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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on GH
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Monday, April 5, 2004

Lucky and Nikolas pass in the woods, and again go unnoticed to each other. Emily comes across Mary's cottage and asks her if she's seen Nikolas. Mary claims she hasn't, and Emily leaves, forgetting her scarf in Mary's living room. Later, Emily and Lucky return to the cottage, but this time Nikolas is sitting inside.

Liz bursts in on Ric's meeting with Sonny and confronts Ric on his motivations behind their relationship. She accuses him of lying and never ending his vendetta against Sonny, and Ric finally comes clean and admits that she's right. Liz then stuns Ric when she tells him she's had enough of his deception, and that she's leaving him. Liz later runs into Jason, who helps her with her devastation over the collapse of her marriage.

Sam chatters nonstop to Jason about her part in Sonny's life, and begs him to give her his take on the situation. Not wanting to have to deal with her, or get further involved in Sonny's situation, Jason tries as usual to stay out of it, and doesn't tell her to leave when she asks if she should. Faith gives Sam her two cents on how to keep a hold on Sonny, and Sam listens. Sonny arrives home and discovers Sam's packed to leave, and he asks her to stay.

Carly rummages through Alcazar's pocket and finds a note with blood on it. She dials the number on the paper, and is stunned to discover that it's Alcazar's phone. She again confronts him about hiring the assassin to bomb Sonny's limo. Meanwhile, Jason gets information on the assassin that further proves to him that Alcazar was the one who hired the hit.

TUESDAYApril 6, 2004

Lucky and Emily return to Mary's cabin to retrieve Emily's scarf. Nikolas is alone inside, and hears their knock, but Mary rushes back in time to greet them before Nikolas does. He hides in the bedroom as Emily explains to Lucky that Mary lost her husband in Iraq. Mary manages to get rid of them, but Nikolas bursts out into the living room to confront her lie. Mary tells him that she was told that her husband died, but it didn't turn out to be true. She manages to cry and cover in order to get Nikolas to back down, and then she recounts the story of how she was told her husband was killed. She changes the end so that Nikolas thinks it was about him, and he feels for her. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about losing him again, because he's not going anywhere.

Monica alerts Dillon to the naked pictures of Georgie on the GH computer. Dillon knows that Georgie didn't do it, and immediately confronts Sage. She denies having anything to do with it, but Dillon rushes back to the Quartermaine mansion to confront his mother. As the Q's gather for a vote on CEO, with everyone bickering as usual, Ned warns Skye to not fall for Edward's schemes. Skye ignores his warnings and they prepare for Edward to take back the company. Right before time runs out, Dillon rushes in and tells his mother that he knows she's behind Georgie's pictures. Tracy admits it, and more or less let's Dillon know that he must vote for her in order to save Georgie's reputation. He storms out, but returns moments later and votes for Tracy.

Sonny asks Sam to stay with him at the penthouse, and when she asks why, he tells her she fills the void and keeps him company. She blurts out to him that since he's been honest with her, he needs to know that she's falling in love with him. Sonny is shocked, but takes her to bed anyway. After they have sex, he dreams that Carly comes back to the penthouse and tells him she made a mistake and wants to come home. He rushes to her and kisses her, but then awakes to find Sam next to him. He goes downstairs, and Sam follows him and asks what is wrong. He tells her that he can't give her what she wants, but she says that she doesn't expect him to love her back, she will just take whatever she can get. So he asks her again to stay, and she does.

Carly is stunned to discover that the number on the bloody note was Alcazar's. She flies into a rage at him, accusing him again of hiring the hitman and telling him that they are over. He finally confesses, but swears that he did it for her. Carly tells him to leave, but he tries to explain his actions. Carly is devastated to realize that she's thrown her life away for him, but Alcazar will not let her go. He pleads with her to understand, but she screams at him to leave. He refuses to go, and tells her that he will never be out of her life. He tells her that he will go for the night to let her calm down, and as he's walking out the door, Carly knocks him out with a vase.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Jason returns to his Penthouse apartment, and discovers Emily waiting there for him. Emily shocks Jason when she asks for Jason's help to believe that Nikolas is dead. Later, Sonny stops by Jason's Penthouse and offers his sympathy to Emily. After Emily goes upstairs, Jason reports that the hit man was a known associate of Lorenzo's brother, Luis Alcazar. Sonny tells Jason that they need more information to tie the hit man to Lorenzo so that Carly can get Lorenzo out of her life permanently.

In the meantime, at Mary's cottage, Nikolas is surprised when he wakes up in bed with his arm around Mary. When Nikolas asks Mary to help him remember his past, he is surprised when Mary backs away from the subject and declares that she only wants to concentrate on the new memories they are making in the present. Nikolas promises Mary that they will work through the obstacles in front of them -- together. Later, Jason accompanies Emily to the crash site and Emily is unnerved when she finds a bunch of daffodils blooming nearby. Emily confides that she believes that Nikolas did NOT fall into the river and may have found shelter somewhere. Jason observes that IF Nikolas' jacket was found beside the water, it could mean either that Nikolas DID fall in. OR that Nikolas deliberately planted the jacket near the water in the hope that it would be found and searchers would presume that Nikolas fell in -- because Nikolas had a reason for WANTING to disappear! Jason suggests that perhaps Nikolas would have a reason for wanting to disappear -- in order to protect Emily. But Emily insists that Nikolas would NEVER want Emily to believe that he was dead while he was alive -- so that must mean that Nikolas really IS dead! At the same time, Nikolas gets comfortable with Mary in front of a cozy fire at the cottage, and they land back on the bed. Later, Nikolas suggests that Mary accompany him on a walk. As Nikolas and Mary walk in the woods, Mary spots the newly bloomed daffodils and picks them, while Nikolas compliments his beautiful "wife."

As Dillon dictates notes at the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy surprises her son and demands to know what he is doing. When Dillon begins to blast Tracy for her greedy, grasping, manipulative ways, Ned wanders in and Dillon explains that Tracy connived with Sage to set up a web page to make it appear that Georgie was selling revealing photos of herself over the Internet then blackmailed Dillon for his vote on ELQ to keep mum about Georgie's photos. Edward walks in on their conversation and orders them all to get to work. Tracy brags that she will soon have ELQ running on all cylinders again, just as Alan and Monica arrive and Alan suggests that, if ELQ is doing so well, Tracy should underwrite the cost to continue searching for Nikolas. But Tracy refuses to even consider the possibility. As Monica and Tracy squabble, Dillon slips out of the Mansion, unnoticed, with his bag. When Edward spots Dillon leaving, Dillon announces that he is moving out ~ for good! After Dillon storms away, he realizes that Georgie's family is out of town visiting colleges for Maxie and Dillon decides to slip in and hide out at Georgie's house. Meanwhile, Tracy and Edward express their confidence that Dillon will return home soon, while Edward reminds Ned that Ned is in no position to criticize Tracy's parenting skills! They are all surprised when Emily suddenly arrives at the mansion and announces that she has decided to call off the search for Nikolas. Emily declares that, since Nikolas is probably dead, there is no longer any reason for her to stay at Wyndemere, so she is moving back to the Quartermaine Mansion. The family welcomes Emily home.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny assures Samantha that she now needs to regard the Penthouse as her home. Later, Sonny confides to Sam that he believes that they have a lot in common, because Sam's defensiveness reminds Sonny of himself. Then Sonny leaves "to take care of some business." Meanwhile, Lorenzo regains consciousness and finds Carly standing over him in Carly's basement. Lorenzo asks why Carly is holding him prisoner, but Carly ducks the question. Later, Carly is surprised when Courtney shows up on Carly's doorstep. Although Carly claims that she just needs Jason, Courtney assures Carly of her support and Carly finally confesses that she has Lorenzo handcuffed to a pipe in the basement and doesn't know what to do with Alcazar now. Carly admits that Lorenzo confessed to her that it was Lorenzo who hired the assassin to blow up Sonny's car, so the Judge would realize just how dangerous Sonny was and then would award full custody of Michael and Morgan to Carly. Carly also reports that Alcazar has regained his sight. Courtney warns Carly that IF Jason learns about Lorenzo's confession, Jason will just decide that it is time for Alcazar to die. Then Courtney asks if Carly is ready for that to happen. At the same time, Ric arrives at the Penthouse to see Sonny and finds Samantha patiently waiting for Sonny to return. When Sam coldly informs Ric that Sonny is obviously NOT home, Ric declares that he will wait. As Ric waits, he bluntly asks Samantha how much Sonny is paying Sam to warm Sonny's bed. Sam protests that she was framed on the prostitution charge in the same way that Ric keeps trying to frame Sonny. Ric suggests that Sonny is unaware of some of the more unsavory details of Sam's past, but Sam dares Ric to print out a copy of her rap sheet and give it to Sonny, boasting that Sam KNOWS that Sonny trusts her. Ric informs Sam that Sonny is merely USING Sam to distract Sonny following the loss of Sonny's family. When Sam protests that she KNOWS how Sonny feels about her, Ric points out that Sonny NEVER takes Sam out in public and NEVER allows Sam to spend time with his children. Ric smugly suggests that Sam is an embarrassment to Sonny. Sonny returns home before Sam can continue the argument and Sonny orders Ric to leave. Ric informs Sonny that Liz has left him, and, because Liz is now gone, Ric no longer has a reason for pulling his punches where Sonny is concerned. Sonny threatens to break Ric in the end and, after daring Sonny to "bring it on," Ric walks out. After Ric is gone, Sam reports Ric's taunts to Sonny and Sonny tells Sam to get ready, because Sonny plans to take Sam out on the town that evening. Meanwhile, Courtney reminds Carly that IF Carly wants Alcazar alive, Carly needs to break off her relationship with Alcazar in a way that Lorenzo will believe and so that Lorenzo will realize that he has no choice except to leave Carly alone. Carly asks Courtney to stay -- to look after the kids and distract anyone looking for Alcazar -- for good! Later, Courtney has trouble keeping Michael from going into the basement to look for his dart board. At the same time, Carly tries to convince Lorenzo to return to South America and threatens to tell Sonny the truth if Lorenzo insists on sticking around town. But Lorenzo argues that Carly MUST love Lorenzo, because if Carly no longer loved Lorenzo, she would just turn him over to Sonny to be murdered, without bothering to give Alcazar any kind of chance to escape death. Lorenzo continues to declare that he has no intention of abandoning his love for Carly.

After Jason leaves Emily, he suddenly shows up at Carly's place. Although Courtney tries to convince Jason that Carly no longer needs his help, Jason declares that he is not buying Courtney's story and demands to know what is going on with Carly. In the basement, Carly bluntly tells Alcazar that Sonny is the only one Carly will ever love, but Lorenzo continues to disregard Carly's statement. As Carly turns to leave, Lorenzo suddenly lunges at Carly and grabs her arm!

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Emily returned home at the Quartermaine mansion. Emily tells the family that the search for Nikolas is over and that she now has to accept that Nikolas is dead. She was upset to find out that Dillon ran away and that Tracy wasn't too concerned about where he went off to. She asked Tracy what she did to make him go away. Skye shows up and wants to know what Tracy did to upset Dillon enough for him to run away. Ned suggests that Tracy tell the family what she did to upset Dillon so much. Meanwhile, Dillon shows up at Kelly's to get something to eat. Sage walks into Kelly's and approaches him. She asks him if he is still angry with her. Dillon tells her that she doesn't need to deny she didn't have anything to do with what was posted on the internet. He tells her that Tracy told him she did it and blackmailed him into voting for her to stop her from having the nude photos of Georgie blasted on the internet. Sage still denies having anything to do with it at first but then admits she took the photos and helped Tracy because she was afraid that Tracy would send him to military school and she would never see him again. Dillon tells her that he would have suffered through military school if it meant that Georgie was protected. Dillon tells Sage that just because he had the website of Georgie removed, doesn't mean someone couldn't have already downloaded the nude photo of Georgie already. He tells Sage he no longer wants her as a friend and to stay out of his life. Sage runs over to the Quartermaines and blasts Tracy for ruining her life. Skye asks Sage to tell her what Tracy did to her that ruined her life. Sage accuses Tracy of blackmailing Dillon to get his vote and blackmailing her to help her by threatening to send Dillon away to military school. Skye brings up the point that blackmailing other family members/stockholders into voting for them, is against the bylaws of ELQ somewhere and that if they have enough proof of Tracy using blackmail to get a vote, they can throw her out as CEO and revote again. Dillon sneaks into the Scorpio home with plans to stay in Georgie's room while the family was away and Mac was still at G.H. He takes his tape-recorder out and starts to record ideas for his new screenplay. He comments on how much love and acceptance seems to emanate in the house and that he wishes he could live in a home like this. He hears the noise of someone unlocking the front door and rushes over to hide on the other side of the room behind a tall cabinet. He overhears Felicia, Maxie, and Mac come into the house. Maxie goes upstairs to help get Mac's room ready. Felicia talks to Mac downstairs. Mac tells her that Dillon Quartermaine is the worst thing to happen in Georgie's life. Felicia doesn't agree with him at first until Mac tells her that Dillon has been seeing Sage, who is Alcazar's niece and that Dillon has got Georgie into trouble several times with his bad influence and doesn't want her anywhere near him. Felicia agrees that she doesn't like the idea that Dillon is friends with Alcazar's niece and has worked for him. Dillon listens in and tries not to react to how Mac is badmouthing him to Felicia and he can't defend himself. Mac suggests that Felicia stay here at the house with all of them. Felicia thinks she should get her own apartment and find a new job. Mac just wishes she plans to stay in town permanently. Maxie comes downstairs to tell them Mac's room is already for him to rest in. Felicia and Maxie help him upstairs since he is still weak. Dillon gets ready to leave out the front door but Maxie comes downstairs and catches him in the house. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he got the pictures of Georgie off the internet and apologizes for what his mother did to Georgie. Maxie agrees not to tell anyone he is here and tells him to go out the front door and she will open Georgie's bedroom window and let him get in that way and stay there. Dillon tries to leave out the front door but the doorbell rings. Felicia calls out to Maxie to answer it but she doesn't answer her. Felicia goes over to answer the door while Dillon hides again. Felicia answers the door to find Tracy there. She asks her what she wants. Tracy demands to know where Dillon is. Emily meanwhile goes up to her bedroom and takes out her old diary from her teen years. She reads over the parts where she talks about her crush on Nikolas. Jason comes to see her and has to go through the Quartermaines to go see her. Jason suggests to the family that they think about Emily and what she needs from them instead of thinking about only themselves after he overhears them fighting over ELQ. Jason comforts Emily. Emily asks him to do something for her. She asks him to tell Courtney that he loves her before something happens to him one day and he wasn't able to say those words to her. Jason promises to do that but doesn't think it will change things between them.

Ned warns Skye not to listen to Edward's promises to make her his heir because he never follows through. Skye visits with Edward when Justus shows up with some papers for Edward to sign. Skye goes out on the porch but watches from outside as Edward signs some papers. Edward takes her aside when they are alone and tells her that he told her that he was going to make her his heir when he was trying to do business and get voting but that he can't make her an heir now because technically she isn't a true Quartermaine. Skye is shocked by the news.

Carly tells Alcazar that she never loved him, only Sonny and tries to get him to agree to stay out of her life before she releases him from the basement. Alcazar stands up and grabs her. He tells her that he doesn't believe that she doesn't care about what happens to him. Meanwhile, Jason shows up at Carly's after getting her frantic message. Courtney tries to cover up what Carly is doing in the basement. Jason asks her what she is hiding from him. Courtney lies to him and tells him that Carly doesn't need his help anymore and that she will be fine. Carly comes upstairs and panics when she sees Jason in the living room. She tells him that she doesn't need him anymore and that she is o.k. now that Courtney was here to talk to. Jason informs her that the assassin had ties with Louis Alcazar, Lorenzo's brother and that proves that Alcazar had that bomb planted in Sonny's limo. Carly tries to change the subject and evade his questions. Jason decides to leave but makes it clear that he knows they are hiding something from him. Courtney asks him to drop by the loft and sign the divorce papers later. Jason agrees to do that. Carly doesn't know how to handle Alcazar. Courtney tells her that she needs to decide what she wants from Alcazar and if she can let him go or not. Carly tells her she will convince Alcazar that she doesn't love him and make him leave her alone and leave town. She goes back into the basement. She tells Alcazar that she doesn't want him in her life and that she won't change her mind. Alcazar dares her to call Sonny and Jason and tell him what he did and where he is and let them kill him but he doesn't think she can let them kill him. He tells her that she can do whatever she thinks she should do to him but that won't change the fact that he will always love her. Mike brings dinner over from Kelly's to Courtney at her loft. He notices that she is all dressed up and asks her who she invited to dinner. She tells him it is Jason, who is coming over to sign the divorce papers. Mike reminds her that not many people ever get to experience the kind of love she and Jason share and that she should think hard before signing the divorce papers. Jason shows up and sees that there is dinner ready with candles lit at the table and she is all dressed up. She tells him they can have dinner and sign the divorce papers also.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Tracy arrived at the Scorpio-Jones household, looking for Dillon, who was hiding there (but only known to Maxie). Maxie lied to Tracy and told her that Dillon and Georgie were currently having nothing to do with each other. Tracy, managing to insult everybody, was shooed out of the house by Felicia. Dillon and Georgie met at Kelly's, where he explained to her the situation involving Tracy, Sage and the internet photos. Since Dillon had left the Quartermaines' house, Georgie suggested that he go ahead and hide at her family's place.

Jason arrived at the loft, where Courtney was making dinner for them. Jason realized she was making the same meal as on their first date. He told her they weren't on a date and that he was just there to sign the divorce papers. She expressed that she wanted to make one more meal for her husband, since the papers couldn't be filed until the next day. At dinner, they managed to reminisce fondly about that first date. Jason said he was sorry to have caused her so much pain, bringing her into a dangerous world. He did admit that he loved her and always would; however, he realized he could not make her happy. Courtney stated she did not want the divorce, but she could not live with the knowledge that his work might kill him. Jason left without signing the papers.

At the Haunted Star, Skye entered to find Jax. Jax then noticed the arrival of Sam and Sonny. Sam was on a winning streak but felt her mood fall when she spotted Ric. As Jax warned Sam regarding her current coupling, Sonny confronted Alexis at the bar. Ric later questioned her as to why she would have represented Carly in the custody hearing, knowing what Sonny does to his enemies. Ric made a phone call requesting information about the connection between Sonny and Alexis.

Alexis and Skye met to discuss a legal situation. Skye felt belittled by Luke, who had Faith on his arm, when he trumped her authority at the casino. Later, Luke witnessed Skye ordering a drink. Angry, she stated that he had never given a damn about her and vice versa. Then, she ordered another drink.

Carly continued to hold Alcazar captive in the basement. Because she did not want him dead, he reasoned that she did care what happened to him. Carly took Michael and Morgan to the penthouse and privately called Courtney to go check on Alcazar. Michael asked Carly if she still loved his daddy, and she responded that she always would. Just then, Sonny and Sam arrived, in a heavy embrace. As Courtney was about to leave the loft, Jason returned. Meanwhile, Alcazar remained handcuffed as the basement began to flood. He reached for something to try to undo the handcuffs, causing a set of shelves to fall onto him.

After a passionate kiss with Nikolas, Mary made the excuse, because of the heavy rain, that she needed to head out for supplies, in case the roads flooded. Mary journeyed to Kelly's for food. There, she ran into Lucky and Emily and learned of Nik and Em's engagement. When Mary returned to the house, Nikolas surprised her with a room full of flowers, which led to another kiss.

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