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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on GH
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Lucky looked suspicious as Liz and Patrick bantered, then left. Patrick complained about Jason leaving GH against orders: He's got an artery that could burst at any second. Liz abruptly left to go find Jason (forget your other patients, right?) Later, Maxie sauntered by wearing a sexy, low-cut red top, asked Patrick about Liz and left. At the police station, a forlorn Lucky popped a few pills and canceled his reservation for dinner with his wife.

Alexis asked Ric if it's okay for Sam to move in with them — it was. When Mayor Floyd wanted to discuss Manny's case, Ric took Sam home. Floyd remarked on the awkwardness of Alexis' family life. She told him to leave the Manny case alone, but Floyd worried about spinning it for the public — for instance, Jason was her daughter's fiancι. At home, Ric tried to commiserate with Sam over her kidnapping. She admitted she's still hurting over Jason. Later, Ric spotted Sam crying on the terrace in an almost transparent white shift, her legs silhouetted in the moonlight. "It's just really hard" she said — meaning letting go of her dreams. Ric agreed, put a hand on shoulder and told her to cry. "Don't tell Alexis," she sobbed. "Don't tell me what?" Alexis asked. Awwk-waaard. Sam apologized for being all weepy. Alexis said she understood losing Jason was a severe blow. Sam suddenly blurted out that she wants her GED and a job at the hospital, so Ric and Alexis vowed to help.

Jason appeared to Sonny. "This has to stop," he said, agreeing to return to the hospital if Sonny agrees to get help. Jason insisted he can't leave Sonny alone — but can't care for him alone. Carly sang the praises of Rose Lawn, but Sonny vowed to fight committal. Sonny was concerned about Michael and Morgan, but didn't recall talking to them. Carly vowed not to give up him and they hugged. Sonny went upstairs and Carly revealed that Sonny kissed her (and she went along with it). "You owe me, big time," she noted. She left to check on the boys. Sonny came back downstairs in a clean shirt and said Carly and Jason should hate him. Back home, Carly comforted the confused boys and tried to explain Sonny's condition, likening his emotions to a stereo that gets louder and louder. Meanwhile, Sonny asked why Jason doesn't want revenge for Sonny getting him attested and putting a hit on him. Jason dismissed it as not his fault. Meanwhile, Liz appeared at the door, but Max sent her away. Jason pointed out that Sonny did all he could when Carly broke down, so how can he expect any less? Sonny insisted he didn't deserve their loyalty.

In the boathouse, Lulu was basking in the afterglow of her second time with Dillon when Tracy walked in. She flipped over Dillon being with his stepsister. Tracy summoned Robert and insisted he talk to Lulu. "Spy school never dealt with adolescent relationships," he protested. Later Dillon discovered Tracy had padlocked the boathouse. Dillon protested that his marriage is over, but Tracy felt responsibility for her stepdaughter. "You're family, like it or not," she pointed out. She recalled being a teenage girl seeking attention. Meanwhile, Robert ran into Lulu, who freaked when she realized Tracy ratted on her. Lulu said, "It's just sex," but Robert pointed out that it's never "just sex." Both Tracy and Robert asked the kids the $64,000 question: Are you in love?

Maxie found Lucky at the docks and reported that Liz left her post at the nurses' station — and she "couldn't help noticing" that Patrick disappeared shortly after. Lucky got angry, and Maxie got huffy. Despite the way his eyes kept drifting down to, low-cut red top, she insisted he only paid attention to her when she could score him pills. He denied that — and kissed her.

Liz knocked on Carly's door to complain about Jason being at Sonny's because "he could bleed to death!" Meanwhile, Jason regretted barring Sonny from Emily, because on his watch as boss Sam got shot and Justus got murdered. "Whatever happened, it's on my head," Jason confessed. "I drove you to this breakdown. I am truly sorry."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maxie and Lucky were kissing at the pier when Patrick walked in on them. At first, Maxie tried to cover for Lucky, and she told Patrick that it was all her fault. Lucky asked Maxie to leave, saying that this was between him and Patrick. Once Maxie left, Lucky made it be known that he knew that Patrick would tell Liz because he was interested in her. Patrick said that if he decided to tell Liz, it would be because it would be in her best interest.

At Carly's, Liz tried to convince her that Jason needed to return to the hospital, or there was a possibility that he could reopen the wound without even knowing it. Carly questioned Liz's motives, and Liz explained the serious consequences of Jason leaving the hospital before healing properly. She left but, not before saying that as a best friend Carly should convince Jason to return.

Back at General Hospital, Maxie has Robin paged, and when they met up, Maxie told Robin that Lucky had been comforting her at the pier as a friend, when Patrick came up on them. She claimed he immediately came to the assumption that they had been making out. When Robin questioned what would Patrick's motives be, Maxie's reason to her was that he wanted to get with Liz, and that this would be the ideal situation. She asked Robin to intervene, and convince Patrick not to tell Liz about what he claimed to see. When Patrick came to the hospital, he asked if anyone had seen Liz, at which time Robin confronted him. When Patrick tried to convince Robin of what he saw, she did not believe him, and asked him not to try to ruin Liz and Lucky's marriage by telling a lie. When Liz and Patrick met up, he decided not to share what he saw with her.

At Sonny's, Jason admitted that he had been wrong to take the business away to keep Emily and Sonny apart. He said that while he had done it to protect Emily, but that it was something that he should not have done. Sonny told Jason of the incident when Emily had worn the white dress, and he tore it off of her because it reminded him of a white dress Lily had. Sonny did not remember where he had gotten the dress, but that it had agitated him. Sonny left the living room to have Milo get him something to eat. At that time, Ric came over, and demanded that Jason leave. He blamed Jason for Sonny's current state, and said that he was there to help his brother. At that time Carly came by, and said that Ric should be the one to leave. She let Ric that she and Jason had always helped Sonny through these times, and that they would be there again to help him. Ric said that because this was something continued to reoccur, they had not been helping him, and that he needed professional help. Carly tried to run Ric out, when Sonny stopped her. Sonny let Carly and Jason know that Ric had helped had helped them when there had been no one, and that he was grateful for that. However, at that time, he also let Ric know that Jason and Carly were there and that they would help him. When Ric asked Sonny to try to get some professional help, Sonny reiterated that he had been appreciative of Ric's commitment to him, but that he would not be getting any type of help.

Alexis and Sam were talking, and the conversation initially turned to Alexis' issues with Ric's desire to help Sonny out to be closer with his brother. Sam asked if Alexis' would be willing to step down as DA if it would make the situation easier. Alexis' let Sam know that if her stepping down would be for a noble cause that she would be willing to do it, however, she would not be willing to make that type of sacrifice of her career. The talk then moved on to Jason, and Alexis asked Sam if she has given up on a relationship with Jason. Sam said that she would always love Jason, but that at the hospital when she had tried to convince him that they should get back together, and when Carly had interrupted them, instead of kicking Carly out, he had asked her to leave. At that time she realized that the relationship had always been on Jason's terms, and she was no longer interested.

Tracy was talking to Dillon at the boathouse, and tried to get him to understand that a sexual relationship with Lulu would be disastrous. She said that since Dillon still loved Georgie, that sleeping with Lulu would lead to nothing but disaster. At the same time, Robert was talking with Lulu outside of Kelly's, and asked her if she loved Dillon. She said that they were just "hooking up", and that they were continent. Later on, in frustration, Dillon shared with Tracy that he still loved Georgie, that what he had with Lulu was just sex, and that they were just fine with the way things were going. Around the corner of the boathouse, Lulu overheard everything Dillon had said.

Inside Kelly's, Georgie and Diego were kissing and she asked him not to stop. Diego let Georgie know that he didn't want to be a rebound relationship, and would wait until Georgie wanted to be with him. Georgie said that she appreciated it, and that she felt he cared for her more that Dillon ever did. Later on, Diego and Lulu met up, and while he was happy with the progress he was making with Georgie, he didn't want Lulu to get hurt. He tried to convince her to end things with Dillon. Lulu let him know that she loved Dillon, and even though he did not reciprocate her feelings, what they had was better than nothing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As Max agonized over talking to Carly about Sonny she walked up, glistening wet. He watched as she squirted herself down with water. "I'm so hot," she moaned — and Max agreed. Carly challenged him to "lay one on me" — by which she meant spar with her. She decked him with a right cross then asked him to stop her from giving in to temptation and going back to Sonny. She got teary and reminded him that she and Sonny are a mess together, so she's counting on him to help her.

Nik told Colleen to call him "Nikolas." She explained why she became a nanny and complimented his parenting skills. He complimented her nannying skills. Then she told baby John that great-grandmother's plan is working. Later, Colleen reported to Helena on the docks (where EVERYBODY goes ALL THE TIME). Helena complained that Nik sealed all the secret tunnels into Wyndemere, so Colleen must be her eyes and ears more than ever.

Patrick denied being a homewrecker, and criticized Robin for buying Maxie's cover story. Then he asked Kelly to dinner, but she begged off. Later, Kelly told Robin she needs a roommate more than she needs to hook up. Lainey suddenly appeared, and Kelly invited them all to see this new place she got. Later, Ric found Lainey and told her Sonny is getting worse. He asked her to help, but she balked — just as Carly appeared and said there's no way she'd let Ric commit Sonny. Lainey got a call, so Ric and Carly bickered over who Sonny trusts. When she stalked off Patrick grabbed her and asked her to have sex now. (Yes, it was just that romantic.) She somehow managed to turn him down.

Alcazar found Skye and Robert at Metro Court, where Anna scowled at Robert from the bar. Alcazar approached Anna and asked if Robert has ever mentioned Skye. She said they avoid each other. Alcazar was suspicious of why she's in town. Skye told Robert that Lorenzo's life is too risky and asked Robert to help her disappear. He agreed, but warned her she will have to be gone for a decade or maybe even forever. Skye agreed. Alcazar escorted Skye out. Robert accused Anna of being on a mission involving Alcazar. "I didn't know you had a thing for pregnant women," she sniped at him. He smiled at her jealousy.

Lucky literally bumped into Liz, and they kissed. He said he doesn't want to take her or Cam for granted. Patrick took Liz away, so Lucky popped some more pills right there at the nurses' station! Later, Lainey caught Liz leaving on personal errand. Lucky overheard and followed.

Nikolas met with Robin, who complimented his parenting skills. Then she said she needs to go look at a place with her potential roommates — Courtney's loft. He told her it's a nice place and Courtney would want her to live there.

Max got a beer at Jake's and mooned over Carly. "She really gets me," he sighed — then pretended to be talking about Latecia when Coleman got curious. Ric walked in and picked a fight over Sonny, which led him to realize that Max is carrying a torch for Carly. Well, that and Max bodily threatening him. Patrick walked in at that moment, and they realized that Carly has them all worked up. [At this point the New York feed was interrupted by a weather report (It's raining!) from Sam Champion — yes, he claims that's his real name. The feed resumed for commercials.]

Carly found Nik at the docks (where EVERYBODY goes ALL THE TIME) and tried to manufacture an excuse to visit John, but Nik was still angry at her for keeping the secret. Finally, she apologized and admitted she was wrong. Nik asked if she was flirting with him.

At Kelly's, Kelly and Lainey bubbled after seeing Courtney's loft, but Robin had to be convinced — which she quickly was. They all toasted their new beginning. Robin acknowledged that Patrick was probably out with the boys, and the girls surmised that the men would be thinking about one thing: "Sex." Actually, Patrick and pals — now joined by Nik and Lucky — were discussing romance. And how it sucks. Ric suggested that scheming Carly would be perfect for Sonny. They all need a bad girl. Speak of the devil: Carly strutted in. "Do the ladies in your lives know what you bad boys are up to?"

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lulu and Dillon make plans to go to the movies as they walk into Kelly's. Lulu suggests to Dillon that he get a tongue and nose ring to upset his mother further. Georgie and Diego walk in to Kelly's holding hands and stop talking when they see Lulu and Dillon. Georgie tells them that Diego just got a new digital camera and was trying it out. Georgie realizes that she is trying to explain herself to Dillon and stops herself. Dillon tells her that what she does anymore doesn't concern him. Diego suggests to Georgie that they go somewhere else to eat instead. Lulu tries to take Dillon's mind off of Georgie by suggesting they go get that tongue ring now. Dillon tells her he isn't in the mood to go out now and leaves her alone at Kelly's. Lulu calls Carly on her cell-phone and asks her to come help her since she has gotten herself in trouble. Carly heads over to Kelly's. Lulu confesses to Carly about how she lied and told Dillon that she saw Diego and Georgie having sex when it wasn't true and she is afraid she made a mistake and believes Dillon still loves Georgie regardless of what happened. Carly tells Lulu that lies have a way of coming out and biting a person in the butt. She tells her that she told many lies and it hurt her in the end. Lulu isn't sure she can keep the lie going anymore. Dillon comes back to Kelly's and Lulu tells him she has something to tell him. She confesses to the lie she told about Georgie and Diego having sex and starts crying. Dillon surprises her when he doesn't get angry and tells her she is amazing instead. Lulu is confused about what he means by that and tells him she would understand if he was angry and never wanted to speak to her again for what she did. Dillon thinks she is trying to cover for Georgie by taking the blame for what happened because she thinks he wants to be with Georgie. Lulu doesn't know what to think and tries to explain that she did lie and scheme to break him up with Georgie but he stops her and tells her that he misses Georgie but that she is with Diego now and he can't do anything about it. Lulu is speechless.

Meanwhile, Carly was on the minds of many of the men of Port Charles as they hung out at Jake's to have a few drinks. Carly had shown up there before she had to go help Lulu. Ric, Nikolas, Lucky, Max, and Patrick talk about Carly. Max keeps defending Carly to all the men. Each of them has a fantasy with Carly in it. In each fantasy, Carly tells them who and what they are thinking about. In Max's fantasy, Carly tries to seduce him on the bar. In Ric's fantasy, Carly appears and tells him his mind is on Sam and how he is attracted to her. For Nikolas it is about baby John and how he won't be able to resist her for long if she wanted to go after him. In Patrick's fantasy she tells him he can fool himself into thinking he isn't still hung up on Robin but she knows the truth. Lucky's fantasy includes her but her reminds her in the fantasy that they are cousins. Carly holds out a bottle of pills to him and tells him he doesn't know what he wants more the pills, or his wife. Speaking of his wife, Liz asks Epiphany if the flowers at the nurses' station are for her. She tells her that one year ago from today, Lucky proposed to her and was hoping he sent the flowers. Epiphany tells Liz that she is lucky if her husband remembers where he lives let alone remembers the anniversary of a marriage proposal. Liz goes home feeling all depressed. Lucky comes home and surprises her with flowers and chocolate and remembers the anniversary of the engagement. Liz reminds him that it isn't really their anniversary but is secretly pleased he remembered anyway. Carly returns to Jake's and tells Coleman she is meeting someone soon. Coleman hits on her but she turns him down. He thinks her date won't show up but she tells him he will. Jason shows up at Jake's to meet with Carly. He assumes she wants his help and asks her. She tells him she called him over to thank him in person for all he has done for her. Jason sits down and they talk about their friendship. Carly tells Jason she is glad they never made it as a couple because he is much more valuable as her best friend. Jason admits that he has needed her as a friend and that she has come through for him when it has counted the most even if she has caused trouble and he hasn't always agreed with what she has done.

Emily returned from the island and came to Sonny's place to see him. Jason is there. She asks him how Sonny is and Jason tells her he is better. Sonny comes downstairs to see Emily. He tells her that he is feeling better and hugs her. He tells her that she can go if she wants to now that she knows he is better. Emily tells him she isn't going anywhere. Jason gets up off the couch and apologizes to her for interfering in her relationship with Sonny and that it wasn't his place to do anything. Emily can't believe Jason is suddenly changed his tune. She asks Jason to walk out with her so they can talk in private. Jason follows her out into the foyer. Emily tells Jason that she can't believe after everything he is suddenly realizing he was wrong and wished he had not interfered months ago and that things could have came out better. Jason tells her that he should not have interfered and is sorry. Emily is still upset with Jason and tells him she doesn't want to say anything that she will regret but makes it clear that they are not finished with this conversation. Jason leaves. Emily goes to talk to Sonny, who tries to push her away and feels that he hurt her and scared her and that there is no excuse for what he did. Emily doesn't agree and tells him he has Bipolar disorder and it wasn't his fault. Sonny isn't sure his problems have to do with having a mental illness and thinks his past is what is causing his problems. Emily asks him why he is so afraid to admit he could have a treatable illness. Sonny tells her he is afraid that his children will inherit his illness if it is Bipolar disorder. Emily tells him that he needs treatment and therapy and that by doing that he will ensure that his children will get help if they for some reason inherit his disorder or not. Sonny still resists the idea of treatment and therapy since he doesn't know anyone he can trust to treat him. Emily tells him that Lainey can treat him and help him if he would just face his fears head on. Sonny reluctantly agrees to try treatment but fears that he may change his personality after treatment and his feelings for her may change. Emily tells him that if that happens and his feelings for her change she wants him to be honest with her and tell her without feeling guilt or shame and she will accept whatever decision he makes. Sonny agrees to seek treatment and Emily promises to be by his side. Meanwhile, Jason heads to the pier to do some thinking. Sam runs into him there and asks him if he should be out of the hospital so soon. He tells her he is going to be fine and needed to go help Sonny. Sam tells Jason that he seems to make decisions for himself and others and that she has made a decision herself, she is going to move on with her life without him. She asks him if he ever thinks about all the moments they had together and how special they were. She tells him that she would have sacrificed anything to be with him and he is willing to throw it all away. He tells her that he thinks about every moment they spent together and wishes she has a wonderful life. Sam doesn't want to hear it and tells him off for making decisions for her for the both of them and leaves.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Liz runs into Lucky at the hospital and asks him why he isn't ready for his award ceremony. Lucky informs her that he is jumpy about the ceremony while Maxie watches.

Maxie arrives at Kelly's where Mike is setting up for Lucky's after party. Mike suggests that Maxie attend, as it will be an informal get together. Maxie tells Mike that she just may take him up on the offer. Lucky joins Maxie and tells her that he needs more medication. Maxie informs Lucky that it is too risky with the investigation at the hospital for her to be taking any more pills. Lucky tells Maxie that he is still in so much pain and hands her some money to go and score some pills off of the street.

Lucky enters the room where his ceremony will take place. Lucky asks Mac if Maxie has arrived. Mac seems a little surprised that his daughter would attend, however Lucky informs him that he had run into her and she had mentioned that she might stop by.

Mayor Floyd tells Lucky how he is proud to award him the Medal of Honor as well as promote him to the position of Detective. Commissioner Scorpio offers his congratulations and tells Lucky how happy he is that he has him on the force. Lucky thanks his family and friends for their support and then embraces Liz. Meanwhile Maxie enters the room during his speech.

Everyone who had attended the award ceremony is patiently awaiting Lucky's arrival at Kelly's. Liz says that she knows that Lucky hates crowds but that he will be arriving shortly.

Lucky finds Maxie on the pier and asks her if she managed to get some pills. Maxie begins to freak out on Lucky about her importance to him and asks him if he even noticed her at the ceremony or if he was too pre-occupied with thanking his perfect wife. Maxie then asks him if Liz is so wonderful, why she has not noticed that he still is in need of the pills. Maxie informs Lucky that the only time he seems to give her the time of day is when he is needing her to get him drugs. She tells Lucky that she was unable to get them from the hospital so she had to find another dealer. Angry at Lucky, Maxie throws the pills off of the pier. Lucky grabs her and begins to scream at her while she begs him to stop and apologizes for her actions. Lucky gets a grip and apologizes to her and then they begin to kiss.

Sam tells Ric that she is going to pick up her passport from Jason's penthouse. Ric asks Sam if the sexy dress she is wearing is for Jason. Sam confides that she isn't planning on going on a trip but retrieving her passport is an excuse to see Jason. Ric suggests that he can pick up the passport on her behalf. Sam shows some reluctance on taking him up on his offer, but finally agrees.

Sam begins her interview with Ms. Snee at the hospital. While reviewing her resume, Ms. Snee asks Sam what exactly she has been up to for the past two years since she did not have her GED. Sam informs her that with having a still born baby that had their stem cells donated to save her sister, being kidnapped by Manny and having her heart broken she did not have time to get it.

Sam arrives back at the house where Kristina asks her to go swimming in the lake. Sam says no, but then changes her mind when she decides that it may be a good idea after the day she has just had.

Jason and Sonny are discussing the business when Emily arrives. Emily reminds Sonny that he will be starting his therapy today with Lainey, and she is there to ensure that he does not back out of going. Emily tells Sonny that he can not be running the business and trying to get better at the same time. Sonny asks Jason if he minds running the business for a little bit longer. Jason tells Sonny not to worry about things, and just focus on getting better. Jason receives the cold shoulder from Emily when he tries to thank her from doing this for Sonny. Once Jason has left, Emily tells Sonny that she has every right to be angry with Jason for being Sonny's enabler all of these years. Emily escorts Sonny to the hospital for his therapy session, however has to leave to attend Lucky's ceremony. Sonny kisses her goodbye and sits down in the waiting area.

Sonny discovers Max in the hospital waiting room hiding behind a newspaper. Max tries to tell Sonny that he is waiting to receive a flu shot, but Sonny does not buy his story. Sonny tells Max that he knows he is there because of the way he has treated him during his episode. Lainey tells Sonny that she ready for him, and Max tells both of them that he will come back later.

Sonny tries to find out from Lainey why Max is really coming to see her. Lainey informs Sonny that she is unable to tell him due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Sonny then begins to make small talk with Lainey and once again offers his condolences on the death of Justus. Lainey informs Sonny that they are there to discuss him. Sonny tells Lainey that he is there because Emily believes that he is Bipolar and felt that he should see a shrink. Lainey tries to suggest that Sonny has nothing to lose by discussing what happens to him when he goes through an "episode". Sonny begins to describe how he feels and tells her that he wants the feelings to stop.

Sonny recaps a childhood story for Lainey and also touches on some of the details of Lily's death. He also tells her about Carly and Jason's support through his episodes and how they managed to help him. Lainey begins to question Sonny more on Carly and his feelings for her when he thinks about her. Sonny confides that the more he screams and shows hate towards Carly, the more he wants her. Lainey then asks Sonny if he still loves Carly.

Ric arrives at Jason's penthouse and informs Jason that he is there for Sam's passport. Jason retrieves the passport for Ric and asks him to leave. Ric informs Jason that he knows that Sonny is in therapy and doesn't want Jason to ruin things for him. Jason informs Ric that he is quite interested in finding out what exactly Ric's role was in Sonny's breakdown. As they are talking Carly walks in on them.

Jason tells Carly that Ric believes he helped Sonny see the truth about his illness and assisted him in seeking help. Jason then informs Carly that he believes she is right about Ric setting Sonny up for his breakdown. Jason briefly recaps the incident with the dress and about Sonny ripping it off of Emily. Carly tells Jason that proving Ric's guilt will be the perfect distraction to keeping her mind off of Sonny. When Jason asks Carly why she would need a distraction, she informs him that nothing happened between them but Sonny did remind her why she fell in love with him in the first place.

Ric arrives back at the house and can't help but look at Sam while she is lying in her bathing suit on the deck. Sam catches Ric watching her.

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