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Monday, August 22, 2005

While Sonny admits he is not a fan of the Cassadine Family, he does think that Emily and Nikolas seem happier together. He tells her if she can get past the anger and disappointment of Nikolas's betrayal that will be the greatest gift. Back at the hospital, Emily takes time off to move. Monica and Alan are thrilled that Emily is moving back home, but she admits she's not moving back home.

While Nikolas and Courtney return home, they daydream about coming home to their spouses and what their reaction will be. In the daydreams, Emily accepts the coincidences and accepts Nikolas's apology. While Jax's reaction in the daydream isn't so enthusiastic, he also forgives Courtney.

Nikolas goes to Sonny's house to find Emily. She's not there, and Sonny tells Nikolas exactly how he feels about the situation. Nikolas is shocked to learn that Emily is moving into Sonny's house. He tries to tell Sonny that he didn't sleep with Courtney. Nikolas says he has the ability to keep his pants zipped, unlike Sonny. Just as he's telling Sonny how much he loves his wife, Emily walks in. Sonny tells her he can have Nikolas removed, if that's what she wants. Instead she asks to speak with Nikolas alone. Emily tells Nikolas it's too late, but he says no. He tries to tell her the circumstances of the rape caused him to turn away from her. He didn't know how to react. He loves her, though, and wants to be with her. Emily tells him she doesn't believe him. He's lied to her in the past, so she doesn't believe him anymore. He tells her he's not going back to Wyndemere without her.

Liz and Lucky fight with Jax about his ability and legality of being a single father to the baby Liz is carrying. After Jax leaves, Courtney shows up. She wants to know if they have seen Jax. They admit they have and he's out for revenge saying Courtney gave up her maternal rights to the child by sleeping with Nikolas. Courtney tells Liz that was she saw was only kissing. She's told everyone the two of them have been jumping into bed together every chance they get. Lucky defends Liz to Courtney. Liz tells them both the main thing is this baby being raised in a loving family. Courtney says that's what started the whole thing. Liz and Jax alienated her, which is why she turned to Nikolas. In the end, though, she wants the same thing for the baby. After Courtney leaves, Liz and Lucky talk. Lucky hopes that Cameron looks towards him as a father. Lucky tells him the only way to get rid of all of this is if he marries her right now. That would make him the father of her baby.

Jax walks into the apartment and find Courtney waiting for him. He tells her he wants a clean divorce, and tells her even though they didn't sleep together it was just a technicality. Even though Courtney and Nikolas didn't sleep together, Jax feels betrayed and cheated on. He wants to know if she was really alienated by the surrogacy or did she never love him. Courtney tearfully tells Jax she did love him and still does. She felt insignificant due to the surrogacy, and it caused her to turn away. He tells her it doesn't matter who she did or didn't sleep with, he's done. He wants out of their marriage.

Jax finds Alexis and asks for her help with a divorce and to make sure there's no case for the surrogacy to fall through. Alexis is stunned, but says she will do what she can.

Alicia helps Jason escape by keeping her mother locked up longer. Before Alicia unlocks her mother, a good comes in to Allegra's rescue.

Jason searches for Sam and Andrew. A priest tells him that he married the two just a while ago and they are on their honeymoon now. Jason grabs him and demands he tell him where they are at now.

Sam confesses to Andrew that she is not Alicia. At first he doesn't believe her, but after Sam explains her heartfelt love for Jason, he realizes she is telling the truth. Just after the two of them leave to go find Jason, Jason walks in the room and collapses. Sam and Andrew find Allegra and tell her the scheme is up. Andrew knows that his fiancé is locked in a wine cellar. It appears everything is going to be fine and Sam is going to go find Jason, but two goons come in and grab her. Sam realizes they were playing her as she's being taken away. Meanwhile, Allegra's goons find an unconscious Jason. Just as they start to pick him up, he wakes up and starts fighting for his life.

Sam is locked in the wine cellar, but someone slips the key under the door. She runs out, looking for Jason. She finds him, unconscious with Andrew lying next to him on the floor in the living room. Sam wakes him up, but Jason remembers nothing. Andrew is dead, and Jason doesn't know how or why he died. Allegra walks in and accuses Jason of killing Andrew. She tells the two of them she will create a diversion for the two of them to leave. After they leave, Allegra calls the cops and says there's a jewel thief on the island and he's killed her son-in-law. When she hangs up, one of her goons comes in and tells her Alicia is missing again.

Once on the boat, Sam confronts Jason about his apparent issues. She wants to know what's going on, but he stares at her blankly.

As Alcazar talks with one of his associate's about business, Sonny walks in on the discussion. Alcazar offers a business deal, but Sonny says not in his lifetime. Alcazar tells Sonny that Carly loves him, heart and soul. She's free to go back to him now. Sonny doesn't believe that Alcazar cares about Carly's happiness. Alcazar walks away.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

When Nikolas walks past Kelly's, Jax greets him with a punch. Nikolas tries to convince Jax that it was just a kiss, but he and Courtney never slept together. Nikolas tells Jax he's going to lose the best thing that's ever happened to him. Nikolas tells Jax his obsession with the baby is the reason why Courtney turned away from him. Jax reminds him the baby was half her idea as well. Nikolas remembers Courtney telling him the first time she met Jax she thought he was a selfish, arrogant jerk. She was right all along. Jax doesn't care what either one of them think about him, though.

Although Max tells Courtney that Sonny won't allow her or Nikolas to see Emily, Emily interrupts and says she wants to hear what Courtney has to say. Courtney accuses Emily of hiding from Nikolas. She tells her how much Nikolas loves Emily. Emily doesn't believe anything Courtney says and tells her to worry about her own marriage. Emily blames Courtney, not Nikolas. Courtney made her own choices, and the affair was no coincidence. Emily calls Courtney a home wrecker.

Nikolas tells Lucky he really thought Emily would believe him once he explained everything to her. Lucky believes Nikolas the two of them didn't sleep together. Lucky tells him about Jax wanting sole custody of the baby. He and Liz are going to fight for the baby. Nikolas is stunned that it's come to this. Lucky seems happy he and Liz are going to raise the baby. Nikolas asks how to get Emily back, but Lucky doesn't know if it's possible. Something is broken in Emily. Nikolas doesn't want to believe the love of his life can't be fixed.

Back at their penthouse, Courtney stops to write a letter to Jax. She finds pictures of their wedding in an envelope on the desk. As she's looking at the pictures, Jax walks in and she makes another plea for him to believe she loves him. Jax doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. She tries explaining to him how the baby made her feel inferior. She didn't feel like she was enough for him. He never wanted a real relationship; he was just all about the bells and whistles. She tells him to take a long hard look at their wedding pictures and see if it's still obvious she didn't love him. He is moved, but not enough to keep her from leaving.

Reese is upset that Sonny asked Ric to represent him, but only if she wasn't his partner. Reese tells Sonny she's not leaving town. Sonny is still upset about Reese's betrayal. Reese tries to reason why Sonny telling him she was just trying to get revenge for Carly sleeping with her father, and revenge is something Sonny knows all about. Sonny doesn't want to hear it, though. He told her from the very beginning if she lied to him, they would be over. He goes off on her until Ric interrupts. He tries to stand up for Reese, but Reese decides to leave instead of fighting Sonny. Ric asks him how he was able to forgive him for his betrayal, and Sonny admits that he hasn't all the way yet. As Ric starts to go off on Sonny, Emily comes in to defend Sonny. She tells Sonny that Ric is all about keeping secrets from his brother. It's betrayal when someone you trust has been lying to you all along. He tells her that even though someone close to you doesn't tell you the whole truth, that doesn't make it betrayal. Sometimes they're saving you from pain. Ric tries telling her people are human and they make mistakes. They need to forgive those that betrayed them. When Ric leaves, Emily says he has no idea. But Sonny tells her he's dead on about him, but he doesn't have to be about her. His mother always said he had issues with forgiveness. He tells Emily not to be like him. Don't be trapped by her pride and anger. There's a lot more to lose.

Carly accuses Alcazar of trying to score with Skye while she's still grieving the loss of their relationship. She calls Skye the cheapest piece of trash money can buy. Alcazar tells Carly he's asking Skye to take over as head of the charitable endowment fund. Her ability to deal with impossible people has led him to this decision. Carly reminds him that Skye used to be a drunk and slept with his brother. Skye reminds Carly that everyone makes mistakes, and she can start listing Carly's if she would like. Carly storms off. Alcazar tries to tell Skye he doesn't care about Carly, but she knows better. He does admit that he still loves her, but he can't let their relationship go on. He's been able to leave virtually unscathed. She's appalled. She tells him not to believe the old saying, "If you love something, set it free." She's always loved anyone tightly, in a death grip. Alcazar side steps the issue and announces he will be leaving town soon. He wants to make sure Skye is ok with taking over the foundation. She is, and she tells him his secret is safe with her.

Alexis tells Ric that she may represent Jax who is divorcing Courtney. She's shocked that the surrogacy affected Courtney as much as it did. She tells Ric about her warning to Jax not to rush into something that may ruin his life with the person he loves. Ric realizes she's also been listening to her own advice. There's a baby involved, and that clearly changes things. He's angry, and she thinks Jax is insecure because he's afraid he's going to get hurt. Life is a risk and you have to take chances. It appears she is also talking about the two of them. She tells Ric he has made her happier than any other man ever has. Ric is happy, but suggests they take it slow and make each other very happy.

Carly walks into the hospital and spies Bobbie talking to Alexis. Alexis is getting the paperwork ready for Kristina to go back to pre-school. Since both parents have to sign the form, Bobbie asks her if she wants her to have the form sent over to Sonny. Alexis says no, she will have to deal with Sonny for the rest of her life so she might as well get used to it. She will take it over herself. As she walks to the elevator, Carly comes to badger her and suggests that Alexis will throw herself at Sonny once again. Alexis is amused at Carly's attempts to badger her. She tells Carly she needs to get a hobby or a job, because she's obsessing about Sonny more than usual.

Courtney and Nikolas run into each other at the pier. Courtney accuses Nikolas of starting the affair on purpose. They argue and end up kissing.

Sonny finds Reese at Kelly's and apologizes to her for the way he's been acting. She accepts his apology and wishes he would accept hers. He agrees that he kind of does accept her apology, but they can't have a relationship anymore.

Carly tells Michael she wants to go on a picnic with him and Michael and he needs to go get ready. He tells her Morgan can't go, and she tells him not to tell her what she can and can not do with her boys. He doesn't want her to upset Morgan, because he can tell she's angry. She apologizes to him and leaves.

Back in his penthouse, Jax looks at the wedding pictures. Meanwhile, Emily takes off her wedding rings.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Emily runs into Michael on Sonny's property. They talk about the constellations. Emily tells Michael that Nikolas is better at star gazing than she is but she'll give it a try. Michael asks her if she is staying at the guest house because she is getting a divorce. Courtney and Nikolas are kissing on the pier; Courtney breaks off the kiss. Lucky having witnessed the kiss asks Nikolas if he is really that hung up on Courtney or if he still loves Emily. Jax invites Liz to his penthouse. He wants to make her an offer. Sam and Jason are on the boat. Sam says that there is something very wrong with him and she wants him to tell her what's going on.

At the pizza shack Maxie and Dillon are talking about their schedules at PCU while Georgie walks around rolling her eyes. They are making her feel left out since she is still in High School and they are in college. They apologize to Georgie and then Jesse shows up wanting to know what Maxie is doing there after dark. He says her life is in danger. Michael and Emily are discussing divorce and Michael wants to know why people get married when they always end up getting divorced. Emily tells him that Edward and Lila were married all their lives and Alan and Monica have been married a long time. She goes on to explain that sometimes even though marriages end they were a good thing. Like when Carly married Sonny, even though they are divorced Sonny became Michael's dad and that is a good thing. On the pier Lucky is still shocked at the kiss he witnessed between Nikolas and Courtney. He tells them that if the kiss that Liz saw was anything like the one he just witnessed then she didn't exaggerate the seriousness of it. Lucky attacks Courtney saying she didn't even want the child. Courtney says she did want it. Nikolas jumps to Courtney's defense. Lucky says the baby is the one that is going to be hurt the most and it's not even born yet. At Jax's penthouse Jax asks Liz to stick to the original surrogacy agreement and in exchange he will pay for Cameron's education. Liz says she agreed to bring this child into the world for a couple not for a rich playboy who is a single father. She tells him to work things out with his wife. When Liz leaves, Jax calls Justus out from the other room, where he has been listening. He tells Justus they have their work cut out for them. On the boat Jason tells Sam that he barely ate while he was chained to the pipe in the wine cellar and that is why he has been having these spells. He walks out to the deck and discovers that his nose is bleeding.

At the pizza shack Jesse reminds Maxie that this guy is still out there. Maxie sends Dillon and Georgie away so she can be alone with Jesse. Jesse tells Maxie that she may be able to control her little sister but she is not going to wrap him around her little finger. Sam comes out to the deck where Jason is on the boat and tells him she found blood on his pillow. Jason admits that he has been getting bad headaches, he doesn't know when it started but it's getting worse. Justus informs Jax that if Liz and Lucky get married and return his money she will get joint custody. He advises Jax to work things out with Courtney. When Courtney walks in Jax tells Justus to go ahead and give Courtney the divorce papers. Courtney refuses to sign the papers. Liz and Lucky are discussing the situation with Courtney/Jax/Emily/Nikolas. Lucky still wants to get married. Liz thinks this is not a good time to make decisions. They decide to hold off on the marriage plans for now. Lucky promises her that they will have a real wedding when the time is right. Emily meets up with Nikolas on the pier. Nikolas tells her that he should have kept trying with her instead of turning to Courtney. Emily doesn't care if they slept together or not and says that the more he tries to explain the more it hurts. She tries to give Nikolas his rings back but he refuses to take them. He thinks they can still work things out. Emily doesn't say anything. She sets the rings down and leaves.

Jesse tells Maxie that they found lead paint on the other girls clothing (the girls who were drugged the same night as her and who disappeared for a few hours). They found a match for the paint at PCU. Maxie says there is no way she will give up going to college after all the work she has done to get there. Jesse says he doesn't expect her to but he is going with her. Lucky and Liz make calls inviting Emily and Nikolas over to their apartment. Liz says two down, two to go. Courtney tells Jax that she wants their marriage to work and she didn't sleep with Nikolas. Jax can't believe her. Courtney tells him that if he continues on this path he won't be the man she fell in love with and he will poison this child's life, then she leaves. Justus comes back into the room and tells Jax that it's obvious Courtney loves him. Jason tells Sam he just needs to rest to get rid of the headache. Sam walks away but hearing a thump, turns around to find Jason passed out on the deck.

Georgie and Dillon are talking about College on the docks when Georgie's cell phone rings. She hears heavy breathing and tells Dillon it's him. Dillon grabs the phone and says talk pervert but the caller hangs up. Dillon heard a bell in the background. Georgie realizes she has Maxie's phone. Maxie and Jesse hear a bell. Jesse asks if that is the PCU bell tower and Maxie says yeah, you can hear it all over town. After talking about sharing classes at PCU they dance. Nikolas and Emily show up at Lucky and Liz's apartment soon to be followed by Courtney and Jax. They all begin to argue. Lucky tells them no one can leave until they fix their broken lives. Sam tells Jason she is going to take him to a hospital. Jason says no hospitals please, but Sam says she is taking him because she can't sit back and watch him die.

Dillon and Georgie go back to the pizza shack and tell Jesse about the call and hearing the bell over the phone. At Lucky and Liz's apartment everyone becomes concerned about Liz until she finally sits down to rest. Emily wants Nikolas to admit what's really going on; she says that Nikolas and Courtney can't hide the way they look at each other. Liz jumps in and says if they can't find a way to work this all out tonight they are all going to end up alone. At a hospital Sam is talking to the doctor who is treating Jason. He tells her he can't figure out what is wrong with him and he needs to go to a regional hospital. He tells Sam to talk to Jason and try to bring him back before he slips into a deeper coma and doesn't wake up. Sam holds Jason's hand and asks him not to leave her.

At the pizza shack Dillon hears something. Jesse draws his gun but doesn't find anyone. He sends Dillon, Georgie, and Maxie away. Before she leaves Maxie tells him that she feels like this whole night was a set up. At Liz and Lucky's apartment they get Nikolas to admit that Emily is the love of his life. Jax stands his ground and is unwilling to forgive. Jax tells Lucky that he has made Liz's pregnancy pure torture. Lucky grabs Jax and just then Liz begins having cramps. She says she thinks something is wrong with the baby. At the hospital Sam is talking to Jason; she tells him that he taught her how to love and she finally feels safe, but she needs him to stay with her. Jason opens his eyes but he looks confused. He looks at Sam and asks who are you?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Liz starts to feel stomach cramps and thinks something is wrong with the baby. Lucky comes to her side just as she passes out. Nikolas is about to call 911 but Jax suggests it would be faster if they drive Liz to the hospital themselves since his car and driver are downstairs anyway. Everyone agrees to that idea and Lucky carries her out of their apartment. Courtney starts to worry about Liz and the baby and thinks that she and Nikolas contributed in a big way to what happened. Nikolas offers to give her a ride to the hospital with him. Emily, Nikolas, Courtney, Jax arrive at General Hospital with Lucky and Liz. Monica is waiting there and tells Liz to stay calm and that Dr. Meadows will be there shortly to examine her. Jax wants to go with Liz since she is technically carrying his child but Monica says no to him and Liz asks Lucky to be with her right now while she is admitted to a room. Jax tries to follow them but Emily stops him and asks him to wait in the hallway and not upset Liz by hovering over her. Courtney's presence bothers Jax, who questions her sincerity when she shows concern for Liz and the baby. Nikolas is right there to defend Courtney which angers Jax even more. Jax continues to accuse them of having an affair, which they continue to both deny. Courtney tells Jax that she is still in love with him and didn't sleep with Nikolas. Emily comes by to tell them that Liz is fine right now and that they are just waiting for the test results they took on Liz and the baby. Emily suggests to Jax that he allow Liz to raise the baby with Lucky but Jax is against that idea. Emily decides to leave the three of them alone and go talk to Monica. Nikolas tells Jax off and tells him that he is to blame for what happened to Liz by hovering over her all the time and trying to run her life. Emily returns to Liz's room where she watches Lucky and Liz in a tender moment. Nikolas also shows up and shares a tender moment with them. Nikolas walks out of the room and Liz urges Emily to go after him. She goes out and tells him that she loves him still. Dr. Meadows arrives with the test results. Emily goes back into the room to find out what is going on while Nikolas leaves. Dr. Meadows assures Liz and everyone that the baby is fine and that most likely Liz is suffering from dehydration and that they will give her plenty of fluids in her I.V. Jax still refuses to give Courtney another chance and storms off. He ends up in Liz's room where he tells Lucky and her that he has changed his mind about something. Emily ends up on the docks with an umbrella in the rain while Nikolas shows up on the docks to wait for his ride across the lake to go home. He tells Emily that he would invite her to come home but he isn't sure she would accept. Emily tells him she isn't sure of anything anymore. Nikolas tells her that she can return home to him whenever she is ready and he will wait for her. He tells her he loves her. Courtney sees them on the docks together standing close under the umbrella.

Alexis looks over the partnership agreement that Reese and Ric made up for her to sign to join their firm while at Reese's penthouse. She notices that Ric's last name comes first under the firm's title. Reese points out that it has to do with the fact that Ric's last name comes first alphabetically before her last name. Alexis points out that her last name, Davis comes before both their last names alphabetically so it should be first in the firm's title. Reese tells her that since she came in after the partnership was established her name will come last. Alexis tells them she changed her mind and isn't signing the partnership agreement after all. Reese and Ric become exasperated with Alexis again and wait to hear her explain. Alexis tells them that she has decided to take Ric's original advice and ease up on her cases until after the baby is born. She also asks Ric to show up with ice cream at 7pm every night for her and read bedtime stories to Kristina twice a week and asks him to be her birthing coach. Ric accepts her requests. Reese tells them she is glad they are working on their differences and this whole partnership thing is settled and offers them some ice cream if they would like some in her freezer. The telephone rings and Alexis notices how Reese looks anxious to answer it. Ric goes in the kitchen to get Alexis some ice cream. Reese seems disappointed when it is just a client who called. Alexis guesses that she was hoping for a certain someone to be calling her, namely Sonny. Reese admits she was hoping it was Sonny but that she shouldn't have expected one since Sonny doesn't want anything to do with her after they broke up. Alexis warns her to be careful since Sonny expects the untarnished truth from those around him even though he lives his life as a lie himself. Alexis tells her she went through the same thing with Sonny herself and that Reese should be careful because Sonny could drive any woman insane. Meanwhile, Sonny takes the boys to dinner at Kelly's and Carly spies on them talking outside Kelly's. Sonny notices she is nearby and asks her what she is doing watching them without saying hello to their sons. Carly is very agitated and jumpy and tells Sonny she needs his help. Sonny asks her what is wrong. She tells him about how she wanted to take the boys to the park for a picnic and Michael refused to go and told her that she would frighten Morgan with the way she was acting and that she got upset at him and yelled at him. Sonny tries to calm her down and explain to her that the boys are confused by what is going on with her now that she is no longer with Alcazar and that Michael didn't mean anything by it when he refused to go on a picnic with her. Carly asks Sonny if he would talk to Michael and get him to come visit her at her apartment and that she doesn't want them to hate her. Sonny agrees to talk to Michael and tell him she loves him even if she has made a lot of mistakes. Carly takes off in the rain and Sonny asks her where she is going. She tells him she is going to go shopping and buy some gifts for Michael and Morgan to bribe them with. When Sonny returns home with the boys he decides to have a talk with Michael about Carly. He asks him why he refused to go on a picnic with Carly and Morgan. Michael tells him that it is because of all the mistakes she has been making lately and blames her for why Sonny divorced her. Sonny tells Michael that he doesn't want him to be like him, and not forgive people who have disappointed him and tells Michael to forgive Carly. Michael asks him why he has to forgive her if he doesn't forgive anyone. Alexis walks in and tells Sonny that Michael has a good point. Michael asks Alexis if he will be able to see Kristina ever again. Alexis tells him he will be seeing her soon. Sonny tells Michael that he plans to talk to Alexis about Kristina and asks him to go upstairs and help Leticia take care of Morgan. Alexis tells Michael he can call her Alexis instead of Ms. Davis. Sonny and Alexis talk about the custody agreement. Alexis agrees to let Sonny see Kristina two days a week and compromises on letting her come to visit him at his home instead of making him go to her place to see her. Alexis tells him she would like them to bury the hatchet and forgive each other and even tells him about how she is going to be taking a yoga class for pregnant women. The two of them share a light moment without hostility and can even joke a little with each other. Sonny is still skeptical about her and asks her if she will be able to compromise. Alexis winks at him and tells him she plans to try before she leaves. She ends up going to Kelly's to have some ice cream while Ric joins her. She tells him about her meeting with Sonny. She also tells him that she loves him and that she knows she has made it difficult for him to love her back. Later, Sonny finds himself alone with no one to share his bed. He watches an old movie on T.V. that reminds him of his relationship with Reese. Reese is at home watching the same movie and finds herself crying over it. Sonny shows up at his old penthouse and lets himself in with his key to find Reese watching him. Sonny tells her his car broke down and he ran several blocks to the penthouse. He tells her that the one thing he hates about himself is his difficulty in forgiving people and that he would like to see if he can change that about himself. He approaches Reese and kisses her. They end up making love right in the living room during the rainstorm.

Jason wakes up after passing out again. Sam is right there when he wakes up. Jason looks at her in confusion and asks her who she is. Sam is taken aback at this new wrinkle. She tells him her name and that she took him to a clinic nearby. He asks her who he is and what he is doing there. She explains that he passed out after having these really bad headaches. Sam goes to talk to the doctor. She tells him what she knows about Jason and his accident 10 years ago and how it left him brain damaged. Jason overhears them talking. The doctor advises her to keep Jason calm. Sam returns to his room. Jason takes out a picture in his wallet of Michael and Morgan and asks her if they are his children. Sam explains that they are the children of his best friend, Sonny Corinthos, whom he works for as well. She explains the accident he was in 10 years ago and how it wiped out his entire memory of childhood and anything that happened up until his accident and how he became estranged from his family and that Sonny, his ex-wife Carly, and their children became his new family. She also tells him about the history of their relationship. Jason asks her what he does for a living. Sam tells him she will explain everything but that she needs to talk to the doctor again. Jason wants to leave the clinic and take off. Sam tries to grab his arm from behind to stop him from leaving his room and Jason reacts by grabbing her and throwing her up against the wall and puts his arm across her throat. Jason tries to leave his room again but two orderlies restrain him while the doctor injects him with a tranquilizer. Sam tries to get the doctor to not inject him with anything but it is too late. Jason passes out again. He wakes up again and remembers Sam's name but still doesn't remember anything else really. Sam persuades him into resting while she goes to talk to the doctor. Jason still wants to get out of the clinic on his own but agrees to stay still until she gets back. Sam is grabbed from behind when she leaves Jason's room. Allegra shows up with her two goons and tells her that she was willing to let her go with Jason but then Alicia disappeared suddenly without warning and that she needs her one more time. Allegra instructs some of her other men to go in and get Jason. They go into Jason's room and try to take them with him. Jason asks them where they took Sam. They won't tell him. Jason takes on the two men and grabs their guns and shoots them both down. Jason looks at what he just did and wonders what he does for a living.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Jax tells Liz (Liz) that he realizes the baby needs two parents. He is going to work things out with Courtney so that they can have a solid marriage before the baby is born. Nikolas and Emily hug after Nikolas tells her he loves her and he will wait for her. Two men (Allegra's goons) enter Jason's hospital room; instinctively Jason gets their guns and shoots them both. Jason wonders how he was able to do that. Sonny and Reese are making love at the penthouse but they don't know that Carly is watching them from the balcony.

Sonny explains to Reese that he decided to forgive her because he doesn't want to be a hypocrite (after advising others to forgive) and he realizes that being unforgiving will result in him being alone. Jason is questioning the doctor about Sam's whereabouts when one of the goons he shot crawls from the hospital room and aims a gun at Jason. Jason grabs the gun, gets him in a choke hold, and begins questioning the man about Sam. He tells Jason that Sam is on the same island that he had been on for days. Jason doesn't remember the island but he tells the goon to take him back there. Allegra brought Sam back to her mansion; she wants Sam to impersonate Alicia once again to sign a document that will give Allegra Andrews money. Jax is talking to Liz and Lucky about Courtney and he says that he should give Courtney a chance and he will do anything to prove that he loves her. Courtney and Nikolas standing in a downpour try to convince each other that what they had didn't really mean anything. Courtney tells Nikolas that he is getting what he wants with Emily. Nikolas thinks Courtney is upset; she starts to leave but Nikolas stops her.

Jax continues telling Liz and Lucky that he will stick with the contract. He will stop buying gifts and expensive toys and will pay attention to his wife. Lucky asks Jax if it weren't for the baby would he want to work things out with Courtney but Jax tells him politely that it's not his business. On the docks, Nikolas is concerned with Courtney's feelings. She tells him to just be happy that he still has a chance with the love of his life and it's a good thing they put the breaks on when they did. Sonny and Reese are talking about her moving in, but she has doubts. Sonny proclaims that since there are no more secrets there is nothing to stop them from doing this. Reese says that she will move in and her and Sonny kiss. Carly is still on the balcony standing in the rain and watching them. Allegra promises Sam that Jason is being taken care of and she should just concentrate on forging Alicia's signature. The police show up and arrest Sam for the murder of Andrew.

Jason shows up at Allegra's only to find out that Sam has been arrested. Just then Alicia shows herself. She tells Allegra that she killed Andrew. Courtney and Nikolas are at their respective homes but both of them are having flash backs about their encounters including their kisses. Sonny and Reese are enjoying flirtatious banter and then decide to go out for a "first date." As soon as they leave Carly enters the penthouse. She uses Reese's lipstick to write "whore" on the mirror. She's humming like everything is ok but then she begins ripping cushions.

Alicia tries to get Allegra to go along with pinning Andrew's murder on Sam so they can split the money and walk away, but Allegra holds the gun on Alicia and tells her she has a better plan. In the hospital Liz tells Emily that Jax is going to work things out with Courtney and she's happy that the baby will have a happy life after all. Emily lets Liz know that she is also ready to forgive Nikolas and she remembers how much she has loved him since she was a teenager. After dinner Sonny and Reese are walking on the docs. They decide to try to live life more in the now rather than in the past. Reese decides to go to the penthouse before meeting Sonny at his house (home). Back at the penthouse Carly is busy tearing things up and breaking everything she can get her hands on; in the midst of this she finds a gun.

Liz is busy eating some vanilla ice cream that she had a craving for. She and Lucky are happy that Emily/Nikolas and Jax have all decided to works things out with their spouses but they still don't know if Courtney is willing to work things out with Jax. At Courtney's apartment the phone rings, on her machine Nikolas says he needs to see her. He feels she was upset and she had more to say. He thinks he hurt her. He says he can't do this on the phone; he really needs to see her. Just then Jax comes in. Sam is in a jail cell trying to con her way out when Jason shows up. Allegra forces Alicia in Sam's cell to replace Sam. Sam knocks Alicia out and then puts on her clothes. They leave Alicia there to pay her dues for killing Andrew. When Reese gets back to the penthouse it is completely trashed. She calls Sonny and tells him to come because the intruder could still be there. Carly walks into Sonny's with a gun and tells him he can't leave.

Jax tells Courtney that he does love her and he loves being married to her. He tells her that Liz wants the baby to grow up in a home with two loving parents. He knows he paid too much attention to Liz and he doesn't want to do that anymore. He was just caught up with the baby and didn't realize he was hurting her. From now on he wants things to be just about them, their marriage, and their family. Emily goes to see Nikolas at his house, he is very surprised. Emily wants to know if Nikolas was expecting her or someone else. Back at Allegra's mansion, Allegra tells Sam that Alicia could never really love anyone but that she and Jason have love in abundance. Sam thanks Allegra but Allegra says don't thank me after all the terrible things I have done. Jason explains to Sam how he rescued her purely by instinct. Carly holding a gun on Sonny tells him that she decorated Reese's penthouse. Hearing Reese ask if Sonny is ok Carly orders him to put the phone down. Sonny tries to talk Carly down but she points the gun straight at him. On Reese's end of the phone you hear the gun go off several times.

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