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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on GH
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Alexis arrives to take Emily to see Nikolas in prison, but Connor immediately objects. Emily questions him on it, and he tells her it's too dangerous and Helena might follow her and realize that Nikolas is still in prison. Alexis agrees with him, but Emily won't listen. She tells them that she's going to visit Nikolas regardless of what anyone says, and she does. Later, after making love to Nikolas, she explains the plan to him but he worries that it's too dangerous. Emily promises that Luke will figure it all out, but Nikolas isn't so sure. Their visit is over when the guard arrives, and his suggestive remarks to Emily cause Nikolas to lose it and attack him. Meanwhile, Connor stays back at the Haunted Star and is surprised to see Helena walk into the room. He plays the part of Nikolas quite well, but it's apparent that Helena is unsure and is trying to test him. She's unable to get a rise out of him when she insults both Connor and Mary, but she catches Connor off guard when she eventually comes right out and asks if he's really not her grandson.

Sam is stunned to find Bridget at her door, asking for her baby. Bridget clarifies and explains she just wants to see the baby, not take her with her. Sam is somewhat relieved and hesitantly allows Bridget to hold Hope. Jason returns from checking out Sonny's penthouse and is also surprised to find Bridget at his apartment. Bridget thanks them for providing such a good home for her daughter, but Jason angers her when he tells her that Courtney is looking for her. Bridget storms out of the apartment, but is stopped by Courtney who is waiting in the hallway. Courtney exchanges harsh words with Bridget, but surprises the girl by not calling the police on her but rather offering her a place to live. Bridget accepts and goes with Courtney, leaving Sam upset that Jason's ex is now helping the woman whose baby they want to adopt. Sam protests to Jason, but he tells her it isn't what she thinks. She continues to press that Courtney is not over him and is using Bridget to stay in his life, but Jason disagrees. Sam admits to being jealous of Courtney, and Jason tries to make her feel better by complimenting her, but Sam asks him to stop.

Courtney arrives at her loft with Bridget and sets rules for the teen to follow. Bridget agrees, and later Jax arrives despite his earlier fight with Courtney over her housing Bridget. Jax and Courtney help Bridget feel welcome and tell her to settle in, but rather than unpack in her bedroom, she decides to spy on a moment of closeness between the two where they can't see her.

Ric runs into the lab tech who told him about Kristina's true paternity, and the tech attempts to blackmail him. Ric threatens to kill the man if he ever tells the truth, and goes on his way. He sees Liz at Kelly's and asks her if she thinks he's changed. Liz sits with him, and admits it's clear that he didn't just marry Alexis to get back at Sonny, but that he really cares for her and Kristina. Ric thanks Liz for her kind words and returns to find Alexis at home. Unbeknownst to Ric, the lab tech paid Alexis a visit and told her the truth, so when Ric arrives home he finds a stone-faced Alexis. She accuses him of always knowing about Kristina's father, and tells him that he used her.

Carly and Lorenzo get stuck in the hospital elevator together, and once Carly calms down at the idea, the two begin to talk about Diego. Carly implores Lorenzo to not allow his son to leave for Mexico without establishing a relationship first. Lorenzo reminds her he knows nothing about being a father, but Carly tells him that both he and Diego deserve better. She makes Lorenzo see the situation in a new light, and he thanks her for caring enough to help him. The maintenance people are able to get the elevator open finally, and Steven is surprised to see that Alcazar was in the elevator with Carly. He immediately accuses Lorenzo of purposely jamming the elevator in order to get time alone with Carly, but Lorenzo dismisses Steven and leaves. Carly is irritated with Steven's accusation as well, but Steven tells her he's read up on Alcazar and knows how he operates. Carly grows angry with Steven for checking up on the men in her life, and she leaves. Later she goes to Sonny's new house, and as she enters the front door, she finds a gun being held to her head.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Amazingly, Connor manages to convince Helena that he is indeed Nikolas. However, after meeting the insane old woman, he isn't so sure he wants him nor Emily to be "bait" for Helena anymore. He isn't so sure this plan is going to work, and is very sure it's not safe. Emily doesn't care and wants to hear Luke's new plan out. Luke thinks Emily should pretend to be pregnant with Nikolas' child, and they can keep Connor (a.k.a Nikolas) in hiding so Helena thinks he's off in Europe somewhere. Luke will be right behind Emily, waiting to grab her and drag her down to the prison. Emily is somewhat persuaded by Connor to think about this crazy plan, but eventually decides she trusts Luke and will do whatever it takes to rescue her husband. Luke believes Helena won't harm Emily if she's pregnant with a Cassadine heir.

The mysterious figure watches as Carly and Jordan discuss redecorating Sonny's new house. Carly leaves and heads over to Courtney, only to find a barely dressed Bridget and Jax. It seems that Jax was going from shower to bedroom and Bridget was just getting a soda and going back to her room, but Carly isn't convinced. When Courtney gets home Carly tells her that Bridget is using her and that Bridget had eyes for Jax. Carly thinks Bridget is nothing but trouble. Bridget is shocked that Courtney believes her and appears to be touched by Courtney's outreach.

Jason tells Sam that he's over Courtney and wants to be with Sam, and is happy being with Sam. Sam and Jason retire to the bedroom for a while, and then spend some quality time together with Hope.

Ric tries to tell Alexis that he wasn't just using her to get at Sonny, and that he honestly fell in love with her. Alexis is stubborn, and Ric accuses her of using any excuse to get rid of him. Ric leaves after telling her she'll wake up in the middle of the night and realize she's alone. Alexis comforts herself cuddling with Kristina, and admits that she wishes Ric were there with them. Ric goes over to Sonny's new house and walks in. Jordan is there and wonders if he realized he was breaking and entering. Ric looks lost, and mentions that he wanted to see what Sonny took right out from underneath him. Jordan rationalizes that Ric and Alexis will find another house, and Ric tells her there is no more "Ric and Alexis." Ric pours his heart out to Jordan, who lends a listening ear.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

At Kelly's, Liz is surprised when Lucky and Emily announce that Emily is expecting a baby. However, after Emily leaves, Lucky explains that Emily's 'news' is just a ruse to lure Helena out of hiding. Meanwhile, aboard The Haunted Star, Luke explains his plan to Skye, gloating that Helena will not be able to resist the possibility of getting her hooks into a new Cassadine heir. However, they are interrupted when Emily barges in and announces that she can NOT lie to her friends and family about an expected baby. They are soon joined by Liz and Lucky, who assure Emily that they are willing to go along with her charade. Luke becomes enraged when Lucky suggests that Luke is more interested in beating Helena than in protecting Emily. Lucky points out that Luke will be lost when there are no more Cassadines left to defeat. After Lucky storms away, Skye suggests to Luke that Lucky COULD be right. When Luke blows off Skye's concern, Skye also storms out. However, Skye returns later and Luke confesses that he is ready to leave the past behind him and look forward to a new life -- and it is all because of Skye. Skye admits that she is crazy about Luke and Luke again assures Skye that he is ready to be done with the past. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Emily confides that she is afraid that lying about a baby to her parents COULD be tempting fate. However, Liz assures Emily that Luke's plan COULD guarantee that Nikolas will soon be enjoying freedom.

Lorenzo runs into Carly on the docks and is surprised to learn that Sonny has taken the children to the Island and Carly is busy catching up on errands in the meantime. When Carly encourages Lorenzo to make another attempt to make amends with Diego, Lorenzo sadly reports that he believes that there is no hope to salvage his relationship with his son and then wonders WHY Lorenzo's relationship with Diego would be of ANY interest to Carly. Carly assures Lorenzo that she truly believes that Lorenzo deserves some happiness after all of the tragedies that have governed his life. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn and Lois meet at Kelly's and Brook confides that she is sad because Diego has left town. Lois assures Brook that Diego has Brook's phone number and will surely call as soon as Diego is settled. Later, Georgie, Dillon and Lucas meet Brook on the docks and invite Brook to take in a film festival with them. However, Brook suspects that they are trying to set her up with Lucas, and turns down their invitation. Later, Lorenzo stops by Sonny's new house and, finding Jason inspecting the security, Lorenzo announces that he has some business he needs to discuss with Sonny. When Jason explains that Sonny is out of town, Lorenzo tries to discover WHEN Sonny will return. However, Jason guesses that Lorenzo plans to make another attempt to win Carly and is trying to figure out how long Sonny will be gone so Lorenzo can make a new attempt at sweet-talking Carly. Lorenzo coldly informs Jason that Jason is wrong, and then leaves.

As Courtney gets ready to leave her apartment, Bridget asks WHY Courtney is taking so much time to make sure that the adoption of Bridget's baby goes smoothly, and Courtney explains that Jason is Courtney's ex-husband. Meanwhile, at Jason's Penthouse, Jason and Samantha make plans for a shopping spree for Baby Hope. Later, Courtney spots Jason and Sam as they are gathering up their purchases for the baby and notices that Jason gives Sam a lingering kiss before leaving for other errands. At the same time, Jax returns to Courtney's apartment and Bridget begins quizzing Jax about Jason, demanding to know if Jax believes that Jason would make a good father for Bridget's baby. Later, as Jax tries to tiptoe around his REAL opinion about Jason, Bridget guesses that Jax is NOT all that enthused about Jason. Jax finally admits that he does NOT really consider Jason a friend, but believes that Jason would be able to provide a good home for baby Hope. Later, Courtney catches up with Sam and Baby Hope at Kelly's, and explains about the adoption papers that need to be signed. Courtney assures Sam that Courtney will drop the papers off at the Penthouse later in the day. Courtney is unnerved when Sam assures Courtney that Sam and Jason are 'very happy together.' After speaking with Sam, Courtney meets with Carly and confides her suspicion that Jason and Sam are now sharing a bed. After Courtney leaves, Carly receives a call from John Durant, alerting Carly that Dr. Steven Webber has uncovered new evidence against Lorenzo Alcazar, and Carly rushes off. Later, when Courtney drops the adoption papers off at Jason's Penthouse, Courtney finds Jason just returning home. Courtney suggests that one hitch in the adoption procedure COULD be because the court would have questions about the domestic relationship between Jason and Sam. When Jason suggests that he and Sam COULD get married if that would insure custody of Baby Hope, Courtney warns Jason that getting married just to insure custody is NOT really a good foundation for a marriage. Jason then confirms that he is officially 'together' with Sam. Courtney is stunned by Jason's frank admission and rushes away, but breaks down in tears beside the elevator. Later, Courtney runs into Bridget on the docks and confides the details about Courtney's lost baby to the young woman. Jax happens along and overhears the two women talking but ducks out of sight without hearing Courtney assure Bridget that Courtney has moved beyond her past relationship with Jason and is now happy in her relationship with Jax. Meanwhile, Samantha returns home and Jason confides that he told Courtney the truth about his relationship with Sam. Sam reports that Sam assured Courtney that Jason and Sam 'were very happy together,' when Courtney asked about Sam's relationship with Jason.

As he hurries past Kelly's, Steven is stunned when a police officer stops him and informs Steven that the case files that Steven ordered on the Mary Bishop case are ready for Steven at the Port Charles Police Department. Steven is even more suspicious when he learns that it was John Durant who actually ordered the files. Meanwhile, Carly barges into Lorenzo's apartment and announces that John told her that there is now evidence that ties Lorenzo to Mary Bishop's murder. Carly is shocked when she realizes that Lois is there and overheard Carly's warning to Lorenzo.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sonny is surprised when Jordan shows up at the island. He asks her why she is there. She tells him she is decorating his new house now and Carly gave her some suggestions. Sonny assumes that Carly tried to boss her around and take over the decorating. She surprises him when she tells him Carly only made some suggestions and that she had no interest in taking over the decorating. Sonny invites her to stay there on the island tonight. She tells him she has nothing appropriate to wear. Sonny tells Michael that he can't go out swimming with him right now and that he is taking Jordan out to dinner tonight. He asks him if she is here to talk about his divorce. Sonny doesn't really give him an answer and tells him he is going to go shower and reminds Michael to mind Leticia. The phone rings and Michael answers it. It is the intruder who has been wandering around Sonny's new home. He asks Michael if Sonny is there. Michael tells him he is in the shower right now. The intruder asks Michael how things are going on the island. Michael tells him everything is fine there. The unknown intruder tape records the phone conversation for some mysterious reason and calls some unknown person to tell him/her everything is going as planned. Later, Jordan comes out to show Sonny the dress she is wearing that she found in the closet that fits her. Sonny gives her a diamond necklace to wear with it. He puts it on her and the close proximity unnerves her and she tells Sonny she can't do this with him and that she just wants to be his lawyer. She tells him she has changed her mind about dinner and that she is going to try to catch the next flight out tonight. Sonny doesn't stop her but is pleased that he effected her in some sexual way. Meanwhile, Carly goes to see Alcazar to warn him that her father and Steven are after him in connection to Mary Bishop's murder. Lois is there and asks what is going on. She confronts Alcazar about lying to her about his involvement in Mary Bishop's murder. Carly leaves. Alcazar makes no apologies about Mary's death since she killed his niece. Lois asks him if he plans to have Steven and John Durant killed if they charge him with her murder. Alcazar tells her he will do anything to protect his family and those he loves and tells her if she can't deal with that she should just leave right now. Carly finds Steven at the hospital and warns him that he could get himself killed if he goes after Alcazar. Steven asks her if she is concerned about his safety or Alcazar's. Steven had already called John Durant earlier to tell him he will no longer be his lackey and that he no longer will help him bring down Alcazar. Steven explains to Carly that John Durant asked him to look at the forensic evidence on the Mary Bishop murder and that he found evidence that linked Alcazar to her murder and that John chose to sit on the evidence and not bring any charges against Alcazar at the time. Carly realizes John is bringing charges against Alcazar to keep him away from her. Steven tells her John doesn't like Alcazar or him near her. Carly tells him that John has no right to run her life since she is an adult and she tells him she chooses to be by herself without a man for now. She takes off looking for Durant at Kelly's and runs into Lois. Lois asks to speak to her right now. Carly assures her she just wanted to warn Alcazar since Mary Bishop deserved to die since she killed his niece. She tells Lois she has no interest in Alcazar romantically and that she isn't in love with him at all. Lois fears the worst is going to happen to Alcazar. Alcazar is at the hotel when Steven shows up asking him why he wanted to see him. Alcazar has no idea what he is talking about and tells him he got a message that he wanted him to meet him there instead of the other way around. Mac and the cops show up at the hotel and he tells them they are both arrested, Alcazar for Mary Bishop's murder and Steven, for covering it up. Carly shows up to see Mac arrest them.

Lucky shows up at the hospital to see Emily and Liz. He asks them if the plan has been set in motion yet. Emily tells him she just called her parents and left them a message. Lucky tells them he will meet them later. Emily feels guilty about lying to her parents about being pregnant. Alan and Monica agree to shuffle their schedules around to meet her at the house so she can make her big announcement to the family. Meanwhile, Tracy is dismayed to find Luke and Skye waiting for her in the living room. They confront her about working for Helena. She denies it when she sees that Dillon is in the room. Luke and Skye tell her they have written proof that she called Helena from her cell phone. Tracy admits to helping Helena only because she needed the money that Helena promised to help bail out ELQ. Luke forces her to call Helena and help them with their plan. Tracy calls Helena on her cell phone. Helena tells her the plan is in motion but Tracy informs her that Emily is pregnant with Nikolas' child. Helena doesn't tell her anything over the phone. Tracy tells them she doesn't know where Helena is hiding right now. Tracy storms off in a huff. Skye comforts Dillon when she sees how upset he is with Tracy. He tells her that despite how angry and disappointed he is with his mother right now, he doesn't want to see Helena kill her either. Skye and Luke try to assure him that Tracy will come out of this fine. Skye comes up with a better plan than the original and tells them. Luke gives Dillon the keys to his office and tells him to bring something to Lucky to use. Meanwhile, Lucky has Emily dress up as a cop in winter gear as a disguise for their plan. Emily goes to change. Liz is excited about the plan and how dangerous it is. She keeps rambling on about it and Lucky kisses her. She asks him he kissed her because she was talking too much or because he wanted to. He tells her he wanted to since he liked how excited she looked and it reminded him of when they were younger. Liz tells him she liked the kiss. They get on the subject of her son. Lucky asks her if she would mind if he spent more time with her and her son now that he will be suspended for awhile. Liz tells him she would like that very much. Emily comes out wearing a long robe with a hood to cover her face. Dillon shows up and gives Lucky the gun he found in Luke's office. Lucky takes it. Dillon tells them that they got his mother to help them by calling Helena and telling her about Emily's pregnancy. Dillon has no time to spend with Georgie when he sees her on the docks. He tells her he has to help Luke with his plan and explains how upset he is with his mother for working with Helena. He kisses Georgie goodbye and heads off for the mansion. Meanwhile, Helena is in cahoots with Coleman, who agrees to kidnap Emily but not to kill her. Helena tells him he isn't going to have to kill Emily since she needs her to be alive until she gives birth to Nikolas' child then she won't have any further use of her. Alan and Monica show up at home and wonder why Emily isn't here yet. Dillon shows up and tells him he just saw Emily pull up and she should be in any minute. Tracy is nervous and then she sees Helena standing out on the patio watching them from outside. Helena sees a hooded figure and thinks it is Emily. She points a gun at the figure and is surprised when Skye turns around. Luke comes up from behind Helena and tells her he outsmarted her this time and the game is over. However, Emily finds Lucky lying on the floor unconscious and tries to help him. A black masked figure comes up and grabs her and carries her off screaming.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Bridget is about to make a surprising announcement for Courtney. Meanwhile, Jason drives home the point that he's in love with Sam. He leaves her positively stunned when he asks her to marry him!

Things don't exactly as Helena had planned. In fact, they take a one-eighty, and backfire on her. Luke, however, isn't satisfied that she has been stopped and still has deadly plans for his greatest foe.

To help Steven and Alcazar, Carly pulls a fast one. Alexis worries that Kristina is spending too much time with Sonny's family and that the Corinthos influence could spell trouble for her daughter. Although Ric is trying desperately to regain Alexis's trust, they remain estranged.

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