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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on GH
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Luke arrives at Skye's house, prepared to apologize. But when he knocks on her door, he gets no answer. After peeking into her window, he spots an unconscious Skye on the living room floor, and begins to desperately attempt to break in. As he is trying to gain access, he's struck on the head and knocked out cold. When he comes to, Skye's body is missing, and he begins to ransack the place searching for clues of Laura. Meanwhile, Skye wakes up in an abandoned room in Wyndemere. As a blond woman watches her from the doorway, Skye pleads to be let go. Lucky interrupts Luke's search, and explains his own part in Laura's most recent breakdown. Luke attempts to comfort Lucky, and realizes that Laura's ties to Nikolas just might help him find Skye. He rushes to Wyndemere, in search of Laura, with hope to get through to her. As he walks around the empty mansion, Skye's cries for help go unheard.

Nikolas's return from Costa Rica is stopped when the police block him from boarding his plane. They question him repeatedly, and unaware that it's a test from Alcazar, Nikolas answers their questions and avoids any problems easily. Back in Port Charles, Mary receives comfort from Emily when she announces that it is her anniversary. Emily encourages her to mourn and be happy with her memories of her husband. Mary feels guilt in sharing the news with Emily, but is secretly happy to have Nikolas. Later she barrages Alcazar with questions over Nikolas's work, and Alcazar reminds her that he could blow her out of the water. He warns her to not push him, or he'll expose her secrets and tell Nikolas that he isn't Connor. Mary backs down, and is later overjoyed to see Nikolas return in one piece. After he and Alcazar finish their business deal and arrange for future work, Nikolas sits down with Mary and discusses their wedding plans.

Alcazar stuns Carly with the news of Sam's pregnancy. Carly attempts to process the situation, and although she holds up her guard for Lorenzo, she is devastated. He lets her know that she's welcome to come back to him, but she holds her ground for her family. Michael interrupts their conversation, and loudly demands that Alcazar leave the apartment. Once Alcazar is gone, Carly scolds Michael for his behavior. Later, Courtney arrives and Carly delivers the shocking news. Courtney is immediately sympathetic to Carly, but suddenly realizes that Carly's family could be in the clear. Courtney announces the possibility of Jax being the father of Sam's baby, and assures Carly that if it's the case, all will be well again soon. Carly counters with the question of what if Jax is not the father? She pointedly informs Courtney that she has no intention of standing by while Sonny raises a child with Sam.

Sam argues with both Sonny and Jax at the convent, and tells them they have no say over her baby. She runs from them, and in the process of trying to get away, falls down the stairs. While Sam is with the doctor, the nun accuses Jason of being dishonest and allowing her to believe he was the father. She lets it be known that Jason seems to be the best option of the three for Sam, but Jason assures her the baby can not be his. The nun then turns her anger on Sonny and Jax, chastising both men for their arrogance and selfishness. After the doctor is finished, Sam is told that she and her unborn child are both fine, but she is unable to get past both men's lack of regard for her. She calls for Jason in order to get advice, and tells him that she almost thinks that something going wrong with the baby is the best option for everywhere. Jason tells her not to think that way, and feels sorry for Sam. He helps her get her things together, and takes her back to Port Charles. They go to GH to have another examination, and the two run into a surprised Courtney as the get off the elevator.

Sonny returns from Costa Rica, and goes to the penthouse where Carly is waiting. He asks about the boys, and she lets him know they are both asleep. When she asks him about Sam, he hesitates and finally tells her that Sam is pregnant. Carly stares at him, and stuns him with the news that she already knows about Sam's condition.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Nikolas plans his and Mary's wedding, as Mary happily listens. The two kiss in the park, but Mary's moment is shattered when she see Emily watching them from the bushes. Emily runs off, but Mary can't shake her unease that Emily realized who she was with. Nikolas and Mary part ways for a while, and Mary rushes to find Emily at the hospital. An upset Emily tries to brush Mary off, but can't. Mary asks Emily to tell her how she's feeling, and Emily admits she is angry that Mary is moving on. She warns Mary to stop being selfish because when she gets past her loneliness, the only person she'll hurt is this new man. Mary ponders Emily's words, and upon meeting Nikolas back at the cabin, offers him an out. He declines, and instead presents her with an engagement ring. Nikolas, thinking he is Connor, removes her Mary's wedding band from their allegedly first marriage, and replaces it with the new ring to symbolize their union.

Luke frantically searches Wyndemere for Skye, but is unable to hear her cries. Lucky stumbles upon his father, and begs him to calm down and let him help. Luke tells him he's searched the entire mansion and there is no sign of Laura or Skye. Angry to get rid of the haunting Cassadines, he begins to pour gasoline over the living room in an attempt to burn the place down. He lights a fire that sends smoke up the vents to a panicked Skye, but Lucky douses the blaze and tries to reason again with his father. Luke remains sure that someone is setting up the situation to make it appear that Laura is the one after Skye, but Lucky thinks she really could be guilty. He mentions to Luke that forensics are at Skye's house, and Luke rushes off to stop them before they find evidence of Ross's murder. They arrive too late, and Luke must confess the situation surrounding Ross's death. He tells Lucky that he believes Helena is trying to make it seem like Laura murdered Ross and is setting Skye up, but Lucky thinks that it's far simpler than that: a drunken Skye killed the detective in an alcoholic rage. Meanwhile, back in her prison, Skye begs with the blond woman on the other side of the locked door. Thinking it to be Laura, she tries to assure her that she can't take Laura's place in Luke's heart or life. The woman leaves the door, and Skye continues to cry for help.

Sonny arrives back from South America, and admits to a devastated Carly that Sam is pregnant. Carly shocks him back with the news that she already knows, and they begin to fight. Sonny says he doesn't know what he's going to do, but Carly warns him that if the baby is his, she will not stand by while he raises it. He leaves the penthouse, and an angry Carly rushes out and meets Courtney. Courtney feels for her friend, and is even supportive when Carly announces her plan to fix the DNA test if the baby doesn't belong to Jax. Courtney admits she can understand, but warns Carly to be careful.

Jason and Sam go to GH for a checkup. Courtney witnesses them, and overhears the nurse assume Jason is Sam's husband. As Sam leaves for her exam, Courtney confronts Jason, but doesn't get any answers. Jax arrives to take his place by Sam, and offers her money for the baby if it is his. Disgusted, Sam tells him that while she'd use the baby against him for everything, she'd never do it to Sonny. Sonny arrives, and the three begin to argue. The doctor returns to assure Sam her baby is fine, and Jason volunteers to watch her and let her stay with him. Sonny warns Jax that he'll be dead if he does anything to hurt Sonny's child, but Jax ignores him. He heads to the park, where he runs into Courtney. Courtney tells him she thinks he'll be a great father, and has a feeling things might work out for him.

Sam arrives at Jason's penthouse, and encounter's Carly's wrath. Carly warns her that she'll pay for her conniving ways, and Sam tells her that the pregnancy was an accident. Jason interrupts the women's fight, but Carly does not back down. Sam tearfully tells Jason that no one will believe her, but he admits he believes that she didn't get pregnant on purpose. Carly returns to her penthouse, and is soon followed by Sonny. Confident that her plan will work, Carly surprises Sonny by being supportive, and vowing to stand by him for the sake of their family.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

At the Port Charles Police Department, Faith questions Ric about his unexplained decision NOT to fight Alexis about the continuance Alexis requested and accuses Ric of having a soft spot for Alexis. Faith guesses that Ric is perhaps dangling after Alexis because Alexis had spent time in bed with Sonny and Ric finds Alexis intriguing because Alexis was one of Sonny's women. Ric warns Faith NOT to push it, or Ric will change his mind and send Faith to prison after all.

As Courtney goes out for a run with Rosie, she runs into Jax at the Gazebo and is surprised when Jax announces that he has a mutually beneficial offer to propose. Jax tells Courtney that he wants to be more than a figurehead on the board of her charitable foundation. When Courtney reminds Jax that she does NOT trust him, Jax reminds Courtney that she will have trouble finding people who are willing to sit on the board of a charitable foundation started by a crime lord's sister. Courtney coldly suggests that Jax call her assistant for an appointment, and dashes off after Rosie. Later, Alexis arrives at Courtney's office and informs her that Jax hired Alexis to prepare legal work that will exclude Courtney's criminal brother and ex-husband from participating in the foundation. As Courtney assures Alexis that neither Sonny NOR Jason will be involved in the foundation, Jax arrives and is surprised when Alexis declares that they will also need to exclude Carly from participating because Carly is married to a mob boss. When Courtney refuses to even consider excluding Carly, Alexis advises Jax that, if Carly takes part in the foundation, the specter of the mob will hover over every move that Courtney makes. Before Courtney can respond, Ric arrives and Courtney blasts Ric for barging in to her office during a business meeting. Courtney is surprised when Ric announces that he is there as an official representative of the District Attorney's office because he believes that Courtney's charitable foundation would become a front to launder money for Sonny and Jason! Alexis accuses Ric of just following Alexis around for no other purpose than to create trouble for Alexis. Alexis points out that checking on the foundation's paperwork is the job of the STATE Attorney General's office. Ric reminds Alexis that the case against Faith would have been wrapped up by now if Alexis had NOT filed for a continuance and accuses Alexis of dragging her feet on wrapping up Faith's case because Alexis is looking for excuses to keep getting close to Ric. Then Ric accuses Alexis of deliberately inserting herself into Courtney's Foundation because Alexis KNEW that Ric would investigate any activity that could be used as a front for Sonny's criminal activities. Alexis is stunned when Ric announces to Courtney and Jax that Alexis is just protesting because Alexis is indulging in a bizarre mating ritual! Alexis demands to know if Ric has a search warrant to investigate the foundation's paperwork. When Ric admits that he arrived without a search warrant, but can get one, Alexis warns Courtney to watch out for Ric's tricks. Courtney reminds Ric that Alexis IS Jax's attorney and, since Jax WILL be serving on the Foundation's board, Alexis would, of course, have legitimate reasons to also be advising Jax about his involvement with the foundation! Ric declares that he WILL get a court order to review the corporation's funding. After Ric leaves, Jax points out that Alexis appears to have changed sides rather quickly after Ric began voicing his suspicions about Sonny and Jason's possible involvement in Courtney's charitable foundation. Alexis declares that IF Ric is opposed to Courtney's foundation, Alexis is in favor of it! Alexis promises that she will make sure the Foundation is squeaky clean and makes a hasty exit. Later, Courtney and Jax congratulate each other about their new partnership, and share a hug.

As Georgie and Dillon work on the music video, George daydreams about being a torch singer, but her dreams come crashing down when Sage arrives, dressed in a sexy gown and ready to rehearse. Georgie watches jealously as Dillon explains the video to Sage while Sage hangs all over Dillon. Sage is thrilled when Lorenzo and Ned arrive. Lorenzo tells Ned that, so long as Sage is happy, Lorenzo will continue to finance Ned's project. When Ned expresses his confidence in Dillon, Lorenzo points out that Dillon has no track record as a director. As Georgie listens in, Ned promises that if Dillon messes up in any way, Ned will call in a big time director. Georgie listens jealously as Sage and Dillon try to reassure Ned and Lorenzo that they will be making a great music video. Georgie puts in an emergency call to Maxie and asks her sister to come over to L&B right away to help Georgie with an emergency. When Maxie arrives, Georgie and Maxie rig up a ladder with a paint bucket on it and plan for Sage to trip and knock the paint off the ladder, go crying to her uncle about what a slob Dillon is and get Dillon pulled off the project for Sage's music video. Georgie worries that Dillon will be crushed if he gets pulled off his big project. However, when Dillon and Sage return and Sage begins dancing near the cord, Georgie yanks the cord and the bucket of paint falls off the ladder. But Sage slips in the spilled paint and screams. When Dillon rushes to assist Sage, Sage cries that she believes she broke her ankle. Maxie reminds Georgie that they can NOT confess to the prank, because Alcazar might kill them -- or at the very least, sue Mac and Felicia. Then Georgie and Maxie rush to assist Dillon in getting Sage to the Hospital. Later, at the Hospital, Dillon informs a stunned Georgie that Sage screamed so loud when she fell that Sage may have injured her vocal cords and can barely speak. When Lorenzo arrives, he blasts Dillon because the L&B studio was in an unsafe condition. Lorenzo, Dillon and Georgie are all stunned when Monica announces that Sage may never sing again because of the damage to her vocal chords. Georgie worries when Dillon begins to blame himself for Sage's accident. Georgie and Dillon are shocked when Ned arrives and Lorenzo informs Ned that he is withdrawing the Alcazar investment in L&B. Georgie begins to feel sorry when Dillon worries that L&B will go out of business and it will be Dillon's fault. Georgie tries to reassure Dillon that everything will be fine, but Dillon refuses to be comforted.

When Jason returns to his Penthouse with groceries for Samantha, he blows up when he learns that Sam plans to go back to her boat to do some work. When Jason refuses to allow Sam to go, Sam angrily orders Jason to get his nose OUT of Sam's business! Meanwhile, across the hall, Sonny and Carly prepare to accompany Michael on his first day back at school. However, as they all enter the hallway, Jason and Sam are also in the hallway, arguing. Michael is upset when he overhears Sam talking about her baby and Michael asks Sonny WHY Sam is pregnant and WHY Sam is staying with Jason. When Michael orders Sam to just leave, Michael is surprised when Sonny orders Michael to apologize to Sam! Sonny decides to take Michael for a walk in the park to explain things and announces that they can forget about school until the next day. Later, after Jason and Sam return to Jason's Penthouse, Jason accuses Sam of deliberately talking about being pregnant where Michael could overhear, but Sam claims she is innocent of Jason's charges. As Sam and Jason argue, Carly suddenly bursts in and threatens to get even with Sam if Sam ever hurts one of Carly's children again. Carly is surprised when Jason orders Carly to quit jumping all over Sam! After Sam storms away, Carly angrily asks Jason what became of Jason's long-standing friendship with Carly! Meanwhile, in the park, Sonny tries to explain to Michael that Sam helped Sonny out when Sonny needed a friend and Sonny can't be rude to Sam now. But Sonny is stunned when Michael asks WHY Sonny would be having another baby with Sam if Sonny is REALLY putting his family with Carly, Michael and Morgan back together the way Sonny promised he would. Sonny promises Michael that Sonny is going to fix everything so that everything turns out right for Michael, Morgan and Samantha's new baby. Meanwhile, Carly accuses Jason of turning against Carly because Jason is always leaning over backwards to give Sam every benefit of the doubt. However, Jason argues that the ONLY important person at this point is Sam's baby! Carly finally agrees with Jason but warns Jason to keep Sam away from Carly's children. After Carly storms away and Sam returns to the living room, Jason warns Sam to watch her mouth whenever Sonny's family is around. Sam reminds Jason that IF Sam had had HER way about all of this, Sam would be far, far away by now! Sam suddenly declares that she will take the paternity test today! When Jason and Sam leave for the Hospital, they run into Michael and Sonny, returning from the park, and Michael apologizes again to Sam. After Michael goes inside, Jason reports to Sonny that they are headed to the Hospital to get an amniocentesis to determine the paternity of Samantha's baby. After Sonny returns to his Penthouse, Sam blasts Jason for NOT keeping quiet until AFTER they had the test results! Meanwhile, Carly reports to Sonny that Michael plans to be a good big brother to Sam's baby. Sonny reports that Sam is going in for paternity tests now and Carly encourages Sonny to go ahead to the Hospital, declaring that Carly does NOT plan to interfere in Sonny's dealings with Sam. However, when Sam and Jason arrive at the Hospital, Jax and Courtney arrive as well, because Dr. Meadow's office called Jax to let him know that Sam had scheduled the paternity test. Courtney is surprised when she realizes that Jax appears to be counting heavily on being the father of Sam's baby! When Jax thanks Courtney for accompanying him to the Hospital, Courtney accuses Jax of being as conceited as Ric, and reminds Jax that she has her own business at the Hospital. Meanwhile, back at the Penthouse, Carly tries to locate Bobbie at the Hospital, but Michael overhears Carly calling and asks if he can go along with Carly to see Bobbie. However, Carly informs her son that she needs to speak to Bobbie about grown-up stuff. When Michael asks if Carly is angry about Samantha's baby, Carly reassures Michael that Sonny probably is NOT the father of Sam's baby and then Sam will take her baby and go away and they will all be able to forget that Sam ever existed at all! Meanwhile, Courtney runs into Jason, waiting for the results of Sam's tests outside the genetics lab. When Courtney asks what Jason is doing there, Jason replies: "Same as you. Waiting for Carly!" At the same time, Sonny arrives at the Hospital to visit Sam and admits that he hopes that he IS the father of Sam's baby. Then Sonny promises that IF Jax is the father, Sonny will do everything he can to make sure that Jax does NOT try to bully the baby away from Sam. Sonny and Sam are shocked when Jax suddenly arrives and announces that if JAX is the father of Sam's baby, Jax does NOT want Sonny anywhere near Sam until AFTER the baby is born! Back at the Penthouse, Michael promises Morgan that Michael will make sure that Sonny does NOT love the new baby more than Michael and Morgan! At the same time, Courtney and Jason spot Carly moving toward the lab, disguised as a doctor. Jason and Courtney grab Carly and try to convince her to give up her plan to meddle with Sam's DNA tests. Meanwhile, Jax is upset when Sam unconsciously clutches Sonny's hand while undergoing the paternity tests.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Dillon keeps blaming himself for what happened to Sage. Georgie tells him the truth. She admits to him that she set up the paint can to fall on Sage but never meant for her to get hurt or to hurt her vocal cords. She confesses that she hoped that Sage would have one of her tantrums and that Dillon would be left off the project. Alcazar withdraws his funding of L&B Records because it looks like Sage won't be singing any time soon and that is why he agreed to fund the project. Ned admits that he started L&B up again because of a feud between him and Tracy. Emily happens to be there and gets upset with Alcazar for withdrawing his financial support for L&B and suggests that he do something worthwhile with his money than what he usually does with it and insinuates it is usually illegal in some way. Ned overhears Dillon and Georgie in the hallway afterwards. He asks them what is going on. Georgie is about to admit her wrongdoing when Dillon steps in and interrupts her and takes all the blame for what happened. Ned accepts his apology and tells him that he is going to bring in a more experienced music director and that he will assist the director. Georgie feels bad about what happened and tries to get Dillon to stop blaming himself. They go back to the studio and clean up the mess. Georgie tries to help him but he tells her he will handle the cleanup. Georgie thinks he doesn't want anything to do with her but he surprises her by telling her that if he hadn't slept with Sage than she wouldn't feel so insecure about their relationship and would be able to trust him more. Georgie assures him that she trusts him but doesn't trust Sage. Later Georgie goes to see Sage in the examining room. Sage tells her that she knows that the paint incident wasn't an accident and tells her she knows she set it up to fall on her. She tells Georgie that is the lowest thing she has ever done to her and that she may have done some mean things but never did she put Georgie in the hospital. Sage vows to Georgie that she will do whatever it takes to get Dillon to dump her. Meanwhile, Dillon is startled when he hears a woman's singing voice but can't see any woman around and tries to find out where the singing voice is coming from. He calls out for the woman to not run off and that he wants to meet her. He is disturbed when he can't find the source and runs out into the hallway to catch the person, who seems to have disappeared.

Nikolas and Mary talk in the park. Nikolas notices that Mary takes off her ring he gave her as she is heading away from him on her way to work. He asks her why she took the ring off. She tells him that it wouldn't be safe to let people see that she is wearing a diamond ring suddenly and that no one can know about him right now. Nikolas accepts her explanation and tells her that he hopes that some day he can bring her somewhere for their honeymoon where they won't have to hide their feelings for each other. Mary tells him she wants that too some day. After Mary heads to work, Nikolas gets a call from Alcazar and suggests that he meet him at the park since he is already there. Alcazar shows up and asks Nikolas to do something illegal for him this time. He asks Nikolas to break into the Quartermaine mansion and look for some specific files the Quartermaines have on some certain shipping companies. Nikolas is worried that Alcazar will expect him to do more illegal things for him over time. Alcazar tells him that he can do whatever work, illegal or not at his own discretion with no pressure. Nikolas agrees to break in to the mansion and take snapshots of the files for him. Later, Emily finds Mary at the nurses' station filing records. She asks her if she wouldn't mind covering for her and asks to take some time off for awhile. Emily goes home and thinks about Nikolas. She holds up and looks at a picture of Nikolas and her. Nikolas watches her from the terrace window. He notices she is sad and looking at a picture with longing. He can't tell what the picture is of. Emily goes over to the desk on the other side of the room and puts the photo of Nikolas and her inside one of the drawers. She turns off the light and leaves the living room. Nikolas waits until she shuts the door behind her and breaks into the house. He goes through the files on the desk closest to the terrace. He finds the files he is looking for and snaps pictures of them and puts things away. He goes over to the other desk, intrigued by what picture Emily was looking at when he watched her through the window. He opens up the drawer and sees a corner of the picture with Emily's face. He isn't able to pull the picture out of the drawer to see the whole thing when he hears Emily tell him not to move and sees over his shoulder that she has a gun trained on him.

Carly, dressed in a mask and scrubs is caught by Jason and Courtney trying to go into the lab to switch the paternity test results to show that Jax is the baby's father. Jason tells her it is not the way to go about this whole situation and that Sonny would find out eventually that the baby was his if it really his baby and that her cover-up would tear the family apart even more. Carly tries to justify what she is doing to Jason and Courtney who disagree with her. Carly accuses Jason of being Sam's new best friend and for taking her side over her. Jason tells her he isn't taking sides and doesn't think Sam got pregnant on purpose. Carly worries that Sonny will choose Sam and the baby over his own family if he knows he is the baby's father. Carly storms off, dressed in the scrubs. Bobbie catches her trying to leave the hospital in the scrubs and asks her what she is doing wearing her scrubs at the hospital. Carly tells Bobbie what has happened since she has been out of town. Bobbie urges Carly to leave Sonny for good since he hasn't been a good husband to her lately. Carly hugs her and thanks her and agrees to consider that. Sonny shows up at the hospital to see Sam at the same time that Jax shows up. Sonny tries to protect Sam from Jax, who insists on raising the baby if he is the father. He tells Sonny if the baby is his child, he doesn't want Sonny anywhere near Sam or the baby. Sam gets sick of them arguing over her and the baby and kicks them out of the examining room. The OB/GYN tells them that they need to take blood from both of them and the results should be ready later that day. Sonny and Jax leave Sam alone. Sonny spots Carly talking to Bobbie. Sonny goes to the chapel. Carly finds him there. She tells him that if the baby turns out to be his child, she will be leaving him and promises that he can see the boys as much as he wants to and assures him that she thinks he is a good father. Sonny tells her that he doesn't want to go back on his promise to Michael and to God and that he has no intentions of leaving her or the boys. Carly admits to trying to break into the lab and switching the blood samples and that she has decided to be totally honest with him from now. She leaves. Jason shows up at the chapel. Sonny tells him that Carly is going to leave him if he turns out to be the baby's father. Jason asks him how he knows that. Sonny tells him about seeing Carly just a few minutes ago. Sonny is afraid of what this will do to Michael if Carly leaves him and that he is confident he is going to turn out to be the father since he slept with Sam more recently and more often than Jax did. Jason promises to make sure that Michael ends up o.k. Sonny fears that Michael will feel betrayed by him the same way he felt betrayed by his own father when he kept leaving and went back on his promises. Jax and Courtney talk more in the hallway at G.H. Alexis shows up to talk business about the foundation. Alexis complains about Ric's interference in her cases right now to deal with and tells her about the paternity test. Alexis questions his ability to raise a child on his own without a mother. Courtney defends Jax's choice to raise the baby without Sam, who was willing to give her baby away without telling either Jax or Sonny about it. Alexis defends Sam and gets defensive about how they seem to be trashing the mother for no good reason. Carly goes to see Sam when she is alone.

Sam tells her to leave her alone. Carly tells her that she plans to stay out of her life but tells her that she hopes that she gets her heart broken by Sonny because she will deserve it after breaking apart her family the way she did and accuses her of getting pregnant on purpose. Sam tells her that she didn't plan the pregnancy. Carly doesn't believe her and Sam gives up trying to convince her otherwise. Carly leaves the room. Jax and Sonny show up later to hear the results of the paternity test. The OB/GYN comes back and tells them she has the results. She surprises them both when she informs both Jax and Sonny that neither of them are the baby's father. Jax and Sonny both look at Sam at the same time for some explanation. Sam looks as confused as they do. Courtney meets with Jason in the park. She asks Jason to butt out of what is going on with Sam if it turns out that Jax is the baby's father. She defends Jax to Jason and tells him that Jax is a good man and would make a good father as well.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Working for Alcazar to gather some confidential information, Nikolas/Connor broke into the Quartermaines' mansion but was interrupted when Emily came into the room with a gun. Not seeing his face, she shot at him as he escaped. Later, Emily tried to describe the intruder to Lucky and admitted the man had a presence that seemed familiar to her. Nikolas returned to Mary's house and collapsed, bleeding. He begged her to get him to the hospital.

Ric questioned Luke because the blood found at Skye's cabin was Ross Duncan's. Luke confessed to the killing, but Ric believed it was a cover for either Skye or Laura. Luke was allowed to leave the police station, and he received a phone call from Skye, who was being held captive at Wyndemere. Watched by the police, Luke gave them the slip, causing Ric to pull Lucky off the case. Lucky resigned from the police force. Luke found Skye at Spoon Island. Skye had clubbed Helena and tied her to a chair and believed Helena had been the one to kidnap her. However, the mysterious figure watched in secret. Luke held Helena over the parapet, threatening to let her fall if she didn't confess to her part in the Skye/Ross/Laura entanglement. Figuring it was better to have her alive for information, Luke took Helena to Ric at the police station but was arrested himself because the partial fingerprint found on the murder weapon was his. Skye continued to elude the police while being followed by someone holding a knife.

Dr. Meadows announced that neither Sonny nor Jax was the father of Sam's baby. Jax left the hospital and ran into Courtney in the park. He told her he would donate part of his gambling profits to her foundation if she accompanied him to Monte Carlo. Finally, she agreed. Their conversation on the plane led to a discussion about losing a child: Jax, the child he thought might be his, and Courtney, the child she miscarried. Jax comforted her and remarked on her youth and beauty. He suggested that they concentrate on new beginnings and then leaned in for a kiss.

Learning of the test results, Carly visited Sam and proposed that Sonny's mistress leave town. Carly told Bobbie the results and said she wouldn't be leaving Sonny, at least not that night.

Jason admitted to Sonny that he tampered with the results and that Sonny actually was the father. Sonny was furious at the interference. Jason insisted this was the only way for Sonny to hold his family together. Jason reminded Sonny that Michael and Carly used to be his family and that he had done nothing when Sonny took them away; now, Sonny should do everything possible to keep from losing them. Jason said he would pretend to be the father and even lie to Carly, figuring she would eventually believe him since he had never lied to her before. Sonny and Jason went to Sam to tell her what had happened with the test results and to discuss the plan.

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