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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on GH
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Jax comes to Courtney's apartment and tells her he realizes she didn't cheat on him. He loves her, but she knows he needs time right now. After he leaves, Courtney listens to her messages and finds one from Nikolas saying he needs to see her. After listening to the message again, she deletes it and leaves.

Emily and Nikolas sit down to share a bottle of win together. As Nikolas takes Emily's coat off, they attempt to share a kiss. Nikolas' hesitation leads Emily to believe she's too late, that Courtney has already affected their love. Nikolas does his best to convince her that his hesitation has nothing to do with Courtney. He hesitated because it's hard to believe she's really there. Just as she's convinced, Emily looks over to see Courtney standing in the doorway. Courtney says she should have called instead of just stopping by, but Emily doesn't believe anymore that Nikolas wasn't waiting for Courtney. Now she thinks Nikolas and Courtney are continuing their affair and storms off.

Emily rushes into the hospital and tries to busy herself. Monica wants to know what's going on, and Emily tells her about Courtney showing up at Wyndemere. Jax overhears their conversation, disturbed. He follows the pair to listen to more of their conversation. Emily explains to Monica how she went o Wyndemere to try to patch up her relationship with Nikolas, but something was off from the very beginning. Jax walks away as he hears Emily tells Monica that Courtney and Nikolas love each other. At Wyndemere, Courtney asks why he didn't tell Emily he didn't have feelings for Courtney. He says he didn't want to lie. He loves Emily, but Emily can't feel their love anymore. Nikolas has feelings for Courtney and wants to be with her, all the while still loving Emily. Courtney tells him that Jax has apologized and wants to get back together. Nikolas questions what Courtney wants, but Courtney says she wants Jax. He loves her and she loves him back. Before leaving, she tells him to go and get Emily back. She doesn't want him to be the one alone.

Courtney goes to the penthouse and Jax let's her in. He hugs her when she says she wants to get back together. Meanwhile, Lucky comforts Emily, who he found crying on the pier.

Sam tries to explain to Jason what he does for a living. Jason is shocked and obviously disturbed. She leaves to go get the boat, and he disappears out the back door. When Sam comes back, Allegra is shocked to find her still there. Sam is also shocked that Jason is not there. She tells Allegra about Jason's amnesia and his headaches. Allegra immediately calls her men in to find Jason. Sam is worried that someone is going to get hurt. Meanwhile, Jason experiences a headache and falls over the side of the boat.

As Allegra tries to ease Sam's fears about her genuine concern for them, one of her men comes in and tells them he found a body. They go to the boat, and Sam kneels over a body covered in a sheet. Next to the body is the hospital band Jason was wearing. Sam looks under the sheet, but it's not Jason. It's a fisherman from the island. Jason is still missing, though. Just then a man walks on the boat and tells them that Jason just hopped a plane to Portugal. After he leaves, Jason approaches the man and pays him. The man tells Jason the boat will take him to Port Charles.

Reese listens to gunshots over the phone. Sonny is watching Carly fire a gun, attempting to kill him. Carly's experiencing a breakdown. She soon realizes that everything will be alright. She will take care of everything and they will get back together. He wants her to lie down. She asks if he's mad at her, and he insists he is not. Jesse and Lucky knock on the door, responding to a call of shots fired. They barge in, but Sonny attempts to cover for Carly, saying he had a little too much to drink. Carly walks in and says they are looking for her, admitting what she tried to do. Jesse handcuffs her, while Carly screams at Sonny to not let them take her. During all of this, Reese comes in, thankful Sonny is ok. Suddenly, Carly is ok and starts to walk out with Jesse. Lucky witnesses the strange behavior in Carly, but there's nothing he can do to stop her arrest. Reese is stunned to see Sonny's behavior toward his ex-wife.

Ric misses Alexis' prenatal class, and Alexis admits she called his secretary. The secretary told her Ric was working on a very important client, Sonny. Alexis wants to know why he never told her about working with Sonny. She tells him honesty is good for their marriage. The phone rings, and Alexis knowingly smiles while Ric asks what charges are pending.

At the police station, Carly is wandering around with only one shoe. She tells Lucky it's probably at the penthouse, and Max will bring it over. Lucky asks for some time alone with his cousin. As they walk into the interrogation room, Sonny walks in and tells Mac he wants Carly released. Mac tells him no one is going anywhere until he gets a full report. Reese walks in and Sonny asks her if she called the police. She admitted it was her. Ric comes in and Sonny attempts to go into the interrogation room with him. Mac stops Sonny and tells Jesse to book Mrs. Alcazar on attempted murder. Ric tries to interrogate Carly, to no avail. She erupts when he tries to touch her. Ric leaves to talk to Sonny, and he asks Reese to sit with her. Reese walks in, asking Carly is she's faking it. She thinks this is Carly's latest scheme to get Sonny back. Carly appears to snap out of it and tells Reese to get out. She has everything she's ever wanted. She starts to sink back into insanity when she realizes she's lost everything. Outside, Sonny tells Ric he's not leaving the station without Carly. Ric says that Carly needs to go to a mental hospital, because she's a danger to herself and others.

Reese walks out of the interrogation room and tells Sonny that Carly is not faking it. Sonny is stunned she would think that, after all Carly has been through. Reese tries to convince Sonny the seriousness of Carly's mental illness. Sonny says he knows what he needs to do. Reese wants Carly to go to a mental institution. As Reese and Sonny arrive home, Ric sneaks in the back with Carly. The police think Ric is taking Carly to Shadybrook. Ric takes Carly upstairs, while Sonny convinces Reese he's the only one who can save Carly.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jax claims he will fight for Courtney and her love. After she leaves, Jax announces that everything is a sham to Justice. Once the baby is born and in his arms, his marriage is over.

Lucky finds Nikolas on the pier. Nikolas tells him about his obsession for Courtney, but Lucky doesn't want to hear it. Emily stood by him through everything, but Nikolas couldn't do the same. Nikolas defends himself by pointing out how alone he was in his marriage to Emily, and Courtney showed up right when he needed Emily most. No amount of self-control will prevent him from having feelings for Courtney.

Sonny asks Emily to take care of the boys, and explains that Carly is in trouble. Emily tells him that anything they discuss will be in confidence. Sonny tells her about Carly shooting at the pictures and how the police think she's in a mental institution right now. He wants the boys close by, but not necessarily able to witness Carly's destructive behavior since she's staying there now. Emily agrees to let the boys and Leticia stay in the guest house with her.

Carly is not at Shadybrook, though. Instead she's at Sonny's house. When she finds Reese in the house, she attacks her. Sonny walks in just as Carly grabs a pair of scissors and goes after Reese. Carly screams out at how no one ever protects her. Reese's father protected her, but no one except Sonny has ever made Carly feel safe. Reese sneaks out as Sonny tells Carly he will protect her until the day he dies. He looks Carly in the eye and tells her she is safe.

Alexis is suspicious when Ric tells her Sonny is ok with not seeing Kristina for a while. After he leaves, Lucky walks into Kelly's and Alexis asks him what's going on with Sonny. When she explains how nice Sonny is acting, Lucky tells her to look at the paper for details on Carly's meltdown.

Emily takes Michael to Kelly's, but runs into Nikolas along the way. Michael starts to say something, but Emily cuts him off and tells him to go on inside Kelly's. Nikolas is upset that Emily has a whole new set of priorities just a day after she walked out on their marriage. She's taking care of Sonny's kids and keeping his secrets. Emily's not going to apologize for taking care of Sonny's kids. She's not going to argue with him, and before Nikolas can come back Michael walks out with an ice cream cone. Emily and Michael leave, but Nikolas' troubles aren't over. Jax walks up and tells Nikolas he will break him if he comes after his wife.

Reese finds Ric on the pier and vents to him about Carly. Reese can only look at how Carly's mental illness puts a damper on her relationship with Sonny. She can't move in with Sonny until Carly's back to normal. Meanwhile back at Sonny's house, Carly is upset that the boys are mad at her and wonders what they will think. Sonny explains the boys are staying in the guest house, and Carly is relieved. She has bad thoughts, and she wants to make sure the boys are safe. He assures her the boys are safe. She tells him what a good father he is and how she wished she had a father just like him. As Sonny holds her, Alexis looks in from outside. Sonny takes Carly upstairs and puts her to bed in Michael's bed. She worries that Michael will see her in this state, and Sonny has to remind her that the boys are living in the guest house. He tells her she can look out the window to see the boys anytime she wants, but Carly doesn't want the curtains open. Sonny comes over to comfort Carly and he reminds her about his breakdown and how she stood by him. She understands what he went through now. Just as she was his anchor, now it's his turn. When Carly goes to sleep, Sonny goes outside and Emily finds him. She asks about Carly and he explains it's worse than he thought. She tells him she's not going anywhere so the boys are welcome to stay with her as long as needed. Michael runs up, and Sonny explains that Carly's not feeling well right now. Carly needs peace and quiet but to keep the boys close, so Sonny's asking Michael and Morgan to stay in the guesthouse. Michael's unsure until Emily steps in. Michael tells Sonny to tell Carly he and Morgan love her. Carly dreams of Reese and Sonny marrying. In the dream Sonny asks Michael to call Reese mommy. Carly wakes up in a cold sweat.

Reese and Sonny meet up outside, and Reese tries convincing him that Carly needs to be in an institution since she will need round the clock care. Sonny won't do that to Carly, though. Reese wants to know if she can still move in, but Sonny doesn't think that's a good idea. Reese wants to know where that leaves their relationship. Sonny tells her they can pick back up after Carly gets better. Unbeknownst to him, Carly overhears their conversation.

Alexis calls Mac on her cell phone, but Ric walks up and grabs the phone away from her. He tells her he's not protecting Sonny, but he feels he owes this to Carly and Sonny. Alexis asks if this has anything to do with him keeping Carly prisoner when she was pregnant. Alexis is more upset that Ric didn't tell her about Carly staying with Sonny. Alexis agrees not to tell the police, but she's worried about Carly hurting someone.

Courtney finds Nikolas on the pier and starts to walk in the other direction, but Nikolas stops her. She doesn't want to hurt her marriage by spending any time with Nikolas. She tells him if he cares about her at all, he will respect her choice to work on her marriage. Nikolas asks if she still loves Jax.

Georgie is annoyed when Dillon and Lucas discuss college. Bobbie walks up and announces she's going with Lucas to orientation. He's less than thrilled and says he's not going. After he leaves, Dillon tells Bobbie that he and Lucas are roommates and Bobbie is happy.

Jesse unpacks in his new dorm room, but Maxie walks in and announces she will be staying in the same room. Jesse gets it all straightened out and moves to another room. When they go to orientation, they meet up with Dillon and Lucas, who decided to go after all. They tell them how Jesse and Maxie ended up rooming together because the college staff thought Jesse was a girl. Jesse has a new roommate, though, Diego. Just as they new roommates is announced, Diego walks in with a valet. Alcazar insisted Diego have someone to carry his luggage.

Brook Lynn walks in late and sits down at the table with Dillon. He tells her about her rooming with Maxie and she is not happy. He tells her she can take it up with the resident advisor, Seth. When she sees him, she's instantly attracted to him. Meanwhile, Jesse is telling Maxie how much he wishes they could be roommates. Just as they kiss, a manila envelope is pushed under the door. Thinking it's a class schedule, Maxie opens it to find provocative pictures of Brook Lynn. Jesse rushes outside and grabs Lucas who is wandering around outside the door.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On the docks Courtney tells Nikolas to respect her choice to be with Jax. She tells him that she does love Jax. At PCU Jesse accuses Lucas of being the stalker. Outside of Kelly's Bobbie hears someone, she looks around and finds a distraught Carly. Carly begs Bobbie not to take her back to Sonny's. At Sonny's house Jason is hiding on the terrace while Sonny and Reese try to find Carly.

Nikolas questions Courtney about Jax's motives for allowing her back into his life. He wants to know if Courtney believes that Jax really loves her and he is not trying to get the baby that Liz is carrying. He asks Courtney if she loves Jax and she says she wouldn't have married him if she didn't. Nikolas admits that he and Emily can't go back again. They have both changed. Courtney tells Nikolas she doesn't want to feel bad because she is back with Jax and Nikolas is alone. She tells Nikolas to just leave her alone. Back at PCU, Lucas admits that he did slip the envelope under the door but he didn't take the picture. Actually, he didn't have any idea what was in the envelope. He found it and it was addressed to Maxie so he delivered it. Bobbie tries to be understanding with Carly but Carly tells her she knows that Bobbie doesn't understand. She tells Bobbie that she blamed her for Tony and for Reese's father, but it wasn't her fault. Bobbie tries to tell her that's not how she feels but Carly becomes more hysterical. Carly tells Bobbie she knows that Bobbie never wanted her. She runs off. Sonny explains to Reese why Carly must be found. He knows what it feels like to have a mental break down. He thought he got through to Carly when she fell asleep and was holding his hand but then she went out the window. Reese volunteers to look for Carly. Sonny instructs her that if she finds Carly not to confront her instead she should call him so he can come and get her. While Sonny is telling Max to fire one of the guards for letting Carly escape unnoticed, Jason is listening from behind a brick wall. Sonny tells Max to call Jason and tell him it's time to come back to work.

Reese finds Carly on the docs; she tries to be understanding and wants to call Sonny but Carly throws Reese's phone into the water. Reese tries to restrain Carly and keep her from leaving but Jason shows up. Jason pushes Reese away from Carly. Carly thinking that Jason was going to take care of her now; asks Jason to take her home. Jason takes Carly but he clearly does not understand who Carly really is. Courtney, Liz, and Lucas are at Kelly's when Jax shows up and tells them he has a big night planned for Courtney and whisk's her away. Lucky does not trust the reconciliation between Courtney and Jax. Liz reprimands him for being so untrusting. Brook and Maxie are in their shared dorm room discussing the stalker when a phone rings. Its Brook's phone, Maxie decides to take the call in Brook's stead. It is the stalker; she tells him to meet her in the quad and then they will see how scary he really is. Reese returns to Sonny's to tell him she found Carly but Jason showed up and left with Carly. Reese tells Sonny that Jason looked strange and he didn't recognize her at all. Jason takes Carly back to Kelly's and tells her she will be safe here. Carly pours her heart out to Jason telling him everything that has gone wrong recently; she is expecting him to be understanding and help her through this. Jason has no choice but to tell her that he knows he is supposed to be her friend and he knows that her name is Carly, but something happened to him, and he doesn't remember her.

Carly tells Jason that he promised to be there for her, she's falling and she needs him now. He offers to take her somewhere safe. She can't believe he will not help her. She calls him a liar and tells him she doesn't trust him and runs off.

Sonny believes that Jason has Carly and she will be fine. He trusts that Jason will know what to do to take care of Carly and make sure she is safe. Sonny leaves to go find Jason and Carly. Nikolas tells Lucky that Emily is taking time off to take care of Sonny Corinthos's kids, but he can't understand why she is doing this now when before she had to work so much at the hospital. He believes that she has wanted out of the marriage for a long time she didn't know how to tell him. Jax has spread out an array of special chocolates for Courtney at home. Courtney tells Jax she is looking forward to becoming a mom. Jax says he can picture her holding their baby and he thinks she will make a wonderful mother. Jason shows up at the Quartermaine mansion. He looks at a family photo of him and his parents and then has another dizzy spell. Sonny walks into Lorenzo's looking for Jason and Carly, apparently believing that Jason would bring Carly back to Lorenzo. When Sonny has his back turned Carly knocks him out. After Nikolas leaves Liz tells Lucky that Jax is the father of the baby she is carrying and when he gets on Jax's case it makes her feel worse. Lucas tells Jesse that he is not the stalker. Brook and Maxie show up and tell him about the phone call. Jesse says he is going to have forensics work on the photo; it is high quality so the stalker must have an expensive camera. In the next scene Diego arrives at Lorenzo's holding an expensive camera and discovers Sonny unconscious on the floor. He makes a call (presumably to Alcazar). When Sonny wakes up he questions Diego to see if he knows where Alcazar took Carly. Alan comes in to find Jason sitting on the floor. He quickly realizes that Jason has lost his memory again. He knows that this is the perfect opportunity to reunite Jason with the Quartermaine family.

Dillon and Georgie are at Kelly's talking about Maxie when a waiter comes up to clear the table. Dillon asks if his name is Phillip. We find out that Phillip is in Georgie senior class at the high school. Just after Phillip leaves, Georgie begins feeling dizzy. Dillon wants to take her to the hospital. Jax is on the phone with Justus confirming his plans to keep the baby and dump Courtney after Liz hands custody over to him. He has already begun separating their marital assets. Alan tells Jason that Sonny lied to get him to work as a hit man after he lost his memory the first time, ten years ago. Jason says that is not what Sam told him, but Alan rebuts with the fact that Sam was Sonny's girl before she was Jason's. Monica comes in and Alan introduces Jason to his mother; Alan looks at Monica and says our son has come home. Sonny interrogates Diego and finds out that Lorenzo left on a business trip to Miami yesterday. Sonny suspects that Lorenzo has Carly so he makes plans to fly to Miami and confront Lorenzo.

Carly has arrived at her old high school. She begins having audio flash backs of her time in high school and then opens up her old locker. When books fall out at her she gets scared and turns around quickly; only to be confronted by Reese.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Nikolas overhears Justus talking on his cell-phone with Jax outside Kelly's. He figures out from their phone conversation that Jax plans to divorce Courtney after all but is acting like he has reconciled with her. Nikolas waits until Justus gets off the phone to talk to him. Nikolas pretends he doesn't really know who Justus was talking to and asks him if he was talking to Emily about a divorce. Justus tells him that is lawyer-client privilege and can't tell him who he was talking to. Justus blames Nikolas for the divorce and accuses him of not appreciating what a wonderful wife he had and for jumping into bed with Courtney. Nikolas tells him that he doesn't have his facts straight and insists he didn't sleep with Courtney. Justus tells him off anyway and storms off. Nikolas hangs around outside of Kelly's. Meanwhile, Courtney finishes her run out near the docks and runs into Liz. Liz tells her that Lucky is a little skeptical about Jax's willingness to forgive her and reconcile with her after what he accused her of and that he thinks Jax is a little too obsessed about the baby. Courtney tries to assure her that Jax is a very honest man when it comes to relationships and that she plans to make her marriage better. Jax overhears their conversation and acts all lovey-dovey toward Courtney and assures Liz that by the time the baby is born, their marriage will be back on track. Later, Jax runs into Nikolas outside Kelly's, where he is expecting to meet Courtney later. Nikolas tells him that he overheard Justus on the phone earlier and tells him what he thinks Jax's real plans are: divorce Courtney after the baby is born and take the baby away to raise by himself. Jax slugs Nikolas after he tells him his theory. Nikolas fights back. Jax ends up accidentally smashing his hand through the window at Kelly's after Nikolas throws him against it during the fight. Courtney shows up and sees what is going on. She instantly blames Nikolas for the fight, thinking he is causing trouble for them because he is alone with no one now. She takes Jax to the hospital to get stitches. Jax admits to her that he was the one who started the fight and that what happened to his hand was an accident. Courtney tells Nikolas to go away and leave them alone. Liz lectures Jax on acting like a juvenile again with Nikolas and calls for someone treat his hand. Nikolas runs into Courtney later and tells her what he overheard Justus saying to Jax over the phone. He tells her that Jax is playing her and that he is only staying married to her long enough until the baby is born and plans to divorce her afterwards. Courtney accuses him of lying and trying to be an honorable hero and asks him to leave her alone when all she wants is to be happy with Jax.

Jason is confused when Alan tries to introduce Monica to him as his mother. Jason tells her he doesn't remember her or the family. Alan starts to bad-mouth Sonny to him to try to influence him. Monica tells Jason that he considered Sonny his best friend. Jason doesn't think he can trust what they are telling him. They explain to him about his accident 10 years ago and how he lost his whole memory back then. Alan suggests that Jason go to the hospital for tests and treatment. Jason is against going to the hospital at all. Monica tells him that she agrees with Alan about treatment. Jason takes off and Alan blames Monica for not telling Jason who Sonny really is and what he does for a living. Meanwhile, Sam arrives back in Port Charles and heads to Sonny's mansion. She runs into Emily there. She explains to Emily about the severe headaches and seizures that Jason had during their vacation and how he doesn't remember who he is now and doesn't remember who she is. Emily agrees to help her find Jason. Jason ends up showing up at his penthouse. Nothing jogs his memory when he looks at a picture of Sam and him on the mantel. He does for some reason remember what is in his desk, a gun inside a safe-box in the drawer. He takes the gun out. Sam shows up at the penthouse. Jason asks her why he can remember having a gun and where it is located but can't remember who he is and who his friends and family are. Sam promises to answer all his questions. Emily shows up and persuades him along with Sam to go to the hospital and have some tests run to find out what is wrong with him. When he arrives at the hospital to be admitted, Sam isn't happy when Emily informs her that she called Alan in to sign some consent forms for Jason since he needs a spouse or parent to sign since he isn't capable of signing consent without his memory in tact. Sam reluctantly agrees when she has no choice. Alan shows up in Jason's room and orders them to have him restrained so he can give him a sedative. Jason starts fighting his restraints once he realizes what Alan is doing. Sam shows up in his room and points a gun at Alan and warns him to let Jason go or she will shoot him.

Reese shows up at the old abandoned high school that she once attended with Carly. She finds Carly there. She explains to Carly that the school was shut down because there is going to be a flood and it isn't safe for students to be there so students will be going to the rival high school across town. Carly listens to Reese for awhile until Reese tries to persuade Carly to go back home with her because Sonny is worried about her. Carly gets all paranoid about Reese again and pushes her away while accusing her of trying to get rid of her so she can be with Sonny and take over as her kids' mother. Reese tries to get her to calm down but Carly pushes her away and Reese ends up hitting her head against the locker and knocks herself out. Ric shows up at the high school after receiving a call from Reese earlier telling him where she went. He finds Reese as she is coming to. He asks her what happened. Reese explains that Carly has gone off the deep end this time and that she didn't mean to hurt her but was just pushing her away. Carly ends up at Reese's old childhood home. She enters Reese's old bedroom and reminisces about what happened in the bedroom all those years ago when she was still a teenager. Apparently, Reese's father found Carly in Reese's bedroom during a heavy rainstorm. A teenage Carly tells Reese's father, Dan that she had another fight with her mother and was hoping to find Reese at home and ask to spend the night there with her. Dan tells a young Carly that she is welcome to stay over anytime she needs to and explains that Reese was away on a trip with her mother. Dan then goes on to comfort a troubled Carly and seduces her into sleeping with him right there in Reese's bed and promises not to tell anyone and that no one will ever know what happened between them. However, Reese shows up at home unexpectedly and finds them in her bed together. Reese and Ric find her in Reese's old bedroom talking to herself about that night. Reese gets upset all over again and blames Carly for what happened that night and accuses her of being the one who seduced her father and that she caused her father to commit suicide. Carly continues to cry and tells Reese that she had a terrible fight with her mother that night and just wanted to see her and stay with her and didn't know her father was going to be there alone. Reese doesn't believe her side of things. However, Ric stops Reese from lashing out at Carly further. He grabs Reese and tells her that Carly isn't to fault for what happened with her father all those years ago. He makes her listen while he explains to Reese that her father was the adult in that situation and should never have had sex with Carly and he was to blame for what happened not the other way around. Ric tells Reese that she can't blame Carly for what her father ultimately did. Ric goes over to Carly and asks her if she is ready for him to take her home now. Carly shakes her head yes. Suddenly they hear a loud noise outside the window and realize that the storm is coming and the town is about to be flooded over. Ric tries to get them away from the windows before it is too late.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Nikolas continues to try to convince Courtney that Jax is going to divorce her after he gets custody of Liz's baby. Jason struggles against Alan and his hospital restraints. Sam pulls a gun on Alan and let's Jason out of the restraints. Jason runs out of the hospital room. Ric wakes up in a strange hospital but Reese and Carly are not with him. In a cabin somewhere in Florida, Reese performs CPR on Carly who is not breathing. In the hospital elevator Jason runs into Sonny but tells Sonny to stay away from him.

Alexis is leaving a message for Rick on his cell phone. She is concerned because she hasn't heard from him. She's at the hospital and she runs into Emily and Justus who are discussing the impending divorce. Justus presumes that Alexis will represent Nikolas in the divorce; she says she will if it comes to that. She still believes that Nikolas and Emily love each other. With tears in her eyes, Emily proclaims that she and Nikolas have tried long enough and now it's time for them to get on with their lives.

Nikolas and Courtney are arguing loudly on the docks. Courtney doesn't want to believe that Nikolas is right about Jax. She attempts to leave but Nikolas grabs her and she turns around to slap him but stops herself. They appear to be in an embrace but Courtney breaks off and tells him to leave her alone. She runs up the stairs.

Ric remembers that Reese and Carly got pulled under the water but then he must have hit his head. He wants to go find them but the doctor says no one else could have survived the flood.

Carly finally begins breathing on her own. Reese tells her that she saved her life. Carly is frightened of Reese. She hits Reese and tries to run away. Reese explains that they should stop hurting each other. They have come through all this together and they are still alive. As Reese is making plans for them to stay the night and find help tomorrow, Carly is thinking to herself that Reese is going to kill her so she decides to kill Reese first.

Sam doesn't believe that Alan truly wants to help Jason. She thinks Alan is just trying to get him back into the Quartermaine family. Alan tells Sam since Jason doesn't trust him she needs to get him back to the hospital or he is going to die. Sam agrees to bring Jason back.

When Sonny questions Jason about Carly's whereabouts, Jason tells Sonny to find Carly himself. Sonny doesn't understand so Jason tells him that he doesn't know him.

Alexis finds Nikolas at Wyndemere. She wishes Nikolas would have come to her sooner. She informs Nikolas that Emily is going through with the divorce and if he wants to fight this there are many ways to stall. Nikolas says no, he will give Emily her divorce without a fight.

Sonny wants Jason to come back to the house so they can talk things through. Jason pushes Sonny out of the elevator and leaves. Sam shows up and tells Sonny they have to find Jason because he is sick and might have a brain aneurism. Sonny gets a call from Ric letting him in on the events of the flood and that Reese and Carly are missing. Sonny decides to head down to Florida. Sam tells Sonny she will take care of things with Jason.

Reese admits to Carly that originally when she came to Port Charles she harbored anger and much resentment towards her, but she got close to Sonny and Michael and things changed. She also tells her that she might have been wrong about Carly seducing her father. Things aren't all black and white and maybe it was her father who was wrong. Carly thinking to her self, does not believe what Reese is telling her. She still thinks Reese is out to get her. Reese tells Carly she is truly sorry for everything. Carly continues to believe that she must kill Reese before Reese kills her.

Sonny speaking to Emily from his plain explains that Carly and Reese are missing and they are somewhere in Florida so he is headed there to find them. He wants Emily to take care of the boys. Emily tells him not to worry she has fun stuff planned for the boys. Sonny tells Emily that the guards are taking her and the boys to the Metro Court for safety reasons. Emily tells Sonny not to worry, they'll be safe.

Sam finds Jason at the penthouse. She explains that she understands the pressure he is feeling with everyone telling him their version of his history. When he tries to take off she stops him.

Reese tells Carly when they get out she will take her straight to Sonny's. Carly thinking to her self, does not believe anything Reese is saying. When Reese leaves looking for firewood Carly finds a butcher knife in the cabin.

Alexis believes that Nikolas loves Emily. Nikolas says that love is not enough. Alexis tells Nikolas that Emily claims not to love him anymore. Just then Emily comes in and wants to tell Nikolas on her own what she is feeling. Alexis leaves.

On the docks, Justus lets Jax know that he has gathered enough evidence against Courtney to prove she is unfit as a mother. As Courtney stands at the top of the stairs listening Jax angrily tells Justus not to pull any punches, he wants to end this sham of a marriage to Courtney as soon as he safely has custody of the baby. Courtney looks very hurt and leaves the docks without confronting Jax. After Courtney leaves Jax admits he put a strain on the marriage but it was unintentional. He thinks what Courtney did with Nikolas was intentional.

Nikolas pushes Emily to tell him she doesn't love him anymore. Finally after some pushed Emily says the words "I don't love you anymore." Emily believes that it was the memory of what they used to have that kept them going for a long time. She doesn't trust him anymore and all of this has changed her. She hopes that Nikolas won't fight her or the divorce. Nikolas agrees and Emily leaves.

Sonny and Ric meet up at the hospital. They decide to search for Carly and Reese together.

Carly tells Reese she wants to go home. Reese is trying to get a fire going. Carly continues to plan "Charlotte's" death in her head.

Sam tells Jason that he can die from a brain aneurism. Jason doesn't trust the hospitals or Alan. Sam convinces Jason that she will be there looking out for him. When Sam and Jason show up at the hospital Alan and Monica are there waiting, they promise not to restrain him again they just want him to let them perform some tests. Jason agrees.

Sonny wants to know how Carly was emotionally before the flood hit. Ric tells him that she is very fragile and she has gone back in time to when she was in high school. Ric believes she was emotionally gone. Ric tells Sonny that Carly was a teenager and Reese's father took advantage of her. He thinks that Reese was finally able to understand that it was not Carly's fault. The doctor comes in and tells Sonny and Ric about a sighting that could be Reese and Carly. Ric and Sonny leave to find the girls.

Reese tries to give Carly some food, but Carly thinks Reese is trying to poison her and pushes Reese away.

After taking Jason to his room Sam leaves to make a call. She runs into Monica in the hallway and Monica announces that Jason may die.

At Kelly's Emily gently explains to Michael what is going on with Sonny and Carly at the moment. Michael notices that Emily is sad so she explains that she and Nikolas talked today and she decided to go ahead with a divorce. Michael exclaims that he doesn't like divorce.

Back at Wyndemere Nikolas is crying and he takes off his wedding ring. He says out loud, that he tried and if he could change what Connor did to Emily he would. Courtney shows up and tells Nikolas that she discovered the truth about Jax; Nikolas was right. She apologizes to Nikolas for not believing him. They are both feeling a lot of pain. Nikolas hugs Courtney and then they begin to kiss passionately.

Ric and Sonny think they find the cabin that Carly and Reese are in, but when they bust open the door they find two strange women.

Reese is still talking to Carly about her change of heart towards her as Carly is sneaking up behind her with the knife raised. Her eyes look crazed and it appears that she is about to stab Reese.

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