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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on GH
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Monday, July 3, 2006

Sonny pulls back from making love with Carly and accuses her of trying to break up him and Emily, which results in an argument. Carly and Sonny work together to assure Michael and Morgan that everything is fine. Carly promises Sonny that he will never be alone. Manny warns Sam that he'll kill her if she doesn't cooperate. Liz creates a diversion to allow Jason the chance to escape from the police station and later stops Lucky from arresting Jason. Manny is about to tattoo a message on Sam when Jason bursts in with his gun drawn. Anna comforts Robin over her break up with Patrick. Robert confronts Patrick. Anna makes a mysterious phone call. Dillon realizes Lulu was a virgin before they slept together. Lulu covers her hurt when she senses Dillon still loves Georgie. Dillon and Lulu are filled with regret. Georgie is devastated when she learns Dillon and Lulu slept together.


Tuesday, July 4, 2006

As Jason left the main area of the hospital to go look for Sam in the sub-levels of the hospital, Liz begged Lucky not to call for backup. Lucky tried to convince Liz that not calling for backup would most likely mean death for Jason and Sam, Liz convinced him that since Manny had nothing to loose, that if he is cornered by the police that he would hurt or kill Sam and that would kill Jason. Understanding where Liz was coming from, Lucky agreed to go help Jason alone. In one of the sub-levels of the hospital, Jason saw the phone that Sam had tried to use earlier, and he barged through the door, where Manny had a gun pointed at Sam. As there was a standoff between the two of them, Lucky came in, tried to shoot Manny, who in turn shot Jason. As Manny escaped, Lucky followed after him, and Jason freed Sam.

At the Metro Court, as Lorenzo was about the leave the bar, Anna bumped into him. After they introduced themselves to each other, they had small talk regarding why Anna was here (to spend time with her daughter), and that she was from London (to which he responded that he loved London). As he left the Metro Court, Anna pulled his phone from her jacket pocket.

At the pier, when Tracy found out that Luke had left the country, she tried to fire Robert. He convinced her to keep him employed, as that would give Luck incentive to return if he knew that Robert was watching over Stars Hallow, staying at the Quartermaines and romancing Tracy. Tracy agreed to keep Robert on, as long as Robert agreed to stay loyal to her. Robert said that she had purchased his loyalty with the double in his salary, and the 5% cut of the gross amount from Stars Hallow.

Back at the hospital Jason got Sam back up to the main area, and then after some advice from Liz he went to the roof to go after Manny. Once on the roof, Manny overpowered Jason, and had him across the railing. As he tried to convince Jason that they were alike, Jason was able to overpower Manny. As they were fighting, Lucky showed up, shot his gun, and Manny feel to his death. Jason was convinced that he pushed him, while Lucky assumed that his shot hit Manny, which caused him to fall. Waiting for news about Jason, Alexis and Ric showed up to the hospital. At first Sam was happy to see her mother, however, she assumed that Jason and Alexis had worked together to help free her. When Alexis told her that she was mistaken and that she had indeed arrested Jason, this made Sam extremely angry, and convinced that Alexis had planned this so that Jason would be killed.

Lainey, Kelly and Robin were having dinner at the Metro Court, where Lainey looked over and mentioned the last time she had been there had been with Justus. Robin shared with the other two ladies that she and Patrick were no longer together because it had been decided that there was no future between them. As the ladies talked, they realized that they did not like living alone in their apartments, and agreed to pool together their resources to get an apartment together.

At the pier, as Anna was making a phone call about making contact with Lorenzo, Robert overheard part of the conversation, and accused Anna of being there as an agent, and not to help their daughter. As the two of them were fighting, Robin interrupted them, and let them know that since she had forgiven them for not being around, that they should forgive each other. It became a bonding moment between the Scorpio family when Robin told both of them that they had been good parents, and that if she was screwed up, it was because of human nature and not because they had been spies.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

"I just wanted to say good-bye," Sonny informed Carly as he readied to leave for the island. While she tried to convince the moody mobster not to go, his henchman arrived with the news that Jason had been shot. "Stay here and rest, " Carly ordered her ex and ran out.

Ric tried to rejoice with Alexis that Manny was now dead, but she worried if Sam would ever forgive her for having Jason arrested. They then discovered that Jason had been seriously wounded. Meanwhile, Sam freaked when a bloodied and unconscious Jason was wheeled into ER. "You can't die on me now," she screamed. Sam became infuriated when her mother and Ric showed up. Carly rushed in just in time to learn Jason was in surgery. Sonny entered and apologized to Sam for not getting rid of Manny sooner. "I will never forgive myself," Sonny mumbled. Patrick came out of the OR and announced that Jason's heart had temporarily stopped during surgery. "I'm surprised that he pulled through," noted the doc "He's got a strong heart. He should be fine."

Sonny left the hospital before hearing Jason's positive prognosis and was seized by an anxiety attack on the elevator. He tracked down Alcazar and pulled a gun. Sonny blamed him for Jason's death and Alcazar pointed out that Jason was going to be fine. Sonny refused to believe him and continued to wave his gun. Carly showed up and assured Sonny that Jason was going to be okay. He lowered his gun and she escorted him away. Diego pushed his dad to take over Port Charles while Sonny and Jason were incapacitated, but Alcazar didn't want to start a turf war ... yet.

While Jason was recuperating, Sam allowed Ric to drive her back to his house so she could rest. She agreed with her stepdad that she had been through hell and back. Ric reminded Sam that Jason was only trying to protect her like Alexis has done.

Liz was relieved to see that Lucky was unharmed. As he left the hospital, he encountered a goo-goo eyed Maxie. "You have been an amazing friend," he praised. "Scoring those pills when I needed them took a lot of guts." Maxie offered to help him get more painkillers and he advised her to be careful. While Maxie slipped into the supply room to swipe more medication, Lucky returned to the police station to a hero's welcome by his peers and Mac for killing Manny. Maxie appeared and handed him a stash of pills. Alexis read the forensics report and discovered inconsistencies in Lucky's version of how Manny died. Alexis ordered the autopsy closed so that everyone would continue to assume Lucky had saved the day. At a press conference, Mac praised Lucky for bringing down Manny. Maxie was hurt when Lucky publicly thanked his wife for her support.

Liz was given Jason's personal belongings... Patrick wondered if the wrong person was being lionized for Manny's death... Alan concurred that another bottle of painkillers had been stolen... Manny's body was blessed by someone dressed as a priest, who sported tattoos on his hands... Carly tearfully assured Sonny that everything would be okay with him again.


Thursday, July 6, 2006

Robin talks with Lainey and Kelly at the hospital. Kelly informs them she found a great apartment for them to share and that it was Courtney Mathews' old apartment. Robin tells them she has to think about it some more and that she would get back to them on it later. Meanwhile, Anna shows up at the hotel and finds Lorenzo sitting at the bar. She approaches him and tells him she found his cell-phone after she ran into him the other day and thought it was hers because they look alike and realized he must of dropped it. Lorenzo checks the phone and tells her it is his. At first, she thinks he is on to her but he tells her that he doesn't believe in meeting anyone by accident. He buys her a drink while Robert spies on them from afar. Anna admits that she was once an agent but doesn't work for any agency right now. Lorenzo admits he checked her out on the internet but that her background is very mysterious. Anna admits she checked up on him also and he is very mysterious also. He tells her that their involvement can't go on any farther than meeting because he was recently with a woman who is expecting his child. She thanks him for the drink and Lorenzo tells her he has to go meet with someone. As Alcazar leaves he tells one of his men to get him a new cell-phone and let his contacts know of the change in his cell-phone and to get rid of the phone that Anna gave him back. After Lorenzo leaves, Robert approaches her at her table and tells her that he knows that she is working for the agency. He says she gave it a good try flirting with Alcazar but tells her that he is expecting a baby with another woman, Skye. Anna insists she just bumped into Alcazar and returned his phone to him; she is in town to see Robin. Robert doesn't believe her and thinks she is here because he is in town as well and wants him back. Anna tells him that his ego is out of control. Robert hits on her anyway. Anna storms away. Robert calls someone on his cell-phone to meet him. Anna heads to the docks to report to whatever agency she is working for to give them a status report on Alcazar. Lorenzo overhears her conversation and realizes she is working undercover to get close to him. Anna tells her superior that she couldn't get as close to Lorenzo as she had hoped because of his personal relationship with the mother of his unborn child. After she leaves the docks, Lorenzo tells one of his men to find out everything there is to know about Anna. Later, Robin shows up at hotel and finds Robert sitting alone. She is surprised to see him there. He tells her he is meeting someone here. Robin asks him if he is meeting Anna. Robert tells her he is meeting Skye. She asks him why he would meet Skye when he lives in the same house as her and could talk to her there. Robert tells Robin that he needs to inform Skye of what Alcazar is up to and that there are too many Quartermaines that are busybodies that he can't trust them not to run their mouths. Robert also tells Robin that Anna is not in Port Charles just to see her but that she is there on assignment. Robin asks what kind of assignment she is on. Robert tells her that it has something to do with Alcazar. Robin later meets up with Anna at Kelly's. Anna suggests they check up some spa in the area to go to together. Robin tells her that she is o.k. with her being on assignment and that she doesn't have to pretend she is there just to see her. Anna tells her that Robert made that up because he got jealous when he saw her having a drink with Alcazar at the hotel. Robin warns Anna that Alcazar is a very dangerous man and she should be careful. Anna insists she is not on assignment. Skye shows up at the hotel to meet with Robert but doesn't know why he wanted to meet with her in private. Robert tells her that he was hoping she had some information about Alcazar that she could share with him and that he is worried about his ex-wife and wants to know if he is still involved with anything dangerous. Skye tells him that the only reason that he got back involved with the mob was because he was trying to keep his son Diego out of prison and she doesn't think he is back involved again. Robert tells her that Anna is on assignment with some agency and that means that Alcazar must be up to something again. Skye tells Robert she can take care of herself and will deal with Alcazar on her own. Lorenzo shows up at the hotel to meet with her. She tells him she is leaving town to have the baby and doesn't know if she will be coming back to Port Charles after that. Lorenzo tells her that he will not be shut out of his child's life and that he will find her wherever she goes and she can't hide from him.

Lucky comes to the hospital to see Liz and tells her about his promotion from the PCPD. She is so proud of him and gives him a hug. Patrick comes off the elevator and talks to Lucky to congratulate him on his promotion and medal. After Lucky leaves, Patrick asks Liz about how Lucky is doing with his back. She tells him he is getting better and that his promotion will only help him. Patrick starts flirting with Liz and reminds her that with Lucky's promotion he will be working longer hours and she will all alone at night. She reminds him she has her son to keep her company. Patrick still flirts with her. Liz tells him that he is only flirting with her to make Robin jealous. Maxie shows up for her shift and runs into Alan who stops her in the hallway. He asks her if she saw anyone on her shift acting suspiciously since two bottles of hydrocodone have been stolen on the floor she works on during her shifts. She tells him she has no idea who could have stolen them. He asks her to let him know if she remembers anything. Maxie shows up at the docks to find Lucky there. He is in some pain from when Manny rammed the cart into his back yesterday. Maxie tells him that Alan stopped her in the hallway and asked her about the missing bottles of hydrocodone that are missing. She doesn't think he suspects her but is worried since an orderly already knows about her stealing one of the bottles and is afraid he will tell on her. Lucky thanks her for taking so many risks to help him but that he doesn't want her to lose her job because of him. She tells him she would do anything to help him and mentions that he thanked Liz at the press conference but not her. He tells her that he couldn't thank her since no one is suppose to know about what she has been doing for him. Maxie grabs Lucky and kisses him. He doesn't fight her off right away but does push her away and tells her it is wrong since he is married. Maxie tells him that Liz has been awfully close to Patrick at the hospital and that he can't be sure nothing is going on between them. Lucky tells her he made that mistake before and that he trusts his wife and he will be loyal to her. She tells him that people give in to temptations all the time and it could happen. Lucky tells her it can't and leaves. Later, Liz gets a note from Alan asking to talk to her about the missing bottles of hydrocodone. She complains to Patrick about why Alan wanted to talk to her about the missing bottles. Patrick tells her that hydrocodone can be very addictive if abused and thinks that someone probably took them as prescribed but got addicted to them and stole them. He tells her that is why he didn't prescribe anymore pills for Lucky because he was afraid it could happen to him. Liz realizes what he is insinuating and asks him if he thinks Lucky would steal pills from the hospital. Patrick doesn't deny that it could be true.

Alexis tells the coroner to keep the file on the autopsy of Manny Ruiz secret and buried somewhere but not destroyed. She tells him that she may need the information in case things don't work out the way she wants them to and asks him not to show the report to anyone else or make copies. The coroner tells her that it isn't the first time someone has asked him to bury an autopsy file because they didn't want the information to come out and that he can do this. He surprises Alexis at first when he mentions that Commissioner Scorpio has asked him to bury autopsy files before because they affected people he knew personally or he was trying to help keep a case from being closed that he wanted to keep open. Alexis assumes he is talking about Mac but the coroner tells her he was talking about Robert Scorpio. Alexis realizes it doesn't concern her and tells the coroner that as far as the press and everyone is concerned, Lucky is the one who shot and killed Manny in the line of duty and he is a hero. She leaves the visiting room and asks Lucky if he would be willing to go over what happened on the roof again before she closed the case file. Lucky tells her he found Manny and Jason fighting on the roof and that he waited until he could get a clear shot and shot at Manny who then went over the roof because of the bullet's impact. Alexis smiles at Lucky and thanks him for what he did again. Meanwhile, Jason has a nightmare that he finds Sam's body in the morgue not Manny's and that Alexis is there and shows him a tattoo that Manny wrote on Sam's stomach that says "She's Mine." In the dream Manny is near Sam's body and is laughing and pointing at the tattoo. Jason wakes up suddenly and screams out. Sam is by his bedside comforts him. She tells him she is here now and that he just had surgery to repair a cut artery that made him lose a lot of blood. She assures him that Manny is dead and that everything will be back to normal. Liz stops by to check on Jason and tell him they need to do some tests to see if he has any nerve damage in his right arm. Jason complains that he can hardly move his arm. Patrick comes by and looks at his arm. He says that because he can move it means there probably isn't too much nerve damage. Patrick has him get checked for nerve damage. Sam leaves for awhile. Jason is wheeled back into his room later. Liz tends to him and tells him what happened with Lucky getting promoted and everything. Alexis comes by to see Jason and asks to speak to him alone. Alexis tells Jason that she got the autopsy report back and that Manny had no bullet wound and means that Jason killed him not Lucky. Sam returns to his room with coffee to find Alexis talking to him in his room alone. She follows Alexis and overhears her telling Liz that she is just glad that Lucky killed Manny and not Jason or she would have had to arrest Jason for manslaughter. Liz talks to Jason about his arm. She realizes he seems distressed about not being able to move his arm around a lot. She realizes that he uses his right arm to shoot with and that is why he is concerned. Jason tells her he shoots with both of his arms. Sam returns to Jason's room to find Liz there. Patrick comes by to give him the results of his tests. He tells him that his nerve damage isn't bad at all and that he will only need a little bit of physical therapy and he should be as good as new in a few weeks. Sam asks to speak with Jason alone. Liz and Patrick leave. Sam makes plans to help Jason recover when they return home. Jason surprises Sam when he tells her they no longer have a home together.


Friday, July 7, 2006

Liz tries to inform Patrick that neither Lucky nor her had anything to do with the missing pills. Liz explains that Lucky had gone to another doctor to get more of his medication, as he was still in pain and required them in order to be back at work to make money. She explains that with a child that is growing out of his clothing daily, along with all of their bills they needed the money. Liz tells Patrick that he is making things personal by going after her husband. Patrick apologizes to Liz for his accusations. He tells her that he trusts her instincts on whether or not Lucky is abusing his medication. Liz and Patrick are laughing with one another as Lucky arrives.

Carly wakes up on Sonny's couch with him lying in her lap. He tells her that he is rested, and she suggests that he eat. As she leaves to go and prepare him some food, Sonny finds a piece of glass on the floor and holds it in his clenched fist until he draws blood. After returning with his food, Carly removes the glass from his hand and wraps a cloth around it. She tells him that she is going to the hospital to see how Jason is, and asks that Max stay with Sonny no matter what he may say.

As Max bandages up Sonny's hand, Sonny begins to tell Max how it is only natural that he begin to have feelings and an attraction for Carly. Max tries to change the subject, however Sonny continues to press. Finally Max agrees that Carly is a looker but that he knows his boundaries. Sonny tells Max that he couldn't tell that by the way he was looking at her. Max gives in and admits to Sonny that he does think about her.

Sam and Jason are discussing their relationship and Sam demands to know what exactly Alexis had said to change Jason's mind about them being together. Sam suggests that perhaps Jason made a deal with her to have Lucky take the credit for Manny's shooting as well as avoid any further charges if he kept his distance from her. Carly enters Jason's hospital room in the middle of their discussion. Sam rudely asks Carly to leave and informs her that neither have time or care for her problems. Jason tells Sam that he cares what Carly has to say and asks Sam to leave. Sam asks Jason to be sure as she is never coming back if she walks out that door. She tells him that she is not going to make things easy for him, and if he does want her to leave he is going to have to say it. Jason tells Sam to go. Sam tells Jason that she hates him, and she will make sure that he and Alexis pay if it's the last thing she ever does. Carly tells Jason that she is sorry about what happened. As Sam is waiting at the elevators to leave the hospital, she removes the necklace Jason had purchased for her and throws it into the janitor's mop bucket.

Carly tells Jason that things with Sonny are really bad this time. She updates Jason on the confrontation between Sonny and Lorenzo as well as tells him about Sonny cutting his hand. Carly informs Jason that she has spoken with Lainey and they feel that they may need to commit him to a place like Roselawn for his own safety. Jason tells Carly that they can't do that to Sonny, as it will just bring back memories of his childhood. Carly tells Jason that she is able to help Sonny and that Jason needs to stay at the hospital to recuperate. Carly suggests to Jason that if they were to look at all of the paths that have led her here, it was her destiny to save Sonny.

Carly heads back to Sonny's and walks in the middle of Sonny discussing Max's relationship with Carly. Sonny then turns to Carly and suggests that after her being with every man in Port Charles that she is finally having her turn with Max. Jason walks in and demands that Sonny stop.

Ric suggests that Alexis may wish to review Manny's autopsy report and see whether or not the bullet or the fall killed Manny. He then suggests that by convicting Jason of Manny's murder will put him away for good as well as keep him out of Sam's life. Alexis informs Ric that Lucky was the one to kill Manny and that is why he is being awarded for his service. Alexis proceeds to tell him that she is not going to help him with his agenda.

Ric finds the Manny case file on the desk, and is about to open it when Detective Rodriguez asks him what he is up to. Ric tells him that he was about to write a message for his wife. The Detective takes the file and places it into a box. He then asks a fellow officer to go and file away the box.

Sam goes to see Alexis at the PCPD and tells her that they need to discuss things. She tells Alexis that things are really finished between her and Jason. Sam also offers her mother an apology for her behavior towards her for the past while. Alexis informs her that there is nothing that she needs to forgive her for and they embrace.

Georgie arrives at Kelly's and demands to know what Lulu is doing there. As they begin to duke it out, Mike demands that they get things figured out between the two of them outside the diner. Georgie informs Lulu that it is only a matter of time before everyone finds out what she did. As they continue to argue, Dillon steps in and defends Lulu. Georgie tells Dillon that the worst issue out of everything that has happened is that he hooked up with Lulu. Georgie tells Lulu that she hopes that they will get plenty of opportunities to work with another so that it reminds Lulu of what a lying snake she is.

Lulu heads to the boathouse to recall everything that has happened. She begins to cry when Dillon arrives and comforts her. Dillon informs her that he does not regret them sleeping with one another. Lulu tells Dillon that she has been hard to reach, as she didn't want Dillon to think that she had any expectations. Dillon tells her that she is allowed to have expectations and they kiss.

Georgie thanks Diego for the support he has shown her through all of this. She then asks him if he would be interested in going out on a date, followed by an evening at his place. Diego informs Georgie that he does not want to take advantage of her and should they ever think about sleeping with one another, he will be the only man on her mind.


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