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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on GH
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Jax and Courtney are successful in collecting Jax's sperm for artificial insemination. Courtney hopes they can conceive their baby tonight. Lucky and Liz exit from the elevator, shocked that Jax and Courtney are there waiting for them. Jax explains that they wanted to be there if their child is conceived. Jax asks about Liz's health and she says she is feeling fine. She's not nervous about the procedure because Dr. Meadows explained the procedure to her and it won't be painful and she loves being pregnant. Courtney and Lucky are clearly uncomfortable with the situation. As the atmosphere becomes more tense, Emily walks in and Liz rushes over to talk to her. Liz thinks Emily is there for her for moral support. Emily lies and says she had nothing better to do so she decided to come in and volunteer. Liz wants to know why she's not spending her free time with Nikolas. Emily lies again and says that Nikolas has been understanding and is giving her space.

A nurse calls Liz and tells her Dr. Meadows is ready for her. Lucky is apprehensive but wishes her luck. As Lucky begins to sit down with Courtney and Jax, Nikolas walks in and Lucky rushes to talk to him. Nikolas asks if he has seen Emily and Lucky tells her that he did see her and she didn't appear to be working. As Nikolas and Lucky talk, Courtney tells Jax that she's going to go home. He tells her he will meet her at home later, but he wants to ask Liz about the procedure. When Lucky sits back down, Jax thanks him for what he must be going through with a woman he loves carrying another man's child. Lucky agrees that this is a very hard time for him right now.

Courtney heads out to the rooftop in tears and Nikolas greets her there and asks if there is anything he can do. When Liz emerges from the procedure, Jax is the only one left to greet her. He tells her that Lucky had to go meet about a case, and Courtney went home. Liz is going to take a cab home, but Jax insists on taking her home since she may be carrying his child.

Carly interrupts Sonny and Reese snuggling in their old penthouse and is furious. Sonny reminds Carly that they are no longer married and he can rent the penthouse to anyone he chooses because her name is no longer on the deed. Carly explodes and calls Reese a hooker, much to Reese's dismay. Carly is upset because Sonny would allow his mistress to stay in the home that they shared Christmases and Easters with their family and made love on their couch. She storms off after telling Sonny how cruel he is being. Carly walks over to Jason's penthouse and tries to convince him that Reese has an agenda. She reminds him that when she came to town, she had an agenda to ruin Bobbie's life. She believes Reese's agenda is to ruin her life. After Carly leaves, Sam comes home and wants to know why Jason is so tense. He explains that Carly had been there, and then apologizes for his behavior towards Michael's therapy. Sam understands and tells him that if they agreed about everything, their relationship would be boring. Jason says they can agree on one thing, and they kiss. Jason asks about Michael's progress, and Sam tells him about Michael's new friend, Jody. When Sam tells him that Michael's friend is a girl, Jason is shocked. Sam thinks this is Michael's first crush, so she asks Jason to be understanding.

Sam changes the subject and asks Jason about Carly. He explains that Carly was upset that Reese was moving across the hall to Sonny's penthouse. He tells Sam about Carly's theory that Reese is after Carly's life. Sam doesn't buy it, and Jason admits he doesn't, either. He's worried that Carly will do something rash.

Sonny apologizes for Carly's behavior towards Reese. Reese tells him that she understands Carly's behavior, though, and she can't move into the penthouse now because Carly has some valid points. Reese thinks Sonny has another reason for wanting Reese to live there. Sonny explains that he can't sell the place because Jason is across the hall and they can't afford to have someone living there that they can't trust because of the business they are in. He tells her that he trusts her. Reese tells him how much that means to her and then agrees to live there. Then Max walks in with Reese' luggage. Reese is shocked that Sonny packed her up and checked her out of her hotel room before she had even said yes to living in his penthouse. She's furious and tell him he's arrogant. Sonny apologizes and tells her he was just trying to be nice to her. He said she's done a lot for him, so he wanted to return the favor. He said he was just trying to be optimistic, but it's her decision whether to stay or go. After Sonny leaves, Reese rushes to the boxes and pulls out her yearbook.

Michael is happy when Jody shows up and tells her she is his only friend right now. She says she is glad they are friends, too. She asks him if he told Dr. Thomas about killing AJ Michael tells her that he can't tell anyone, and Jody agrees not to tell, either. Michael sees his father come home and asks Jody if she wants to meet his dad. She says she can never meet Sonny. Michael tells her that his dad is not dangerous, but Jody says she promised her dad she would never meet Sonny. When Sonny calls Michael, Jody begs him not to tell his dad that she's there. Michael walks in and tells his father that he was looking for constellations, when asked. Sonny tells Michael about Reese moving into the penthouse. Michael isn't bothered by it, though, because everyone has moved on. Later, Michael sneaks out to talk to Jody. He tells her about Reese moving into the penthouse and Jody comments about how things change when parents split up. He tells her that she matters to him, and Jody kisses him.

Reese shows up at Sonny's house, announcing that she will stay at his penthouse. He tells her he was going to plan an elegant dinner for them, but decided against it because he didn't want to rush to judgment and be perceived as arrogant.

When Reese complains about having nothing to eat, Sonny tells her she can have anything she wants. Reese asks if she can have mayonnaise and French fries. Sonny wants to know how Reese found out about Carly's favorite food.

Carly meets Alcazar as he's heading to the Quartermaines' party. Alcazar asks what delayed her, and she lies and says she was at the hospital with her paralyzed father, since he was trying to sue her mother. Alcazar appears to buy it, and kisses her. She says she is starving and asks if they can stop for French fries after the party. He says yes, as long as she doesn't eat them with mayonnaise. She tells Alcazar about Charlotte telling her she would never find a man if he ever found out she ate mayonnaise with her French fries.

Skye and Coleman shock Tracy and Luke with Coleman's new look. After they leave, Skye hides and waits for Tracy to come in and admit their scheme. Tracy does come in and kisses Coleman. Luke comes in soon after, shocked at Tracy and Coleman's liplocked stance. Tracy demands to know what Luke feels the difference is between him and Coleman. Luke says that Coleman wants Tracy for her money, but Luke just wants his own money. He goes on to tell Tracy that they have a special connection and he loves bantering with her every day. He tells her that what they have is better than sex. Skye is shocked and admits to Coleman after Tracy and Luke leave that she thinks Luke is falling for Tracy.

When she bumps into Carly, Skye tells her how lucky she is to have Alcazar who loves her unconditionally. As she rants and raves, Luke listens in from the rose garden. Once Skye leaves, Carly calls a taxi to come pick her up. She runs in to a waiter and pays him to keep her husband's glass of tequila full so he doesn't notice she's not at the party. Luke finds Skye and tells her she is the most important person to him right now. She tells him she wishes she could believe him. He tries to kiss her, but she turns away. Just then, Alcazar walks in and asks if either of them have seen Carly. Meanwhile, Carly enters Reese's new home and just as she begins to search in Reese's things, Jason comes out of the shadows and demands to know what Carly is doing.

Mac walks in to find Jesse in Maxie's room. Jesse keeps his back to Mac by appearing to examine the machines hooked up to Maxie. Maxie lies and tells her dad that she was trying to convince the new intern to bring her ice cream. Jesse sneaks out as Mac lectures Maxie about flirting with the interns.

When Maxie wakes up, she finds Jesse in her room. He brought her ice cream to thank her for not ratting him out to her dad. He's concerned about the special diet Mac talked about. Maxie tells him that she just can't eat ice cream all the time, but neither can anyone else. She promises him she won't have a heart attack, as long as he gives her the ice cream.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Reese tells Sonny that Michael told her Carly ate mayonnaise with her french fries. It stuck with her because a girl from high school used to do the same thing. Sonny tries to explain his relationship to Reese, and she responds that what they have together is love. He agrees, but says that love and compatibility are two different things. As Sonny and Reese run off to her new penthouse, Michael walks in and breaks a picture of himself.

Emily admits to Sam that she's still not feeling anything when she and Nikolas are intimate. She fears that he can tell. Sam asks how Emily and Nikolas's relationship was before the rape. Emily admits that everything was wonderful. Sam thinks that Nikolas needs to know about Emily's problems. Emily doesn't know if that's the answer. She's going to give the situation more time. Sam is interrupted by a phone call. Michael calls and asks for Jason. Sam asks him what's wrong, and he replies that his dad is going to be mad. Sam goes over to Michael and tells him that Sonny won't be mad. He's just going to be happy that Michael's ok. Michael says he's not ok.

Alan wants to know what's taking so long with placing Michael in the Quartermaines' home. As he and Dr. Thomas argue, Sam calls Dr. Thomas and arranges an emergency therapy session. Dr. Thomas tells Alan that Sam may be Alan's greatest ally. When Sam and Michael arrive at the hospital, Dr. Thomas tells Michael that he will feel better once they figure out what's wrong. Michael tells Dr. Thomas that he broke a picture frame after he got mad. He thinks he's bad. Dr. Thomas tells him he's not bad. Sometimes good people do bad things. He asks if Michael ever got mad at AJ. Michael says he didn't mean to.

Despite Jason's protest, Carly begins rummaging through Reese's things. Carly tells Jason she has a right to look through the stuff in her house. Jason tells her she doesn't live there anymore. Carly stops and relives the memories from her past with Sonny that they shared in the penthouse. Jason admits that he doesn't trust Reese, and Carly jumps in his arms, knowing all along that he would be on her side. As Jason and Carly argue over what they should do, Sonny and Reese walk in kissing. Jason and Carly hide and watch Reese and Sonny fall to the couch. Thankfully, Reese and Sonny decide to go upstairs and Carly and Jason make their escape. Outside the penthouse, Carly misspeaks and calls Sonny her husband. Jason reminds her again that Alcazar is her husband. She remembers that she was supposed to be at the Quartermaine party with him. After she gets on the elevator, Jason listens to his voicemail and learns from Sam about Michael's problems. He rushes out to meet them and bursts in on Dr. Thomas and Michael's therapy session before Michael can admit to killing AJ He tells Michael he needs to go home. Dr. Thomas protests, saying Michael was just about to tell him something important. Dr. Thomas asks to speak to Sam alone, and Jason takes Michael home. He tells her that he knows Michael killed AJ

After they make love, Reese and Sonny look out over the pier and talk about Sonny's past. He tells her about Stone and how he wishes his money could have saved him. He tells her that they take their lives for granted. She can't believe that he gave up the penthouse. Michael picked out his new home, though, and he couldn't say no. He does miss the view from the penthouse window, though, so Reese tells him he can visit anytime he wants. Reese tells Sonny to go home to Michael. When Sonny gets home, he sees the broken picture of Michael and rushes off to find him. Meanwhile, Reese relives memories of a fight she and Carly had back in high school. She throws her yearbook in the fireplace.

Skye and Luke tell Alcazar they haven't seen Carly. Skye tries flirting with Alcazar to make Luke jealous, but it backfires and Luke goes running to Tracy. When Skye manages to get Luke alone, he wants to know why she pulled away from him when he tried to kiss her. She tells him that he has given her mixed messages in the past and tells him that she thinks he has feelings for Tracy. Luke denies he has any feelings towards Tracy and leans in to kiss Skye. Tracy walks in and demands Skye get her hands off her husband. Skye tells Tracy to go find Coleman, but Tracy tells her that Luke is the only one that can help save ELQ. She needs Luke's help with her father, Edward. Luke and Tracy leave as Carly walks in. Skye storms out after telling Carly how lucky she is to have Alcazar. Carly finds her husband, telling him she's been looking for him. She makes it appear as if he's been there the whole time, but Alcazar doesn't buy it. He asks where she's been. He knows Carly paid a waiter to keep him drunk, and asks how Sonny is doing. Carly tells him it's not about Sonny but about Reese. She tells him she was searching through Reese's things because she doesn't trust her. Alcazar asks where Reese's things were, and Carly admits they were at Sonny's penthouse. He tells her he wants their relationship to be true and she needs to stop chasing after her ex-husband and start acting like his wife. He tells her not to play him as a fool ever again.

Courtney tells Nikolas she was feeling sorry for herself. When she goes to leave, she realizes the door is locked. As Nikolas calls maintenance to unlock the door, he asks Courtney what's wrong. She admits that she's jealous Liz is getting pregnant with the baby Courtney can't have. She knows that she should feel grateful for what Liz is doing, but she wishes she could be the one carrying Jax's baby. Neither Jax nor Liz knows Courtney's feelings. She tells him that she feels like she's letting down the one person she loves more than anyone else in the world. Nikolas feels the same. He explains that things are almost back to normal, since he's out of prison now. He explains that his relationship with Emily is suffering. Courtney tells him that their love must be strong because of everything they've been through together. She tells him that they should both be lucky that their spouses love them. Nikolas just wants to get back to where he and Emily were before he went to prison. When the maintenance man unlocks the door, Courtney thanks Nikolas for letting her rant to him and leaves.

Jax takes Liz to the restaurant and Lucky walks in and asks if it's a private dinner party. After an awkward conversation, Lucky leaves. Liz tells Jax that they can't afford dinner at the Metro Court and then Lucky walks in to see his girlfriend who may be pregnant with Jax's baby sitting there with him. Courtney walks in as Liz and Jax are finishing dessert. Jax is driving Liz nuts with the mention of sparkling water and decaffeinated coffee due to her condition. His instincts are telling him that Liz is pregnant. As Liz gets up to leave, Jax mentions that the four of them should have dinner together on a weekly basis. Courtney agrees, but not whole-heartedly. Liz says she will run it by Lucky. After she leaves, Courtney and Jax begin to talk about decorating the nursery. When Courtney asks about colors and the sex of the baby, Jax tells her he just wants a healthy baby and a happy family.

Emily meets Nikolas at the Metro Court and tells him she's ready for some changes in their relationship. She tells him that it was fine be with Nikolas at the hotel at first, but now she's ready to move back to Wyndemere. She tells him that Wyndemere is their home and they have a lot of happy memories there. They decide to order room service and take it back to their room and celebrate putting the past behind them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sam is furious when she walks into Dr. Thomas's office as he's listening to his last session with Michael on a recorder. She makes quick work of confiscating the tape while Dr. Thomas tries to explain that it's standard procedure for him to tape sessions. He tapes all of his sessions. Sam doesn't care. She warns him that he probably won't be seeing Michael again if the sessions are being recorded. Dr. Thomas tries to reason with her. He tells her that Michael is on the verge of a breakthrough and this is the worst time for him to be pulled out of therapy. He pleads with Sam to reconsider, stressing that it's in Michael's best interest. Sam is persuaded enough to tell him that she would consider it but first she would speak to Jason.

Jason questions Michael about his session with Dr. Thomas, specifically whether or not he told Dr. Thomas how AJ died. Michael says no. He did not tell Dr. Thomas about what really happened to AJ. Jason is relieved and reassures Michael that everything will be ok. He cautions Michael not to tell anyone about AJ's death. Jason tells Michael that is was an accident to make the lies stop but others may not see it that way. When Sonny arrives home, he talks to Michael. He assures Michael that he understands all about anger and how it can overwhelm a person. Sonny also tells Michael that he doesn't care how Michael is feeling, he will always love him. He promises that the bad feelings will go away and in the end everything will be ok. Later, Sonny has an epiphany that he shares with Jason. He realizes that Michael has learned his bad behavior from Sonny himself and that maybe therapy is the best thing for Michael. Jason tells him that he pulled Michael out of his session the previous night just before Michael could share the truth about how AJ died. Sonny is a bit taken aback to realize that Michael seems to trust Dr. Thomas that much. Sonny thinks that maybe it would be a good thing for Michael to share the truth with someone outside the family. Jason reminds Sonny that they picked Dr. Thomas because he kept his sessions confidential but worries what would happen if Dr. Thomas decided to tell the authorities about Michael killing AJ. Sonny tells Jason that if that happens then Dr. Thomas will have to be "handled" but not until after he has helped Michael. Sam overhears the exchange. When she makes her presence known, Sonny goes out to talk to Michael while Sam stays inside to talk to Jason. She doesn't tell him about the taped sessions.

Sonny brings up the possibility of Michael living with Carly but Michael is adamant that he doesn't want to live with her because of her new husband, Lorenzo Alcazar. Sonny changes the subject and discusses Michael going back for a session. Michael asks Sonny if therapy ever helped him. Sonny admits that it hasn't but assures Michael that if he thought it would help Michael, he'd go into therapy with him.

Alan drops by to talk to Dr. Thomas about Michael and how plans are going to get Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Dr. Thomas surprises Alan by being resistant to the idea. He feels this is not the right time to make such a change in Michael's life. Alan isn't happy and warns Dr. Thomas that if he doesn't help Alan then Alan will go to Jason with the truth that Dr. Thomas has been working with Alan the entire time Michael has been seeing him. Dr. Thomas counters, telling Alan that if he really cares about Michael's best interest he would not be pushing for him to be uprooted from his home at this time.

Michael returns to Dr. Thomas for a session. Dr. Thomas and Michael discuss AJ as Sam and Jason wait outside. Sam reassures Jason that if Michael reveals anything to Dr. Thomas about AJ, Dr. Thomas will respect their doctor/patient confidentiality. When Michael is finished, Dr. Thomas asks to speak to Sam alone. Jason meanwhile questions Michael about the session and how it went. Michael informs Jason that Dr. Thomas told him that he wasn't obligated to share what they said during their sessions. He then surprises Jason by saying he trusted Dr. Thomas enough to share what really happened with AJ.

Justus makes a point to talk to Dr. Winters about Dr. Thomas. She tells him Dr. Thomas is a fine doctor but he has a bit of a god complex.

Sonny and Carly have words regarding how their current situations are affecting Michael. Carly wants Michael to live in her and Lorenzo but Sonny doesn't feel the time is right. Carly uses that as an opening to start putting down Reese. Sonny counters by calling Lorenzo a bottom-feeder. Just then Lorenzo walks in and orders Sonny not to disrespect him in his own home. Frustrated with Carly's obsession over Reese and Lorenzo's presence, Sonny leaves. After Sonny is gone Lorenzo asks Carly why she is so angry. Is it because Sonny insulted their marriage or is she jealous over Sonny's relationship with Reese? Carly denies being jealous. She tells him that her only worry is for her sons and how Sonny's bad decisions where Reese is concerned could affect them. She insists to Lorenzo that Reese is hiding something big and that she's only trying to protect her sons and not Sonny. Sonny deserves what he gets if he puts his trust in Reese.

Alexis and Ric run into each other outside of John Durant's room and argue about the case. They enter John's room bickering only to find Bobbie inside arguing with John. John threatens to end Bobbie's nursing career which prompts Ric to escort his client out of the room while Alexis deals with John. She once again tries to impress upon John to stop making this a personal vendetta against Bobbie and asks him what the bottom line is. What does he hope to gain from this case? John answers "Money. Lots of money." When Alexis leaves, Ric is waiting for her. He offers to step down and let Reese handle the case if that would persuade Alexis not to go after Bobbie. Alexis doesn't take him up on the offer. As they exchange words, Alexis suddenly stops talking. Concerned, Ric asks her if she is all right. Alexis reaches for his hand and places it on her stomach as the baby kicks. With tears in her eyes, she walks away without saying another word.

Later, Ric and Reese advise Bobbie to stay away from John Durant regardless of the circumstances. Bobbie agrees to but is still frustrated with the entire situation. She regrets ever stepping into the operating room and the resident hesitating with Tony told him to perform a procedure. After Ric steps away, Reese offers moral support to Bobbie and tries to reassure her that things will work out. Just then Carly walks up and without missing a beat begins to accuse Reese of invading every facet of her life. Bobbie tries to tell Carly that they were discussing the case and that her career is on the line but Carly insists that Reese is only representing Bobbie because she's Carly's mother. Bobbie ends up walking away leaving Carly and Reese alone. Reese takes the opportunity to tell Carly that contrary to what Carly thinks, Reese isn't out to get her. She goes on to tell Carly that her own worst enemy is Carly herself. She'll destroy her own life without any help from Reese.

Liz goes to John Durant's room at his request. He asks her about the surgery and more specifically what Bobbie did wrong. Liz isn't cooperative. She tells him that nothing unusual occurred during surgery. Frustrated, Durant threatens Liz. He tells her to refresh her memory in his favor or Lucky will loose his badge. Liz refuses to lie for him and threatens to report his attempt at coercion. John Durant grabs her arm to stop her from leaving the room. Just then Lucky walks in and forces John to release Liz's hand.

Ric talks to Alan about John Durant's case. Alan defends Bobbie, claiming she's an outstanding nurse but Ric reminds him that she ultimately performed a procedure that a resident should have done. He warns Alan to prepare himself for a lawsuit against the hospital.

Nik and Lucky talk about their feelings of inadequacy as they prepare Wyndemere for Nik and Emily to take up residence in. Lucky admits that he's not comfortable with the idea of Liz carrying Jax's child. He feels useless. Nik meanwhile confides to his brother that he feels as if Emily is just going through the motions. He worries that something is off with her. Later Emily arrives at Wyndemere and is pleasantly surprised at all Nik and Lucky accomplished. Nik pours a glass of champagne for each of them and makes a toast. He tells her that while he was preparing the place, memories drifted through his mind of their time together in Wyndemere. Emily asks Nik what his fondest memory was. Nik tells her that it was making love on the sofa. They kiss and end up making love on the sofa. Afterwards, despite declarations of love there seems to be a distance between the two.

Carly arrives home and tells Lorenzo about her confrontation with Reese. She admits that Reese did her a favor and that she has decided she is done with worrying about Reese.

Reese goes over to Sonny's house and invites both him and Michael to dinner. Sonny appreciates the offer but explains that Michael had another meltdown. He gently tells her that he thinks it's best that for the time being they keep a low profile on their relationship. Reese feels insulted. She tells Sonny that obviously Carly was right about what Sonny wants. A backdoor mistress at his beck and call 24/7. She then tries to convince Sonny to give her the chance to reconnect with Michael, reminding him that there was a time she was the only person he trusted. Sonny doesn't think it's a good idea and turns down her offer. Frustrated, Reese tells him that she will no longer visit his home unless she is expressly invited. Furthermore, if he wants to see her, Sonny will have to call her and take her out to dinner. She warns him not to expect her to always be available when he calls. With that said, Reese leaves.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nikolas runs into Courtney in the park. They end up sitting on a bench and talking. He confides in her about how Emily is trying so hard to make things work between them in their marriage and that it feels like she is trying too hard to make something work that came so natural to them before. Courtney listens and tells him about her marriage to Jason and how a lack of communication on her part hurt their marriage. She advises him to try to have an honest conversation with Emily and suggests that he talk to her about his feelings on a non-threatening topic. He tells her she is very wise and thanks him for being there when she needed to talk about her feelings regarding Liz being a surrogate mother for them.

Tracy blames Alan for putting the hospital in a position of weakness when he allows the business department to lapse in their duties and cancel the hospital's insurance. Alan tells her that he thought the business department was on top of things and that he didn't need to check with them. Alan feels that they need to make sure that Bobbie is protected at all costs since her career is most at risk if Durant wins his malpractice suit. Tracy tells Alan she doesn't care about what happens to Bobbie and that she can twist in the wind as far as she is concerned and that the family needs to protect the hospital and their own interests. Luke overhears what she says about Bobbie and he isn't pleased. He comes in the room and tells Tracy that there is no way he is going to let the family use Bobbie as a scapegoat and make her fend for herself. He reminds Tracy that Bobbie is his sister and her sister-in-law and that he will not let her treat Bobbie as anyone other than family. Tracy is immediately contrite and tells Luke she won't let Bobbie get hurt in this lawsuit. Alan and Edward head to work. Tracy tells Luke she may have a plan to help the hospital. Luke tells her that the plan better benefit his sister as well. Tracy tells him her plan will help everyone including Bobbie. She tells Luke her secret plan and expects him to do all the dirty work. He agrees to do most of the dirty work. Tracy agrees to grant him a divorce and give him back $14 million if he helps her save the family and the hospital. Luke tells her he wants all of the $15 million back for what she said about his sister and what she would have allowed to happen to Bobbie if he hadn't intervened. Skye watches them drink a toast to their deal and overhears Tracy tell Luke that she loves how he thinks. Meanwhile, at General Hospital, Alexis shows up with a court stenographer to meet Bobbie and Ric. Ric thinks that her request to have a deposition in Durant's room is highly irregular. Alexis tells him that her client is still in the hospital and has the right to be present during any deposition. Ric tells Bobbie that it won't take long and it will be over soon. They go into Durant's room. Alexis questions Bobbie about what happened during Durant's surgery. Bobbie admits that she clamped the artery after the resident froze even though the surgeon, Tony, never asked her to do that. She explains that Durant would have bled to death if she hadn't stepped in and clamped the artery. Alexis asks her if she knew that clamping the artery in the wrong way could cause paralysis. She also asks Bobbie how many times she has assisted in surgeries like that one. Bobbie tells her she has assisted in over a hundred such surgeries and paralysis was not a result. Alexis is just about to ask Bobbie if she purposely caused Durant's paralysis, when Luke storms into Durant's room and turns off the stenographer's laptop and tells them the "witch hunt" is over and grabs Bobbie. He tells Durant to back off of his sister and tells Alexis she should be ashamed of herself for defending Durant against his sister after he saved her life from Helena. He goes out of the room with Bobbie and asks her what is going on with her. She tells him that she was physically and emotionally exhausted with what was going on with Maxie and Georgie that night and that she didn't know Durant was in surgery that night. She tells Luke that she could have caused his paralysis that night when she clamped the artery when the resident froze. She tells Luke that she needs to take responsibility. Luke tells her that she shouldn't let Durant ruin the career she worked so hard to build. He tells Bobbie that he has a plan to help her and tells her to fight for her career. Bobbie goes back into Durant's room. Alexis asks her again if she purposely paralyzed Durant. Bobbie tells her that she didn't do anything wrong. Alexis tells her she has no more questions for her. Ric tries to escort Bobbie out of the room when Durant tells Bobbie that he is going to bleed the hospital dry and that she will lose her job and be out on the streets where she started. Ric asks the stenographer to make sure that Durant's statements go on the record. Ric leaves with Bobbie and tells her she did a good job. Alexis slams her notepad down on the bed and tells Durant he needs to learn to shut his mouth. Alexis finds Ric waiting for her outside of Durant's room. Ric asks Alexis why she is helping Durant go after the hospital, the same hospital that saved her daughter's life and her life. Alexis tells him that even jerks like Durant need to be represented and that it is just a job to her. Ric doesn't buy that excuse and tells her she is doing this so she can go up against him in court again or Durant has something big he is holding over her to get her to defend him. Alexis accuses Ric of not being able to accept the fact that she is moving on with her life and that it doesn't revolve around him. Ric tells her he hit a nerve and that he will not settle out of court. Meanwhile, Luke returns home to find Skye out on the patio, sulking. He asks her if she would be willing to persuade Alcazar to dip into his pocket to help them with their plan against Durant. Skye tells Luke that it won't be a problem to flirt with Alcazar since he is so sexy and sophisticated as she tries to make him jealous again.

Dr. Winters pays Dr. Thomas a visit to his office. He cancels their lunch date. She asks him about Michael's progress but doesn't expect him to give her any details. He tells her that Michael is doing better and that he does care about his welfare just like everyone else. Meanwhile, Sam walks with Michael through the park on the way to G.H. to see Dr. Thomas for another therapy session. Michael talks her into going to buy them a pretzel to share on their way. While she is doing that, Michael calls out to Jody to come out of the bushes to talk to him. Jody doesn't come out of the bushes, but her mother does. Her mother tells him that she wants him to stay away from her daughter before she gets her killed by his gangster father and uncle. She tells him that Jody is smashing things again and accuses him of being the cause of it and that Jody's father wants Jody to move away from the neighborhood. Michael is upset by what she tells him. Later, Jason steps off the elevator and has a flashback from when he was hospitalized after his brain injury years ago and how he woke up and Monica was there and he remembers a nurse coming in right after Monica went to call the family and how the nurse mentioned that Dr. Thomas would be in shortly. Jason is unnerved by the memory just as Dr. Thomas touches his arm to ask him if he is o.k. Jason shakes himself of the memory and tells him he is o.k. Sam and Michael get off the elevator. Dr. Thomas walks with Michael to his office. Sam asks Jason what is wrong. Jason tells her that he had a vague memory of waking up in the hospital after his head injury and that he feels that something wasn't right concerning Dr. Thomas but he doesn't know what it is. Suddenly, Michael runs out of Dr. Thomas' office and runs into Jason's arms. He tells Jason he doesn't want to talk to him anymore. Jason takes Michael home. Michael tells him about how he saw his friend Jody's mother in the park and how she told him to stay away from Jody because he will get her killed with his father being a gangster. Jason offers to go and talk to Jody's dad and persuade him that Jody will be safe playing at the mansion. Michael asks him not to beat up Jody's dad. Jason is disturbed by Michael's plea. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas gets a hold of Jason's old CAT-scans taken after his accident. He is looking at them when Sam barges in and asks him why Michael would run out of a therapy session again when he was making progress with him. She notices the CAT-scan x-rays and asks him what they are. He tells her they belong to Jason. She asks him what he is doing with them. He tells her he is comparing them to Michael's case. She tells him that their cases are nothing alike. Dr. Thomas tells her that he doesn't totally agree with that and comments that Jason's case resulted from physical trauma and Michael's is more from emotional trauma. He upsets Sam when he tells her that Jason lacks emotion and is incapable of feeling any kind of emotion. Sam tells him he is wrong and that Jason shows his love for Michael and her every day. Dr. Thomas tells her that the heart can be a mystery too. He asks her if she would be willing to persuade Michael to return to therapy again. After she leaves, Dr. Thomas looks at her medical file as well. Meanwhile, Justus meets with Jason to give him a report on what he found out about Dr. Thomas. He tells Jason that he found out that Dr. Thomas has a God complex, meaning he thinks he can save every one of his patients. Jason asks Justus to keep digging on more information on Dr. Thomas even though Michael seemed to have made progress with him. Justus is pleased to be able to investigate for him as long as it means he can spend more time with Dr. Winters, who he has a thing for. Jason tells him that he just doesn't trust Thomas and thinks there is something about him that isn't right. Later, Jason tells Michael that he has some bad news for him. He tells Michael that he went by Jody's house and the movers had already removed all of the furniture and that no one answered the door.

Monica helps Maxie walk around her room to make sure she is strong enough to go home soon. She tells her she could probably release her later that afternoon and makes Maxie promise to take her medication. Maxie promises to follow doctor's orders. Monica leaves and barely notices Jesse dressed as a janitor, mopping the floor outside of the I.C.U. Jesse goes in to see Maxie when the coast is clear. Maxie tells him she will be going home later that day. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn, Diego, and Dillon are signing up for courses for the fall while Georgie is working alone at the Pizza Shack. She feels left out since she will still be in high school while they are all going to college. Dillon comes up to talk to her later. She asks him if he would go by and check on Maxie for her and sneak her in a piece of pizza. Dillon agrees to do that and asks Diego if he wants to go with him. Diego seems eager to go with him to visit Maxie but sees the look on Brook Lynn's face and tells him that isn't a good idea. Brook Lynn tells Diego he can go with Dillon to see Maxie if he wants. Diego tells her that he wants to spend more time with her. Brook Lynn doesn't believe he wants to spend more time with her and asks him when was the last time he kissed her. He can't remember. She tells him that she wishes he would just admit his feelings for Maxie and that he thinks of her as only a buddy now. Brook Lynn storms off when Diego continues to deny he has any romantic feelings toward Maxie. Deigo follows her to the park. He asks her if she always runs away in a middle of an argument. Brook Lynn tells him that he rather be with Maxie than with her but that he won't admit that his feelings for her have changed. Diego tells her that she is acting jealous. She tells him that he looks at Maxie the way he used to look at her. Back at the Pizza Shack, Georgie jokes with Dillon about how he will probably find someone else while she is stuck in high school and tells him she may have to get another guy to be her prom date. She points to the wanted poster with Jesse's picture on it. Dillon looks at it closely. Later, Maxie tries to persuade Jesse to talk to Mac and explain his side of the story and how he is being framed for shooting Durant. Jesse tells her that no one will believe him and all they want to do is find him and arrest him. Dillon shows up with a piece of pizza for Maxie and sees Jesse in her room with her. He recognizes him from the wanted poster and tells Jesse he was the one who shot Durant. Maxie defends Jesse and tells Dillon that he was framed and didn't shoot Durant. Dillon can't believe Maxie is being so naive about Jesse. He tells Jesse and Maxie that he is going to leave and go get a soda in the cafeteria. Jesse grabs Dillon and puts him a choke-hold against the wall and tells him he isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Monica gets a look at the wanted poster with Jesse's picture on it and recognizes him as the guy who posed as an intern who was in Maxie's room. Murphy, the cop shows up as Maxie is trying to talk Jesse into letting Dillon leave and tries to assure him that Dillon won't call the cops on him. Murphy points a gun at Jesse and asks him to let go of Dillon. Maxie pleads with Jesse to let Dillon go and asks the cop not to shoot him. Jesse listens to Maxie and lets him go. He runs off and Murphy runs after him through the hallways. Jesse knocks Monica down when she gets off the elevator so he can get into it and get away. Murphy makes sure Monica is o.k. and out of the way. He shoots at Jesse as the elevator doors are closing. Mac shows up shortly afterward. He comes to Maxie's room after he finds out about Jesse. Maxie is trying to explain to Mac that Jesse was framed and didn't shoot Durant and that he was just about to tell Durant that one of Mac's cops was selling drugs when Durant was shot and the cop framed him for it. Mac thinks Jesse's explanation to Maxie is a little hard to believe. Murphy shows up at Maxie's room and tells Mac that Jesse got away but that he shot him and Jesse won't be getting too far. Maxie is upset that Jesse was shot. Meanwhile, Georgie gets a surprise when she goes back into the Pizza shack to clean up and finds Jesse sitting on the floor with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Georgie finds an injured Jesse hiding behind the counter at the Pizza Shack. She immediately recognizes him and threatens to call the police but Jesse is able to convince her to help him by mentioning her sister Maxie.

Maxie goes home from the hospital with orders to stick to her restricted diet and schedule of meds. At home, Brook Lynn helps Diego decorate the house for Maxie's arrival. She is unable to hide her jealousy much to Diego's frustration. As everyone arrives, the party begins. Georgie walks in and lets Maxie know that she needs to speak with her privately. They are unable to get away for a moment so Maxie waits awhile before pretending like the party is wearing her out. The party quickly breaks up leaving Maxie and Georgie alone. Georgie tells her about Jesse and takes Maxie up to the attic where Jesse is now hiding. He is running a fever and both girls worry that he needs medical attention. He insists that he needs to get into John Durant's room so that he can clear his name. Maxie gives Jesse the news that John Durant was released from the hospital at the same time that she was. A few minutes later, Mac knocks at the attic door asking Maxie and Georgie what they are doing in there.

Luke wants Skye to use her charms to enlist Lorenzo Alcazar's help with General Hospital's problems. When she agrees Luke is torn between relief and doubt as he doesn't like the way that Skye was gushing about Lorenzo and how attractive she finds him. After Skye departs, Tracy tries to get Luke to reveal his plans for saving General Hospital but to no avail. Luke remains secretive but does enlist Alice's help.

Skye visits Lorenzo at his home. She tells him about Durant's lawsuit against General Hospital and Bobbie. She also tells him about the insurance lapse. She suggests that if General Hospital were more solvent they could hire attorneys who could probably prevail in court against John Durant but as that may not be feasible then perhaps there could be a way to settle the lawsuit before it gets to court. Lorenzo wants to know how much money Skye is talking about in order to settle the lawsuit and more importantly what is in it for him should he invest the money. Skye suggests $20,000,000.00 and tells Lorenzo that is gain would be altruistic and being recognized as a great benefactor. Lorenzo feels that Skye's proposal is disingenuous. He tells her that he likes her and would like to help her but he's going to pass on her offer.

As Luke puts the finishing touches on the elegant lunch table that he and Alice set up, he is surprised when he turns around to find Alice wearing a purple mask on her face. She announces that it's part of her mud wrestling costume that she wears on Friday nights. Luke recognizes her as the Dominator, a popular wrestler who has posters all over town. Just then John Durant arrives and is somewhat taken aback to see Alice. Luke quickly diverts his attention as Alice leaves the room and Luke gets down to business. He offers John $20,000,000.00 to drop the lawsuit and go away. John is tempted but tells Luke that he has to think about it. After John leaves the Quartermaines, Skye gives Luke the bad news that she failed in her attempt to gain Lorenzo's help.

Carly is not happy when she arrives at Sonny's only to be told by Jason that Sonny is not at home. She immediately suspects that Sonny is with Reese. She rages about Sonny choosing spending time with his latest mistress over his children and then tells Jason that she is going to take Morgan home and not bring him back until Sonny calls her.

Sonny puts his dimples to work and charms Reese into letting go of her anger. She explains to him that she was hurt because she had connected with Michael when no one else could but Sonny made her feel like an outsider when he told her that he wanted to keep their relationship quiet where Michael was concerned. Sonny clarifies that he's trying to take care of all the people who matter to him and Reese is one of those people. He goes on to tell her that he wants to spend more time with her and his children together but he needs to take things slowly. He feels that he and Reese need to help Michael accept their relationship not force it on him. Later, Sonny arrives at Carly's house to pick up Morgan. He drops the bombshell that he and Reese intend to take Michael and Morgan to the park. Carly keeps a tight reign on her temper until Sonny leaves and then with Lorenzo's encouragement, lets loose. She screams her frustrations into a pillow and then, claiming to feel better, thanks Lorenzo for being supportive. Lorenzo tells Carly that he has an idea to help her focus her attention elsewhere besides Sonny and Reese. He leaves the house, promising to return shortly.

Jason talks to Dr. Thomas about the accident that left Jason the way he is now. Dr. Thomas explains that he was called in a few days after Jason emerged from his coma but that Jason was unresponsive. As Dr. Thomas is talking, Jason remembers seeing Dr. Thomas in his hospital room but instead of being focused on his patient, Dr. Thomas had his hands all over a nurse while he was trying to kiss her. Later, Jason calls Justus and asks for his help and finding the nurse who was in the room. Her first name is Cybil.

After Jason disconnects the call with Justus, Sonny walks in. He tells Jason his plans to take the boys to the park with Reese but Jason isn't supportive. He feels Sonny is making a grave mistake by forcing Michael to be around Reese given all the problems he's had. Sonny explains his objective and adds that Carly is fully aware of what he is planning and accepted it. Jason is even more concerned after hearing what Carly's reaction was. He tells Sonny that if anything, Carly's behavior was a warning sign.

Lorenzo arrives at the Quartermaines' and pleasantly surprises everyone with the offer to help them deal with John Durant's lawsuit. He has one condition; Carly be put in charge.

Reese is at her penthouse looking through a metal box filled with pictures and other mementos of her friendship with Carly. She locks the box and goes to make a call. As the phone is ringing, Carly who had been hiding in the penthouse, approaches Reese from behind and hits her over the head. Reese falls to the ground unconscious.

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