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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 26, 2005 on GH
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Monday, December 26, 2005

After spending Christmas morning at their mother's house, Sonny arrives to take the boys home for Christmas at his house. When Michael goes upstairs to get Morgan and Leticia, Sonny tells Carly not to bother unpacking because they won't be staying in that house. Apparently, the house is not on the corner, which makes it difficult to guard. Just as they are arguing, Lorenzo comes in and says that Carly will be needing to get new security for her new place. Carly stops them both and tells them to butt out. This is her life now and she's going to live for herself and not anyone else.

The locker room is not very safe from peeping Tom's, because as Robin is undressing and talking to another nurse about Patrick, he appears. She's irritated, but his apologies do nothing to calm her. She dresses, while he badgers her about having no social life. Her beeper goes off and they go to talk to Jason and Sam. Patrick tells them as soon as the final test results come back, they can go home. He warns him not to rush into things too quickly though, and baits Robin by mentioning her inexistent social life. When he goes outside, Sam follows him and tells him to stop baiting Jason. Inside, Jason is asking Robin about her feelings towards Patrick. She admits he's a great doctor, but he's a selfish jerk. She knows he is flirting with her, but once he finds out she is HIV positive, he will leave, just like all the others. Except for Jason.

As Robin sits down at the Metro Court for dinner, she notices Patrick sitting alone behind her. He tells her it's silly for the both of them to be eating alone and invites her to have dinner with him.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam learn that Jason will get to go home as soon as the test results come back. They anxiously await the chance to get home. While they wait, Carly comes in and tells them she just ran into Manny out in the hall. She learned that Alexis is defending him and she's furious. For once, Sam and Carly have something to agree on. When she leaves, Jason tells Sam she needs to calm down. Manny will be taken care of. Emily comes in to talk to Jason and tells him they're still waiting on the test results. She looked at everything and it appears everything is fine, but they need doctor's signatures to sign off on the test results before he can go home. She tells him how she went over to see Sonny on Christmas Eve after the hospital Christmas party. She knew he would be lonely with the kids over at Carly's, so she stopped by to drop off a gift. She tells him not to worry because they're just friends. He reminds her that's not what she told him earlier. Later, as she's undressing in the nurse's locker room, she dreams that Sonny comes downstairs while her shirt is off and kisses her. She's startled out of her daydream when another nurse slams a locker shut.

Emily goes back to Sonny's house and overhears him telling Ric that he wants to be alone with Manny after the verdict is read. Ric leaves and Emily comes in and tells Sonny that he can't kill Manny. He should pay, but the justice system will make him pay, not Sonny. Sonny tells her that she's ignored the life Jason led before, why can't she ignore his life? Sonny says that Manny has hurt a lot of people he cares about, including her. He must pay.

As Courtney gets ready to leave the Metro Court, Jax introduces her to a designer he brought in for the hotel. He thought she might want to talk to her about ideas for the nursery in the loft. Courtney asks him why he thinks she's going to remain in the loft after the baby is born. She mentions that she might be moving into Wydemere. He asks if Nikolas has asked her to move in yet, and she replies that he hasn't. They've talked about it, but he hasn't formally asked yet. He apologizes and asks if he can make it up to her by treating her to dinner upstairs for her and the baby. She agrees. Later, Nikolas calls and tells her he will be coming home. Apparently someone sabotaged his plane causing his delay in getting home. She gets off the phone and asks Jax if this was his doing?

Dillon walks into Kelly's and begins telling Georgie about how his mother is making him stay home instead of rooming in the dorms. He notices that Georgie isn't listening and asks what it's all about. She tells him that she received a letter from Diego. He tells her to throw it away. If she opens it, she will start corresponding with him and then go visit him and then end up petitioning to get him released. She is surprised that she's so easily read. Just then, Lulu walks in and helps herself to a piece of cake on the counter. Dillon asks her if she's going to pay for that, and she replies that she doesn't have to because her dad and aunt own the place. She complains that the cook At the Quartermaines' wouldn't let her get a piece of toast. Dillon tells her the secret is to get Alice on her side. Lulu notices Georgie's letter and asks about it. She snatches it out of her hand and starts to read it. Dillon grabs it back and puts it in the trash can. He tells her he will help her with Alice, if she will be nicer to Georgie. She agrees. They invite her to go out with them for the day, but she says she has to meet her boyfriend, Elvis. When she leaves, they both agree that they don't think there really is a boyfriend. Georgie says she forgot her phone inside and goes to get it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Carly comes over to Sonny's house and overhears Michael telling Emily that he missed her while he was at his mom's house. Carly is jealous and demands that the boys come home with her. Emily takes the kids upstairs, while Carly admits to Sonny that she feels insecure about Emily's continued presence in Michael and Morgan's lives. She doesn't want Emily to replace her. Sonny eases her fears, and when Emily gets ready to leave she invites her to Michael's birthday party tomorrow. Sonny tells her he is proud of her, but Carly says there was a time when she believed him. After Carly leaves, Emily comes back in with soot all over her face. The heater broke in the guest house, so Sonny insists she stay in the main house with him and the boys. Later as both are getting out of the shower, they run into each other in the hallway, clad only in towels.

Carly leaves Sonny's house and goes to the Metro Court to start planning Michael's birthday party. While she's there, Alexis and Ric show up with Kristina. Carly is nice to them and invites Kristina to Michael's party. Ric takes Kristina away, while Alexis tells Carly to leave her daughter alone. She doesn't want her anywhere near Kristina. Carly counters that Alexis is just as crazy as she is, but Alexis disagrees, stating there are different kinds of crazy. Carly tells her they are going to have to get along to a point, because their kids share the same dad, but Alexis tells her they are divorced now so they should never come into contact. When Alexis gets to the dinner table with Ric and Kristina, she realizes that Kristina is upset and isn't eating. Kristina asks Alexis why she doesn't like her brother Michael.

Patrick and Robin do end up having dinner together. Robin explains that she went into medicine because her first love died and there was no cure for his illness. Patrick is surprised to hear that Jason wasn't her first love. Robin gets up to leave and Patrick offers to take her home. She tells him she would rather crawl through glass then let him take her home, but he can gladly pick up the check. When Robin leaves, she encounters Carly in the lobby. They get into an argument when Carly mentions having Jason bring his motorcycle to Michael's birthday party. Robin wants her to leave Jason alone, but Carly tells her she is just jealous that Jason loves her and not Robin. Patrick overhears Carly fighting with Robin and learns that Robin is HIV-positive.

Courtney is upset upon learning of Nikolas's plane being sabotaged. She starts to accuse Jax, but then sees Luke entering the room. She decides to find out once and for all what made Jax sell half of the Metro Court to Carly. Luke paints Jax as a hero in front of Courtney and tells her that Jax did it for her. He knew that Courtney would be happy if he gave Carly a job, so that's why he sold half of the hotel to her. Courtney seems pleased and apologizes to Jax. When she leaves, Luke blackmails Jax into giving him a high paying consulting job at the Metro Court. Later, Courtney goes to the hospital and sees Jax arguing with Dr. Meadows. She confronts the doctor outside while she waits for a ride. Dr. Meadows is upset that she's being badgered by Jax about Courtney's health and now Courtney is badgering her about Jax. She tells Courtney to leave her out of her marital problems. Courtney apologizes, but just as Dr. Meadows steps off the sidewalk, the doctor gets run over by a car.

Jason and Sam are outraged by Alexis' opinions about Manny. Sam tells Alexis that if Manny gets off, then she is the one responsible for all the killings. Alexis points out that if that's the case, then Sam is responsible for all of Jason's killings. When Alexis leaves, Jason tells Sam to calm down. Sam can't calm down, though, and storms off. Monica finds her and asks what is wrong. She tries to give her some motherly advice and tells her to go let some steam off. Monica then goes in and talks to Jason. She tries to give Jason advice about Sam. Later, Jason is released from the hospital and he carries Sam over the threshold at the penthouse. They are both just happy to be home and be together.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fresh off her soot bath, Emily steps out of Sonny's bathroom clad only in a towel-and collides with Sonny, also in a towel! The two nervously exchange explanations for their situations, then when an EXTREMELY nervous (horny?) Emily tries to get back into her bathroom, the door jams. Ultimately, young Michael is the only one of the three capable of re-opening the door---he finds the whole thing amusing, but Emily still feels compelled to later explain exactly what it was Michael saw between his father and aunt.

At the Metro Court, Patrick eavesdrops as Carly tears into Robin, labeling her as jealous of Carly's ability to have a family since Robin's HIV prevents her from having her own. Dr. Scorpio gives right back, in so many words calling Carly pathetic and desperate. But Carly's relentless---Robin stands there, absorbing blow after verbal blow until she loses it and smacks Carly right across the face! The feisty blonde charges at her nemesis, forcing Pat to reveal himself in order to prevent blood from being spilled between the two gals. After Robin is thrown out, Patrick defends his colleague when Carly refers to her as a 'bitch'. Later, at GH, Pat is much less ornery than usual towards Robin, who puts 2 and 2 together and figures out Patrick knows about her disease. "HIV-positive or not, act like a jerk, you'll be treated accordingly," says Dr. Drake when Robin starts to preach.

Also at the hotel, Kristina is quite sad about not being allowed at her brother's party. Alexis tries to cheer her up, then comes right out and states the reason she can't go is Michael's mother. Ric tries a softer explanation, but an upset Kristina storms off. Ric then tries to change Alexis' mind about the party for her daughter's sake but she won't budge--in part because Carly is not above bad-mouthing Alexis in front of her own kid.

Outside GH, Dr. Meadows icily demands Courtney to keep her out of Courtney and Jax' marital problems. The conversation changes dramatically when a car plows into the good doctor and speeds off! Courtney (who'd walked away and only HEARD the crash), Jesse and newly-cropped Maxie run out of the hospital; Maxie summons help. When Jesse shares his opinion that the hit seemed deliberate, Courtney flashes back to the earlier argument between her husband and OBGYN. Dr. Meadows is taken back inside GH, with Courtney close behind. As this is going on, Jax is at his hotel, nervously downing an entire bottle of tequila.

Inside GH, Courtney learns from Monica that Dr. Meadows suffered head and abdomen injuries, and may not survive. Courtney then calls her hubby, who is cheering up Kristina with dessert, and insists he stay put until her arrival. Once she gets there, she explains the hit-and-run and asks straight out if Jax did it. Naturally, Jax takes offense to the latest of many accusations but doesn't necessarily deny it---Court apologizes and slinks away. Meanwhile, Jesse and Maxie are nearby, in the process of selecting a nice-but costly-meal. Witnessing the emotional discussion, Jesse plays a hunch, dashes out and finds that Jax' car has a huge dent in it! The young detective holds on to the info for now, intent on giving Maxie a nice evening. (Jax WAS able to get Kristina to agree to another activity in place of Michael's party, so his day wasn't all bad.)

At the Q asylum, Dillon tries to push Lesley Lu into volunteering at GH, mainly so he will be free of babysitting her, but Lesley Lu wants NO part of the hospital. Dillon eventually convinces her to at least go down to GH and speak with Liz. At first, her sister-in-law's words have no effect on the walls Lesley Lu has built, but as Liz relates how your problems don't seem so bad when you witness what GH's patients are going through, Lulu softens and shares her fears of "disappearing inside herself" just as Laura did. Ultimately, the girl runs off. Liz tenderly advises Dillon to not try so hard to get rid of his stepsister---enough people have done that already.

Carly calls Michael, who is so proud of his door-opening skills that he shares the whole dual towel lockout scene with his mom-who predictably makes tracks for Sonny's. Sneaking through Michael's window (SOME security) on out into the hall, Carly is forced to hide when Sonny-who'd admitted he should have sent Emily to the Quartermaines--sees Emily to her room for the night.

"And you wonder why she has a prison pen-pal?" - Lesley Lu, upon learning that Dillon had Georgie watching THREE old, subtitled movies with him.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jax arrives at the police station to report that his car was stolen out of the hospital parking lot earlier that day. Mac tells him that they found his car with a big dent in the front fender. Mac starts to question Jax about his whereabouts at the time when Dr. Meadows was hit by a car yesterday. Jax can't believe Mac would think he could have run Dr. Meadows down with his car. Mac finds the fact that his car was dented in the front as being suspicious. Jax admits he had a disagreement with Dr. Meadows earlier that day but claims he left the hospital and went to the hotel and has witnesses who can vouch for him. Meanwhile, Courtney goes to the hospital to check on Dr. Meadows medical condition and to ask Liz if she can go see her in her room. Liz informs her that Dr. Meadows is stable but her doctor fears she may be slipping into a coma since she hasn't regained consciousness. Liz agrees to call Courtney if there is any change in her condition. Jesse shows up at the hospital and finds Courtney there. He tells her that they need her to go to the police station and I.D. a suspect for the hit and run on Dr. Meadows. Courtney can only remember the car possibly being a dark colored sedan. Jesse asks her if it could have been a Mercedes. Courtney tells him it could have been but she isn't sure. Courtney goes back to the police station with Jesse. Mac has Jax detained in the visitor's room. He questions Courtney about what happened yesterday with Dr. Meadows. Courtney sees that Mac has Jax being held as a possible suspect. She tells him he would never do such a thing as try to kill Dr. Meadows. Mac tells her about how they found a big dent in the front of Jax's car and they are waiting for any DNA match of the blood they found in the front of the car with Dr. Meadow's blood. Jax insists that he had nothing to do with Dr. Meadow's accident and wonders if Mac is hoping to arrest him. Mac gets the results back.

The DNA on the car fender doesn't match with any of Dr. Meadow's blood. Courtney tells Mac that she knew that it wouldn't come to anything. Mac tells Jax he is free to go. Jesse tells Mac afterwards that he watched Courtney's reaction before he read the results and thinks Courtney isn't quite as trustful toward Jax and seemed nervous like she suspected Jax could have done it. Mac asks Jesse to go to the hospital in case Dr. Meadows regains consciousness in case she remembers something about the accident that who could have hit her with a car. Courtney goes back to the hotel with Jax. Jax tells her that since she believed in him and defended him to Mac means they will make excellent parents. Courtney asks him what he means by that. He thinks that she is starting to trust him again.

Noah looks over a medical file on a patient for Tony Jones. He looks it over and gives it back to Bobbie. Bobbie comments to him about how she feels that he has too much talent as a surgeon to let it go to waste. Noah feels that everyone overestimates his abilities as a surgeon and tells her the patient is better off letting Tony do the surgery than himself. Bobbie runs into Noah later on at the hotel. She comments that it is a little too early in the day for him to be drinking. Noah accuses her of following him around to spy on him. Bobbie informs him that she is not following him and came to the hotel for her grandson's birthday party. Later, Bobbie sees him again in the hotel lobby. He apologizes to her for what he said to her earlier and invites her to join him for a drink. Bobbie turns him down and suggests that he go see a therapist because he seems to be drinking a lot because he is haunted by something.

Sam wraps Michael's birthday present for Jason. She tells Jason that she won't be going to Michael's birthday party because she feels she is hovering over him enough and they need their space right now. She also feels she can't deal with getting into a possible argument with Carly in front of Michael. Jason asks her what is really upsetting her. She tells him that she is needs for him to give her time to adjust to him being home and the fact that he survived everything that happened to him. Alexis and Durant show up at the apartment later to get her deposition. Justus is there also to act as Sam's attorney. Alexis questions her about her testimony concerning how she feels about Manny Ruiz and what he has done to Jason and her. Alexis questions her about how she has a bias against Manny concerning whether he should get the death penalty. Sam lets her emotions get the better of her and testifies that she is biased about him and calls him a whack job among other things. Alexis continues to question her about her financial dependency on Jason and she asks her if Jason told her what to say today. Sam gets very defensive and starts to insult Alexis for defending someone like Manny. Alexis tells her that Jason is not much different than Manny in that he kills people for a living as well. Alexis and Durant finish the deposition. Alexis tells Durant out in the hallway that she has no plans to tank the case for him and that he needs to remember to uphold the law. Durant tells her that Manny is guilty and she knows it. Later, Sam goes to the hospital to talk to Patrick Drake. The nurse tells her that Patrick is probably on rounds right now and will try to get a hold of him for her. Manny is escorted by two policemen back to his room. He sees Sam in the hallway. Sam tells him that she doesn't believe he has changed at all and doesn't buy his act and he will pay for what he did. Alexis witnesses Sam's outburst and asks the policemen to escort Manny back to his room and not to allow him to converse with Sam anymore. Sam warns Alexis that if she gets Manny off for what he has done, don't be so sure he won't come after her eventually and then she will know how it feels to be her. Alexis tells her that she was appointed the case and that she is only doing her job.

Carly meets up with Sonny and their kids at the hotel for Michael's birthday party. She mentions to Michael that every time she sees him he seems to have grown another couple of inches. Michael comments that he just saw her last night when she climbed through his bedroom window. Sonny's eyes and ears perk up to that bit of information. Emily shows up for the party and hands Michael a birthday gift. Sonny asks Emily to take Michael and Morgan upstairs in the hotel where his party is going to be while he talks to Carly alone. He asks her what she was doing climbing into Michael's bedroom window last night. She confronts him about what Michael told her last night about finding Sonny and Emily dressed in towels together out in the hallway. Sonny tells her that nothing happened between them and insists he is not sleeping with Emily. Carly tells him that he can't get involved with Emily because it will ruin his relationship with Jason. Sonny warns Carly to back off and tells her that if she continues to do what she is doing, he will have no choice but to call Lainey and tell her what she has been up to lately. Carly refuses to back off. Jason shows up and sees the tension between Sonny and Carly. Sonny goes upstairs to the party. Jason asks her what is going on with her. She tells him about how Michael saw Emily and Sonny wearing just towels outside in the hallway last night after Sonny invited Emily to stay over when the guest house had not heat or hot water. Jason tells her he is concerned about Emily getting involved with Sonny but that she needs to stay out of it and not come up with any crazy plans against them. The birthday party begins. The wheel out a cart with a birthday cake shaped like a race car. Michael makes a wish and blows out the candles. He opens his presents. Sonny surprises him with a green ATV. Carly isn't too pleased by the choice of gift feeling it is too dangerous for Michael to ride on. Michael is ecstatic about the gift. Later, Carly catches up with Emily on her way out of the hotel. She confronts her about the night before with the towel incident. Carly warns Emily to stay away from getting involved with Sonny because it will hurt everyone she cares about including Jason. Emily leaves to go to work at the hospital. Carly goes back upstairs to help clean up the mess from the party. She complains to Bobbie about how close Emily was standing next to Sonny and how many problems there would be if she gets involved with Sonny. Bobbie asks her if she is really upset about the idea that Sonny may find love with Emily which would mean he would never get back with her. Michael tells her that his wish is for her to not get sick anymore and that she will be able to spend more time with Morgan and him from now on. Carly shares a tender moment with Michael. Later, Jason goes to Sonny's place to talk to him about Emily. Jason asks Sonny not to pursue a relationship with Emily. Sonny tells him that he has no intention of being more than friends with Emily and that he actually talked to her last night about how he is the wrong guy for her to get involved with. Meanwhile, Emily confides in Liz about what happened last night with the towel incident and how she is starting to fall in love with Sonny and that she knows Sonny doesn't feel the same way. Liz tells her to watch herself concerning her feelings for Sonny and suggests she tell him how she really feels. Emily feels it would be better for her to never reveal her feelings for him.

Friday, December 30, 2005

A slicked-back Nikolas brightens Courtney's night when he calls her from his plane en route to PC. Beaming, she informs him the two of them will be attending a New Year's party---then there is turbulence, and Nik hangs up. Moments later, arriving is Jax, who is trying with all his might not to gloat over the news that all planes into PC---including that of a certain Cassadine---are being diverted to Rochester! Thinking he can swoop in on the suddenly dateless Courtney, he's surprised when she refuses to go to Carly's party at all unless it's with Nikolas. But after the deflated Jax leaves, Courtney (and a gallon of ice cream) decide to make an appearance after all.

At the Q asylum, Edward, Alan, Monica, Ned, Emily, Tracy, Justus, Skye and Luke are lookin' sharp and waiting on the Barclays, an invited couple who end up not showing to the Q's own party. In fact, ZERO of the family's guests arrive! As Luke absorbs blame for their status as outcasts, Noah arrives, 100% sober and ready to meet some of GH's generous patrons. When it's clear they won't be at the Q mansion, Luke suggests his niece's party---only Skye and Noah accompany him, however.

Nik DOES arrive at Court's loft, only to find it empty. He then high-steps it to the Q's, who by now have prematurely ended their dud of a party, and finds Emily alone. She mentions Carly's party; he decides to avoid it to avoid fighting with Jax. When midnight strikes he tenderly kisses his ex's cheek on the Q patio.

At the penthouse, Samantha and Jason prepare to enjoy a romantic start to 2006...BANG! BANG! BANG! No, not guns, but rather Carly's fists actually knocking on the door for once. She's flummoxed that Jason isn't going to her party---Sam theorizes she just wants them to invite Sonny instead! After Carly goes, that's exactly what Jason does (through Max).

Dillon, Jesse, Maxie, Lesley Lu, Lucky and Liz and arrive at Kelly's (though the latter two don't stay long). Georgie rushes over to her honey with a hug, leaving a letter she was composing unattended---and ripe for a swipe by Lulu. It's a letter to Diego, and when she informs Dillon, he's incensed. Georgie blasts Lesley Lu's meddling and is not at all sorry for having compassion. Dillon is still angry she doesn't see Diego for what he is---a criminal---then Lucas makes the mistake of walking into his line of fire. Completely oblivious to Lucas' secret and on a roll, Dillon admits jealousy over all the recent clandestine talks between the Jones' cousins. Georgie pulls Dillon outside Kelly's, where the falling snow manages to cool down the fighting young couple. When Dillon admits his fear that they're drifting, Lucas comes out...and comes out!!!

Also outside Kelly's, Maxie does her very best to comfort a solemn Jesse---this was the date his younger brother Will passed away years back. Liz and Lucky's plans have been derailed by a dead truck battery, so they make the most of it and playfully fire snowballs at one another in the park until Lucky is finally able to restart their truck.

At the Metro Court, Carly, long black dress and bare chest each sparkling with glitter, apologizes to Lorenzo for skipping out on his son's trial---he accepts for peace's sake. When Noah arrives, she introduces herself as Carly Corinthos; shortly afterwards she forcefully ejects Alexis and Ric from the party when they accidentally crash it. We learn exactly what Luke has over Jax---alteration of the first paternity test! Jax thinks he's out from under Luke's control with the results of the second test, but Luke accurately calls his bluff. Jason (who along with Samantha do make a brief appearance at the party) informs Carly that Sonny's been told of the event---she feigns inconvenience but is clearly ecstatic. Bobbie is pleasantly surprised at Noah's sobriety. Soon, it's midnight, and the couples of Port Charles share warm kisses throughout town, even Luke and Skye.

"I think you've confused us with some other Quartermaines." --- Ned to Luke, when Luke suggests the family make a grand royal entrance into the party at the Metro Court.

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