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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on GH
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Sam and Jason are talking on the deck at Alexis' lake house. Sam tells Jason that she is going to go back to work at the PCPD. Jason doesn't like this plan and warns Sam that she needs to watch her back around Ric. Sam says she knows she has to be careful around Ric, but she refuses to let Ric intimidate her or control her life. Sam tells Jason that she called Mike and got her old room at Kelly's back. Jason wants to help Sam out financially so she won't have to stay there, but Sam makes it clear to Jason that while she appreciates the offer, she wants to make it on her own. Sam feels like she made Jason her entire life and when he rejected her and pushed her away she spun out of control. Sam vow never to let that happen again. She wants to get to know herself and take care of herself.

Ric has Alcazar brought into he DA's office. They discuss how Lorenzo's computer guy is loading a flash drive with incriminating evidence against Sonny and Jason at that very moment. Ric and Sonny discuss their plans to bring Sonny and Jason down. Ric then reveals that he plans to set Sam up for stealing the incriminating evidence against Jason and Sonny through her job at the PCPD. Ric tells Lorenzo that when Jason comes after Sam to rescue her, he will make sure that he gets shot for resisting arrest.

Carly and Sonny are visiting Alexis in her hospital room and Sonny tells Alexis that she did the right thing kicking Ric out of her life. He tells Alexis that he wants to take Kristina and Molly to his house and that Carly and the boys will move in as well so Molly and Kristina feel like they are part of a family. Just as they are discussing Carly moving in with Sonny, Jax walks into the room and is surprised to hear the conversation. But once Carly explains Sonny's plan to Jax he surprises Alexis by saying he agrees with Sonny. Alexis eventually grudgingly agrees to let Sonny have the girls move in with him and Carly and the boys.

Luke and Laura are talking in her room at Shadybrook and Laura asks Luke about the kids. Luke tries to get Laura to slow down and as they are talking about it Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas walk into her room. Laura is completely shocked when she sees that Lulu is all grown up. She gets very upset and demands to know how long she has been out. Luke gently reveals is has been 4 years and Laura is stunned and asks what happened. Laura stands up with the assistance of Lucky and Nikolas and she gives each of them a hug and tells them she loves them. Laura then walks across the room to Lulu and they share an emotional reunion and hug.

Luke tells Laura that she had an accident while she was preparing for the wedding 4 years ago. Luke is very vague and when Laura asks if something happened to her head he says yes. Laura tells the kids that she wants to hear something about each of their lives. Nikolas pulls out a picture of Spencer and tells Laura that she is a grandmother. While Laura, Nikolas, and Lulu are talking, Luke pulls Lucky aside and tells him that he does not want anyone to know about Laura because she is extremely fragile right now. Lucky agrees with Luke and says he will talk to Nik and Lulu about it. Luke and Lucky rejoin the conversation with Laura and Laura asks Lucky if he has a love in his life. Lucky tells Laura that he and Liz are married and that in fact today is their first anniversary. He also reveals that he and Liz is expecting a baby. Luke interjects and tells Lucky to tell her the rest. Lucky sheepishly tells Laura that he is a cop which Laura finds absolutely hysterical. Lulu and Laura begin talking and Lulu shares that she is college at PCU. While they are talking Luke disappears out of the room. A nurse comes in and advises them that Laura needs her rest and they all agree to leave.

Jason runs into an obviously upset Liz on the docks. He asks if she is ok and she tells him that today is her first anniversary. Liz tells Jason she feels like such a failure because her marriage fell apart, Lucky got hooked on pain pills and had an affair. She says she doesn't even know if Lucky remembers that today is their anniversary.

Sam is back at work at the PCPD where she has a run in with Ric. He demands to know what she is doing there and he warns her that she had better watch her insubordination and he threatens to have her moved to the sanitation department. Sam doesn't let Ric intimidate her and comes back at him with a threat of sexual harassment charges before she walks away. After Sam is gone, one of Lorenzo's men approaches Ric and hands him a package which contains the flash drive. Ric later plants the flash drive in a box of evidence that was brought in from Sonny's warehouse.

Mac and Sam have a conversation at the PCPD and he reminds Sam that he is her boss and that because of her relationship with Jason she poses a security risk. Mac reminds Sam of the file that disappeared before she went on her personal leave. He warns Sam that this better not happen again in the future.

Jason visits Alexis at the hospital and he asks her if she can forgive Sam. Alexis turns it around and asks Jason if he can forgive her. Jason tells Alexis that he is trying to because he wants a life with Sam. As Jason is telling Alexis this, Liz is standing at the door and hears him.

Luke is standing in the courtyard at Shadybrook and he pulls a flask of liquor out of his pocket. Just as he is getting ready to take a swig Robert's voice interrupts him. Robert advises Luke that he has just spent the afternoon trying to calm down Tracy. Luke and Robert talk about how Tracy has no idea that Laura is awake and Laura has no idea that Luke is married to Tracy. Luke tells Robert that one day he finally realized that Laura would never wake up so he moved on and got involved with Skye and then Tracy. He tells Robert that when Laura woke up and he looked at her, it was like nothing had changed and he realized that a part of him has always been waiting for her to come back. Luke admits to Robert that he is afraid that he is going to fall in love with her again and he is terrified of that. He tells Robert that so much has happened and he feels like there is no future for him and Laura. Robert confronts Luke and tells him that he knows him too well and he wants to know what is really going on.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Carly, who was dressed as a vampy vampire (or maybe a really "wicked" witch), informed Jax he will be taking Michael and Kristina trick-or-treating, so Jax insisted on doing it on foot. Meanwhile, Emily smuggled treats to Alexis, who suggested Emily spend Halloween at Wyndemere just as Nikolas walked in, also bearing candy. After she left, Alexis advised Nik to tell Emily he loves her. He wondered if Alexis was grooming him and Emily as a back-up plan for Kristina and Molly. Alexis admitted as much. Nik was skeptical he could get back with Emily. Emily, meanwhile, brought Jason party supplies and helped set up a romantic date for Sam on his roof. Later, Jax and Carly brought the kids to see Alexis and take pictures. Still later, Emily found Alexis weeping over a photo of her kids. Emily recalled crying when she had cancer, so it's okay, but Alexis should concentrate on the future. Resolved, Alexis told Emily to take the photo to Nik and tell him Alexis won't need the back-up plan. Emily found Prince Nik brooding in a field on Spoon Island, where she delivered the message, which Nik explained.

Cruz showed Ric an encoded flash drive found in evidence. Ric took possession of all the evidence for "safe keeping," but stole the flash drive from the box in the interview room. (Hope the surveillance system was turned off!) Sam, who insisted on leaving (for her date with Jason), fled just as Cruz appeared and told Ric the flash drive had disappeared. Ric ordered Cruz to search Sam's place while he got a warrant. Sam showed up at Jason's romantic love nest. They shared memories and he talked about his feelings and ate ginger chicken (of course). She made him try the sushi. Meanwhile, Cruz reported to Ric that he found a flash drive in Sam's room. Ric took time to congratulate Alexis on blocking his custody petition, but warned he wasn't finished yet — which puzzled Alexis.

Dillon and Georgie arrived at a college Halloween party, where Maxie, dressed as sexy "Nurse Feelgood," was getting sloppy drunk and slutty. She spilled a drink on a Reaper, then Diego reminded her that beer is bad for her baby. The Reaper gave Lulu a hard time about not having a costume before she started slamming shots. Dillon tried to stop her, and she moved on to doing a keg stand. Lulu told him her life is perfect, now that her mother is back — but nobody is supposed to know about that, or the fact that she's "a lying tramp" who had an abortion. Too bad the Reaper was eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Georgie asked Maxie if she's trying to lose her baby, but Maxie brushed her off. Later, Maxie told Diego she didn't want to be alone on her birthday. He said he could relate, so she kissed him as a birthday present. Lulu got into an argument with a Bride of Frankenstein and punched her out. When the Reaper confronted her, Lulu recognized him as Prof. Pete. He demanded to know why she's determined to be unhappy. Meanwhile, Nurse Feelgood brought Diego back to her room. When he fumbled for a condom she said they didn't need one, and he figured out that she isn't pregnant — but she "needs to be."

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

At the police station, Ric is laying out his case against Sam. While she demands to see Jason, he lets her know how the court will see the case and find her guilty of stealing items from the police station.

Sonny went to the hospital to let Alexis know that Ric had Sam arrested. Alexis was certain that this was to ploy to get custody of Molly, while Sonny felt that it was a way to get to Jason and himself. Ultimately, he felt that Ric would give up his vengeance against Sam if Alexis was willing to give up sole custody of Molly. He asked her the soul searching question if she would be willing to give up one daughter for the safety of another.

Carly and Jax woke up in Sonny's living room under Max's watchful eye after a long night of trick or treating. When they asked Max what he was doing there, he let them know that he was keeping an eye on them so that the children did not walk in on them. After explaining what they were doing there, Max let them know that it was Sonny who had told him what to do. After Max left, Carly let Jax know that she did not blame Max, but would give Sonny an earful.

At the dock, Jason was making arrangements to get Sam the best lawyer possible, when Liz came by. He let her know that Ric had Sam arrested on bogus charges, and that a lot of his vengeance had to do with the fact the two of them slept together, and that he could have been the father of Liz's baby. She becomes worried of what Ric is capable of, and Jason hugs her to console her. Throughout their conversation, someone was taking pictures of the two of them.

Ric came by to visit Alexis, and she questioned him about arresting Sam. He wondered how she could forgive her daughter so easily, she let him know that while she had to clean up her own mess, but that she felt that this arrest was fueled by a vendetta against her. Ric was smug, and basically said that this was something that Sam and Alexis deserved.

When Sonny came home, Carly was about to rail on him for his joke on her and Jax, but she could see he was troubled. When she inquired to what was wrong, he began to give in on his doubts about Ric. He shared with her that his brother should have died when he had kidnapped Carly, but because of his mother's decision it has always stopped him from doing what he felt was necessary. He let her know that he always wondered how life would have been different if his mother had chosen Ric over Sonny. Carly offered to help in anyway possible, but Sonny let her know that he had something that could get Ric to stop harassing all of them, and that he would be willing to use it.

Liz came into Kelly's to a surprise birthday party thrown by Audrey, Mike, Cameron, Nikolas and Emily. After getting gifts, Nikolas shared with her that Lucky had a birthday gift that he wanted to give to her personally. Liz shared her frustration that they would not let her get on with her life, and that she needed to focus on herself and her children. Later on Emily tried to get her to understand that she needed to learn to forgive and stop hating Lucky.

Later on, Liz met Lucky outside of his rehab center, where he gave her a bracelet for their anniversary. She appreciated the gesture, and let him know that he shouldn't have, and then he presented her with a $300,000 check for her birthday. She let him know that she could not keep it, and he told her that he wanted her to get a house for her and the children. He also hoped that someday he could be part of the family.

Jason came by the police station to visit Sam, and encouraged her to be strong. He reminded her that Ric would do whatever necessary to break her, and that she shouldn't worry because he would take care of everything. Ric finally broke up their meeting, and shared the pictures of Liz and Jason with Sam. He tried to convince her that all Jason wanted was to get Sam out of the way, so that he could be with Liz. Sam had difficulty buying his story, and in a moment of rage, hit Ric with a metal chair and ran out of the room. Detective Garza saw her, and lets her go, because he believed that Ric is out of control and responsible for planting the evidence against her.

Later, on the run, Sam got to the roof , and heard the police coming up. She locked the door, and tried to figure out a way to escape. As she was navigating the edge, she slipped and to save herself, she held on the edge. As she was trying to get back up on the edge, Jason held her hands to save her.

Sonny met with Ric at the police station. Ric let him know that he had added aggravated assault to Sam's charges. Sonny let Ric know that he could help master mind Ric's ability to have sole custody of Molly. He was willing to give up visitation rights to Kristina, if Alexis would give up custody of her youngest daughter. He reminded Ric that Alexis would be willing to do almost anything to avoid Sonny's influence over their daughter, and would Ric be willing to give up on vengeance against Sam, Sonny and Jason for his daughter.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Luke and Robin show up to see Laura in her room. They are surprised to discover that she is not in her room and none of the staff have seen her. Nikolas shows up soon after and they tell him that Laura took off. Robin asks Luke more about what caused the initial trauma in Laura to begin with. Luke and Nikolas tell her that Laura accidentally killed one of her stepfather's mistresses and explain how Rick Webber gave her a sedative of some kind back when it happened and she repressed the memory all those years ago. Robin gets a call on her cell-phone from one of the staff. She tells them that one of the groundskeepers saw Laura leave about an hour ago. Meanwhile, Laura shows up at her old house on Charles Street. She remembers there is a key under the planter and lets herself in. She looks around in awe at the living room and looks at a picture of her wedding to Luke. She hears someone come in the front door and turns around. Lesley is in shock to see Laura smiling at her. She drops her grocery bag on the floor and asks Laura if she is for real. Laura calls out her name and the two of them embrace. Lesley asks Laura why no one told her that she was better. Laura makes excuses for Luke but does not know much more than that. She refers to her "accident" that caused her problem and Lesley goes along with it. Laura tells Lesley about some miracle drug that Robin heard about and thought it could help her. Later, Laura shows up at the hospital and asks a nurse if Bobbie still works there. The nurse tells her she does and agrees to page her for her. Laura looks over and sees Bobbie and tells the nurse not to bother. She calls out to Bobbie, who is stunned to see her walking and talking. The two embrace. Bobbie also wonders why Luke never called her to tell her. Laura asks about how Tony is doing and Bobbie doesn't know what to say so she doesn't tell her about Tony's death. Tracy gets off the elevator and heads toward Bobbie. Laura's back is turned so Tracy can't see her. She asks Bobbie if she knows where her useless husband is. Laura turns around and shocks Tracy into silence. Bobbie and Laura talk about her recovery and Nikolas shows up and finds Laura. Robin shows up at the hospital and asks Laura if she is o.k. Laura tells her she is feeling great and just wants to be free to move and do what she wants for right now and tells her to call Luke and let him know she is o.k. Meanwhile, Lulu shows up at the house to talk to Lesley. Lesley tells Lulu off for not telling her about Laura's sudden recovery and peppers her with questions about why Luke didn't feel the need to call her and at least warn her about Laura. Lulu tries to explain that Luke didn't want anyone to know right now because they don't want anyone to overwhelm Laura with information. Luke shows up and Lesley lets him have it to for not letting her know. Luke refuses to apologize to Lesley and asks her where Laura is. Lesley tells him that Laura took off a little while ago. Luke calls Nikolas on his cell-phone but gets Nikolas' voice message. Luke yells at Nikolas to call him back immediately. Bobbie calls Luke on his cell-phone to give him hell for not telling her about Laura. Luke tells her that he will explain to her later and that he just wants to make sure Laura doesn't find out too much. He asks Bobbie not to mention Rick Webber or comment on him because he is afraid Laura will be traumatized. Bobbie tells him about how Laura asked her about Tony and she didn't know what to say. Luke heads to the casino. He asks the bartender if a blonde woman came in looking for him. The bartender tells him he hasn't. Tracy is there and confronts Luke about Laura. Luke tells her that right now his priority is helping Laura and that he can't worry about hurting her feelings. Tracy asks him how he is going to explain to Laura that he is married to her. Laura comes into the casino and sees them together. Meanwhile, Liz visits Lucky again in rehab. He is pleased to see she is wearing the bracelet he bought her for her birthday. She tells him that she can't accept the check he gave her to buy a house. He tells her that he wants her to buy a house for her and the kids and that he doesn't expect her to let him live with them right now but wants to regain her trust first. Liz tells him to let his family help him and give him the support he needs but doesn't rule out the possibility of reconciliation in the future.

Sonny agrees to help him get full custody of Molly if he agrees to drop the charges against Sam and let Jason go also. Ric demands that Sonny get Alexis to sign an ironclad document that gives him full-custody of Molly before he will call off the search for Sam and Jason and drop any charges. Meanwhile, Jason helps pull Sam off the ledge of the building. He helps her onto the roof and they head over to the corner to hide from the police who are in hot pursuit of them. Two cops come out onto the roof the next building and call out to Sam to surrender. Jason takes out his gun and gives Sam his back-up gun for protection. They keep hiding and plan on shooting at the cops while Sam takes cover near the door to the building. Jason shoots wide to miss the cops but to protect Sam as she dives for the door. She gets the door open and then shoots at the cops so Jason can join her near the door. One of the cops asks where his back-up is and radios in that he is in danger of losing Sam and Jason as they flee. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at the hospital to see Liz. He asks her if Jason has contacted her. Liz tells him he hasn't. Ric tells her that he has had Jason under surveillance for quite awhile and that he has a picture of her and Jason that implies that they are more than just friends. Liz denies they are more than friends and that she plans on reconciling with Lucky. He shows her the picture anyway. Ric tells her that Jason helped Sam escape from jail and that they are on the run. He warns her not to help Jason and to contact him if Jason calls her. Liz tells him that Jason won't call her. Meanwhile, Alexis falls apart when she loses more of her hair. She throws a mirror against the door in anger and breaks it. She ends up crying in her hospital bed. Sonny comes to visit her and sees the broken mirror and asks her what happened. She asks him if he thinks she is a strong person who can be tough and roll with the punches. Sonny agrees she can be that way. Alexis asks him not to be so nice to her and tell her the truth. Sonny tells her that she can be strong but that it is o.k. for her to throw a pity party for herself sometime. She tells him about how she is slowly losing her hair and that bothers her more than having the cancer. Sonny tells her to let herself cry and get upset so she can get on with it and get better. He tells her he needs her to get better and be strong for their daughter. Alexis asks him if that is a threat and he says it is a little one. This makes Alexis laugh and Sonny laughs with her. He tells her about how Jason helped Sam get away from the police and that he is afraid that Ric will order the men to shoot Jason and that Sam could get caught in the crossfire. Alexis asks him what they can do about it to stop Ric. Sonny tells her he has an idea. Later, Jason takes Sam to a room he rents out to hide out. They run into a fellow tenant, an older woman who complains to Jason about how she has lived there for 6 months and has never seen him before. Jason makes up some story about how he works somewhere in Toronto and is hardly home. Sam hides that she has handcuffs by draping a shirt over her arm. Jason tries to hide Sam's face as much as possible and tells the older tenant that Sam has the flu and doesn't want to breathe on anyone. The woman suggests she get inside and get some rest and stay warm. The woman also complains that the plumbing in his room is causing water to leak into her apartment which is right below his room. Jason promises to take care of that and heads into the room with Sam. Jason takes out a pick to help unlock Sam's handcuffs. He asks Sam why she didn't wait for him to help get her out of jail. Sam tells him that Ric showed her a picture taken earlier today that showed Jason holding Liz and that she let Ric get to her and she reacted badly. Jason assures her that Liz is just his friend and that any future they may have had together ended when he found out he wasn't the father of her baby. He tells her he thinks that Liz is the person that is driving Ric to do what he is doing and explains that Ric has no incriminating evidence against Sonny and him on some zip drive and that he is trying to set her up to get to them. Jason starts to feel close to Sam again and the two almost kiss. Sam pulls back and tells Jason she needs to take a shower then they will talk. Later, Jason tells Sam that she is the only woman he wants to be close to and he hopes they can work things out. Sam is still reluctant to get close to Jason but he grabs her and kisses her. Their kiss is interrupted when they overhear the older woman outside in the hall telling the cops that she is certain that Sam is the woman she saw on the news. Later, Ric shows up at Shadybrook to see Lucky. Lucky asks him what he is doing there. Ric tells him that he was hoping that Lucky could help him with a case he is working on and mentions Jason. Lucky is confused about how he can help Ric. Ric tells him about how he has had Jason under surveillance and has pictures. He mentions that Jason helped Sam escape from jail and thought Lucky may know where Jason may be hiding out. Lucky doesn't know but is willing to look at the pictures to see what he can do. Liz shows up and asks Lucky not to look at the pictures. Meanwhile, the mayor shows up at the police station to see about some press conference that was scheduled suddenly. Mac and Detective Rodriguez tell him that they are still looking for Jason and Sam and haven't found them yet. The mayor yells at Mac for wasting his time by calling him over when they didn't have any news to tell the press. Mac follows the mayor out of one the rooms and tells him that they never called for a press conference. Alexis walks into the police station with Sonny. She tells them that it is a good thing she is back since the place has been in chaos since she left. The mayor asks her what she is doing there. Alexis tells him that she wants her job back as the district attorney as soon as possible.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Lucky looked at the surveillance pictures, which showed Jason and...Bernie. Lucky begged off the case due to conflict of interest (he'd framed Jason before). Alone, Ric reminded a relieved Liz that he promised not to share the photos — he really was just trying to get Lucky back on his feet.

Jason opened the door to his nosy neighbor, who mistakenly thought Sam might be someone she knew called "Cookie." Stan arrived with fake IDs, and Jason was eager to get on the road for Canada then Costa Rica, but Sam decided to stay and fight the corrupt Ric.

Tracy offered to tell Laura why she's at The Haunted Star. Luke told Laura that he and Tracy are business partners, but Laura sensed he was holding something back and demanded answers. He flashed back to her breakdown, then told her that Rick Webber died in the car accident, and that's what he was hiding. She looked relieved, and asked him to take a trip to jog her memory. The pink Cadillac suffered a flat tire and they walked to Beechers Corners in the rain. At the bed-and-breakfast, the innkeeper remembered them from their Lloyd and Lucy Johnson days. Laura wanted to see the movie theater and get coffee at Calhoun's. They slow-danced; she wept in his arms, and they finally kissed. Luke reprised the "Walls of Jericho" and hung a sheet between them. Laura was eager to reclaim her old life, and asked him, "Will you marry me — again?"

Alexis announced that she's back on the job — as of today. Mayor Floyd wondered if there were any conflicts of interest over Sonny and/or her daughter Sam. Alexis scoffed at Ric's flash drive evidence. Then she collapsed. Meanwhile, at GH, Carly was wary of telling Alexis they set a date, and they couldn't find her anyway. At the nurses' station, Nikolas recapped Laura's situation to Emily. Jax and Carly asked for Alexis — just as she was brought back in a wheelchair. Jax told Alexis they set a date. Alexis noted that today is her second anniversary and she's skeptical Carly can love Jax the way he deserves. Carly made sure that Sonny was coming to the wedding. Then Sonny went to Alexis and told her that the Jax/Carly wedding is never going to happen. Back at the police stations, Mac told Ric that Alexis had returned, and that he's starting to have suspicions about Sam's guilt.

Patrick fretted that he and Robin have become predictable, so she surprised him by taking him to the Star. Skye and Alcazar arrived and bickered with Tracy over naming their baby Lilah. Then Emily and Nik showed up together. Jax and Carly arrived, announced their date, and bought champagne for the house. Tracy warned him that his marriage would cost him much more than that. Patrick used gambling to demonstrate to Robin that taking risks is fun.

Sam and Jason took a risk by contacting Cruz to ask what evidence Ric has. Cruz didn't know what was on the flash drive, but noted that it disappeared just after Ric had left, and that Ric had met privately with Alcazar. Suddenly, Ric showed up, so Cruz and Jason drew on each other. Ric grabbed Cruz's gun and fired.

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