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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on GH
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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Quartermaines continue their underhanded tricks as they prepare for a family dinner. Each looking to win Lila's money, they all use their own ways to try to manipulate the outcome. Tracy invites Heather to dinner in hopes of ruining Edward's chances, while Edward tries to buy his way into the inheritance by offering Courtney a generous gift to her foundation. Lois calls Edward on his philanthropic manipulations, while Felicia busts him kissing Heather.

Courtney realizes that she's been had by Jax, and lays out her own elaborate ruse to sucker him back. She pretends that she's fallen for him, and is desperate to make love, but can't bear the thought of him leaving for Singapore. When Jax abruptly calls off his business trip, Courtney calls him on his lie. Jax admits to it, but says it was only for the better of their budding relationship. Courtney will have none of it, and boots Jax out. Later, however, she confides to Lois that she's begun having erotic dreams about Jax. Unbeknownst to the women, Jax is hiding in the bushes and overhears every word Courtney says.

Lois demands that Alcazar sign Sage's contract, or pull her from L&B. Alcazar thinks Lois is nervous around him, but Lois tells him that while he might have swayed her judgment initially, she's since gotten wise and knows him for the criminal he is. Alcazar signs the contract, which Lois is using as a means to keep him from her business, but then points out that since Sage is a minor, he will be frequenting the studio to oversee her work. Although she pretends to be irritated, it's clear that Lois is drawn to Alcazar's charm.

Emily begs Jason to help her get Nikolas out of Shadybrook and away from Helena. Jason rushes to a judge and gets a court order granting Nikolas's release, but Helena tries to block his way from Nikolas. Jason locks her in a closet and threatens the corrupt doctor, but it's Nikolas who proves to be the biggest problem. After earlier telling Helena that he is the Cassadine prince, he refuses to leave with Jason. Jason attempts to get through to him, and is almost successful, but Emily's arrival upsets Nikolas and he begins to fight to stay in his room.

Alexis warns Justus to steer clear of Sonny, and that Ric is justified in his crusade against his brother. Sonny arrives and informs them that Faith has been stabbed in her cell. Ric alludes that perhaps Sonny is behind it, and Justus runs to the hospital in disgust. Ric and Sonny continue to argue, and later Sonny is intrigued at seeing Alexis and Carly fighting outside of Kelly's. Sonny inquires about their argument, but the women cover that they are speaking about Kristina. Later, Carly feels guilt over keeping Kristina's true paternity from Sonny. She asks him for advice on her newfound interest in finding her own birth father. Sonny warns her that it might not be what she wants it to be, but that every child has the right to know his or her father.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Felicia walks in on Heather and Edward kissing, and toys with Edward's immediate fear of being cut out of Lila's will. Felicia tells him he's safe, and that although she wouldn't choose Heather, Lila would want Edward to find happiness after her passing.

Lois and Courtney's girl talk grows deeper when Courtney admits to having heated dreams about Jax. Seeing that Jax is eavesdropping on the conversation, Lois probes Courtney for details. Courtney gives them, but then grows embarrassed and decides to leave. Lois tells Jax that he owes her, and warns him not to hurt Courtney. Jax assures Lois that he has no intention of hurting Courtney, and Lois is pleased by her attempt at matchmaking. Jax follows Courtney home and tries to get her to spill details by saying that he's having dreams about her. Courtney is wise to his ploy, however, and pretends that her dreams of Jax make her crazy with desire-to shop. Jax tries to get her to admit it's about him, but Courtney shows him her shopping bags. Their fun moment is stopped short when she realizes that the next day is the anniversary of her miscarriage. She abruptly asks Jax to leave, and sits alone thinking about her loss.

Ric continues to taunt Sonny about his children, prompting Sonny to issue a warning that Ric stay away from the Corinthos kids or else Sonny will kill him. Ric replies that Sonny is the only danger to his children, and that he'll make it his mission to put Sonny in prison in order to save the kids. Carly attempts to defend Sonny, but he grabs her arm and the two leave. Alexis walks up and asks Ric if he really thinks Sonny's children will be safer with him behind bars. Ric and Alexis continue to discuss the situation over lunch at Kelly's, and Ric assures Alexis that all of Sonny's children will be far safer with Sonny put away.

Later, Sonny feels the effect of Ric's threats, and he tells Sam that in addition to the arrangements he has for Carly and the boys, he now has a safe house for Sam and their daughter in case something happens to him. Jason walks in on their discussion, and Sonny tells him what he shared with Sam. Sam leaves the two alone, and Jason asks Sonny the location of Sam's house. Sonny refuses to tell Jason, and Jason points out that he knows about Carly's arrangements. Sonny reminds Jason that Sam's baby is his, not Jason's, and he questions whether Jason is developing boundary issues. He asks if Jason is trying to use Sonny's unborn child to fill the void left in him when Courtney miscarried. Jason is shocked by Sonny's accusation, and tells him he's only trying to do what's best for the kids. Sonny immediately apologizes for his insinuation.

Carly angers Bobbie yet again with her continued questions into the past and about her biological father. Bobbie tells Carly that he was a client during her days as a prostitute, and that she has no information on him-and has no desire to find out. She reiterates to Carly what a horrible time it was for her, and implores her to drop the subject and leave things alone. Carly apologizes to her mom, but later raids her nightstand in search of her old diary. She finds it and sees information about a boyfriend that Bobbie had. When pages are found to be ripped out, Carly grows sure that it's because that is when her existence was realized and this man is her father.

Jason is close to succeeding in removing Nikolas from the mental hospital when Emily's arrival sends Nik into a frenzy. He refuses to leave, and swears they want to kidnap him. Helena shows up with guards, and is pleased when Nikolas refuses to listen to Emily and instead chooses to stay. After a dejected Emily leaves with Jason, Nikolas assures Helena that he knows who to trust, and he plans to resume his duties as the Cassadine prince. Helena is pleased, but orders the nurse to increase Nikolas's meds just in case. Later, Nikolas palms the pills, and pretends to be drugged. Meanwhile, Emily convinces Lucky to help her with her next attempt to rescue Nik, and she has herself committed to the hospital. Nikolas witnesses her act, and in a private moment she again tries to get through to him. Nikolas assures her that he won't let Helena get to him

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

At Kelly's, Georgie tries to apologize to Brook and asks Brook for her help in explaining things to Dillon. However, Brook blasts Georgie for making moves on Lucas as well as humiliating Dillon. Then Brook storms away. When Dillon arrives, Georgie tries to apologize to Dillon but Dillon reminds Georgie that, instead of just coming to him and discussing her feelings, Georgie keeps trying to set up manipulative situations, even though Georgie knows that what Dillon hates most about being in the Quartermaine family is the family's excessive use of manipulation in relationships. When Dillon refuses to listen to Georgie's apology, Georgie storms away. Lucas later makes an attempt to explain things to Dillon but Dillon is not impressed by Lucas's arguments either. Lucas warns Dillon to be careful with Georgie's feelings, then storms away. Later, Lucas finds Brook on the docks and tries to apologize for his part in Georgie's scheme, but Brook brushes Lucas off, then storms away. Later, Brook arrives at Kelly's just as Georgie storms away from Dillon. Brook Lynn offers Dillon her sympathy and Dillon confides his frustrations to Brook Lynn. Brook urges Dillon to pretend that Brook is Georgie and tell Brook everything that is in Dillon's heart that he would LIKE to say to Georgie. However, Georgie returns just as Dillon is arriving at his emotional conclusion. Georgie overhears Dillon's impassioned defense and leaps to the conclusion that Dillon is directing his impassioned plea to Brook Lynn!

At Shadybrook, Nikolas is surprised when Emily shows up in his room and Nikolas tries to convince Emily to leave. When they hear someone coming, Nikolas hides Emily in a nearby closet and then jumps all over the arriving orderly for failing to realize that Nikolas is PRINCE Nikolas Cassadine! Helena walks in on Nikolas's tirade and congratulates her grandson because he is at long last showing signs of becoming a true Cassadine. However, when Nikolas announces his intention to take over the reins of the Cassadine estate, Helena refuses to agree to Nikolas's plan and urges Nikolas to continue with his "therapy." Nikolas pretends to take the medication that Helena hands to him. As soon as a satisfied Helena leaves, Nikolas brings Emily out of hiding and expresses his intention to string Helena along until he can get Helena to confide her crimes to Nikolas so that Nikolas can hand his grandmother over to the police. Emily warns Nikolas to be careful, but Nikolas insists that he knows what he is doing. Emily refuses to leave unless Nikolas goes with her. As the two argue, Lucky suddenly bursts into Nikolas's room and demands that Emily leave Shadybrook with him!

When Jax visits Faith in the Hospital, Faith begs Jax to let bygones be bygones and help Faith escape death at the hands of Sonny or Lorenzo's hired henchmen. When Jax reminds Faith that Faith was arrested because Faith shot JAX, Faith reminds Jax that if Faith goes to prison for the shooting, Faith will be a sitting duck for Sonny or Lorenzo's hired assassins. Jax is surprised when Justus suddenly arrives and orders Jax to leave Faith alone. Jax retorts that Faith invited JAX to see her, but Justus orders Jax to leave any way. After Jax leaves, Justus warns Faith that a Judge COULD charge Faith with witness tampering if a judge learned that Faith was the one who requested a visit from the prosecution's star witness. When Faith realizes that Justus believes he may NOT be able to win Faith's case in court and Faith COULD end up being sentenced to five or ten years in prison, Faith begs Justus to go away with her and promises to split a secret stash of money with Justus. Although Faith kisses him, Justus refuses to go along with Faith's plan and, instead, rushes away from Faith's room.

Courtney and Jason run into each other on the docks and remember that it was a year ago that they lost their baby. They both sadly acknowledge the distance that is now between them and Courtney heads for home. When Jason returns to his Penthouse later, he finds a flustered Samantha, trying to babysit Morgan for Carly. When Sam expresses her insecurity about her ability to be a parent, Jason fills Sam in on some of the experiences that Jason and Courtney had when they tried to take care of Morgan before. Sam instantly senses that Jason is feeling down about something and offers her sympathy to Jason. Jason opens up to Sam about his feelings about the child that Courtney miscarried last year. Meanwhile, Jax stops by Kelly's and tries to convince Mike to tell Jax what significance this day has to Courtney, so that Jax can help Mike's daughter through a rough patch. However, Mike refuses to discuss his daughter with Jax! At the same time, Courtney interrupts a close moment between Jason and Sam when she arrives at Jason's Penthouse and announces that Carly asked Courtney to pick Morgan up at Jason's apartment. Sam gladly turns Morgan over to Courtney and leaves the apartment to give Jason and Courtney a chance to talk alone. Later, as Sam walks alone on the docks, Sam runs into Jax and confides her frustration with babysitting Morgan. When Jax asks if Sam has a clue about the reason why Courtney is so upset today, Sam clues Jax in on the fact that Jason and Courtney lost their baby a year ago. Jax wonders HOW Sam would be dealing with the situation if Jax had turned out to be the father of Sam's expected child. Sam assures Jax that she believes that they would have been able to work out an amicable solution, like adults. Meanwhile, Jason and Courtney talk about the loss of their child while sitting with Morgan, but Courtney suddenly decides that Jason can handle Morgan alone and rushes away. When Sam returns and realizes that Courtney has gone but Morgan is still with Jason, Sam offers her sympathy. Jason admits that too much water has gone under the bridge to ever hope that he would be able to recover the life he once enjoyed with Courtney. Meanwhile, Jax arrives at Courtney's apartment with an armload of flowers and admits that he knows why Courtney has been so sad all day. Courtney invites Jax inside. Once inside, they begin to kiss and head for the bedroom!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Courtney invites Jax in to her apartment after he gives her flowers. She drops her purse and things off the bar and goes to pick them up at the same time Jax bends down to help her. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Jax picks her up in his arms and carries her to her bedroom. However, Jax stops them from going ahead and making love and tells Courtney he can't sleep with her as a way to comfort her about the miscarriage she suffered a year ago. He tells Courtney that when they do eventually make love he wants it to be about them not about grieving. Courtney tells him he is right and then teases him about how he just missed his one and only chance to sleep with her and that it won't happen. Jax tells her that it will happen and that she just won't admit that she wants to sleep with him. He follows her out of her bedroom and teases her about having erotic fantasies about him. She denies having dreams about him and hits him with one of her pillows. He grabs her in retaliation and pulls her in his arms and kisses her. Lois walks in on them in a intimate embrace and tells them she will leave them alone. Lois goes to Kelly's and runs into Mike, who is carrying a picnic basket and is heading out the door. He tells her he is on his way to Courtney's to invite her to join him for a picnic. Lois asks him if Courtney knows he is coming to see her. Mike tells her he thought he would surprise Courtney. Lois tells him she just dropped by to see her and that she is doing fine. Mike tells her he will go have dinner with her anyway. Lois tells him that Courtney already has dinner plans. Mike isn't too pleased when he asks her if Courtney is with Jax right now. Lois suggests he doesn't go over and disrupt their plans. Mike jumps to the conclusion that Courtney is in bed with Jax at that moment. He decides to go over there anyway. Lois defends Jax as being an honorable and good man who cares about Courtney. Mike thinks he is using her to get back at Sonny. Lois is about to stop him from going over to see Courtney but talking and in walks Courtney and Jax into Kelly's. Ric and Alexis witness the whole conversation and look over at Jax and Courtney. Courtney sees the look on everyone's faces and asks what is going on. Mike asks Courtney if he can speak with her alone in the kitchen. Mike tells Courtney he can't believe she slept with Jax, knowing who he is. Courtney tells Mike that he is jumping to the wrong conclusion. Alexis takes Jax aside and asks him if he knows what he is doing and if he is seeing Courtney for better reasons than that she is Sonny's sister. Jax assures her that Courtney is a good person and that he cares about her. Courtney blames Lois for talking to Mike about her relationship with Jax. Lois tells her that she didn't tell him anything discreet. Mike asks to speak to Jax alone in the kitchen. Courtney is against it and tries to get Jax to leave with her. Jax tells her that he wants to talk to Mike and isn't afraid of him and goes to the kitchen. Courtney goes over to one of the tables and picks up a coffee cup and a spoon and hits the spoon against the cup to draw everyone's attention. Courtney announces to everyone that she and Jax didn't sleep together and that if and when they do decide to sleep together she will let them know. Courtney doesn't realize until it is too late that Jason was in the doorway and heard what she said. Courtney turns around and realizes how hurt Jason looks in reaction to her words.

Carly meets with Jason at Kelly's. Jason isn't too pleased with her and tells her it wasn't right for her to call Courtney over to watch Morgan when she knew he could take care of Morgan and that he would see her. Carly apologizes for trying to bring them together that way but asks him to help her find her biological father. She hands Jason Bobbie's diary and asks him to read it and tell her if he senses whether Bobbie may be keeping her father's identity a secret or not. Jason refuses to read Bobbie's diary and asks Carly to tell him what she knows. Carly explains what she found, some young guy's initials and that she thinks her mother had a teen romance with that guy and wonders if he is her real father, not some anonymous john like Bobbie claims. Jason tells Carly to leave it alone because he is worried she will get hurt if it turns out her biological father doesn't want her. Carly goes to the hospital and shows Bobbie her birth certificate that she had faxed from Florida and asks Bobbie if maybe the birth certificate may jog her memory about who her father could be. Bobbie gets very defensive and asks her to stop trying to find out who her father was and insists it is some john she didn't know. Meanwhile, Sam goes across the hall with Morgan and knocks on Sonny's door. Sonny answers and she thrusts Morgan into Sonny's arms and tells him she can't handle him or any babies. Sonny takes Morgan and brings him upstairs to take a nap. He invites Sam in and tries to reassure her she will make an excellent mother despite her fears that she is incompetent around babies. Sonny offers to help her anytime she needs it. Sam tells him the baby kicked. Sonny touches her stomach and feels their daughter kick. Jason walks in to find them like this. Jason tells Sam that he needs to discuss business with Sonny and doesn't mean to be rude. She takes the hint and tells him she is going to Kelly's for dinner and suggests he meet her there. Jason agrees to meet her there. After she leaves the room, Jason suggests that Sonny not lead Sam on by spending anymore time with her since he thinks she still is in love with him. Sonny wonders what Jason is implying but Jason changes the subject and tells Sonny that Faith escaped from the hospital. Sonny is pleased with that news since it will be easier to have her killed if she is out loose. He orders Jason to find her and kill her and make it look like an accident. Jason worries about Ric but agrees to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Mac calls from the hospital to put out an A.P.B. on Faith after it is discovered she escaped from her room. Ric comes up behind Mac and disconnects the phone before Mac can give his orders. He tells Mac that he should just let Faith escape and wait for Sonny and Jason to kill her so he can charge them with her murder. Mac informs Ric that he doesn't work that way and he doesn't care what personal vendetta he has against Sonny, he is doing things by the book. Ric lets him do his thing and leaves. Faith shows up on the docks and is holding her arm against her stomach as if in pain. Justus is there and asks her what she is doing out of the hospital. Faith tells him she escaped and needs him to help her get out of the country by tonight. Justus tells her he can't do that. Faith takes a gun out of her jacket and points it at him, demanding he help her escape. Justus tells her she will have to shoot him first. Faith tries to get him to at least give her a day at least to escape before calling the cops on her. Justus tries to persuade her to turn herself in and let him do his job defending her in court. Faith hears someone coming toward the docks and hides behind the bushes. Alexis approaches Justus and tries to persuade him to not antagonize Sonny by defending Faith and him at the same time and suggests he resign as Sonny's lawyer immediately. Justus tells her that Sonny has no say in who he defends. Alexis tells him that she wishes him good luck in staying alive. Later, Faith tells him she trusts him to help get her acquitted if he thinks he can get her off but asks him if he believes he can get her acquitted and if he can't she asks him to help her escape. Justus brings her to the Quartermaine estate and hides her down in the basement where the walk-in freezer is. She asks him why he took her there. He tells her that the freezer was abandoned by the kitchen staff when Ross Duncan's body was discovered to have been hidden there. Justus tells her she needs to get out of the country as soon as he can arrange something since she has enough money in off-shore accounts to live very comfortably. Faith suggests that he join her and start a new life with her. Justus has a hard time resisting her and kisses her. Meanwhile, Carly comes home and shows Sonny the copy of her birth certificate and asks him if he sees something interesting or not. Sonny notices that where it says the name of her birth father, it looks like something was written and then scratched off and unknown was written over it. Carly suspects that her mother knew who her father was but decided not to reveal it and so scratched it out and wrote unknown instead.

Lucky comes to Shadybrook to pick up Emily. Emily tells Lucky she doesn't want to leave Nikolas there alone and wishes to stay. Lucky is against that idea and insists she will get caught by Helena if she stays there any longer. Nikolas agrees that she should leave and tells her he can take care of himself against Helena. Emily agrees to leave with Lucky. However, when Lucky tries to get her to leave with him she tells him she can't go after all and needs to stay and watch Nikolas' back. Lucky gets upset with her but lets her stay. Helena runs into Lucky there and acts all smug about how Nikolas is now hers and he can't do anything to stop her. Lucky warns her that he will stop her. Nikolas leaves his room and finds Emily still there. Emily tells him she can't leave him there and wants to stay there. Helena sees Nikolas holding a disguised Emily. She watches from the hallway with her two paid attendants. Nikolas tells her that he has Helena where he wants her as long as he pretends to be taking the drugs and going along with whatever she says but that the attendants will be in for a surprise when he overpowers them. Helena tells her hired men to not do anything right now. Later, Emily walks toward Nikolas' room but Helena approaches her and tells her that she knows what she is up to and that she won't be able to see him anymore. Emily tries to get past the attendants but they grab her and overpower her. Nikolas worries when he doesn't see Emily for awhile. He leaves his room to go investigate. He finds Emily in a room, laying in a bed with a straitjacket on her and she appears asleep after being drugged. He goes in to see her but Helena and her men come in and inform him they know what he is trying to do and that from now on he will receive his drugs intravenously. The attendants grab Nikolas and drag him back to his room and lock him inside. Nikolas hollers out that they won't get away with hurting Emily and hits his head a few times against the door in frustration. Nikolas falls to the floor and starts to have memory flashes of his life. He realizes that he has regained his full memory back.

Friday, August 20, 2004

With a storm brewing outside, Edward confided to Dillon and Tracy that he had been hearing things in the house since Lila's death, believing it to be his wife's spirit.

Jason confronted Justus, wanting to know Faith's whereabouts. Faith, meanwhile, was hiding in an unused (and thawed) freezer at the Quartermaine mansion and was almost found by Tracy. Faith was trapped, though, when Tracy closed and locked the freezer door. Justus soon rescued her by opening the door. Finally, Faith admitted that she had been in love with him and still was, which led to lovemaking.

Courtney had a dream that she had made love to Jax and that all the media sources were broadcasting the news. Later at Kelly's, Courtney overheard Jax talking to a man about a "sleek ride" and thought he was talking about bedding her. Mike interrupted to let her know that Jax was merely discussing selling the man a boat. Jax assured her that if they ever did make love he wasn't the type of guy who would go around telling everybody about it, and he was insulted that she would even think that about him, so he left. Later, Courtney ran into Jason on the docks and apologized for what he had overheard the night before. He told her not to worry about it, that it did not matter anymore. Jason said it was too hard for him to watch her move on and that he did not want any updates on her love life.

Bobbie visited Sonny at the penthouse and asked him to try to stop Carly from searching for her biological father, stating that it was a bad idea. Carly overheard and wanted to know why Bobbie was afraid. Bobbie insisted that Carly's search would not result in a fairy-tale ending, as her work as a prostitute took place in a cathouse frequented by the dregs of society. Bobbie emotionally spoke about how she had made a good life for herself and did not want her past dragged up and embarrassing her. Sonny took Bobbie's side, saying he did not want heartache to come to Carly. This appeased Bobbie, and she left. Sonny then explained to Carly that he just wanted to keep Bobbie's guard down. Jason arrived and voiced his concerns that Carly was going to bring herself pain by starting the search. Sonny asked Jason why he was so passionate about the subject. Jason insisted he was merely concerned for Carly, but Carly guessed that he was projecting his loss of raising Michael and also about Courtney's miscarriage. Carly was determined to visit the hospital in Florida where she was born. Sonny told her she could use the jet, and she decided to leave that night. Jason reported to Sonny that Justus would not give up any information about Faith. Sonny said that Justus would have to go down with Faith. Jason was uncomfortable bringing harm to Justus. At the hospital, Bobbie made a mysterious phone call, telling the person on the other end that Carly was starting to ask questions.

Sage and Trent approached Kelly's, discussing the girl-band competition. Jealous of Brook Lynn, Sage swore she was going to blow the whole thing sky high. They were soon joined by Lucas, Brook, Georgie, and Dillon. Dillon told them about what Edward had been hearing, and Brook suggested holding a sťance by using a Channeling Board. They decided to meet back at the mansion. Sage swore to Trent that it was a night that none of them would forget. Once all of them arrived at the mansion, they heard strange moaning sounds through the ductwork (unaware that it was Faith and Justus in the freezer). Using the board, Brook asked for a visit by a spirit. The marker on the Channeling Board started to move, and Dillon asked if it was his grandmother. The reply was "yes." Georgie asked the spirit what it wanted, and they were given a warning that something bad was going to happen that night. The board spelled out the word "die." Sage remarked that somebody was going to die overnight, and suddenly the French doors blew open during the storm!

Helena gave orders to the workers at Shadybrook to keep Emily sedated. Nikolas sneaked into Emily's room and knocked out two of the workers in order to get Emily out of the room and out of the institution. As her drugs wore off, Emily was thrilled to learn that Nikolas had regained his memory. The couple hid in the Quartermaine boathouse. Learning of the escape, Helena realized she could never exert control over Nikolas unless Emily was out of the way. Helena ordered that Emily be killed that night.

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