General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on GH
Robin learned that Nikolas was the father of Courtney's baby, but ultimately decided to keep quiet about it. Maxie helped Lucky score some pain pills by stealing a prescription pad. Helena returned to Port Charles.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on GH
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Nik tries to find out from Jax why he won't be able to see John anymore. Jax informs Nik that it is due to his unexpected visits and the tension between the two of them. While they continue their discussion, Nik's cell phone rings. Nik informs both Carly and Jax that Helena has disappeared. Jax uses this, and tells Nik that this is another perfect reason for Nik to keep his distance from John.

Lucky waits at the hospital for Patrick and Liz to return from the Cosmopolitan Hotel. While overhearing Patrick praise his wife, a jealous Lucky makes his presence known.

Accusing his wife of meeting with Patrick at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Liz confirms his suspicions by saying that they have been meeting at the hotel for weeks. Liz and Patrick then proceed to him that Patrick has a patient who resides at the hotel, and that he has asked for Liz's assistance on the case. Liz tells Lucky that she is paid well for her services, and that the only reason she has kept it quiet is because she didn't want Lucky worrying about it. Lucky asks his wife to stop treating him like a child.

Maxie confides John's true paternity to Robin. Maxie informs Robin that she came across the information by accident, and that she tried to use the information to her advantage by blackmailing Jax. She believed that she could cash in on the paternity results. Robin asks Maxie to deal with her grief over the loss of Jessie, and agrees to deal with the paternity results.

Robin receives a call on her cell phone from Patrick. He asks her to meet him at the Metro Court Hotel that night for dinner.

After leaving the hospital, Lucky is walking past the window at Kelly's when he sees Maxie. They begin to talk about Jessie, and Maxie tells Lucky that she sees him everywhere. A song begins playing in the background and Maxie tells Lucky that this was one of their favorite songs to dance to. Maxie asks Lucky to dance.

Sonny picks up a brochure that Emily was concealing regarding Bi-Polar Disorder. He wonders why Emily would think that he has a mental disorder. Emily tries to explain that she wasn't sure if she first noticed something was wrong when he went overboard with all of the roses, but then there was the Maserati and the trip to Vegas with Ric. Sonny tries to explain to Emily that his temper and claustrophobia comes from the scars of his childhood and not from a chemical imbalance. Sonny promises Emily that he will never turn his rage on her. Emily tells Sonny that she believes him.

Emily leaves Sonny's house to go to the hospital. She speaks with Epiphany regarding Lainey's whereabouts. Epiphany informs Emily that Lainey has left for the day. While at the Nurse's station, Emily receives a phone call from Michael. Michael asks Emily if she will be coming over, and then proceeds to tell her that Sonny is taking care of both Morgan and himself. A panicked Emily runs out of the hospital to Sonny's.

Emily apologizes to Max for Sonny's outburst. While talking, they overhear Michael yelling for his father to stop. Emily rushes into the living room to find Michael, Morgan and Sonny playing a board game.

Sam and Jason ask Alexis to go and find a doctor to inform them that she has regained consciousness. Jason begins to tell Sam about her loss in blood, and how Sonny, Liz and Nik all gave their blood to help save her life. He continues to talk to her, when Alexis walks through the door and tells them that the nurses are looking for Dr. Drake. Sam asks why Dr. Drake is her physician now, and not Dr. Lee. Jason informs Sam that there were complications and Patrick had to perform brain surgery.

Patrick informs all that Sam is on her way to making a full recovery. He then advises Jason to be honest with Sam about everything that happened, as it will help Sam from being disoriented.

Knowing that he is unable to protect her from danger, Jason tells Sam that he can no longer be with her. Sam pleads with him to stay, but Jason ignores her pleas and walks out of her life. Alexis tries to comfort her distraught daughter.

Jason heads to the docks, where he finds Liz sitting all alone. Jason tells Liz that he came down to the docks, as he had no place to go. An upset Liz tells Jason that she also had nowhere to go.

Georgie and Diego arrive at the prom together. Guy and Lucas are a little surprised with Georgie's date, as they had expected to see her with Dillon. Diego begins to kiss Georgie, while Dillon steps off the elevator.

Robin meets with Patrick for dinner. While dining, Robin is distracted by the decision that she will need to make on John's paternity. Eyeing Nikolas having dinner with Lulu and then Jax kissing Carly, Robin tells Patrick that she wants to go back to his place. As Robin and Patrick are about to leave, Carly comments on Robin's truth and morality placing a damper on their evening. Robin turns and tells Carly that she knows about her hateful crimes, and will not allow her to get away with it this time.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

At Metro Court, as Robin and Patrick were leaving, Carly made a comment about Robin, as Lulu and Nikolas looked on. Robin was visibly upset and commented as to how Carly manipulated people and that she should just let the truth come out. At that time Patrick led Robin out, and both Nikolas and Lulu told Carly that she was wrong to go off on Robin. While Jax and Carly sat down for dinner, Jax thought about what Robin had to say, and let Carly know that he felt that Robin knew that John was not his child. Carly commented that if Robin had known that she would have already told people, and that Jax was just being paranoid. Carly also questioned whether it was smart to keep Nikolas out of John's life. Jax said that with Helena free, it was even more imperative to protect John, and that he was not going to live his life in fear of if the secret ever got out.

On the pier, Liz was speaking with Jason, venting her frusta rations of the argument she had with Lucky. She told Jason, that part of Lucky's frustration was that Jason was the one that saved her from Manny, and not her husband. Also, that Lucky had been suspicious of hers and Patrick friendship, and thought that they were having an affair, when all that she had done was get a second job to help cover some of the medical bills that had piled up. Jason let Liz know that he had left Sam, because his lifestyle was now too dangerous. Liz tried to get him to understand that while his life was dangerous, that shutting everyone out, would also leave him alone. Jason said that it was a choice he had to make.

In Patrick's room, Robin was still upset about the confrontation she had with Carly. Patrick recognized her frustration, and listened to her dilemma. She told him that she knew of a secret, and that while letting people know of her secret it would hurt Carly, it would also hurt someone else that she cared for. Also, if she kept the secret to herself, it would hurt another. At that point Patrick suggested that she stay out of it, and let it play out between those involved. Robin and Patrick started kissing on the sofa, and Robin asked if he was comfortable with her being HIV +. As he carried her to the bed, Patrick reassured her that it was not an issue, and they continued kissing. At that point Patrick's pager goes off, and when he called the hospital, it was Epiphany letting him know that Sam's nose was bleeding heavily, which effectively ended Robin and his night.

At the hospital, Alexis was trying to calm Sam down as Sam voiced her disbelief that Jason had left her. Sam said that she was supposed to get married to Jason, and could not believe that he would leave her. Alexis tried to explain that Jason was doing this because he loved her, and because his life was too dangerous. In trying to keep Sam calm, her nose started to bleed. When Patrick came by, he told Alexis that the nose bleed was because she was agitated, and whatever was the cause of the stress should be eliminated. As Jason and Liz walked in, Jason overheard Sam's condition, and was visibly upset. He went to Sam's room, but unwilling to go inside.

At the prom, Dillon caught Georgie and Diego in a kiss, and punched Diego. This started a fight that Lucas and Guy had to break up. Dillon and Georgie fought in front of everyone, where Dillon could not believe that Georgie had been kissing someone when she was married, and that it was the Diego, the person she had wrote to while he was in prison. Georgie voiced how upset she was that Dillon had gone out of the country without calling her or writing to her, especially when he knew how important the prom was to her. At that point Georgie went back to Diego, and they started dancing. As they were dancing, Lulu and Nikolas walked in. As Lulu and Nikolas were dancing, Dillon asked to cut in, and they proceeded to dance together. Georgie, seeing them dance, became upset and left the prom with Diego. Outside of Kelly's, Georgie and Diego were talking, at which time, she admitted that her and Dillon had gotten married too early. At the prom, Lulu and Dillon were talking, and Dillon grudgingly admitted that he and Georgie were too young to be married.

Helena was on the phone with someone and commented how she was back in Port Charles and glad to be near her darling Nikolas. She also mentioned that he didn't know that she was in Port Charles, nor did anyone else.

At the pier, Nikolas ran into Robin. He told her that Jax was unwilling to let him spend time with John. As Robin commented that it was unfair, Nikolas told her that Jax had a legal right to do this, and that he was doing it to protect the baby from Helena. Robin said that Nikolas could protect John from his grandmother, to which Nikolas agreed. However, he also commented that if John had been his child, he is unsure if he would have allowed Jax to visit with him because of the tension between the two of them. Robin commented how Nikolas had just started to get to know John, and that it didn't seem right. He agreed, and said that he missed the baby already.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Edward's hopes for a good day at the Quartermaine mansion are dashed when Tracy returns with Luke in tow. Robin admits to Maxie how difficult it's been keeping the secret about John's paternity. Though Bernie and Stan both counsel against it, Jason decides to make his move on the Escobars. Lulu shudders when Tracy announces that she and Luke have reached a new understanding. Carly happily throws herself into planning John's christening and is pleased when Jax asks her to be the boy's godmother. Sam phones the penthouse to speak with Jason but he hangs up on her. Lorenzo continues to receive overtures from the Escobar crime family but assures Skye he's done with that life forever. Meanwhile, Diego secretly conducts business with Juan and hints that he can bring his father around in time. Robert boasts to Mac, Robin, Maxie and Georgie about his recent exploits in the Maarkham Islands. Epiphany asks Jason to fire her son. Upon learning that her mother has become Port Charles' new district attorney, Sam reminds Alexis how any legal pursuit of Jason will put a big damper on their newfound relationship. Robin resolves to tell Nikolas the truth but has second thoughts after Jax describes his great love for "his" son. Alexis explains to an excited Kristina why Sam is now her big sister. Edward invites Robert to move into the mansion. Georgie and Dillon sadly discuss their troubled marriage. Jason informs Juan he's just taken control of the entire Escobar empire.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Luke gets upset when he finds Alice massaging Robert's head and that Robert is drinking the martini usually reserved for him. Alice tells Luke that she didn't think he would mind since Robert saved his life on the island. Luke grabs Robert and throws him off the couch and tries to throw him out of the mansion. Edward intervenes and informs Luke that he hired Robert to help him get Luke out of the house. He also tells Luke that he invited Robert to move in to the mansion. Luke can't believe this is happening and tries to warn Edward that Robert will try to lay claim to everything in the mansion if he doesn't get rid of him. Edward tells him that if he moves out of the mansion he can take Robert with him. Robert smiles and tells Luke it will be like old times. Luke doesn't like that prospect and asks Robert if there is anything of his he hasn't had. Tracy is there and points to herself as being the one woman they haven't shared. Robert laughs and tells him "not yet." Later, Robert tries to get Tracy to sit with him on the couch. Tracy tells him that Robert went for a walk and that he hasn't gotten rid of him yet. Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon talk outside of Kelly's. Georgie tells Dillon that she has to be honest with him by telling him that they are too young to be married. She tells Dillon she still loves him and that she loves him more than ever but that marriage is not a good option for them right now. Dillon doesn't take it too well but agrees about the marriage part. He tells her that he is sorry for running off to the island with Lulu to help Luke. Georgie tells him that she isn't insecure about Lulu and that she can't compete with the crazy things that Luke pulls Dillon into doing. Dillon brings up Diego and how upset he was to find her dancing with him at the prom and letting Diego kiss her. He tells her he wishes he could have taken her to the prom. Georgie insists she did that only because she was upset when he took off and didn't contact her. Dillon gets even more jealous about Diego. He tells her he will have his lawyer contact her about a divorce. Georgie starts crying and pleads with him to stay and let her talk. She tells him she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. They kiss. Later they show up at the Quartermaine mansion and inform Tracy and Luke that they are more in love than ever but they are getting an annulment. Lulu overhears them and is partially happy with that news.

Robin talks to Nikolas about Helena. She asks him if Helena would threaten or hurt a baby just to get control of him. Nikolas tells her that he can't underestimate what Helena would do. Robin asks Nikolas what he would do if John was his baby. Nikolas tells her that didn't happen and therefore he can't answer her question. Robin starts to wonder if she should tell Nikolas the truth. Meanwhile, at a nearby table Carly watches Robin talking to Nikolas and says some hateful things about Robin. Jax defends Robin and tells her that he is very fond of Robin. Alexis shows up at their table to see Jax. Jax asks her to attend John's christening. Alexis thinks he is asking her to be the baby's godmother and accepts. Carly can't believe Jax would invite Alexis but try to keep Nikolas away from John. She worries that Alexis will somehow find out that Nikolas is the baby's father. Jax thinks that by not inviting Alexis, it will look more suspicious. Jax has business to take care of and leaves Carly alone. Carly gets a call from Sam asking her for a favor. Robin talks to Nikolas some more until she finds Patrick at another table watching them. Nikolas notices who is there and realizes he is stopping her from going to see Patrick. He tells her he is leaving them to talk. Robin approaches Patrick and the two of them go back to his hotel room. Robin and Patrick decide to make love and make sure their beepers are not going to go off. They start kissing on the bed when Robin stops them and sits up. She tells Patrick that she just realized something, her mother was right. Patrick asks her why she is bringing her mother into this. Robin tells him that her mother told her that Patrick is just like her father. Robin wonders if she is attracted to him because he is like her father and that disturbs her. She explains to him that he and Robert are both conceited jerks and that they think they are God's gift to women. Patrick doesn't like the idea that she is comparing him to Robert just as they are going to make love. Robin apologizes for saying this to break the mood. She decides to forget about her father and leads him back to the bed to make love. They are starting to undress each other when there is a pounding on the door. Patrick and Robin try to ignore it but it is insistent. Patrick hollers at the intruder to go away. Robert pounds on the door and asks to talk to Patrick about his intentions toward his daughter. Robin can't believe Robert is going to ruin her evening. Meanwhile, Jax invites Nikolas to the baby's christening. Nikolas gets suspicious of Jax's sudden change of heart and asks him what is going on with him. Jax tells Alexis that he plans for Carly to be John's godmother but wants her to attend the christening. Alexis accepts Jax's invitation.

Emily checks on Sam. Sam tells her about Jason breaking up with her and how heartbroken she is. She asks Emily to talk to Jason and convince him not to let her go because he feels he has to protect her from his business. Emily isn't so sure she can convince Jason of anything right now. Meanwhile, Liz visits Jason and thanks him for paying all of Lucky's medical bills and rehab sessions. She isn't so sure Lucky will accept this generosity from Jason but will accept it because of her son. She goes back to the hospital and runs into Emily who is on her way to see Jason herself. Liz unnerves Emily when she tries to persuade her from trying to convince Jason to go back to Sam. She feels that Jason is doing what he thinks is right to protect Sam and that she can understand him. Emily goes to see Jason anyway to persuade him not to make any more mistakes. Jason gets a visit from Diego before she gets there. Diego acts as a messenger for Escobar. He warns Jason that if he goes to meet for dinner with Escobar he will not leave there alive. Jason accuses him of having no loyalty to anyone he works for and kicks him out. Diego tells him he is making a big mistake. Jason ignores him and talks to Stan about his mother's concerns and that he feels Escobar is behind the shooting of Sam. He gets ready to meet with Escobar when Emily shows up. She tries to convince him to be with Sam and stop making more mistakes. Jason tells her he misses Sam every day but he can't be with her. Jason sees someone aiming a gun from the window and covers Emily on the floor as a bullet goes through the patio window. Jason makes sure she stays down while he checks the window. Carly goes to see Sam. Sam persuades her to talk to Jason for her. Alexis overhears their conversation. Carly leaves Sam's room. Alexis follows her to the elevator. She asks Carly not to talk to Jason because it wouldn't be in Sam's best interest.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Jax runs into Nik at the Metro Court Hotel and asks him if he would be interested in attending John's Christening. Nik is happy at the offer, but wonders why Jax has had the change of heart. Jax informs Nik that Courtney would really want him to be there. Nik proceeds to ask Jax why he feels that Nik is such a threat. Jax expresses his concern that if Helena knows that John is important to Nik, the baby is potentially at risk.

Dr. Lee informs Sam that she is doing extremely well and that she should be able to go home quite soon. Once Dr. Lee has left the room, Alexis inquires as to whether Sam has given much thought as to what she is going to do when she leaves the hospital. Sam naturally assumes that she will be with Jason. Alexis tells Sam that they recently purchased a house, and if things don't go quite as Sam has planned with Jason, she is welcome to come and live with Ric, the girls and herself.

Alexis is discussing needing a house immediately on her cell when she runs into Jax. Relieved to hear that John is in excellent health, Alexis tells Jax that she believes she is having a breakdown. She is unsure of how she can have a good relationship with her daughter when she is trying to keep Jason and her apart. Jax tries to comfort Alexis and agrees that it is her right as a parent to do anything to keep her child safe.

Ric meets up with Alexis, and is concerned as to why Alexis has pulled him from his deposition. Alexis informs him that she requires his signature on the contract for the new house she has purchased. Ric inquires as to how Alexis changed her mind about purchasing the house. Alexis tells him that since Jason and Sam have broken up, she wants Sam to be able to live with them if she chooses to. Ric agrees to sign the contract.

Maxie runs into Lucky at the hospital. She thanks him for the company the previous night, and thanks him again for the dance. Realizing that perhaps the dance may have caused him more pain today, Maxie suggests that Lucky skip his physiotherapy appointment. Lucky informs Maxie that he is actually at the hospital to try to get a refill on his prescription.

Lucky informs Maxie that he has to wait another week before he is permitted to renew his prescription. Maxie suggests that perhaps Patrick is hindering Lucky's recovery because of his interest in Liz. She asks him if he has thought about finding a new doctor. Lucky tells Maxie that he has just been working himself harder so that he can get back to work. Lucky leaves and throws the empty pill container in the garbage. Once Lucky is out of sight, Maxie retrieves the container from garbage.

At the Nurse's Station, Dr. Lee is called away leaving her prescription pad unattended. Making sure that no one is watching, Maxie steals a few sheets.

Maxie runs into Lucky and gives him the prescription that she has filled out for him. She then hands him the rest of the sheets she had stolen for when he is done with that one. Lucky warns Maxie that this is illegal and how much trouble they both could be in.

Lucky approaches Maxie and tells her that he was able to get the prescription filled. Maxie promises him that she will never pull a stunt like that again.

Stan tells Jason that the bullet was a warning from Escobar's men. Carly comes to see Jason, and sees the cracked window and asks if anyone got hurt. Jason informs Carly that if the glass hadn't held, Emily would be dead. Jason tells Carly that he has to leave, but wonders what she wanted. Carly tells Jason that Alexis came to her asking her to help keep Sam and him apart. Carly has realized though that Jason is really happy with Sam and she feels that they should be together. Jason tells Carly that he needs to keep his distance from Sam because of the shooting.

Emily arrives at Sonny's and informs him of the attempt on Jason's life. Sonny expresses his concern with Emily's safety. Emily kisses Sonny goodbye and heads off to the hospital to do her presentation. Sonny turns to Max and demands that he find out who is giving Jason problems.

Escobar tells two his men that the failed attempt at the penthouse has tipped Jason off. He proceeds to tell them that they will not be given another chance to eliminate Jason. Sonny enters the restaurant and hits Escobar over the back with a wine bottle. Sonny then begins kicking him as he lies on the ground. One of Escobar's men grabs Sonny from behind, while the other one punches him in the face. Jason runs in and orders Escobar's men to let Sonny go.

Sonny is brought back to his house, where he receives a few stitches for his cut. Jason reprimands Max and Milo for allowing Sonny to be out on his own. Jason asks Sonny why he attacked Escobar in a room full of his men. Sonny tells Jason that he was trying to protect Emily because Jason couldn't.

Sonny explains to Jason how difficult it is to be the boss of the organization, and the decisions to be made. Jason informs Sonny that his plans were not thought out and he could have gotten himself killed. Jason vows that he will do whatever it takes to keep his loved ones safe.

Emily goes to visit Sam and update her on how things went with Jason. Sam realizes that things may be worse when she hears about the recent shooting. She thanks Emily for trying to get through to Jason on her behalf.

Nik checks in on Sam to see how she's feeling. He offers her a brief history on the Cassadine family, which Sam graciously accepts. Nik comments on his fondness of Alexis, and mentions that she is probably the sanest of them all. He also tells her of Helena's recent disappearance.

After leaving Sam's room, Nik runs into Emily. He tells her that he feels she has a right to know that Helena has disappeared and he thinks that she is most likely on her way back to Port Charles.

Carly meets up with Jax and the boys on the pier. Michael hands Carly a map, and says that Jax will take them anywhere they want to go. When Carly tries to find out the occasion, Jax informs her that it is to christen the new ship he has bought her called "The Silent Lady". In the meantime, Helena is watching them from the shadows.

Carly asks Michael to keep a careful eye on Morgan as they head down the pier to play. Jax tells Carly how much the boys loved his father's boat in Australia. He continues to tell her that he wants to teach the boys to sail and teach John to swim.

Carly happens to look over at the boys and sees Morgan hanging his head over the edge of the pier to see the fish below. Both Jax and Carly rush over to pull Morgan back leaving John unattended. Helena approaches John, just as Carly and Jax turn back towards the baby. Jax demands that Helena keep her distance. Helena informs Jax that all she wanted was to offer her congratulations on the birth of John. Jax is less than gracious when he reminds Helena that she had almost killed the baby when she drugged Courtney and threw her off the pier.

Robert bangs on Patrick's door telling him that he wishes to know his intentions with his daughter. Robin answers the door and asks him what he is doing here. Robert informs Robin that he wishes to be the father that Robin has always wanted, so he is there to see what exactly Patrick has in mind concerning her. Patrick agrees to answer any question that Robert may have.

Believing that her father has ulterior motives, Robin tries to explain to Patrick that her father is trying to trap him. She believes that Robert is trying to find out just how many similarities they have.

Robert tells Patrick that Robin is a lot like her mother, and that he had better be prepared for a challenge. Patrick agrees that he is up for whatever she throws at him. Robin asks Patrick for some alone time with her father. Once Patrick has left; Robin turns to Robert and asks him why he is trying to ruin her life.

Robin is thankful for Robert's concern, but she mentions that he doesn't need to overdue the parenting in one afternoon. Robert tells her that he is having issues seeing her as an adult, she still reminds him of the little 7-year-old girl that he had left behind. Robin tries to tell him that despite seeing her like that, she isn't a little girl anymore. Proceeding to speak to Robin about sex, Robert asks his daughter if she is taking all of the protective measures that are required with her having HIV. Robin informs him that after dealing with the illness for 10 years, she knows what she is doing. Robert offers his concern that being cautious for too many years may have taught Robin to become overprotective of her heart. Robin tells her father that she isn't afraid of love. She has loved both Stone and Jason and that she just isn't sure if she will ever find love again. Robert asks her why she can't find love with Patrick. Robin tells him that this is not the type of relationship that two have, and that it's merely sexual. At that moment, Patrick re-enters the room.

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