to the hospital and asked Monica to get him a copy of the police autopsy report. She later delivered it to him, and it indicated that she had died of natural causes. Ned visited Faith at the hospital chapel and told her of his findings. They shared a hug. After Ned left, Faith whispered to her grandmother's spirit that it was her own fault for leaving her with no choice. She gloated that now she was free to kill Sonny.

At Luke's club, Luke told Summer that he knew about her and Lucky. Distant at first, he warmed up when Summer told him that she honestly had no idea that they were father and son. Summer told Luke that she loved him, but Luke insisted it was only gratitude for helping her find a new life. He told her that though he enjoyed their time together, that his heart was with Laura and always would be. Summer left heartbroken, but Luke gently reminded her that she and Lucky had a chance for something real. Luke ran into Lucky on the docks and told him not to give up on Summer, that there was nothing between him and her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Cameron visited Alexis in the hospital and told her that he had covered for her with Scott. He warned her, though, that Scott was determined to get her convicted of Alcazar's murder. Alexis asked why he would help her, and Cameron replied that he respected how she would do anything for her child.

Cameron went to Kelley's and asked Gia to find out what she could from Taggert about Scott's strategy in the case against Alexis. Gia resisted at first, but eventually agreed to do what she could to help. Cameron told a cynical Zander that he wanted a second chance at being father and son. Gia went to the police station and approached Taggert, who subtly revealed that Scott would set out to prove that Alexis was faking her illness. Gia went to the hospital and told Cameron and Alexis what she knew. She asked Alexis is she was faking, and Alexis pretended to be horrified.

Ned told Faith he was bringing Kristina home and made it clear that he did not want Faith around the baby. Ned went to the hospital and convinced a very reluctant Alexis to sign papers allowing him to take Kristina home. He finally convinced her that it was best for Kristina. Faith met Edward and they shared concerns over Ned making Kristina his first priority instead of destroying Sonny. Edward waited at the gatehouse for Ned to return with Kristina. Edward pestered Ned about the child's caretaking, and Ned told him to back off. Faith hired a hitman to take out Sonny. The hitman turned out to be a young woman, and Faith told her that no price was too large.

Jason warned Sonny of a hit that had been issued while Carly planned a memorial service for Catherine at The Cellar. Upstairs at Kelley's, Carly told Courtney that she might be pregnant. Rick almost overheard, but Carly managed to divert the conversation. Rick told Courtney that he had scheduled some college interviews for her, but Courtney and Carly both told Rick that Courtney wasn't going anywhere. Later, Courtney arrived at The Cellar to work. Sonny commented on her revealing outfit, but Courtney just brushed his comments aside. Jason arrived and tried to avoid Courtney, who told him that her feelings wouldn't change. Jason told Sonny that the hitman was a mysterious Sam that nobody had ever seen, but that he didn't know who had hired him.

Skye was embarrassed when Jax answered his door in towel and shocked when a young woman came out of his room. The woman left, and although Jax said it was a business deal, it was clear they had been together. Skye warned Jax about sleeping with strangers and begged him not to give up on love. Jax said that love was "not an option" for him anymore. After Skye left, Jax went to the hospital and told Alexis he had hired a lawyer to defend her. Back at his suite, he closed a business deal and appeared to be focused on business once again. His feelings crept up on him, though, and in frustration he knocked over some furniture.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

As Skye dines out at the Port Charles Grill with Coleman, Coleman points out Jax, dining across the room with a beautiful woman. When Skye blasts Coleman for trying to rub her nose in the fact that Jax appears to be recovering adequately from his scuttled wedding to Brenda, Coleman confides that Jax's girlfriend is an A-List call girl named Cheryl, who once worked in Coleman's strip club. Skye barges in on Jax, announcing that Jax's date is a call girl. But Skye is shocked when Jax cheerfully admits that he ALREADY knows about his date's chosen profession. Jax sends the call girl up to his room while he speaks to Skye. Skye tries to lecture her ex on the foolishness of hiring his dates, but Jax informs Skye that he PREFERS a simple business deal to the complicated emotional involvements of building a relationship. Skye offers to be there for Jax when he decides he is ready to talk about his feelings about his break-up with Brenda, but Jax tells Skye that he probably will NOT be taking her up on her offer. After Jax leaves, Skye realizes that Coleman was absent from their table while Skye spoke to Jax. Coleman claims that he just visited a modern art exhibit at the museum around the corner. Skye confides that Jax is indeed headed upstairs for a 'business transaction' with Cheryl. Then Skye kisses Coleman and suggests that they go find a pool table.

At the Penthouse, Jason reports to Sonny that a 'hit man' named Sam is reported to be in town, but no one has ever seen the shooter and that Jason has learned that Sam is extremely expensive to hire for a hit. Sonny reminds Jason that Ned wants nothing to do with murder and suggests that Faith may have inherited a bundle from her grandmother. Sonny orders Jason to have Benny check out Faith's inheritance. As Sonny stresses the importance of keeping tight security around his family, Sonny lets slip to Jason that he believes Carly might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Faith meets with "Sam" and is shocked that Sam is now asking double her regular rate to whack Sonny. But Samantha argues that she believes that, after Sonny is gone, Sonny's enforcer, Jason Morgan, will probably come after Sam to hunt her down in retaliation and that Sam will probably have to take Jason out as well - so Sam wants to be paid in advance for eliminating Jason. Faith assures Sam that she WILL be able to meet Sam's demands because Faith's grandmother left a large estate. Later, Faith's attorney calls at her hotel room and Faith is shocked to learn that Catherine left her entire fortune to a charity for underprivileged children - and left Faith an heirloom ring that was important to Catherine. Faith threatens to contest the will and then discovers that her grandmother changed her will following New Year's Eve. In bed later, Faith tells Ned that she needs $1 million, but Ned demands to know WHAT Faith plans to do with the money if she gets it!

When Carly arrives at the Speakeasy, she is angry when she finds that Bobbie sent Liz down to borrow some of Carly's glasses for Kelly's. As Carly and Liz argue on the stairs, Carly suddenly becomes dizzy and sits down on the stairs. Carly tries to claim that she just lost her balance, but Liz becomes suspicious of Carly's secretiveness. Upstairs later, Liz suggests that Courtney check on Courtney's New Best Friend Carly, because Carly almost fell down the stairs. Later, when Carly comes upstairs with Courtney, Liz starts to pour some coffee for Mrs. Corinthos, but Carly turns the coffee down and asks for herbal tea instead. Carly confides to Courtney that she believes she IS pregnant and Sonny is also aware of Carly's news. Carly lets Courtney know that Carly suspects something is going on in Sonny's business just now. Carly swears Courtney to secrecy, but, after Carly leaves, Liz asks Courtney point-blank if Carly is pregnant. When Courtney obviously evades the question, Liz tries to learn WHY Carly would want to keep great baby news a secret. Courtney blasts Liz for snooping in to the Corinthos family business. But, after Courtney leaves, Ric arrives and Liz confides to a very startled Ric that Carly is probably pregnant. Liz then fills Ric in on the history of Carly's marriage to Sonny. When Liz describes Sonny's anguish following Carly's miscarriage, Ric admits that he is surprised that Liz sounds so impressed by Sonny!

As Sonny and Jason discuss the importance of neutralizing the out of town 'hit man,' Carly arrives home and asks Jason to pick Michael up from Leticia at the Park. After Jason leaves, Sonny and Carly take a home pregnancy test, which confirms that Carly is, indeed, expecting! When Jason arrives at the park, he discovers that Courtney is walking Rosie and has stopped to talk with Leticia, Max and Michael. Jason tells Leticia and Max that they can go on home. While Michael plays with Rosie, Courtney takes the opportunity to bring up her fractured romance with Jason. But Jason affirms to Courtney that he truly believes he is doing what is right for Courtney - and for himself - in the long run. But Courtney contends that the relationship between Jason and Courtney does NOT have to be the way Sonny wants it to be! When Michael returns, he notices that Courtney is crying and asks Jason to take back whatever it was that Jason said to make Courtney cry. When Courtney gets ready to leave, Michael insists that Jason kiss her good-bye. When Michael and Jason return to the Penthouse, Michael asks Jason if he is in love with Courtney, but Jason ducks the question.

Later, at Carly's Club, Sonny and Carly confirm their good news to Courtney. Sonny gets a call from Benny, who reports that Faith MIGHT have inherited enough money from Catherine to go after Sonny WITHOUT Ned's financial backing.

Testing Liz's suspicion about Carly's delicate condition, Ric offers Carly some wine from a new winery Ric wants to purchase some stock from - but Carly turns the drink down - claiming that she needs her head clear if she is going to deal with numbers. Carly turns around and hands the glass of wine to a customer at the bar - who happens to be 'hit woman' Samantha. Samantha has a good opportunity to scope out the Club and Sonny and Carly together.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Faith meets with Ned at the Port Charles Grill. She asks him if he has the $1 million she asked him for with him. He holds out a check for her but tells her she can only have it if she tells him what she wants to do with it first for his approval. Faith tells him she plans to get rid of Sonny once and for all. Ned doesn't like the sound of it and rips up the check. He tells her that killing Sonny won't really make him suffer and that she needs to be patient and let him finish what he has been planning. Faith doesn't like his answer so she calls Edward to meet her there. She asks him for $1 million. He tells her that he doesn't like to be seen with her in public because of her mob ties. She tells him she needs the money to finally get destroy Sonny. He agrees to give it to her on the condition that she agree to step up her relationship to Ned and make it more public. She doesn't understand his real motives for doing that but she agrees as long as she gets the money she needs. She meets with the hit-woman and provides her with proof of the money she wired to her account to kill Sonny. The woman "Sam" tells her that she will determine the time and place to kill Sonny not Faith. Faith tells her she paid her a large amount of money to kill Sonny and that she will do it tonight at her grandmother's wake that is being hosted by Carly at her club where Sonny will be most vulnerable.

Jason shows up at Carly's club expecting to see Carly. He sees Courtney there working. He asks her where Carly is and she tells him she will be around soon. Jason runs into Carly coming down the stairs after he tells Courtney that he can't be with her. Courtney tells him that she loves him and that it shouldn't be Sonny's business what Jason decides to do with his life. Jason confronts Carly about setting up this meeting. Carly doesn't deny she set it up and tells him he needs to stop listening to what Sonny wants and do what he wants with his life. Courtney gets tired of listening to them fight as if she isn't in the room. Carly leaves them alone to talk. Courtney tells him that she won't stop loving him and that she wished he would consider what she wants in her life and not just what Sonny or he wants for a change. Jason listens to her but doesn't really respond and leaves. Carly apologizes to her for interfering in her life. Courtney tells her that she appreciates her support. AJ shows up and suggests that she get back at Sonny and Jason by teaming up with him. Courtney is disgusted with his idea and slaps him in the face. Meanwhile, Ric shows up while Sonny is busy on his cell-phone giving orders about increasing security for him, Carly, and Courtney right now. The phone rings. Ric answers it and tells the caller that he is Sonny. It is a call from GH telling him that Carly is definitely pregnant and needs to make an appointment to have her first prenatal exam. Sonny comes in to find that Ric answered his phone. He accuses him of being up to something. Ric denies he has any hidden agenda and just answered the phone, unaware that the hospital would call with such personal news about Carly. Sonny tells him to stop overstepping in his role as his attorney. Ric congratulates Sonny. Carly comes home to change for Katherine's wake. Ric looks at her strangely and then leaves. Carly asks Sonny why he looked at her stomach like that. Sonny tells her that Ric found out she was pregnant when he answered a phone call from GH. Carly overreacts and Sonny asks her what is wrong with Ric knowing since he already promised him he wouldn't tell anyone. Carly tells him that her hormones are the cause for her overreaction. She goes upstairs. Jason comes over to see him. Sonny starts to tell him that he needs to find out who is putting a hit on him and soon. Jason tells him that he can't do this anymore. He explains that he just ran into Courtney and that he still loves her and can't hurt her anymore. Sonny doesn't like what Jason is trying to say. He tells him that he did it to protect Courtney and Jason needs to leave it be. Meanwhile, Ric finds AJ at the Port Charles Grill. He sits down and talks to him about Carly. AJ tells him to watch out for Carly and tells him that Carly's falling down the stairs that time was an accident. Ric makes a remark about why they haven't tried to have a child since then.

Lucky meets with Nikolas at Kelly's. Nikolas warns him to look after himself when it comes to Summer and her motives. He tells him that he doesn't like that Summer was hanging out with Lulu the other day and that he doesn't trust her. Lucky defends Summer and tells him that she is special and that he shouldn't judge her because she was a hooker. Nikolas talks to him about how he is Laura's guardian for her trust and that he had to do this when Luke was not well. Lucky tells him that Luke is better now. Meanwhile, Luke calls up the hospital in London where Laura is being treated. He tells her doctor that now that Spring is coming soon he would like to request that Laura's room be moved to where the garden is since she loves flowers. The doctor tells him he can't do that without the permission of Nikolas, since he is now her guardian in trust. Luke calls Nikolas and asks him to meet him at his office. Nikolas goes to see him. Luke doesn't like it that Nikolas is in charge of Laura's care and not him. He asks Nikolas to turn her care over to him now that he is well again. Nikolas is reluctant to do that and tells Luke that according to the law, he is not legally married to Laura and that the next of kin is put in charge of guardianship, which would be him. Luke asks him to change that for him so he can tell the doctors about changing her room to be near the garden. Nikolas agrees to talk to his lawyers about what he can do. Summer goes to see Lucky in his room above Kelly's. She asks him if they can start their relationship again. Lucky is suspicious and asks her why she wants to. She tells him that she has deep feelings for him and wants to try again with him. Lucky realizes that Luke must of said something to her and asks her if Luke put her up to this. Summer tells him that is partly true and that Luke and she are no longer playing their games anymore and are just friends. Lucky doesn't like it and accuses her of using them both and that she is acting like a hooker. Summer gets upset and calls off their relationship again and storms off. She gets a call on her cell-phone from an old acquaintance and agrees to meet with her. It turns out to be her former Madam from the old days. She sits with her at the Grille and they talk about old times. The madam tells her that she is like family to her and asks her about her new life. Lucky heads over to see Luke and asks him if he sent Summer over to him.

Friday, March 7, 2003

Lucky accuses Luke of sending Summer over to him as a hooker. Luke tells him that he did no such thing and that if Summer came to him it was because she wanted to. Lucky apologizes to Luke for making accusations. Lucky leaves him at the club. Luke calls the London Hospital where Laura is being treated. He tells the doctor that he now has power of attorney over Laura again and that the information is in the mail on its way to him. He tells him he is going to be visiting Laura in a few days and would like her transferred to the room next to the garden like he asked him. Luke shows up at the Port Charles Grill and interrupts Nikolas's meeting with his lawyer. Luke demands that Nikolas sign over power of attorney over to him and Laura is his wife. Nikolas disagrees with him and informs him that according to the law, Luke is not Laura's husband. Luke doesn't care and insists Nikolas turn over power of attorney to him. Nikolas tells Luke that he is to blame for why Laura is insane. Meanwhile, Summer tells her former Madam, Bree that she is not happy in her life right now even though she is trying to rebuild her life and go to college. Bree thinks she should try for a scholarship since she has always been very smart. Summer doesn't think she is scholarship material. Bree suggests she return to her former job as a call-girl to help pay for her college education. Summer thinks about it and decides later to take Bree up on her offer. Bree is ecstatic and tells her she has lined up a client for her that would be perfect for her. Summer is told to go to one of the hotel rooms. Jax answers the door and invites her in.

Jason tells Sonny that he tried to stop seeing Courtney but he can't do that anymore. He suggests to Sonny that he can protect Courtney as well as him. Sonny disagrees with him and insists that Courtney is not safe as long as she is with him. Jason disagrees. Sonny makes him choose between Courtney and his job. Jason chooses to go back to Courtney. Sonny tells him he is fired. Jason tries to get him to listen to reason and convince him to allow him to keep him safe right now with a hit out on him. Sonny refuses to allow Jason to protect him and kicks him out of the penthouse. Meanwhile, Courtney tells AJ off when he suggests she go to bed with him to make Jason jealous and come rescue her. She tells him that Jason has shown her more about love even if they aren't together. Later, she gets a visit at her apartment by Liz. Liz tells her she just came by to drop off her paycheck so that Bobbie can record the withdrawal from her books. Courtney doesn't buy her excuse and accuses her of coming over, hoping that Jason was there so she can get back with him. Liz denies she came over to start trouble and points out that Jason left her because Sonny ordered him too. Courtney gets very upset and kicks Liz out of her apartment. Courtney packs her bags and is on her way to leave town, when Jason arrives. He asks her to listen to him before she leaves. He tells her that he tried to stop loving her and that he saw how much he was hurting her. He told her that he could try to stop the hurt but he couldn't stop loving her. He tells her that he would understand if she wanted to kick him out. Courtney approaches him and embraces him. The two reconcile and start to make love.

Carly gets upset when Ric informs her that they had unprotected sex that night but if she insists Sonny is her baby's father, he'll go along with it. Carly is stunned by this revelation and accuses him of lying to her. Ric tells her that he tried to go to the drug store to get some condoms, but she was very forceful that night and wouldn't let him. Carly tells him that he just has to ask AJ about what happened when he tried to claim being the father of her other child, and threatens him that if Sonny ever finds out about that night she doesn't remember, she will kill him herself. Carly goes to her club to make sure everything is all set for Katherine's memorial. She bars AJ from coming inside and Max escorts him outside. She sees Faith show up with Ned and asks her to leave. Ned and Faith persuade her to allow them to stay since Katherine is Faith's grandmother. Faith had met her hit woman at the Port Charles Grill to plan Sonny's murder. "Sam" tells her everything is all set for tonight. "Sam" shows up at the club. Carly tells her that she can stay but she has to go through security and be checked for weapons first. "Sam" smiles and agrees to be checked. Later, "Sam" goes into the bathroom after Scott tries to pick her up. Jax also is there and tells Carly he is there to celebrate his new bachelorhood. He has a run-in with Sonny and he tells him some cryptic message about wise men. "Sam" goes into the bathroom and retrieves the hidden weapons she installed in the bathroom fixtures. Sonny is very agitated and threatens to fire Benny when he questions Sonny's timing for firing Jason when they need all the protection they can get. Sonny doesn't tell Carly why Jason isn't around when she presses him. Carly makes a toast to Katherine and tells her guests that Katherine is the one responsible for getting this club started. Carly sees Liz show up all dressed up and talking to Ric. She tells Liz to get lost and that she wasn't invited. Ric doesn't defend Liz, which upsets her. Carly tells her that Ric isn't going to defend her since he works for her and she is the boss. Carly walks off. Ric tells her that Carly is the boss and he can't stop her from kicking her out. Liz accuses him of not defending her in order to score points with Carly to get closer to working for Sonny. "Sam" the hit woman starts shooting while everyone is dancing. She shoots some of the bottles behind the bar first and then starts shooting into the crowd. Ric blocks Sonny and Carly from the line of fire and tells them to get down on the floor.

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