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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on GH
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Jax tries to revive Sam, and Tracy calls 911. As Jax attempts to resuscitate Sam, he sees a jewel fall out of her hand and realizes she was diving for the treasure. He's disgusted and tells Tracy that he knows that Sam was doing it because of her. At the hospital, Jax questions Sam after she wakes. She admits that she went diving, but tells him that she didn't find anything. He pulls out the jewel and confronts her. Realizing she's been busted, Sam tries to explain. Jax is tired of her lies, though, and won't listen to her. Unable to trust her, he breaks things off and storms out of the hospital room. He goes to the casino to see Skye, and they discuss Sam. Skye tries to make him understand Sam's motives, but he won't listen. Later, Tracy rushes into Sam's hospital room and finds it empty. She runs out and looks for her, finding her on the docks. When Tracy asks her what she found, Sam tells her that the treasure was gone, but doesn't realize that her father is the one who took it.

Emily tries to reason with Zander in order to get him to give up his rights to Liz's baby, but he refuses and takes his anger at Emily out on Liz's situation. Emily begs him to rethink his decision, but he refuses and leaves. Nikolas shows up at Kelly's to find Emily, and she tells him that he was right about Zander being manipulative. She explains the situation with Liz and the pregnancy, as well as Zander's refusal to give up his rights to Ric. Both agree that Zander is doing it to keep a hold on Emily through Liz and her baby, and Nikolas tries to get Emily to see that she's not responsible for Zander and his choices.

Courtney and Jason continue to struggle with their separation. They both love each other and wish they could be together, but they can't accept the choices of the other. As Courtney cries at Kelly's, Jason hugs her to comfort her and they begin to kiss. They enjoy the moment, but realize that it doesn't solve anything. The two sadly resolve to keep their distance from each other.

A masked Alcazar kisses Carly as other robbers take the valuables of the people at the casino. As the men run out, a gunshot is fired, and Sonny, Carly, and Scott run to see who was hit. No one recognizes the dead man, and Carly assumes he was the one who grabbed and kissed her, until Alcazar emerges from the corner and says he was the one who killed the man. She is immediately suspicious. Scott accuses Sonny of being behind the robbery, but Sonny is also suspicious of Alcazar.

In the casino, Ric questions Faith regarding the robbery, but she professes her innocence. She is then shocked to hear the news that he and Liz are married and expecting a baby. Later, Zander goes to the casino to tell Liz and Ric that he'll stay out of the way of them and the baby, but they don't trust that he's finished with them. At Kelly's, Emily thinks she owes it to Liz to stay involved, and tells Nikolas that she's going to continue to try to convince Zander to let the baby go, despite Nikolas' protests. Zander then runs into them, and surprises them with the news that he told Liz and Ric he would give up parental rights of the baby.

Back at his apartment, Alcazar meets with Capelli to look over all the stolen goods, but Alcazar declares that he did it all for one kiss. Later, Scott arrives and proves to be Alcazar's accomplice, although he is irritated at his motives. Back on the boat, Carly recounts the events of the masked man, and she and Sonny discuss the possibility of Alcazar's guilt. Suddenly, she doubles over, overcome by head pain.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Skye and Jax hang out at the casino, and Skye continues to counsel him on Sam. Nikolas walks in, looking for Sam, and Jax tells him that they have broken up. Jax thinks Sam probably got her treasure and left town, and Nik mentions his diver, Cody. Jax puts it all together and realizes that Nik's diver is Sam's father, and they decide the two likely teamed up to steal the treasure.

Emily announces to Tracy that the treasure is gone. Tracy begins to blame Nikolas, and insinuates that he's hiding it to steal it all from the Quartermaines. Angry, Emily attempts to hit Tracy, but is stopped by her. Tracy continues to attempt to make Emily doubt Nikolas, but she stands her ground and defends her fiancÚ.

On the docks, Sam overhears Cody discussing the treasure with a man, and his plan to scam Nikolas so that he can pay the man back what he owes him. The man tells Cody he'd better repay soon, or Sam will be harmed. He leaves, and Sam confronts her father. She tells him she knows everything, and demands the treasure back. Cody admits to setting off the explosion, but claims he found nothing under the freighter. Sam doesn't believe him, and swims to the cave off of Spoon Island, where he's hiding the treasure. She hides as Cody comes out to bury the chest under branches, but emerges to take it once he's gone. Afterward, when he returns with the man, he discovers it missing, but vows to find it to repay his debt. Emily stumbles upon the cave, and as she bends to pick up a book left behind from the treasure, the man comes out of hiding and knocks her out. She continues to remain in the cave, alone and unconscious, as the tide rolls in.

Jax runs into a treasure-laden Sam on the docks and chastises her for teaming up with her father to steal the treasure from its rightful owners-the Cassadines and the Quartermaines. Sam is hurt, but shrugs him off. Jax leaves, and suddenly Cody appears with the man, who is carrying a gun. They demand the treasure, but Sam is able to escape. Angry, the man knocks Cody out and chases after Sam.

Georgie attends a speed dating party at Kelly's. Sage walks in and ruins Georgie's first match up, and the second guy is a boring geek. The third proves to be cute and interesting, until he admits to Georgie that he's at least a decade older than she is. Upset at the disastrous events, Georgie is about to give up until Dillon walks up to her and says he's her next speed date. He tries to get through to her, but she's unable to get past him sleeping with Sage. They continue to talk, however, until Sage ends the session and interrupts them. Her presence sends Georgie running out of the restaurant, and angers Dillon. He is enraged by her manipulations, and makes it clear that he made a mistake with her and is in love with Georgie.

Outside, Maxie finds Georgie and tells her that she sent Dillon to Kelly's. Georgie is crushed when she thinks that Dillon is only trying to help her because he pities her. She refuses to work things out with him if he only feels bad that she's alone, and she decides to invent a boyfriend to make him jealous. She walks back into the restaurant, on the phone with Maxie but pretending it's a boy. Dillon overhears her call and thinks that it's real.

Carly's medical tests come back normal, but she continues to have head pain and flashes of light with visions. She overhears Cameron tell Sonny that although her symptoms might get worse; she is healthy and can leave the hospital. He says the best they can do is to wait and see how things continue. Back at the Penthouse, she continues to have erotic flashes, and begins to hastily seduce Sonny. The two make love, and she tells him about the visions she's having of him with her. They continue until Sonny's guard interrupts them in preparation for Sonny's trip out of town. After he is gone, Carly has another flash, but this time she sees the face of the man in her vision and is distraught when she realizes that it's not Sonny, but Alcazar.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

As the Quartermaines assemble for New Year's dinner, they learn that the Port Charles Grill refused to send over a dinner on credit. Dillon and Colman arrive and, after Dillon delivers the bad news about their dinner, Coleman invites everyone to celebrate at Jake's. But the Quartermaines decline the offer. As the Quartermaines squabble, Dillon slips off into another room and falls asleep in front of an old movie. Dillon dreams that he is in the middle of a silent movie.

Dillon dreams that he is a Country Bumpkin just off the turnip truck. Dillon has come to the big city to search for his true love ~ Vivi. AND to find his REAL family ~ the Sterlings. Meanwhile, Mom and Pop Bumpkin (Cameron and Alexis), down on the farm, discover their son is gone and head to the big city to rescue him from scarlet women and demon rum. In the meantime, Judge Sterling (Edward) chastises his daughters (Monica, Skye and Tracy) for failing to give him an heir. In another part of town, two bandits (Skye and Coleman) are being pursued by the Keystone Kops (Scott, Ric and Lucky). The thieves are dressed in the same type of outfits being worn by Mom and Pop Bumpkin. Loose Woman Faith and her daughter, Sage, spot Bumpkin right off the turnip truck and discover that he is the heir to the Sterling fortune. Faith and Sage conspire with Faith's brother Snidely (Lorenzo) to get Sage married to Bumpkin, so they can move in on the Sterling fortune. Meanwhile, Lorenzo spots Bumpkin's true love, Vivi (Georgie) and tries to keep her from finding Bumpkin. When Mom and Pop Bumpkin arrive in town, they are mistaken for the robbers and chased by the Keystone Kops, but elude capture, by outwitting the cops. Meanwhile, Judge Sterling learns that one of his daughters produced an heir out of wedlock. When all the daughters claim credit for producing an heir, Judge Sterling turns ALL the women out in the snow! At the same time, Vivi finds Bumpkin, just as Siren Sage throws herself into Bumpkin's arms. Catching Bumpkin embracing Siren Sage, Vivi declares that they are through and runs away. Siren Sage, with the help of Lorenzo and Faith, hustle Bumpkin into a wedding. When Lorenzo learns that Bumpkin is still pining for his true love, Lorenzo shows Bumpkin that Vivi has turned into a fast-and-loose flapper! Bumpkin marries Sage, but disappoints the girl when he insists that they move back to the farm to live with Mom and Pop Bumpkin. Siren Sage soon gets fed up with life on the farm and runs home to mother. Meanwhile, hoping to keep Sage and Bumpkin together, Lorenzo finds Vivi toiling at Kelly's and kidnaps the girl. Then Lorenzo calls Bumpkin on the farm to let him know that he has kidnapped Georgie. Bumpkin rushes to the city to rescue Georgie and Mom and Pop Bumpkin follow their son back to the city. Meanwhile, Tracy returns to Edward with a photograph that proves that Bumpkin is her son. Mom and Pop Bumpkin arrive at the Sterling Mansion, looking for their son. The Bumpkins confirm that Tracy's claim that she is the birth mother of Bumpkin is true. Meanwhile, the Keystone Kops follow Mom and Pop Bumpkin to the Sterling Mansion. However, just as the Keystone Kops are about to arrest the Bumpkins, the REAL robbers (Skye and Coleman) are caught, attempting to loot the Sterling Mansion. The Keystone Kops try to arrest the REAL robbers, but Skye and Coleman soon give the cops the slip. Meanwhile, Bumpkin discovers his true love, Vivi, just as Lorenzo releases a turnip truck that is headed downhill toward the couple. But Lorenzo is foiled when Bumpkin rescues Vivi in the nick of time. Bumpkin and Vivi tie Faith, Sage and Lorenzo up, just as the Keystone Kops arrive, chasing escaped robbers Skye and Coleman. Bumpkin discovers that Lorenzo has been withholding a photograph that proves that Bumpkin is the true heir to the Sterling fortune. Tracy and Edward arrive and welcome Bumpkin to the family. Bumpkin declares that he wants to marry Georgie, but is already married to Sage. Judge Sterling proclaims Bumpkin's marriage to Sage annulled. However, Bumpkin turns down the offer to live at the Sterling mansion and returns to the family farm, where he marries his true love with adopted parents Coleman and Alexis in attendance.

When Dillon awakens, he realizes he has a message from Georgie, asking him to meet her at Kelly's. Dillon rushes out, but, when Dillon arrives at Kelly's, Dillon finds only Sage. As the bell tolls the midnight hour, Sage suddenly kisses Dillon.

Thursday, January 1ST

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Friday, January 2nd.

Friday, January 2, 2003

Nikolas confronts Cody, Sam's father about where the treasure is. Cody insists that he doesn't have the treasure but that Sam took it and ran off. Nikolas tells him to find out where it is and return it to him since the treasure belongs to the Cassadine and Quartermaine families. Meanwhile, Emily lays unconscious near the water, which laps around near her face. A book is lying down near her on the sand. Nikolas notices some sand on his floor where Cody was standing and goes to find out where it came from. He finds Emily lying unconscious and goes to her. He fears for her life when he sees she isn't breathing. He gives her CPR and she coughs up some water and wakes up. She tells him she found a book and that they need it. Nikolas brings her back to the house and takes care of her. He tells her he doesn't care about the treasure anymore if it means he will lose her. She assures him she is fine and that they shouldn't give up on the treasure because of what happened to her. She points out that he has been sheltered by Stefan all his life and he is doing the same to her now and she wants him to trust in her and not be so afraid to take risks. Meanwhile, Cody runs into his bookie again and tells him Sam has the treasure and doesn't know where to find her. The bookie follows Jax around and sees him go into Kelly's. He watches Jax from outside Kelly's. Brian spots him lurking near Kelly's and asks him what he is doing. He tells Brian that he is just passing through town. Brian tells him that is a good plan and shows him his cop's I.D. and the bookie leaves the premises. He does return to watch for Jax. He makes a phone call to tell his contact that he is watching Jax and that he hopes to find Sam soon. He follows Jax as he leaves Kelly's and follows him to the pier. He pulls a gun on Jax. He demands to know where Sam took off to with the treasure. Jax doesn't know where she is. Cody watches the exchange between Jax and his bookie from afar. Jax insists he doesn't know where Sam is right now. The bookie tells Jax that he saw her get on a jet and gives him the number on the jet, thinking it belongs to Jax. Jax laughs and tells him that the jet Sam got on belongs to Sonny Corinthos. Sam asks Sonny to let her get on his jet and reminds him he owes her a favor for helping him before. Sonny didn't forget and asks her what is going on with her. She tells him she has to leave town now and that it is too complicated to get into right now. Sonny sits down and tells her he has the time and to tell him. She tells him that she needs to get out of town and that the gunshots he heard were aimed at her. Sonny listens to her and asks her why she didn't go to Jax for help. She tells him that they are history. Sonny tells her he wants to show her something. He opens up her duffle bag and empties the contents, which are the jewels and coins from the treasure. He tells her that the one thing she needs to know about him is that he doesn't like being lied to. She tells him she didn't lie to him but he disagrees. She tells him the treasure rightfully belongs to her and that she needs to get out of the country. Sonny tells her that the jet belongs to him and that he gives the orders. She tells him where she wants to go. Sonny calls the pilot and tells him where to land the plane to drop her off. She lets him take a diamond necklace to bring back to Carly as a gift. They land on some island. The pilot comes over to them and tells Sonny that the plane has a fuel leak, most likely caused by the gunshots fired at Sam before they took off from Port Charles. She tells him that she is going to hitch a ride on some boat and will be fine on her own. He goes to walk her out but a tropical rain storm hits and they go back inside some small building. Sonny finds himself stranded with Sam there waiting for his jet to be fixed.

Sage and Lorenzo Alcazar walk through the park. They talk about Dillon and Carly and wanting someone who doesn't love them back. Alcazar tells Sage she needs to be more patient and let things happen on their own. Meanwhile, Carly continues to have flashes of white light and erotic dreams. She also sees Alcazar in them and keeps reliving that kiss she got from the masked man at the casino. She calls Jason and makes it sound like an emergency. Jason comes rushing over thinking Carly is in danger. Carly apologizes for calling him like that and overreacting. Jason presses her to tell him what is going on and what she is so afraid of. Carly asks him if he ever saw flashes of white light and have intense dreams along with them when he had his coma. Jason tells her he never experienced those things after his coma. Carly starts to get worried but won't tell Jason exactly what is wrong but that she is afraid that the love she just started feeling for Sonny again will go away and that these flashes may become more frequent and she will lose feelings again. Jason encourages her to tell Sonny what is going on with her when she talks to him on the phone. She calls him but doesn't tell him the truth. He asks her why she didn't tell Sonny and she tells him that Sonny seemed preoccupied with work and she didn't want him to worry about it. She tells Jason that the doctor checked her out and told her that there is nothing wrong with her physically. Courtney shows up to visit Carly and sees Jason is there. Jason tells them he will leave them to talk. Courtney tells him he doesn't have to leave on her account but he tells her it is better if he leaves right now. Carly asks her about what happened that night at the casino with Brian. Courtney tells her that she accepted Brian's invitation on an impulse and won't be doing that again. Carly tells Courtney that Jason loves her but has a hard time showing his feelings and that he keeps it all bottled inside because he is afraid he will explode if he doesn't. Courtney tells her that she still loves Jason too but doesn't know what she is doing from one minute to the next. Courtney had been working at Kelly's earlier when Jax showed up to get a coffee. He surprised her by asking her all these personal questions about her split with Jason and her goals for her life. She asks him why he is suddenly so interested in her life and he tells her that he would like to offer her a job working for him. Brian comes into Kelly's and overhears their conversation. He says "no way" when he hears Jax offer Courtney a job. Jax turns around and tells Brian that he recognizes him as Courtney's date at the casino opening. Brian tells him he is correct. Jax tells him that just because he was Courtney's date, doesn't he think he is out of line for telling her how to run her life. Courtney points out that they are both out of line. Courtney turns down Jax's offer of a job because there is no way Sonny would approve of it and she couldn't work for her brother's enemy. She tells Brian he is out of line also. Jax gives her his business card and tells her to give him a call if she changes her mind. Jax leaves. Brian approaches her and apologizes for what he said. She tells him that he has no right to tell her how to live her life and walks away. When Courtney returns to Kelly's she finds Brian waiting for her. He apologizes again for interfering in her life and explains about how he didn't want his wife to work for some man and that she did anyway and that she and his son were killed on her way home from work. Courtney feels sympathy for him but thinks he is being too hard on himself for something no one could control. Later, Carly goes to the park to get some fresh air. She sees another white flash of light after her head starts to hurt and sees another erotic dream involving Alcazar and her. She cries out in pain and asks for God to stop it from happening anymore. she starts to stumble while walking away and almost falls. Alcazar grabs her arm to keep her from falling and offers to help her. She tells him to go away and leave her alone. When he grabs her arm and keeps it there she remembers the kiss she got from the masked man at the casino. She guesses that he is the one who kissed her at the casino wearing a ski mask. He admits he was the masked man who kissed her. He tells her he still loves her and wants her to be with him. Jason watches from the bushes and wonders what is going on.

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