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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on GH
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Carly and Kate fight about the boys and Sonny watches on. Since he didn't interfere, Carly asks how long he and Kate have known each other. Kate lies and says that she had just met Sonny during the night of the rainstorm. After Carly leaves, Kate insists to Sonny that she is not interested in him. When the topic of Carly comes up, Sonny tells her that Carly is married to Jasper Jacks which intrigues Kate.

Liz tells Jason she doesn't want Sam to know the truth because then she would go after Jake. She tells him that she wishes she could reveal the truth but that she's afraid of Jason's life. She also admits that she admires Carly and the way she has been able to handle Sonny's life and raise their boys.

Sam tells Amelia that she wants Jason to tell her the truth about the baby. She says then she can help Jason get shared custody. Later at their place, Sam plans a dinner for Jason and soon after he arrives, they are interrupted by Spinelli. Sam becomes angry and storms off. Spinelli offers to move out but Jason tells him he is welcome to stay.

Jerry is arrested at the Metro Court and tells Mac he didn't have anything to do with the hostage crisis. Alexis offers to represent Jerry. Jax, Emily and Nikolas all agree that Jerry is not Mr. Craig. Jax calls Carly and when she arrives, she is asked to identify Jerry. She also says that Jerry is not Mr. Craig. When everyone is gone, Lady Jane realizes that Jerry is in fact Mr. Craig and is furious but agrees not to turn him in. On their way home, Emily and Nikolas stop by the Spencer house and warn Liz and Lucky about Jerry looking like Mr. Craig.

Ric questions Skye about Alcazar's disappearance. Skye insists that Alcazar is not missing and is just away. Later that evening, Ric returns to the house and looks around. He comes upon a taper recorder and plays it. We hear Alcazar say "Morgan" and then the sound of gunshots.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alan tells Tracy that Luke's world is about to crash around him as Luke enters the room. Tracy preps him for the hearing and encourages him to tell Lulu about the rape. Lulu walks in and questions what they are talking about. Luke tells her the hearing will be ugly and that she should not be there. Lulu does not appear convinced, when Monica and Edward walk in. Monica tells Lulu about her own children having to hear about her darkest secrets in court. She becomes indignant when Edward starts to chime in.

Jax tries to reassure Metro Court employee Marty that he understands his anxiety over Jerry's resemblance to Mr. Craig. He tells Marty that they do not want to lose him, but if they do Jax will find him another job.

Sonny tells Jason their number one priority is to eliminate any evidence linking them to Lorenzo's disappearance. Sonny warns him that Ric will be looking for a way to pin it on Jason and Sonny. Spinelli walks into Sonny's office on business, and Sonny questions Jason's judgment in trusting "the Jackal". Jason defends him to Sonny, and Sonny seems to pick up that something is bothering Jason. Once alone, Spinelli admits to Jason that he slipped to Sonny about Jason's "secret pain". Jason tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Ric is seen replaying a tape recording of Lorenzo's assassination. It appears to be Jason.

At Kelly's, Lucky, Liz, Emily and Nikolas talk about the hearing and how to protect Lulu. Liz offers to distract her by needing help with the baby.

Sam and Amelia are also at Kelly's, and she tells Amelia that she is going to re-connect with Jason by taking him on a picnic in the park. She admits that she wants to do it so they will run into Liz, and that this will bring Jason to tell her the truth about the baby. Amelia asks her if she thinks that she and Jason will raise the baby.

At the Metro Court, Craig continues to pose as Jerry. Jax is frustrated with Jerry and acknowledges that he is not the brother Jax used to love. Jax tells Carly and Jerry that he invited Monica and Edward to come to the hotel to see Jerry. Carly updates Logan, as Monica and Edward arrive. Jax introduces Jerry to Alan and Edward, and explains he has a strong resemblance to Mr. Craig. Monica and Edward are not convinced that it's just a resemblance, and accuse him of Alan's murder. Jax defends his brother. Carly tells Alan and Monica that the DNA test will prove they are not the same person.

At the court, Scott tries to avoid Bobbie. She reminds Scott that Laura forgave Luke for the past, and that if she still loved Scott she would be with him and not Luke. She pleads with Scott to remember Laura's children before blurting out the story of Laura's rape.

Lulu meets Liz at the park at Liz's request. Lulu sees the setup meant to keep her away from the hearing. Liz covers by saying she wants the time to figure out what went wrong between the two of them. Lulu tells her she has moved on from that. Lulu questions if Liz is as vested in the marriage as Lucky is. She tells Lulu she loves Lucky as much as ever. She encourages Lulu to stay away from the hearing.

At the court, Luke is happy to see Lucky. Luke reminds him that the rape will likely come out today. Lesley encourages Nikolas before the hearing.

Skye visits Ric to file a missing persons report on Lorenzo. Ric gives Mac a warrant to search Lorenzo's place. They serve Skye with the warrant, and she grudgingly gives them permission. While alone, Rick plants the evidence that links Jason to the murder. One of the officers finds the recorder.

Spinelli tries to help Jason and Sonny find what information Lorenzo had on Ric. Sonny thinks Jason is distracted, and asks him if he made any mistakes in the hit on Alcazar. Sam interrupts and asks Jason if he would like to go on a picnic. She tells him it's been awhile since they spent any time together. He agrees to go, and Sonny tells him he know something is wrong- he questions Jason if he feels guilty about something.

At Kelly's, Spinelli tells Lulu he is trying to help Sonny. He encourages her to stay away from the hearing as well.

On the stand, Dr. Winters testifies about Laura's emotional state. She verifies that Laura was in full possession of her faculties when she checked back into Shadybrook in November and named Nikolas as her guardian. Scott crosses with the 2002 medical report, which details Laura's hysterics at the sight of Luke just before going into her catatonia. Nikolas testifies that he is honored to be Laura's guardian. Scott questions about the time Nikolas kept Luke from Laura, and that he never knows Luke to have been abusive to her. Scott starts to bring up the rape, and the judge overrules Alexis. Nikolas is forced to testify that Luke raped Laura just as Lulu walks into the courtroom.

Sonny gets a visit from Logan, who tells him about Jerry coming back to town. He tells him about the resemblance to Craig, but Sonny is unimpressed. Sonny hires him, but tells him he better not regret adding him to the payroll.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jason and Sam go for a walk in the park and see Liz there with the boys. Sam wants to sit down with her, but Liz says she needs to get the boys home for a nap. When Sam tries to hold baby Jake, he starts to cry and Jason calms him. When Liz leaves, Sam mentions how well the baby took to him. Jason is curious if Sam planned all this, and she admits that she did overhear Liz in the coffee shop saying she was planning on going to the park. Sam wants to know why Liz was uncomfortable and Jason says it's because of Sam pressuring her into doing the show. Sam is furious that Jason always stands up for Liz and storms off. Sam finds Amelia who has already shut down shooting once again. She tells her about her fight with Jason. Amelia agrees with Jason that Sam was setting him up. She was just trying to get him to admit the truth to her, though. Maybe Jake would be better off with her and Jason. Amelia points out that Jason would never let Jake be taken away from his mother. Sam doesn't want to wake up with a man she loves that has a secret child that could be theirs.

Just as Nikolas blurts out that Luke raped Laura, Lulu enters the courtroom and is stunned. Nikolas tries to explain, but Tracy steps in while Nikolas punches Scott. Luke pulls Nikolas off of Scott and tells him not to do this here. Scott uses this as an example to prove that Nikolas shouldn't be his mother's guardian. He says he would respect her and be the guardian she deserves. Alexis says he is wasting the court's time and the case should be dismissed. Obviously, Laura forgave Luke because they married and had two kids together. The judge says he will weight the evidence carefully and dismisses the court. Meanwhile, Laura is a ward of the state. Lesley Lu confronts Scott and says that she will never forgive him and she doubts Laura would, either. Lainey apologizes to Nikolas for not being able to do more. While she tells Emily that Nikolas needs anger management counseling, Nikolas apologizes to Luke who understands. Tracy tells Luke that he needs to go talk to his daughter.

Lulu goes to see Spinelli and Jason answers the door at the penthouse. She tells him what came out in court and doesn't believe it. No one denied it, though, so it must be true. Jason tells her not to judge her parents. She says some secrets weren't meant to be told and this is one of them. She leaves crying. Luke catches up to her and admits to her that he did in fact rape her mother. She starts to leave, but he stops her.

Lucky leaves the courthouse and goes to track down Liz. He tells her about the drama that took place in court today. He tells her to never keep secrets from him about their kids that can tear their lives apart. Later on, Lucky is still upset that he hasn't heard from Lulu. He says she will never look at her father the same way again. He says sometimes when you learn something like that, it changes everything.

Sam comes home and apologizes for her behavior to Jason. He starts to leave, but she stops him. He apologizes for her not being able to have a child, but she says they can still have a baby. He thinks she is talking about adoption, but she says she wants his child.

Carly fights with Jerry and tells him he's scum and Jason will destroy him. Jax walks up and Jerry takes pleasure in revealing Carly's conversation with him. Jax wants Carly to hush. Jerry threatens to disappear and leave Emily in the lurch. Jax admits he's feeling guilty about helping his brother. Jerry has no problem hurting Emily, but will only hurt Jax and Lady Jane if pushed. When he leaves, Carly points out that Jerry won't hurt Jax. He says he already has by hurting her. He warns her to be careful around his brother because he doesn't want to have to hurt him. When Jax leaves, Jerry comes back and talks with Carly. She wants to know why he is sticking around. Jerry wants his brother's company. She mentions again how he wouldn't hurt Jax, but he says that Jax is a fool. Carly calls him a soulless pig and he mentions how a woman turned him cold. Carly is intrigued. Jerry says they did a job together and were supposed to act married. They started caring for each other and got sloppy. When he got caught, he was tortured and gave her up to his captors. He watched her die and was relieved it wasn't him at the other end of the bullet.

Coop and Maxie share a romantic moment. Afterwards, Coop tells her he is worried Craig will come after her. Maxie doesn't worry since her dad is the commissioner. Logan barges in and says he and Coop need to talk since they're on opposite sides now. Logan doesn't want Coop to reveal that Craig is Jerry. Coop gets a call and it's Jerry. They decide to meet. When Coop leaves, Logan tells Maxie he sees her for what she truly is. She wants him to leave, but he asks if that's before or after they sleep together. Maxie kicks him out. Meanwhile, Coop meets with Jerry. He wants Coop to find out what's going on at the PCPD with the DNA results and threatens Maxie.

Jax goes and finds Alexis who says the police can't prove Jerry is James Craig. Jax wants to know why Alexis is defending his brother. Alexis says she is defending him to protect Emily and because she thought she saw some good in him. Although she does tend to fall for psychopaths, possibly there is still hope for him.

Mac and Ric talk about their two cases. There is no DNA evidence yet for Jerry/Craig. Ric wants to concentrate on Alcazar's evidence. Mac and Ric listen to the tape recording. Mac admits that unless Sonny's four-year-old son is a hit man, Jason just got pinned on Lorenzo's murder.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lulu has a hard time looking Luke in the face after he finds her in the park. He asks her to stay and let him tell her what happened over 25 years ago. She sits down and he tells her everything that happened that led up to him raping her mother. She starts crying while he tells her what happened that night. Lulu doesn't interrupt him but doesn't understand how Laura could forgive him for raping her. Luke tells her there was no excuse or explanation he could give her that would be good enough to justify what happened and that he vowed to make up for what he did to Laura and she forgave him. Lulu doesn't give him any idea of how she feels about him but tells him that she is happy that Laura was able to forgive him. Luke heads to Lucky's house but he isn't there. He talks to Liz about his talk with Lulu and what happened. Liz tells him that Lulu will come to accept what happened some day. Luke hopes that is the case but that he will accept whatever Lulu decides about as far as how she feels about him and if she can forgive him. Meanwhile, Lulu goes to find Spinelli at Jason's penthouse but Jason tells her he isn't home. She tells Jason what she just found out at her mother's guardianship hearing and wanted to talk to Spinelli. Jason doesn't seem surprised by the news and asks Jason what she is suppose to do with this information. She wishes she listened to everyone and didn't show up at the hearing. Jason tells her that she needs to realize that what happened was between her parents and doesn't have anything to do with her. Lulu leaves and heads to the park again. She runs into Carly there. Carly asks her what is wrong and Lulu doesn't want to talk about it. Carly insists she sit down and tell her what is wrong. Lulu explains what happened at the hearing and what she found out. Carly gives her almost the same advice Jason gave her. She tells Lulu that Laura forgave Luke and that it isn't up to her to judge what her parents did or didn't do and accept it. Lulu thinks that love twists people's minds up and she doesn't think she wants to ever fall in love with anyone if that is what is going to happen. Carly reminds her that she is a Spencer and the Spencers never give up on things. She tells Lulu that love does make you vulnerable but it also makes you a better person also. Lulu isn't sure it is worth the risk and leaves. She heads to Lucky and Liz's house. Liz tells her about how she was raped when she was 15 years old and how that made Lucky find out about Laura's rape and how it took him a long time but he forgave Luke in time. Lucky shows up at home and asks her if she is o.k. Lulu doesn't want to talk about it anymore and asks them to leave her alone. She goes outside. Meanwhile, Spinelli finds out from Jason that Lulu came looking for him and needs him. He shows up at Lucky's house and finds her outside on the porch. He asks her what is wrong but Lulu doesn't want to talk about it right now. Spinelli offers her his support as a friend and she leans on his shoulder for comfort. Luke runs into Scott at the hotel. Scott seems to be itching for another fight from Luke. Luke is very calm and smiling. He tells him he would like to kill him but that he won't give him the satisfaction of going to prison for his murder and shocks Scott by thanking him instead because now he has no more secrets left to bring out to destroy his family anymore.

Carly talks to Jerry about what caused him to turn into this psychopathic person. He tells her about how he was tortured and how he let his enemy kill his lover instead of letting them kill him and that something snapped in him that caused him not to care about anyone or anything except to survive at all costs. Carly isn't surprised by this revelation from Jerry. Jerry tells her that loves to challenge people and see how far he can go to cross the line and survive, no matter how much pain he causes others. Carly can't believe he would do anything to hurt Jax purposely but he is doing just that by staying around Port Charles. Carly ends up going to see Sonny at his office on the pretense that she wanted to talk to him about their sons' schedules. Sonny tells her that he meant what he said about wanting her to be happy and offers to be there for her if she needs him. He tells her that he has no plans to kill Jerry yet but it may come to the point when he may have to do it. Carly tells him that Jax couldn't handle it if someone killed Jerry because of her.

Sam gets upset with Jason when she tells him she wants to have a child with him by hiring a surrogate and he rejects the idea of it. She storms out of the apartment after telling him how selfish he is being. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to get Spinelli to tell him what "secret pain" Jason is in by giving him a drink to toast Jason. When that doesn't' work, Sonny tries to intimidate Spinelli into telling him what Jason's "secret pain" is by threatening to hurt him physically if he doesn't talk. Spinelli tries to evade Sonny's questions with abstract answers and talk of gods and goddesses. Sonny gets impatient with him and orders him to spill what he knows about Jason or he is going to hurt him. Jason walks in and sees how scared Spinelli is. Spinelli tries to act like nothing is wrong with him and Sonny's talk but asks to be excused and Jason lets him go home. Sonny asks Jason to tell him what is going on with him. Jason tells him that he and Sam are having some personal problems because Sam wants to have a baby and can't have one. Sonny doesn't push but knows that Jason is hiding something else also. Jason heads home to find Spinelli taking a nap. Spinelli wakes up and tries to reassure Jason that he never told Sonny the truth about the baby. Jason knows that and tells him that he didn't tell Sonny the truth either and he can't do that because he knows what Sonny is going to do, tell him to fight to get the baby. Sam heads to the television studio and confides in Amelia about her fight with Jason earlier and what it was about. Amelia tells her that Jason isn't good for her or her career because of his lifestyle. Sam doesn't want to hear about Jason's faults and feels that they belong together and wishes Jason would tell her the truth on his own. She returns home to find Jason sitting by himself. She apologizes to him for getting angry with him earlier. Jason tells her she has every right to be angry with him. She tells him she is more angry with fate and how unfair it is that she can't give him a child. She tells Jason that she wants things to work out for them and she will never give up on them as a couple ever. She sits with Jason on his lap and tells him she loves him.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Robin watches as Patrick gives tips to a young nurse and starts to help Emily study for an exam. Emily stands up for Robin and tells Patrick that when he tries to help, he does it by flirting. Scott shows up for Laura's medical records, and Patrick says if it was up to him he wouldn't release them to him. Scott tells him he's got Laura's best interests at heart. Patrick witnessed Laura's wedding to Luke and says taking her away from Luke is petty and vindictive. Scott thinks a judge will rule in his favor and asks Robin if there's a chance Laura could come back. She says if she finds something, she will notify the family only. After Scott leaves, Robin and Patrick thank each other for their help in dealing with Scott.

Carly and Jax talk at the Metro Court about Jerry. Carly tells him how Jerry showed up and ordered breakfast and the waiter freaked out and quit. Jerry is upset that Jax is trying to get rid of him. He tries to use the family card and says that they were just reunited. Jerry pretends to be hurt that Jax wants him to disappear. Jax is guilty. Amelia is involved in the conversation and wants to know if Craig is in fact Jerry. It could cast doubts on Sam's hero show. Ric comes to threaten Jax. He tells him that Jax is aiding and abetting a felon and could do jail time as well. Ric offers Jax a deal to testify against his brother, but he turns it down. After Ric leaves, Jax reveals the details to Carly who is worried about her husband's future. Jax tells her not to worry. It won't come to that.

Jerry leaves and goes to terrorize Skye. He wants information from her about Lorenzo's business contacts. He threatens to take Lila away from her if she doesn't help him. After he leaves, he goes to the hospital in an attempt to break into the lab that is doing his DNA analysis. When the lab tech leaves the room, he opens a box but nothing is in it.

Amelia decides that since the ratings for Sam's show is so high; she will keep Sam's secrets for now. She decides to bring Carly down to talk to her. She realizes that Carly isn't that impressed with Sam's heroism. Carly tells her that there were a lot of people that did heroic things during the tragedy, but Sam was the only one who was recognized for it. Meanwhile, Sam goes to talk to Kelly about in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy. When she gets home, she apologizes to Jason for calling him selfish. He tells her he's sorry it's his fault she can't have a child. She wants to focus on what she can have. She's trying to deal with the facts. He offers to help if she needs anything. She just wants them to both be honest with their feelings. Sam goes back to work and tells Amelia that she will be a mom this time next year. She explains that she's going to use a surrogate, with or without Jason's help. She says if Lucky and Liz can have Jake, then she and Jason cane have her child. Amelia starts talking about work and how the next segment is about a mother who lost a child in a fire. Sam talks about how she lost her own daughter and how painful it is. Amelia asks if having another child will help.

Sonny calls Jason over while Kate is having a crate delivered to her house. He wants Jason to shoot it down. Just as it is hanging over her house, Jason shoots it. Kate comes barging over and asks Jason how much Sonny paid him to shoot her statue down. As Kate and Sonny argue, Jason realizes they know each other. Sonny, to Kate's horror, explains that they used to know each other. Kate threatens Jason if he says anything to anyone and he leaves. Sonny tells her that Jason won't say a word. She explains that the statue represented where she came from and everything she's accomplished. She storms out and Sonny calls Carly over. He asks her to purchase a statue for him. He explains what it's for and she asks who it's for. He further explains the situation, to which Carly is amused. She offers to find the perfect statue for her. When she leaves, Kate comes back over and is caught in the sprinklers and gets drenched. She accuses him of doing that on purpose.

Ric wants Lucky to arrest Jason for Lorenzo's murder. Lucky is hesitant because of all the things Jason has done for his family. Ric says that's the reason why they need him to do the dirty work. Jason won't harm him. When Lucky leaves, Skye comes in and asks if they found Lorenzo's body. Ric says no, but Jason wouldn't have left a body. Skye mentions that Ric wanted Lorenzo dead, too. She asks what is alibi was. Ric says he has an alibi, but mentions that she was alone at the time. Skye is worried that Jason and Sonny will think she talked to the authorities.

After Lucky leaves, he meets up with Liz at the hospital for Jake's checkup. She didn't think he was going to make it. He thanks her for giving him Jake. He loves being a father. It's better than he could ever imagine. After the checkup is over, Liz asks him to accompany her to the park. He has to go back to work, though. Liz goes to the coffee house and runs into Jason. She tells him how Jake's checkup went and he holds the baby while she goes to get her coffee. They talk about how he's been fussy today, but as soon as the baby saw Jason he calmed down. Lucky walks in and demands that Jason give the baby back to Liz. When he does so, Lucky puts Jason under arrest for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar.

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