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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on GH
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Nikolas momentarily enjoys his chance for revenge when he throws Helena off of the cliff after she attacked Emily. His moment quickly dissipates when he realizes that he just became the grandson Helena always wanted him to be. He rushes to the bottom of the cliff, but finds no sign of her body. He tells a stunned Emily that he's a murderer, but she promptly jumps to his defense. She assures him that he had no choice and that Helena's death was an accident. At the police station, Nikolas slowly tells Mac the facts surround Helena's death, but Mac refuses to allow Nikolas to take any blame for killing his monster of a grandmother. He says he has to tie up loose ends, but as far as he's concerned the case will be closed as an accident. Emily rejoices at Mac's decision, but Nikolas can't help but continue to be plagued by guilt. Back at Wyndemere, he's further sickened when he opens up a note that tells him someone saw what he did.

Jason and Sam attempt to explain their situation to Michael after he approves of their relationship. Jason explains that he and Sam are friends, but that Jason is going to help her raise her daughter. Michael asks if Jason is the baby's father, and Jason is surprised to realize that Michael doesn't know that Sonny is the biological father. Sam is incredulous when Michael tells them that Sonny explained it to him awhile back, but that he thought tests changed things. Jason tells Michael that Sonny is the baby's father, and apologizes for not making it clear to him sooner. Sam then asks that Michael be a good brother to her daughter, and Michael agrees. After Michael leaves, Sam rants about the fact that Sonny and Carly didn't explain the situation to Michael, but Jason reminds her that it wasn't the easiest thing to deal with and probably was better for him to be the one to explain it. He tells her that Carly was obviously hurt by the situation, and that it's difficult for her to deal with it and with the fact that Jason likes Sam. Sam is clearly pleased to hear that she's liked.

Alexis is utterly devastated by the news that her daughter requires a bone marrow transplant, and Steven quickly has her tested as a potential donor. Carly hears the news of Kristina's condition, and asks Alexis if she's going to tell Sonny the truth. Alexis feels she still has options, and begs Carly to trust her judgment that Sonny does not yet need to find out the truth. Carly hopes Alexis knows what she's doing, but clearly grows concerned about the situation. Ned arrives, prepared to be tested himself, and warns Alexis that the doctors will realize he is not Kristina's biological father. Alexis remains convinced that she will be a donor match, but she is further crushed when Steven tells her that she's not. He tests Ned, and later asks Alexis if she's aware that Ned is not Kristina's real father. Alexis hesitates, causing Steven to realize that she knew the truth, and he quickly urges her to stop worrying about keeping it a secret and to do what's best for her daughter's well being.

Carly and John continue to discuss Sonny's feelings toward John being in their lives, and Carly warns him that Sonny won't ever get used to it. John asks to speak to Sonny about the motives behind having Jason released, and Carly promises to have Sonny stop by. Later, Sonny confronts John, and has no interest in hearing excuses. He tells John that Jason did not shoot him, and just as he begins to insinuate another's guilt, Alcazar walks into the room and suggests that he's the man Sonny is speaking of. John thinks that Sonny might have a point, and Carly later overhears the men agree that Alcazar had a motive for shooting John, despite his denial of the deed. Later, Carly leaves the hospital with Morgan and finds herself in an elevator with Alcazar. She tries to avoid him, but he asks how she's been doing. She tells him she knows that he probably tried to kill her father, and when he asks what his motivation would be, she tells him that he thinks he could win her back with Sonny out of the picture. Carly makes it clear that he has no chance with her ever, but Alcazar tells her that he still loves her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Quartermaines are stunned, not to mention disgusted, to find out that Edward has married Heather. As they flip out, Heather begins to settle into the lifestyle by ordering Alice around. Monica refuses to put up with her, and promptly tells Edward that he must move out of her house. Heather returns from upstairs to hear that they are not welcome, and begins to plan for a nice time in a luxury hotel. She's shocked to hear that Edward has decided that they'll move into Kelly's instead. He further enrages her by admitting that he's tired of the greed that money causes, and he's given his money away to Justus.

Nikolas reels when he sees the note that was sent to him, with someone claiming to have seen what he did to Helena. He immediately assumes that Helena is behind the note, and tells Emily that she managed to survive. Emily refuses to believe it, and assures Nikolas that there is no way Helena could have lived after her fall from the cliffs. Lucky agrees with Emily, and tells them he'll continue to work on finding Helena's body. Meanwhile, Mary's husband Connor, who bears a striking resemblance to Nikolas, returns to her home clearly upset to find out that his wife has been killed. He immediately begins to quietly inspect Wyndemere, and later calls and issues a veiled threat to Nikolas over the phone.

Alexis continues to be distraught over Kristina's dire condition. Steven admonishes her secrecy, and begs her to find Kristina's real father to be tested. Ned tells Brook Lynn of Kristina's condition, and unaware of the little girl's true parentage, Brook Lynn insists upon being tested as a donor match. Alexis is grateful if not uncomfortable with Brooke's sacrifice, but everyone knows the results will come back as not a match. Alexis calls Nikolas to be tested, and is further devastated when he proves to also not be a match for Kristina. Ric remains a constant in Alexis's time of need, and she turns to him and wonders that her actions will cause her to lose her daughter one way or the other.

Alcazar admits that he continues to love Carly, and she replies that she wishes she could hate him, but doesn't. She implores him to leave Port Charles and find happiness, but he tells her he no longer has anything left to lose, and has no intention of playing his life safely. The elevator reaches the hospital lobby, where Sonny is standing as he sees his wife and Alcazar inside. Alcazar reminds Sonny that a year ago he shot him and also shot his pregnant wife in the head, and then he walks away. Sonny decides Alcazar thinks he's owed by him, so he follows him toward Durant's room and threatens Alcazar if he doesn't stay away from Carly. Ric overhears Sonny's threat and angrily drags his brother away. He warns Sonny to watch himself so he can be alive and safe if his children ever need him in the future. Durant also overhears the threat, and happily plans the time when he can put Sonny away for Alcazar's murder.

Lois happens to also hear the arguments between Alcazar, Sonny, and Ric, and she takes it upon herself to get involved and try to solve matters. Alcazar walks away, not in the mood to hear her defend Sonny yet again. Alcazar warns her that Sonny kills, but he does, too, and he reminds her that he no longer has anything to lose and is willing to do anything to survive.

Carly goes to Alexis again to inquire about the status of informing Sonny that he's Kristina's father, but Alexis continues to hold out on it until the last minute. Concerned for Kristina's well being, Carly confides to Steven that Sonny is her real father. She asks him to allow Alexis to make the decision unless things take a turn for the worse, in which case he's to tell Carly so that she can break the news to Sonny. Later, she sits on the docks and worries about Kristina's situation. Sonny happens upon her, and offers her comfort, telling her they'll find a donor for the little girl.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Skye is surprised when Luke brings Lorenzo aboard the Haunted Star and announces that Alcazar will buy Faith's share of the casino, thereby providing the money that Faith has demanded to 'confess' to Detective Duncan's murder for Skye. Skye objects to the prospect of allowing Alcazar to share their partnership but Luke argues that it couldn't be any worse than having Faith for a partner. Lorenzo demands a forfeit clause -- if Faith does NOT follow through with her promise to confess within four hours, Lorenzo will get the Haunted Star, lock, stock and barrel. Skye balks at agreeing to Lorenzo's demands but Luke argues that the Haunted Star is not as important as clearing Skye's name. Later, Luke and Skye make another visit to the prison, disguised as the psychiatrist and his dowdy assistant, to inform Faith that Lorenzo will be providing the money for her escape. Luke reminds Faith that it will be necessary for Faith to confess and clear Skye's name so that Luke and Skye will be free to engineer Faith's escape. Afterward, Lucky arrives aboard the Haunted Star, prepared for a reunion with his father, and is stunned when Luke declares that he wants his son to arrest them and take Luke and Skye to the Port Charles Police Department. Later, Luke and Skye are met at the PCPD by reporters and Luke announces that he and Skye were just tired of running. Afterward, Luke confides to Lucky that he has a plan for Faith to confess to whacking Detective Duncan, thereby clearing Skye's name. Lucky warns Luke that Luke will probably regret conspiring with a low-life like Faith, then storms away. Meanwhile, Faith contacts the warden, but only to volunteer for the prison work program, without confessing to any crimes.

Heather is appalled when Edward returns with her to her old room above Kelly's, but Heather promises to stand by her new husband, even now that he doesn't have a dime to his name or a place to live. Mike arrives and assures Edward that Edward can start work immediately downstairs. Later, Mike instructs Diego to ride Edward hard and make Edward's job as tough as possible. Afterward, Diego spots Brook Lynn and they end up arguing about Diego's attitude toward Jax, then Brook Lynn unloads her concerns about Kristina's health. When Edward arrives and Diego begins bossing Edward around, Brook Lynn orders a surprised Diego to quit harassing her great-grandfather. Later, Edward confides to Mike that he feels at peace for the first time in a long time. Afterward, Heather arrives at Kelly's and tries to coax Edward into giving Heather the keys to the mansion because she left something important behind, but Edward cheerfully assures his new wife that they already have everything they need. Later, Heather brings Tracy to Kelly's and shows Tracy her father toiling away, waiting tables. Although Tracy gloats, Heather points out that Edward turning his ELQ interests over to Justus will give Justus a controlling interest in the company and could NOT be good for Tracy in the long run. Heather suggests that Tracy and Heather conspire to prove that Edward has lost his grasp on reality and have Edward committed to an institution. Tracy agrees and, later, Heather contacts a psychiatrist and asks if he could evaluate Edward without Edward getting wise to the evaluation.

When Jason and Samantha arrive at the Hospital for birthing class, they are stopped by Monica, who informs them of Kristina's condition and urges Jason to be tested to see if he would be a bone marrow match for Kristina. Meanwhile, Steven meets with Ric and Alexis in Kristina's room and encourages Alexis to make sure that ALL of Kristina's close relatives are tested. After Ric and Steven leave, Alexis confides to Kristina that she believes that Ric is a good guy. At the same time, after Jason leaves to get tested, Sam confides to Monica that Jason makes her feel secure and Monica declares that she believes that Sam has been a good influence on Jason. Later, Monica finds Georgie and Dillon and informs Dillon that Tracy believes that the trinkets missing from the Quartermaine Mansion are being taken by Dillon or Brook Lynn. Dillon protests that he knows nothing about the missing items. However, after Monica leaves, Georgie warns Dillon that he has taken too many items from the mansion to help pay for Luke and Skye's hideout. But Dillon assures Georgie that Luke will soon have all the money he needs and the pilfering can end. Later, Jason runs into Ric and is surprised when Ric asks about Sonny's attitude toward Samantha's unborn child. A suddenly suspicious Jason warns Ric NOT to try to use any of Sonny's children against Sonny. Meanwhile, Sam stops by Kristina's room and asks Alexis if there is anything that Sam could do to make the situation better. Later, Alexis asks Steven how old a child must be to donate bone marrow and Steven replies that a child would have to be at least one year old. Steven again urges Alexis to approach Kristina's biological father as soon as possible so that Kristina's father and his relatives can be tested for matching bone marrow. Alexis assures Steven that her daughter's welfare is always uppermost on her mind. Later, Brook Lynn meets with Dillon and Georgie at the Hospital and complains about her arguments with Diego. All of the teens are disappointed when Monica informs them that NONE of them are matches to donate bone marrow for Kristina. Later, Monica informs Jason and Sam that Jason is NOT a viable donor and that Alexis has asked to speak to Jason. Later, when Jason arrives at Kristina's room, Alexis reminds Jason that it was Alexis who represented Jason when Jason sued for custody of Michael after the Quartermaines learned that AJ was Michael's biological father. Ric arrives in the hallway and, overhearing part of Alexis's conversation with Jason, Ric leaps to the conclusion that Alexis is about ready to spill the beans about Kristina's paternity to Jason. Ric rushes forward, pretending that he believes that Jason is harassing Alexis. Before Alexis can 'correct' Ric's 'mistaken' assumption, Steven arrives with the news that a donor for Kristina has been found.

In Bermuda, Courtney slips into bed beside a sleeping Jax. When Jax awakens, Courtney pours her heart out to Jax, telling Jax that she is finally ready to put the past behind her so she can be with Jax. However, Courtney is shocked when a young woman, wearing only a towel, emerges from the show. The young woman offers to leave, but Courtney declares her intention to be the one who leaves. After Courtney storms away, Jax's date observes that it is obvious that Jax is smitten with Courtney and urges Jax to patch things up with Courtney while he can still do it. Later, Courtney returns to Port Charles and finds Diego at Kelly's. Over a cup of coffee, Courtney confides to Diego that her relationship with Jax is over for good because she found another woman in Jax's hotel room. After Courtney goes inside Kelly's, Jax arrives. Diego guesses that Jax is looking for Courtney and orders Jax to beat it. When Jax tells Diego to mind his own business, Diego slugs Jax and Jax returns the punch.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Heather talks to a psychiatrist outside Kelly's. She tells him that her Edward is unstable and that she is worried about him. Tracy shows up and tells the psychiatrist that Edward gave all his money away and is now working at Kelly's as a waiter. The psychiatrist pretends to be a customer. Edward is very friendly to him and asks him what he would like to order. The psychiatrist talks to him for awhile. Edward sits down and tells him that he has dreams of his late wife, who advises him and supports him in his decision to remarry. The psychiatrist comes back outside afterwards and tells Heather and Tracy that Edward is quite lucid and that there isn't anything particularly wrong about dreaming about a late wife. Heather and Tracy bribe the psychiatrist with a handful of cash to get him to change his tune. He shows up with two attendants in white suits to take Edward away. Heather shows up and acts all innocent and demands to know why Edward is being committed.

Luke gets a call from Faith. Faith is visited by Justus. She tells Luke that she has other plans that may not include confessing to murder after all and that Justus may be able to get her out of prison instead. Justus tells Faith that he will do anything he can within the law to help get her out of prison. Faith tells him she can't take another day in prison and asks him to do something to get her out now. Justus is torn between her and his morals. Meanwhile, Luke tells Skye what happened. Skye worries that Justus will use his sudden windfall from Edward to try to get Faith out of prison. Mac comes into the visiting room and tells Luke he can go now. Luke thinks that Mac means visiting hours are over. He picks up a chair and is ready to hit Mac over the head and help Skye escape. Mac surprises them both when he informs them that Faith confessed to murdering the cop, Duncan. Mac is suspicious about Faith's sudden confession but doesn't suspect Luke and Skye had anything to do with it.

Nikolas and Emily get good news from Ric, that they found a bone-marrow donor for Kristina and that Mac has decided to reconsider the charge of obstructing justice for Nikolas grabbing his gun to shoot Mary with. While they are talking, Nikolas' mysterious look-a-like overhears them. Later, Emily spots the look-a-like and calls out Nikolas' name but the man doesn't respond and walks away. Meanwhile, Alexis is about to tell Jason that Sonny is the father of Kristina, thinking that Jason would sympathizes with her. However, Steven interrupts them to tell them that they found a bone-marrow donor for Kristina. Alexis is relieved and tells Jason that she just wanted to thank him for having the bone-marrow test done to help Kristina. Jason leaves. He arrives at Sonny's just as Carly is about to explain and tell Sonny about Kristina being his daughter and how she knew about it. Jason's interruption stops her from telling Sonny the truth when he announces to them that they found a bone-marrow donor for Kristina. Carly tells Sonny that what she had to tell him wasn't that important and tells them she is going to go visit her father at G.H. Sonny finds the sudden change in Carly's demeanor strange but shrugs it off. Jason informs Sonny that Alcazar hijacked one of their shipments. Sonny tells Jason that Alcazar knows that he can't retaliate since Durant overheard Sonny threaten to kill Alcazar before and that if Alcazar ends up dead, he will be charged with 1st degree murder.

Meanwhile, Alexis talks to Ned and thanks him for being a father figure for Kristina. She apologizes to him for keeping him away from Kristina as well as keeping her from his family as well. Alexis tells him that she almost told Jason that Sonny was Kristina's father. Ned is thankful she didn't. Nikolas shows up at Kristina's room. He hears them talking about Sonny and asks her if Sonny is bothering her. Alexis lies and tells Nikolas that they were really discussing how great Ric has been to her and Kristina. Alexis denies that there is anything more to her relationship with Ric than friendship. Nikolas and Ned don't buy it. Nikolas leaves the room and runs into Emily. Emily asks him how he got to Kristina's room so fast. Nikolas is confused and tells her he has been there for a few minutes at least. Emily tells him that she thought she saw him just a minute ago in the hallway but thinks she just saw someone who looked like him. Later, Emily takes a bath. A man enters the bathroom and touches Emily's neck and face. Emily turns around and is startled to see someone who looks identical to Nikolas but isn't quite him.

Jax and Diego get into a fight. Diego punches Jax in the face first after accusing Jax of being a jerk to Courtney. Jax punches him back. Courtney runs out of Kelly's and only sees that Jax punched Diego. She asks him why he would punch a kid and accuses him of being a fake. Jax defends himself by telling her that Diego hit him first and that he is hardly a kid. Courtney gets upset and tells Jax off. Jax tells her she is really upset with him because he slept with another woman. Meanwhile, Diego goes back inside of Kelly's. He accuses Brook Lynn of being a snob just like Jax because she comes from money. Brook Lynn gets upset and storms out. Courtney accuses Jax of being a fake again. Jax tells her he is in love with her. Courtney doesn't believe he is really in love with her. Jax tells her she has to start over again with someone and tells her that it should be him. Courtney disagrees with him and tells him she plans to start over again in the future with some man but she doesn't see it being him. She tells him that she needs to be able to trust the man she is with and she can't trust him to love and take care of her. Jax tells her goodbye and that he will miss her. Diego apologizes to her for hitting Jax. She tells him to stop using violence to solve his problems. Alcazar shows up at Kelly's and tells her he wants her to deliver a message to her brother Sonny for him. Jason shows up and tells Alcazar to leave Courtney out of Sonny's business and tell him what message he wants to give Sonny. Diego is excited to see Jason and Alcazar talking and wants to be part of that world. Courtney worries about him and tells him that the world he wants to be part of is too dangerous and violent and will only get him killed. Alcazar tells Jason that he can do anything he wants against Sonny and that there is nothing he can do to him without being charged with murder because of his threat to him. Meanwhile, Carly tells Steven that she can't tell Sonny that Kristina is his child now but almost did earlier since Sonny wouldn't be able to get past that and forgive her for keeping that secret. Carly goes to see Durant. Durant tells her he is going to have follow-up surgery in Manhattan. Carly offers to go with him back to New York City and be there for him when he has the surgery. Carly tells Sonny about her plans. Sonny isn't pleased but doesn't say no. Carly wheels Durant after he is released. Durant had talked to Steven and told him he hoped that his relationship with Carly is solid enough to withstand the fact that he will some day put her husband behind bars. As Carly leaves with Durant, Sonny hears a distraught Alexis arguing with Steven. He approaches them. Steven tells him that the woman who was a bone-marrow donor for Kristina was killed in a car accident on the way to the hospital. Steven tries to reassure her that they will find another donor and that someone out there will be a match.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Connor kidnaps Emily and brings her to Mary's cabin where he intends to kill her. He changes his mind and, instead, turns the gun towards himself. Emily talks him out of killing himself just as a gun-carrying Nikolas arrives to find her comforting Connor.

Alexis makes a full confession to Ric, who promises to keep the secret that Kristina is Sonny's daughter. In New York City, Durant's ex-wife warns Carly that he only gets close to people if he wants something from them. At the same time, Durant admits to Steven that Carly is more important to him than his vendetta against Sonny.

A worried Courtney asks Brook Lynn to talk to Diego, who apparently wants a life just like Sonny, Jason and Lorenzo's. Diego fails in his attempt to warn Lorenzo that he overheard Sonny and Jason planning to retaliate against him. After Jason plants a bomb in Lorenzo's warehouse, Brook Lynn and Diego get locked inside as Lorenzo arrives and the bomb goes off.

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