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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on GH
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Nikolas pounces on Helena in the police interrogation room, threatening to kill her if she doesn't give up the antidote to the curse. Helena warns that there's nothing he can do to save Emily except leave her. Nikolas begins to choke his grandmother, demanding answers. Helena is shocked at his extreme actions, and as she begins to choke, she gasps, "Aphrodite" and "garden." Ric and Alexis manage to break into the room and stop Nikolas before he murders his grandmother, but unbeknownst to him, as he choked Helena, Emily began to gasp for breath back at Wyndemere. As Nikolas was pulled off of Helena, Liz showed up to wake Emily out of her murderous dream. The events caused Emily to grow more terrified of Helena's curse's power, and she asked Liz if she was crazy. Liz stressed that Emily should listen to Steven, and not buy into the curse, but Emily remain unconvinced. Receiving no further help from his grandmother, Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and begins to look over the book of curses with Emily. He manages to translate the words, and calls on Alexis for further information. He decides to go to Greece despite Alexis's protests, and Emily says she's going with him to find the answer to ending the curse.

Luke manages to buy some ratty, old clothes off a homeless woman, and then in return give her Skye's prison jumpsuit. Newly disguised, Skye and Luke set out to find the real murdered of Ross, and figure out who has been setting Skye up. Before they start their adventures, Skye rails Luke for the letter that he allegedly wrote, sending her to prison. Luke explains that he was drugged by an unknown attacker, and forced to write the letter to Skye. He admits he didn't even remember writing it until recently when he followed her trial, and realized his responsibility in the situation. Skye is overjoyed that he instincts about Luke proved true, and the two settle near a garbage dumpster to sleep for the night.

Alcazar tells Sonny that he wasn't behind the warehouse bombing, and Sonny says that he believes him. But the police arrive and take Alcazar in for questioning. He assumes it's due to Sonny, but soon finds out he's being investigated for drugs. He declares his innocence, swearing he was set up, and Ric soon finds his words to be true when he realizes the planted bag of drugs is merely baking soda. Later, Alcazar meets with a blond on the docks, and tells her he's hiring her for a hit. She reminds him that her price to kill Sonny is double, but he tells her he wants her to murder a federal prosecutor instead, and set up Sonny to take the fall.

Carly tearfully tells her father that she can't have a relationship with him because of his job. She lets him know how happy she is to have met him, and how much it meant to her, but then she rushes out of his apartment, and apparently his life. Jason is hiding in the back and overhears the conversation. Later he goes to Sonny and lets him know what Carly did. Carly interrupts them, and expecting to be blasted by Sonny, she admits to going to see John against his wishes. But she tells him she went to end her relationship with her father, and Sonny believes her. Jason leaves the couple alone, and they strengthen their relationship with newfound trust and commitment to one another. Sonny shows Carly the new wedding band that he bought for himself, and asks Carly to put it on his finger. She does, and recites their wedding vows as the couple promises to never let anything come between them again. Meanwhile, John meets with Steven and tells him of Carly's visit. Steven wonders if John is sad to lose his only daughter, or if he merely feels like he lost his shot at taking Sonny down. John asks Steven if his answer would make a difference, and if so, why? Steven replies by saying that he has also developed feelings for Carly.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Liz takes time to get reacquainted with her brother while he's on a break at GH. She tells him about her role in Emily's wedding, and asks his opinion of Emily's well-being. Steven admits that while Emily is physically fine, she clearly has psychological problems from the alleged curse. The siblings then begin to tease each other, and Liz inquires about any romantic possibilities for Steven in Port Charles. He admits that there is one woman he's met and is interested in, but when Liz pushes for a name, he refuses to answer. He lets his sister know the woman is not available to him, but then he takes off to start his next shift.

Emily and Nikolas arrive in Greece, and try to get answers from the locals on the Garden of Aphrodite. A man at a restaurant shows fear at the mention of the garden, and warns them to stay away and not ask questions. They refuse to listen, and begin to search themselves. Suddenly, Emily collapses, and Nikolas rushes to grab her before she hits the ground. He lays her on a bench, and a woman appears before them, stating that Emily is cursed. Nikolas tells the woman to leave, assuming she's a paid worker of Helena's. But the woman denies knowing Helena, and attempts to help Emily by telling her what she sees in her aura. The woman tells Emily her love of Nikolas is cursed, and the only chance she has to break it is to kiss on a moonless night in the Garden of Aphrodite. When Emily begs to know where the garden is located, the woman sadly informs her that it was lost during an earthquake many years before and is no longer available to them to break their cursed love.

Jax arrives to set up plans for his date with Courtney, only to find that she has to cancel due to Diego. She explains that she can't leave him unsupervised, and despite Diego's protests, she refuses to go on the date with Jax. Jax promises a solution, and quickly leaves. Diego questions Courtney's dress for her date, and when she says she's dressed fine, Diego wonders why she has such a hard time admitting that she cares for Jax. Meanwhile, Jax races to L&B and promptly asks Lois to watch Diego so that he can take Courtney on a date. Lois obliges, and the two head back to Courtney's apartment. Lois picks up Diego and takes him to hang out with Brooke at the studio, much to the dismay of Brooke and later Lucas. But Lois refuses to allow the teens to disagree, and tells them to get along or no chance on having any fun. Jax and Courtney have their date at her apartment, and enjoy champagne and cake. When Jax begins to open up, Courtney tenses, but Jax moves ahead and tells her that he thinks he's falling in love with her and wants to know how she feels about him.

Skye grows exasperated with the homeless charade, and tells Luke she no longer wants to deal with living on the street in filth. Monica nearly discovers Skye during her tirade, but Luke covers. He warns Skye that the situation is better than having to be behind bars, but Skye is no longer convinced. Luke takes her to Kelly's, where she hides while he steals food from the kitchen. Later, as they eat, they discuss who could be behind the murder set up. Luke thinks that Faith and Helena are the likely culprits, but Skye gently mentions Laura as a possibility. Although Luke continues to deny the possibility, he listens to Skye and understands her point that whoever is behind it all is clearly doing it to drive Skye out of Luke's life. They return to their hiding place near the garbage dumpster, but are shocked to see Monica and Mac scouring the area. Mac has the police run tests, and they come back positive for the prints of Skye and Luke.

Dillon and Georgie happily plan their evening together, and both come to the conclusion that they enjoy having fun together and whether they make love or not, they want to have a good time without pressure. Dillon heads for the Haunted Star, and begins to set up the ballroom as a movie set, creating the mood for the night. Mac briefly interrupts him to inquire about Luke and Skye, but by the time Georgie arrives, the two are all alone. They dance and bask in their happiness together, apologizing to each other for their misdeeds in the previous year. Just as their kiss threatens to move to more, however, they are interrupted by Skye and Luke who are fleeing from the police.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Aboard the Haunted Star, as Georgie and Dillon's romantic evening gets under way, they are interrupted by 'homeless' Luke and Skye, who beg the teens to help the two fugitives hide out. Before the teens can agree, they are interrupted again when Mac and his fellow officers from the Port Charles Police Department begin knocking persistently and demanding to search the place for Skye and Luke. Thinking fast, Dillon and Georgie muss themselves up and pretend to be making out on the pool table, while Luke and Skye scamper into hiding. When the police break in, Mac is so outraged at the sight of his half-dressed daughter on the pool table that he forgets to search for Luke and Skye. As Mac hustles his defiant daughter out of the casino, Georgie dramatically protests her undying love for Dillon. After Mac leaves, Luke and Skye are elated by Dillon's quick thinking. However, Dillon is devastated that Georgie's father once again hates him. Skye and Luke try to convince Dillon to help them, but learn that Dillon only has $4 left after his spending spree to create the right mood for Dillon's big evening of romance. Dillon makes the mistake of jokingly suggesting that he pawn some of the Quartermaine family knick-knacks for some quick cash and Luke seizes on that as an excellent idea. Meanwhile, Mac and Georgie arrive at home and argue about Georgie's plans for a romp in the hay with Dillon. After Mac leaves, Georgie is cheered when Dillon sneaks into her room through the window. Dillon explains that Skye and Luke believe that, once the REAL killer of Detective Duncan is captured, Mac will be so happy that he will be eager to change his opinion about Dillon's romantic interests in Mac's daughter. Meanwhile, aboard the Haunted Star, Luke and Skye make plans for clearing Skye's name. Skye makes an unsuccessful attempt to once again contact the mysterious E Mail friend, who set Skye up to be nabbed by the Port Charles Police Department. Luke assures Skye that he is good at playing "Catch-the-Psycho." However, as Luke and Skye kiss, Dillon returns with some money to help finance Luke and Skye's bid for freedom.

At Courtney's apartment, Jax begins to tell Courtney how important Courtney has become in his life, but Courtney stops Jax and tells him that she wants to remain 'just friends' because she has too much baggage from past relationships to become any more involved in a relationship than she now enjoys with Jax.

In the park, Jason overhears as John and Steven discuss having Alcazar on a leash and Steven assures Durant that John has Steven's full support. John admits that, although he is becoming attached to his long-lost daughter, John can NOT let his feelings for Carly stand in the way of doing his job. After John leaves, Jason confronts Steven and demands answers. Steven insists that he is only in town to get to know his sister better, but Jason suspiciously insists that it is strange that Steven and Durant BOTH showed up in town at the same time and seem to spend a lot of time together. Jason asks if John and Steven were arguing because Steven objects to Durant working Carly for evidence that would put Sonny away. Steven insists that he felt he needed a positive recommendation from Durant to get a job in Port Charles. However, when Steven leaves, Steven urges Jason to caution Carly about getting hurt.

In Sonny's Penthouse, Carly is thrilled when Sonny suggests that they enjoy a night out on the town. At the same time, Brook Lynn and Lucas return to Kelly's, following their date, and Lucas complains because Lois talked them into taking Diego with them. As Diego and Lucas get into a shoving match, Sonny and Carly arrive and Carly informs an impressed Dillon that Lucas is the brother-in-law of Port Charles' leading mobster. Diego apologizes and leaves when Sonny orders Diego to go. After Diego leaves, Sonny takes Brook Lynn into the Cellar, while Carly remains behind to speak to Lucas. Lucas confides to Carly that Lois asked them to take Diego with them because Diego is Courtney's new foster child, and Lois wanted to do a favor for Courtney. Carly decides to call Courtney and let Courtney know about Diego. When Carly calls, Carly interrupts the serious discussion that Jax and Courtney are having about their relationship. Meanwhile, at The Cellar, Lorenzo meets with Lana, his hired hit-woman, and gives her inside information for seducing Federal Prosecutor John Durant. Unfortunately, Lois enters The Cellar and spots Lorenzo speaking to Lana. Lois interrupts and leaps to the conclusion that Lana is Lorenzo's employee. Lana and Lorenzo are quick to insist that Lana is a free lance consultant who just happened to run into Lorenzo. After Lana leaves, John enters and eyes Lois and Lorenzo with their heads together. Later, Lois points out Durant's interest in Lorenzo, but Lorenzo only thanks Lois for her genuine concern. Lorenzo and Lois are rudely interrupted when Brook Lynn storms in to complain about the way that Diego messed up her date, then blasts Lois for hanging out again with a gangster like Alcazar. Brook demands that her mother leave immediately, but Lois coldly informs her daughter that, as an adult, Lois is free to choose her own friends without any orders from her daughter. An angry Brook storms away. Meanwhile, Lana tries to get close to Durant, but backs off when Sonny suddenly shows up and begins trading insults with John. At the same time, outside, Lucas confides to Carly that Bobbie is worried about Carly's obsession with getting to know Carly's long-lost father. Later, Courtney arrives and Lucas reports that Diego stormed away after Sonny broke up Diego's fight with Lucas. After Lucas leaves, Carly confides to Courtney that Carly has no plans to pursue a relationship with her illusive father.

Later, in the park, after Steven leaves Jason, Diego tries to mug Jason, but Diego quickly finds himself on the receiving end of Jason's anger. Steven hears the scuffle and returns in time to tend to Diego's injuries. When Diego brags that he is a good friend of mob-boss Sonny Corinthos, Steven lets Diego know that the boy just tried to mug Sonny's partner. Diego insists that everything will be OK if they just call Diego's new foster mother -- Courtney Matthews! Later, when Courtney returns home, she finds Jason and Diego waiting for her. Diego claims that he saw Jason's gun and was trying to take the gun away from Jason. Diego declares that he wants to work for Jason, but Courtney puts her foot down and says 'NO WAY.' Courtney tells Diego that he needs to stay in school if he wants a chance at a decent future, but Diego argues: "Who wants to be decent when you can be rich and powerful?" However, Jason flatly announces that there is NO job and that Diego would be wise to do what Courtney tells him to do without giving Courtney any trouble. Before Jason leaves, Courtney thanks her ex for his help and Jason warns Courtney that she may have bitten off more than she can chew with Diego. After Jason leaves, Diego suggests that Courtney is dragging her feet in her relationship with Jax because Courtney is still hung up on Jason.

Later, Brook Lynn meets with Lucas outside Kelly's and outlines her plan to teach her mother a lesson by finding Brook's own 'bad guy' to flaunt in her mother's face. Lucas is appalled when he realizes that Brook Lynn plans to play up to Diego. Lucas warns Brook Lynn that she will be playing with fire, but Brook insists that Lucas tell her how to find Courtney's apartment. Meanwhile, at the Cellar, Lois explains to Lorenzo that she refuses to let Brook Lynn have her own way so long as Brook continues to keep using tantrums and ultimatums to achieve her goals. Meanwhile, Sonny cuts his conversation with John Durant short when he realizes that Carly has arrived. Sonny quickly hustles Carly away from John. However, as Carly and Sonny watch, Lana the hit-woman finally makes her move, sits down with John and begins making small-talk, pretending to be a reporter. Sonny eyes the couple suspiciously as John leaves with Lana. Carly admits to Sonny that it is difficult to watch her own father being picked up in a bar by a strange woman. After John and Lana leave, Lois spots them together and points out to Lorenzo that Durant seems to have found some companionship. Lorenzo only observes that perhaps the young lady will keep Durant busy enough to keep John's mind off of running Lorenzo in on some trumped up charge.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nikolas meets with Emily at a cafe in Greece. He tells her he found an old topographical map in the library that shows where the Garden of Aphrodite is located. She points out to him that they may have a difficult time finding it since the earthquake that caused it to go underwater. Nikolas brings her to the place that the garden once was. They notice a cave there. Nikolas wonders if they can get inside the cave and find a way to reverse Helena's curse. Emily can't understand why she can't fight of Helena's curse on her own. She has another weak fainting spell as Nikolas walks with her to the cave.

Luke and Skye go on the computer and pretend that one of them hasn't been able to locate the other by going into the chat room and using there code names for each other to get the person setting them up to tip his/her hand. Luke pretends he is Skye. Heather gets on the computer and pretends she is Luke unaware that Luke and Skye are trying to get her to tip her hand. Heather requests that Skye meet her someplace more private. Luke and Skye are waiting from a response but hear a door and footsteps and so they shut down their laptop and hide behind the bar. Heather gets frustrated and blames Skye for not having any computer skills at all. Heather promises Laura she will make sure that Skye is caught again from the police and sent back to prison and away from Luke for good this time. Tracy shows up in the attic and asks Heather what she is up to now. Heather tells her she is looking for some velvet lounger that belonged to Lila. Tracy escorts Heather downstairs to tell Edward and Alan what Heather has been up to. Alan and Edward are discussing their concern for Skye and how she is with a dangerous Luke right now. Edward defends Heather and suggests they walk outside on the patio to be alone. Alan asks Tracy what they will do if Edward ends up really marrying Heather. Meanwhile, Luke and Skye are relieved when Dillon shows up at the casino. He is carrying a duffle bag. He tells Skye that he brought her some of her favorite clothes. Luke is disappointed that he didn't steal something more valuable than Skye's clothes. Skye goes off to take a shower and change into her favorite clothes. Luke tells Dillon they need to go back to the Quartermaine mansion and steal some valuables that they can pawn off or resell for money. Dillon is reluctant to help Luke since he doesn't want to get caught by Mac and get into any more trouble. Luke tells him that he is helping him and will be a hero when they clear Skye of murder charges. Dillon doesn't buy that and tries to get out of it. Luke pushes him out the door and makes him break into the mansion with him and steal valuables. When they get there, Dillon tries to talk Luke out of stealing things that will be missed. Luke doesn't care about the risk and wants big money items. They hear a noise and hide in the closet. They overhear Edward and Heather talking about their engagement. Heather tells Edward that maybe they shouldn't make love yet in case she has to let him go to please his family. Edward tells her that won't happen and the two of them leave the room. Luke wants to continue stealing more valuables but Dillon doesn't. Luke tells him to go back to the casino and he will go check out the attic himself. Meanwhile, Georgie shows up at the casino and hands Skye a stack of police files pertaining to the Duncan murder case. Skye asks her where she got them. Georgie tells her that she stole them from her father's desk. Skye worries about her going on a limb for her and risking being caught. Georgie tells her she likes the idea of doing something dangerous and thinks that Dillon will be even more impressed with her when he finds out what she did. Dillon shows up at the casino again. Skye tells him what Georgie did and warns him that Georgie stole police files to try to impress him. Dillon really starts to worry about what foolish risks Georgie is willing to take for him. Luke goes up into the attic. He starts putting antiques into his bag and hears a creak suddenly. He goes over to investigate the sound and is thisclose to seeing Laura in the rocking chair.

Carly meets with Jason at Kelly's. Jason tells Carly that if she wants to really see her father she should tell Sonny and warns her not to sneak around to see Durant behind their backs. Meanwhile, Sonny takes Michael to G.H. after he hurts his arm after a soccer game. The pediatrician looks at his arm to try to determine if it could be broken. Alexis shows up on the same floor with Kristina in her arms. She approaches them and tells the pediatrician that Kristina has a fever again and a rash on her chest and back. Dillon tells Alexis that she should tell Dr. Steven Webber about Kristina since he helped to save Morgan's life before. Steven Webber shows up and Alexis repeats Kristina's symptoms to him. Steven tells her that they will check Kristina out. Alexis demands he find some answers to what is wrong with Kristina. Steven asks Sonny if he knows who Kristina's father is. Sonny tells him he knows so Steven tells him that he should notify the father in case they need him. Alexis asks Sonny what Steven told him and asks Sonny if Morgan has the same symptoms as Kristina has. Sonny asks her why she would think Morgan would have the same symptoms as Kristina when they aren't related. Alexis isn't happy when Steven comes back and tells her that Kristina's tests came back within normal range and tells her not to worry too much. Alexis demands to know what is really wrong with her daughter. Sonny suggests that she call Ned. Alexis tells him that Ned is out of town and couldn't help her anyway. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at Durant's hotel room angry. He asks Durant why he told the press that there was going to be a press conference tonight to announce some task force against organized crime. Durant tells him that they will tell the press that they are after Alcazar not Sonny but that really they will go after Sonny. Ric's cell phone goes off. He answers it. Sonny tells him to come to G.H. right now because Alexis needs him. Ric realizes that Durant had a woman in his room. The woman happens to be the hitwoman that Alcazar hired to kill Durant and set up Sonny for his murder. She had slept with Durant the night before. She leaves them to talk. Durant admits that he wants to use the press conference to stay in town longer to try to stay close to Carly. Later, Carly poses as a maid and breaks into Durant's hotel room to look for any files that will show what her father's true motives are. Durant shows up unexpectedly and catches Carly but doesn't seem angry with her. He suggests that they can sneak away somewhere to have dinner together and Sonny and Jason don't have to know. Carly leaves his room and heads to G.H. She finds out that Michael just hurt his arm and Michael tells her that Alexis' daughter is sick. Carly goes over to see Alexis. Alexis asks her to find out somehow what Sonny's medical history is to see if Kristina inherited some kind of illness or not. Carly warns her that if she asks Sonny too many questions he is going to get suspicious. Ric goes to the hospital and see how Alexis is frantic with worry over Kristina. He tells her to calm down and let the doctors do their jobs and assures her that they will find out what is wrong with Kristina. Steven tells Alexis that he wants to keep Kristina overnight for observation. Alexis asks him if there is something seriously wrong with Kristina. Ric thanks Sonny for calling him about Alexis. Ric asks Sonny if he would be willing to give him his medical history if he ever had a child who was sick and needed that information. Sonny tells him he would do anything for a child and that Ric should know that. Later, Jason goes to see Durant at his hotel room at his request. He asks Durant what he wants. Durant tells him he wants him to stop interfering in his relationship with his daughter. Jason asks him what he plans to do if he refuses to stop interfering. Durant threatens to go after Courtney in retaliation. Alcazar meets with hitwoman he hired and orders her to kill Durant at the press conference and set up Sonny. She isn't pleased with his plan since it puts her face on camera where she can be seen by witnesses and a TV audience. He gives her a gun to shoot Durant with that will be traced somehow to Sonny. She tells him she rather work one on one with people she is going to kill but takes his orders.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Emily continued to weaken, but Nikolas found the remains of the Garden of Aphrodite and carried his fiancée there. They kissed, and the curse appeared to be broken as a brilliant light appeared and growth appeared in the long-dead garden.

Heather found Luke in the Quartermaines' attic, keeping him from discovering her secret there. Luke agreed to keep quiet about his thoughts of Heather scamming Edward, and Heather agreed to keep quiet about seeing Luke. She asked about Skye, and Luke said he had not seen her. Later, Heather decided it might be time to get rid of Skye for good. Luke returned to the ship, and Skye asked if there had ever been any jilted exes who might be involved in their woes. Luke could not think of anyone. They gave Dillon the items taken from the mansion to fence. He ran into Heather on the docks, and she became suspicious of the bag of goods he was carrying. She followed him back to the Haunted Star and saw Luke and Skye.

The tests showed that Kristina had a virus that should subside within a few days. Steven behaved as though he feared there was more wrong. Ric mentioned to Steven about a childhood friend who was constantly sick and finally diagnosed with leukemia. Steven would not admit any of his fears to Ric. Sonny visited Alexis and Kristina, at Michael's urging, to check the little girl's condition. Michael also wondered why Kristina's father was not with her during the crisis.

Durant warned Jason not to interfere where Carly was concerned, or he might have to make it look like Courtney's foundation has mob money flowing through it. Sonny did not take this threat seriously, but he did ask Jason to attend the press conference. Outside Kelly's, Alcazar confirmed the plans with Lana the hit woman. Diego spied on them, prompting Alcazar to grab him. Courtney came to Diego's rescue but later learned that Diego was trying to spy on Alcazar to get information to Sonny and Jason in order to secure a job within their organization. Mike overheard this as Jason learned of it. Courtney was furious, and Jason assured that no kids were going to be hired to work for them. Mike told Jason that even though he had reservations about Jax, he realized that Courtney was better off without Jason.

Durant and Ric started the press conference, with Alcazar and Jason among those in attendance. The hit woman continued posing as a reporter. Carly walked onto the scene, and Durant urged her to join him on stage. Finally, she did. As he hugged her, Lana fired shots at Durant. Carly and her father both fell to the ground!

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