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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on GH
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Monday, September 25, 2006

At the hospital, Liz and Lucky argued over his addiction. When Lucky grabbed her arm, Nikolas ordered his brother to let go of her. Nik, Liz and Emily told Lucky that he needs to clean up his act or else. Lucky stormed off and Liz thanked her friends for their support.

At Metro Court, Carly refused to believe Max's story about her house flooding, even though it was the truth. "Horse pucky!" she huffed, assuming that Max was doing Sonny's dirty work for him. Carly sent him away and proceeded to make love with Jax. Carly reconsidered after realizing that she can always tell when Max is lying and he didn't meet the criteria this time. She realized that he must have been telling the truth and feared for her house. Carly went home and was shocked to see water coming from beneath her front door. She was furious, but Jax advised her not to run over to Sonny's because that's just what he wants.

At Sonny's, Lainey chastised Corinthos for manipulating Carly and the kids. "Your behavior is unhealthy, all the way around," she told him. Sonny defended himself by saying he's doing what he's doing to protect Carly, citing her abandonment issues. He claimed Jax would just use her and toss her aside, leaving her heartbroken. Max reported back to Sonny, who had him call a plumber to clean up the mess and fix the pipes at Carly's. However, Sonny told Max that he wanted the job to take at least a week. Later, Sonny tried to explain to Michael that even though he doesn't want Carly with Jax, they weren't going to reunite as a couple. Just then, Carly burst in declaring, "How dare you flood my house!" Carly and Sonny ordered Michael to bed. Then, Sonny denied sabotaging Carly's pipes. Sonny admitted to tinkering with Jax's car but claimed innocence when it came to the plumbing mishap. As Sonny and Carly argued, Max and Michael eavesdropped.

Jason told Sam that he doesn't want to lose the years they spent together. Sam noted that if Alexis dies, then she can never see him again in order to keep the girls safe from his violent world. "I'm going to have to find a way to stop needing you," she sighed. Jason told Sam that he missed her all the time. They reminisced about the good times they shared.

Mac rushed to Maxie's bedside. There, she confessed everything to him about her overdose, her affair and scoring drugs for Lucky. He was shocked. Later, Georgie came by to visit her sister. Maxie confessed that she faked the suicide attempt. Georgie chastised her sister for her stupidity and pointed out it could have cost her her life. "What Lucky did was wrong, but you are no victim here," she sassed. Meanwhile, Mac went over to Lucky's and did everything he could not to beat the druggie adulterer to a pulp. He told Lucky that he wasn't throwing him in jail for drugs in order to avoid a scandal, but he did fire Lucky from the force. After Mac left, Lucky broke down in tears. Sam showed up at the hospital just as Robin emerged with an update on Alexis's surgery. Alexis survived but her condition was still touch-and-go. Nik told Jason that if Sam did have to raise the girls, he'd have to stay away from her. Jason said he'd respect Alexis's wishes. Jason then asked Liz what she thought about Alexis's condition. Liz said she didn't think Alexis would survive. Just then, Mac approached Liz and started to browbeat her for Lucky's actions. Jason stepped in to protect her from Mac's misguided wrath. Later, Jason went up to the roof where Liz was taking a breather. They fantasized about taking a trip to Italy. Liz then lamented about her situation with Lucky. "Lucky's a walking time bomb," she sighed. "Please watch your back." Liz's fears were justified Lucky was planning to take Jason out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

At the Quartermaines', Tracy got on Lulu's case for skipping class two days in a row. When Lulu showed no interest in continuing her education, Edward suggested that they get a refund on her tuition, and mentioned that they should do the same with Dillon, since his interests lied in an education that he could get from "basic cable". Dillon came into the living room and asked for a copy of the ELQ balance sheet. When Tracy and Edward inquired as to why, he let them know that he had enrolled in some business classes and was interested in learning more about the family business. While Edward was excited about the prospect, Tracy and Lulu were suspect of the decision Dillon was making. Afterwards, when Georgie found out about Dillon's changes in plans, she was not happy, and afraid that he was giving up on his dreams. Dillon let her know that he felt that a career as a director would not get him anywhere, and that he had a chance to make a name for himself in the family business.

At General Hospital, Liz was obviously feeling the effects of her pregnancy when Epiphany asked how long she was going to keep her secret. She felt that Liz should tell Lucky to relieve some of the stress, Liz said she had to keep it a secret since she had a miscarriage a year ago and was afraid that something would happen. She also said telling Lucky would mean letting him know that the baby could be Jason's, and that she could not tell him until she was able to take a paternity test. Epiphany said that she needed to take care of herself and the baby, and not take on so much stress. After their conversation, Jax came to the hospital with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Liz, assuming that the flowers were for Alexis, let him know that she was still sleeping, but that she could put it in her room. That is when he let her know that he remembered that it had been a year since the miscarriage, and wanted to let her know that he remembered. He was appreciative of the sacrifices she had been willing to make, and she was appreciative that he had remembered.

At the apartment, Lucky answered to door, and Cruz came in. Cruz was sympathetic with what Lucky was going through, and gave him some files regarding Jason. Lucky let Cruz know that his plan was to arrest Jason, and have such a stone cold case against him that Max would have to bring him back on the force. Cruz tried to offer Lucky some help, but Lucky kicked him out of the office. As he was looking through the file, Maxie came by. She tried to explain her actions, and let him know that everything she had done was so that they would stay together. Lucky told her that it was over, and that he was going to arrest Jason to win Liz back.

At the pier, Jason was talking on the phone, discussing Alcazar's movements, when Sam and Kristina came by. Kristina ran to Jason and asked if they could go back on the boat. Jason let her know that the boat was being repaired , and maybe some other time. Sam sent Kristina to go get some ice cream, and asked if Jason would be willing to meet her later alone to talk. He agreed, and Sam and Kristina left. Later on Alcazar came by, he let Jason know that he was expecting a shipment, and hoped that he would not have any problems. Jason said that as always, if Alcazar left the Corinthos organization alone, he would leave Alcazar alone. Alcazar let Jason know that if he crossed him, that he would bring the Corinthos organization down.

Lulu went to the college to get her professor to allow her to drop the class and get her tuition reimbursed. When the professor questioned why, she let him know that she felt that college was just an opportunity for rich kids to party for four years, before making real world decisions. She felt that the decisions she made over the summer forced her to grow up, and college would not be able to teach her anything. The professor signed the paperwork, however, he let her know that he felt that she was making these decisions because she was afraid and unwilling to give college a try.

At the hospital, while Liz was working, Jason came by wanting to talk to her. When he asked how she was doing, she started to go on about her problems with Lucky, but then stopped herself, promising him that she would stop laying everything on him. Jason let her know that he was there to help, and that she should not keep everything in. Liz was appreciative that he had come by to see how she was doing, and Jason let her know that he also had a favor to ask of her. He asked if she had ever seen Ric and Alcazar talking at the hospital. Liz let him know that she had seen them together a couple of times, but since Ric was there for Alexis and Alcazar was part of the hospital board, they could be discussing hospital business. Jason asked Liz to let him know if she ever saw them together to let him know, but not to get involved.

Later on Maxie came by the hospital to see Liz. When Liz tried to dismiss her, she let Liz know of Lucky's plan, and begged her to get involved. She felt that Lucky would get hurt, and since Jason and Liz were friends, he would be willing to lay low for a while. After Maxie left, Liz tried to get a hold of Jason, but was not successful.

Lucky snuck into the evidence room at the police station, and found bags of heroine which he snuck out. He then later called Jason, and asked to meet with him, luring him in saying that he had information about Sam. Later on, when Jason and Lucky met, Lucky pulled a gun out on Jason, and asked him to hold still. He let Jason know that he was arresting him on drug charges, and when Jason tried to let him know that the charges would never stick because everyone knew that he stayed away from drugs, both professionally and personally. That is when Lucky threw down the bags of heroine, and heard someone coming. He got nervous, and accused Jason of having back up. Jason tried to reason with Lucky, who did not listen, and shot his gun towards the footsteps. As shots were fired, Liz fell to the ground.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carly was furious to learn it would take seven days to repair the water damage to her house. Michael suggested that they stay at Sonny's. Carly agreed, but insisted to Michael that she and Sonny were not getting back together. Just then, Jax arrived and asked if she had gotten his flowers and invitation to dinner. She hadn't and accused Sonny of interfering. Jax told them both to give it a rest. Jax brought up the fact that it was a year ago today that Carly ran out into the road and he swerved his car into an accident, prompting Liz's miscarriage. Carly apologized but Jax didn't blame her. He blamed Sonny and left. Sonny agreed with Jax, that it was his fault, but Carly insisted that Sonny not blame himself. Later, Carly met Jax at Metro Court, where he was planning a romantic dinner. Carly apologized for Jax's loss and was baffled at how Jax could forgive her for her actions of last year. He claimed that she has brought happiness back into her life and was grateful to her.

At the hospital, Ric said Kristina was looking for Sam and demanded to know where she was. (She had gone to meet Jason, but he didn't show.) She said she was running errands, but he suspected she was with Morgan. They stopped squabbling when Patrick gave them an update on Alexis's condition. Nikolas arrived, and the family debated whether to bring Alexis out of her medically-induced coma. Nik and Sam said to wake her up, but Ric didn't want to. Nik overruled Ric. Once alone with Alexis, Ric begged his wife to recover. Later, Alexis woke up and even though she still had pneumonia, her oncologist advised her to start chemotherapy.

Lucky held Jason at gunpoint. When he heard footsteps from behind, he shot in the dark and Liz fell to the ground. Luckily she was unharmed, but boy was she angry. She then blurted out that she's pregnant. Lucky was stunned, but Liz was disgusted when she realized that Lucky was trying to frame Jason. Liz had Jason take her to the hospital to be checked out.

Professor Marquez dared Lulu to sign her drop form. Lulu said just to spite his condescending attitude, she'd stay in school. She accused him of being a lame counselor. Back at the Q's, Dillon was surprised by Lulu's change of heart.

At the hospital, Kelly almost let it slip in front of Jason that he could be the father of Liz's baby. The girls covered, but Kelly wondered why Jason wasn't suspicious. Epiphany told Jason that he needs to step up and help Liz. He agreed and asked Liz to let him help her as a friend. Liz asked Jason to recount what happened with Lucky. After listening to the harrowing story, Liz needed to go back to the apartment to get a few things. Jason agreed to accompany her. There, they ran into Lucky, who told them he's checking into rehab that night so he can be a proper husband and father.

At home, Sonny reiterated to Michael that he and Carly weren't reconciling. Just then, Bernie called and asked Sonny for a meeting. He said he'd be there in "15 minutes."

At the hospital, Patrick was acting short-tempered. Robin felt his forehead and realized he had a fever.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Patrick runs a fever and starts to worry that it means he could be HIV+. Robin takes his temperature and confirms he is running a fever. She tells him that running tests doesn't mean he is HIV+ and that he could just have the flue. Alan approaches them at the nurses' station and asks them what they called him for. Patrick tells him he has flu-like symptoms and is running a fever. Alan takes his blood for tests and tells him that they will know by tomorrow if he is HIV+ or not but feels there is a very good chance he isn't since he got on the protocols as soon as he was exposed to the virus. Alan leaves him alone to talk to Robin. Robin tells him that she understands how he feels and that despite the fact that Alan is a very good, compassionate doctor, he doesn't know what he is going through waiting to see if he is HIV+ or not. Patrick reminds her that she does know what he is going through. Patrick confides in Robin that he isn't up to the challenge of being HIV+. Robin tells him that this isn't a marathon but a disease that he will have to live through if he has it and that he helped her come out of her cocoon by not allowing her to hide from life and she is going to return the favor. She tells Patrick that she isn't going to allow him to go home and spend the whole night worrying about whether he is HIV+ and go research his symptoms and drive himself crazy. She tells him she is taking him home to give him some T.L.C. and distract him from his thoughts. He asks her what he did to deserve someone as fantastic as her in his life. Robin tells him that flattery will get him everything.

Jason walks Liz home to her apartment to get some important papers and a few other things to take back with her to her grandmother's. Lucky is there with a bag packed and all cleaned up. He tells her he is going to rehab and hopes she will come see him there. Liz tells him she is happy he is going to rehab but that she won't be visiting him and won't be waiting for him when he returns. Lucky pleads with her to give him another chance once he gets better for the sake of their marriage and their unborn baby. Liz tries to get her things and tries to avoid talking to Lucky anymore. She goes into the other room to retrieve her things and leaves Jason alone with Lucky. Jason tries to be sympathetic and tells Lucky that he knows this is hard for him and that sometimes damage in a relationship can be permanent and asks Lucky to give Liz the space she needs right now. Lucky tells Jason that he was wrong to set him up with the drugs and that his only excuse was that he did it out of desperation and apologizes. Jason accepts his apology. Liz comes back in the room and says goodbye to Lucky. Lucky asks her if she still loves him anymore and Liz can't look him in the eye to say she doesn't. She tells him she loves him and wishes him well. Jason brings her back to Audrey's house. Audrey is surprised to see Jason with Liz. Liz picks up Cameron and introduces him to Jason. She also tells Cameron again that he is going to have a little brother or sister someday. Liz apologizes for Lucky to Jason before he leaves. Audrey is pleased that Lucky is going to rehab for his drug addiction and thinks that Liz should give him another chance especially if he returns and turns out to be the man that Liz fell in love with again. Liz doesn't know if she can give him another chance. Audrey heads off to bed. Meanwhile, Lucky calls Nikolas and asks him to give him a ride to the drug rehab facility. Nikolas comes over and Lucky tells him that he is going to get better and be the husband and father that his own father couldn't be. He vows to be there for his family and raise his children and not be like Luke.

Alexis talks to Ric about her treatment options. She asks him to get Sam and Nikolas in the room. She tells Ric that she doesn't know if she wants to go through chemotherapy and be throwing up all the time with no hair. Sam comes in her room later. Alexis asks how the girls are doing. Sam hesitates before answering and that worries Alexis. Alexis demands to know what is going on with the girls. Sam explains what happened earlier that week when Viola brought Kristina to see her while she was in her coma and that Kristina freaked when she couldn't talk to her and get a response from Alexis. Alexis asks Sam where she was when Viola did this. Sam explains that she was out for a walk, getting some fresh air and went straight to the hospital when Viola called and explained what happened. Alexis gets very upset with her and asks her why she wasn't taking better care of Kristina and Molly to allow this to happen. Sam tries to defend her actions but Alexis doubts her abilities to take care of the girls and tells her if she isn't up to it, she will find someone else to take care of them. Sam decides to leave the room before she starts crying. Ric tells Alexis to back off of Sam and defends her. Alexis turns on Ric and asks him where he was during her coma. After Sam leaves, Alexis realizes she was very harsh with Sam and regrets how she reacted to the situation. Sam goes up on the roof of the hospital and Jason finds her at their meeting place. He notices she has been crying and asks her what is wrong. Sam explains what she told Alexis about Kristina seeing her while she was in her coma. Jason tells her it wasn't her fault and that she is just trying to find her way with being a parent figure. Sam fears that Alexis is going to die and that she won't be able to be a good big sister to Kristina and Molly the way Alexis thinks she should. Jason asks her if they could meet here every day and talk. Sam tells him she would like that. Later, while Alexis is alone with Ric in her hospital room, she tells him she is not going to go through chemotherapy as treatment.

Sonny shows up at Metro Court in the hotel. He interrupts while Jax and Carly are kissing. He isn't very apologetic about disrupting their evening. Carly tells him that Metro Court is closed and he will have to meet Benny downstairs in the hotel bar instead for his meeting. Sonny is about to leave on the elevator when the power goes out. Sonny is pleased that he is going to have to stay upstairs with them. Carly accuses him of causing the power outage so he could ruin her evening. Sonny tells her he had nothing to do with the power outage and that she should have the circuits checked. Carly tells him that she isn't going to let him ruin her evening with Jax. Sonny asks to speak to Jax alone. Jax approaches Sonny while Carly sits at the bar. Sonny warns Jax not to hurt Carly or break her heart because he cares about her happiness and wellbeing. Jax tells him that it is funny that he is so worried about Carly's heart when he did so much damage to it himself with how he treated her. Sonny warns Jax to be good to Carly or else. Sonny leaves when the power comes back on. After he leaves Jax wonders about how close of a bond Carly has with Sonny and if she was deeply effected by Sonny's concern. Carly tells him that she would like to have a relationship with him and Jax tells her he is crazy about her after she questions if he is playing games with her heart. Carly goes to see Sonny at his mansion. She makes it clear to him that she trusts Jax with her heart and asks Sonny to back off and stay out of her life if he can't be happy for her. Sonny tells her that he wants her to be happy but that he is being honest when he tells her he doesn't believe Jax is right for her or that he can be trusted.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Patrick is awoken by Kelly working in the kitchen. Kelly informs him that she was not aware that he had spent the night and begins to flirt with him when Robin arrives home with some chicken soup. Robin warns her to be careful as she may not be able to handle what he has.

Robin hands him the soup, only to have him ask her if she will spoon feed him. Robin tells him that it's not her style and says that it would be more Kelly's approach. Kelly begins to feed Patrick when Lainey walks out and begins to coddle him as well. Robin reminds the two women of their appointments for the day finally leaving Patrick alone with herself.

Patrick receives a call from the lab with his recent HIV test results. He contacts the lab and is informed that his results are still negative. Patrick suggests that they should celebrate.

Liz is reading a letter that she received from Lucky informing her that he still loves her and Cam and he hopes that she will be able to trust him again once he leaves rehab. Jason walks up to her and begins asking her if work is really the best thing for her with her pregnancy. Liz thanks Jason for his offer to help, but tells him that she is working in order to keep herself sane.

Nik arrives and asks Liz if she has a moment to speak with him. Nik informs her that Lucky volunteered to go into rehab. He continues to say that he feels his brother really wants to turn his life around knowing that she is pregnant. Nik asks Liz if it is too late for her to take Lucky back into her life.

Alexis informs Sam that she has been researching naturopathic cures as she will not be going through with the chemotherapy. Alexis tells Sam that she does not want to be in limbo and that she is not giving up on life, just choosing an alternate path to the chemotherapy.

Ric goes to see Jax at the hotel to ask him for his assistance in convincing Alexis to receive chemotherapy.

Jax arrives at the hospital to see Alexis. Alexis quickly begins to offer her reasoning for why she is against receiving the chemotherapy and tells him that she requires his and everyone else's support on her decision. Jax informs her that he is a successful businessman who is into numbers and statistics and he feels that if the doctors believe that it is her best chance to go through with the chemotherapy, he would play with those odds. He continues to tell her that he knows she is a smart woman and that perhaps she should listen to what her body is telling her.

Jax runs into Lainey and informs her of his discussion with Alexis. He also tells her about Alexis refusing to receive the chemotherapy. Lainey suggests that perhaps Kristina's father would be able to assist in changing Alexis's mind. Jax says he will talk to Sonny if it means savings Alexis's life.

Carly arrives at Sonny's to find him and their sons eating breakfast on the terrace. Sonny asks Carly to join them, but she tells him that she knows what he is up to. The boys leave to go and brush their teeth and do their homework giving the two of them the opportunity to speak. They begin to yell at one another when Michael happens to overhear them from the stairs. Jason arrives at the house and tells them to stop the arguing and either get back together or don't. Both Carly and Sonny try to defend their positions to Jason.

Carly walks downstairs at Sonny's dressed for her date with Jax. It appears that they are having a bonding moment when Jax arrives at the house.

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