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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on GH
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Already frustrated over his memory loss, Nikolas becomes enraged at Mary when she tries to tell him to get over his desire to remember the past. He tells her that he's dying inside, unable to know what his past is about, and Mary offers to let him leave their life and home. Nikolas tries to get her to understand, but instead Mary suggests he'll get over the past if they have a baby. Nikolas isn't thrilled with the idea, and continues to try to get Mary to understand. Later, in bed, Nikolas dreams of Emily, and Mary overhears him call out his love's name.

Skye comes across Heather Webber in the park, and thinks she's Laura. When Heather introduces herself, Skye is suspicious and begins to ask questions. Heather manages to satisfy Skye's curiosity, but leaves her with an odd feeling. Heather heads to Kelly's, where she meets Mike and decides to rent a room. Later, she runs into Lesley and Lulu, and sits with Lesley to talk. Lesley seems unconvinced with Heather's mental health progress, and Lesley reluctantly informs Heather of Laura's breakdown and recent absence from the mental hospital. Later, alone in her room, Heather unpacks a knife from her suitcase and takes out her photo album of pictures and clippings of Laura. She flips through it as she plans the demise of others.

Skye returns to her lake house, and is later stunned to see a blond at her door. She's relieved when it turns out to be Courtney, and invites her in. Courtney attempts to smooth things over for Jax, after his testimony was damaging to Skye, and Skye demands to know how Courtney factors into Jax's life. Courtney denies anything more than a business arrangement, but Skye seems to question her while she assures Courtney that she has no hard feelings toward her ex-husband. Emily and Lucky discuss Skye's case, and both agree that neither Laura nor Skye is guilty of Ross's murder. Lucky decides that someone is setting both women up, and the two decide to get to the bottom of the matter. They head to Skye's house, and have her recall the night of Ross's murder. Nothing new comes up from her story, and they all continue to try to figure out who is behind it.

Nico grabs Sam outside of Jason's door, and holds a gun to her head. Before he can make off with her, Carly arrives via the elevator and witnesses the situation. No longer willing to deal with Sam and her myriad problems, Carly drop kicks Nico and beats the crap out of him. She wrestles his gun away, and grabs her purse and Sam, and runs into her apartment. Once inside, Carly calls 911 and tells them to get there immediately. Meanwhile, Ric refuses to let Sonny and Jason go, until they see Max get carried into the station. Realizing that no one is guarding the penthouses, Sonny makes a move to leave, but is stopped by Ric. Word of Carly's 911 call flutters through the station, and Ric finally lets Sonny and Jason run home. He follows with police officers, and they all arrive to hear Sam say that Carly saved her life. Ric insinuates that the entire showdown was set up to keep him from Sonny, but Carly will have none of it and let's him have it. She taunts him on his sad life, and finally kicks him out of her apartment. Sam then thanks Carly for saving her life. Carly tells her she's welcome, and immediately demands that Jason follow through on his promise and take Sam out of town. With Sonny's ok, Jason takes a reluctant Sam to the island for safekeeping away from the Corinthos family. As Sam looks around at Carly's renovation of the island home, Nico watches her and Jason from the patio.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Lois decides to hold auditions at L&B, and she recruits Randy Jackson to help her panel of judges decide who should cut an album. Dillon, Georgie, and a suspicious Lynn sit through several horrible singers, and decide none has the talent. Randy has to leave early, but the remaining three join Ned and Lois in hearing Sage sing. Dillon thinks she's good, but Georgie and Lynn veto her. Lois overrides their votes and declares Sage talented enough to have a career at L&B. Lynn becomes fed up with her mother, and blasts her for her pressures. Hearing her daughter declare her a failure sends Lois running out, and Ned tries to calm Lynn down. Later he manages when he sings a duet with his daughter. Dillon, meanwhile, follows Lois to Kelly's to try to cheer her up. He suggests that while she's a wonderful mom, she needs to lay off Lynn a bit. Georgie interrupts a close moment between the two, and mistakenly thinks the worst.

Skye and Alexis prepare to head to court for the final day of Skye's trial. As they leave, Heather breaks into Skye's house and angrily breaks a picture of Skye and Luke. Heather remembers murdering Ross and later holding Skye captive, and angrily continues to plot. Back at the courthouse, Jax, Lucky, Emily and the rest of the Quartermaines gather to support Skye. Alexis and Ric give closing arguments, and Skye waits anxiously for the jury to decide her fate. She's stunned when they come back almost immediately with a verdict. Tracy gloats as the rest of the family attempts to be strong for Skye, but they are all devastated when the jury returns a guilty verdict. Alexis promises Skye to begin immediate appeals that Jax will fund, and Lucky continues to attempt to find his dad, but a dejected Skye is led off in handcuffs as a smugly pleased Heather watches.

Sam warns Jason that he must kill Nico before Nico kills him. Jason promises her that he'll keep her safe, but both are rattled when a spy of Sonny's lets them know that Nico is on the island. Jason accompanies her back to the bar where Nico was drinking, but they find him gone. Sam returns to the living room from taking a bath, and Nico is waiting for her. He tells her that all he wants is her, and he can't believe that she was with Sonny and Jason. He taunts her about both men, and tells her he hates her unborn baby. As he's about to assault her, Jason breaks through the front door and shoots him. Sam is terrified, and Jason rushes to her side. Nico lies dying on the floor, and Jason demands that he tell them who hired him. Nico swears he worked alone and only wanted Sam, but as he dies he warns her that he isn't the only one looking for her.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

When Georgie finds Dillon and Lois at Kelly's in a close conversation about Tracy, Georgie leaps to the conclusion that Lois is making moves on Dillon and sternly warns Lois to keep her hands off Georgie's boyfriend. Lois quickly rushes to convince Georgie that Georgie has misread the situation. At the same time, at L&B, Brook Lynn tries to convince Ned to get Lois off her back. However, Ned tries to convince Brook Lynn to just try to give Lois the benefit of the doubt where Lois's motives are concerned. Elsewhere, Trent meets with Sage and tries to convince Sage that he can manage her career. Trent shows Sage a song he wrote and urges Sage to sing the song for her introduction to the music world. Sage fills Trent in on her relationship with Lorenzo Alcazar and hints that her uncle, besides being generous, is also powerful enough to "straighten out" anyone who would try to hurt or use Alcazar's niece in any way. Trent quickly reassures Sage that he is only interested in seeing Sage's career take off and further promises Sage that he will be able to find a place for Sage to record the song, even though L&B has NOT offered a contract to Sage. At the same time, at L&B, Ned brings out some of his old Eddie Maine music and convinces Brooke to sing along with him. They are interrupted when Lois arrives unexpectedly. When Lois and Lynn begin arguing again, Ned leaves and locks the door behind him, leaving mother and daughter alone to hash out their problems. Meanwhile, Trent approaches Georgie and Dillon and wrangles a job at L&B as a gopher and janitor. Trent is thrilled when Dillon promises to get the keys to L&B for Trent so Trent can clean up after hours. Later, Trent meets with Sage and reports that he will have after-hours access to the L&B studio! At the same time, as Lois and Brook Lynn continue their argument, Brook Lynn accuses her mother of planning to use Brook Lynn to "show up" the Quartermaines! When Ned finally returns, he is disappointed that he finds mother and daughter still on the outs with each other. Brook Lynn storms out of the studio!

At the Port Charles Police Department, Skye ruefully warns Ric that, by sending an innocent woman to prison for Ross Duncan's murder, Ric is allowing the REAL killer to go free. Meanwhile, in her room at Kelly's, Heather Webber listens to news about Skye's conviction and marks a big red X through newspaper clippings with Skye and Laura's pictures. Later, Heather stops at Kelly's and stuns Bobbie when she confides that Heather may be planning to settle down permanently in Port Charles. Bobbie invites Heather to stop by the Brownstone later. Meanwhile, at PCPD, Ric tries to convince Skye to show enough remorse at the sentencing hearing to get a lighter sentence. Alexis arrives and reminds Ric that she plans to begin an appeal right away. After Ric leaves, Alexis promises a gloomy Skye that Alexis will get Skye out of jail soon, and reports that Emily, Lucky, Edward and Alan have expressed their determination to clear Skye's name. Later, Skye is pleasantly surprised when Edward and Alan visit her and assure her of their support. They are interrupted by Tracy's arrival. After lecturing Tracy for the part Tracy played in convicting Skye, Edward and Alan leave. When she is alone with Tracy, Skye confidently declares that Skye will have a better life behind bars than Tracy will have on the outside -- because Skye enjoys the support of her "adopted" family, while Tracy enjoys no such support. Later, Heather returns to her room above Kelly's and slips a mysterious bottle out of her suitcase and into her purse. Then Heather heads out for her appointment with Bobbie at the Brownstone. When Heather arrives, she discovers Lesley Lu, Lesley and Bobbie enjoying lemonade on the front steps. Heather takes advantage of a momentary distraction to slip a few drops from her mysterious bottle into Lesley's lemonade. At the same time, out of earshot, Bobbie and Lesley wonder if Heather has really changed after so many years away from Port Charles. Later, Heather proposes a toast to old times to make sure that Lesley downs her lemonade. After Lesley leaves, Bobbie runs back into the house for some brownies, leaving Heather alone with Lesley Lu. Heather quizzes LuLu about her father's whereabouts. As they talk, Heather flashes back to seeing Luke trussed up in a strait jacket in an institution. In the meantime, Lucky visits Skye in jail and promises that he plans to keep digging until he discovers the WHOLE truth about Ross Duncan's murder! Later, Heather is smugly satisfied when Bobbie returns and reports that Lesley has been in an accident!

At Sonny's Penthouse, as Carly gets ready to head to The Cellar, Sonny asks Carly to stay home, arguing that, since someone is gunning for Samantha, there is a good chance that Carly would be in danger as well. Meanwhile, on the island, Jason demands that Nico tell Jason who paid Nico to go after Jason and Samantha. Nico insists that he only wanted to get at Sam and hints that Nico is NOT the only one who is looking for Sam! But Nico dies before he can answer any more of Jason's questions. When Jason demands that Sam explain Nico's dying statement, Sam insists that she is clueless. At the same time, a mysterious stranger, working with a computer, calls up a booking record of a blond, "Sandra McIntire", who resembles Sam, from the Bailey's Beach Police Department. Back on the island, Sam tries to convince Jason that Nico's dying words were merely a last act of revenge, but Jason remains unconvinced. Jason pleads with Sam to level with him so he can continue protecting her, but Sam continues to insist that she knows nothing. Jason decides to take Sam back to Port Charles. Jason calls Sonny and reports that Nico is dead, that Sam and the baby are fine, and that Jason and Sam are en route back to town. Later, as Sonny and Carly grow closer, Jason and Sam suddenly return to Sonny's Penthouse. Jason shows Sonny a note that Nico dropped at Molly's Bar, that confirms that someone was paying Nico to go after Jason and Sam. Sonny makes plans to have the note analyzed. Sam is relieved when Jason stays mum after Sonny asks Jason if Nico dropped any more hints before he died. However, later, Jason secretly explains to Sonny that Jason is convinced that Sam is still covering something up. As Jason confides that Sam is STILL afraid of something, Carly slips unnoticed into the room and listens in as Sonny and Jason discuss Sam. Sonny orders Jason to keep digging into Sam's past. Carly meets later with Felicia and asks Felicia to dig into Sam's past. At the same time, the mysterious stranger alters the picture of "Sandra McIntire" by giving her long, dark hair and exclaims: "Gotcha!"

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Skye's sentencing hearing takes place at the courthouse. Most of the Quartermaines show up to show their love and support except for Tracy. Jax, Alan, and Emily take the stand to be character witnesses for Skye, hoping to persuade the judge to set aside the jury's verdict. The judge asks Ric if the state is planning to seek the death penalty for Skye. Ric looks over at Alexis and Skye and tells the judge that the state asks for a minimum of 20 years to life in prison. Skye agrees to say a few words to the judge on her own behalf before sentencing. She tells the judge that she didn't murder the cop or frame Laura and that she believes she was framed by someone else. She apologizes for trying to hide the murder victim and make it look like he was alive still but claims she is innocent and pleads with the judge to set aside the guilty verdict. The judge doesn't set aside the verdict and sentences Skye to 20 years in prison at Pentonville. Alexis tells her she will work on an appeal still to get her out. The Quartermaines rally around her and offer her love and support, even Monica, who tells Skye she doesn't believe she killed or framed anyone. Heather Webber showed up and sat in the back on the other side of the courtroom and smiled while Skye was sentenced to prison. The Quartermaines and Lucky vow to find out who framed her and get her out of prison. Emily takes off to the park. She is upset about Skye's sentencing. Nikolas had already talked with Mary earlier about how he told the doctor he wouldn't be put under hypnosis anymore. Mary was happy with that news and suggested they move on with their lives and conceive a child together. When Emily sees Nikolas she goes off on him and accuses him of not caring about what happens to her. She tells Nikolas about Skye's sentencing today and that Skye is like her adopted older sister and that Skye helped her through a rough time when she was sick. Nikolas is surprised when she tells him she was sick. He has a memory flash of seeing Emily in the hospital telling him to go on and have a happy life. Emily tells him she had breast cancer. When he starts to question her about it, Emily hears Lucky calling to her from the other side of the park. Nikolas tells her that he sort of remembers something about her being sick and asks her if he knew she was sick before. Emily has hope when she sees he had some kind of memory flash but is afraid when she hears Lucky coming closer. Nikolas takes off. Lucky finds her. She doesn't let on about Nikolas being alive still. Emily goes to the hospital and overhears Mary talking to Dr. Meadows about her plans to conceive a child with someone special. Emily is mortified by the news. Nikolas goes to meet with Alcazar in the park. He asks Alcazar to run a background check on him(meaning run a background check on Connor Bishop)and find out what "he" did before he lost his memory.

Heather Webber calls the hospital and pretends to be a family member and asks about Leslie's condition. She is told that she is doing better but will be there a few days. Heather pastes more headlines of Skye from the newspaper to add to her scrapbook. She shows up at G.H. and finds Bobbie and Lulu there. Heather hears Bobbie make plans for Lulu to stay in the daycare at the hospital while she works her afternoon shift. Heather offers to watch Lulu for Bobbie. Bobbie thanks her for the offer and initially turns her down but Heather makes a good case for Lulu to hang out with her and do something fun. Bobbie thanks her and suggests bringing her by later at Kelly's. Heather tells Lulu they will have so much fun and that she can't wait to see the Spencer home.

Sam comes downstairs with some papers in her hands. She calls out to see if Jason is home. When he doesn't answer she decides to take the papers over to the fireplace and burn the incriminating papers. Jason comes home and asks her what she is burning. She tells him she had some old mementos and letters from Nico that she wanted to burn. Jason seems to accept her story but when she leaves the room, Jason finds a piece of paper with an address on it that didn't burn in the fireplace and tucks inside his pocket. Michael comes in to talk to Jason. He asks Jason to tell him the truth. Jason finds out that Michael is very worried about Sonny's safety still. Jason tries to reassure him that Nico won't be able to harm Sonny ever again. Michael tells him that he is worried that Alcazar will try to kill Sonny also since he overheard Faith telling Sonny about it. Jason tells him he will protect Sonny and not to worry about it. Sam overhears Jason talking to Michael and realizes how great a father he could be. They head out to go to the hospital and walk Michael out into the hallway. Courtney steps off the elevator just as Jason and Sam are heading there. Courtney is polite but tries to hide how hurt she feels to see Jason with a pregnant Sam. Jason asks Courtney if she can make sure that Michael makes it back inside his own home. Michael tells Courtney that he wishes that she was going to have a baby with Jason, not Sam. Meanwhile, Lois shows up at Sonny's place unannounced. Sonny is happy to see her but Carly isn't and makes it known she doesn't appreciate the intrusion. Lois gives as good as she gets and turns her attention over to Sonny. She tells him that he still has some association with L&B that he may or may not have been aware of and that she needs him to go to the courthouse with her to sign some papers to keep him from being associated with her label. Carly resents Lois' intrusion but isn't able to get rid of her right off when Courtney and Michael come in. Sonny introduces Michael to Lois. Carly interrupts their conversation and sends Michael to find some book he ordered in his room. Lois leaves with Sonny, he agrees to go to the courthouse with her. Courtney defends Lois to Carly. Carly tells her that she has more of a problem with Sam right now and tells Courtney that she is going to find out what Sam is hiding and get her away from Jason once and for all so that Courtney can get Jason back. Courtney loses her cool at Carly't interference. She tells Carly to leave Sam alone and tells her that Jason isn't part of her life anymore and that she wants it that way. Courtney goes and finds Jax, who feels bad about Skye's sentencing. She takes Jax hiking to keep his mind off his troubles for awhile. She admits to him that she is starting to trust him now. Carly leaves the penthouse. Sonny and Lois sit and talk in the hallway. Lois overhears Ric and Alexis arguing in the hallway. She is shocked when she hears Ric remind Alexis that she once slept with Sonny. Lois looks at Sonny and asks him if that is true. Alexis and Ric realize they aren't alone. Lois also meets Ric and finds out he is Sonny's estranged half-brother. Alexis downplays the importance of her one-night stand with Sonny. Alexis tries to hide her alarm also when Lois mentions that Alexis' daughter Kristina is her daughter Brook Lyn's half-sister since Ned is the father of both. Later, Alexis and Ric end up in the same elevator. Alexis accuses Ric of following her again. He denies it and accuses her of being obsessed with him. Alexis stops the elevator to tell him off. They soon realize the elevator is stuck and they are trapped in there together. Carly meets with Felicia at the courthouse. Felicia tells her that she found out that there was information about a Sam McCall up until she was age7 and then the trail runs cold until about the age of 17 when Sam applied for a social security card in order to get employment. Felicia suggests that the real Sam McCall died at the age of 7 and the Sam they know may have taken over her identity and got a birth certificate from the county clerk's office in order to get a social security card. Felicia tells Carly that the real Sam McCall was traced to an address in North Carolina. Jason and Sam go to the hospital to have another ultrasound. Dr. Meadows tells them that the baby's turned in a position that they may be able to get a good look at the sex of the baby and asks them if they would like to know the baby's gender or not. They agree that they would like to know. Dr. Meadows tells them that it looks like it is a girl. Jason talks to Sonny later and tells him about Sam burning papers in the fireplace and how he rescued one piece of paper and that he found an address in North Carolina, the same address that Felicia traced and that he is going to go to North Carolina to track down the lead. Sam brings the picture of the ultrasound to Sonny to show him and to tell him they are having a girl. Sonny is overwhelmed by the news but gets serious and asks her to trust him and tell him what and from whom is she hiding from.

Friday, July 2, 2004

After learning from Felicia that Sam's history from age 7 through 17 had been erased, Carly decided she would go to Bailey's Beach, SC, the location where Sam reappeared at 17. Felicia posed the question whether Jason might actually be covering for Sonny about being the father of the baby. Carly admitted it could be true but that she had to believe Jason; he had never lied to her. Carly then headed to Jason's penthouse and found Sonny and Sam together. Sonny had been trying to get some information from Sam about her past. Sam tried to ease the tension with Carly by saying that she had invited both of them over, while Jason was still there, to announce that the baby was going to be a girl. Carly proclaimed she was there to call a truce with Sam. Sonny was suspicious but finally left the two of them together. Sam was cautious as well, especially as Carly started confessing some her own past sins. This was in an attempt to get Sam to open up, but, just as Sam hadn't wanted to tell Sonny much about her mother and father, she was tight-lipped with Carly as well.

Trapped together in the elevator at the courthouse, Alexis and Ric continued to bicker. She grabbed his briefcase and threw it into the elevator control panel, to try to get the panel functional again. All she managed to do, though, was toss Ric's documents all around the elevator. When she was on the floor picking them up, Ric realized that Kristina's paternity test was among the papers. Not knowing what to do, he attacked Alexis with a kiss and gave the excuse it was just to shut her up. When the elevator moved again, the two were jolted into each other's arms, a position seen by reporters when the elevator doors opened. Reporters asked if they had been having an affair during Skye's trial. Later, Alexis had an appointment for Kristina to see the pediatrician at GH. She ran into Ric again, and another sparring match ensued, allowing Kristina to wander around the corner of the corridor where Sonny was looking through the window of the nursery. Sonny helped her to look at the babies, and Alexis was taken aback when she turned the corner and saw Kristina with her biological father!

Nikolas, still with amnesia and believing he is Connor Bishop, asked Alcazar to prepare a dossier on his (Connor's) life so he could try to make sense of the life Mary had portrayed to him versus what he has felt, in addition to his feelings of knowing Emily longer than a few weeks. Alcazar went straight to Mary to let her know, and she stated she would supply the information for the dossier and be grateful for Alcazar to continue keeping the secret. Nikolas returned and wondered what Mary was grateful for? Alcazar replied that he had managed to change Connor's military records from "AWOL" to "killed in action." Later, Nikolas was on the waterfront to spy on an incoming Corinthos shipment for Alcazar. Nik received a visit there from his employer and wondered if Alcazar already had information for him. Alcazar said that he did but that it wasn't something that was going to be liked.

Emily overheard Mary and Dr. Meadows talking at the hospital and learned that Mary was trying to get pregnant. In the park, Emily ran into Liz and met Liz's baby. Em admitted that Lucky was beginning to want to be more than friends. Liz was surprised at first but brought up that Em and Lucky had known each other forever. Finally, Emily blurted out that Nikolas was actually alive and told the whole story. Liz told her that she had to go tell Nikolas the truth before he and Mary started a family and it was too late. Emily realized what she had to do and went to the cabin. She found Mary there and confronted her with the truth!

Lucky and Liz spent some time together, and he admitted his feelings for Em to her. He then said something along the lines of: "If Nikolas were alive..." Liz couldn't hold back the truth. She stated, "He is."

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