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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on GH
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Monday, April 4, 2005

AJ listens on the cell phone as Mac arrives at Courtney's apartment to arrest her for the murder of AJ. Mac tells Courtney that they have the murder weapon, a letter opener, with Courtney's fingerprints and AJ's blood on it. AJ hangs up, satisfied with Courtney's arrest. Courtney meanwhile decides to come clean with Mac. She tells him that she isn't the one who murdered AJ, but Rachel was. Mac listens as Courtney explains about their meeting on the plane and how Rachel tried to blackmail her into killing Steven for her. He finds her story contrived and arrests her, telling her that the evidence points to Courtney not Rachel.

AJ continues working on winning Michael over with carefully told half truths, concentrating specifically on how Jason wronged him. Michael remains unconvinced. When he defends Jason, telling AJ that among other things Jason used to read to him, AJ lies to Michael, telling him that Jason never read to him about different places around the world. He tells Michael that he is the one who did that and goes to his desk to pull out a book about Egypt to convince him. AJ ends up reading to Michael who eventually falls asleep, his head resting in AJ's lap. AJ promises a sleeping Michael that they will travel around the world as father and son and that no one will find them.

Steven is forced to operate on Rachel, who is bleeding internally, when Monica and other doctors are unavailable to do so. In the operating room, Steven freezes up for a moment when Rachel takes a turn for the worse. He sees a vision of Rachel who watches him with a concerned gaze. He snaps out of it and successfully completes the surgery. Afterwards, Liz checks on him and confronts him about his momentary hesitation. He explains to her that he experienced a full circle moment. That he and Rachel had been in the same exact situation back when they were first starting out only they had lost the patient. Liz is surprised. This is the first she has ever heard of it. She asks him why he has a flawless surgery record if he lost a patient. Steven is forced to admit that it's because Rachel took the blame for the medical mistake. Just then Courtney enters Rachel's room looking for her. Steven explains that Rachel had just had life saving surgery which Courtney finds ironic. She tells them as much and then goes on to inform Steven that Rachel wants Steven dead. Steven is shocked. Even more so when Courtney goes on to tell him of Rachel's role in AJ's murder and how she tampered with evidence to prove Courtney was the one to kill AJ. Steven admits that Rachel had a small window of opportunity to be alone with the evidence. Jax insists that he go immediately to the police and tell them. Later, Mac pays Steven a visit. As they stand outside of Rachel's room discussing Courtney's claims, Rachel's eyes open.

Carly has another vision of Michael outside of Jason's penthouse apartment. She doesn't tell him about the vision as she knocks on the door, but she is clearly shaken by it. She discusses the next day's plans for the park that is being renovated in Michael's memory and lets him know that she will need him. After she leaves, Sam comes downstairs and they talk about Michael. They agree that the kidnapper can't be on to them and therefore decide to keep things between them for the moment. Later, Jason receives a call from Stan regarding Faith's financial records which lead him to the Bahamas. He's convinced that is where he will find Michael.

Sonny explains to the court appointed psychologist, Dr. Winters, that she is seeing him at a very bad time. He just learned about Alexis's petition to take him back to court and gain full custody of Kristina. He promises Dr. Winters that no one will take Kristina away from him and then turns his attention back to Alexis. He asks her if she really intends to dishonor Michael's memory by taking his sister away from her father after he gave his life to save her. Alexis counters, telling Sonny that a 9-year old shouldn't have had to sacrifice his life for a sibling. Sonny vows that he will protect Kristina from Alexis's paranoia. Before he leaves, he informs the doctor that he will have his lawyer contact her to set up an appointment. Alexis once again tries to impress upon Dr. Winters how dangerous Sonny's lifestyle is for Kristina.

Ric is waiting for Sonny in his living room when Sonny arrives home. When he asks Sonny why he called him, Sonny tells him about what just transpired between him and Alexis. He promises Ric that he will do whatever it takes to gain sole custody of Kristina. Ric tries to reason with him to put Kristina's needs first, pointing out to him that Kristina loves and needs her mother. He also tells Sonny that ultimately he has to side with his wife in this matter. Sonny points out that if he successfully gains sole custody of Alexis that Ric will have a better chance of doing the same once his child is born. Ric is disgusted by the suggestion. He tells Sonny that he refuses to separate his child from its mother the way he was from his own mother. Just then Reese walks in, having also been called by Sonny. She asks Sonny why he called her and he explains to there that she will be in a position to help decide whether he gets to retain custody of his daughter. He goes on to tell her of Alexis's plans then asks her what she will say if she is called to testify. Reese tells him that she will tell the truth; that he is a loving father who has been investigated several times for criminal activity but has never been found guilty of any wrong doing in a court of law. Sonny is relieved and thanks her.

At Metro Court, Carly arrives to have lunch with Lorenzo. They discuss her visions of Michael before she excuses herself for a moment. She happens to pass Alexis's table and overhears her talking to Dr. Winters. Carly listens as Dr. Winters asks Alexis why she didn't tell Sonny that she was pregnant and Alexis explains that she was afraid of how Sonny's lifestyle would endanger her child. Livid, Carly returns to the table to tell Lorenzo what she had just overheard. She waits until Dr. Winters leaves before confronting Alexis. Carly cautions Alexis, telling her to drop the custody suit or risk losing Kristina forever. Alexis tries to explain her motivation but Carly sees it as nothing more than Alexis's paranoia getting the better of her.

Later, Carly goes to Sonny's to tell him of her encounter. She's enraged that Alexis had the audacity to accuse her of being a bad mother because Carly let Sonny adopt Michael which ultimately led to him being killed and how Alexis claims that her heart is now breaking for Morgan who has two bad parents. Sonny tries to get Carly to calm down but Carly is too angry. As she pours herself a drink, she vows to Sonny that she will help him. He points out that she isn't really qualified to coach him on how to conduct himself in court. Carly reminds him that she was able to successfully fake being insane after she shot Tony and then later was able to convince the courts and doctors that she was fully recovered.

At Metro Court, Reese arrives, thanking Alexis for agreeing to meet her. They discuss Sonny and more specifically Alexis's bid to gain sole custody of Kristina. Alexis tries to convince Reese to testify on her behalf but Reese is cautiously reserved. Alexis points out to Reese that despite the lack of convictions they both know that Sonny is a criminal. Alexis goes on to warn Reese that she will never halt the cycle of violence in Sonny's life or convince him to leave the mob. She suggests that Reese is unable to understand her position because she isn't a mother. Reese makes a startling revelation, confessing that she used to be a mother before walking out of the restaurant.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Courtney and Jax are at Metro Court when Alan walks in and immediately confronts Courtney for murdering AJ. Carly, joins the trio and defends her friend, pointing out that Alan was not exactly an exemplary father. Alan ignores Carly, instead promising them all that there is nothing Jax, Carly or Sonny can do that can change the fact that Courtney's fingerprints are on the murder weapon and she will be found guilty of murdering his son. After Alan leaves, satisfied that his son's murder is going to pay for her crime, Carly tells Courtney about Alexis's petition for sole custody. Justus arrives a few moments later to give them the bad news that there is nothing to prove Courtney's allegation that Rachel was blackmailing her.

Rachel dreams of the early days of her relationship with AJ while Steven checks on her and then sits down to talk to her. As he asks her how she came to be in a position where she'd kill someone and arrange for him to be murdered, Rachel continues to dream of AJ. She is convinced that fate brought her and AJ together at a time when she needed him. Meanwhile, Steven begs Rachel to wake up and talk to him. When he does, she ever so slightly squeezes his hand. At first he believes it's a sign that she's awakening but he quickly dismisses it as nothing more than a reflexive movement. When Steven is called away from her bedside, Rachel's dreams drift to the time when Rachel first told AJ about Steven and how he had hurt her. Later, Courtney and Jax arrive to check on Rachel's progress. Steven tells them that there is no change and admits that he has doubts about Courtney's claims. He just can wrap his mind around the fact that Rachel would go so far as to murder someone. He goes on to inform them that he had spoken to a mutual friend of his and Rachel's who claimed that Rachel had moved on and was in a relationship that seemed to make her genuinely happy. Steven just doesn't think that if such was the case, Rachel would be harboring such dark thoughts about revenge. As they talk, Rachel dreams of the time she found a file on her among AJ's things. Distraught, she confronts him about the file which AJ explains away as his way of getting more information about someone he was interested in. Rachel is angry at first but AJ convinces her that his intentions toward her are good and that he has a plan to make Steven pay for what he did to her.

Courtney and Jax return to their apartment and make love. Afterwards, Courtney is pensive. When Jax questions her, Courtney admits that Rachel's story doesn't make sense. She suggests that maybe AJ is the man that Rachel was involved with.

Michael and AJ return to the beach house, both smiling. While AJ goes to prepare lunch for both of them, Michael sits down at AJ's desk and begins to draft a letter to Carly telling her about Sonny's rejection on the phone. When AJ calls out to him, Michael quickly hides the letter and joins AJ on the veranda. Later, AJ finds the letter. Michael is upset and grabs it from him. Instead of chiding Michael for writing Carly a letter, he is supportive. He offers Michael stamps to mail the letter and later, as Michael secretly watches, AJ gives it to someone to mail. Satisfied that his letter was mailed, Michael goes to get ready for some time on the boat. While Michael is out of the room, AJ pulls the real letter out of his pocket and burns it.

The teens are in the park cleaning up litter. Durant stops for a few minutes to talk to them, thanking them for volunteering with the clean up of the park. Shortly after he leaves, Officer Murphy and another policeman approach the group and asks Diego if the backpack they are holding is his. Diego confirms that it is. Officer Murphy then informs Diego that they found a substantial amount of marijuana in his backpack and that he is under arrest for possession with the intent to distribute. Brooke-Lynn, Georgie and Dillon are shocked and immediately jump to Diego's defense but it's to no avail. He is taken into custody and brought to jail. They try to convince Mac that Diego was set up but Mac explains that if that is the case then it will have to be settled in a court.

Durant stops by Metro Court to interview Maria about the shooting. She tells him that she is unable to identify the man she saw in the stairwell. Just then her cell phone rings. Durant tells her to answer it because it's the police station calling about her son. Maria answers it and is informed of Diego's arrest. After she disconnects the call, she realizes that Durant was behind the arrest. She tries to convince him to drop the charges but Durant refuses unless she cooperates with him by meeting with Agent Marshall and telling her that Jason was the man she was in the stairwell. Maria realizes she has little choice. She rushes to the police station and assures Diego that she knows how to get him out of the trouble he is in and she'll handle it. She then turns to Mac and requests that she arrange a meeting with Agent Marshall for her.

Sonny, Alexis and Ric gather together at court. When Sonny informs Alexis and Ric that the judge is currently with a witness, Alexis and Ric are somewhat puzzled. Just then Reese walks out of the judge's chambers. Alexis is startled and then annoyed when Reese tells them that she was questioned about the Sandoval massacre and admitted to the judge that there was no evidence to prove that Sonny was behind it. Alexis and Ric feel that Reese's testimony was strongly favored in Sonny's behalf. Alexis is then called in to talk to Dr. Winters. Alexis begins once again to outline her concerns about Sonny. Dr. Winters listens but quickly steers the conversation to focus on Alexis. Alexis tells her about her career and admits that she is imperfect then proceeds to tell her about Luis Alcazar's death. Alexis closes by once again stressing her concerns about Sonny, making a point of mentioning his nervous breakdowns and those close to him working hard to cover them up. Just then Sonny walks in for his appointment with Dr. Winters. After Alexis leaves, Sonny takes a seat. Dr. Winters tells him that Alexis believes he's dangerous. Sonny admits that he is, explaining that he will do whatever it takes to be a part of his children's lives. At Dr. Winter's prompt, Sonny discusses his relationship with Alexis. He admits that he doesn't know why Alexis kept her pregnancy a secret but he suspects jealousy over his reconciliation with Carly could have played a part in it. Before the session is over, Sonny emphasizes his love for his children by telling Dr. Winters that he would lay down his life for his kids. Dr. Winters counters by asking him if they are laying down their lives when they are with him.

While Carly talks to the judge, Ric, Alexis and Sonny are in chambers with her. Carly tells the judge that Sonny is a loving father who is wonderful with his children. She also lets him know that Sonny does not suffer from any emotional problems and that the children are not in danger when they are with him. She also makes a point of letting him know that Sonny has been nothing but accommodating toward Alexis and that he deserves to be a part of Kristina's life as he is a part of Morgan's. After Carly is finished, Ric asks the judge to be given the same opportunity to speak as Carly was. The judge allows him to have his say but cautions him to make it brief. Ric gives him a quick outline over the stress they've all endured as a result of the kidnappings and then explains to the judge that Alexis isn't trying to keep Sonny away from Kristina for any other reason than that he's surrounded by danger. He tells that judge that until Sonny can stop dealing in violence, Kristina is simply not safe. The judge listens and then excuses Ric and Carly before informing Sonny and Alexis that he has reached a decision.

He points out to Sonny that he's been shot three times, his cars, homes and warehouses blown up and he's been the subject of numerous investigations. He suggests to Sonny that if he truly cared about his children as he claims then he'd give up either his dangerous job or his children. He goes on to tell them that he sympathizes with Alexis's concerns but the law is on Sonny's side. Since she has not provided any substantial proof to warrant overturning the previous custody ruling, it will stand as is. He cautions Sonny though that should evidence come to light which prove he is a criminal and a danger to Kristina, Alexis is free to file another petition. Outside in the hallway, Alexis asks Sonny how it feels to have the legal right to endanger Kristina. Sonny responds by threatening to do whatever it takes to take Kristina away from her if she keeps pushing him.

In the park, Carly has another vision of Michael in which he asks her why her and Sonny have stopped loving him. Just then Reese walks up to her. Realizing Carly was just thinking about Michael, Reese mentions her own son.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Reese reveals to Carly that she once had a son who was kidnapped and murdered. Jason and Sam plan to investigate Faith's dealings in the Bahamas. Jax and Courtney speculate that AJ and Rachel could have been involved and that Rachel had her own motives for killing AJ. Carly confides to Courtney that she feels as though Michael is trying to tell her something and that she is failing him. Reese videotapes Maria's statement implicating Jason and Sonny in the shootings. Reese later realizes how Durant blackmailed Maria into changing her statement. Reese tells Jason that she can't turn him and Sonny in. Alexis convinces Ric that she is getting professional help to overcome her obsession with Sonny. Durant meets with someone who offers to help him destroy Sonny. Lucky and Liz are concerned about Emily. Emily asks Jason what he would do if Sam were raped. Jason's response inadvertently validates Emily's decision not to tell Nikolas she was raped.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Courtney and Jax show up at General Hospital and ask Liz at if they could have a look at Rachel's personal file to see if there is anything in it that could help them. Alan overhears their request and confronts them. He tells Liz that she is not to let them look at Rachel's file. Courtney insists she didn't kill AJ but Alan refuses to listen to her and starts to rant about how she is going to go to prison for what she did to AJ and that she would probably plant something in Rachel's file that would try to make her look guilty. Courtney tells him that Rachel killed AJ and may have even been romantically involved with him since she lived in the Bahamas for 6 months before A.J's "death." Alan doesn't care and tells her it is her word against Rachel. Jax warns Alan that he is going too far with his public harassment of Courtney. Monica overhears all the commotion. She asks what is going on. Jax tells her that Alan has been publicly accusing Courtney of being a killer. Alan refuses to back down but Monica steps in anyway. Courtney and Jax tell her that they want to look at Rachel's file to see if there is any information that could help them learn more about Rachel's past. Monica grabs Alan and sits with him over in the waiting area. She tells him he needs to stop publicly accusing Courtney in public and stop taking out his grief on others. She tells him that Courtney didn't kill AJ and that he needs to stop drinking heavily and go to an A.A. meeting later. Alan walks away but refuses to let Courtney off the hook. He accuses Monica of not wanting to believe Courtney could do anything because she has a connection to her beloved Jason. Monica ignores him. She tells Liz to get Courtney and Jax Rachel's file. Meanwhile, Durant meets with some mysterious person who offers to help him in any way he can to make sure Sonny is put behind bars for good. Durant goes to the hospital later and asks for an update on Rachel's condition and to let him know immediately when she regains consciousness. Mac comes up behind him and tells him that she is still unconscious and that even if she was awake to talk there is nothing she can say that is going to link Jason to the shooting anyway. Durant tells Mac that he needs to keep trying to get evidence against Sonny and Jason. Mac tells him that there isn't any concrete evidence against them and they will get away with this too. Durant tells Mac that he is so use to Sonny telling him that he won't go away to prison he has started to believe it will never happen and has given up trying to. Mac tells Durant he has known Sonny a long time and that he is very generous to the people who are loyal to him, even those people who don't work for him anymore, that no one will turn him in to the cops or the Feds. Durant tells him he will do anything he has to to put Sonny behind bars. Later, Courtney and Jax read over Rachel's file. Courtney is discouraged when she notices there is nothing in the file that makes Rachel look bad and that she looks like a fine upstanding citizen who loves children and is an excellent doctor. Jax assures her that Courtney will look like a good, kind, caring person who loves children to a jury as well and that she has him to support her. Jax calls Skye over to ask her about AJ Skye tells Courtney that AJ told her that he is still in love with Courtney and that he falsified the divorce papers so he could still have a hold on her. Courtney asks her why she never told her before this. Skye tells her that the conversations with AJ were private.

At the park, Alcazar sits at the swings with Carly. Carly tells him that she feels a strong connection to Michael and that she believes his spirit is trying to tell her something. Alcazar tells her that her grief is making her want to hold on to Michael maybe more than what is healthy for her to do and suggests that Michael may want her to let him go and concentrate on raising Morgan. Carly refuses to believe that. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Jason and overhears Reese telling Jason he is going to get caught soon and go to prison if he isn't careful. Sonny blasts her for trying to pretend to care and sympathize with what they are going through hoping they will tell her something she can use against them to put them in prison. Reese denies she is doing that. Sonny tells her she doesn't know what they are going through and that she never lost a child like he did and wouldn't know what she would do in that situation. Reese doesn't say anything else and storms out. Jason tells Sonny that may not have been a good idea to say that to her. Sonny tells him that Reese is still a Fed and is investigating the Sandoval shootings. Sam shows up at the penthouse and asks Jason if he is ready to leave for the Bahamas yet. She notices Sonny is present and stops talking. Sonny asks them why they are going there. Sam hurries up and makes the excuse that Jason needs to rest and go away for awhile since he hasn't been sleeping. Jason tells him that he will continue to investigate and find out everyone who was involved with the kidnapping. Sonny doesn't try to stop him and thinks Sam is right about him needing to go to the islands for some rest. Sonny leaves. Sam was worried Sonny would tell him to stop investigating what they are doing. Jason and Sam head off to the Bahamas. Sonny finds Carly at the park near the swings. She tells him she is waiting to see Michael appear again to her. Sonny thinks it is all in her head and advises her to let Michael go and move on with her life. Carly refuses to believe Michael is gone from her life for good and that she won't be leaving a picture of him on her refrigerator that she will soon forget to look at and thinks Michael wants to connect with her somehow and she will wait to see him reappear to her again. Sonny tells her he can't do that. Carly mentions that Reese told her that it was natural to see your child everywhere you go at first. Sonny is confused and asks her what she is talking about. Carly is surprised that Reese never told him. She tells him that Reese lost her little boy a few years ago. Sonny is very surprised and dismayed after he just told her off for not knowing what he is going through, losing a child. Carly tells him that someone snatched Reese's little boy one day and she never found who was responsible and they found the boy's body later. Sonny tells her that he should find Reese and apologize to her for what he said to her. Sonny realizes that is the reason why Reese changed careers and started specializing in finding kidnapping victims. Meanwhile, Reese goes to Jake's to have a drink. She sets her cell-phone and the videotaped testimony of Maria about seeing Jason on the table with her. She also takes out a picture of her son to look at and mourn for. She keeps buying drinks and Coleman asks her about what is bothering her. She tells him she feels caught in the middle of this war between the Feds and Sonny. She tells him she has a hard time rationalizing putting someone away after they just lost their child. Alan comes in and sits down to get drunk. He overhears Reese talking about Sonny and how bad she feels for him and how hard it is to do her job now. Sonny calls Reese on her cell-phone and asks her to come meet him somewhere to talk. Sonny tells her he wants to talk to her about what he said earlier and that he feels bad about it. Reese is drunk and tells him she has no interest in talking to him and hangs up. Alan gets up and approaches her at the bar. He tells her she needs to do her job and not talk about how bad she feels for Sonny since he is a killer and deserves to go to prison. He starts to blame Sonny for A.J and Michael's deaths. Reese defends Sonny and tells Alan to leave her alone. Alan refuses to back down and accuses her of being biased since she is obviously sleeping with Sonny. Reese slaps Alan for suggesting that she can't do her job because he thinks she is sleeping with Sonny. Alan slaps her back and calls her a whore. Sonny comes into Jake's and sees what Alan did. Back at the park, Carly gives up waiting for Michael to reappear to her at the swings and starts to walk away. She hears Michael calling to her to tell her he misses everyone and wants to come home. Alcazar shows up again and asks her if she is o.k. She starts to talk about hearing Michael's voice and that he sounds like he is trying to tell her something important and starts to believe he really isn't dead.

AJ tries to get Michael to go out in the boat with him again. Michael tells him he doesn't feel like it and misses his family and wants to go home. AJ tells him he understands he misses his family but that they don't want him back and he should try to have fun now with him since he loves him and wants him around. Michael takes out a picture of Carly when AJ leaves the room. He looks at the picture and tells Carly he wants to go home. AJ gets Michael to go out on the boat with him and have fun. Jason and Sam arrive at the place near where Faith was staying when she was there. They barely miss seeing AJ walk outside with Michael by seconds. Jason pays one of the hotel managers money for information about a little boy that was kidnapped. Jason shows the man a picture of Faith. The man doesn't recognize her face but recognizes hearing her name before. Sam suggests she hang around the beach and pool areas and pretend she is single and available and maybe men will flirt with her give her more information they need than if Jason was with her and asked. Jason doesn't like the idea of her questioning guys when he isn't around but lets her try it anyway.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Reese is hurt by Sonny's accusation. Sonny later wonders if Reese has been trying to protect him. Reese makes a startling discovery about Durant, who catches her snooping. Michael calls AJ's bluff and heads to the car waiting to take him to the airport. Sam confesses to Carly that she and Jason know Michael is alive. Courtney refuses Jax's offer to run away on his jet. Jax and Courtney are shocked by Rachel's claim.

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