General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on GH
Ned's ex-wife showed up in town. Georgie and Dillon met a runaway teen. Jax took Courtney on a trip to Italy.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on GH
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Nikolas escapes being shot by Jason, but later warns Alcazar that he'll quit working for him if he continues to remain in constant danger of being shot. Alcazar is able to calm Nikolas, and admits that he's having Nikolas help him fight for the love of his life. Alcazar later calls Carly.

Mary overhears Emily discussing memory loss and medical procedures to regain it with Tony, and she panics. She later asks Emily about it, but Emily covers saying she is seeking help for her brother, Jason. She weaves the story of Jason to sound like Nikolas, and Mary becomes agitated. Mary later tries to get an ok from Tony on her actions with Nikolas, but Tony doesn't help her feel better.

Emily runs into Nikolas in the park, and the two are clearly happy to see each other. They agree that they feel like old friends, and Emily tells him she's happy to begin a friendship with him. Nikolas confides that his memory loss is terribly difficult, and Emily asks him if he'd like to have his memory back. When he says yes, she suggests to him that he try hypnosis in order to try to remember his past.

Courtney arrives at Jason's penthouse and apologizes for Jax's behavior. She gets Jason to admit that he donated the money to her charity, but she also returns it and explains Ric's agenda in shutting her down. Courtney asks Jason if he's happy with his current situation, and he lies and tells her he is—and wants the situation for the baby. Courtney leaves, and returns to the club and Jax. She tells him that she gave Jason his money back, and both express their disappointment in the other. Jax tells her he lied so that she wouldn't have to give up the donation, and then offers to resign. Courtney understands his motives somewhat, and doesn't want him to quit.

Alexis is continued to be annoyed by Ric when he tells her that he could be her dream come true. She tries to get away from him by talking to Ned, but Ned figures her out immediately. He questions her relationship with Ric, and she denies having one, but he sees through her and voices his disgust. He leaves, and Ric returns to offer her a ride home. She declines, but he challenges her, and she ends up allowing him to take her home. At her door, he tells her that she is afraid of him, and she agrees, but tells him she does not have feelings for him. In order to prove that he has no affect on her, she promptly kisses him.

After breaking up a fight between Alcazar and Sonny, Sam accompanies Sonny back to the penthouses, and asks him if Carly was not a factor, would he want to be with her and their baby. Sonny avoids answering her, telling her that Carly and the boys are a factor. He tries to continue to dodge her questions, but Sam makes it clear she wants more from him. In the end, she admits that she knows if he was with her, he'd eventually leave her for his family, so the current situation is for the best. Sonny nods in agreement. Sam goes back to Jason's place, and admits to him that she told Courtney of his donation. Sam tells Jason she feels bad about his place in the situation, but admits she invited Sonny over. Jason is hesitant, but agrees to allow her time with Sonny. Sonny, however, rushes in and tells Jason not to leave. Sam is devastated to hear Sonny announce that she and Jason must marry immediately.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Alcazar alerts Carly that Jason and Sam are going to get married the next day. Once back in Port Charles, she tries to enlist Courtney's help to stop the wedding before it gets started, but Courtney refuses.

Sam tries to put aside the callousness of a marriage of convenience and tells both Sonny and Jason that she wants a church wedding.

Emily leaves Alexis speechless when she breaks the shocking news that Nikolas is alive, but pleads with her not to tell Helena just yet. Mary lets Nikolas know she is strongly against hypnosis, claiming that he could reveal Alcazar's personal business by accident. He digests Mary's words of caution but later calls Emily and asks her to arrange a hypnosis session.

Ric and Alexis come out of their kiss a bit shaken by the experience. Sensing its affect on Alexis, a scheming Ric decides to use it to his advantage. When Alexis calls, he pretends he's with another woman just to get a rise out of her.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

When they are alone together in the courtroom, Ric "confesses" to Alexis that he believes he might have left his key at her place: "Which isn't surprising, considering what happened between us!" Alexis pretends that she did NOT see Ric's key but, when Ric hints that, because Alexis has his key, Alexis ALSO has 24 hour access to Ric's apartment, Alexis promises to ask her housekeeper to look for the key! When Ric admits that his super let him in this morning, Alexis asks WHY Ric did NOT miss the key until the morning. Ric hints that he spent the night with "a friend." When Alexis denies having spoken to Ric's "friend" the previous evening, Ric points out that Alexis' number showed up on his cell phone caller ID, which Ric's "friend" answered. When Alexis tries to avoid admitting that she called Ric the previous evening, Ric suggests that Alexis was checking up on him because she was jealous! When Ric suggests the he could just as easily have spent the evening with Alexis, Alexis reminds Ric that she despises him! As Alexis storms away, she bumps into Lucky entering the building. When Lucky arrives in court, he demands to know if Ric is REALLY trying to send Skye to jail -- or just pursuing a personal agenda with Alexis! Later, when Skye arrives late for court, Alexis blasts her client for the delay. Skye is surprised to find Alan and Ned already waiting to lend their moral support. However, Skye is shocked when Ric recommends that Skye be held without bail until the case comes to trial. Although Alexis objects, the Judge announces the trial will begin June 24 and Skye urges Alexis to accept the new trial date. After court is dismissed, Ric approaches Alexis and urges her to convince Skye to take the deal that Ric is about to offer her. Meanwhile, Skye tries to convince Lucky that the letter from Luke accusing Skye of being responsible for Ross Duncan's death must be a forgery -- because it is out of character for Luke to deal with serious issues by letter. However, Lucky refuses to listen to Skye. At the same time, Alexis is appalled when Ric offers a fifteen-year term for second degree murder and Alexis reaffirms her conviction that she will be able to get Skye acquitted. Ric reminds Alexis that fifteen years is better than the death penalty! Later, Lucky reminds Ric that it is important to put Skye away and Ric admits that he offered Skye a deal that will put Skye away, but not necessarily for life. At the same time, Skye informs Alexis that she flatly refuses to agree to a plea bargain and tries to convince Alexis that too many things are NOT adding up in this case ~ ESPECIALLY Luke's so-called letter. Skye goes on to outline her belief that something may have happened to Luke.

In church, Sonny prays about his decision to ask Jason to marry Samantha in order to protect the baby. As Sonny gets ready to leave, he realizes that Courtney is also there. Courtney admits that Jason's wedding will be difficult for both of them. Meanwhile, Carly meets with Edward and agrees to try to influence Jason to spend more time with the Quartermaine Family in exchange for Edward paying Sam to leave her baby with Jason and leave town as soon as the baby is born. At the same time, Jason returns to his Penthouse and learns that Sam has changed her mind again. Instead of a formal ceremony, Sam now insists that she wants to elope. When Jason balks at another change of plans, Sam confides that she understands that weddings are sacred and is afraid that she will be struck by lightning if they take "pretend" vows inside a church. Jason assures Sam that the only important person to consider is the baby. Later, Carly meets with Courtney in Courtney's office and tries to convince Courtney to prevent Jason's marriage to Sam. But Courtney once again refuses to become involved. Later, Emily meets Jason at the church and is surprised when Jason confides that he believes that he is doing the right thing by marrying Sam. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives at Jason's Penthouse and is surprised to find that Sam is there alone. When Sam reminds Sonny that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony, Sonny asks to see her gown and Sam comes down the stairs and admits that, while Sonny is NOT the groom, he IS the man she loves. Sonny admits to being impressed by Sam's presentation. Sonny and Samantha bond over their mutual pain, because they are not able to be open about their relationship. Sam admits that, even though she is marrying Jason, her heart belongs with Sonny -- and they kiss!

Later, at the church, Jason confides to Emily that he has missed being a father to Michael since Michael moved in with Sonny and Carly. Jason admits that he is looking forward to being a parent to Sam's baby. Jason and Emily are both surprised when Edward shows up. When Sonny arrives, Jason and Sonny both worry that Carly will show up with some kind of fireworks planned for the wedding. When Sonny apologizes to Jason for putting Jason in this position, Jason explains that he is keeping a promise he made years ago to Michael. When Carly arrives, she reminds Jason that, when Jason married Courtney, it was because Jason actually loved Courtney! Emily is upset when Jax arrives and announces that he will be giving the bride away. When Emily alerts Samantha about Jax's presence, Sam observes that she couldn't stand Jason before, but, now, she is about to marry him! As Jason and Sam begin reciting their vows, they are both surprised when Edward stands up just as the minister asks if any one can show just cause why Jason and Sam should NOT marry. But Justus convinces Edward to be quiet. However, Carly raises an objection, because Courtney is Jason's real wife! Carly explains to the minister that Jason's divorce hasn't become final and asks Edward to confirm that something happened to the paperwork. However, Sonny assures everyone that the paperwork has been straightened out and Justus confirms Sonny's report. However, Carly continues to object, even though Jason orders Carly to stay out of it. An exasperated Jason finally takes Carly outside to convince her to stop meddling in his life, but Carly refuses to listen to Jason. As Jason and Carly argue, their voices carry over into the church, where Emily tries to reassure Sam. As Carly and Jason's argument grows louder, Jax asks Sonny if it bothers Sonny that Carly remains so involved in Jason's marriage plans. Sonny reminds Jax that he was NOT invited and orders Jax to leave. As Carly pleads with Jason to change his mind, Jason argues that, at this moment in his life, he NEEDS Sam and her baby in his life! Jason offers to bet Carly $20 that it will all work out in the end, but Carly refuses to take the bet. At the same time, Jax arrives at Courtney's office and reports that Sonny ordered Jax to leave the church before the wedding began. In spite of Courtney's objections, Jax whisks Courtney away for a romantic adventure in order to take her mind off the fact that her ex is marrying someone else that afternoon. At the same time, Jason and Samantha get their wedding ceremony back on track but, just as Sam is ready to recite her vows, Sam interrupts the ceremony herself and confesses that she can NOT go through with the wedding!

On the docks, Georgie admits to Lynn that she has high hopes for Lynn becoming a big star, because it would mean to much to Dillon. When Lynn balks at going ahead with cutting a demo for Dillon, Georgie reminds Lynn that it was Georgie who sent Lynn's stepfather on a wild goose chase in order to protect Lynn from him! Later, Georgie stops by L&B and surprises Dillon when she produces Lynn, ready to cut a demo. After Lynn records her song, Dillon tries to convince Lynn that she needs to meet with Ned, but Lynn flatly refuses and, declaring that she wants nothing more to do with either of them, Lynn storms out of the studio. After Lynn leaves, however, Dillon assures Georgie that they WILL be able to convince Lynn to change her mind. Later, when Georgie searches for Lynn on the docks, Georgie runs into Lynn's stepfather instead. When he declares that he now knows that Lynn has NOT gone to Nashville, Georgie tries to convince him that Lynn is really in California -- but he refuses to believe any more of Georgie's stories. As the man threatens Georgie, Dillon suddenly shows up and slugs him from behind. Georgie and Dillon are horrified when they spot a badge on the unidentified man and realize that he is a police officer. Georgie and Dillon discover that the unconscious man is carrying identification that declares that he is Frank Mariano, a Brooklyn police detective. Meanwhile, Lynn returns to L&B, just as Ned is listening to her demo. Lynn ducks out of sight before Ned can see her.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dillon rifles through the P.I.'s wallet to find out who the man who claims to be Lynn's father really is. Dillon finds many forms of different I.D. on the man and learns that he really is a Brooklyn cop. Meanwhile, Lynn hears her singing voice on tape as she goes to enter the studio. She is surprised to see a man with his back to her, listening to her singing. She sneaks in and tries to hide before she is seen by Ned. Ned hears Lynn make a noise and asks who is there. Ned listens to the rest of the song and turns it off. He tells whoever is there that he loves the song since it is one of his old Eddie Maine songs. He walks out after telling anyone who may be listening that he wants to sign them and let them sound anyway they want to sound and it is up to them. Lynn returns later and finds the studio empty so she plays back one of the songs she recorded for Dillon and Georgie. Dillon and Georgie show up and aren't too happy with Lynn. They confront her about lying to them about who the man was who has been following her and claiming he is her father. Lynn admits that he isn't really her father but a cop who works double as a P.I. who was probably hired by her mother to bring her back home. Georgie asks her about what her mother did to make her run away and why she told them that her father was a promoter trying to get her to be a music star. She apologizes for lying and admits that her mother is the music promoter that is trying to make her a star and that she hasn't seen her real father in awhile and that her mother cut her off from him ever since they divorced years ago. Georgie surprises Lynn when she tells her she hears about stories like this all the time and knows what is going on. Georgie explains that her father is the police commissioner and she hears about runaways all the time. She offers to help her and Dillon suggests that she stay in Port Charles and face whatever is going on and they will help her. Lynn almost goes along with their suggestion but gets scared and turns them down. She tells Georgie that she was right about Dillon, he is a great guy and that she doesn't have to worry about losing him to Sage since he looks like he loves her very much. Lynn takes off. Dillon is touched by what she discussed with Lynn when he wasn't around and tells her she doesn't have to worry about him being interested in Sage ever again. Meanwhile, Ned returns home and goes through his old music supplies. He takes out his guitar and sings the song that he heard Lynn sing on the studio track. He also finds some old Eddie Maine posters and reminisces about his days in the music business with Lois and how happy he was. He remembers some conversations with Lois about his commitment to her and the music and also when they were expecting their baby years ago. Tracy finds him putting his guitar away. Ned tells her that he wishes not to discuss with her what he is doing since she never understood his music. Tracy tells Ned that Lois was only in love with Eddie Maine and never liked the real Ned Ashton and that is why she took his daughter with her back to Brooklyn. Ned tells her that he was happy with Lois and that he knew who he really was back then and that is when he was the most happiest. Ned tells her he doesn't know who he is anymore. Lynn goes on the docks and is grabbed by the P.I. from Brooklyn who tells her she is going back home now. She fights to get away from him. Dillon and Georgie spot him trying to take Lynn with him. Dillon isn't able to stop him and tells Georgie to call Mac for help.

Nikolas/Connor goes to see a psychiatrist at Mercy Hospital that Emily recommended to him so Mary won't know what he is doing. He tells the doctor that he has amnesia stemming from a head injury and that he is afraid it could be brain damage. The psychiatrist tries to reassure him that it could just be temporary amnesia but that they would have to give him an MRI to test for possible brain damage first. Nikolas calls someone on his cell-phone asking him/her to come to Mercy Hospital to keep him company. Emily shows up at Mercy to find out what is going on. He tells her that he is afraid that he has brain damage and that he may never recover his memory. He tells her that he doesn't feel anything like the person Mary describes to him as Connor. Emily tells him that he wouldn't have come for help if part of him didn't want to know the truth once and for all who he really is as a person. Nikolas agrees to the MRI. Later the doctor tells her the MRI was conclusive, he doesn't have any brain damage. Emily turns her back to Nikolas when he gets the news and starts crying tears of relief that he could get his memory back someday. Nikolas asks her why she is crying. She tells him that she feels some hope for once since her "fiancé" "died" and that she is happy for him.

Sam is about to exchange wedding vows with Jason but abruptly stops and tells Jason and the priest that she can't go through with the wedding because she doesn't really love Jason and doesn't feel right about the whole thing. She takes off before anyone can stop her. Jason leaves and goes home. Sonny blames Carly for ruining the wedding with her theatrics. Carly refuses to take blame for the wedding fiasco and doesn't regret what she did. She tells Sonny that she would do anything to prevent Jason from making the biggest mistake of his life. Sonny reminds her that Sam is carrying Jason's baby and this was Jason's decision not hers. Carly insists that Jason would be better off raising the baby without Sam being in the picture. She also tells Sonny its too bad he doesn't like what she did. Sam returns to Jason's place and tries to explain to him that she couldn't go through with the wedding after she saw how Sonny was with Carly at the church and how they will have that bond forever and that she can't deal with the prospect of having to see Sonny with Carly knowing they will probably fall back in love with each other eventually. Jason tells her that he will help her with the baby. Sam thanks him for all that he has done for her but tells him she can't stay here and tells him she is leaving town. Jason tries to persuade her from leaving but doesn't stop her when she does. Sonny shows up at Jason's to see Sam. Jason tells him she left town. Sonny asks him why he didn't go after her and stop her from leaving. Jason tells him that there is nothing he can do since it was her decision to leave. He tells him what Sam told him about not being able to handle Carly and him living across the hall. Sonny goes off to find Sam. Carly shows up at Jason's. She apologizes for how she behaved at the church but doesn't regret that Sam didn't marry him. Jason tells her that Sam left town and doesn't plan to return. Carly feels bad that she left since she knows he wanted the baby. Jason tells her that Sonny took off to find her so she won't be gone for long. Carly is stunned and hurt by that news. Sonny goes back to the orphanage/convent where he found Sam before trying to give their baby up for adoption. He talks to one of the nuns and asks for the nun he spoke with before. She tells him she will go find her and tell her he wants to talk to her about Sam McCall. Sonny looks at the statue of the Virgin Mary and prays to her for guidance on how to handle his complicated life. Suddenly an unidentified man approaches where Sonny is and shoots at him several times. Sonny falls down on the ground and appears unconscious.

Friday, June 11, 2004

In search of Sam, Sonny stood praying in the courtyard outside the convent and was gunned down by a mysterious man. The man walked up to Sonny's motionless body and stated, "Rest in peace, Mr. Corinthos." Later, the man, claiming to be Jason, asked for information from a nun about Sonny. She replied he had been sent to the morgue. Satisfied, the man left; the nun entered a room inside the convent and prayed over a bandaged Sonny.

Emily was thrilled to learn that Nikolas had no brain damage, and he agreed to hypnosis. Emily listened as the psychiatrist started a session with Nikolas, who had flashes of memory from the night of the hotel fire. Emily hid as Mary stormed into Mercy Hospital and interrupted the session. She told Nikolas she was upset he had lied to her and had gone ahead with the hypnotherapy. Later, Emily met Jason on the docks and reported the progress. He warned her to be careful of Mary, and Emily stated she had her own plans where Mary was concerned. At General Hospital, Mary probed for information about the hotel fire from Monica and learned that Nikolas had almost died in it. Nikolas and Emily spoke again. He assumed the fire he remembered was from the war in Iraq but was confused that he was wearing a tux in his flashes of memory.

Since Jason did not marry Sam, Carly tried to get him to try again with Courtney. Jason told her to butt out of his life. Instead, Carly got one of Sonny and Jason's men to track Courtney and Jax to Italy. Jason was furious when he learned from his employee what Carly had done.

In Italy, Jax continued his advances towards Courtney. During dinner, they were interrupted by a boy who stole Courtney's wallet. Jax caught the boy and, hearing his story, offered money to the boy and his family. Carly arrived and tried secretly to separate the dining couple, but, when that didn't work, she threw a pitcher of cold water over Jax's head!

After Lynn was taken from the docks by the man who had been looking for her, Dillon followed. Georgie called Mac. In the car, Lynn was furious that she was being returned to Bensonhurst. The man made a phone call to her mother, Lois! When Lois learned Lynn had been found at the newly rebuilt L&B Records studio, she sped to Port Charles and arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. When she found Ned, she greeted him with a slap across the face! Meanwhile, Dillon caught up to the scene where the PCPD had pulled over Lynn and her captor, and the police were questioning the gentleman. While nobody was paying attention, Dillon and Lynn raced off.

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