General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on GH
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Emily goes to Pentonville to see Nikolas in prison, but it's clear that she can't put his physical resemblance to Connor aside. Nikolas tries to touch and be close to his wife, but Emily evades him and pushes him away. She chalks her unease up to Lucky's dire condition, and she tells Nikolas that Luke wants to remove Lucky from his life support. Nikolas doesn't believe that Luke will go through with it, but Emily's fear at being touched by Nikolas cause her to lash out about Lucky's bad state, and the fact that he could soon be dead thanks to Luke. Nikolas tries to calm her down by hugging and kissing her, but Emily's attempts to not think of Connor are futile and she shoves Nikolas away, screaming for him to never touch her.

Luke continues to fight with those around him, insisting he'll help save his son from the slow death of being kept alive by machines. Skye implores him to give Lucky a year to try to recover, but Luke can't sit by and watch his son waste away. He sits one last time with Lucky, and remembers times from when Lucky was a little boy. Luke emotionally sings a song to his comatose son, and then he gets up and turns the machine off. Luke looks over at Lucky, and frantically begs him to breathe.

Realizing Faith is the one behind Kristina's kidnapping, Sonny takes matters into his own hands and has his men grab Justice. Reese reminds Sonny that she's the professional and should handle things, but Sonny refuses to listen to her. Justus demands to know what is going on, and Sonny tells him that Faith has Kristina. Justus is stunned, but swears he has no idea where Faith has been since she escaped prison. He promises Sonny to help in any way that he can, and Sonny has Justus accompany him to drop the money off. As the two men wait, they see a figure emerge with a baby carriage. Justus walks forward with the bag of money, and sets it on the ground. The figure shoots Justus, and grabs the bag and runs, leaving the baby carriage where Sonny can chase after it. Reese grabs an ailing Justus as he hits the ground, while Sonny is stunned to look inside the stroller and not find Kristina, but rather a doll in her place.

As Jason and Sam continue to try to track Faith and Kristina, they come across a computer with tons of photographs connected to the kidnapping. They attempt to zero in on two people on the side of one of the photos, and Jason is sickened to realize the two people in the photograph are Michael and Morgan. Meanwhile, Carly continues to rail John for trying to insinuate into her son's lives, but John reminds her that they had a deal. John admires Carly for her spunk, and tells her that she gets it from him, but that he won't give up and let her push him away. Bobbie calls and interrupts their argument, pleading with Carly to come and help her immediately. Carly hesitates, and tells Bobbie she can't leave the boys, but John begs her to allow him to babysit. Michael is happy to spend the time playing videogames with his grandfather, so Carly relents and agrees to meet her mom. While she's gone, John answers the door and appears to have been waiting for whoever is on the other side, but later Carly returns to find all three bodyguards unconscious in the hallway. Terrified, she rushes into her apartment to find John bleeding and telling her that the boys are gone.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Alexis rages a war against Sonny when Jason and Sam show up with a possible lead to Faith and the kids.

Sam and Jason later follow a lead to Louisiana but don't share the information with Reese or Sonny. Carly and Ric disagree with Reese's suspicion that Durant is working with Faith.

Faith holds Michael, Morgan and Kristina hostage in a Louisiana house surrounded by a swamp. Michael tries to make a quick escape but doesn't get far. Meanwhile, Reese finds a clue that Michael left behind in his room.

Much to Skye's disappointment, Luke continues to be emotionally distant with her. Liz encourages Emily to get some therapy and to open up to Nikolas about Connor raping her. Emily catches Liz writing a note to Nikolas and assumes she's telling him about Connor.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Faith shows up at GH to visit a wounded Justus, but he betrays her by summoning help when she asks him to go on the run with her. Trying to flee the hospital, Faith is forced to temporarily take Brook Lynn captive. Meanwhile, Emily crashes and tells Nikolas she wants a divorce.

Faith tells Ric that she kidnapped Kristina because of him then knocks him out. Reese worries that Sonny is having a nervous breakdown and begs him to trust that she can safely bring home his children. Later, Sonny comes face to face with Faith in the stairwell at GH.

Michael makes a swift escape from the mansion. At the same time, Jason and Sam sneak into a Louisiana brothel where Sam is forced to pretend she's a hooker. Another prostitute on the premises tells them about Faith's mansion, but when they get there, it's empty.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Emily finds the letter that Liz is writing to Nikolas telling him about Emily's rape. Emily snaps at Liz and tells her that if she sends that letter to Nikolas she will never speak to her again. Liz gets a call on her cell-phone from Nikolas. He tells her he thinks he knows what happened with Emily and wants to talk to her. Liz shows up at the prison. He tells her he thinks that Emily blames herself for killing Connor. Liz realizes that Nikolas doesn't suspect anything about the rape and she doesn't tell him. She tells him that Emily has a lot going on right now. Nikolas tells her not to tell Emily that she came to see him at his request. Meanwhile, Emily goes to visit Lucky, who is still in a coma but is in a private room instead of I.C.U. Emily tells him she wishes he was awake so she can ask for his help since he has always been there for her to help her through a difficult time. She tells him her life is falling apart. Later, Luke shows up to visit with Lucky. He tells Lucky that his friends don't know him like they think they do since they all gave up on him being able to breathe on his own. Skye shows up and seems frantic. She tells him that Faith has been seen in the hospital. Luke doesn't seem to care what Faith is doing. Skye feels guilty since they were the ones who helped her escape from prison and now she has gone and kidnapped all of Sonny's children, especially Kristina, whom she loves like a daughter. Luke tells her she isn't to blame for what happened since Faith did this on her own without their help. Meanwhile, Emily apologizes to Liz for lashing out at her. Liz tells her she would never have sent the letter without showing it to her first. Emily gets a call on her cell-phone from Nikolas. Nikolas tells her the warden allowed him another visit with her today. Emily tries to make an excuse why she can't come but Nikolas tells her he just wants to talk to her. Emily agrees to come see him. She gets there and Nikolas tells her he realizes she has gone through a lot lately. Emily shocks Nikolas when she tells him she came to ask him for a divorce.

Jason tells the madam of the bordello that he wants Sam as his prostitute. The madam asks Sam what she is doing there since she isn't one of her girls. Sam uses a fake Southern accent and tells the madam that she just got there from Houston and claims to be the best there is. The madam tells her she has to be seen by some guy first and get his approval first before she is hired. Jason tries to pay the madam more money to make the exception. The madam is firm in her rules and calls out to the guy to come out. He checks out Sam and grabs her and throws her over his shoulder and heads to the bedroom. Jason picks some other girl out and goes with her in the back bedrooms. He pays her extra money to tell him if she knows if there is any kids living nearby. He pays the woman some more money and tells her she has that time free to hang out in her room. Sam manages to get away from the other guy. She tells Jason they need to find Faith right now and that she has only five minutes before the guy comes looking for her. Suddenly they hear a baby crying. Meanwhile, Michael talks to Faith's goon and tells him that if he helps him escape he will get his father to pay him a lot of money. The goon tells him to shut up and ignores him. Michael notices that there is a house next door and that there is a door on the other side of the room. He takes Morgan's lollypop away to get him to cry to create a diversion since there is only one guy inside the room. He runs out the other door. Faith's goon is distracted by Morgan and trying to get him to stop crying. Jason and Sam investigate where they heard a baby crying. They find out that the prostitute that Jason just paid to answer his questions has a child she is hiding in her room. Jason shows her a picture of Faith and asks her if she has seen her. The woman tells her she has seen her recently and thinks she knows where she is staying. Jason and Sam show up at the house next door and find evidence children were there. Sam picks up a baby bottle of juice and tells him it is still cold which means the kidnappers probably just left. Meanwhile, nearby, Michael manages to show up at the bordello and tells the madam at the door that he and his siblings have been kidnapped and held next door.

Sonny confronts Durant at the hotel. He accuses him of being behind the boys' kidnapping. Carly is right behind Sonny and tries to stop him from hurting her father. Durant denies having anything to do with his grandsons' kidnapping. Carly gets in front of Sonny and asks Durant if he had anything to do with the kidnapping. Durant denies he would do anything to his grandsons. Durant gets a phone call on his cell-phone. He informs them that he just got word that Faith was seen at the hospital. Carly tells Sonny that she thinks her father is telling her the truth about not being involved. Meanwhile, at G.H. Faith poses an orderly to get in to see Justus. Justus opens his eyes and asks her if she is there to finish the job. Faith swears she didn't shoot him and never ordered her men to do it either. Justus confronts her about kidnapping Sonny's kids. Faith tells him she is only sane when she is around him and asks him to run away with her again. Justus tells her it won't work this time and asks her to turn herself in. Faith refuses to do that. Justus pushes his call button for the nurse. Faith realizes what he is doing and accuses him of setting her up to get the police to catch her. He pleads with her to turn herself in right now. Brook Lynn notices Justus' call for a nurse and answers the phone after talking to Diego at the nurses' station. She heads to Justus' room just as Faith hightails it out of his room. Justus tells her to call the cops and let them know that Faith was just in his room and is in the hospital. Brook Lynn chases after Faith. Faith pulls out a gun and grabs Brook Lynn in front of Diego. She threatens to kill her if Diego doesn't back off and let her in the elevator. Diego backs off and tells her he will help her escape if she lets Brook Lynn go. He offers himself as her hostage instead. Faith isn't interested. Diego causes a diversion and Brook Lynn manages to get loose and hide near the nurses' station. Faith almost shoots Diego but he throws her the keys to his car and lets her escape. Later, Sonny shows up at the hospital and wants to know where Faith is. Mac and the S.W.A.T. team are there to find her. Sonny insists on being involved. Mac orders Sonny to stay out of it and let them do their job. Sonny refuses to back off. Ric had just returned to the hospital to have Alexis return to her hospital room for her bedrest. Ric tells Mac to let Sonny do what he needs to do and to not interfere. Durant shows up as well as Carly. Durant tells Ric that Sonny shouldn't be allowed to call the shots and he should be arrested for trying to attack him with a broken bottle at the hotel earlier. Sonny thanks Ric for supporting him with the cops. Reese approaches Sonny and asks him if he wants to ruin any chance of finding his kids and reprimands him for almost trying to attack Durant and go off on his own and tries to get him to cooperate and let the professionals like her do her job. Sonny isn't interested in letting the cops do anything and takes off to find Faith on his own. Ric goes looking for Alexis in the hospital. He goes to Alexis' room to find Faith there with a gun aimed at him. Faith tells him that she kidnapped Kristina because of him more than because of Sonny since she would have been satisfied enough just to have kidnapped his sons. She admits to him that she was the one who pushed Liz down the stairs when he was married to her and caused her to lose their child and she tells him she could easily do that again with Alexis. Ric realizes that Sonny was never to blame for that. Ric tries to stop her but she hits him with her gun and knocks him down to get away. Ric sits up and calls Mac on his cell-phone to tell him that Faith is on the fourth floor. Faith runs down the stairs but Sonny chases her and knocks her against the wall and points his gun at her and tells her to tell him where his kids are. She tells him he will never see his kids again. Later, Reese talks to Carly alone to ask her if Sonny will snap like he has done in the past and tells her that she needs to know what Sonny is capable of so she can help him find his children.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Emily tells Nikolas during a visit that she wants a divorce. Nikolas doesn't believe her, and asks her what's really going on. Emily cries as she tells Nikolas that it's over. Nikolas refuses to let go of Emily because of what happened with Connor. Nikolas knows that Emily blames herself for Connor's murder and is trying to punish herself as penitence for the murder. He tells her that she was just trying to defend herself. But she tells him that he's got it all wrong, that she can't live like this, constantly visiting him in prison. She feels trapped every time she visits the dreadful walls and unwelcome place. Emily calls herself weak and selfish, and tells him that she doesn't like being there. "I can't be married to you anymore; there's too much pain..." Emily leaves the visitation room, in tears. Nikolas sits at the visitation table and rethinks Emily's breakdown after his kiss. He stands up and kicks his chair into the wall in frustration. The warden comes in, threatening to take him back to solitary, but Nikolas needs to call his wife again. The warden, David, tells Nikolas that everything's different because he's in jail. But Nikolas disagrees, and knows that there's something else going on, vowing to figure it out. Nikolas leaves Emily a message on her machine: this will be the last call in a while, and he's used up all of the visits, so he tells Emily to take care of herself and to do whatever she needs to do. The machine beeps to end the message just before he could tell her that she loves him.

Sam and Jason just missed the kidnappers at their second hideout spot. Just before they retreat, the door begins to open. Jason and Sam post on each side of the door, Jason's gun out and ready as the door opens. But it's just Candy, one of the town's prostitutes, there to assist them in finding the children. Just seconds after Michael leaves with the mystery man, Candy returns to the whorehouse. Jason and Sam visit the house to get the scoop from Bella, the woman that answered the door for Michael. She gave them all the information they needed to know that the kidnappers are nearby. Sam and Jason return to their hotel and Jason expresses his concerns that Michael is becoming more like he and Sonny. When he worries that Michael will get himself killed, Sam tells Jason he shouldn't underestimate Michael intelligence and common sense.

Michael knocks on the door of the whorehouse and asks the woman who answers the door to call the police, the kidnappers are right behind him. But before she could, the mystery man comes up behind Michael. The mystery man introduces himself to the woman as Michael's father and coaxes Michael into ending the charade and returning to his brother and sister. Faith, at the abandoned house, throws her cell phone into a trash near the children after a frustrating call. Michael retrieves it from the garbage and calls Sonny at a moment of clearance. But before Michael could tell him anything, Faith grabs the phone from him and says, "Little boys never learn; that was your last mistake." Sonny hears a gunshot on the other end!

Sonny chases Faith down the staircase and slams her into the door, demanding she tell him where his kids are. She tells him that if he kills her, his kids are dead, but Sonny is willing to take his chances. Alexis rushes down the staircase to stop Sonny, ensuing a struggle with the gun between Sonny and Faith that ends with the gun going off and Alexis going down. Faith scampers up the staircase with Sonny in hot pursuit; Ric rushes to his wife's aid, relieved to see that Alexis wasn't shot. Ric gets Alexis back into her bed and stresses that if she wants this baby, she needs to stay in bed. Alexis assures him that he wants their child, but doesn't regret stopping Sonny from killing Faith. Ric commends her, agreeing that he would've done the same thing. On his way to the waiting room, Dr. Meadows tells Ric that he and Alexis need to be more concerned for the baby. Ric assures her that they will, and sighs as he sits on the sofa. Liz walks over to him and gives him the pink bear that belongs to Kristina to give to Alexis. When Ric returns to the room, Alexis tells him of the dream she had - Kristina rubs her hand upon her cheek and tells Alexis that she's okay, and that Michael is taking care of her. Ric believes that her dream was a sign that Kristina is safe, and hands the bear over to her. Alexis pulls Ric to him in a hug, holding the bear tight in her hands.

In the General Hospital lobby, Carly refuses to help Agent Marshall with the investigation but is there to see Alcazar give Reese a lead - a picture of the mystery man. Alcazar tells Agent Marshall that the mystery man's name is William Peavey, a hired gunman of Faith's who was in the contact book of another one of Faith's associates, Royal. Alcazar reports that he tried to contact the numbers but most of them were from out of state. Before Alcazar could say where, Agent Marshall answers Louisiana. She knew the location because Michael left them a clue in Carly's apartment: a note with two names on it - Louis and Ana. Alcazar tells Carly, "that's one resourceful boy." Sonny returns to the GH lobby to report that Faith got away because of Reese's backup. But before he could fully assault the FBI, Sonny calls Jason and finds out that he and Sam are in Lafayette Perish, Louisiana. Sonny tells Jason he's on his way there, but Carly stops him just short of the elevator, exclaiming, "Sonny, you're not going!" Sonny and Agent Reese leave for Louisiana. In the waiting area, Carly tells Alcazar that she's hoping for Faith to mess up. Alcazar insists that Faith's plan is slowly unraveling and that it'll be a matter of time before the boys are safely home.

Courtney enters her apartment to see her living room furniture rearranged and Rachel in her black sweater and boots that Rachel insists look better on her. When Courtney expresses her appall, Rachel tells her to get used to change. Courtney tries to return her living room to the original arrangement and Rachel comes in to help her. Courtney tells her that she's ready for her to leave, that there will be no more blackmail, and that she's turning Rachel in for AJ's murder. Rachel threatens Jax's life, and Courtney promises Rachel that if she even touches Jax, she will kill Rachel herself. Rachel backs away and tells Courtney that she wasn't always like this - Steven ruined her life. Rachel took sole responsibility for both her and Steven's actions during a surgery. Steven knows about her sacrifice, but continues to live his dream while she starts from the bottom. Courtney insists that Rachel needs therapy, but all Rachel wants is Steven dead and for Courtney to make it happen. Courtney leaves her apartment and bumps into Steven in the hall. Rachel listens from the door as Steven assures Courtney that he wants to put the past of Rachel and his mistakes behind him.

Liz gives Steven a cup of coffee to help with his worn demeanor and sits with him, wondering if Carly appreciates all the work he's been doing on the kidnapping case. Steven insists that it's not about Carly, but truly about the kids, children that were once in his care at some point. He's just continuing to care for them, doing everything he can to bring the children back home. Emily returns to the hospital and announces to Steven and Liz that she has asked Nikolas for a divorce. Liz tries to talk Emily out of a divorce, saying that it's just the rape talking, "divorce is not the answer." Emily insists that she's trying to save Nikolas from anymore pain, and that everything's different with them, so there's no use in hoping for a miracle to keep them together. Liz pleas with her to quit shutting her out. Emily sits at Lucky's bedside and holds his hand as she tells her best friend since they were teenagers that she misses the innocence of being a kid. Emily admits that her life is becoming more complicated, more dark and is convinced that she is loosing it. She's disappointed that she can't even talk to her husband, Liz, Jason, or her parents. She pleas for something to go right for her faith to be restored, and at that moment, Lucky opens his eyes and squeezes her hand! Emily breaks down in tears - Lucky is awake!

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