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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on GH
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Monday, October 9, 2006

Carly calls Jax and invites him to a romantic dinner at Sonny's house after overhearing Bernie talking on the phone with the contractors telling them that Sonny wants them to intentionally delay the work on her house. Jax comes over for the romantic dinner and Carly tells him that Sonny is delaying the work on her house. He excuses himself to make a phone call while Carly talks to Max. Carly tells Max that he and Milo need to be waiters for the night. Jax tells Carly that he called his contractor and the work on her house will be completed in a few days. Michael brings out two glasses of red wine to serve Carly and Jax and he spills the wine all over Carly. Max rushes in with a towel and soda water to clean the stain and begins rubbing at the stain on Cary's chest. Carly thanks Max for the help and tells him she will take over from there. Max goes back into Sonny's living room where he and Milo, Michael, and Morgan discuss their plan to ruin the evening between Carly and Jax. It appears that their plans are not working because Carly and Jax then share a kiss. Michael sees this and he enlists Morgan to help with their plans. Milo and Max bring out the first course of salads and Cary's salad has a worm in it. Then Michael and Morgan come out to the terrace and Michael tells Carly that Morgan threw up and doesn't feel well. Carly feels Morgan's forehead and is initially alarmed because it feels warm but she then realizes that the rest of his body isn't warm. Carly realizes that the boys have been causing all of these problems and she busts them and calls them on their behavior. Carly reassures the boys that she and Sonny will always love them even if they are not together. Michael apologizes for trying to ruin their dinner. Carly thanks Michael for his apology and then sends the boys up to bed. After the boys leave, Jax comments to Carly that he feels like he has his work cut out for him with the boys. Carly reassures Jax that the boys love spending time with him and that they will come around to their relationship when they realize how happy Jax makes her. Max then brings out dessert on a platter and collapses to the floor.

Robin finds a badly beaten Robert lying on the docks. She checks him over and demands to know if Lorenzo Alcazar was behind this as Lorenzo is lurking in the shadows listening. Robin asks Robert to tell end all of this and just tell Lorenzo where Skye is so they can talk. Robert refuses to give in to Alcazar and Robin gets upset with him.

Robert and Robin are then at General Hospital and a doctor is checking Robert out and orders a CT scan. Detective Rodriguez comes into Robert's hospital room to question Robert about who assaulted him. Robert is upset that Robin calls the police and he refuses to say if Alcazar was behind the attack. Robert says he accidentally fell down the stairs. Detective Rodriguez apologetically tells Robin that there is nothing that he can do if Robert won't press charges and he leaves. Robin is frustrated with Robert and threatens to call Anna to talk some sense into Robert. Robert talks Robin out of this and says Anna does not need or want to be bothered with her ex-husbands mishaps. Robin tells Robert that he is supposed to be making up for all the lost time with her and not putting his life in danger for other people's problems and that she does not want to spend all of her time worrying about him and wondering if he will be killed, and she walks out of his room

Robin goes to see Jason for advice on what to do about Alcazar. Jason warns Robin that Alcazar is more dangerous now than ever before. Robin is worried that just when she gets her father back she will lose him again. Robin tells Jason that she thought she was doing everything right in her life but lately she feels like everything is falling apart. She expresses her concern over Patrick's exposure to HIV and how it is affecting her. Jason comments that Patrick seems to make Robin happy. Robin acknowledges that she is happy but that she feels like she is walking on eggshells waiting for it all to end. Jason tells Robin that when you find someone who makes you happy like that you should hold on to it. Robin advises Jason that he needs to take his own advice.

Robin goes back to the hospital and apologizes to Robert. The doctor come back and tells Robert that his CT scan was fine and Robert asks if he can travel much to Robin's dismay. The doctor reluctantly clears Robert to travel. Robin is upset that Robert is going to go away and Robert's response to her is that he would not be a very good father if he didn't stand up for what he believes in. Robin protests that Robert is just going to lead Robert right to Skye and Robert tells her that he has no intention of doing that and that he is planning on leading Alcazar on a wild goose chase.

Alcazar and one of his associates are talking and Alcazar is informed that Robert took the bait and that as soon as he is able to he will be going to see Skye.

Jason tells Liz that he will marry her and provide a life for her, Cameron, and the baby. Liz tells Jason that she still loves Lucky and that he still loves Sam so getting married would be a big mistake. Jason admits that he misses Sam and their life together but he can't forget that she slept with Ric and Sam can' forget that he slept with Liz. He comments that Sam says that it is like the Grand Canyon, you can stand on the edge and see the other side but it is impossible to get there. Liz points out that people cross the Grand Canyon all the time and that while it may be dangerous and difficult it is possible. Jason asks Liz what she is going to do if the baby is his and he and Sam get back together. She tells him that she is going to do exactly what she plans to do if the baby is not his, which is to raise Cameron and the baby by herself with the support of her family and friends. Jason tells Liz that if the baby is his he wants to support it. Liz tells Jason they will deal which that if they have to. Liz Then says goodbye to Jason and tells him she is going to schedule the paternity test and that she will let him know when it is and when she gets the results.

Patrick runs into Lucky at General Hospital as he is leaving. Patrick tells Lucky to go back to rehab to work on his recovery because that his him only chance with his wife. Lucky responds that nothing is going to stop him form getting his family back. Maxie overhears Lucky as she is going to see Dr. Lee to tell her she is pregnant and schedule an appointment. Dr. Lee asks if Maxie has told her family and Maxie tells her she hasn't but she plans to. Dr. Lee tells Maxie that she is going to need the support of her family and friends. Dr. Lee then asks if the father is involved and Maxie tells her that the baby's father has a complicated life at the moment. Lucky is listening to the conversation and he offers his support to Maxie as a friend and tells her that he knows her family will support her. Dr. Lee prescribes prenatal vitamins for Maxie and tells her to schedule and appointment with her office. After Dr. Lee leaves, Lucky tells Maxie that he can't believe that this is happening. Maxie guesses that Lucky didn't believe she was telling the truth a about her pregnancy. Maxie then tells Lucky that she is not going anywhere and that Lucky is going to have to deal with it. At that moment the elevator door opens and Liz walks off the elevator. Maxie tries to talk to Liz but Liz makes it clear that she has nothing to say to Maxie. Liz then yells at Lucky for being out of rehab and tells him that things are over between them.

Epiphany and Ric are discussing Alexis and her plans to start chemotherapy and Ric thanks Epiphany. He tells her that her conversation with Alexis made a difference and that Epiphany may have saved Alexis' life.

Georgie is working at Kelly's and is so distracted that she is filling the sugar containers with salt. Mike asks if she is ok and if she wants to talk. He asks if things are ok with her relationship with Dylan. Georgie is upset and she tells Mike that Lulu's decision to have the abortion has completely changed Dylan's life and he know believes that he wants to major in business and work at ELQ. Mike tells Georgie that they are dealing with their own problems and the consequences and that is a part of growing up. Georgie remarks that growing up sucks. Just then Maxie walks into Kelly's and Georgie guesses that she is pregnant. Maxie tells Georgie that she told Lucky about the pregnancy and that he was surprised but that she is confident that everything will all work out for the best. Maxie believes that Lucky will realize that she loves him more than Liz.

Liz is sitting on the docks crying while Lucky is sitting in front of Audrey's staring at his wedding ring and Jason is walking around his apartment during a montage scene.

Lucky knocks on the door at Audrey's house and asks to see Liz. After Audrey tells him she is not there and doesn't want to see him, Lucky says that he can't leave and he has to talk to Liz. Lucky then sees Cameron and runs over and picks him p and gives him a big hug and tells him how much he misses him. Lucky tells Audrey that there is something important that he has to tell Liz before someone else does.

Liz calls Kelly Lee and arranges to have the paternity test done on Friday, October 13th and Kelly tells her the results will be in a week later on October 20th. Kelly apologizes that it will take so long but Liz reassures her that it is ok because she just needs to find out if Lucky or Jason is the father of her baby. As Liz makes this comment Ric walks up and overhears her.

Ric asks Liz if she is pregnant. He comments that he wasn't eavesdropping he just overheard her on the phone scheduling an ultrasound appointment. He congratulates Liz and says that he knows that she and Lucky have been having problems and says this may be the thing that turns around his life. As Ric is talking Jason suddenly appears and grabs Ric and slams him up against the wall.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

At the docks, Jason pushed Ric against the wall, and warned him to stay away from Liz. Ric told him that he was crazy and that he was just talking to Liz about her pregnancy, and was offering his help. Liz broke the two apart, and after Ric left, she told Jason that he needed to calm down. He let her know of his frustration and that he didn't trust Ric. Liz asked Jason to give him some space until the paternity of the child was confirmed.

As Alexis was being discharged from the hospital, she let Epiphany know of her gratitude. She appreciated hearing the about Epiphany's breast cancer and chemotherapy. Before Alexis left, her doctor let her know that she would be starting her chemotherapy on the next day. They discussed what to expect, and how long the treatment would last.

While having dinner at Sonny's, Max falls to the ground while serving Carly and Jax. At first Carly thought he was faking, however, when it was figured out he had overeaten, he was sent to the hospital with Milo. During this time, Michael was going to call Sonny to get him to return from his business trip, however, Jax stopped him before he could dial the number. When Jax and Carly confronted Michael about the phone call, Michael let them know that he knew that Jax wanted to marry his mother. Jax let Michael know that they had not discussed it, and when Michael said that he would not call him "Dad", Jax understood, and explained that he just wanted them to remain friends.

When Alexis got back to her empty home, the first time she looked in the living room, she had a flash back of watching Ric and Sam have their one-night stand. As she was starting to settle in, Ric came home, surprised to see her. She let him know that she had gotten an early release from the hospital and came home. Ric wanted to cook her dinner, and they decided to eat outside. While they were having dinner they discussed Alexis' treatment, and the affect it would have on her health and on the family. Ric bought her a wig to let her know that he would always find her beautiful, and after their laughing fit, he also gave her a charm of the Eiffel tower. He let her know that he wanted to take her to Paris when her treatment was over, and that he wanted them to have a the honeymoon they had never had.

At the hospital, Liz overheard Maxie very loudly discuss with Kelly her pregnancy, and automatically deduced that the child was Lucky's. Obviously upset about hearing this news, she decided to go home. When she got back to Audrey's Lucky was there waiting for her. She told him that he should return to rehab, and he let her know that he needed to tell her something. She let it out that she knew that Maxie was pregnant, and that it was the last straw. She let him know that it changed everything, and he let her know that it would be signing the divorce papers that would change everything. She told him that if he loved her, he would sign the documents, and he void never to do it.

At Wyndemere's Nikolas was trying to get out of bed when Colleen stopped him. As he voiced his frustration about staying in bed, she reminded him that it was doctor's orders. As she left his room, Helena was waiting for her in the hallway. Helena let Colleen know that she had heard about the lies that were being told, and that it was not acceptable. Colleen let her know that she would contact her when it was a safe time to see Spencer. Hearing voices outside the door, Nikolas went to see who was talking, just missing his grandmother. When Colleen walked him back into the room, she let him know that she was telling the night nurse not to be too loud, and disturb Spencer.

Jason arrived at Sonny's while Carly and Jax were in the living room. Carly told Jason of her frustrations of Sonny interfering in her life, and that she needed to have some private time with Jax. She asked Jason to take Michael and Morgan back to his place. Jason let her know that he would stay there to protect the boys, and he was not leaving. With that, Carly decided to go to the hotel with Jax.

Later on, Colleen brought back tea that was laced with some sort of drug to Nikolas. He went to sleep after drinking two cups, and when Colleen came by to tuck him in, she kissed him before leaving. In a dark corner of the room, Helena watched the entire interaction.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Alexis gently explains chemotherapy to Kristina. Ric and Sam support Alexis as she begins her treatment. Feeling awkward, Sam leaves Ric and Alexis to meet Jason. Sam tells Jason she can't stay away from him despite her promise to Alexis. Jason declares his love for Sam. Sam realizes Liz could be carrying Jason's child. Liz accuses Maxie of getting pregnant in order to trap Lucky. ELQ is in crisis when the Enduro scandal hits the newspapers. While facing the reporters, Dillon claims that getting a girl pregnant was the result of him misusing the condom, not because the condom was faulty. Georgie is sickened by the changes she sees in Dillon. Maxie has plans for ELQ. Skye can't resist the urge to call Alan. Skye returns to her beach house to find Alcazar waiting for her.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lulu shows up at the hospital to confront Liz about her pregnancy. She asks Liz why she didn't tell her about her own pregnancy when she came to her for advice about having an abortion. Liz tells her that she didn't want her own pregnancy to interfere with Lulu making a decision on her own. Lulu doesn't buy that excuse and then proceeds to tell Liz off for being so hard on Lucky when he is trying to go to rehab and get her back. She accuses Liz of not caring about anyone but herself and that she dumped Lucky because he couldn't live up to her lofty expectations. Liz tries to defend her actions by telling Lulu that she is looking after the welfare of her son and unborn child and that Lucky needs to get better on his own. Lulu storms off. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam meet on the roof again to talk. Sam tells Jason that she is tired of doing what Alexis wants her to do and she wants to get back with Jason. Jason tells her about Liz's pregnancy and how there is a chance he could be the baby's father. Sam is devastated by this news and asks Jason how he could do this and asks him why he didn't use protection. Jason tells her about the faulty condoms. Sam ends up going to see Nikolas. Nikolas is lying on the couch with his leg elevated. Sam brings by the trust that Alexis set up for the girls for him to look at. Spencer starts fussing to be picked up. Nikolas calls to Colleen to come get him but Sam offers to pick him up and hold him. Nikolas notices something is bothering her. Sam ends up blurting out that Liz could be carrying Jason's baby. Nikolas is surprised by that piece of news. Sam tells him she just found out and can't believe some other woman is having the baby she wanted to have with Jason. Nikolas tells Sam that Liz's behavior is now starting to make sense and that he now knows why Liz didn't want Lucky to find out about the pregnancy. Sam realizes who she just told and that he could tell Lucky. Nikolas assures her that he has no plans to let Lucky know since he will use any excuse to start using pills again. Liz ends up going to see Carly. She asks Carly to be there for Lulu and explains what happened. Carly is cool towards Liz and shows no sympathy for her predicament. Liz accuses Carly of disapproving of her only because she is close friends with Jason and she can't accept any other woman being friends with Jason. Carly disagrees and tells her that she approves of Sam being with Jason. Liz heads out. Lulu shows up at Carly's after Carly calls her over. She mentions that Liz came over all concerned about her. Lulu tells Carly that she thinks Liz's a hypocrite. Carly agrees with her but wants to know what is going on with Lulu. Lulu tells her that she doesn't know what is going on but that she has changed because of the abortion. Jason ends up at Sonny's house. Sonny had returned home from his trip to Puerto Rico and Carly had gone there earlier to pick up the boys and tell Sonny off for playing games with her. She tells him that she owes him a favor because he made her realize how much she can live without him and is comfortable in her own home now, which is almost fixed up. Jason is distracted by his conversation with Sam earlier and Sonny picks up on it. Jason tells Sonny that Bernie is having a hard time trying to figure out who is actually in charge of the business. Sonny and Jason come to an agreement that Sonny is the boss and that he has the final say on any business decisions. Sonny then asks Jason what else happened while he was gone. Jason tells him about his one-night with Liz and how he could be the father of her baby. Jason doesn't know what he wants to do but that if he is the baby's father he is going to take care of both Liz and their baby. Sonny asks him if that would mean he would lose Sam in the process. Jason doesn't know what will happen but that Sam was very upset when he told her. Meanwhile, Sam runs into Liz on the docks. Sam congratulates Liz on her pregnancy but there is no smile or sincerity in her voice. Jason goes to see Nikolas and asks him if he has seen Sam. Nikolas doesn't say it out loud what he knows but hints at the fact that Sam told him about Jason possibly being the baby's father and that she was very upset by it.

Robin runs into Luke on the docks. Robin asks him how his trip to Paris went and if he liked what the doctor said about Laura's case. Luke tells her he was very pleased with what the doctor had to say. Luke feels that this is the first time that there has been any hope for Laura to recover and thanks Robin for making this possible. He also tells her that Patrick listened to the doctor but felt there was not real scientific evidence that supports using this experimental drug on Laura. Luke hands her a little wrapped gift and tells her that Patrick asked him to give it to her from him. Robin is touched that Patrick remembered her birthday. Robert shows up soon after to complain about Alcazar and how he found out where Skye was because she called Alan. Luke figures Alcazar had a trace put on the phones at the Quartermaine estate. Luke tells Robert he is going to go look for Skye and save her from Alcazar. Robert feels he should go help him since she was his assignment. Luke tells him that he should go find her himself because she is not an assignment to him. Robert worries about Skye as well and the two men plan to hatch a plan to stop Alcazar. Robin suggests that they let the police handle this themselves. Robert and Luke smile at Robin and laugh at such a suggestion. Robert tells Robin that he didn't forget her birthday. Robin tells them she has to leave and suggests they are too old to be hatching plans against Alcazar. Robert promises to be careful. Robert and Luke talk about how they can stop Alcazar. Luke has an idea and agrees to fill Robert in on it. Meanwhile, Skye tells Alcazar off for tracking her down when she asked him not to follow her or have any contact with her. Alcazar tells her that he has no intention of being kept out of his child's life and hopes they can finally come to some sort of agreement now that he found her. Skye fakes labor pains to get Alcazar to help her to the couch. She hits him over the head with a conch shell and knocks him out. She gets her purse and tries to take off but Alcazar didn't stay down for long and is waiting by the door to stop her. He tells her she wouldn't have gone far since he has his men watching the house and them. He tells Skye that he is calling the shots now and that she will give birth to their child in a hospital of his choosing. Later, Luke shows up at Sonny's. He asks Sonny if he can tell him where Alcazar's favorite hiding places are and doesn't want Sonny to go after Alcazar himself. Luke tells Sonny his plan and asks him to help him. Later, Max and Milo show up at Sonny's with Diego. Diego threatens Sonny about having his men strong-arm him and thinks Alcazar will kill him for this. Sonny doesn't act very scared and tells Diego that his father is out of the country and is no threat. He tells him that Luke has something to talk to him about. Luke tells Diego that he is going to help him find Skye. Meanwhile, Robert shows up at the hospital and surprises Robin with a gift. She tells him he didn't have to get her a gift. He swears that he bought her the gift a couple of weeks ago and takes his receipt out to prove it to her. Robin insists he doesn't have to show her the receipt. Robin opens the gift and it turns out to be a bracelet. Robin laughs and Robert thinks something is wrong with it. Robin tells him that Patrick got her the same exact gift and that maybe Anna was right, that she is dating a man exactly like her father. Robert points out that isn't exactly a bad thing. Robin agrees. They share a hug and Robert tells her he wants to have dinner with her soon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

As Jax was instructing Morgan to keep a big secret, Carly arrived home. Jax said he'd tell her the secret if she met him for dinner that night. Carly was intrigued and shamelessly pumped her son for info to no avail.

Jason responded to Nikolas's summons to Wyndemere to discuss Sam's determination to keep Ric away from Kristina and Molly if Alexis dies. Nik wondered why Sam was so opposed to Ric raising his own child. Jason kept mum and left. Next Lulu showed up to complain that Liz hadn't visited Lucky in rehab... Afterward Colleen tended to Nik and served him more of her special tea. When Nik passed out, Colleen unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him. Emily walked in and asked what was going on, but the nanny covered. Em looked at Nik's meds and noted that they were quite strong. Colleen skulked off. As Em leaned over him, Nik surprised Em with a long kiss and murmured about Em being the woman he loves. He then poured out his heart and she promised to be there for him. When Nik was wide awake he asked Em what he'd said and she giggled. Colleen lurked and frowned.

Sam accused Liz of wanting her baby to be Jason's. Liz defended her one-night stand with Jason, pointing out that he and Sam were broken up at the time. She also threw Sam's one-nighter with Ric in her face. Jason walked up and ordered the women to cool down. Ms. McCall maintained Liz's pregnancy was a little too "convenient" and departed in a huff.

At Casa Corinthos, Diego insisted to Luke that he was telling the truth about Skye's whereabouts. Luke questioned his motives and Sonny noted that Diego doesn't want his dad involved with Skye's baby. Diego responded that Alcazar has no business being a father and the baby would be better off without him. Sonny thanked Diego for his help and sent him on his way. Luke planned to look for Skye in South America. His conversation was interrupted by a phone call regarding Laura's medical treatment. He explained to Sonny that the wonder drug could bring Laura out of her shell ... or kill her. When Sonny asked if Luke had told the kids, Luke said he doesn't want to get their hopes up... On the docks, a crazed Diego banged a brick wall with his bare hands. Lulu came along and advised him not to break the bones in his hand. She asked what was eating him, and he ranted about his father and the baby... Lulu's next visit was to Lucky, who hounded her for info about Liz. Lucky confessed that he impregnated Maxie. Lulu blasted Maxie. Luke paid a call to report to his kids that he was going off in search of kidnapped Skye. Lulu tersely told him to have a safe trip and took off. Lucky took his dad to task for not focusing on his own family.

Carly, dolled up in a red dress with a plunging neckline, was on the docks when she ran into Jason, who told her about his baby drama. Carly believed Liz was carrying Jason's baby. She sympathized with Sam and said she'd like to rip Liz's hair out. Jax put an end to their chat and escorted Carly to their date: a lavish, candlelit al fresco dinner. Banter ensued... Sonny dropped by Carly's house with a bag of groceries and told the boys he'd make dinner. He asked where his ex was and Morgan told him it's a surprise.

At the penthouse, Jason found a weepy Sam sitting in the dark with a mobile. She lamented the loss of her child... Liz prepared to undergo a paternity test.

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