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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 9, 2006 on GH
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Monday, January 9, 2006

At Sonny's house, Emily warms herself in a robe near the fire. Sonny comes to thank her and offers her a drink. She declines, mentioning how she behaved last time she drank around him. He tells her she didn't make a fool out of herself before and the two end up kissing. Sonny stops the kiss, though, and tells her it will never happen again. He tries to explain the kiss away, but Emily just ends up getting her feelings hurt. She goes to get dressed and leaves.

Robin goes to Carly's house to see if Patrick really did make a house call and why. She gets sidetracked arguing with Carly until she sees Patrick coming from downstairs. Carly doesn't want Robin to know that Michael fell into the ice for fear that she will turn her in to family services, so Carly makes up a lie that she and Patrick were sleeping together. Patrick goes along with it by kissing Carly passionately. Robin storms off and goes back to the hospital. Patrick, meanwhile, is hopeful that Carly really wants to have an affair with him. She blows him off and shows him the door, though. He knows she likes him, though, and he's a patient man. After he goes back to the hospital, Sonny comes to check on Michael. The boy comes downstairs when he hears his father's car pull up and inadvertently mentions that the doctor came to check him out and he's ok. When he goes back upstairs, Sonny asks about the doctor coming to see Carly and she tells him she asked Patrick to come over. Then she asks about Emily when she notices one of her hair's on his suit jacket. He blows it off and says it must have come from the hug he gave her in appreciation of him saving Michael. He asks her why he can't be with Emily and she decides to kiss him and show him why.

Back at the hospital, Patrick tries to irritate Robin some more. She warns him that his life is in danger if he wants to have a fling with Carly. The only person who's more dangerous is Jason's sister, Emily.

Courtney and Nikolas show up at the hospital for a sonogram and are disappointed to see Jax there waiting for them. Courtney is called away, so Jax and Nikolas bicker until she returns. She mentions that she's having a craving for brownies, so Nikolas goes to Kelly's to get her some. While she and Jax wait, Liz comes and tells Courtney that Dr. Meadows has awakened from her coma and wants to see her. Jax waits around outside her room while Courtney goes inside. When she comes out, she looks upset. Jax tells her he needs to talk to her and it can't wait. He asks if she will go for a walk with him. They go down to the docks where he tells her he has been manipulating her. He didn't have anything to tell her, but he just wanted to see if she would come with him. Just as Nikolas walks up, Courtney slaps Jax and tells him she gave him every opportunity to tell her and he didn't.

Outside the penthouse, Jason tells Ric if he can't get Alexis to back off Sam, he will do it himself. Inside, Alexis is trying to explain to Sam why she legally has to represent Manny. She has to lawfully give him a defense. It is his right. Sam breaks her down, though, when she reminds her that Sam's child is the one who gave Kristina life and she owes her. Alexis decides to leave, so Jason comes back into the penthouse. Ric is curious what made Alexis leave so quickly, but she blows him off. Sam tells Jason to give her more time to work on Alexis before he steps in. She changes the subject and tries to get him to take a bubble bath with her. They are interrupted by Max, though, so she goes upstairs. Max tells Jason that Manny is being transported to jail tonight and another Ruiz member is in town. Sam comes downstairs in time to see Jason getting his gun out.

At the hospital, Manny comes back into his room to see a look-a-like in his room. Durant is going to move the look-a-like with police protection, while Manny is transported out in a laundry basket. Everything appears to go well until the van breaks down. As Jesse and the other guard try to figure out what is wrong, they are both shot. Manny's cousin has come to free him, but Manny won't go. While Jason watches, Manny explains that he must pay for what he's done. Manny's cousin tells him he doesn't have a choice, so Manny gets out and knocks his cousin to the ground. As he turns around, he is confronted by Jason.

Back at the hospital, Emily tells Liz about her kiss with Sonny. She tells her she's got to start dating again. Nothing serious, but she needs to go out to a movie once in a while. They walk towards the elevator and Emily decides the next guy who gets off the elevator is the one she's going to ask out. Patrick steps off the elevator.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alexis and Ric vouch for Jason when the cops arrive. Jason and Manny both get hauled back to the PCPD, but Jason is soon released after some aggravation from Durant. Sam arrives at the department after being tipped off from Max, but finds only Carly still at the station. She is still there wanting to see how much Alexis has gotten done with Manny's case. She fears that Alexis will be able to get Manny off. While the two girls talk about what to do, a guard comes up and tells Carly that Manny has asked to speak with her. Carly goes into the interrogation room where Manny apologizes with tears in his eyes. Sam barges in as Carly begins to believe Manny and tells her not to believe anything he says.

Back at his penthouse, Jason and Sonny discuss Manny. Sonny fears that Jason believes Manny is a new man. Jason still thinks Manny should die for what he did to Sam and Carly, but he wants to wait to see how the trial plays out.

At the hospital, Robin interrupts Emily and Patrick setting up a date. Patrick is needed to perform surgery on Jesse, who was shot by Manny's cousin. Patrick rushes down and manages to remove the bullet from Jesse's spine, much to Maxie's relief. When Mac arrives to check on Jesse's condition, Maxie tells him they don't know what long term effects Jesse will suffer but regardless, it is Mac's fault. She thinks he intentionally sends Jesse on all the dangerous missions because he doesn't want the two of them together. Mac tells her that Jesse is the one who volunteers for missions like these. He doesn't want her dating a cop, though, because violence and danger are part of the job. Meanwhile, Robin is upstairs talking to Emily. Robin is shocked that Emily would go on a date with Patrick. Emily explains that she's just using Patrick as a distraction and Robin guesses that she's needing a distraction from Sonny. Emily blabbers on and on about how there's nothing going on between the two of them. The more she talks, the more it is obvious that she has feelings for Sonny. She can't handle talking about it anymore and storms off.

Jax admits to Courtney and Nikolas that he asked Dr. Meadows not to even run the first paternity test. He hunted around when he saw how often Courtney was going to see Dr. Meadows and found out she was pregnant before she even told him. He asked Dr. Meadows to rig the tests due to the danger Courtney and the baby would be in if the child turned out to be a Cassadine. The second test that Nikolas and Courtney had done was not rigged, though, and Jax is still the father. Courtney is upset that he would lie to her, but she understands his logic. Jax leaves, but Nikolas is still upset. He tells Courtney that she is continuing to allow Jax to manipulate her. He wants her to choose between him and Jax. Courtney is torn and doesn't know what to do. How can she choose between the man she loves and the father of her baby. She goes off the Kelly's and asks her dad for some brownies. She tears up when she learns that Nikolas just bought the last of them for her. Mike asks her what is wrong and she tells him she doesn't know what to do.

Still on the docks, Liz runs into Nikolas who is still upset. He explains what went on with he, Jax, and Courtney. Liz helps him understand that Courtney's maternal instinct is to do what's right for her child. After Liz leaves, Emily comes and tries to talk to Nikolas about what is wrong. Patrick interrupts and wants to take Emily out on their date. Nikolas is obviously upset and storms off.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At GH, with Maxie at his side, Jesse awakens. Barely a minute later, Alexis enters his room concerned with only one thing: Did Jesse hear Jason threaten Manny? All Jesse recalls him saying are the words "This is for Sam"---Alexis seems satisfied. (Later, Lainey interviews Manny under Justus' watchful eye. Like most of the town he's not convinced Manny has changed.) Ric is not in agreement over his wife's decision to have Jason arrested in the wake of Jesse's statement.

At home, Samantha tosses and turns on the couch, victim of a nightmare in which 'nurse' Manny has captured her newborn. Upon waking up, she declares to Jason that she's fed up with not having control over her own life; all she can think of is "that sick freak". Sam then brings up the idea of getting pregnant soon---and rambles about it for quite some time---but Jason prefers to wait. The mobster soon finds himself hauled to the PCPD in cuffs! John orders him held without bail, and Samantha's rage absolutely boils over when she learns Alexis was behind the arrest. Hysterical with fury, she smacks Alexis across the face as hard as she possibly can.

At the Nurses Station, Robin and Liz do a bit of Amy-esque gossiping, as Patrick and Emily are both late for duty; Courtney arrives and joins in. Soon, the two subjects make their grand entrance, still laughing from the previous nights events...

...which Coleman shares with a disbelieving Nik and Lucky at his bar. We flashback to Pat and Em's date---they'd encountered a drunk yahoo who carried a grudge against Jason and Sonny. When he took inventory on Emily's bottom, Patrick lasered two billiard balls at his chest (so as not to damage his precious hands) and Emily broke a cue over his back!!!

Emily remarks to Courtney that Courtney and Nik aren't the only ones who can move on. Patrick continues to charm Emily; a nearby Robin is jealous and disgusted at Patrick without even realizing it. A bit later, Nikolas stops by in search of Emily, and finds her being mesmerized by Dr. Drake's charm. When Patrick comments how Nik's loss is his gain, the prince slugs him in the face! Patrick gives him one right back, ticked that the "Neanderthal" drew him into fisticuffs (you know, the hand thing).

At the Metro Court, Luke stomps in and fiercely demands his finder's fee from Carly... "NOW!!!" he bellows when she tries to protest. Wondering what the rush is, Carly gets her answer when Jax walks up and confesses to altering Court's paternity test, thus robbing Luke of his blackmail weapon and Carly of her share of the hotel! When Carly balks, Jax reminds her of the embezzlement at Club 101 three years back. Once alone, she demands Luke get some more dirt on Jax if he wants that finders fee.

Court finds Carly at the hotel and asks her best friend for advice concerning her two loves. Carly advises her to go back to Jax; Courtney thinks it's just to clear the path between Nikolas and Emily, thus freeing up Sonny. She calls Carly selfish and angrily storms off---though they do later make up at Court's loft. When Courtney cannot choose between her men, Carly offers to "nudge" her in the right direction.

Nik goes to Courtney's---when she comes home his wound immediately catches her eye. Hearing Emily's name in his explanation ticks her off, and the two fight yet again "just like Jax wants us to," says a bitter Nikolas before leaving. He returns to GH and apologizes to both Emily and Patrick. Just then, a huge bouquet of flowers arrive for Em---from Sonny!

At the Q asylum, Dillon, Lesley Lu, Skye, Alice, and eventually Luke gather; they've been summoned by Tracy. She now knows Luke was blackmailing Jax and, without a hint of bluff lays down some rules for the residents one by one. Defeated, Luke is given new life when Dillon suggest Luke trick his wife into believing he wants her dead so she'll get rid of him (and the $15 mil), as per a recent movie plot. He plays the role brilliantly---after a menacing 'chat' with Tracy, she is visibly terrified.

"Hey, watch what you're callin' small!" - Luke, after Tracy warns him of the consequences if he continues to think with the smaller of his two heads. JD

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tracy starts to worry that Luke may be really trying to kill her. Alice comes into the living room with a shotgun in her hand and shoots at the floor near Tracy's feet when she is getting a drink from the bar. She claims she is killing a rat. Luke comes into the room and claims they are just trying to kill a rat. Tracy starts to threaten everyone again. Luke gets a package delivered at the door. Tracy is convinced that he ordered rat poison to kill her with. Georgie, Lulu, Dillon and Skye hide in the room and give Luke their opinions about whether Tracy is buying the threat on her life. Tracy calls Mac over to show him the rat poison that she is convinced is inside the package Luke has. Mac listens to her go on about how Alice had a shotgun and shot near her. Mac questions Alice about it. Alice tells him the story of how she was trying to kill a rat. Lulu puts on an act of being upset that Tracy would think Luke would try to kill her. Tracy hands the package over to Mac to open. Luke suggests he may not want to open the package. Mac does anyway and finds that it is bird feed. Luke makes up some story about how he felt bad for the birds in the winter and wanted to feed them. Mac tells Tracy not to call him ever again and waste his time like this. Mac leaves. Tracy tells Luke that he is a snake and doesn't believe he isn't trying to kill her. Later, Skye and Lulu talk about her little acting job earlier in front of Mac. Lulu tells her that she rather Luke was with her than Tracy any day and can't believe someone as evil as Tracy can get away with things and that her mother ends up where she is. Luke and Alice plant a little trace of rat poison near Tracy's drink so she believes Luke is trying to really kill her and hides the poison behind the couch pillow. They leave the room. A mysterious person comes in the room. Later, Tracy comes into the room to have her evening martini. Tracy takes a sip of the drink and spits it out. She accuses Luke and Alice of putting rat poison in her drink after she finds the box of poison behind the couch. She runs out of the room and tells everyone she is going to the police and grabs the martini mixer as evidence for Mac. Luke and Alice notice something is off about the martini glass and realize there is real rat poison residue in her drink and that someone else may be trying to kill her. Luke tries to run after Tracy but it is too late and she speeds away in her car. Luke realizes that she may have evidence and the police may really believe he is trying to kill her.

Carly visits Courtney at her apartment to discuss the pregnancy and the men in her life. Carly suggests she leave the country until the baby is born and leave the men behind to fight over her. Courtney considers it for a few minutes but realizes she can't leave town right now because Jax will just find her and try to get custody of the baby when he or she is born. Carly asks her about her feelings for Nikolas. Courtney believes Nikolas loves her still but that she can't stay mad at Jax and wants their baby to have parents who are civil to each other not be in the middle of a custody battle in court. Carly tells her to call her if she changes her mind about leaving the country. Meanwhile, Sam slugs Alexis across the face after learning she had Jason arrested for attempted murder. Ric is there at the police station when it happens and insists that Sam be arrested for hitting an officer of the court. Alexis tells him she doesn't plan to press charges and if they do she will just bail Sam out and defend her in court. Sam doesn't want any favors from Alexis because she will expect a payback in the form of having Jason testify. Alexis asks Sam to hear her out before reacting. Sam listens as Alexis warns her to get out of Jason's life while she still can and that any children she may have one day will be in constant danger because of Jason. Sam tells her she doesn't know what she is talking about. Alexis tells her she knows what she is talking about because of experience and as a mother she will do anything to protect her children from a life of violence. Jason reacts aggressively to what Alexis says to Sam. He gets in Alexis's face and threatens her if she doesn't leave Sam alone. Ric gets into the middle and threatens to have Jason arrested if he even goes near Alexis or threatens her. Sam notices how vehemently he reacts to Alexis's words and wonders if he reacted that way because she was telling the truth. Sam sits with Jason in the visitor's room later. Durant comes up to inform Jason that he is free to go since Manny discredited what Jesse said about him trying to kill Manny. Sam seems upset about something but won't tell Jason what is bothering her. Jason tells her he loves her and Sam tells him she loves him but wants to go home now with him. Jason goes home with her. Sam tells him that she wonders if it is such a good idea for them to have children because of their lifestyle and that maybe that he feels that way too and that is why he has been uncomfortable whenever they have brought up the conversation about having children. Jason asks her if she believes what Alexis told her. She downplays the effect Alexis had on her but he feels she is acting differently since her confrontation with her earlier. Alexis and Ric go to the hotel to have a drink. Carly sees them in the lobby and tells them she is the part owner now and that she can refuse service to anyone she doesn't like. She tells them to get out. Alexis assumes Carly must have found out that she had Jason arrested. Carly hears her remark and asks her if she had Jason arrested. Alexis is honest and tells her why she did it. Carly throws a drink in her face. Alexis realizes it is going to be one of those days where she isn't well liked. Carly starts to accuse her of being her usual judgmental self by defending Manny as another way to get back at Sonny and Jason for realizing what she really is. Jax comes into the hotel and overhears her insulting Alexis. Jax tells them to stay and have dinner upstairs on him. He apologizes for Carly's rude behavior and threatens to have her thrown out if she tries to throw his friends out. Alexis and Ric leave the room and Carly tells Jax that she will help him get Courtney back if he agrees to let her stay on as his partner. Jax doesn't trust Carly's motives but doesn't say no to a partnership just yet. Meanwhile, Nikolas goes to see Courtney to apologize for the ultimatum he gave her about choosing him or Jax. She tells him that she has been overcompensating for Jax because she is afraid he will try to take their baby away from them. Nikolas tells her he wants her for her not because of the baby.

Emily gets a big bouquet of flowers. She reads the card privately. Patrick and Nikolas wonder who sent them. Robin asks Patrick if he is jealous and thinks of Emily as a challenge now that someone else is sending her flowers. Patrick acts like his usual arrogant self and feels he has no reason to be jealous. Later, Nikolas corners Emily about Sonny being the one who sent the flowers. Emily confirms that the flowers were from Sonny as a thank you for saving Michael's life and that Sonny has no interest in getting into a relationship with her and told her that himself. Meanwhile, a detective shows up at Sonny's to inform him about some guy who had been harassing Emily because he found out she was Jason's sister. Sonny asks if Emily is o.k. He tells Sonny a little of what happened. Sonny learns that Emily went on a date with Patrick Drake at Jake's. He goes to Jake's bar and questions Coleman about it. He warns Coleman to make sure nothing like this happens again and that he call him if Emily is ever there again and is being threatened. Coleman agrees to call him if it does. Sonny notices Lucky and Liz are playing pool and approaches them. Lucky tells him that he and Nikolas were there earlier and heard from Coleman what happened with Emily. Liz tells Sonny that Patrick has a reputation of being a player. Sonny goes to the hospital from there. He finds Patrick and he and Max corner him near the nurses' station. Sonny makes a veiled threat about how if Patrick ends up hurting or taking advantage of Emily and he finds out something may happen to his wonderful surgical hands that would hurt him. Emily sees them in the hallway and approaches them. She asks Sonny what he is doing talking to Patrick.

Friday, January 13, 2006

At Courtney's loft, Nikolas asks for Courtney's hand in marriage, and she glowingly gives it. They reaffirm their love and head off to the Dominican Republic to obtain a quickie divorce/marriage.

At home, Samantha begins having serious doubts about starting a family with Jason in the wake of Alexis' earlier speech. Jason urges her to make the decision for herself, and in the end the two agree a family is still what they want.

At GH, Emily interrupts Sonny threatening to break Patrick's hands if he dare hurt Emily. Pulling Sonny aside, she reads him the riot act---"This is MY life, I make MY own choices!" she snarls at him before storming off to Jason's. Almost word for word she demands Jason not meddle in her affairs either!

Sonny returns home where Liz is waiting for him. He incorrectly assumes she is there to preach, but all Liz does is ask Sonny to be careful with Em---she's just now getting it together after the rape, but is still especially fragile. Later, a still-seething Emily comes to return Sonny's flowers. Fed up with mixed signals, she wants an answer once and for all---does he want her or not? As Emily starts to storm out of her third straight building, Sonny pulls her into another long, lingering smooch.

At the Q asylum, Tracy sips her cocktail and spits it out, tasting something awful. Upon discovering rat poison behind a couch cushion, she feels she has enough to nail Luke for attempted murder and bolts out the door with the cocktail shaker, presumably headed for the PCPD. Luke's not worried---it was all part of the plan. That is, until Alice finds REAL rat poison in Tracy's glass! Luke tries to stop his wife, but she's already gone. Meanwhile, Tracy laughs triumphantly as she navigates the road. However, her celebration is cut short when a passing truck forces her off the road and into a freezing lake!!!

Luke, Skye, Lesley Lu, Dillon and Georgie were in hot pursuit and see what's transpired. Luke surveys the lake and only finds the car with a busted window. When Georgie calls 911, Skye gets a worried (for himself) Luke away from the scene and back to the asylum. Mac and his men soon arrive. The teens, including Georgie, give Mac next to no information as per Luke's instructions. Mac isn't stupid, however---he knows Tracy was becoming suspicious of Luke and starts to believe she may have been right to do so.

Dillon, meanwhile, beats himself up pretty hard; he cannot believe that the last time he saw his mom, she thought her life was in danger, and he laughed in her face.

Back at the asylum, Luke decides not to see how things play out and makes plans to hit the road, despite fervent protests from Alice and Skye---the latter of which angrily accuses Luke of running away from HER, not a potential arrest. Literally seconds after he kisses Lesley Lu goodbye and splits, Mac arrives from the crash scene having learned that rat poison was indeed in the shaker---he announces this to the residents, and Alan concludes Luke indeed was trying to kill his sister.

At GH, Jax searches for Emily unsuccessfully. He does find Liz, who presses him to realize his marriage is over and stop trying to manipulate Emily and Nikolas back together just so Courtney will be "freed up". Do what's best for the baby, the young mom urges Jax. He later learns from a (big-mouthed) neighbor that Courtney and her boyfriend have gone on "vacation".

"Nobody wanted Miss Tracy to get hurt...I mean, not permanently." - Alice, upon learning of the crash from Luke and Skye. JD

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