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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on GH
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Liz and Jason begin to rekindle their friendship, but are inadvertently interrupted by Sam. Sam tries to get out of the way, but Jason calls to her. Later, after Liz leaves, he assures her that she's not getting in the way of any personal life that he might want, and that he's given up on romance. Before she can argue with him, Sam is suddenly overcome with pain, and Jason rushes her to the hospital. As Sam is wheeled into a room, Jason is stopped by Monica and told of Edward's latest heart attack. Tracy sees the conversation and takes it upon herself to attack Jason as only being after Lila's money. Jason chooses to ignore her for the most part, but Sam emerges from her check up enraged at Tracy's behavior. She yells at Tracy, who laughs and leaves. Jason asks Sam to not defend him, but she refuses to listen.

Emily and Nikolas bask in their togetherness, and Nikolas suggests that they get married. Emily voices her concern over how it might look when both are under scrutiny for Mary's murder, but Nikolas says he doesn't care. In front of a restaurant of people, he gets down on one knee and again proposes to Emily, who happily accepts. The two later ask Liz and Lucky for their support as attendants, and both offer best wishes. The happiness ends back at Wyndemere, however, when Helena sees them and realizes their wedding plans are back on. She again warns Nikolas against it, and he quickly shows her the door. Later, Helena approaches Tracy with an opportunity to conspire against the happy couple, and ensure their union does not take place. Meanwhile, Alexis attempts to get Ric to go easy and not charge Nikolas over his shooting of Mary. Ric refuses to go along with her, however, and tells her to prepare for court.

Alcazar runs into Lois on the docks, and attempts to apologize for his behavior. A clearly stung Lois has no desire to see him, but he tries anyway. He repeatedly tells her he's sorry for what happened, and for his behavior, and she tells him she doesn't care that he used her, because she does not want him in her life either. He leaves, and she's visibly upset. Ned comes upon her later, and shares with her their daughter's hope that they will reunite. Both seem hesitant to go on either side of the issue, but in the end agree that it won't happen and that they need to make sure Brooke knows that. They return to the studio, where a happy Brooke has just finished telling Dillon that her parents are reuniting, and they carefully break the news. Brooke is devastated that they have no desire to get back together, and tells them that they are blowing the chance for them all to be a happy family.

With Sonny only feet away in the shower, Carly is shocked to find her father knocking on the hotel room door. John apologizes for his earlier gruffness, and wants to make amends. Hoping to get rid of him before Sonny sees him, Carly tells John that she'll meet him at the bar in twenty minutes. Sonny soon emerges from the bathroom and asks who was at the door. Carly covers, saying it was the maid, and then tells him she's decided to go shopping after all. Sonny correctly guesses that she's really going after her father, and gives her money for her search. Meanwhile, Steven informs John that the DNA tests prove that Carly is related to him, but don't say how. John tells him he'll figure it out, and then he plans to use her to put Sonny in prison. Carly shows up to meet with John, and he continues to be nice to her. She's suspicious of his behavior, but he assures her it's only to help her with her book. Once he lays out his tough-on-the-mob agenda to her, she changes her mind about wanting to know her father and decides she's heard enough. Carly thanks John, and quickly leaves. She returns to the hotel to find an angry Sonny. He explains that he just caught a federal agent, posing as a maid, bugging their room. Carly is stunned when he tells her that John Durant is clearly coming after him.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tracy erupts when she finds Edward's hospital door locked. She quickly runs to berate Liz and find a way in his room. Monica overhears and gets involved, and they realize that Heather is inside the room visiting Edward. The women call Felicia to the hospital and demand that she take care of the situation, but she sees no reason to keep Heather from Edward.

Alexis presents Alcazar to Ric as a potential suspect in the murder of Mary Bishop, but Lois inadvertently realizes what's going on at the station and stops Alcazar from talking to either lawyer. She yells at them on their bias and allows Alcazar to leave the interrogation room without answer any questions. He later finds Lois morose and on the docks, and he attempts to thank her for her help at the station. Lois lets him know that she has no interest in speaking to him, and he again apologizes for his behavior. Meanwhile, Brooke frets over her mother's sadness, as well as her own upset over her parents' relationship. Dillon tries to offer comfort, and the two compare dysfunctional parents making Georgie feel left out because he family is once again normal and happy.

Sonny finds Sam at work in Jason's apartment and demands to know why he wasn't notified when she was taken to the hospital. Sam blows her top at him, and tells him it was a false alarm. She reminds him that he was in Manhattan with his wife, and that he needs to back off. Jason arrives, and Sam storms out of the apartment. Before Sonny can go off again, Jason asks him to take it easy on Sam and cut her some slack. Sonny continues to feel left out of his unborn child's life, but Jason makes him see reason by explaining that Sam is having a difficult enough time getting over Sonny. Sonny stays at Jason's until Sam returns, and tries to make amends with her. Sam later quietly chastises Jason for putting her on the spot with Sonny, but the two laugh and share a happy moment of friendship together.

Carly, with boys in tow, runs into Steven on the docks. She asks about Sonny's ship, and the two strike up a conversation. Unbeknownst to Carly, Steven is reporting all of her actions back to John. Carly informs him that she knows his family, but isn't the best of pals with his sister, Liz. Steven smiles and tells her that he'll make up his own mind, and that he plans to try to get a job at GH. Carly is intrigued by the doctor, but thinks nothing more of it. Later, she tells Sonny about their meeting and says he seemed innocent enough. Sonny then confronts her on why she didn't give the check he wrote to her father. Meanwhile, Steven heads to the hospital to reunite with his family. While his grandmother and sister are pleased to see him, Liz feels the need to warn him that his mother has returned to town. Later, Liz lets a surprised Heather know that her son is moving to Port Charles.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

When they meet on the docks, Lorenzo tries to apologize to Lois for behaving like a jerk. However, after Lois admits that she likes him, Lois blasts Lorenzo for making her care, then storms away. Dillon arrives moments later and admits that he overheard part of the conversation and observes that Lois seems to be really hung up on Lorenzo. Later, when Lois arrives at L&B, Brook Lynn guesses that Lois has been crying because of Lorenzo and Lois admits to her daughter that she DID have a brief fling with Lorenzo, but the fling is over now. At the same time, on the docks, Dillon tries to convince Lorenzo that Sage would want her uncle to be happy, and that would include developing a relationship with Lois. Lorenzo confides that he wishes he had never let Sage join him in Port Charles, because Sage was at least safe in a boarding school, even if she was lonely. Lorenzo also confides that he was in love once long ago, but the woman died alone because Lorenzo had not kept his promise to go away with her after Lorenzo got busy trying to bail his brother out of some trouble. Later, when his brother was murdered in Port Charles, Lorenzo had been too involved with a business deal to go to Port Charles and help Luis out. Lorenzo admits that he was away on business the night that his niece was murdered, so that, even if Sage HAD returned home alive, Lorenzo would NOT have been there to know about it. Lorenzo admits that, while he admires Lois, he does NOT want to begin to care about Lois because he is afraid he would end up letting Lois down, the same way he let all the others he cared about down. Later, Dillon finds Brook Lynn upset at L&B and guesses that Brook Lynn was still hoping that her parents would reconcile. Later, Simon drops by with a copy of Brook's contracts. When Lois learns that Simon has the contracts, Lois rushes to sign, but Dillon puts on the brakes and urges Lois and Brook to wait until a lawyer has looked over the contracts.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny is suspicious when Carly declares that she doesn't want to give any money to her biological father, whom Sonny believes in a garbage man from Queens. Carly insists that she just does NOT want to complicate the man's life. Reminding Sonny of all the trouble she caused for Bobbie when she first arrived in Port Charles, Carly sadly observes that she can never get her childhood back and does NOT want to end up trying to force her biological father to have a relationship with her, so she has decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Sonny admits that he agrees with Carly's decision, but is willing to keep his promise to help her father out if Carly ever decides to change her mind.

Justus visits Faith at the Port Charles Police Department and tells her that Alexis has convinced Ric to offer Faith a plea bargain. Justus promises Faith that if Faith pleads to aggravated assault, she would only get 5 to 10 years and would probably be out in two. But Faith reminds Justus that Sonny will have her killed as soon as she arrives in prison. Justus promises that, because Sonny owes Justus a favor, Justus will be able to get Sonny to back off, but Faith refuses to believe Justus.

Alexis spots Jason and Samantha when Jason and Sam arrive at the Hospital for the birthing seminar. Alexis informs Jason that he will be receiving a subpoena to testify in Faith's trial. Alexis explains that Faith is pleading diminished capacity and will testify that Faith shot Jax by accident because Faith was in fear of her life following threats that Jason had made to kill Faith. Samantha accuses Alexis of using this ploy because Alexis wants to get Sonny's attention by dragging Jason into court. Alexis explains that she only took Faith's case as a favor to Justus Ward, but Sam doesn't accept any of Alexis's reasons. After Alexis storms away, Jason tells Sam that, while he appreciates Sam's defense, Jason would prefer for Sam to lay off fighting with people until AFTER her baby is born! Jason reminds Sam that Jason is capable of taking care of himself. Later, Jason heads to Sonny's Penthouse and reports that Alexis plans to use Sonny's many threats against Faith's life as Faith's defense. Sonny admits that Alexis has them in a corner. If Jason denies threatening Faith, it will be perjury and Alexis will be sure to produce witnesses who know about the threats. But if Jason admits the truth, Ric will be able to go after Jason for attempted murder. Sonny suggests that they get rid of Faith BEFORE the trial, but Jason warns that Ric may be hoping they will try to eliminate Faith while Faith is in custody and then Ric would be able to nab Jason and Sonny for making a move on Faith while she is in police custody. When Jason returns home later, he is surprised when Sam announces that she needs a birthing coach and told her doctor that Jason would do it. Jason reluctantly agrees. Sam then asks Jason if he believes that Sam is like Alexis and is letting her entire existence revolve around Sonny. Jason assures Sam that she has nothing to worry about in that department. At the same time, Sonny tracks Justus down at the Port Charles Police Department and reminds Justus that Sonny will NOT be happy until Faith is six feet under. Justus informs Sonny that Justus has another plan. Meanwhile, Samantha guesses that Sonny has asked Jason to do something dangerous and reminds Jason that she and her baby NEED Jason just now. At the same time, Sonny finally manages to see Faith and surprises Faith when he declares that IF Faith goes ahead and takes Ric's plea bargain without going to trial, Sonny will give his word that Faith will be safe in prison.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Ric is surprised when Steven Lars informs Ric that Steven is looking for a job. When Ric tells Steven Lars that there are NO openings for a forensics expert at the PCPD, Steven Lars intrigues Ric when Steven hints that he is able to deliver what Ric wants. When Ric continues to give Steven the brush off, Steven mentions that he has relatives in Port Charles and Ric realizes that Steven Lars Webber is Liz's brother and, therefore, Ric's former brother-in-law! Steven admits that he know all about Ric's vendetta against Ric's mob-boss brother, Sonny Corinthos. Although Steven hints that he would be able to help Ric, Ric leaps to the conclusion that Steven might be moonlighting with Internal Affairs and suggests that Steven return to Manhattan instead. Later, Steven reports to Durant that Ric did NOT want Steven's help on his staff and Durant declares that they will now need to play hard-ball with Ric. Later, Durant calls Ric and tries to convince Ric that Tic is being presented with a golden opportunity to hire a forensics expert like Steven Webber, but Ric also gives Durant the brush off. At the same time, at the Hospital, Alexis becomes alarmed when the doctor reports that he believes that Kristina will need eyeglasses. Later, an agitated Alexis bursts into Ric's office and demands that they discuss Faith's case immediately. Ric protests that their meeting was not scheduled for the following week and accuses Alexis of inventing reasons to spend time with Ric. Ric suddenly guesses that Alexis is upset about something else and Alexis blurts out her worry that Kristina will need glasses. Alexis unburdens her fears that Kristina will be ridiculed by other children if she has to wear glasses at such a young age. Alexis confides that she believes that one of the reasons that she overcompensates now is because she was picked on at a tender age. Ric tries to reassure Alexis that Kristina will be adorable, even if she is wearing glasses. When Alexis remains unconvinced, Ric confides that he believes that intelligent women are very attractive. Ric suddenly kisses Alexis and they end up in a steamy embrace. Ric and Alexis get carried away with the passion of the moment and end up on Ric's desk. At just that moment, Durant walks in and Ric and Alexis make a desperate scramble to get off of Ric's desk.

At the Hospital, Heather tries to learn how Edward is doing from Felicia, but Felicia remains noncommittal. However, after Felicia leaves, Alice arrives with a handful of dead roses and accuses Heather of killing the roses -- the same way that Heather has been attempting to kill Edward! Heather is stunned when Alice reveals that Alice has found evidence that Heather drugged Edward and has guessed that that is the reason why Edward is in the Hospital. Alice threatens to tell the police and Felicia everything Alice knows about Heather's schemes. But Heather argues that she just created a medical crisis for Edward before Felicia could eliminate Edward from the competition for Lila's fortune. Pointing out that Edward is now enjoying some restful peace, far away from the designs of his scheming family, Heather promises to keep better care of Lila's garden. Then Heather assures Alice that only a forensic genius would be able to discover traces of the drug in Edward's blood. At that moment, Steven Lars arrives to see Heather. After Alice leaves, Heather tries to soft-peddle her past with Steven Lars, but her son coldly informs Heather that he wants no part of Heather's life. Liz overhears Steven Lars ordering Heather to stay out of his life. After Steven leaves, Liz asks Heather if Heather plans on getting the Quartermaines to pay Heather to leave them alone the same way that Heather kept getting money from the Webbers to leave them alone. Liz threatens to tell Felicia everything Liz knows about Heather, unless Heather leaves town immediately. Felicia arrives and overhears the tail end of Liz and Heather's argument. Later, Steven Lars stops by Jake's and begins pumping Coleman about Sonny Corinthos. Afterward, Steven Lars begins a game of pool and is pleased when Carly walks in!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Liz tells Felicia all about what Heather has done in the past while Heather continues to defend her actions to Felicia. Liz accuses Heather of trying to get money from her father by using blackmail. Heather tells Felicia that Steven was a difficult child and accuses Liz of being a difficult child. Liz tells Felicia that she should keep Heather away from Edward and the Quartermaines before she harms anymore people. Heather admits to Felicia that she has suffered from mental illness and has been in mental hospitals but has gone through intensive therapy and is better now. Liz tells Bobbie that her half-brother Steven is in town and that she doesn't like the fact that Heather, his mother is also living in town. She explains to Bobbie that Heather is an evil person and is afraid Heather will do more harm to Steven and anyone else in her way. Later, Felicia sits outside of Kelly's with Mac. Mac is busy looking over Mary Bishop's murder case. He tells Felicia that she makes a good distraction for him and asks her why she wanted to see him tonight. Felicia tells him that she is investigating Heather Webber and asks him if she can have permission to use the police microfilm files to find out more about her background. Mac gives her permission and tells her he is having a difficult time trying to figure out what really happened to Mary Bishop since Lucky's accounts of his interviews with the suspects is very vague. He suspects Lucky may be lying to protect either Nikolas or Emily. Meanwhile, Emily has a nightmare that Mary stabs and kills Nikolas. Nikolas hears her wake up and scream and comes over to see what is wrong. She tells him she had a nightmare about Mary but she is o.k. now. Monica and Alan come over to see Emily at Wyndemere. Emily and Nikolas announce their engagement and how they want to get married as soon as possible. Alan and Monica are skeptical since they know that Emily is a suspect in Mary's murder and that if they get married they can't be forced to testify, which will look suspicious to the police. Emily and Nikolas deny that is the reason they want to get married soon. Emily tells them she is wants to get married because she has waited long enough. Later, Mac shows up at Wyndemere. He tells Emily that he needs for her to recount what happened the night that Mary died and what she did that night so he can hear it from her.

Dillon strongly advises Lois and Brook to get a lawyer to read over Brook's record contract with Simon before signing anything. Lois thinks that hiring a lawyer isn't necessary because she trusts Simon and the contract includes everything they agreed upon already. Simon asks Dillon if he is trying to screw up this deal on purpose. Dillon continues to think that a lawyer should read over the contract. Ned shows up and Dillon tells him that Lois wants Brook to sign the contract without getting a lawyer to read it over first. Ned agrees with Dillon about getting a lawyer to read it over first. Lois accuses Ned of being a typical business shark like all the other Quartermaines. Ned and Lois start fighting about the contract. This upsets Brook enough to make her cry. She walks over and signs the contract and asks them to stop fighting over it. Lois signs it as well as Ned. Simon is pleased and leaves them alone. Ned asks Brook and Dillon to leave him alone to talk to Lois. Brook asks them not to fight with each other anymore. Dillon gets her to leave the room with him. Ned asks Lois how close she is to Alcazar now and if he is influencing her to sign Brook up to do the song his niece wrote. Lois denies that Alcazar had anything to do with her decision and claims to have pushed him out of her life for good. Ned can't believe it when Dillon and Lois keep defending Alcazar to him. Lois tells Ned that her personal life is off limits to him now that they are divorced and that it was over between them years ago. Ned tells her that nothing is over between them. Meanwhile, Brook tells Dillon that she doesn't think she can stand to hear her parents fight like this anymore and wishes they could just be together as a couple again. Dillon comforts Brook. Georgie shows up and tries to relate to what Brook is going through and tells her she knows what it is like to have divorced parents. Brook tells her that she doesn't know what she is really going through. Georgie tells her that her dad left her. Dillon disagrees with Georgie and tells her that Mac is really her dad now and Brook agrees with him that Georgie's parents get along really well for a divorced couple. This makes Georgie feel even more left out. Brook gets even more upset when she goes back into the recording studio and overhears Lois accuse Ned of choosing his business career over her and Brook years ago. Ned storms off. Brook tells Lois to go after Ned and apologize to him for hurting his feelings like that. Lois refuses to apologize and tells Brook that she should never apologize for being herself.

Steven Webber shows up at Jake's bar. He meets Coleman who serves him a drink. Carly shows up at Jake's after the limo gets a flat tire and the driver is out fixing it. She sees Steven and asks him what he is doing hanging out at this kind of bar. He tries to hide that he is upset but tells her he wanted a drink after seeing his estranged mother Heather earlier. He tells her that he never bonded with his mother and that he wishes she wasn't in town to bother him. Carly can relate to that. Steven suggests a game of pool and that the loser has to keep drinking shots while the winner doesn't have to drink at all. Steven ends up losing several games to Carly and gets drunk. They sit and talk. Carly tells him about how she was adopted and that Bobbie is her biological mother and how she came to town to find her and that she tried to pay her back for putting her up for adoption but that it wasn't worth it and now she is close to her mother. Steven suggests she may have gotten her talent for pool playing from her biological father and asks her if she knows him. Carly looks at him suspiciously but leaves it alone. She tells Steven she will give him a ride to Kelly's for coffee to sober him up. Coleman warns Steven to not go with Carly because Sonny may find out about it and hurt him. Carly takes Steven to Kelly's for coffee. Meanwhile, John Durant shows up at Ric's office and catches him making out with Alexis on top of his desk. He introduces himself to Alexis. Alexis is totally embarrassed and just shakes his hand without telling him her name. She takes off. John Durant tells Ric that he should hire his former forensic pathologist since it looks like he needs all the help he can get since Port Charles has built a reputation for being inviting to the mafia families in the state. Ric asks him why he is trying so hard to push Steven Webber into working for the police. Later, Ric finds Steven outside of Kelly's talking to Carly. Ric acts all polite to Carly. Carly tells Ric she has not interest in talking to him. Ric tells her he came to talk to Steven. Steven suggests they talk somewhere private. Ric tells him that he doesn't mind if Carly hears what he has to tell him. Ric tells Steven he has been hired and welcomes him to the P.C.P.D. After Ric leaves, Carly gets angry and asks him if he is a cop. He tries to explain that he is a forensics specialist and a medical doctor not a cop. Carly doesn't believe him and accuses him of trying to get close to her and her children as a way to get to Sonny. She tells him to stay away from her children and herself and that she has no use for cops in her life. Later, Carly runs into John Durant literally as she is heading toward the docks. She is shocked to see him. John Durant surprises her even more when he refers to her by her real name. Steven goes back to Jake's and asks Coleman to serve him a soda. He asks Coleman to tell him what he knows about Carly.

Sonny goes to see Faith in the visitor's room. He tells her she will safe from being killed by him or Jason as long as she accepts the plea bargain and doesn't testify in court to incriminate Jason or him. Faith doesn't believe him at first. He tells her that she should worry still since she is very good at making enemies but promises on his word that he won't try to have her killed in prison. Sonny leaves and Alexis asks Justus what is going on when Justus tells Sonny he won't be sorry for agreeing not to kill her in prison. Alexis warns Sonny about trying to intimidate her client. Sonny tells her she needs to button up her blouse after it is unbuttoned enough to be embarrassing. Sonny taunts her about her apparent fling with Ric and asks her if she had sex with Ric on his desk. Ric overhears Alexis lie to Sonny and tell him how great a lover Ric is and how he rocks her body and soul. Sonny enjoys their banter. Ric comes up behind Alexis and tells Sonny that Alexis is a great lover as well as a great attorney. John Durant overhears the three of them talking from afar. Ric leaves them to talk. Alexis tells Sonny that he and Ric have something else in common, they are both egotistical pigs. Alexis goes to see Faith. Faith tells her she will accept the plea bargain for the charge of aggravated assault and will agree to the sentence of 7-10 years with the possibility of parole in 2 years. Alexis tells her she will do her best to try to get Faith paroled in 2 years. Later, Justus comes to see Faith. Faith tells him she has to say goodbye to him and asks him for a kiss before the van comes to take her to prison. He tells her he doesn't know what sentence the judge will give her based on the plea bargain and that Alexis will be there soon to tell her. Justus kisses her goodbye and waits outside the visitor's room. Alexis comes in and tells her that she did her best but the judge sentenced her to the maximum of 10 years in prison. Faith is upset even more when Alexis informs her that the judge refused to allow her to be paroled in 2 years and that Faith will have to serve the 10 years completely. Faith accuses Alexis of not trying her best at all and that she wants her to spend the 10 years in prison because she shot Jax. Alexis refuses to respond to her. Faith starts to walk toward her in a threatening manner. Alexis knocks on the door to get a cop to let her out of the room. The cop grabs Faith's arm and escorts her out of the room. Faith sees Ric and Sonny standing there and accuses them of setting her up as well and promises to get revenge on them all when she gets out in 10 years. Justus tells Faith to be quiet before she makes things worse for herself. Faith is escorted to the van to go to prison.

Friday, September 17, 2004

As Faith was escorted from the PCPD to the prison van, she swore revenge against those who had wronged her. Ric asked Sonny how long it would be before Faith was found dead. Sonny swore to Justus that Faith was safe from him, since she had accepted the plea bargain and the prison time. Once Faith arrived at the prison, she was introduced to her cellmate-Skye!

Helena and Tracy arrived at Wyndemere, announcing their intentions to plan the wedding for Nikolas and Emily. Nik informed his grandmother that she wasn't even invited to the wedding, let alone allowed to help plan it. Helena and Tracy insisted that they had put aside their family's differences. Mac escorted Nikolas and Emily to the police station after Felicia found a nurse who claimed to have seen somebody enter Mary's room the night of the murder. The nurse told Ric that she saw Emily go into Mary's room. Mac wondered about the convenience of the nurse's testimony. Ric ordered that Lucky be suspended for saying that he was sure Emily had not gone into the room that night. Later, on the docks, Helena and Tracy paid the nurse for her statement.

Sam visited Mike at Kelly's to get his opinion about Sonny's recent behavior. Mike believed that his abandonment of Sonny as a child was the reason Sonny was so obsessed about caring for children. Sonny had documents drawn up that, with Sam's signature, would acknowledge him as the baby's father and give him shared custody. He ordered Jason to get Sam to sign them. Jason suggested backing off Sam for a while, but Sonny insisted. Jason gave Sam the papers, and she was not happy with them.

Coleman warned Steven to stay away from Carly, the wife of Sonny Corinthos. He used Sonny's shooting of Alcazar as an example. Later, Coleman called Sonny to give him some information. Carly and Durant ran into each other on the docks, sending Carly into a panic wondering what he was doing in Port Charles. Jason knew something was upsetting her, but she would not admit what it was. Durant told Steven that, if Carly should turn out to be his daughter, then he would use her to bring down Sonny. Steven ran into Carly on the docks. She did not want to speak to him again and fell walking away. Steven realized she had hurt her hand and continued in an attempt to befriend her. He took her to the hospital to help with her hand, and, as Carly continued to tell him that they could not be friends, Sonny arrived in the doorway.

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