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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on GH
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ric accuses Jason of trying to drive him out of Sonny's life. During his session with Lainey, Sonny admits to the shrink how his relationship with Carly has always been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Nikolas pulls Robin into a kiss for the benefit of a jealous Patrick. Lucky complains to Maxie about his wife's "infidelity." Sam denies taking Jason's file and berates Alexis for having no faith in her own daughter. Sonny reluctantly accepts Lainey's diagnosis of bipolar disorder but balks at taking the Lithium she prescribes. Patrick confides to Carly how much he enjoys the challenge Robin presents. Meanwhile, Nikolas advises Robin to be honest with Patrick about her feelings. Alexis apologizes to Sam for doubting her. Ric eagerly fuels Jason's guilt about not getting Sonny professional help in time. Later, Ric tries to convince his brother he only pushed him to the edge by purchasing the white dress in order to force the issue of therapy. Patrick and Carly agree to use one another as a cure for the partners they desire but don't dare to pursue. Jason urges Sonny not to fall for his brother's lies. Liz secretly shreds the documents in Jason's police file. Sonny orders Ric out of his house. Carly calls off her night with Patrick after Jason wanders into Jake's.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just as Liz was shredding the evidence files Alexis was looking for, Alexis appeared at the nurses' station, looking for Lucky and those files. Then Mac appeared and Alexis recapped the files situation: without them, they can't convict Jason. Alexis told Mac to investigate the mob stoolies inside the PCPD. Meanwhile, Georgie showed up to cover Maxie's volunteer shift. On the docks, Sam and Ric commiserated over Alexis, then went for a drink and played pool at Jake's. Sam looked queasy when she heard a song that reminded her of Jason, so Mr. Sensitive asked her to dance. That cheered her up, until Ric likened Jason to Alexis. Then Sam got morose and left. Later, Georgie found Maxie at the docks. Maxie was glowing over her "new guy," but told Georgie no one can know she's seeing him because he's married. At Jake's, Carly and Jason recapped Sonny's case. Then Liz called to ask Jason to meet her on the Elm Street Pier. There, she told him she destroyed the file she stole from PCPD. Jason scolded her for taking such a chance, and extracted a vow to never pull such a stunt again.

Emily told Sonny she wasn't scared when he stripped the dress off her; she's glad she's with him. Sonny fretted over having to take pills for the rest of his life, but Emily encouraged him to take his medicine. Then they recapped the "Sonny is a danger to Emily" stuff. Emily promised to walk away if the medicated Sonny doesn't want her. Meanwhile, Lainey summoned Carly to GH, where the doc warned her Morgan might inherit bipolar disorder. Then Carly flagged down a passing Alexis to tell her Sonny's diagnosis and that Kristina could inherit it. Alexis said she would research it on the Internet and bring in Kristina for evaluation. She also suggested that Sonny might not accept therapy and medication because he'd see it as "weakness." She criticized Carly for enabling him. Carly pointed out that Sonny is a good father who will do what it takes to get well for his children. At home, Sonny called Jason for a second opinion about taking the meds. Emily recapped the "Jason as enabler" argument, but Sonny insisted it's his call. Jason arrived and Emily immediately jumped him with Lainey's diagnosis which angered Sonny. She begged him to take the pills and left. Sonny asked if Jason would agree to become a medicated "zombie." Emily went to GH and chatted to Liz about Lucky's jealousy of Patrick. Liz fretted that she hasn't been paying enough attention to her husband, but Emily warned her not to blame herself. Liz looked at the bright side: "We have a really great life," she smiled. "Lucky and I just need to reconnect." Meanwhile, Sonny explained to Jason that dosage is not an exact science, and recapped his fears of relapsing, of hurting people he loves, and of becoming a "robot." He wondered if the lithium would make him reject the business, the power and the people he loves. Later, Liz decided to "reconnect" with Lucky by donning sexy purple lingerie and lighting candles. Grumpy Lucky didn't want to talk about their problems, but that didn't stop them from bickering over Patrick. Liz insisted he flirts with her just to provoke Robin. But Lucky suggested she's beautiful and smart, and might be better off with rich, successful Patrick. She praised his raise and promotion. He lamented all his recent problems and rebuffed her romantic advances in favor of a shower (presumable very cold), which left Liz puzzled. Meanwhile, Jason recounted being frustrated with the doctors who told him he had brain damage and tried to "control" his life. Sonny acknowledged that it's hard out here for a pimp...but Michael and Morgan were frightened by his breakdown, so he has to set an example for them. After extracting a promise from Jason to tell Sonny if he changes, Sonny popped the pills with shaky hands.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alexis tears into Ric for not telling her about Sonny's bipolar disorder and accuses him of caring more about Sonny than his own daughter. Jason comforts an upset Sam, who becomes angry and warns him to stop sending her mixed signals. Ric avers that Sam will have to do something drastic to truly end things with Jason. Jason warns Ric to stay away from Sonny. Patrick and Robin stand up to Ms. Sneed when she refuses to allow them to operate on an AIDS patient who doesn't have insurance. Alan intervenes and gives Patrick the go ahead to proceed with the surgery. Robin worries that no one will want to assist in the surgery but she and Patrick are overwhelmed by the abundance of volunteers. Alfred throws Nikolas and Emily together again. Colleen isn't pleased by Nikolas and Emily's closeness. Nikolas makes a surprising admission to Emily. Dillon is miserable after Georgie rebuffs him yet again. Lulu becomes angry with Dillon.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dillon shows up at Kelly's after it closes. He brings in a bag of groceries. Lulu shows up and wonders why he is there and why Kelly's closed down early. Dillon tells her that he asked Mike if he could use Kelly's to surprise Georgie. He tells Lulu that he doesn't blame her for why they slept together and that for some reason he wanted to believe her over Georgie and that fact upsets him. He reminds Lulu that she lied and that he wants to make things right between Georgie and himself now. Meanwhile, Georgie runs into Diego on the docks. Diego invites her to join him on his father's yacht and have dinner with him. Georgie turns down his invitation and explains to him that even though it is over between Dillon and her, she is still in love with Dillon and will need time to get over him. Diego tells her that he will wait as long as it takes to have her for himself. Georgie shows up at Kelly's for her shift and sees the diner is closed for the night but notices a light inside. She lets herself inside and sees that it is decorated to look like a dance floor. Dillon is all dressed up and tells her he wanted to give her the prom night she deserved instead of the one she got instead and wants to make amends for the stupid things he did to hurt her. Georgie tells him that this doesn't change the fact that he didn't trust her and that things turned out the way they did. Dillon asks her to let him give her this one night and doesn't expect more right now. They dance together.

Patrick and his team go into the O.R. and get ready to operate on the patient with AIDS. Patrick tells his team that if anyone doesn't not feel comfortable helping in the surgery to leave right now because he can't have any distractions when he is performing surgery. Everyone stays there. Patrick is in the middle of the surgery when the anesthesiologist makes a sudden crashing noise and distracts Patrick, who is not happy. The other doctor apologizes and tells Patrick everything is fine. Robin notices Patrick looks anxious and is wincing a little and asks him if he cut himself. Patrick doesn't want to leave the surgery to go check on his finger. Robin tells him he must stop the surgery and get his cut finger cleaned up. Patrick tells her he is fine and needs to finish the surgery. Robin makes him go clean the wound and he takes her advice but as soon as he leaves, the patient's blood pressure drops suddenly and he can't leave her. Robin tells him she will get someone to help and he asks Liz to call for more plasma for the patient. Patrick finishes the surgery without any more problems and Epiphany assures him they can close up the wound while he goes and cleans his wound. Robin goes over and watches him clean up his finger. She puts on new gloves and washes the wound for him. She tells him that he will need to get tested for HIV as soon as possible. Patrick makes everyone swear not to tell anyone outside of the O.R. what happened to him during the surgery. Robin finds him scrubbing at this wound with hot water and soap after the surgery. Robin has a flashback of when Stone first told her he was HIV positive. She tells Patrick that no amount of washing his finger is going to change the fact that he was exposed to AID. She tries to tell Patrick that she knows how he feels since she couldn't believe she could possibly be HIV-positive. Patrick tries to tune out Robin but she won't let him. She tries to get him to take this seriously since his cut finger was touching the blood of the patient and he was exposed to the AIDS virus. Patrick insists on worrying about his patient first instead of himself. He checks on the patient after surgery and gives his orders to Epiphany and Liz. Robin looks for him outside of the room. She tells him that he needs to get tested for the virus. He doesn't want to think about it but he is upset by what happened. Robin tells him she knows exactly what he needs right now. She takes him to the docks to get some fresh air and talk. Robin tells him that she hopes that he ends up not having HIV. Patrick realizes this will definitely crimp his social life. Robin tries to joke with him about that but realizes he is just trying to avoid how scared he really is. Robin tells him it will be the longest 6 months of his life just like it was for her. Patrick tells her that she should be happy that he won't be able to sleep with anyone else for 6 months and that she may have been given the commitment from him that she secretly wanted. Robin sits down with him and offers her support while Patrick tears up.

Carly makes some calls from the hotel when she learns that Jax is having a surprise delivered to her at the hotel. She thinks maybe Jax is coming home soon and is going to try to butter her up by giving her jewelry or other expensive gifts. She is surprised and very disappointed when a employee comes up to the restaurant and hand delivers a postcard from Jax. She reads it and realizes that Jax is letting her know he is still gone and is in Africa somewhere so she won't be able to forget him. She gets very upset and rants to the employee about Jax. Nikolas shows up and asks her why she is upset. She tells him about Jax's postcard. Nikolas reads it and realizes why she is so upset. He surprises her himself when he tells her that he will let her visit John at his home and can bring Michael and Morgan with her to see him. He tells her that he came to a realization recently and wants his son to have a real family that includes Carly, and her sons and any other extended family. Carly tells him that she thought Robin poisoned him against her for good. Nikolas stops her before she says anything else about Robin and reminds her that Robin is one of his closest friends. Carly promises never to say another word about Robin and surprises Nikolas by hugging him fiercely.

Emily brings flowers into the house from the garden. Sonny is in the living room. He tells her that he started taking the medicine that Lainey prescribed and that he feels o.k. Emily tells him that she thinks that the medicine will keep him from having another breakdown. Sonny isn't so sure of that and tells her that Lainey couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't have another breakdown if he took the medication and isn't sure what he will be like after the medicine is in his system long enough. He shows up for therapy and seems defensive right away with her. Lainey talks to him about how important it is for him to continue therapy with her. Sonny thinks that feeling better means he will no longer need therapy or the medication. Lainey advises him to keep taking the medicine and continue therapy because he has a lot to work through. She brings up his childhood. Sonny tells her about his stepfather being abusive and locking him in the closet which is how he became claustrophobic. Lainey asks him about how his mother handled the abuse. Sonny paints the picture of his mother being a saint who was a wonderful mother to him and didn't deserve a husband like Deke. Lainey makes Sonny very uncomfortable when she insinuates that his mother didn't do her job to protect him from his stepfather and asks him why his mother didn't take him and leave the abusive marriage. Sonny tells her that his mother was defenseless and couldn't save him and believes it was his job to protect his mother and he failed. Sonny refuses to talk anymore to Lainey about his mother and wants to stop seeing her for therapy. Lainey tells him that he needs therapy to deal with the underlying issues that have shaped him as a man and that by avoiding them he is setting himself up to have another breakdown. She bothers him more when she ups his dosage of Lithium. Sonny goes home. Carly shows up to talk to Lainey after she calls her. Lainey voices her concerns about Sonny and how he is unwilling to face his childhood and his painful memories. Lainey asks Carly to persuade Sonny to continue therapy with her so she can help him. Sonny hits the bar in the living room to have a drink. Emily comes home with lunch and finds him with the alcohol. Sonny tells her about his session with Lainey and how Lainey pushed it too far by blaming his mother for not getting out of her marriage when it became abusive and failed to protect him. Emily thinks that he should continue therapy and let Lainey help him. Sonny asks Emily if she agrees with Lainey about his mother being to blame for what happened to him as a child. Emily doesn't deny that Lainey could be wrong. This sets Sonny off. He throws his bottle of pills against the wall just as Carly comes in the room. Carly yells at Sonny to stop what he is doing.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Alan and Robin inform Patrick that he must be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C as soon as possible. Alan also tells Patrick that he must begin the anti-viral drugs immediately which he will be required to take for 4 weeks. Liz conducts the blood test for Patrick. Once completed, Patrick thanks Liz for her assistance in the operating room. Alan tells Patrick that he must test again in January. He informs Patrick that most cases will give a positive reading within the first 6 months. Alan leaves the room, and Patrick accidentally knocks over a tray. Robin comes in to check on Patrick and ensure that he is alright. Patrick tells Robin that he could use her company. Patrick tells Robin that he has never given much thought to his own mortality. He then proceeds to ask Robin what he can expect in the next while. She informs Patrick that he may experience denial, paranoia, anger, regret, fear and then at some point he will experience acceptance to prepare himself for whatever happens next. Robin also suggests that Patrick keep a bag on hand in case he vomits from the meds. Liz informs Patrick that his blood work is in the lab. Patrick asks Alan what he should do now after receiving the medication. Alan informs Patrick that he is to carry on as usual, however take precautions. Alan proceeds to tell Patrick what an exceptional surgeon he is and how GH can not afford to lose him. While Patrick and Alan are talking, Robin recalls Stone finding out about his drug regiment.

Sonny tells Emily that he angry with Dr. Winters for suggesting that it was his mother's fault for Deke beating him. When Emily goes to try to reason with Sonny regarding what Lainey said, Sonny gets angry with her and throws his pills. At that moment Carly walks in and tells Sonny to stop taking his anger out on Emily. Emily tells Carly that she does not need her help. Sonny tells Carly that Emily is a strong woman and that she should not be with a man like him. He continues to say that when he opened up his heart to Emily, he wrecked her. Sonny asks Carly if she feels that he should stay with Emily as he can never be the type of person that she deserves. Carly thinks that Emily and Sonny should stay together. Sonny informs Carly about Lainey trying to up his Lithium dosage. Sonny then tells Carly that Lainey suggested that it is his mother's fault that his stepfather beat him. Carly tells Sonny that she has always wondered why Adela did not fight back or even grab Sonny and get them out of the situation. Sonny tells Carly that his mother was not as strong as her and that Deke would have found them no matter where they went. Sonny tells Carly that he does not want to go through the therapy process and hate his mother in the end. He felt that she was a great woman that really did love him. Carly informs Sonny that he must look at all aspects of his past to help him with his future. Sonny tells Carly that he thinks that she is a wonderful woman and that their children are very lucky to have her as their mother. Carly tells Sonny that she believes he is ready to get better and that there is no doubt that Adela loved him. Carly then hands him the bottle of his pills.

Nik thanks Alfred for his matchmaking attempts. He informs his butler that even though he appreciates it, he does not wish to impose on Emily. Alfred tells Nik that he feels that John is still in need of a mother. At that moment, Colleen walks in and suggests that Nik join her and John for a nice walk by the meadows. Alfred informs Nik that Emily is there to see him. Emily tells Nik that she stopped by looking for a dose of John's innocence after the day she has had. Nik give Colleen the afternoon off so that both he and Emily can take John for a walk of the grounds. Before heading to the stables, Nik and Emily stop back by the house to place John in his crib. They turn the baby monitor on so that they are still able to hear him. Once they leave the house again, Colleen turns off the monitor and tells John that Helena would not like how close Emily is getting and that she must make Emily look unfit. Nik and Emily return to the house where they find Colleen crying. Nik demands to know what has happened when Colleen tells him that she found John lying face down in the crib and was turning blue because he could not breathe. Emily apologizes to Nik and tells him that she thought she had placed him in the crib on his back.

Lucky informs Sam that files are always getting lost in the PCPD and that there would be no questions if Jason's file tying him to the Escobar family turned up on his desk. Sam once again voices her innocence and then tells Lucky that Jason does not need her help in staying out of jail. Lucky informs Sam that Jason owes him for saving his life. Sam laughs and asks Lucky if that is really what he believes.

Lucky arrives home in a foul mood. When Liz tries to find out what is wrong, Lucky informs her that Jason had to have killed Manny as his bullet never hit him. Liz tells Lucky that he is still her hero, and they embrace. Liz pulls the bottle of pills out of Lucky's back pocket and accuses him of still using.

Sam runs for the elevator and asks for the man to hold it for her. As she enters she drops all of her files. As she begins to pick them up, she realizes that it was Jason in the elevator with her. As they are riding, the elevator gets stuck. Jason contacts maintenance only to find out that it will be a while before they are able to get someone there to fix it. Jason begins to help Sam study for her GED.

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